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Business of Birth

By Phil Silberman / November 26, 2017

Your baby is a target. To the massive and deeply corrupt pharmaceutical industry, she, and every other man, woman, and child on the planet, are seen as merely an endless source of revenue.


Back to School Shots: How Your Child is Being Programmed

By Missy Fluegge / August 11, 2016

Many parents already know that it is common practice for health departments, schools, and insurance companies to offer prizes to children and their families for being vaccinated. These programs have been implemented across the country and are designed to boost vaccination rates, rather than protect children’s health. Prizes are also offered to health care providers who […]


8 Reasons Why Your Child’s Doctor Pushes Vaccines

By Missy Fluegge / August 6, 2016

Many parents believe their child’s health care provider will offer sound, trustworthy advice about what their child needs to stay healthy. There are many doctors and nurse practitioners who do this well. However, some health care professionals promote vaccination not because vaccines are safe and effective, but because of other reasons that are not in […]