Why Do Most Medical Doctors Blindly Recommend Vaccinations?

Multiple reasons explain why the vast majority of medically trained physicians support vaccinations. Physicians receive the majority of their training during medical school, which is heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies and government institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Both pharmaceutical companies and government organizations support a misguided agenda in which vaccinations are promoted as a primary tool to prevent disease. Practitioners are rewarded for high vaccination rates. Doctors are pressured to vaccinate or face negative professional and financial consequences. Medical doctors belong to professional medical organizations which recommend vaccines.

To summarize, physicians exist in a world where vaccinations are considered the primary weapon for disease prevention. The majority come to believe in vaccine safety and effectiveness. It takes great courage, curiosity and independence for physicians to think outside of the box and do their own research on vaccines. For those who dare to think outside of the box, they can face negative professional and financial consequences.

Medical School Training On Vaccinations

When viewing an actual curriculum entitled TIME (Teaching Immunization for Medical Education) used in the training of physicians in medical school, the focus appears to be on review of the childhood vaccination schedule, methods to encourage parental compliance and advocacy of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines to prevent disease. This model was used at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, dated 2011. [1,2]

An example of a case scenario and how to respond to a parent’s concern about multiple vaccinations follows:

“How would you answer the parents’ question, ‘Are so many shots really needed?’

Historically, larger numbers of cases of vaccine-preventable diseases were greatly reduced by vaccination. Deaths, hospitalizations, and brain damage decreased as well. Since these diseases are contagious, they can return if immunization rates drop, as has happened in other developed countries when immunization rates dropped (see Table 2). The immune system is capable of responding to 100,000 vaccines at one time, according to the abstract by Dr. Offit, et al.” 

The TIME curriculum listed the following teaching objectives for the medical students:

  1. “Given a patient scenario, recommend vaccination appropriately, according to the recommended childhood immunization schedule, and state the administration routes and injection sites for these vaccinations.
  2. Given a child who is behind schedule, explain the principles of accelerated and catch-up vaccination, and determine needed vaccinations for current and subsequent visits.
  3. Explain the rationale for simultaneous vaccine administration and the potential consequences of non-simultaneous administration.
  4. Given a patient scenario, identify valid contraindications and precautions to vaccination without missing vaccination opportunities that are appropriate.
  5. Explain general vaccine safety and adverse event information, including the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and use of the Vaccine Information Statements (VISs).
  6. Suggest three procedures that a physician can implement in a practice or clinic to improve childhood vaccination rates.

Secondary Objectives:

  1. Given a patient scenario, recommend vaccination, if indicated, during both acute-care and well-child visits to providers, thereby reducing missed opportunities
  2. State sources of current information on childhood vaccinations, including information about the schedule, minimal interval between doses, and vaccine contraindications.” [3] (emphasis added)

Ways to improve office vaccination rates include the following:

  1. Conducting problem solving and goal setting activities, following an evaluation of the practice’s current vaccination rates. Subsequently, vaccination rates should be monitored with ongoing feedback to providers about vaccination rates.
  2. Having office staff assess vaccination status at patient registration or during vital signs. The office computer can generate “tickler” reminders about vaccinations.
  3. Administering vaccines simultaneously if more than one is indicated.
  4. Having a dedicated spot in the medical record for vaccination information.
  5. Training providers to distinguish between valid and invalid contraindications.
  6. Writing standing orders to allow the nurse to administer routine vaccinations.
  7. Marking updated copies of schedules and contraindication checklists available.
  8. Monitoring rates, providing feedback, encouraging competition, and offering prizes.
    Take Home Point
    • Practical ways to increase vaccination rates are available and include evaluation of rates, problem solving, goal setting, monitoring, and feedback.” [4] (emphasis added)

What Doctors Say About their Training

This focus in medical school on vaccination schedules and compliance has been validated by physicians who have shared their medical school training experience. Two well-know physicians reported the following about their training:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries stated:

“We learn that vaccines need to be given on schedule. We are indoctrinated with the mantra that ‘vaccines are safe and effective’—neither of which is true. Doctors today are given extensive training on how to talk to ‘hesitant’ parents—how to frighten them by vastly inflating the risks during natural infection. ..on the necessity of twisting parents’ arm to confirm, or fire them from their practices. Doctors are trained that NOTHING bad should be said about any vaccine, period.” 

Dr. Bob Sears stated:

“Doctors learn a lot about diseases in medical school, but we learn very little about vaccines….We don’t review the research ourselves. We never learn what goes into making vaccines or how their safety is studied. So, when patients want a little more information about shots, all we can really say as doctors is that the diseases are bad and the shots are good.” [5]

Physicians Are Taught That Vaccines Save Lives

Physicians are taught in medical school that vaccinations are responsible for eliminating disease. Their training focuses on the great danger that once common childhood diseases posed. They are told about the death and misery that resulted from these diseases, which vaccines are credited for eliminating. Contrary views, facts, reality and positions on disease elimination and vaccine dangers are not emphasized. [6]

The Funding of Medical Schools

Pharmaceutical companies donate billions of dollars to medical schools, and with their funding comes great influence on the curriculum for medical students. Pharmaceutical companies are the makers of vaccinations, so they profit largely by teaching medical students, future physicians, the importance of vaccinations for health.

Government funding is even greater for many medical schools, which means that government institutions such as the CDC also wield great influence on medical school curriculum. The CDC supports the current childhood vaccine schedule.

NPR did a survey which found that between 2 and 16 percent of medical schools’ annual budgets are derived from the pharmaceutical industry. As one example, the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, a medium-sized medical school with 585 students, obtained 13.5 percent of its budget from pharmaceutical companies in 2003. The school received grants from drug giants AstraZeneca, Merck, Novartis, Pharmacia and Upjohn, totaling $13.8 million. More than half of their budget came from the National Institute of Health and other federal agencies, totaling $58.8 million. [7]

How Physicians Are Rewarded for High Vaccination Rates

The Centers for Disease Control has a national program called AFIX, standing for Assessment, Feedback Incentive and eXchange, which aims to increase vaccination rates. The program began as a pilot program in Georgia in 1986, and then was adopted across the country in both public and private physician offices. Physicians are tracked for their vaccination rates and offered “prizes” and rewards for high vaccination rates. [8, 9]

To gain “buy in” from providers, the AFIX program suggests the following:

“The most logical, best researched and widely documented strategies to improve vaccination practices are unlikely to succeed unless there is buy-in from the providers. Providers are barraged with auditors, consultants, patient advocates, safety committees, licensing agencies and enforcers of local ordinances. You can either compete for attention within this pool of ‘regulators’ or you can be valuable allies in helping the provider accomplish a mutual goal: providing all recommended vaccinations for all eligible children.” [10] (emphasis added)

Rewards for physicians who improve their vaccination rates include publication of successes in newsletters and paid immunization conference registration for office staff. Sponsors for rewards may include local businesses, coalitions, professional organizations, managed care or HMOs and vaccine manufacturers. [11]

Their Professional Organizations And Pharma Funding

All of the physician professional organizations recommend vaccinations. As one example, the American Academy of Pediatrics holds a strong stance for total vaccine compliance. Their organization’s home page is inundated with information on vaccines and their importance, including propaganda reminding physicians of the terrible diseases that vaccines are supposedly responsible for eliminating. [12]

However, it is also clear that the American Academy of Pediatrics is highly funded by major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, Meda Pharmaceutical and Astra Zeneca. These companies profit from the sales of vaccinations and pharmaceutical drugs, which are recommended by pediatricians. [13]

Consequences Of Doctors NOT Vaccinating

Physicians can face negative consequences if they fail to comply with recommended vaccine schedules on their patients. Doctors risk being dropped from insurance companies, losing hospital privileges and becoming ostracized from their peers. They can face losing a major source of income for their practices if they vaccinate less. For hospital-employed physicians, losing financial bonuses can be a consequence for not vaccinating. In severe cases, physicians can risk losing their medical license. [14]

Why NOT To Vaccinate

Physicians are taught well a one-sided view on vaccination safety and effectiveness. In reality, vaccines have not been proven safe or effective in preventing disease. Vaccine charts show that most diseases were eliminated prior to vaccine creation. Improvements in water sanitation are often credited with disease elimination. [15, 16]

Documented life-threatening illnesses and death result from vaccines, challenging vaccine safety. Outbreaks of diseases continue to occur in those vaccinated, raising the question of vaccine effectiveness. To explore further ten reasons NOT to vaccinate, see the article Ten Reasons Not to Vaccinate.


Doctors live in a world where vaccinations are a key part of their medical training curriculum, with the emphasis on how to achieve high vaccination rates. Vaccine safety and effectiveness in eliminating diseases is emphasized, with no balanced teaching of vaccine dangers and questionable vaccine effectiveness.

Physicians face negative consequences if they question vaccination rates and don’t push vaccines on their patients. All professional physician organizations support strong vaccine policies, which adds additional pressure for physicians to vaccinate their patients.

Pharmaceutical companies, which make vaccines, are a primary funder for medical school education and physician professional organizations. This funding presents a huge conflict of interest. In effect, physicians are being used as the sales force for the makers of vaccines.

The majority of physicians enter the profession to heal their patients and help humanity. Unfortunately, because of the large influence of pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and their training, most doctors are pressured to endorse a failed vaccine policy which has proven to be more dangerous than beneficial to their patients.



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About the Author

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page, Holistic Health to Go.

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Michelle Goldstein

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page.

  • Lee Reikert

    Isn’t it sad that a healthy person isn’t profitable and so isn’t desirable? That’s how our system is rigged. If we were actually taught that food is medicine (real food), exercise is health, quality sleep, low stress…..all these lead to a body that can keep itself healthy (functioning immune system) which equals little need of doctors and their drugs. Where are the profits??????

  • Marshall

    I just read another article which I think collaborates this one pretty well.It is entitled “FDA’s Own Scientists Describe
    Intimidation Of Big Pharma Your Media Ignores Public Safety to Protect Monsanto And Big Pharma” you can read it here http://rense.com/general72/fdasown.htm

  • Erwin Alber

    Thanks for the great article. As far as I am concerned, vaccination is a particularly vile form of government-sponsored organised crime.

    Here is a relevant article and lecture by Dr Russell Blaylock MD:


  • Thomas Johnson

    I kept reading the TIME teaching objectives waiting for the “gotcha”, but there isn’t one.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    Exactly the point.

  • Richard Sacks

    Great article, I will keep it for reference. Vaccines are a weapon. They have never prevented any diseases, only started and spread epidemics, and destroyed natural immunity. The motive is money only at the lower and mid levels. Above that, the motive is not money, it is the enslavement and then extermination of humanity. Sorry to be blunt, but we are way past time to mince words. Hundreds of new vaccines are in preparation and they will be made mandatory if possible. The psychological system in place for keeping the servants of this system in line and the public obedient and fearful is very sophisticated. Avoid all vaccinations for yourself and those you love, and learn the real laws of nature that have always operated, and offer a path to the strongest natural immunity. You can do it, if you have the courage to upgrade your cherished habits and lifestyle. It is possible to gain immunity to almost everything, even the nuclear fallout and chemtrail fallout falling on you right now, as well as the weaponized viruses our government agencies are designing and releasing as part of the overall agenda. Sorry it sounds hard to believe, unfortunately it is true, and the best course of action is to learn effective countermeasures that can help make you stronger, as quickly as possible. If our “leaders” ramp up the attacks on us enough, they will simply finish us off, but they have not done that yet, and for now, it is still possible to stay healthy, clear thinking, and effective in whatever you choose to do. I wish you all well, and thanks for being courageous enough to see the bigger picture.

    Richard Sacks, Host
    Lost Arts Radio
    Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
    Essene teacher and consultant

    [email protected]

  • AutismDadd

    Indoctrination 101. Then doing as you have been instructed is tied to your licence. Blackmail ensues.

  • guest

    Vaccines are pharmaceuticals—DRUGS. For some reason doctors & pro-vaccine parents have twisted into their heads that they are not but in some special cataogy of unknown origins. As pharmetutical/drugs this applies nicely:

    The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    As Basic and Eternal as the Laws of Gravity

    1. The pharmaceutical industry is an investment industry driven by the profits of its shareholders. Improving human health is not the driving force of this industry.

    2. The pharmaceutical investment industry was artificially created and strategically developed over an entire century by the same investment groups that control the global petrochemical and chemical industries.
    3.The huge profits of the pharmaceutical industry are based on the patenting of new drugs. These patents essentially allow drug manufacturers to arbitrarily
    define the profits for their products.
    4. The marketplace for the pharmaceutical industry is the human body – but
    only for as long as the body hosts diseases. Thus, maintaining and expanding diseases is a precondition for the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.
    5. A key strategy to accomplish this goal is the development of drugs that merely mask symptoms while avoiding the curing or elimination of diseases. This explains why most prescription drugs marketed today have no proven efficacy and merely target symptoms.
    6. To further expand their pharmaceutical market, the drug companies are continuously looking for new applications (indications) for the use of drugs they already market. For example, Bayer’s pain pill Aspirin is now taken by 50 million healthy US citizens under the illusion it will prevent heart attacks.
    7. Another key strategy to expand pharmaceutical markets is to cause new diseases with drugs. While merely masking symptoms short term, most of the prescription drugs taken by millions of patients today cause a multitude of new diseases as a result of their known long-term side effects. For example, all cholesterol-lowering drugs currently on the market are known to increase the risk of developing cancer – but only afterthe patient has been takeing the drug for several years.
    8. The known deadly side effects of prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world, surpassed only by the number of deaths from heart attacks, cancer and strokes (Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998). This fact is no surprise either, because drug patents are primarily issued for new synthetic molecules. All synthetic molecules need to be detoxified and eliminated from the body, a system that frequently fails and results in an epidemic of severe and deadly side effects.
    9. While the promotion and expansion of diseases increase the market of the pharmaceutical investment industry – prevention and root cause treatment
    of diseases decrease long-term profitability; therefore, they are avoided or even obstructed by this industry.
    10. Worst of all, the eradication of diseases is by its very nature incompatible with and diametrically opposed to the interests of the pharmaceutical investment
    industry. The eradication of diseases now considered as potential drug markets will destroy billions of investment dollars and eventually will eliminate this entire industry.
    11. Vitamins and other effective natural health therapies that optimize cellular metabolism threaten the pharmaceutical “business with disease” because they target the cellular cause of today’s most common diseases- and these natural substances cannot be patented.
    12. Throughout the more than one hundred year existence of the pharmaceutical
    industry, vitamins and other essential nutrients, with defined functions as cofactors in cellular metabolism, have been the fiercest competition and the greatest threat to the long-term success of the pharmaceutical investment business.
    13. Vitamins and other effective natural health therapies that effectively prevent diseases are incompatible with the very nature of the pharmaceutical “business
    with disease.”
    14. To protect the strategic development of its investment business against the threat from effective, natural and non-patentable therapies, the pharmaceutical
    industry has – over an entire century – used the most unscrupulous methods, such as:
    (1) Withholding life-saving health information from millions of people. It is simply unacceptable that today so few know that the human body cannot produce vitamin C and lysine, two key molecules for connective tissue stability and disease prevention.
    (2) Discrediting natural health therapies. The most common way is through global PR campaigns organized by the Pharma-Cartel that spread lies about the alleged side effects of natural substances – molecules that have been used by Nature for millennia.
    (3) Banning by law the dissemination of information about natural health therapies. To that end, the pharmaceutical industry has placed its lobbyists
    in key political positions in key markets and leading drug export nations.
    15. The pharmaceutical “business with disease” is the largest deception and fraud business in human history. The product “health” promised by drug companies is not delivered to millions of patients. Instead, the “products” most often delivered are the opposite: new diseases and frequently, death.
    16. The survival of the pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the elimination by any means of effective natural health therapies. These natural and non-patentable
    therapies have become the treatment of choice for millions of people despite the combined economic, political and media opposition of the world’s largest investment industry.

    Vaccines-the beginning of disease processes! As the Healthy People 2020 agenda states: VACCINES-FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE.

  • Web Watcher

    sad. intimidation and control through vaccines. money and profession.

  • cenk2000

    The medical industry is a part of the military and the government believe that both the patients and the doctors are their property. I wrote a large chapter just on vaccines in my new book explaining how corporations are intentionally poisoning us in countless different way to decrease population. See DangersofConventionalMed.com

  • Very good explanation. Now, if only VacTruth would understand the connection between vaccination and vivisection, and that vivisection doesn’t work, except to “prove” what the funding party desires. When that takes place, then VacTruth will stop referring to “animal studies” (as in the case of whooping cough, where another “animal study” ‘proved’ just the opposite of the “animal study” cited by VacTruth).

  • guest

    Please provide name of study you are referring to.

  • Reynaud

    A healthy person is very profitable for health insurance companies. This is why managed care contracts with health delivery systems (clinics & hospitals) often mandate documentation and reporting of many aspects of preventive care management – blood pressure screening, cardiac conditions, weight measurements, monitoring of diabetics, etc. -AND- up to date vaccinations for all ages. Astute large scale actuarial analysis of patient populations by insurance companies reveal over and over that appropriate preventive measures, when followed, produce more healthy medical insurance plan members and thus, lower payouts for health care.

  • Lee Reikert

    Huh? I’ve personally never, EVER had a doctor talk to me about nutrition, exercise, lowering stress, etc. They want to test like crazy (big money maker) and get me on some drug (any problems are in my head after all), but I’ve never had a doctor say, “eat more organic vegetables, go walking daily with your dogs, eat REAL food not processed food.” Why is there blood pressure screening, weight measurements, diabetes monitoring and vaccinations if a person is fundamentally healthy? With a truly healthy person none of this is necessary. It’s because the VAST majority aren’t healthy….not even close. Preventive care in today’s medicine isn’t eating and exercising correctly before these problems present….now it’s managing problems that are presenting and passing it off as preventive. The biggest scam ever against humanity.

  • This one, that “proves” vaccines cause autism: Monkeys Get Autism- – VacTruth.com

    And this one, that “proves” vaccines do NOT cause autism:

    Anti-vaxx group funds $250,000 study of vaccines and …

  • guest

    Oh you mean the study, that was never funded or even done – that quickly lost traction once the lie was exposed. The study that was posted in Newsweek, a know paid pharmaceutical company owned website or as Sheryl Attkison calls it an Astro-Turf site:
    Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada-https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=-bYAQ-ZZtEU

    “In her piece, Firger points out that Bernard and Redwood believe that the researcher “may have cherry-picked their data.”1 Firger writes:

    SafeMinds Director Lyn Redwood, a registered nurse, says she received an email in 2013 from the researchers reporting a ‘statistically significant’ 11 percent reduction in certain types of hippocampal cells in the vaccine groups. But she says the authors did not include these findings in the new paper.1

    It’s an interesting point, particularly given ongoing allegations by whistleblower Dr. William Thompson of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the CDC purposely destroyed data from an epidemiological study linking the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine
    with higher rates of autism in African American boys, thereby manipulating the results of the study to show no correlation.10

    On October 5, Redwood published a response to the Newsweek article on the SafeMinds website. She noted that the study was actually the second phase of a broader study that began in 2003. She writes:

    Earlier findings of phase one of this study, which SafeMinds has been funding since 2003, were published in 2010 in Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis and the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health.
    Researchers then reported that the infant primates exposed to the vaccines displayed a different pattern of maturational changes in the brain and also evidence of greater total brain volume compared to the control group. And in the second publication that a single dose of
    hepatitis B vaccine routinely administered to human infants at birth resulted in significant delays in the development of root, snout, and suck reflexes compared to unexposed animals.11

    Redwood continues:
    In 2008 SafeMinds was approached to help support a second phase of the ongoing study. The researchers felt so certain about the connection between vaccines and
    brain abnormalities at that time that they were also planning to include a Phase 3 of research, which was to test treatments to help the primates recover from neurological damage.11

    Then a few years later in 2012 SafeMinds was approached again to provide funding for an additional arm of the study that would expose the primates to the 1990s vaccine schedule that was not accelerated to account for difference between human babies and monkey infants. At that time the researchers reported a significant decrease in Purkinje cell number and CA1 hippocampal cell size in monkeys given the 1990s vaccination schedule at an accelerated rate based upon much more rapid brain development of the monkeys vs. human. They said they wanted to be sure the findings that “parallel those observed in post‐mortem autism brains” were not due to the accelerated schedule of vaccine administration (and to satisfy any reviewer concerns at publication).11

    Pay Attention:
    **********Redwood notes that “the part of the study that SafeMinds specifically was asked to fund was never conducted. The scientists chose not to look at the brains of the primates from this arm of the study.”11 According to Redwood, the researchers have been reluctant to explain the reason for this, and she was informed that they are not allowed to talk about the study’s findings or the “discrepancies” in what was reported to SafeMinds and what was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The insinuation here is that not all of the brains of the monkeys were examined.**********

    Expanding on this point, Marcella Piper-Terry, founder of VaxTruth, writes:
    In the final analysis of the brains of the sacrificed
    monkeys, there are a lot of missing subjects. One of the analyses compares two groups of only five subjects. In other analyses, 50% of control subjects are missing and 33% of those in the 2008 schedule groupare missing.12

    Given the unanswered questions about the study and the degree of seriousness of the autism epidemic, you would think the headlines would be measured and cautious sounding—at least until the full story is carefully constructed. Unfortunately, this has not been the approach
    taken by the media, which has opted instead for the dismissive, the mocking, and the bombastic.

    The Back Story:

    Why Aren’t I Surprised that the Media Got it Wrong AGAIN? http://www.safeminds(dot)org/blog/2015/10/05/why-arent-i-surprised-that-the-media-got-it-wrong-again/

    Then a few years later in 2012 SafeMinds was approached again to provide funding for an additional arm of the study that would expose the primates to the 1990s vaccine schedule that was not accelerated to account for difference between human babies and monkey infants. At that time the researchers reported a significant decrease in Purkinje cell number and CA1 hippocampal cell size in monkeys given the 1990s vaccination schedule at an accelerated rate based upon much more rapid brain development of the monkeys vs. human. They said they wanted to be sure the findings that “parallel those observed in post‐mortem autism brains” were not due to the accelerated schedule of vaccine administration (and to satisfy any reviewer concerns at publication).

    **********But in reading the research published last week, the part of the study that SafeMinds specifically was asked to fund was never conducted. The scientists chose not to look at the brains of the primates from this arm of the study. They have not communicated to us why they chose not to—and they have informed us via email that they are not permitted to speak with us about the study findings or the discrepancies in what was reported to us and what was published, but we can submit our questions in writing. And that is what we are currently doing.

    “And this one, that “proves” vaccines do NOT cause autism:”
    Here’s a list for you:
    124 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link-https://www(dot)scribd.com/doc/220807175/124-Research-Papers-Supporting-the-Vaccine-Autism-Link.

    A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States- http://www(dot)ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3878266/

    -A positive association found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S. population. http://www(dot)ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21623535

    Commentary–Controversies surrounding mercury in vaccines: autism denial as impediment to universal immunisation.

    Methodological issues and evidence of malfeasance in research purporting to show thimerosal in vaccines is safe.

    Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism.

  • guest

    -My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.
    Remainder of admission at: http://www.morganverkamp(dot)com/august-27-2014-press-release-statement-of-william-w-thompson-ph-d-regarding-the-2004-article-examining-the-possibility-of-a-relationship-between-mmr-vaccine-and-autism/.

    -Whistleblower Thompson’s Call to Congress: https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=8697rSvIqhg.

    CDC: “Possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism (AUDIO)

    Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) at 1:02:29 http://www.c-span(dot)org/video/?327309-1/us-house-morning-hour&live=

    -transcript: http://www.ageofautism(dot)com/2015/07/breaking-news-congressman-posey-on-house-floor-cdc-authors-of-2004-mmr-paper-destroyed-documents.html#comments

    -CDC Whistleblower Revealed: https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=sGOtDVilkUc

    CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism:

    CDC: “Possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism (AUDIO):
    CDC’s immunization safety director says it’s a “possibility” that vaccines rarely trigger autism but “it’s hard to predict who those children might be.” (They’re not even trying.)

    Transcripts of meeting can be found: Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000

    Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia. http://www(dot)putchildrenfirst.org/media/2.9.pdf:

    Dr. Verstraeten, (CDC) pg. 40-41: “…we have found statistically significant relationships between the exposure and outcomes for these different exposures and outcomes. First, for two months of age, an unspecified developmental delay, which has its own specific ICD9 code. Exposure at three months of age, Tics. Exposure at six months of age, an attention deficit disorder. Exposure at one, three
    and six months of age, language and speech delays, which are two separate ICD9 codes. Exposures at one, three and six months of age, the entire category of neurodevelopmental delays, which includes all of
    these plus a number of other disorders.”

    Dr. Weil of the AAP, pg. 207: “The number of dose related relationships are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant. The positive relationships are those that one might expect from the Faroe Islands studies. They are also related to those data we do have on experimental animal data and similar to the neurodevelopmental tox data on other substances, so that I think you can’t accept that this is out of the ordinary. It isn’t out of the

  • Reynaud

    You’ve got the wrong doctor – Find another clinic. Both Medicare and managed care insurances are now mandating documentation of regular blood pressure monitoring to detect BP anomalies early and counseling for weight control (nutrition & exercise referrals) even in the “fundamentally healthy.”

  • Lee Reikert

    Great in theory, but if you live in a tiny community very difficult. You’re lucky these days to find a doctor taking new patients. I drive 30 miles to another community to see a doctor as no one is seeing new patients in the community I live in. This is becoming common. Try finding a vet for your dog. Many are no longer taking new patients as they’re overwhelmed with sick animals. Same with doctors….overwhelmed with sick people. My pulmonary specialist (an hours drive away) ordered a heart test (EKG I believe) for me months ago. Can’t get in to get it. Local facility is overwhelmed. Sad, but that’s reality.

  • Yes, and that type of back and forth could go on until the cows come home. I learned about the damage and inefficacy (i.e. hoax) of vaccination through being a antivivisectionist. To me, it always SHOULD have been clear that anything so morally and ethically bankrupt as taking innocent victims who have no voice and no ability to resist, and inflicting everything from severe injury to deadly illness on them, is not the right path to health, and cannot produce good results.

    In fact, vaccinations are a direct result of vivisection, from the ingredients (many from animals) to the “testing.” And what have they brought us (with the help of a lot of smoke and mirrors, vigorous public relations, rewriting history, even while it was happening, in the media, etc.) ? Auto-immune diseases, cancer, chronic severe allergies and asthma, brain damage, alteration of our genetic codes, and so much more.

    So, instead of getting the message that living in harmony with nature and avoiding of poisons is the way to attain and maintain vitality, many anti-vaccination advocates can’t seem to let go of the vivisectionist mentality of inflicting misery and damage on to other living beings to “prove” a point.

    But, the infinite wisdom of the Universe has designed each species with enough significant differences as to make the results of such experimentation unscientific. Oh, we can conclude that poison is poison, until we come across a species for which it isn’t poison (for instance, sheep can tolerate much higher levels of arsenic; and parsley, which I love, is deadly for several species), but the reactions to the poisons are not going to be exactly the same, and therefore, not exactly scientific.

    We have enough, more than enough data from the damage which has been extended to millions of homo-sapiens. Let’s use it, and say goodbye to 19th century barbarity.



  • guest

    You are introducing an aspect that most people will not be able to understand so what is the point? I understand but that’s not going to inform others. Most people cannot grasp the concept of vaccination and what that exactly means and the fact that vaccination does not confer immunity or how vaccines are designed to work (they don’t). Vivisection is out of their league.

  • It should not be out of VacTruth’s league. It’s up to those who are ahead of the curve to “get it” and pull the less gifted along in the right direction. The point of vivisection being wrong is the same as the point of vaccination being wrong. My goal is to bring an end to both.

  • guest

    The only way to bring an end to both or just one, is for people to understand the complexities involved. Most people need to crawl before they can walk.

  • They should not be deliberately fed misinformation by VacTruth.

  • guest

    My suggestion is you should write out the pertinent information you feel should be presented to the people who frequent this site. That way, they will have it and not have to guess as to what you are referring to. Simple enough.

  • KeyLimePi

    I’ll butt in here to answer you, “guest.” It’s extremely simple: Refer to, gain information from and cite only human studies, not animal studies. After all, we are human beings, right? And there’s more than ample evidence of the dangers of vaccines for humans. No one needs to be locked in a cage and experimented on to prove anything, especially not different species. Voluntary clinical trials and real-life experience in SAME SPECIES are the only legitimate ways to do medical research. Anything else is sociopathic and unscientific (i.e. a scam).

  • I have previously asked VacTruth to eliminate references to vivisection. That’s all that is needed. Solid science only.

  • And the veterinarians and the doctors are ensuring that they are overwhelmed with sick patients by vaccinating them. THAT will bring them back with the vaccine-induced auto-immune diseases, allergies and asthma, seizures, type 1 diabetes, cancer, leukemia, etc. infinitum..

  • Lee Reikert

    Yep!!!! Vaccine good money maker! Broccoli not good money maker!!!! Another point is all these “screenings”. I truly believe that most of them are dangerous and totally useless. My father died as a result of a colonoscopy. A screening that went horribly wrong when they punctured his colon. 7 weeks in ICU and the loss of most of his colon. He woke up to a bag and a year later after a horrific struggle was dead. The radiation from mammograms creates more cancer than it prevents. The studies are out there. All the radiographs. All the CT’s. All of these tests are exposures. What do I do? NOTHING. NO TESTS!!! I only allow a test if its life or death. I’m putting my faith in real food, exercise, sleep and low stress. At age 56, 105 pounds, fit to a fault……seems to be working just fine.

  • guest

    Present the information you would like to be focused on You can request Vac Truth not do something but it is their website which they pay for and moderate but I have found them to be open to reasonable comments so please present your information.

  • guest

    OK. Here are some:
    Human Studies that Indicate Autism/Vaccine Link


    This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book from Skyhorse, available for pre-order on Amazon.com and due out in November, 2016.

    “It does not take a stretch of the imagination to see how the immune
    system may learn to respond to self-antigens that resemble those in
    pathogens, when adjuvants like aluminum so effectively activate the
    adaptive immune response. This topic has been extensively studied by
    Yehudah and colleagues (e.g., Agmon et al., 2009; Rinaldi et al., 2014).

    But then one does not need a stretch of the imagination when we have
    the bulk of science indicating that as more vaccines have been added to
    the pediatric schedule, we have been putting more and more
    immunostimulants into the bodies of our youth, inducing increasing
    numbers of autoimmune reactions and stronger innate autoimmunity, especially immunocytotoxicity, in human studies.

    Human Studies That Support a Vaccine/Autism Link

    -Gallagher and Goodman, 2010: A cross-sectional study of
    the National Health Interview Survey from 1997-2002 found that the odds
    of a diagnosis of autism is threefold greater in neonates who received
    Hepatitis B vaccination than those who did not, and that minorities had
    an even greater risk of autism attributable to vaccination status. They
    reported a 9-fold increase in the rate of developmental disabilities
    associated with vaccination overall for boys. The others concluded: “U.S.
    male neonates vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine prior to 1999
    (from vaccination record) had a threefold higher risk for parental
    report of autism diagnosis compared to boys not vaccinated as neonates
    during that same time period. Nonwhite boys bore a greater risk.”

    -Delong, 2011: This study found, after correcting for family income and ethnicity, that a 1% increase in vaccination rates resulted in 680 children with autism or SLI. The author concluded: “The results suggest that although mercury has been removed from many vaccines, other culprits may link vaccines to autism.”

    Sharpe et al., 2013: This study showed increased Thimerosal hypersensitivity in B-cells grown from ASD individuals from four families, compared to controls. Cellular proliferation and mitochondrial function measures were taken. The authors concluded that “certain individuals with a mild mitochondrial defect may be highly susceptible to mitochondrial specific toxins like the vaccine preservative Thimerosal.”

    Tomljenovic and Shaw, 2011: In looking for a triggering effort, this study examined a given year’s total aluminum dose and the rates of autism diagnosis. ASD incidence in each year (1991-2008) increased overall with increasing aluminum content, consistent with an epidemiological model of more and more children surpassing their individual dose tolerance. In addition, they applied Hill’s criteria for causality, which is a standard framework for assessing cause and found that sufficient criteria applied to support causality of the observed correlation.

    -Geier and Geier, 2007: The authors describe details of 9 patients whose ASD symptoms and mercury exposure could only be attributed to Thimerosal-containing vaccines. “Eight of nine patients (one patient was found to have an ASD due to Rett’s syndrome) (a) had regressive ASDs; (b) had elevated levels of androgens;
    (c) excreted significant amounts of mercury post chelation challenge;
    (d) had biochemical evidence of decreased function in their glutathione
    pathways; (e) had no known significant mercury exposure except from
    Thimerosal-containing vaccines/Rho(D)-immune globulin preparations; and
    (f) had alternate causes for their regressive ASDs ruled out.”

    -Young et al., 2008: These researchers examined the available data in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System and found and association of exposure to Thimerosal-containing vaccines with “[c]onsistent significantly increased rate ratios were observed for autism, autism spectrum disorders, tics, attention deficit disorder and emotional disturbances with Hg exposure from TCVs.”

    -Nataf et al., 2006. These authors studied urinary porphyrin levels in ASD, Asperger’s and internal and external control groups. Coproporphyrin, a measure of exposure to environmental toxicity,was found to be elevated in children with autistic disorder relative to control groups, but not Asperger’s. The authors concluded : “These data implicate environmental toxicity in childhood autistic disorder.”

    -Yasuda and Tsutsui, 2013; Yasuda et al., 2013: Scalp trace element scans were studied for scalp hair concentrations for 1,967 autistic children.
    “In the 1,967 subjects, 584 (29.7%) and 347 (17.6%) were found
    deficient in zinc and magnesium, respectively and the incidence rate of zinc deficiency was estimated at 43.5% in male and 52.5% in female infantile subjects aged 0-3 years-old. In contrast, 339 (17.2%), 168 (8.5%) and 94 (4.8%) individuals were found to suffer from high burdens of aluminum, cadmium and lead, respectively and 2.8% or less from mercury and arsenic. High toxic metal burdens were more frequently observed in the infants aged 0-3 years-old, whose incidence rates were 20.6%, 12.1%, 7.5%, 3.2% and 2.3% for aluminum, cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury, respectively.”

    -Blaurock-Busch E et al., 2012: This study compared hair metal concentrations of autistic and non-autistic children and found that “elevated
    hair concentrations were noted for aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, mercury,
    antimony, nickel, lead and vanadium… There was a significant positive
    correlation between lead & verbal communication… and general impression. The authors concluded that “heavy metals play a role in the development of ASD.”

    -Molina and Shoenfeld, 2005: In considering the link between vaccine and pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders, this analysis (not a new study) that “Vaccines, in several reports were found to be temporally followed by a new onset of autoimmune diseases.”

    -Bradstreet, J. et al., 2003: This study examined urinary mercury levels in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children after a three-day treatment with meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), an oral chelating agent. They found that mercury concentrations were significantly higher in children with autistic spectrum disorders compared to neurotypical controls and that vaccinated (treated) cases showed a significantly higher urinary mercury concentration than did vaccinated (untreated) controls. The authors concluded: “The observed urinary concentrations of mercury could plausibly have resulted from Thimerosal in childhood vaccines, although other
    environmental sources and Thimerosal in Rh (D) immune globulin
    administered to mothers may be contributory. Regardless of the mechanism
    by which children with autistic spectrum disorders have high urinary
    mercury concentrations, the DMSA treatment described in this study might
    be useful to diagnose their present burden of mercury.” Notably,
    a later comparison of autistic and non-autistic urine mercury levels –
    without treatment – reported to show no difference in removable mercury,
    but their analysis was not standard, leading DeSoto (2008) to tell them
    “your data shows autistic children have higher levels of heavy metals.”

    -McDonald K et al., 2008: In a study 11,531 children, those who delayed vaccination had a much lower risk of asthma (McDonald et al., 2008). According to the authors, “Early childhood immunizations have been viewed as promoters of asthma development by stimulating a T(H)2-type immune response or decreasing microbial pressure, which shifts the balance between T(H)1 and T(H)2 immunity.” Reversibility of effect is key in determination of causation and while this study does not demonstrate reversibility, it demonstrates dose effect. The authors concluded: “We found a negative association between delay in administration of the first dose of whole-cell DPT immunization in childhood and the development of asthma; the association was greater with delays in all of the first 3 doses. The mechanism for this phenomenon requires further research.”

    -Singh et al., 1998: Using standard measurements of presence of antibodies, Singh et al.,found that ASD children had elevated measles antibodies and increased brain autoantibodies relative to age-matched controls. Dr. Paul Offit has claimed in his book Autism’s False Prophets that this study did not measure antibodies; indeed the study used standard ELISA. Offit would have to impeach hundreds of thousands of studies that used ELISA to warrant his patently false claim and untold numbers of ‘official’ findings by the CDC, including, for example, Atkins (2002). His claim also potentially defames the authors of this study with libel. The authors concluded: “This study is the first to report an association between virus serology and brain autoantibody in autism; it supports the hypothesis that a virus-induced autoimmune response may play a causal role in autism.” Note that Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, co-inventor of ELISA, won the Nobel Prize for medicine for her work with the then-deceased Solomon Berson in 1977 in the development of ELISA.

    -Holmes et al., 2003: This study looked at the mercury content from infants’ first haircuts: “First baby haircut samples were obtained from 94 children diagnosed with autism… and 45 age- and gender-matched controls… Hair mercury levels in the autistic group were 0.47 ppm versus 3.63 ppm in controls, a significant difference. The mothers in the autistic group had
    significantly higher levels of mercury exposure through Rho D
    immunoglobulin injections and amalgam fillings than control mothers.”

    -Li X et al., 2009: This study compared cytokine levels,measures of immune activities, in the brain tissue of ASD patients and matched normal subjects and found a clear signature of autoimmunity. They found pro-inflammatory cytokines with an immunological Th1/Th2 ratio swayed toward Th1 over-representation. The authors concluded: “ASD patients displayed an increased innate and adaptive immune response through the Th1 pathway, suggesting that localized brain inflammation and autoimmune disorder may be involved in the pathogenesis of ASD.”

    -Vargas et al., 2005: This study showed that microglial activation, a sure sign of excitotoxicity and neuroinflammation, are both found in autistics. The vaccine link to microglial activation has been established by other studies. The authors concluded that “innate neuroimmune reactions play a pathogenic role in an undefined proportion of autistic patients”.

    -Seneff et al., 2012: This study examined the trends in the reported occurrence of autism in VAERS, noting an increase in reports that may be attributed to the increased burden of aluminum in vaccines as mercury was being phased out. They found that adverse events in individuals that had received aluminum-containing adjuvant attributable specifically to aluminum decreased after 2003. The data showed a marked decline, as would be expected due to the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines if a Thimerosal x aluminum interaction was present. From the authors: “While we
    have not shown that aluminum is directly causative in autism, the compelling evidence available from the literature on the toxicity of aluminum, combined with the evidence we present for severe adverse reactions occurring much more frequently following administration of aluminum-containing vaccines as compared to non-aluminum-containing vaccines, suggests that neuronal damage due to aluminum penetration into the nervous system may be a significant factor in autism.” They also noted a strong correlation between autism and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), which contains neither aluminum nor mercury, but which they thought might be explained as an increased sensitivity to acetaminophen administered to control fever. It is now known that acetaminophen depletes glutathione levels in the brain.

    Poling et al. (2006). Many people think that Hannah Poling was never diagnosed with autism. In fact her claim of vaccine-induced autism was conceded by medical experts from HHS. The Special Master’s court has repeatedly found in favor vaccine induced injury of encephalopathy with ‘autism-like features’.

    I will let the case description speak for itself and let the reader decide. I will let the case description speak for itself and let the reader decide. This is the opinion of Hannah’s neurologist, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, provided a diagnosis of autism, was prepared to testify in her behalf:

    “Within 48 hours after immunizations to diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis; Haemophilus influenzae B; measles, mumps and rubella; polio; and varicella (Varivax), the patient developed a fever to 38.9°C, inconsolable crying, irritability and lethargy and refused to walk. Four days later, the patient was waking up multiple times in the night, having episodes of opistho-tonus and could no longer normally climb stairs. Instead, she crawled up and down the stairs. Low-grade intermittent fever was noted for the next 12 days. Ten days
    following immunization, the patient developed a generalized erythematous
    macular rash beginning in the abdomen. The patient’s pediatrician diagnosed this as due to varicella vaccination. For 3 months, the patient was irritable and increasingly less responsive verbally, after which the patient’s family noted clear autistic behaviors, such as spinning, gaze avoidance, disrupted sleep/wake cycle and perseveration on specific television programs. All expressive language was lost by 22 months. The patient continued to have chronic yellow watery diarrhea intermittently for 6 months, which was evaluated with negative testing for Clostridium difficile, ova/parasites and culture. Four months later, an evaluation with the Infant and Toddlers Early Intervention program for possible autism was initiated. Along with the regression, her appetite remained poor for 6 months and her body weight did not increase. This resulted in a decline on a standard growth chart for
    weight from the 97th to the 75th percentile.”

    Dr. Jon Poling, Hannahs’ father, felt compelled to write a letter to a blogger named Steven Novella because of his representation of the case on the web. Novella, a neurologist, posted a reply which included his assessment (without full evaluation) of Hannah’s condition as not likely autism because, in his view

    “Hannah Poling’s history has many features that are not typical of autism – like a history of otitis media with frequent fevers, seizures and what sounds like a rare encephalitis that probably did result from vaccines. Even if we put her mitochondrial mutation aside – this is not a typical case of autism.”

    At the time of Novella’s reply (July, 2008) Rosenhall et al. (1999) had already reported that at least 25% of cases of ASD had otitis media and a more recent study in (Deavenport-Saman, 2015) now has found that otitis media is one of the top three reasons for autistic to appear in the emergency room. And, of course, seizures are often reported as comorbid with autism (ca 25%). Frequent fevers is consistent with autoimmunity and chronic microglial activation, both part of the immunological inducement of AD/ASD. It is important to pay attention to evidence in medicine in support of positions that might influence public health policy.

    -Palmer et al. (2006): These authors found a 43% increase in the rate of special education services and a 61% increase in the rate of autism for every 1,000 lb of environmentally released mercury.

    -Mohamed et al., 2015: Concentrations of mercury, lead, and aluminum were measured in hair samples from 100 autistic children and 100 controls. All three metals were found to be higher in autistic children compared to controls. The authors concluded that “Environmental exposure to these toxic heavy metals, at key times in development, may play a causal role in autism.”

    Each one of these studies provides peer-reviewed results that stand
    in direct contradiction to Schuchat’s testimony to Congress, as well as
    other testimony from Dr. Coleen Boyle and the current stagnant CDC
    policy on vaccines. What if the CDC knew there could be association with
    neurological disorders, but never brought it forward as a publication?

    -CDC, Unpublished. DeStefano et al. (2000), found a positive association for all ASD (ADHD) and vaccination exposure. This result was never included in a published study, but some of the text of the report is interesting:

    “As for the exposure evaluation at 1 month of age, which is basically an evaluation of the neonatal hepatitis B dose, we have found a significant relationship to the outcome only for misery and unhappiness disorder
    (ICD9 code 313.1). We were not able to produce a graph for the RRs at 3
    months of this condition as no or few cases occur in the two lower
    categories. The relative risk for this condition was significantly increased (2.04, 95%CI:1.09-3.82) when comparing those with a cumulative exposure above 62.5 ug at three months compared to those with cumulative exposure equal to or less than 62.5 ug.

    There is a nearly significant increased risk for the category exceeding 12.5 ug at 1 month for attention deficit disorder. This group includes children that received 2 doses of HepB or the first dose of Hib or DTP in the first month of
    life. At three months, this positive relationship is no longer
    significant for any category

    As for the exposure evaluated at 3 months of age, we found increasing risks of neurological developmental disorders with increasing cumulative exposure to Thimerosal. Within the group of developmental disorders, similar though
    not statistically significant increases were seen for the subgroup
    called specific delays (ICD9 code 315) and within this sub-group for the
    specific disorder developmental speech disorder (dysalia, ICD9 code
    315.39) and for autism (ICD9 code

    314.0) and attention deficit disorder (ICD9 code 314.0). This increase, when comparing each category of exposure to the lowest exposure group was significant only for the entire category of developmental disorders. For specific delays and speech disorder this increase occurs only about 25 ug.”

    Later in the same report:
    Comparison to the number of vaccines, aluminum
    The purpose of these analyses would be to differentiate between the effect of Thimerosal and the vaccines themselves. Unfortunately (nearly) all vaccines in our analysis were either Thimerosal containing (DTP, DTaP, HepB and Hib) or Thimerosal free (polio). Any analysis of the number of vaccines or
    aluminum as an exposure variable would show a correlation to the
    Thimerosal analysis and not be helpful in this distinction. I ran
    analyses with the number of Hib, DTO, HepB and polio vaccines as
    exposure and found a relationship of the risk [of ADHD] to the number of
    DTP and Hib vaccines received at three months, which was to be
    expected. I also found a relationship to the age at which the first Hib vaccine was given (the later the vaccine given, the less chance of neurological developmental delay), which was also to be expected. Surprisingly, I did not find this for DTP.

    These are the CDC’s own findings. They never appeared in any peer-reviewed publication and were released under a Freedom of Information Act request.

    These passages show a huge lapse in logic on the part of the analyst. If they cannot comment on aluminum because it is confounded with the dosage of Thimerosal, the reverse is equally true (such is the nature of confounding). They seem to be oblivious to this rather obvious fact. And yet, the analyst was willing to apply the knowledge from the Thimerosal analysis leading to the expectation of results – in which they even showed surprise to not find as an association for DTP!

    None of this text reads like any of the association studies from the CDC on vaccines. Not even close. Anywhere one looks for CDC statements, they state unequivocally that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”and “Vaccine Additives Do Not Cause Autism.” CDC officials have sworn under oath in testimony to Congress to the same effect. No qualifiers, no caveats. Absolute knowledge. No exceptions.

    Which of course all by itself reveals that they are not dealing in science. Knowledge in science is asymptotic. There are almost always exceptions to the rule. Their position is so unqualified that even a single case of autism resulting from vaccination would make their statements absolutely false.

    If there had been only one or two studies, Schuchat could be excused for dismissing the evidence of a vaccine/autism link. However, a huge number of studies that point to immunoneuroexcitotoxicity were available at the time and more are available now. There is no excuse for her testimony, but her behavior was consistent with other examples of grossly misleading information from CDC officials.

    These are the studies that the CDC ignores. Most of the studies to date in this book have been animal studies, or correlation studies, such as scans of microglial activation in the human brain. Many have involved human subjects. But now we turn to both the studies conducted by the CDC and those conducted by others not associated with the CDC.”

    We are all still waiting on that study comparing the health outcomes of unvaccinated children to vaccinated children. Congress requested this be done years ago because well listen:

    Why Won’t CDC Do the Study?

  • KeyLimePi

    Exactly. And thank you for the excerpts and the link to that book, I checked it out a bit and see that even James Weiler cites animal studies from time to time. But the only things of relevance are the human studies he cites. No one should ever refer to sadistic and unscientific animal studies or infer any legitimacy to them. Vaccinism is heavily involved in vivisection, and vice versa.

    Case in point: The smallpox vaccine was developed and made using cows after people who caught cowpox from their cows were supposedly then immune to smallpox. As most of us know, Jenner’s own son suffered brain damage and died young, very likely from the vaccine. And knowledgable people know of the dangers of today with neurological and heart damages, etc., linked to the smallpox vaccine. The vaccine was discontinued as mandatory when those in power could no longer deny that the risks far outweighed any benefit, yet the popular lore holds out that the disease was wiped out by the vaccine and that’s why it was stopped. Here’s advice from the CDC on how to deal with a smallpox vaccine site:

    To Help Prevent Spread of the (vaccine) Virus:

    Cover the area loosely with a gauze bandage held in place with first aid tape. While at work, health care workers should also cover the gauze with a semi-permeable bandage (this type of bandage allows air to flow through but not fluids).

    Change the bandage often (at least every 3 days).

    Try not to touch your vaccination site.

    Do not let others touch the site or items that have touched it such as bandages, clothes, sheets, or towels.

    Always wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand wash if you touch the site or if you touch bandages, clothes, sheets, or towels that have touched the site.

    Keep the vaccination site dry. If the gauze bandage gets wet, change it right away. Cover your vaccination site with a waterproof bandage while bathing.

    Don’t scratch or put ointment on the vaccination site.

    Don’t touch your eyes, any part of your body, or another person after changing the bandage or touching the vaccination site until you have washed your hands.

    Wear a shirt that covers the vaccination site and bandage.This helps protect those you have close contact with such as young children or the person you share a bed with.

    Don’t share towels.

    Do your own laundry. Use a separate laundry hamper for clothes, towels, sheets, and other items that may come into contact with your vaccination site or pus from the site. Machine wash items that have touched the vaccination site in hot water with detergent and/or bleach.

    Put used bandages in plastic zip bags, then throw them away in the regular trash.

    After the scab falls off, put it in a plastic zip bag and throw it away.

    If you do not feel like you can follow these instructions, do not get vaccinated. -end quote.
    (I think we can see, partly, the real reason they’ve backed off on making that one mandatory.)

    Anyhow, the anti-vaccine side should never be linked to the pseudoscience and cruelty of animal studies. Pure science and humaneness and honesty all the way. That’s all Sue and I are saying.

  • I have previously presented my information on their site. Is there some location on there you’d recommend where a comment could go in and be seen by everyone visiting the site?

  • Lucy

    Ahhh, I see the places you most frequently comment…the anti-vax/anti-science sites. Since you have already wrapped yourself in a cocoon of ignorance, I will no longer communicate with you.

  • guest

    Right here is good.

  • What do you think I’ve been doing here?

  • guest

    Might I recommend in your presentation of the information you wish to convey a step by step approach. Say something like I would like to present or comment on the connection between
    vaccination and vivisection, and that vivisection doesn’t work, except
    to “prove” what the funding party desires. Do it like a power point. I look forward to reading it.

  • Scott Lindsey

    This article uses a lot of words, but I think it can be summarized as such:

    Doctor’s recommend vaccinations because the medical establishment believes vaccines to be safe and effective, and they believe that many common and occasionally fatal diseases such as measles can be effectively controlled by vaccinating the majority of the population. Also, it is occasionally possible to completely eradicate a disease via vaccination as in the case of smallpox and perhaps polio.

  • Thomas Johnson

    But they get to be in newsletters! It’s such a racket.

  • Well, I think I covered it pretty well, and so I will repeat, but I think the best information comes from the link I provided at the end, available free to read online. If anyone has any specific questions, I am happy to oblige:

    I learned about the damage and inefficacy (i.e. hoax) of vaccination through being a antivivisectionist. To me, it always SHOULD have been clear that anything so morally and ethically bankrupt as taking innocent victims who have no voice and no ability to resist, and inflicting everything from severe injury to deadly illness on them, is not the right path to health, and cannot produce good results.

    In fact, vaccinations are a direct result of vivisection, from the ingredients (many from animals) to the “testing.” And what have they brought us (with the help of a lot of smoke and mirrors, vigorous public relations, rewriting history, even while it was happening, in the media, etc.) ? Auto-immune diseases, cancer, chronic severe allergies and asthma, brain damage, alteration of our genetic codes, and so much more.

    So, instead of getting the message that living in harmony with nature and avoiding of poisons is the way to attain and maintain vitality, many anti-vaccination advocates can’t seem to let go of the vivisectionist mentality of inflicting misery and damage on to other living beings to “prove” a point.

    But the infinite wisdom of the Universe has designed each species with enough significant differences as to make the results of such experimentation unscientific. Oh, we can conclude that poison is poison, until we come across a species for which it isn’t poison (for instance, sheep can tolerate much higher levels of arsenic; and parsley, which I love, is deadly for several species), but the reactions to the poisons are not going to be exactly the same, and therefore, not exactly scientific.

    We have enough, more than enough, data from the damage which has been extended to millions of homo-sapiens. Let’s use it, and say goodbye to 19th century barbarity.


  • ash hatcher

    k so you think the vaccines work…..why are people still getting the diseases and been vaccinated?

  • Being that vaccines carry zero legal liability for any harm done, and now since 1987, what part of this do you not consider as a racket?

    Vaccines Market worth $57.8 Billion by 2019

    There are 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s Pipeline

    The CDC’s Role in Undoing Vaccine Exemptions: the NACCHO Front Group

    Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct (one very important article, to read)