The Vaccination that Never Should Have Been Approved

The HPV vaccination has caused tremendous health damage for young women and men worldwide. HPV vaccinations are responsible for debilitating auto-immune disorders, paralysis, cervical cancer, infertility, and death. [1]

Since Gardasil came on the market in 2006, over 450 deaths and 61,000 serious health injuries caused by the vaccination have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). [2]

More recent research has linked the HPV vaccination with growing polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), infertility and miscarriages in young women. [3-5]

In addition to the mounting evidence of the HPV vaccination’s destruction to our young people’s health, other disturbing findings and trends have recently surfaced. In the HPV’s vaccination safety testing, it has been highlighted that the vaccination contains untested high levels of neurotoxic aluminum, never before used in a vaccine. The safety testing of the HPV vaccination resulted in half of those tested experiencing significant disability and death.

Thankfully, HPV vaccine maker Merck is now facing a lawsuit for criminally approving a vaccine that never should have gained safety approval. It is a step towards justice for a deeply corrupt and broken health care system which wrongly approved and continues to recommend the HPV vaccination, responsible for ever-growing damage to countless young women and men’s lives. [6]

The Correlation between the HPV Vaccination and Cervical Cancer

The HPV vaccination, created to protect young women from cervical cancer, has been shown to do the opposite. Reports have been made of increased cancer rates for those receiving the vaccination. This important link bears repeating. [7-9]

Young women were already at very low risk of developing cervical cancer at the time the vaccination was developed. Pap smears and laser removal of abnormal lesions are effective, safe ways to prevent and treat cervical cancer, much more commonly diagnosed in older women, with the median age being 58 years old. [10]

HPV Vaccinations and the New PCOS Epidemic

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an endocrine disorder in which low levels of progesterone are produced. This, in turn, causes enlarged ovaries and cyst growth, increasing the risk for infertility and diabetes. PCOS has increased dramatically in recent years and is being linked with the HPV vaccination. This disease is now impacting one out of 14 young women. [11,12]

Research Shows Increased Rates of Infertility and Miscarriages for those Vaccinated

Research studies show an increase in infertility and miscarriages in those receiving the HPV vaccinations, compared to those not vaccinated. These are young, previously healthy women who looked forward to childbearing, who may never be able to experience this miracle because of a dangerous vaccination that should not have been approved. [13,14]

Dangerous Levels of Aluminum Suspected of Causing Vaccine Damage

It has recently been highlighted that high levels of aluminum never properly tested on human subjects were first used in the HPV vaccination. This highly toxic and dangerous neurotoxin is suspected of being responsible for the tremendously destructive health damage to young victims of the HPV vaccine. Lawyers argued in their recent lawsuit against Merck that Gardasil’s use of a “super-powered Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS) adjuvant over-stimulated the immune system of vaccine recipients tipping them into autoimmune conditions in which their redlining immune defenses begin attacking their bodies’ own organs.” [15]

The Lawsuit against Merck for Vaccine Fraud

Several prestigious lawyer teams are going after Merck for fraud in their approval process used in placing the HPV vaccination on the market. [16]

In their safety studies performed on the HPV vaccination, fifty percent of children and young adults died and suffered serious health consequences, including hospitalizations. Merck was successful in fraudulently blaming these vaccine injuries on “chance” and pushing the HPV vaccination through for approval.

The particular study, Protocol 18, used to fast track Gardasil for approval by the FDA was also fraudulent. The amount of aluminum in the Gardasil vaccine tested appears to have been half of that used in the actual Gardasil vaccination, out of fear of the aluminum causing negative reactions. Test subjects were handpicked for optimal health, eliminating anyone with any common health conditions seen in the normal population. The control group was given a toxic cocktail of vaccination ingredients, instead of a true placebo, considered the gold standard of testing. Test subjects were lied to and told they were being used to check results of an already approved safe vaccination. Study subjects were discouraged from reporting any injuries, with only 10% being asked to report discomfort experienced at the site of the vaccination. After half of the study subjects reported serious injury including death, their testimony was manipulated to be considered unrelated, random health events.

Reports of injury in the Protocol 18 study included the development of serious diseases including blood lymphatic diseases, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, vaginal infections, musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, neoplasm, Hodgkin’s disease, neurological diseases, psychiatric diseases, depression, reproductive and breast disorders, menstrual irregularities, and pain. One in 30 girls required surgical and medical procedures. These girls were previously handpicked for the study due to their extraordinary, stellar health. After these fraudulent test results were presented to the FDA, the FDA quickly approved the vaccination. The FDA approval team was comprised of members who had a conflict of interest with financial interests in approving the vaccination. [17]

A 2006 press release by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) had raised concerns over the inadequate safety testing used to approve the Gardasil vaccination. The NVIC noted questionable clinical trial methods including small sample sizes and use of dangerous amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate as a placebo in the testing.

Increase in HPV Vaccine Sales and Continued Recommendations by the CDC

Instead of our government heeding a warning from HPV’s disastrous health consequences, Merck is expanding production of its HPV vaccination with expectations for tremendous growth and sales of their most profitable vaccine.  Part of the expansion is due to Merck’s ability to find a new market for the HPV vaccine overseas in China. [18]

The CDC also continues to aggressively push for increased coverage of the Gardasil vaccination, in their misguided effort to decrease cancer rates. [19]


The Gardasil vaccination should never have been approved by the FDA. Several fraudulent studies found serious health damage in the groups studied. Corruption is widespread by vaccine makers, the FDA, and the CDC. Thousands of lives have been destroyed by the Gardasil vaccination while offering no benefit to its recipients. The CDC continues to aggressively push this vaccination, in their misguided attempts to limit cancer.

One needs to research vaccinations independent of the FDA and CDC recommendations, which continue to mistakenly be trusted by health care professionals, the media and the public. [20]

The National Vaccine Information Center, Children’s Health Defense, Physicians for Informed Consent, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and this site, VacTruth, are excellent sources to use to start or continue your research.



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