Social Ramifications of Vaccine Injury

When my son David was born in 2001, I was 23 years old and blissfully optimistic about the journey into motherhood. I had read every book about pregnancy and parenting I could find. I researched the safest vehicles and car seats for our precious angel. I bought him stacks of the best books money could buy as I knew instinctively he was to be a genius. I was ready and well prepared for the road ahead.

When David was an infant, I took him to his well-child visits armed with the confidence of the Roman Empire. When asked if I wanted to vaccinate my son, I boldly declared, “Of course I do. It would be irresponsible of me not to. I don’t understand why a parent would subject their child to preventable diseases.”

And just like that, I signed the form releasing the pediatrician from all liability if my son were to be injured or die as the result of an adverse reaction to vaccines. After signing the paper, I felt a deep sense of discord and fear well up inside of me. I paid my instincts no mind and allowed my beautiful son to receive all recommended vaccines. Vaccinating was the right thing to do and I, being of superior intellect, knew that I was doing the right thing, despite having never researched possible side effects.

In infancy, David cried incessantly, sometimes for hours at a time. In an effort to curb the crying and bloated tummy, we tried everything we could think of. We switched formulas several times, gave him Mylicon drops, rocked him, wrapped him up tightly in his blanket and manually bounced his chair (the only thing that soothed him). We did everything we could think of and yet the crying ensued.

My son, who could count to five at thirteen months, was learning the alphabet and said, “ma, da, brover, bye” and “hi,” was, in fact, a genius. The multiple stacks of books I bought him went to good use. Our days were spent looking at numbers, letters, shapes and beautiful pictures of far-away lands. His genius flourished despite his chronic GI issues, which surely caused him incredible discomfort.

At thirteen months, he received multiple vaccines at his well-child exam. Within a few days, his language, eye contact and connection to his family dissipated. He clearly had suffered an adverse reaction to his vaccines, but his pediatrician assured me that he needed to be further vaccinated to protect his health and I agreed.

At his 24 month checkup, he was vaccinated again and it was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it. Within a week or so, David became violent toward me and his dad. He, for the first time, was hitting himself in the head and banging his head on the ground. He slept very little and did not want to be bathed, have his hands washed or his clothes changed.

When I took him into the pediatrician’s office, the (now retired) doctor told me he could not have been injured by vaccines because they had been rigorously tested for safety. He told us to take him home, let him cry and have a beer if we needed to.

Despite this advice, my husband (at the time) and I knew something was very wrong with our son. We could tell he was in pain and was trying to convey this to us by pounding on his head and slamming it into the ground.

After years of specialists’ visits and countless evaluations, I realized my son would soon be too dangerous to keep at home. He was now four and was a threat to himself and others. I knew I would have to find answers myself or my son would need to be placed in a residential facility, which was something I could not live with.

Per the recommendation of a mother who had recovered her son from autism, I tested David for heavy metals commonly found in childhood vaccines. Low and behold, David had heavy metal poisoning, something every pediatric specialist had missed.

Additionally, I put his medical file in order and recognized a pattern: following many of his vaccines, I took David in to be seen for myriad reasons. One visit I reported constant crying, another visit I reported loss of language and a fever and I reported a regression of developmental skills. Putting his medical file in order allowed me to see what doctors didn’t: my son was vaccine-injured.

Here is where it gets sticky. You see, we all sign the little form stating we will not sue the pediatrician if our child is vaccine-injured. Most of us are not told that if our child is injured, the vaccine manufacturer cannot be held liable. But the financial blow is just the tip of the iceberg.

Vaccine injury doesn’t just harm your innocent child; it will make you a social leper. When you prove to your pediatrician he injured your child, he will no longer take your phone calls or see you when you come in. Your loved ones will say things like, “Well, what happened to him is rare and we still need vaccines to keep polio at bay.” (Not knowing polio was eradicated by semantics and redefining polio symptoms). [1]

When your child is vaccine-injured, you are no longer a part of any social group outside of other parents of vaccine-injured children. At church you will say, “If I had known many vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, I would not have vaccinated him.” And they will respond with something like, “Oh, well, we need vaccines to prevent measles.” (Not realizing that the measles is a benign disease that is easily treated in developed nations).

When you discuss your child’s vaccine injury with the other moms at your child’s school, you will be forced to say, “He has autism,” because if you dare say your child suffered encephalopathy causing neurological damage and severe GI distress from vaccines, you will be shunned (even though the DTaP vaccine package insert lists autism as a possible vaccine reaction). [2]

When you finally meet other parents of children with disabilities you connect with, you dare not say your child is vaccine-injured or you will be ostracized and your injured child will be left out of (even more) birthday parties and activities. You see, vaccine injury isn’t just emotionally, physically and financially devastating, it is socially devastating as well. Even other parents of children with disabilities will sometimes turn their backs on you if you have the audacity to speak your truth.

Facebook friends will mysteriously vanish, invitations to events will wane, you will get odd stares at social gatherings because suddenly you are “that crazy lady who says her child is vaccine-injured.” Watching your child suffer immeasurably after a vaccine injury is just the beginning. The road ahead is wrought with the pain of being shunned by the disability community, friends and sometimes even family.

Your child will suffer twice: First, the loss of their health as an adverse reaction and second, the loss of any chance at a social life if you dare speak your truth. You will have to make a choice to either be shamed into silence or be made strong by the brutal treatment you will receive for stating the devastating truth about your child’s failing health.

At 23 years old, I was convinced I had it all figured out. My perceived superior intellect proved to be nothing more than youthful arrogance, which reduced me to a brokenhearted, pleading and isolated woman. The Roman Army confidence I once felt was now piecemealed by the degrading tone of the Medicaid workers I had to beg for services. My once self-assured and possibly self-righteous nature was drowned by the number of people who “forgot” to invite us to an event or refused to speak to me at a social gathering.

When you sign the contract releasing your pediatrician from liability if your child is injured by a vaccine, you are signing a social contract as well. Your social contract will include missed vacations, milestone birthday parties, girl’s nights, disability-related events, weddings and family reunions.

If I could go back and give my 23 year-old, know-it-all self advice, it would be this:

Do your research, as many pediatricians do not read vaccine package inserts and cannot recognize an adverse reaction. Understand synergy and the physiological impacts of combining vaccine ingredients. Trust your God-given motherly instincts and lastly, think critically about the long-term health and social ramifications of vaccine injury.





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About the author

Sarah Carrasco

Sarah Carrasco is the mother of a fifteen year old boy with autism. She is a parent mentor and Coordinator for Talk about Curing Autism (TACA), an vocational advocate for people with developmental disabilities and is currently writing a handbook on autism. She has sat on expert panels pertaining to IEPs, resources and respite care provider training. She lives in Colorado with her three sons, David, Aidan and Brooks. David, who has regressive autism, is steadily making gains and is on the road to recovery.

  • malka miller

    Didn’t anyone ever tell you that vaccines cause autism? Did you listen?

  • Tam

    Doctors in general don’t just not read vaccine package inserts, they don’t read any package inserts much at all. Even if you got the package insert from the most common medicine and asked your doctor a few questions about it they will be stuck. And if you ever question a medication at a hospital, you ask for the package insert they will be thoroughly shocked that somebody has thought to read the instructions

  • AK

    Thanks for sharing this heart-wrenching story. For what its worth the people who shun you for having a vaccine injured child and speaking the truth are NOT your friends. They are social zombies who have been dumbed down to the point where they can’t think for themselves and are threatened by anybody who challenges their indoctrinated belief system. Continue to speak out and tell people the truth because you may very well prevent other parents from suffering what you did. Along that journey of exposing the truth you will find the people who are compassionate and who care about you and your son. I commend you for what you are doing and I will prey for you.

  • Rose

    advice to vactruth…… comic strips in the style of Branco and others.. one can put a comic on a facebook page without as much controversy as a CDC vac insert. look at how much can be said in an image!

  • Rose

    use comics to mock the doctor. it can’t be hard. (I am not an artist). there’s got to be an artist out there ready to mock these people…. draw a poster behind the doc that says “watch what you eat” with a x through a can of tuna over a mercury laden fish while they hold a vial that has the micrograms of mercury of a flu shot just about to put in grandma. make up mocking memes. we need some creativity ….

  • Rose

    draw a “save money on a shot” sign in front of a pharmacy with a mom with her eyes popping out of her head looking at the hospital bill she’s holding from shot related effects….

  • Karl Wegner MD

    So you know vaccines aren’t about to eradicate polio because…a guy on Facebook said so.
    You believe vaccines contain aborted fetal cells…
    You say you, but no number of specialists, could diagnose your son with heavy metal poisoning (what did you do, the foot bath thing?)
    I’d argue any crazy beliefs you bring up in casual conversation are going to get you ostracized, whether it’s the belief vaccines cause autism or the world is flat, 9/11 was an inside job, chemtrails are a government conspiracy, reptilians are taking over the world, etc.

  • amouse

    struck a nerve did she?

  • Alber Arunee

    Sure did – caused the brainwashing / programming to kick in! Unfortunately and sadly, the MD at the end of people’s names in many cases seems to stand for ‘Mentally Deficient’ due to the lobotomising effect of their medical training they have gone through and which prevents them from noticing that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

  • Alber Arunee

    “Any well-informed parent knows more about vaccination than the average doctor.”

    Dr Eva Snead MD, USA

  • The only one that needs to be ostracized here is you. Ostracized for your refusal to do and accept even basic independent research. You as well appear to be using a fake name of a doctor who died on April, 4, 2014. Is that correct? If not then verify your identity?

    If by the CDC’s own data, 80 and up to 90% or more of polio cases were only mild and flu like, and the subjects fully recovered with immunity, how can you say that it was not natural immunity that eradicated polio? Just had to be that known cancer and tumor causing SV40 contaminated polio vaccine, right? Just had to be, and what a miracle; right? The ending of the spraying of DDT as well had a major impact in that reduction of polio cases that were already declining prior to use of the vaccine. Changing radically the diagnoses of polio just as the polio vaccine went on the market, equaled even more reduction of polio. All the whooped up scare mongering with pictures of iron lungs that they could produce, will not make disappear the reality of what actually took place with polio and those two vaccines, oral and injected.

    How can you deny the existence of various metallic contaminants that have now been found in the vaccines? You would deny as well that the biomedical practitioners that have detoxed and chelated vaccine injured and severely autistic have found high levels of those same metals and more. You would as well deny the known significant recovery of those children. Only a complete and heartless fool would deny all that. So what is actually wrong with you, and why? What else can I add to this list, and which you deny?

    New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Microand

    Dirty Vaccines: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants

    Dirty Vaccines – Part Two: What the Industry Knows and Isn’t Telling You

    VRM: Vaccines Do Contain Aborted Human Fetal Tissue

    Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal tissue) provide the “Cell culture” in which vaccine formulas are often grown or nurtured. Current vaccines in circulation which contain aborted fetal tissue include:

    1. Polio vaccine (inactivated/IPV) & Oral Polio (live virus) drops
    2. Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine/MMR (Rubella component)
    3. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Poliomyelitis vaccine (DTaP/TdP)
    4. Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine & Shingles (zoster) vaccine
    5. Hepatitis A vaccine
    6. Rabies vaccine

    ‘Some vaccines—rubella, HepA, RAB-HDC, VAR, ZOS, and one form of IPV (the Poliovax contained in Pentacel)—are grown in cultured human embryo fibroblast cell lines (WI-38 or MRC-5) because these are the only cells that replicate the viruses in high enough titer for mass production (the rubella vaccine strain itself was originally isolated from an aborted fetus with intrauterine infection).‘ Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) – Medical Industry Reference Journal

    ‘Today, more than 23 vaccines are contaminated by the use of aborted fetal cells. There is no law that requires that consumers be informed that some vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells and contain residual aborted fetal DNA. While newer vaccines produced using aborted fetal cells do inform consumers, in their package inserts, that the vaccines contain contaminating DNA from the cell used to produce the vaccine, they do not identify the cells as being derived from electively aborted human fetuses.‘ Dr. Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D.

    Read more:

    How many parents know that vaccines have been made using aborted fetal cells, which are more like stem cells, and that in the creation of vaccine antigens. Do you think there is any problem in, and with that? It is again all proven with the pharma clinical trials and previously done scientific studies to be entirely safe and effective; and so you would suppose and expect; right? The fact is that none of it has been tested for safety, and obviously they have not tested even as much as if or not serious levels of DNA residual fragments contamination exist in those vaccines. They simply lie to the public at the CDC and with unproven false assurances, and which are made by what are clearly, falsely assumed authorities.

    Dr Theresa Deisher – Worldwide Autism Epidemic & Human Fetal Manufactured Contaminated Vaccines



    Karl Wegner MD

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Ah another Lowell Hubbs gish gallop of antivaccine nonsense.

  • Nothing would ever be enough would it? You must ignore it. Try applying yourself to some study science. And in regard to me, what else have you been involved in since 2009?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    2009? This will be good 😊

  • Ron Roy

    ”gish gallop” Another famous vaccine shill soundbite that’s used when the shill is stumped and has no logical response to the evidence presented.

  • sabelmouse

    are you blaming her?

  • Regarding what? You are connected and you know it.

    You are as well as in denial SICK and twisted as this man right here. Paul (has no supporting and existing study science), Offit.

    Dr. Paul Offit EXPOSED as the “Skeptical Raptor” internet troll and science bully — exclusive inside story
    Sunday, October 29, 2017 by: S.D. Wells

    More pharma corruption, imagine that?

    The tide is turning: Big Pharma billionaire arrested, charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors
    Saturday, October 28, 2017 by: Mike Adams

    Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

    Allopathic Reductionism

    Dr. Glidden explains the difference between what medicine practice our doctors really follow, and how their training is not near as superior to wholistic medicine practices.

    MEDICINE KILLS MILLIONS (direct data and statistics)

    Conventional Medicine is the Leading Cause of Death




    While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions.

    These 13 Corporations Are “Big Pharma”: Their History, Crimes, and Products

    Our Stories
    SSRI Stories is a collection of over 6,000 stories that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including violence.

    Western Medicine is Rockefeller Medicine – All The Way

    Benjamin Rush
    U.S. Founding Father, Signer of The Declaration of Independence

    Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.

    Generation SICK: The Power, Politics and Propaganda Behind America’s Health Crisis Paperback – January 10, 2016
    by Dr. Vic Naumov (Author)

    Pharmacopoeia …the sorceries of Babylon


    Pharmakeia (aka sorceries) of Babylon

    The Lucifarian … Attack.

    King James Bible
    And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    King James Bible
    And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:

    Revelation 18: 23, “By Thy Sorceries Were All Nations Deceived.”

  • AutismDadd

    Get some new material. Stop quoting the Shill Manual

  • AutismDadd

    Yawn. Meme

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Oh c’mon – what do you believe I’ve been involved in since 2009? What am I “connected” to?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Eva, God rest her soul, still has her own page on whale

  • Oh yes, and it is as well just a coincidence that you are using the fake name of a dead doctor who founded Wegner Library at Sanford. Same place I used to frequent, as to my research. Was Vuong your former medical school buddy? Wasn’t your former discus account under the name of Costner Matthews? Or are you the old guy that still lives off the grid?

    How many vaccines have you had in recent years? You know that your hypocrisy will require you to lie about it.

    Lets see here how dishonest you really are. Here is your question. Is Gardasil still considered within your mind, as safe and effective?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Lol your research that’s a good one!

  • You know that you have nothing compared to what I present with, and that is the problem, you can not accept it and you deny it all and as well your own persistent ignorance. You can just keep on making sick and lying denial of it all, and as long as you still believe that you have no identity. I just messaged Mary Jo Wegner’s facebook page that you are posting here in her deceased husbands name. I doubt that there will be an approval of that.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Lol Lowell I’m not that Karl Wegner, Mary Jo doesn’t have a FB page, and the Karl you’re talking about was married to a lady named Margaret when he died. And Mary Jo might remember who you are so you better be careful.

  • Really? Then what do you call this? The person connected to that acct. said they are going to look into it. Any way you look at it you are s shill stooge that should not being using that false identity. You as well have not identified yourself as anyone else with the same MD name.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Someone at an arboretum named after the ex wife of a deceased man is going to look into it:)

  • So prove that you are not using that mans faked identity, you shillary coward. You are so cowardly that you have to use a dead doctors name to post under?

    It is like you are having here on every level a continually dumbed down festival of mislead and refuse to get it ignorance.

    The true hypocrite is as well the one who ceases to perceive their own deception, and one who lies with sincerity.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Tell you what Lowell, you tell us where you work, your job title and your boss’s name and I’ll give you some personal information.

  • You lie like a rug, and I have no medical connection like you do, so that as to me is irrelevant. I have zero conflicts of interest. You won’t produce anything and you know it. If you want to know, then let me know and we can set up an appointment for coffee or a beer. I am more than willing to meet you personally. You know that you are to much of a coward for that.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    If you want personal information you need to pony up, son. And I don’t arrange meetings with psychopaths from the internet:)

  • You are the actual psycopath and that has become all to obvious, and as well to anyone that reads your replies. A coward that has as well has put nothing forward to counter the accusations I have made against you in regard to using the fake and deceased doctors identity that you have here. I am not the person claiming to be an MD doctor, you are. My means of making a living are not in question; yours is. Your hypocrisy and your bias as well is in question and that directly points to your own career within the medical side of this. What I do for a living clearly has nothing to do with health care, and so that is entirely irrelevant. Not so in your case. The ponying up is only needed on your part, period.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    It’s a give and take thing. If you’re unwilling to share what you do for a living, where you work, etc why would you expect others to?
    And what possible difference would it make? You’re an anti-vax zealot and you’ll never change no matter what I tell you.

  • Yeah, I have to agree. This isn’t science based thought. A theory should be tested and parsimonious. This one is not. That’s the distinction between a scientific theory and a conspiracy theory.

  • Yep, even though massive meta-analyses contradict the position, people have still told me.

  • You could provide your LinkedIn profile.

  • Why does Lowell always have to go soooo off topic and just make personal attacks to confuse everyone

  • I just told you why; but as always you ignore anything and everything I say. That is of course the only way you can keep on replying. You’re level of twisted sickness is beyond subhuman. I work in manufacturing, is that good enough for you; but you already knew that and simply use it as as a false excuse to keep on hiding like a COWARD. Nothing I do is connected to the pharma medical side, or any health care side anywhere, period; so that is irrelevant right out of the gate. And you?

  • False identity Wegner has already exhausted any hope of continuing with debating the vaccine issues here, and like all shills refuses to move on; and just because disruption and distraction is the only game they ever have going on, intentionally. He couldn’t debate as much even his own name and identity, in any honesty. So he uses the false identity of a deceased MD; and then denies that as well. He couldn’t even use a common character name, but the false identity of an MD. Ask him to proven me wrong? How many more posts will that take?

  • but why does it matter that much to you to know all about his personal life?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    And I work in a scientific field.

  • You mean the further promotion of non-scientific junk science, and fraud.

    You should have first went here. You might as well just admit that you have nothing.

    Medscience Research

    Dr. Paul Offit’s aluminum deceptions and academic misconduct

    Vaccine Papers
    An Objective Look at Vaccine Dangers

    Dr. Cammy Benton: CDC Admits There is No Science Behind the Annual Flu Vaccine

    The History of the Global Vaccination Program
    1000 Peer Reviewed Reports and Studies (showing directly the harm of vaccines) 1915 to 2015

    Vaccine Information Library

    130 Research papers supporting Vaccine/Autism Causation

    50 Studies the AAP Avoided to Mention, (going back to 1995)

    To view peer-reviewed and published studies conducted by respected universities and medical research institutes worldwide, please visit our Global Research page. To view peer-reviewed and published studies by similarly acknowledged medical and science experts throughout the world whose research proposals were rigorously examined by CMSRI prior to being awarded funding, please visit our CMSRI-Funded Research page.

    First Medical Research Textbook Linking Vaccines to Autoimmunity

    Aluminum FAQs – General Background

    Full Text Vaccine Studies/Downloads

    200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate – FREE Research PDF Download!

    Relevant Database Sections

    Learn The Risk




    As for their known epidemiological studies.

    And, what did they study in those so called and claimed to larger epidemiological, (population based), vaccine safety studies? In fact they only studied one single vaccine, the MMR; and one single vaccine ingredient, Thimerosal. None of the larger epidemiological studies compared vaccinated to entirely unvaccinated. None of the studies looked at the safety profile of the entire CDC vaccine schedule. None of those studies as well looked at the safety profile of giving from 5 to up to 9 vaccines or more to and infant or small child, in a single day and office visit.

    Every one of the larger MMR, and Thimerosal epidemiolgical studies were clearly COOKED, for the results, period. Found were the use of flawed study designs, use of unrealiable data, predetermined outcomes unsupported by the data, and as well major conflicts of interest in the studies funding sources; none of them being independent and nor unbiased.


    We have 16 studies already that clearly state that vaccines do not cause autism.”
    — Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two

    “16 studies have shown no causal association between vaccines and autism, and these
    studies carry weight in the scientific industry.”
    — Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC Today Show Medical Editor

    “The science is largely complete. Ten epidemiological studies have shown MMR vaccine
    doesn’t cause autism; six have shown thimerosal doesn’t cause autism.”
    — Dr. Paul Offit, “Autism’s False Prophets”

    Read more:

    14 Studies

    From Nuremberg to California: How Eugenics Destroys the Lives of Children by Removing Consent to Medical Procedures Like Vaccines

    Comments by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News Editor: I have been investigating and covering the topic of vaccines for over a decade now, and know the topic so well that seldom, if ever, can I find anyone to carry on an intelligent conversation about the topic. The controversial topic of vaccines in the U.S. today is primarily a topic about beliefs, and people’s trust in vaccines resembles a religious belief, not an informed opinion based on the facts. I am not sure in all of my years in covering this very important and very controversial topic, that I have ever found a literary treatise on the subject as eloquent and comprehensive as this piece just put together by Barbara Loe Fisher, the founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. Revolutions that have changed the course of history have begun on lesser documents and exposés than what Barbara has written here, and I am not exaggerating. When discussing the topic of vaccines, the religious-like faith of those who put their trust in them usually starts out with a statement like: “When it comes to vaccines, the science is settled.” This statement in and of itself is intrinsically unscientific, and is simply used to avoid debate and censor any information contrary to the religious-like beliefs so many hold about vaccines. Fisher correctly points out how our modern day culture has come to worship “science,” but it is a very perverted form of true science. Fisher does an excellent job also of documenting the history of “eugenics,” which was born in American intellectualism and made notorious by Hitler in Nazi Germany to justify horrible atrocities. As we have reported here at Health Impact News, while the term “eugenics” has become unpopular, the ideas it represents have never left American culture – they have just been “repackaged” and are the same arguments used today for forced vaccination as they were used in the past for forced sterilization.

    Read More…

  • Because of his obvious connection to more than what is stated, and possibly to include criminal activity. Why attempt to get involved with and speak of what you don’t know, Prodzinski; (another fake identity), and unless you do know. All this person has to do is admit to who they are. I use a full identity that is not in question whatsoever. You both are complete cowards. I have always and from day one had more to be concerned about from you people and your known paid off underground systems, than you have ever had from me; so stop being a coward.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    So Lowell, hypothetically, name a job I could have that would change your mind about vaccines.

  • Jobs have nothing to do with it. Vaccines are toxic and contaminated substances based on junk science and which do more harm than good to human health. You seem more than confused.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    So why do you want to know so bad?

  • Why do you? Again, this is NOT about changing my mind on vaccines based on your job and which is a twisted and mindless assumption based on nothing. A presumed assumption based on what, a false premise that an MD knows anything at all about actual vaccines? This is about your level of conflict of interest, and as well your direct obsessions with me, past and present. Posting on vactruth I don’t think was allowed, or in your job description at Sanford Pediatrics.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    You’re going to play the pharma shill gambit no matter what I say even as you copy/paste vitamin C advertisements. In your paranoid mind who do you think I am though? And why do you think I work in pediatrics at Sanford?

  • Typical and all to common SHILLARY response, straight from the well known text book. You have been repeatedly proven to be nothing but a twisted and hypocritical COWARD. Come on sick man, prove me wrong. Once and for all get off your sick duff and face the music in regard to what has been responded to you.

  • Gish gallop? Scientific and data evidence of the truth regarding vaccines, is now GISH gallop? How beyond mindless are you, anyway? So when are you going to reveal your actual identity instead of using an identity of a dead doctor? This simply and again just proves how low life you pro-vax shills have become. I use an actual identity that can be verified going back now 9 years for those paying attention; and YOU? Nothing. Life is short and death is sure; the smell of death, brimstone, and sulfur, permeates every post you make, no existing real identity, Karl Wegner.

    Dr. Karl H. Wegner
    Obituary Condolences

  • So you use a dead mans identity, and maintain falsely that you are an MD. If you are an MD, why did you not have the courage and the balls to use your real name and identity? Seems that you have something to hide?

  • He is to cowardly. He talks the lying and in denial garbage that he does, and produces nothing, ever. So much for the pro-vax sides, credibility.

  • Name any and all reasons that you would refer to me as a psychopath? People who support real health care and opposed to the non physiological science madness of big pharma are not psyhopaths. People like you are the real psychopaths, prove me wrong!!!! You have nothing and you never will.

  • Pro vax itself has plenty of credibility. Uber-vax has little.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    As a hypothetical, think of a response I could give that would make you admit I am not a shill. Just one example. Go ahead.

  • Really? There are more studies providing direct information on the harm of vaccines, than there are your junk science studies showing nothing. Uber-vax? You uneducated, sick, and twisted piece of vaccine shill garbage. How about if you actually educated yourself? But then, just keep putting infants in their graves and vaccine harming and injuring children for life on a massive numbers scale. All you have to do is deny it. You are the uneducated and deranged refuse to e educated hero, and for believing in the injected toxic and contaminated vaccine holy water big pharma for profit savior. If all you ever did was read and stick to the pro-vax false propaganda, oh course you know nothing, and never will.

  • There is nothing hypothetical about you stating your real name and identity. That is what you were asked to do. You remain as the coward that all vaccine shills always are. It is not and no longer about responses, but identity. You know you are a no credibility shill coward; so go one up and state your actual name?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    So since there’s nothing you can think of I could say that would make you admit I’m not a shill, why in your tiny mind would I give you personal information over the internet?

  • > Really? There are more studies providing direct information on the harm of vaccines, than there are your junk science studies showing nothing.

    You’ve never actually done much research on the topic, have you? I’m uneducated? Let me guess; you barely passed high school, right? Now listen, you subintellectual magot. There are numerous meta analyses about the safety of vaccines, which compare hundreds to thousands of studies. Most vaccines have low incidence of side effects. Most vaccines have been heavily vetted for efficiency at preventing disease (though far fewer for efficacy at preventing infection).

    Also note that every vaccine used has to go through a phase I, phase II, and phase III clinical trial. So that’s a minimum of three studies per vaccine.

    And by the way, I do not think that every vaccine use is good. I’ve written heavily on the topic.

    Also, vaccines really aren’t all that profitable. The medical community would make far more from idiots like you, not vaccinating and getting symptoms.

    Now go crawl into some corner and let the adults talk.

  • Wow are you ever deliberately twisted and confused. You will make any idiotic excuse to remain a coward.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    It isn’t cowardly – it’s smart. There’s simply nothing in it for me. Do you see yourself as brave then?

  • Really? Then how is it that I have used my real identity for 9 years, un-hidden and while you remain a coward? I have had far more to be concerned about from your shillary underground than you could have ever have had any concern of in regard to me. You are a sick, lying, in denial, and repeatedly attempting to be deceiving, coward. Why is it that you refuse to admit to the obvious. You come in here on this site and do nothing but repeatedly make a fool of yourself. So being smart equals being a coward, in your twisted mind. Any way you look at it you are an ignorant and as well as in complete denial, shillary, gutless coward. And what are you going to do about what I am saying here; bring it on.

  • Your first three links entire contradict what you are claiming that you have for study science, and the last link with all its known false propaganda, makes you look as ignorant as large rock. You don’t even read your material, and you are to brainwashed biased and lazy to do any real research but to only re-parrot what you were fed. Listen idiot, we all know about the false vaccine propaganda you were fed.

  • The first three links do not contradict what I have been saying. Do not confuse research into issues with poor vaccine science with the view that vaccines do not work. Vaccines work in that they are solid at preventing disease with low occurrence of side effects. The only issue is that not enough research is being done on their affects on transmission.

    > Those that are actually educated, know it all forward and backwards.

    Would you say that the person who wrote the links I cited are actually educated and know the material forward and backward?

  • Your links provided nothing that support vaccine safety, period. Your misinformation and your pro-vax lies are gradually being exposed, and the individuals and the parents are waking up. You are nothing but a quackery supporting thug. Time for you to wake up and get honest.

    The CDC would have us believe this is all a coincidence and proven as not connected and nor related to the vaccines. They know that they are lying. They and big pharma have as well zero legal liability for any of this, and now since 1987. There is nothing existing that requires and/or that would force them to admit to the obvious truth.


    Introduction to Hear This Well -The Parents Speak Out
    Hear This Well: Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence

    Playlist: 263 videos, 514,363 views, Last updated on Sep 24, 2014

    55 Organizations Representing 5 Million Serve Legal Notice to HHS for Failure to Conduct Vaccine Safety Tests: Civil Action to Follow?

    Each time a parent decides to have their child vaccinated, they do so believing that each vaccine has been rigorously tested for vaccine safety and efficacy. Equally, they are of the understanding that their child will be protected from deadly diseases once they have received the vaccine. In reality, however, vaccines are not being tested for safety before entering the market. This is because the creation of the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program took all liability away from the pharmaceutical industry and transferred it to the health department. Due to these actions, it is now the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to conduct all the safety testing that the pharmaceutical industry no longer has to do. Mr. Del Bigtree, producer of the film VAXXED which chronicles the revelations of a CDC whistleblower who revealed that data showing a vaccine-autism connection was covered up, stated on camera that: “We believe that there is a major failure of Health and Human Services (HHS) to do the appropriate safety tests.” Angered by what he believes to be the lack of science and appropriate testing being carried out by the HHS, Mr. Bigtree and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), supported by 55 organizations representing over 5 million people, have taken the unprecedented step of serving a notice to Mr. Don Wright, M.D., M.P.H., who is the acting secretary of the HHS department, demanding action to be taken. This notice, served on October 12, 2017, outlined exactly how the HHS department had failed in their duty to conduct the proper scientific research required to demonstrate vaccine safety. In serving this notice together, Mr. Bigtree and ICAN have recognized and made a stand, the HHS needs to be held accountable for their actions. If they do not address these concerns, Congress has given authority for Civil Action to be taken.

    Read More…


    They base that said figure simply and only on the vaccine injury settlements at the federal vaccine court and as it states below, and in comparison to the number of vaccine doses they estimate to have been given in the time period 2006 to 2015 and since that federal vaccine court was enacted.

    Obviously only a fraction of the vaccine injury and resulting death cases are ever filed for with that court, and any more than what we see existing for an estimated on 1 to 10% actual reporting to VAERS in regard to the adverse reactions and resulting deaths in regard to vaccination.

    How many petitions have been awarded compensation?

    According to the CDC, from 2006 to 2015 over 2.8 billion doses of covered vaccines were distributed in the U.S. For petitions filed in this time period, 4,374 petitions were adjudicated by the Court, and of those 2,847 were compensated. This means for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed, 1 individual was compensated.

    Since 1988, over 17,935 petitions have been filed with the VICP. Over that 27- year time period, 16,187 petitions have been adjudicated, with 5,269 of those determined to be compensable, while 10,918 were dismissed. Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $3.6 billion.


    Vaccine Injury Compensation Data

    Since 1988, over 18,823 petitions have been filed with the VICP. Over that 29-year time period, 16,793 petitions have been adjudicated, with 5,722 of those determined to be compensable, while 11,071 were dismissed. Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $3.8 billion.

    Read more:

    February, 2012: The Limits of VAERS

    Underreporting. Because the reports are submitted voluntarily, many patients and doctors do not report vaccine reactions. Different estimates exist for the amount of underreporting and range from a factor of 10 to as much as a factor of 100 (meaning that the true number of vaccine reactions is between 10 and 100 times higher than what is reported to VAERS).

    Read more:

    Why vaccines spread disease and vaccine science is flawed

    ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO (and counting) scientific studies on vaccines and SHEDDING:

    Med Science Research
    There are thousands of scientific studies in the medical literature on the dangers of vaccines.

    “Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.”

    20 years ago, scientists working at the CDC’s National Center for Infectious Diseases, funded by the WHO and the National Vaccine Program, discovered something truly disturbing about the MMR vaccine: it leads to detectable measles infection in the vast majority of those who receive it.

  • I am brave and you are a confirmed coward; so just realize that and accept it. What connects you to Karl Wegner and the fake use of his deceased identity. You don’t see that as more than bizarre? So is it that you have multiple personalities, and severe mental illness that you actually believe that you are him? Most people have never posted on the internet from the grave. Must be one of those first time for everything, things?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    So how are you brave and not stupid again?