Louisiana Mother Knows 8 Vaccine Doses Killed Her 2 Month-Old Son

Two month-old Reid Thomas Englehart was vaccinated on May 20, 2015. He was given eight vaccine doses, which included the DTaP, Hib, polio, pneumococcal, hepatitis B and the oral rotavirus vaccines. These are the routine vaccines given to two month-old babies, even premature babies, in the United States and elsewhere. [1]

At the time of his appointment, Reid was still wheezing from a previous infection and still had a residual cough, but his doctor insisted it was fine to vaccinate him, after a test came back that Reid was negative for pertussis.

Nine days later, without a struggle and without any obstruction of his airways, he stopped breathing while his dad was holding him. Reid passed away in his sleep on May 29, 2015.

A bloody-colored mucous substance stained his father’s shirt where Reid’s head rested on his chest. This tinged mucous is very commonly witnessed in babies dying after vaccination. More came out of Reid’s mouth when his mother performed CPR on him. After emergency responders showed up, they declared him dead on the scene.

Investigators Ignored The Vaccines As A Plausible Cause Of Death

An investigation was done and Reid’s death was ruled accidental. The immediate cause listed on his autopsy report and death certificate was due to “possible suffocation,” without any signs or proof he suffocated. Reid did not struggle when he lay asleep on his dad’s chest, as he slipped away; he just stopped breathing in his sleep.

His report stated his death resulted from an unsafe sleeping environment, known as co-sleeping, which humans have been doing safely since the beginning of our time. This is a common ruling in vaccine-related death cases even though there is typically no proof the baby died from suffocation, due to co-sleeping. In many of these cases, babies were vaccinated shortly before, within hours to a few weeks, but the vaccines have been disregarded.

A claim has been filed with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), with the help of a vaccine injury attorney Reid’s mother found to represent their case. Although the odds are against parents to be awarded any money for their child’s vaccine-related death, this is the recourse they have. [2]

The maximum death benefit parents can be awarded is $250,000. Cases are usually settled for less and the majority of parents never receive any compensation. It is often cheaper to pay a death benefit to parents than to pay an award for a living, vaccine-injured child, because a deceased child won’t require future medical care, saving taxpayers money, since taxpayers are the ones paying for these awards.

If their case is awarded, Reid’s parents can accept the death benefit as full payment or they can decline it and sue the vaccine manufacturer(s) directly. The latter is rarely done because so many vaccines are given during these doctors’ visits, making it nearly impossible to prove which vaccine specifically, or if all of the vaccines acting together, caused the injury, protecting the vaccine manufacturers once again. [3]

Reid’s Mother Knew The Vaccines Killed Her Son

Christy contacted the doctor’s office soon after Reid died and requested someone at the office file a Vaccine Adverse Events Report through VAERS, involving her son and the vaccines he was given. [4] This request was documented in Reid’s medical files. To prove this file exists, Christy wanted people to see this report for themselves, to see this was documented. To this day, neither Reid’s pediatrician, nor anyone who cared for Reid, has filed a report with VAERS.


The vaccines have been ignored as the most plausible cause of his death by doctors, investigators and medical examiners. It is interesting how easily vaccines are ruled out, without ever having to prove the vaccines didn’t cause the injury, even though the list of associated reactions to each vaccine includes death.

Reid’s doctor is legally required to file a VAERS report, whether or not he thinks the vaccines were the cause of Reid’s reactions or death, but he has not done so. Nor has he been held accountable for vaccinating Reid, while he was still recovering from a previous infection.

In his short eleven-week life, Reid was directly given a vitamin K injection, morphine for days, and a total of nine vaccine doses. The ingredients in each one of these drugs is harmful and astounding. [5] Considering how safe co-sleeping is, it does not make sense to ignore the more harmful substances Reid received in his short life, administered by health care providers, known to trigger breathing cessation and apnea.

It has become obvious to parents in this situation that having the vaccines withheld on their children’s autopsy reports and death certificates, which is the most plausible cause of their death when nothing else was proven to be the cause, that this is actually the true cause of their death, hiding the truth intentionally so parents don’t find out or think to question.

When vaccines injure you or your child, you can expect similar treatment. The vaccine program will be protected while your child’s life will be swept under the rug and hardly acknowledged.

In this article, this powerful and emotional testimony from Reid’s mother, Christy Day, is a reminder to all parents to diligently research vaccines, from sources other than those invested in them, to understand the true risks involved with allowing your child to receive any vaccine. She knew the moment she found out her son was dead that it was the vaccines that killed him.

A Mother’s Journey

Christy went against everything she believed in when she contemplated having an abortion after she found out she was pregnant with her fourth child. She prayed for guidance and realized she could not worry about having another baby. In the third week of her pregnancy, she made an appointment to take an abortion pill but decided for her, it was not the right thing to do. She was so thankful she didn’t.

While pregnant with Reid, her doctors insisted she keep taking a prescription drug named Suboxone®, for an opioid dependence she is recovering from, under the care of her obstetrician and another doctor, claiming it would be worse for her to stop taking it. [6]

Suboxone taken during pregnancy can harm the fetus and is known to cause breathing problems. Christy didn’t want her baby born suffering withdrawals or any side effects, which can happen, as stated on the package insert, so she took a very small portion of what she was prescribed. [7]

Her addiction to opiates, which are pain medications, started after she was prescribed pain pills at the age of 21, after having surgery on her shoulder. By the end of her prescription, she admitted she was addicted to her pain medication. There are many different things people can be addicted to. Christy feels drug addicts are judged because they find comfort in narcotics, rather than shopping, eating, religion, etc.

Due to Christy’s blood type, she was told she had to receive a RhoGAM® injection, made from human blood. She was told she needed one shot during pregnancy and another after the baby was delivered. She didn’t like needles but felt she had no choice. Her doctor did not tell her that this drug has not been adequately tested in pregnant women and could cause harm to her developing baby, including respiratory problems. [8]

Christy’s doctor had scheduled an induction because the Suboxone she was taking during her pregnancy would counteract any pain medicine she would be given during the delivery. So they needed to plan her delivery. She was told she had to stop taking the Suboxone 24 hours before the induction, or any pain medicine would not work.

Less than two days before the scheduled induction, her water broke. She and the baby’s father, Dusty Englehart, rushed to the Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Christy was having painful contractions by then and was given an epidural upon arrival. Epidurals do not counteract the prescription she was taking and it provided her some pain relief.

Soon after, it was noticed her baby boy had turned and he was in the breech position. Christy’s doctor told her she would need to have a cesarean section to deliver him, something she had never done before.

On March 7, 2015, her son Reid Thomas Englehart was born at 39 weeks via cesarean section and weighed six pounds.

After the epidural wore off, they gave Christy morphine, which her prescription counteracts, so she was still able to feel the pain from having the surgery to deliver her baby.

Shortly after Reid was born, he was injected with the vitamin K shot, which contains up to 100 mcg of aluminum and is known to cause more severe jaundice issues. Most parents, including Christy, were unaware of this shot. [9]

Then Reid was injected with the hepatitis B vaccine that day, which contains 250 mcg of aluminum, among other known neurotoxins, and is associated with liver failure and numerous serious reactions parents are not informed about. [10]

On March 8, one day after Reid was born, the doctor had signed him off as a well baby and told his parents he was fine to go home the next day. He was drinking formula regularly.

Christy was supposed to leave the hospital with him on March 9, but opted to stay an extra night, to make sure she would be all right. Considering she had just delivered a baby via cesarean section, a major surgery, she was scared to go home feeling the pain she was in, knowing the Suboxone medicine she was told to take would counteract the pain medication she was given, so she chose to stay in the hospital a little longer.

Medical Staff Put Reid On Morphine

The next day, on March 10, while Christy was preparing to go home with her son, a nurse heard the word Suboxone and heard Reid sneeze, then claimed he looked like he was detoxing. Reid’s parents knew he wasn’t detoxing from Suboxone because he had been in the room with them the past three days and Christy and all the doctors were keeping a close watch.

They all knew it was possible he could be detoxing, just like with any medications one might detox from. The doctor who prescribed the Suboxone to Christy and her obstetrician communicated and neither felt Reid was detoxing from that. There was no concern by any doctor or nurse about him needing to detox from the vitamin K injection or hepatitis B vaccine he recently received.

Christy admitted she took such a small amount of her prescribed drug during her pregnancy because she didn’t want her baby to be affected and she never felt he was; even the doctors agreed he was healthy after he was born and could go home.

Despite what the doctors had written down, they kept Reid in the hospital for eleven days on morphine. Then Reid started withdrawing from the morphine. Reid’s medical records note after the 24 hours Reid was given morphine, he became much worse. Reid started crying a lot and started having diarrhea. This is a picture of Reid soon after they began giving him morphine.

Reid after receiving morphine

They continued to give it to him for ten more days. Christy cannot understand why they would give a baby morphine related to Suboxone; she said that doesn’t even make sense. “It’s crazy they would do that to him.”

Reid’s parents fought to get their son out of there but were told there was nothing they could do. They felt he was being held hostage in the NICU, being given morphine, while losing weight and becoming less healthy.

They went to the patient advocates at the hospital and did all they felt they could, to get Reid out of there, because they knew that he did not belong in there. Had Christy left to go home when they were going to discharge her initially, had she not worried about the pain she was in, she believed the family would’ve been in the clear.

Reid’s medical records even show when the pediatrician signed him off as a well baby and said he was fine to go home. Reid was kept for eleven more days because a nurse made a false claim. Christy thought that nurse was under the influence of something herself, by the way she was acting.

Before Christy was finally able to leave the hospital with her son, her doctor asked her to take the Tdap vaccine. At this point, she had already received the second RhoGAM injection. Disliking needles, Christy asked if this Tdap vaccine was mandatory. The doctor said no, so she declined.

Reid Finally Comes Home From The Hospital After Being Given Morphine For Days

Once the family returned home together, Christy and Dusty were soaking up every moment with their sweet baby boy, knowing how fast time can pass and children grow up.

Christy writes:

“Dusty is such a good father. He treats my oldest two boys like they are his own, despite the fact that they have a different biological father. We also have a little girl together, and I hate to admit it, but she is definitely a daddy’s girl. He helped so much when I recovered from my terrible C-section; also when I contracted a terrible case of pneumonia after we got home, and once again, I was bedridden. It was terrible; I thought I was going to die.

We both juggled waking up at night, and feeding and changing baby Reid. He hit milestones just as he was supposed to; I can honestly say he probably surpassed his milestones and was advanced. He could hold his head up basically the second he was born. He started smiling and laughing very early, around four weeks or so. He had the cutest little smile and laugh that I have ever witnessed. He would smile with a little crooked smile, and laugh the same way.

Naturally, we took him to the pediatrician and had his check-ups. When it came to two months, he needed vaccinations. I thought it was weird because I could’ve sworn that all my other kids were vaccinated at three months.

On May 7, 2015, he was a little congested when he went in for his two-month shots, and I was paranoid because I have heard about whooping cough and I wanted to make sure that is not what he had, since you should not vaccinate if the baby is sick.

So we put his shots off for another week or so, until the results for the whooping cough test were in. The results were negative and he did not have whooping cough. We summed his congestion up to having leftover mucus, especially since he was a C-section baby. So, when they called and gave me the results, they also scheduled his shots for May 20, 2015. Reid’s father, Dusty, took him to that appointment at Old Hammond Pediatrics, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to get the vaccines.”

Reid Reacted To The Vaccines But His Pediatrician Ignored The Warning Signs

“When they came home from the doctor, Reid was passed out. I am not lying when I say he slept over 11 hours straight. Being my fourth child, I know that kids can act funny and get a fever that the doctors tell you can happen after the shots. We still called the doctor and told them, and of course, they said he was fine. 

When he woke up, he was very cranky. He would not let you put him down, so we had days of him being fussy. He never really smiled or laughed again. He never drank a full bottle again. He fussed and fussed. I can remember clearly that last little bath I gave him; he hated it and cried and cried. It was very unusual for him to cry like that. Reid had always drank a lot of milk; he was 11 weeks old and was drinking six ounces at a time, but from the time he had those vaccinations, he did not finish another full bottle.

We had some rough days after that vaccine appointment but I have now found comfort in him being fussy and not letting us put him down.”

Vaccine Record

While Resting On His Dad’s Chest, Reid Passed Away

“Nine days later, on May 29, 2015, I was scheduled to get my tubes tied. Dusty let me sleep that night and he had Reid and fed him at 4 am. Again, Reid did not finish his bottle. Reid was sleeping on his chest because he was cranky and would not let us put him down. I know Dusty had a rough time getting him to sleep.

I woke up around 7 am; I checked on all of my babies and they were all asleep, except for my oldest son, Aiden. I checked on Reid and he was still breathing and sleeping on his daddy’s chest.

I am going to be straight up; I did not judge him nor think that Reid was in any danger sleeping on his chest that way. I have let each and every one of my four babies sleep on my chest at some point in time.

So I proceeded to get ready. I got dressed and ready to go to the hospital, to get my tubes tied. I had to leave soon but I still had a little time, so I decided that I would just go pick up a quick breakfast from McDonald’s, me and my son, Aiden.

We were getting in the car and I told him to go ask Mr. Dusty if he wanted anything for breakfast. THIS IS THE MOMENT WHEN MY WHOLE WORLD CHANGED. You see, asking Aiden to go ask Dusty what he wanted for breakfast, that is the ‘BEFORE.’ Not even two minutes later, Dusty comes running out with the baby in his hands screaming, “SOMETHING’S WRONG.”

911 was called. I took Reid from him and tried to wake him and he wouldn’t wake up. Then I set him down on the seat of my car and performed CPR to the best of my ability. I did exactly how I was taught. I know I did it right because I could feel his lungs fill up with my breath. I could not bring him back. Some sort of bloody mucus came up, but it was too late. And Dusty, his father, had the same bloody substance right on his shirt, right on his chest, where his little head was rested.

I did everything I could to bring him back. I knew it hadn’t been long because when I woke up to get ready to go to the hospital, he was alive.

EMS came and they pronounced him dead on site. I knew if I couldn’t bring my baby back, then nobody could. From then on, I was in total shock. I already knew before the ambulance arrived that he was gone … gone forever. Now it is ‘AFTER.’ I went into shock, I called my family, I screamed, I cried.

The cops came in and took the half drank bottle, they questioned us, they went through our house, looked though everything. They made Dusty do a replay of what happened, while they videotaped us. They told us before they left, that they had to investigate.

From all the stories that I hear now, I feel that we were lucky that whatever investigator we had could clearly see that there was no ill intent from the get-go. I have heard so many stories now ‘AFTER,’ how the investigator comes in and takes the other children as well, while they finish their investigation. I do not know how I would have lived had they taken my other children.

They called Dusty and told him it’s easily ruled possible suffocation due to co-sleeping, but I know that wasn’t the cause. I know my baby would’ve fought to breath. Dusty would have felt him kick and scratch and Reid could pick up his head for weeks, by this time.

My baby’s life ended. I had him for a short 11 weeks before he became a sweet, innocent angel.”

I Know Vaccinations Killed My Son

“Things were a blur, the funeral was quick. Dusty’s birthday is June 3, so he really wanted to bury him before that day, so he would not have to associate it with his birthday date. Dusty was so strong for me, I do not know how he did it.

We went and stayed with his mom for a while; my family had my other three kids, so I knew that they were in good hands. I was not in any shape to take care of anyone at that point. I really couldn’t even take care of myself. I also never went through with having my tubes tied.

I have a few good friends and a sister that were by my side. My sister even came and dressed me, fixed my hair, and did my makeup for the funeral. FOR MY CHILD’S FUNERAL. This is all still surreal to me; I cannot even tell you who all attended the funeral. I had tunnel vision to his casket and his lifeless body. I constantly picture his little hands folded in that casket, it is so damn sad. 

Dusty and his mom went and cleaned out all of Reid’s things from my home. When I got home it was just like, he is gone – along with all of his things – like erased. I died, I literally died spiritually for about three to four weeks. I did not move off of my couch, at all. You may think I am exaggerating but I did not move. I didn’t eat, bathe, brush my hair, nothing. Dusty would force feed me vitamins. I made myself so sick from not eating. Then, I saw my other son, and I finally woke up and was like, what am I doing?  I realized I had to get off that couch and live for my other three beautiful kids.

They needed me, especially my sweet, sweet Aiden. He is six and he saw EVERYTHING that I saw. He has that same terrible memory as I do. I found myself believing I was just in a nightmare and somebody would wake me up. When the smoke cleared a little more, I woke up again and said, what the hell am I doing? I have to do something about this. I already knew in my heart and soul that those vaccinations killed my son.

I started researching, and I still cannot believe all the stories I found online that were just like mine. There are so many grieving mothers and fathers, siblings and family members.

The pain is still very fresh. I try to go visit him at his grave as much as I can, although it makes me so weak and ill. I just hate thinking about my sweet, sweet baby Reid in that damn box under the f—ing dirt (excuse my language). It is not fair; those vaccinations robbed my son of his whole life.”

Informing Parents To Research Vaccines Is Important

“I just wish people would wake up! Friends I have that have babies, they are getting them vaccinated. Do they not understand? I have this burning will and desire to do something, something for Reid. Please do not vaccinate your babies; if this can happen to me, it can happen to you, I swear. I just couldn’t help but think, not me, not MY Baby.

I communicate with other mothers that lost children to vaccinations on the internet and also just random people that know and believe what I know now. It is amazing how people can be so passionate and loving about this topic when they have not had to experience the hurt themselves.

Some dedicate much of their lives spreading the word about these poisonous vaccinations that are killing our babies and injuring people at any age. You know it is crazy, you never think that something like this could or would ever happen to you, and when it does, you would think that your family or your spouse would just be there for you the most, but the truth is, these strangers are the ones that are there, any time of the day and every day.

I think that in a situation like this, the ones closest to you just do not know what to say. Of course, they have taken a loss as well, and maybe they are not strong enough to talk about it. My honesty is that I would love to talk about it every day, all day if I could. There is never a moment or a day that goes by that I do not think of my child who is not here with me. I know he is an angel and in a better place, but I still want him here with me.

His birthday is coming up and he will be a year old, which is something that I cannot even comprehend. I cannot even imagine what he would look like, all I will ever know him as is a two month-old, nine pound, sweet, sweet baby, with that crooked little smile and laugh. The pain is endless. My children are my world and I thank God that I have the other three that I do, because I cannot say whether I would still be here or not. 

Trust me, I had thought about suicide for the first time in my life when he died, but I just have this rule written on my heart that if you take the easy way out of this hell hole called Earth, then you don’t make it to the place where I know my sweet child is. I know people have different opinions on that, and that is okay. All I want to do is stop people from getting those vaccinations, but many will not.

I spread the word and tell a shorter version of my story to every pregnant woman I see or every woman I see with a small child. I ask them even if they still get the shots to please, please, just go to your computer and type the words ‘My child died from vaccinations.’ I would like to think that at least I plant a seed in the mothers to at least google it. It does not take much to google it. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO, TO GO BACK IN TIME AND BE A MOTHER WHO GOOGLED ‘BEFORE.’ 

Raising awareness is what’s important now. Reid will always be important, but it’s too late for him, but it might not be too late for another sweet baby whose mom is about to let them shoot their kid up with poison.

I also just want to say that occurrences like this affect your home greatly. My sweet child, Aiden, the one who was six and went inside to get Mr. Dusty right ‘BEFORE’ he witnessed everything, I cannot say that he is the worst child in the world because he is not, but I can say that he rarely acted out before, and I cannot say that today. Sometimes he just looks so sad, and I ask him what is wrong and he just says ‘nothing.’ For me, it is difficult to comprehend how seeing what he saw could make him act out, or have a bad attitude, but the professionals say that it does and it certainly did. 

I cannot tell you how much of my life is now spent with counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and a few different doctors. I go to family counseling and couples counseling. I cannot even hold a job at this point in my life, because I have too many appointments.”

“I Wish I Could Portray The Pain So People Stop Vaccinating”

“Everything that was wrong between Dusty and I was pushed to the back burner when this happened to Reid, now each thing is slowly coming up one by one. People keep telling me that families do not normally make it when such a tragedy happens, and at first I thought they were crazy, because at first, Dusty is the only one that could really feel my pain, we needed each other more than anything. But now I cry alone, I cry alone each and every day.

I swear, it does not matter what room I am in, if I am digging for something in a drawer and find one of his socks, or a pair of pants, those little things you put over their hands to keep them from scratching their face, each time I find something, the first thing I do is smell it, man, how I wish I could just smell him again, but it never smells like him, then I just leave my face in it and cry and cry and cry. I am getting more and more used to seeing his things, so I have pulled some out and plan to make a quilt, or as many quilts as I can out of his things.

I just wish that I could really portray the pain, so much to where every single person who reads this story does the research and never, ever vaccinates their children or themselves again. This will be a revolution before long and I hope and pray it does not take too many more babies lives before it does.

Sadly, I am trying to put off the final touches to Reid’s headstone, because then I will have nothing left to do for my son, my son that I am supposed to go to his grave to do things for. 

One of the tasks is to make a 2 lined quote for his headstone, A 2 LINED QUOTE … Can someone please tell me how the hell I can sum this up in two lines? This is the hardest thing I have ever had to psychically do in my life. But sadly, the more and more I put it off, the more he is missing a beautiful headstone like he deserves.”

There Is No Closure To Losing A Child

“In the beginning, Dusty and I promised ourselves that we would go to the grave site every single Friday. Well, it worked out for a month or two, but of course, life just started getting in the way. 

You see, people easily forget when they are not the ones going through it. Some people will not say Reid’s name or make any references about him. Others will only think about him when it’s something to do with themselves, like they are the one who has lost greatly in this situation. Then there are others who so easily forget what we just went through together, I mean ones that were there, ones that were so close and did so much in the time of need, but so quickly can throw me away.

You really find out what type of person someone is, when something like this happens. I have cousins I grew up with that I personally invited to the funeral that didn’t even reply. And cousins that I didn’t grow with show up … sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water.

For a short time, I attempted to block all of this out, as if it never happened. I mean I didn’t really TRY to; I guess my brain subconsciously pretended like none of the aforementioned ever happened.

I am not ashamed to say that am a recovering drug addict (and I stopped long before I was pregnant with Reid). I tried to cope with drugs, I mean Xanax in particular. I really feel like even a non-drug addict would need a Xanax to cope, which I am so glad I did, because I finally found something that the drugs could not take the pain away from.

When I did use pills, they always took the pain away; that’s the worst thing about them is they actually work, but not anymore for me. I ended up flushing them down the toilet because they didn’t work anymore.

The point is, it DID happen, I was pregnant damn near 40 weeks and I did have that terrible C-section, I did hold him for that first time and I did have him for those 11 weeks. I told him at least 30 times a day that I loved him. No matter how quick his things were taken away, it was real and it always will be real. I will always have to deal with the fact that I had a child and he was so handsome and already funny. The best gift God can give you. And now that child is gone, gone forever.

They say that time is different in heaven than on Earth. Well, I will wait my time out because that is all I can do and the other pieces of my heart are here on earth, but I hope that when I get there and I hold him in my arms, that it only seems like I was gone for a minute to baby Reid.”

Vaccines Are Killing Children And The World Needs To Know

Christy shares:

“I will leave you with this thought: I am a mother who rarely would let my child outside until they are three months old because they did not have all their shots yet. I am very protective of my babies and I love them with all my heart. I now am a mother that understands that the very child that I protected, I allowed someone to shoot them up with so much mercury, considered a hazardous waste, aborted fetus DNA, formaldehyde, and the list goes on.

So, now all you mothers who think you are protecting those sweet children by doing the routine shots, I hope you think of that last statement as you watch them shoot your child up with poison.


Man, do I ever wish I had that stairway to heaven or could be in two places at once. I knew the moment it happened it was the vaccines. It’s just so wrong and unfair. The pain, man, the pain, it’s just so unbearable. I really hope we do help save others. I just want something good to come out of this tragedy. I need for something good to come out of this. My son’s life and death cannot be swept under the rug.

Common sense, there has got to be a way of knowing if a baby truly suffocated. I just do not believe those people don’t know when anyone suffocates … I just don’t believe that it is even right or possible for them to say, ‘Ughh, maybe, possibly the baby suffocated,’ and rule that as the cause of death, which they did.

You will never get closure to losing your child. You have to learn to live with it.

The world does need to know how much this is happening, so there can be a change and they will stop murdering our babies. You know how I feel and I do not oppose calling a spade a spade.

Like this is my child. My child I birthed. And now he is gone forever. Vaccinations murdered him. People, please wake up. Do not learn like me, by a tragedy!!!

This is my true story. ‘Bereaved Mothers have a time line of before/after.’ That is a quote I have never seen until ‘after,’ and now it defines me. I have 4 kids, 3 have beating hearts and are with me on this earth, and sadly, 1 has no beating heart and he lives in heaven as a baby angel.

This page is to honor my sweet child that was taken from me at 11 weeks old, due to his two month-old shots: Reid Thomas Englehart: Death by routine Vaccinations.”

Christy, Dusty and Reid

Reid’s mother shares, “This is my sweet angel baby, Reid Thomas Englehart, born March 7, 2015. He died on May 29, 2015, just 9 days after he was given 8 vaccine doses his doctor said was safe. I miss him and love him so, so, so very much.”



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Augustina Ursino

Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.

  • Leigha

    Christy. I am so sorry for your loss. I too am prescribed suboxone for an opioid dependency that began with a car accident when I was pregnant with my third child . I now believe that not only are vaccinations but also prescription drugs to blame for most of the worlds medical problems. I just wanted to thank you for speaking out about the horrible vaccinations. I chose to not vaccinate my children. When I had my first at 19 I allowed the doctors to give her the first two vaccinations and then I never allowed anymore. I have been treated very poorly by a lot of pediatricians and a few school officials but it’s like I told them they are my kids and I am doing what I feel is best for them so basically they can kiss my a**. I know that Reid’s story will save thousands of lives.

  • Elizabeth Kennedy

    Your story is absolutely insane! Who gives a baby Morphine? I believe the first mistake mothers make is going to a hospital to have a baby in the first place! I had two home water births, I was followed by a midwife and supported during the births by a doula as well! So many women are robbed of their right of passage by stepping foot in a place where they are no longer in control. Inductions and Epidurals are the first steps to a dangerous stairwell of unnecessary interventions. Trust that your body knows what to do to birth your baby! Everyone I know who goes to a hospital to birth has a horrible birth experience.

    I’ve never vaccinated nor do I bring my kids to “routine” check ups! They never get more then a cold, manageable fevers and other normal things that kids get so that their immune systems develop and get stronger! The best medicine is pure healthy food free of toxic preservatives and GMO’s, purified water, rest, laughter and love!

    I’m sorry this happened to your family but congratulations for using this tragedy to educate others!

  • Elizabeth Kennedy

    Yes the pharmaceutical/vaccine companies are literally trying to kills us! There’s not much a whole food, plant based diet, daily use of probiotics, omegas and purified water and a solid 8 hours sleep can help. Our bodies are amazing machines and they can heal themselves we just need to give it what it needs!!

  • Leigha

    Amen. Our bodies are made to heal themselves if we are putting the right things in them. The pharm companies don’t want us to know that then they wouldn’t be making the billions they apparently need

  • lmaddleman

    I agree but they are not only trying, they are succeeding. This is a travesty and unfortunately so many parents find out the hard way that vaccines and allopathic medicine are the cause of all ills and deaths. I vaccinated until my youngest was 18mo. That is when I began to find out what was in vaccines and what the effects are to too many kids. I went through the process of getting an exemption for my kids so no further vaccines were administered and that wasn’t easy.
    Later on I found out about public schools and the damage they were doing so I homeschooled. I know it’s not a popular stance to be against vaccines, public schools, doctors and allopathic medicine but if we don’t learn on our own we’ll just keep believing what the establishment tells us, to our own demise.

  • Christy Lynn Day

    Also this is the link to Reids tribute page…..https://m.facebook.com/ReidThomasEnglehartkilledby2monthvaccinations/

  • Christy Lynn Day

    Thank you. I promised my baby that he would save lives and I will not stop until he does… he would be 1 today

  • amouse

    it’s time to hold doctors responsible for vaccine damage and death caused by shots they administer. 90% of American Physicians refuse vaccinations, one wonders about their own families. Although 24 years ago I remember when my precious 6 y/o had 1 MMR, his change of expression 20 minutes later and his descent into impairment….he suffered.

  • Hayley McMahon Beck

    Thank you for being so brave to speak up about this tragedy. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are bullies and want you to live in fear and never speak up nor have a voice. You are a brave woman, a wonderful Mama, and don’t ever stop being brave and speaking up. This is a horrendous brain-washed culture of vaccines that we live in.

    An alternative very real and healthy means of caring for your family’s health care is homeopathy. See JoetteCalabrese.com as a starting place. You will be amazed at how it will work for all sorts of health issues, including pain management among a million zillion other things. Take care.

    Happy 1st Birthday to Reid Thomas!

  • EllyW

    Christy, I am so, so sorry about what happened to your precious baby Reid, and all the pain this has caused you, Dusty, and your other children!

    I believe that someday you will be reunited with Reid in our Creator’s beautiful “upper realms.”

    You have written so eloquently about your tragic experience — I believe your story will “wake up” many mothers and save many babies’ lives!

  • Mary Lee

    I just want to thank all of you that have taken a stand to not vaccinate your child. I guess it doesn’t matter that you endanger every other child your child comes in contact with. As long as you can stand on your soapbox all is well in your world but screw everyone else.

  • Dear Mary Lee,
    It’s quite simple really. The vaccines your children have, you know the ones you believe in, they protect yours from my nonvaccinated
    children. So there shouldn’t be a problem. By the way, you really should get an attitude adjustment concerning your fellow humans. Jesus help her!!

  • guest

    “you endanger every other child your child comes in contact with”

    Please support your statement with independent studies that confirm that unvaccinated children spread illnesses. In fact I will I can confirm that VACCINATED children as well as adults are contagious and are spreading childhood illness everywhere they go:

    Two current studies speak loudly to the fact the vaccine has never worked:
    -Study titled: “Acellular Pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model,” used infant baboons to test the hypothesis that “current acellular pertussis vaccines fail to prevent colonization and transmission” of B. Pertussis. (there is no vaccine for Bordetella Pertussis virus) http://www.pnas (dot) org/content/111/2/787.

    Lead author Tod Merkel did comment to the New York Times that when exposed to B. Pertussis after recently getting vaccinated, you could be an asymptomatic carrier and infect others, saying: “When you’re newly vaccinated, you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population.” According to Tod Merkel of the FDA, it has now become clear that the vaccine does almost nothing to prevent the spread of whooping cough. Although it does seem to prevent about 80 percent of people from showing symptoms of the disease, it does not prevent them from catching it or spreading it.

    -Study: Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they’re infectious? clinicalnews(dot)org/2015/06/24/study-whooping-cough-resurgence-due-to-vaccinated-people-not-knowing-theyre-infectious/comment-page-1/. From study/article:
    “a detailed epidemiological model of whooping cough transmission to conclude that acellular vaccines may well have contributed to — even exacerbated — the recent pertussis outbreak by allowing infected individuals without symptoms to unknowingly spread pertussis multiple times in their lifetimes.

    ‘There could be millions of people out there with just a minor cough or no cough spreading this potentially fatal disease without knowing it,’ said Althouse. ‘The public health community should act now to better assess the true burden of pertussis infection.’ What’s worse, their model shows that if the disease can be spread through vaccinated, asymptomatic individuals essentially undetected.

    Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease: http://www.westonaprice(dot)org/press/public-health-officials-know-recently-vaccinated-individuals-spread-disease/.

    Again, please provided data that confirms that unvaccinated people are spreading illness.

    From a mountain of fact which would smash any soap box to pieces.

  • krishnamurphy

    It is NOT TRUE that taxpayers are responsible for the payout to parents of vaccine-injured children. The money comes from a fund that is collected from those who are getting vaccinations!

    Please be more careful in your statements. It is hard enough to get people who are steeped in pro-vaccination propaganda to pay attention to the reality of injecting toxins in the bodies of their children without these kinds of errors in vactruth.

  • krishnamurphy

    Actually it’s the reverse.Those who RECEIVE vaccinations are far more likely the potential carriers of pathological contamination! Vaccine-strain viral shedding is a much greater risk than the possibility of the immune-competent (normal, unvaccinated) in a real-world scenario. Herd immunity (which is the basis of your conjectured exhortation) is simply a myth with no substantiation, and is in fact demonstrably false.

  • krishnamurphy

    Christy, my heart goes out to you. You are courageously working to help make sure that this tragedy does not happen to another mother, and I applaud that.

    I hope my question is not a source of pain to you – please forgive me if so. My question is, since the choice you made to vaccinate reflects common understanding, how can we help those who are in a similar position? What might someone have shared with you that could have swayed your thinking?

    I myself share some information on occasion, like the fact that the infant’s immunity actually comes from the mother via breast milk, and his personal immune system is incompletely developed before at least 2 years of age (and therefore cannot be improved by a vaccine, which can only act on an immune system that exists, not a potential one as in an infant.)

    Also, no safety testing has ever been done showing that multiple vaccines are safe, and only inadequate uncontrolled testing has been done with single vaccines.

  • blindjustice

    Christy, first let me say I am so sorry for the loss of your Baby. This is happening all over the Country now. As vaccines increase we are seeing more infant deaths. Hospitals and Coroners are in cahoots to cover this up. Doctors are required to report to VAERS but they don’t. Have you looked into getting an Attorney?

  • Christy Lynn Day

    The ingredients.. the date on the vaccine. The risks actually being spoken aloud and not leaving out death is one of them. Also telling them there are exemption forms in some places where you. Can deny shots and children can still go to daycare and school….. most mothers know it’s harmful and they do it anyways bc our kids have to go to school…had I been told there was an exemption form in my state non of my kids would be vaccinated..

  • Christy Lynn Day
  • Christy Lynn Day

    I am sorry Mary Lee but you have just made yourself sound so ignorant. If your such a believer in vaccines then why and how could your child be hurt being what you believe protected from the poison that I guess you will continue to allow shit into your kids. I’ve seen way more stories where vaccinated children have given in vaccinated children the diseases that they have yet have been vaccinated from… do some research and ND please don’t comment back until ¥€ get you facts straight I wouldn’t want you to look more idiotic than you already do sweetie

  • Christy Lynn Day

    Yes maam I have one and we are in the process of going to federal court against the vaccine injury compensation program

  • guest

    The money comes from a fund that is collected from those who are getting vaccinations!

    The money from each vaccine do not cover the expenses of the administration hearing. That is all tax payer funded. The tax payer pays for the attorney’s which represent both parties and for the Special Master.

  • Mary Lee
  • Mary Lee
  • guest

    Forbes (Forbes.com)

    Please explain “scientifically” how a unvaccinated healthy child can infect a “vaccinated” child if the vaccine works.

  • guest


    These are POST not Independent studies. Where are the studies that confirm that unvaccinated children are infecting vaccinated children? If you take the time to read the vaccine vial inserts instead of “OPINION PIECES” they state clearly in the fine print that the viruses in the vaccines shed for up to 28 days.

    Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1815-20.
    Failure to reach the goal of measles elimination. Apparent paradox of measles infections in immunized persons.
    Poland GA1, Jacobson RM.
    Conclusion: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons. Because of the failure rate of the vaccine and the unique transmissibility of the measles virus, the currently available measles vaccine, used in a single-dose strategy, is unlikely to completely eliminate measles. The long-term success of a two-dose strategy to eliminate measles remains to be determined. http://archinte.jamanetwork (dot) com/article.aspx?articleid=619215
    Dr. Gregory Poland is Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. Poland is one of the world’s most admired, most advanced thinkers in the field of vaccinology.

    Not only has the vaccine failed, vaccinated people are contagious:
    Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease:http://www.westonaprice(dot)org/press/public-health-officials-know-recently-vaccinated-individuals-spread-disease/.

    Not only the above, the vaccine itself is infecting children. This is a common occurrence that the Doctors and the CDC (who actually makes the determination if a particular set of symptoms is say measles, or pertussis therefore providing the end year cases number) cover up by calling the obvious illness viral syndrome. If a child has a vaccine and become infected by the vaccine the
    pediatricians would diagnose the un-vaccinated kids with the apparent disease, e.g. “measles,” but the vaccinated would be diagnosed as “viral syndrome, NOS.” This was on the basis that they assumed the vaccinated kids could NOT possibly have the
    disease! As far as I know that is standard practice. So the percentage of vaccinated children who get the diseases may in fact be much higher than what we are told. Here are examples of Vaccine Induced Childhood Illnesses:

    -An Unexpected Side Effect of My Daughter’s Measles Vaccine
    -My Sons’ Vaccine-Related Measles
    -Genotype Testing Showed Baltimore Baby’s Symptoms Were A Reaction To The MMR, Health Officials Relieved http://www.inquisitr(dot)com/1801210/genotype-baltimore-mmr/
    Story of one little girl:

    After chickenpox outbreak, 15 Union County schoolchildren without vaccinations sent home for 21 days:
    The five children with chickenpox, also called varicella, attend Poplin and Hemby Bridge elementary schools and all had been vaccinated, said Union County Health Director Phillip Tarte.

    Here’s another one:
    13 cases of whooping cough confirmed in Davie County schools:
    …..The first case was reported on December 7. Today, the school system reported 13 confirmed cases, 11 in Davie High School, and two in the early college.
    …..The spread of whooping cough is most easily prevented by receiving the DTaP shot. However – and this is particularly troubling – all 13 of the people confirmed to have Pertussis had gotten the vaccine. http://myfox8(dot)com/2015/12/18/13-cases-of-whooping-cough-confirmed-in-davie-county-schools/#.

    Reno County’s Relentless Whooping Cough Outbreak And FDA’s Tod Merkel’s Advice In Light Of New Findings-www.inquisitr(dot)com/2287013/reno-countys-relentless-whooping-cough-outbreak-and-fdas-tod-merkels-advice-in-light-of-new-findings/

    Now if you want to read a good opinion piece, here’s one:
    People who want other people’s children vaccinated to protect their vaccinated kids are selfish (and not very bright).

  • mariposa6283

    I tried to comment on the post about latex allergies and vaccinations. My six month old daughter had an anaphylactic reaction to latex after getting two vaccinations at a recent doctor visit. We did not suspect this until the day after, when I removed her latex bandages, and they were cutting into her legs. Her heart rate dropped, and her pulse ox dropped to 80, blood pressure dropped. They had no idea why, and the rescue squad was called to transport her to the hospital! We spend three days in the hospital, since she was diagnosed with influenza a, but of course, they couldn’t explain why her vitals dropped and she kept turning purple every time her vitals were checked. When i mentioned a possible latex allergy because of the cuts from the bandaids, the nurse simply said to look into it. Of course, she refused to eat any more than two ounces every ten hours because of the disposable latex nipples they were giving me to feed her with. I have learned so much about latex since I left the hospital. Did you know that most blood pressure cuffs and stethoscope tubes are made of latex? There definitely needs to be more education about this severe allergy. I’m lucky my daughter is okay.

  • TellItAsIs99

    Too many vaccines are being given and the numbers are only increasing. Certain children can not tolerate the vaccines for different reasons including genetic. Some vaccines are contaminated.
    A well nourished child with a healthy immune system will fight off most infectious diseases. Any sickness usually builds a natural immunity without the risk of vaccines which are not guaranteed to work or be safe.
    The parents should always have the final say on vaccines and should not be coerced with denying enrollment into school.
    Corporate interests have also lead to other controversial deadly treatments drugs. The highly deadly mandatory clot-buster TPA drug is given in the ER for a non-life threatening moderate ischemic stroke. TPA has a history of deadly failed test trials and only a controversial possibility of a modest benefit. This stealth euthanasia drug is now starting to be delievered to home’s after the 911 call. Search: AAEM TPA position, The NNT TPA stroke, or in emergency medicine blogs or http://www.stroketreatmentrisktpa.co.nf for the stroke TPA drug controversy.

  • Christy Lynn Day

    i would like to add that the pictures you see at the bottom , those pictures are the newborn pictures taken merely hours after my sweet sweet healthy reid was born. Just so you know how he looked before oi into the nicu

  • Christy Lynn Day

    yes , i have read all of the stories , i think maybe it is this mary lee character that needs to read them

  • Bec

    Hi Christy,
    i just wanted to share how sorry I was to hear your story. Reid was a beautiful baby and you are an amazing women. It is so beautiful to hear a women fighting for the rights of all mothers and her own children.
    I am a mother of three and I chose not to vaccinate any of my children. I also was not vaccinated by my mother so I was lucky to have known how dangerous vaccines were before I had my children. The world is crazy at the moment about medications and vaccines, here in Australia they are penalising those who choose not to vaccinate by taking away our childcare subsidy. I am sure it won’t be long before they decide to stop unvaccinated children from attending daycare at all. Nothing in the world would make me vaccinate my children though so I think their efforts are pointless. I hope that you and your family get some solace from knowing that your words may save other children and families from so much pain and suffering. There are many people in the world who support you. All the best xx

  • Bec

    Wow, it is so refreshing to read all these comments and find like minded people in the world!! The pressure to conform to the medical world and other institutions is enormous and sometimes I feel as though we are tiny little islands floating around trying to protect our children and families from the rest of the world! I also home birthed all three of my kids and not one of them has ever stepped foot in a hospital or ever visited a DR. In fact they have never had a single drop of medicine. All we do is eat a healthy plant based diet, rest when we are sick and sometimes take a homeopathic remedy. They are strong, healthy children with a dynamic life force. We also avoid public schools as I feel they further indoctrinate our kids into a lifestyle that we do not adhere too. In Australia they have rolled out new laws to prevent us accessing childcare assistance if we do not vaccinate. In some states they have made childcares refuse entry to unvaccinated children. Crazy and laughable really because all the daycares will now be filled with sick poorly vaccinated kids and we will benefit by keeping our children away from them. Still, the financial pressures have made some parents, especially single income families, suffer. No amount of financial pressure or coercion would make me change my mind however, and thankfully we don’t need to use daycare. I fear for my future grandchildren though as I feel the world has gone loopy about vaccines. Thank goodness my mother and grandmother never vaccinated and were able to inform me of the dangers as a young women, now it is up to us as the next generation to educate friends and families and put the word out there. Good job Christy on doing such an important service to the community.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Your whole comment is a source of pain to me.

  • Doctor Jack

    Unfortunately, most of medical science is incorrect in theory and wrong in practice. In other words, it’s mostly fraudulent. There is no such thing as contagion or infection. These are strictly medical concepts that keep people in medical bondage. And the people who actually go to medically controlled schools, there’s no hope for them so you can forget about them. They have had disinformation and misinformation pounded into them to the point where they can never escape the medical curse. If you tell a lie big enough, loud enough and long enough, people will believe it. They have terminal MASS* disease.
    Almost all health problems are due to improper substances intake as well as other lifestyle factors for which no “medicines” are needed.

    *Medically Acquired Stupidity Syndrome

  • Thomas Johnson

    You kinda have to deny germ theory to be an anti-vaxxer don’t you?

  • krishnamurphy

    Right on. If there were to be any immunity conferred (even the partial, temporary form that PREVENTS development of true immunity, which is due to vaccination), then there would be no danger for the vaccinated child.

    Usually, there is the excuse made that “there are people who CANNOT be vaccinated and the rest of us owe them the protection” of the mythical “herd immunity” (which is literally no immunity at all!) Truth – when faced with one such, e.g. a cancer patient whose immune system has been destroyed by chemo or radiation (what a GOOD idea!), the response is often “Well, the law is that they HAVE to be vaccinated, too!”

  • krishnamurphy

    I stand corrected! Thank you.

  • krishnamurphy

    Thank you so much, Thomas – your insightful commentary has elevated the entire discussion, and the community as well!

  • Doctor Jack

    Yes you do. Bacteria exists and is present during any particular disease process but not causative. Each of us carry billions upon billions of bacteria within us because that’s the natural order of things. If micro organisms were the CAUSE of disease, human beings or any other animal other than bacteria, would not exist.

    You must realize that without having a scapegoat to blame disease on, most of medicine’s reason for existence would simply dry up and blow away. Then medical personnel could focus on that which they offer which IS of great value – treatments for accidents, injuries, emergencies, birth defects and some corrective surgeries. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not anti medical. I am for what’s right not who’s right. If you’ve broken a limb, you need medical care. If you have been diagnosed with say pneumonia or the flu or measles, the medical approach could kill you as it has millions of people unbeknownst to the public. The death certificate always states that the deceased died from their underlying pathology when, in fact, it was the medical treatments that exacerbated an already compromised organism’s ability to survive. It would be like throwing an anchor on the end of a rope to a person who’s drowning instead of a life preserver.

  • Thomas Johnson

    A 5 year old girl is brought to you with a fever, stiff neck, hypotension, tachycardia, obtundation and a petechial rash. What would you do for her, Doctor Jack?

  • Thomas Johnson

    Do you not believe in germ theory either?

  • Doctor Jack

    One exhibiting all those symptoms, that would be a ‘time is of the essence’ EMERGENCY type situation where an emergency room situation would be appropriate. There’s no question, the individual in question is experiencing symptoms of some type of poisoning(S) from what is anybody’s guess. If recently vaccinated, that could definitely be a big contributing factor, so could eating the pet’s food or fertilizer or household cleanSers or god knows what.

    My typical client is adult with multiple chronic diseases. They are still ambulatory and most likely on several meds. As they learn, they modify living habits and with the assistance of their physician and health improvements, wean off the meds. In many cases when ready, I refer clients to a residential clinic facility staffed by licensed drugless physicians, chiropractors, psychologists, massage therapists, nutritionists, etc. for further implementation of healthful habits of living – health lectures, prepared meals, rest, exercise, sunshine, food prep. demos. etc.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Why would you send her to an ER when you said medical treatments are what kill people? And your differential diagnosis is either poisoning or a vaccine side effect? A third year med student would know the diagnosis immediately. You’re no doctor. Why do you claim to be?

  • Doctor Jack

    And the gloves come off…
    I am “not a MEDICAL doctor” I am a Ph.D. doctor, a teaching doctor. I DO NOT treat anybody. In my prior post I clearly stated that EMERGENCIES are clearly within the purview of medical training. And to correct your mistaken belief that “vaccine side effects” and “poisoning” are separate and distinct processes belies your misunderstanding of vaccines. Vaccines ARE poisons! They are a poison cocktail – thimerasol, formaldehyde, razor sharp micro slivers of aluminum, polysorbate 80 an ingredient in antifreeze like you put in your car’s air conditioning system, mono sodium glutamate, etc. If this is something that you would drink out of glass, then by all means, help yourself but no one has the right to poison other people. Also you’re putting more words into my mouth. I never said ALL medical treatments kill – let me review – When it comes to accidents, injuries, emergencies, birth defects and some corrective surgeries, medical treatments can save lives. As a medically trained person, you know that anything can happen in emergency situations. There are no guarantees. All the above listed symptoms you indicated are body initiated and the best the body can do under intelligent control, to survive but people do die from being too poisoned to recover. If emergency treatments include injecting more poisons substances, substances that have “side effects” and “adverse reaction” as listed for that substance, there’s a 50-50 possibility that could put the person in question over the top like with the Katie McQuestion girl in Kenosha, Wisconsin who was healthy by all outward standards and who was required by her radiology lab employer to get a “flu” shot. Within a few hours, she became symptomatic so she was given more “medicines”. She got worse so they gave her even more “medicines” and she died. This all took place over 5 days – flu shot Monday, dead on Friday. The msm, bought and paid for by big pharma, said she died from sepsis, which she did, but they’re saying the sepsis was caused by the flu virus that she “caught anyway”, in spite of being vaccinated, which, of course, unless you’re a completely stupified medical zombie, which you are, you wouldn’t believe. She DID die from sepsis – from the “flu” shot poison injection and subsequent further medical poisoning.

    If I had been her doctor, she would have learned how stupid and how dangerous “flu” shots are and encouraged to avoid them even if it meant losing her job. Had that been the scenario, she would still be alive and working somewhere else and/or suing the radiology lab for ordering her to do something that was a civil violation. Again feel free to vaccinate yourself but you have no right to force anyone else to do the same. But since you’ve gone to / graduated from some sort of pharmaceutical indoctrination center, the odds of your coming over to the right side of this argument are probably zero. You and billions of others have been zombified. You’re in a medical trance from which it’s doubtful you’ll ever escape and why should you, you’re making money off the ignorance of other people who believe just like you – the blind leading the blind because your customers have misplaced their trust in those who have been deliberately formally disinformed and misinformed.

    The hypothetical 5 year old you described would probably not be accepted by the medical clinic I refer my patients to as she was in an advanced state of toxemia indicating too much liability as would be true for me too. Her guardians would have to seek help elsewhere.

  • Thomas Johnson

    PhD my a$$.

    The hypothetical 5 year old had a classic presentation of meningococcal sepsis and would require urgent fluids, IV antibiotics, pressors and a lot more “poisons” to save her life.

    McQuestion got the flu (despite the flu shot), then developed bacterial pneumonia and then bacterial sepsis. I’d love for you to explain the mechanisms by which a flu shot would lead to a) the flu b) bacterial pneumonia and c) sepsis. This will be a hoot.

  • krishnamurphy

    I believe in the ability of the human body to handle myriad pathogens – when it’s in proper health, and well-nourished and hydrated. I believe it is harmed immensely by exposure to toxins, but not beyond the ability to recover, necessarily.

  • Thomas Johnson

    What types of infections do you think a healthy, well fed and hydrated person could die from? Or do you think that’s impossible?

  • Christy Lynn Day

    No need to send me any of these stories… I belive an unvaccinated human traveling to countries that have these diseases may contract them. But I also believe a vaccinated human will contract the same disease. My point of sharing my story is not to fight ab vaccinating or not. It is to get mothers like myself that only get the shots bc we will be denied daycare or school or any mother really to do the research first. Do not wait until your child dies and then research like I did. And if you do the research and you see how many babies are murdered and injured. And you see what poison is actually in them and still choose to vaccinate then that’s on you . All I know is MY CHILD DIED FROM HIS 2 MONTH VACCINATIONS. and I had I done the research then I would’ve known there was an exemption form and he would still be here…. so there is no swaying my opinion bc my child was one of the 1 in 2000 that die from 2 mo. Vaccinations.. and these little stories you send. Honestly I only read the first one… but why would you go on vacation in the first place with millions of germs when you know your child can get them. And I wish when they said all you people who don’t vaccinate. I wish they would be talking to me. But sadly all of my kids were vaccinated and 1/4 of them did not make it from all the poison . He just wasn’t strong enough. He was a c section and I belive that has something to do with it. But the truth is . That the ones vaccinated are the carriers and they are spreading the diseases .one of my best friends dad’s can not be around a child that has been vaccinated for 30 days… can you guess why??? Bc they can give him the disease. … but it’s not an arguement piece . It’s really to try to save babies lives not to argue

  • Christy Lynn Day

    Thank you so much. That is the goal. I will continue the rest of my life bc i have to believe that my sweet baby was put here for only 11 weeks for a reason. And I believe that reason is saving others . If I spend the rest of my life speaking out and just 1 life is saved it will be so worth it. That means one mother father sibling etc. Etc. Will not carry the never ending pain of losing such a sweet being. And I also believe we will meet again. I hope that time on heaven is different then earth and it only feels like a minute in time for him that his mommy wasn’t by his side. I know he’s in good arms . But it still doesn’t hurtless. I’m a selfish human and I’d rather him here with me. He would be 1 now… the day the story was put out was his bday .

  • Christy Lynn Day

    Thanks ! Actually one has gotten in touch with me already and she is going to work with myself and Aiden. But thanks for the info. And I’ll speak out for the rest of my life. And just hope and pray that someone listed s and lives are saved

  • Christy Lynn Day

    I can answer those questions… but I would hope that they do..unless they are blind. But you see they do not care ab sacrificing our children bc they aren’t affected…they won’t even fill out the vaers form. I requested again the other day. I do not blame them though. You know the dr. Office I was going to the dr doesn’t give the shots nurses assistants do. Maybe that is their way of passing the guilt torch and maybe those assistants don’t know what they are doing … how is your son… if you don’t mind me asking. Was he ever diagnosed with anything?

  • Christy Lynn Day

    I totally agree… I thought I commented almost same statement but I can’t find it…the truth is she doesn’t belong on this page anyways. Sadly all my children were vaccinated. The story is to try and portray my pain so much that maybe pregnant or just mothers will research. Not to argue ab anti vaxxers. Which I wish I was then.

  • You have portrayed it beautifully Christy! ♡♡
    The most important thing is educating mothers and I would love to help you anyway I can. Also so sorry for the loss of your sweet child.

  • Doctor Jack

    You’re wrong about everything. I mean everything. All the concepts you learned in medicine school are deliberately misleading. You’ve been taught to misinterpret symptoms in favor of medical intervention when no medical intervention is required; in fact, the treatments you sighted are more likely to insure the demise of the patient just like what happened to Katie McQuestion. I won’t write any further because they probably won’t print it. You should try to get your money back that you spent on medicine school because almost everything they “taught” you is wrong in theory and incorrect in practice. You’re literally licensed to kill and kill you do.

  • krishnamurphy

    It sure isn’t going to be a normal “childhood illness”, such as many of the vaccinations are promoted to prevent. Tetanus, for example, is in up to 40% of the population’s stool – and they’re asymptomatic, because the bacteria is NOT dangerous in that form.

    Maybe you should name a disease you think has been prevented by a vaccination so we can educate you!

  • amouse

    Pharma merely supplies bullets. The realization Drs. continue, with knowledge is a deep shock to me, their pride at being great diagnosticians, part of healing, prescribing beneficial medicine, curing disease, providing community assistance, walking hospital corridors like gods, “Good morning Dr. So&so, the deference, respect…..no longer stand. They are no better than joseph mengele….he was part of a government system protecting him from personal guilt, escaping when all was found out and our 21 century Drs will escape prosecution.

    They’ll be found out. This won’t continue. Doubling every 2 years, (Autism rates)

    “Child disintegrative disorder” , late onset Autism, my son’s diagnosis. He lives in a group home. w/o him my life was devoid of feelings, getting in touch again, I feel into mourning, now I’m determined to see him better. He’s 6’2″ handsome, can’t use his mind. He’s not your typical Autistic as he has expressive speech, forms attachments, enjoys company, is out in the community. God give me the key to him, he had a good mind, studious, emotionally self contained, as always and others love him.


  • Thomas Johnson

    All talk and no substance.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Why won’t you answer my questions? You’re 0 for 2.

  • Doctor Jack

    I’ve never lost a patient. I know you can’t say the same and that’s primarily because the germ/viral theory of disease causation is false and since most of medical “science” is based on the germ theory, it would follow that all medical procedures based on a false but highly profitable theory are totally and only dangerous. Apparently you’ve never read anything outside of your core curriculum. There are plenty of MDs who’ve disproven this pivotal theory and have written books about it. With the internet and amazon, they’re easy to find. The question is are are you willing to search for the truth even though it will result in shaking up your professional/economic equilibrium? I doubt that you will. Instead, I suspect you’ll continue to let the FEAR OF THE INVISIBLE continue to misguide your every medical treatments decision even though you’re trusting patients will suffer and some will just flat out die but of course you’ll keep raking in the enormous sums of money that you definitely don’t deserve. Goodbye.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You don’t have patients and you’re not a doctor.

  • Doctor Jack

    Ironically, it’s “doctors” who are not doctors. What they are are physicians or allopaths but no they are not doctors. Doctors don’t poison their patients to death like this poor mother’s physician did to her 2 year old son.

  • Christy Lynn Day

    God bless you and your son! My heart breaks for you aND tears fall out my eyes for you and him. Did you know about the vaccine injury compensation program? I haven’t clicked on your link yet but I will next. I have thought this over and over many times… what of we were able to save him ? What type of person would he be? And I hate to admit I go back and forth wondering if life would be better with him here and Injured or not. But I always end up saying yes. I would rather him here no matter what. I know in my heart and soul had he lived. Had I done the cpr in time that he would be injured. .. .I am not lying when I say I can feel your pain. And if you ever need anyone to talk to I have left the link to Reids page and I am posting from my fb page do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Thomas Johnson

    No, it’s you who are not a doctor.

  • krishnamurphy

    Because you’re a troll.

  • Thomas Johnson

    It’s because your beliefs are unsupportable. And is that what you call elevating the conversation?

  • Christy Lynn Day

    i tried to reply but i do not see it posted… first off there should be some stipulations , like weight for instance… my child was 9lbs… they should also let you know that YOU HAVE A CHOICE THERE ARE EXEMPTION FORMS ( IN MY STATE ANYWAYS ),also they should actually speak the words aloud about the risks and make sure they say death is one of them. there should be more studies . i am no scientist but there has to be some way they can tell if a child will have a bad reaction..i mean just explain in depth why the hell we are signing a waiver …. bc every other waiver i have signed means if there is harm or death you are aware and basically you are doing whatever it is at your own risk…. there needs to be signs in every office saying TAKE VACCINES ON YOUR OWN RISK WE ARE NOT LIABLE IF WE INJURE OR KILL YOUR SWEET LITTLE BABIES IF YOU SIGN THE WAIVER….

  • Christy Lynn Day

    Doctor Jack. he was actually 2 months , the poisonous 2 month vaccinations killed him… he was strong… he fought for 9 days , but sadly and with a never ending heartbreak he did not make it… i would like to speak with you off of this page if possible . about my 72 year old father. i know everything you said is correct. i believe in this generation they are misleading the students. its hard for me to blame the poor nurse who shot my child with poison because i feel like she is also zombified as you used that word before… is there a way i can speak to you in private about my father?

  • Christy Lynn Day

    thank you. i really just sat and wrote from my heart and did not look back. i am thankful most of my words were printed , i am not afraid to say the word murder. and i have heard that no other mother has been brave enough to say it… i do not understand that. maybe it is the deep love i have for my children. i dont like to ask for help and really not sure how anyone could help unless you have a time machine lol.. but you can share my story , to anyone and everyone. and when you see pregnant women tell them the truth. tell them to please atleast research and see the poison that they are killing us with( ingredients in the vaccines) even ones with small babies!

  • Doctor Jack

    No that’s incorrect. Doctor means teacher. I teach. Therefore I am a doctor. MDs are not doctors. They are symptom treaters. Therefore they are physicians.One who is skilled in the giving of physics – enemas, purges, cathartics, laxatives. I don’t treat symptoms but I do teach my patients what it is they are / are not doing that’s causing their symptoms and then it’s up to them to modify their behavior. So you see, by definition, I AM A DOCTOR. The people you have been brainwashed to believe are doctors, are nothing of the kind. The pediatrician I went to up until college was a nice guy but literally everything he did to me, i.e. injected, not only had absolutely no benefit, they were all extremely dangerous and dis ease causing. Of course, like you, he was clueless too.

  • Thomas Johnson

    You’re not a doctor. You’re just a guy named Jack.

  • Doctor Jack

    Sure Christy. I’d be glad to assist you and your family in any way I can after the hell that you and your family have been going through. Just go to my website http://www.correctivenutrition.com and go to the ‘contact’ page where you’ll see an email address for me. Send a note to that address with your email and phone and I’ll email back and we can set up a time that’s good for both of us as we’re several time zones apart. (I wasn’t even aware anyone else was reading the back and forth sparring match I was having with “Thomas Johnson” no doubt a pharma troll.) Look forward to hearing from you Christy.

  • StellarUniverseExamples

    FACT: Vactruth is not truth. It is peddling anti-vax nonsense.