Protecting Vaccine Choice in Colorado: Part 1

Colorado is one of sixteen states in the US in which parents are allowed, by law, to claim personal belief, religious, or medical exemptions from vaccinating their children. Thirty-two other states allow for religious and medical exemptions. Only two states, California and Mississippi, deny all exemptions except by doctor approval.

Although these rights have been protected by statute in Colorado since 1963, there are constant corporate, legislative, and administrative attempts to restrict and even eliminate these rights. California, for example, recently passed legislation which eliminates nearly all vaccine choice; every child, every shot, no exceptions, no exemptions.

The rare medical exemption can still theoretically be obtained. Californian doctors, however, must follow stringent official guidelines and they risk persecution from the medical establishment if they dare to follow their own professional judgment in providing exemptions. Engaged citizens  are doing everything we can to prevent that from happening in Colorado.

Contrary to official mythology, vaccine refusal did not begin with Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy.

Opposition to vaccination has existed as long as the practice of vaccination itself. In 1885 the town of Leicester, England held a demonstration in which 80,000-100,000 citizens protested compulsory vaccinations. The city decided to forgo mandatory smallpox vaccines and developed instead a sanitation and quarantine program to effectively deal with the disease.

Leicester’s vaccination rates dropped to below 10%, yet, the city’s death rate was one third of the country’s vaccinated population. In 1898 the British government introduced a “conscientious objector” exemption. This clause allowed parents to opt out of compulsory vaccination and is the origination of the term which would later become associated with those who refuse join the army.

On April 19, 1982 NBC aired the Emmy award winning documentary called DPT: Vaccination Roulette. This prime time broadcast detailed adverse reactions to the DPT shot. 

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) was also founded in that year and launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America.

NVIC is the nation’s oldest and largest consumer led organization advocating for vaccine safety and informed consent. In 1985, Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher, one of the cofounders of NVIC, published the unprecedented book, A Shot in the Dark. This was the first book to alert the public about the link between vaccinations and neurological injuries.

The right to vaccine exemptions in Colorado was codified in 1963 and reenacted in 1978. Specifically, CRS 25-4-903 states that a parent may obtain an exemption from vaccines by:

 “…submitting to the student’s school a statement of exemption signed by one parent or guardian … is an adherent to a religious belief whose teachings are opposed to immunizations or… has a personal belief that is opposed to immunization.”

For more than fifty years, most parents who chose to opt out of one or more vaccines simply signed the back of the State’s “Certificate of Immunization” stating their preference. (The word ‘Immunization’, it must be noted, is inaccurate and, by its very use, is misleading.

The act of getting a prescribed shot, or series of shots, does not absolutely confer immunity. It is estimated that as much as 10% of the population receive no immunity from any given shot. The correct term really is ‘Vaccination’, the root word of which is ‘vacca’ which means cow. The original smallpox vaccination was the pus from the udder of a cowpox infected cow, smeared into an open cut on one’s arm.)

The vaccine exemption process in Colorado has always been simple, effective, respectful, and, because it was provided directly to the school, protected by the Federal Educational Records Privacy Act (FERPA). For most parents who choose to forego or limit vaccines, it is not an act of protest or outrage.

It is simply the result of their careful consideration of the potential harm versus the potential benefit for the suggested vaccines. In 1983, 12 shots containing 34 vaccine doses were recommended, today in 2017, the schedule has expanded to more than 70 doses by age 18.

In 2007 the passage of what is known as the Immunization (there’s that word again!) Registry Act C.R.S. 25-4-2403, established, among other things, the state’s ability to create “a comprehensive immunization tracking system with immunization information gathered by state and local health officials”.

Nowhere in the 2007 law was it proscribed that the registry, now expanded to a privately run, multi-million dollar data tracking system known as the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), be mandatory. As a matter of fact, clear provisions were made in the law to keep the system voluntary, confidential, and not for profit.

An often ignored piece of this legislation states that any notice that provides information on vaccinations shall also inform the recipient of “the option to refuse an immunization on the grounds of medical, religious, or personal belief considerations”.

In 2014, House Bill 1288 was introduced to curtail vaccine exemptions and closely track those who chose to use them.  At that time there were only a few parents in Colorado who were actively involved in the legislative and legal protection of vaccine choice.

Others found out about the bill through an action alert from NVIC and came to the Capitol to testify against the bill. Even though their efforts were largely unorganized, the testimony offered was, according to one legislator, “the most coherent and intelligent of any group” he had ever seen.

A deeply amended version of bill did pass. But the most onerous part of the bill, which would have forced exempting parents to complete a state and industry sponsored on-line ‘reeducation’ module, was removed. HB 14-1288, as passed, merely instructs schools to have their aggregate vaccine uptake rates available to the public and directs Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) to promulgate rules regarding the frequency of submission of exemptions.

Thanks to active citizen engagement, the law does not authorize CDPHE to demand the use of “official” exemption forms, it does not give CDPHE permission to alter the legislatively approved exemption process, and it does not restrict vaccine choice in Colorado.

For Colorado Residents

If you are a Colorado resident and want to join the grassroots movement to protect vaccine exemptions in our state, then please visit the Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice homepage Sign up for their email list to stay informed of legislative action and make a donation to support their efforts. Every donation helps this organization lobby, educate, and form a vocal community to counter the continuous threats to our liberty and freedom.


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This article originally appeared in the Q3 2017 Regenerate Magazine.

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About the author

Phil Silberman

Phil Silberman is a board member of the Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice. The organization is dedicated to promoting informed consent and protecting vaccine choice in Colorado. Phil is passionate about keeping his daughter safe and healthy.

  • Baja Joes

    Keep up the fight Colorado! Californian’s lost and many people are leaving to protect their children.
    If you can’t control what goes into your body, your defined as a SLAVE!

  • Karl Wegner MD

    “Phil is passionate about keeping his daughter safe and healthy.”
    Such irony.

  • FallsAngel

    Could you supply some statistics that show people leaving California and why?

  • Olivia Marie Baldonado

    Well I live in California I’m sure there are some out there but I know a lot of people leaving specifically because the mandatory vaccine laws here. Most cannot put there children in daycare and school. I myself have only lived here about a year and ironically had my first child right before I came here and learned about the laws. I myself am ready to leave because I cannot put son in preschool. It’s ridiculous.

  • FallsAngel

    Anecdotes are not data. Try again.

  • FallsAngel

    Stupid Phil doesn’t know that West Virginia also does not permit philosophical or religious exemptions.

  • How if about if you “TRIED, again”? Quite obviously if you can not figure out that a tremendous amount of parents are now educated as to what vaccines as to the harm done, are actually doing on a large scale, then you are still living in complete denial. That education comes from the obvious and continued vaccine injuries that continue to take place. How long can you hide that? How about if you show and prove that it is all not happening? Just because you are pro-vaccine, does not give you automatically the twisted shill and assumed benefit of the doubt on every level and as you falsely assume. I have read that Richard Pan has medical exemptions for his own children. How about if Richard Pan provides the public screen shots and the verification of vaccination for himself and his own children?

  • You obviously do not have a proper understanding of what the term “irony” means.

    Who with any real knowledge and understanding, would allow themselves to be vaccinated, and their children, knowing this information?

    For those that still believe in vaccines as being safe and effective. THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!

    These are the vaccine ingredients (see references) and with the manufacturers inserts. Where has any of that ever been studied for injected safety, and especially when combining multiple vaccines over time, and when given 5 and up to 9 or vaccines to a small child in a single day and office visit? It has never been studied, and nor has any safety profile been shown. As well, children have never acquired all of those illnesses at one time, and such as in regard to the vaccines currently given on the CDC vaccine schedule. None of it has ever had any safety profile show in studies as per that said schedule. Do not just simply assume that it has been. Also the CDC has currently increased the numbers of vaccines a child can receive at one time. This is quite clearly now at an extreme criminal negligence level. All for pharma’s continued big vaccine profit.

    Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information
    (alphabetical order by vaccine)

    Remember, there has been, and there never will ever be, a safe vaccine, EVER!!!!

    High Aluminum Found in Autism Brain Tissue:
    New Study Indicates that Widespread Exposure to Aluminum Is Setting the Stage for Catastrophic Neurological Damage

    By: The World Mercury Project Team

    This first-ever study of aluminum in ASD brain tissue is groundbreaking. Published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, the paper documents some of the highest values for aluminum in human brain tissue ever recorded. The study’s quantitative arm documented “consistently high” aluminum levels representing “some of the highest values for brain aluminum content ever measured in healthy or diseased tissues.”

    Read more:

    Dr. Andrew Moulden’s Tolerance Lost: Part 1 – “The Problem”

    Dr. Andrew Moulden: Learning to Identify Vaccine Damage

    Dirty Vaccines: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants

    Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated by Unsafe Levels of Metals and Debris Linked to Cancer and Autoimmune Disease, New Study Reports

    Researchers examining 44 samples of 30 different vaccines found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested – except in one animal vaccine.

    Using extremely sensitive new technologies not used in vaccine manufacturing, Italian scientists reported they were “baffled” by their discoveries which included single particles and aggregates of organic debris including red cells of human or possibly animal origin and metals including lead, tungsten, gold, and chromium, that have been linked to autoimmune disease and leukemia.

    In the study, published this week in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, the researchers led by Antonietta Gatti, of the National Council of Research of Italy and the Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics, say their results “show the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples” not declared in the products’ ingredients lists.

    Lead particles were found in the cervical cancer vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, for example, and in the seasonal flu vaccine Aggripal manufactured by Novartis as well as in the Meningetec vaccine meant to protect against meningitis C.

    Samples of an infant vaccine called Infarix Hexa (against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, poliomyelitis and haemophilus influenzae type B) manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline was found to contain stainless steel, tungsten and a gold-zinc aggregate.

    Other metal contaminants included platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, and chromium. Chromium (alone or in alloy with iron and nickel) was identified in 25 of the human vaccines from Italy and France that were tested.

    GSK’s Fluarix vaccine for children three years and older contained 11 metals and aggregates of metals. Similar aggregates to those identified in the vaccines have been shown to be prevalent in cases of leukemia, the researchers noted.

    Many of the vaccines contained iron and iron alloys which, according to the researchers, “can corrode and the corrosion products exert a toxicity affecting the tissues”.


    Dirty Vaccines – Part Two: What the Industry Knows and Isn’t Telling You

    Breaking Interview: Lead Author of ‘Dirty Vaccines’ Study Speaks Out

    Vaccine Contaminants, Nanotechnology, and Cancer

    Metals Debris Found in Vaccine Supply

    New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Microand

    Lead, Iron, Chromium and Other Metals Routinely Contaminate Vaccine Adjuvants, Industry Study Reports

    Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain
    Canadian Environmental Health Atlas

    We’ve been studying the impact of toxins on children for the past 30 years and reached the inescapable conclusion: little things matter. We’ve discovered that extremely low levels of toxins can impact brain development. We have also discovered that subtle shifts in the intellectual abilities of individual children have a big impact on the number of children in a population that are challenged or gifted. Steps should be taken to reduce children’s exposure to toxins or suspected toxins. You can read more about how toxins impact brain development and the supportive documentation for this video here:

    Vaccine contaminated with short and long chain DNA fragments when the antigen is grown on aborted fetal cell tissue. Many vaccines today are made that way.


    Research and Publications

    New CDC Guidelines: 5 Year-Old Can Receive up to 19 Vaccinations in One Month

    Vaccine Schedules

    Big Pharma and Big Profits: The Multibillion Dollar Vaccine Market
    New Report says “Vaccine Market” Worth $61 Billion by 2020

    How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

    2017 Performance
    Recognition Program
    • BCN Commercial HMO
    • BCN AdvantageSM HMO-POS
    • BCBSM Medicare Plus BlueSM PPO

    The actual payoff amount to pediatricians for coercing parents into vaccinating.

    The Unknown Reasons Doctors Push Vaccines

    Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Blue Care Network of Michigan publishes online a shameless and bold report of how much cash they reward physicians for performing certain tests, and which apparently acts as an incentive to over-prescribe, thus inflating the costs of U.S. healthcare, which should be illegal.

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield published the 2016 Performance Recognition Program, a 28-page report indicating how medical insurance companies actually increase the costs of healthcare!

    Look what we find on the BC/BS page “Childhood Immunizations—Combo 10”!

    If MDs meet a target of 63% of eligible member patients, they will receive a payout of $400 per completed eligible member. Wow! Now you know one of the key reasons why parents are hounded to vaccinate their infants and toddlers. Gelt, pecunia, greenbacks—whatever you call M-O-N-E-Y.

    Read MORE:

    TOXIC INGREDIENTS FOUND IN VACCINES: * aluminum hydroxide * aluminum phosphate * ammonium sulfate *amphotericin B * animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain * dog kidney, monkey kidney * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg * calf (bovine) serum * betapropiolactone * fetal bovine serum * formaldehyde * formalin * gelatin * glycerol * human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) * hydrolized gelatin * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate) * monosodium glutamate (MSG) * neomycin * neomycin sulfate * phenol red indicator * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) * potassiumdiphosphate * potassium monophosphate * polymyxin B * polysorbate 20 * polysorbate 80 porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein * residual MRC5 proteins * sorbitol * tri(n)butylphosphate * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells * washed sheep red blood plus (source), CDC’s Vaccine Excipients Table:

    DISEASES FROM VACCINES:* Allergies * Asthma * Attention Deficit Disorder *Autism *Auto-immune Diseases * Blindness * Brain Cell Loss *Cancer * Central NervousSystem Damage* Deafness * Developmental Damage *DEATH * Diabetes * Epilepsy *Learning Disabilities * Leukemia * Multiple Sclerosis * Neurological Disease *Organ Disease * Psoriasis * Seizures * Shaken Baby Syndrome * Synergistic Toxicity *SIDS * Total Paralysis *

  • California Kindergarten Immunization Assessment Summary Reports:

    Kindergarten Enrollment by year:
    Sch. Year __Enroll__% Change from previous year
    2016-2017 : 562924 : +2.1
    2015-2016 : 551123 : +3.0
    2014-2015 : 535234 : +0.3
    2013-2014 : 533680 : +0.6
    2012-2013 : 530418 : +0.2
    2011-2012 : 529400 : +3.8
    2010-2011 : 509849 :

    Gee, look at that drop in enrollment during the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years, after SB277 was enacted.

    It looks like a mass exodus!!!11!!!!! due to SB277 … or not.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    So you felt now would be a good time to link spam. The same ole’ nonsense links you always copy/paste.

  • Obviously it is not spam. It is direct reference material that is directly applicable to the vaccine risk topics that we are talking about and concerned with here, and that this sites articles are about. If you can’t handle the direct vaccine truth information that exists here, then just get out. Your time spent here replying is as as entirely worthless as anything can get.

    Have you as well explained yet, why you are using a fake identity of a deceased doctor? That is more than being twisted and bizarre, don’t you think?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    It’s the same ole’ garbage you copied from AV sites Lowell, then spam and spam and spam.

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    They’re leaving California to get out of the way of the people arriving for legal Marijuana.
    It’s an Acapulco Gold rush.

  • FallsAngel

    LOL! Actually, that sounds like the AVs cup of tea!

  • But yet it is to much for you to in any honesty to respond to directly and with any honest and and direct refute. If you have any real vaccine safety study science, you should be able to directly do that, fool. I have and can directly shoot down anything that you put up, and you know that.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Few people have the patience to respond to your gish gallops Lowell, which is why you feel safe spamming them.

  • You have no study science and no data to counter any of it with, and you know it. If you don’t have the patience to examine research and studies in regard to vaccine harm and risk, then you have no place in responding here at all. Clearly the only intent and game that you have going here, is in maintaining your own ignorance and denial.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    You spammed 22 links which you know no one is ever going to read. You’re too uneducated to understand them and you’re too cowardly to copy/paste just one. Go ahead. Pick your favorite one. (you won’t)

  • Really? Reference material that directly puts you directly on your rear end as to information on this study issue, is not considered as spam, foolish man. In fact it shows you to be directly in denial, nuts. You have no way to deny that and if you had to use a real identity you would have been long ago walking out of here; but as long as no one can see your personal stupidity, you think that somehow it is all still good. You have done more harm to the pro-vax agenda than you can obviously comprehend. All because of your silly attempt to try and go up against me. You lose, period; so just accept it as fact.

    That package of information stays as a package, and if you want to single anything out from it that you think you can address and refute, then it is your own responsibility to do so. Just stop deflecting from your ignorance and your own responsibility.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Like I said, you won’t.

  • That’s right and because you have no need or justification for it, and you refuse to state any. And again as I said you are a hypocrite in asking for anything at all regarding such identity issues, and when you have no identity of your own.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Try to keep up with the conversation Lowell.

  • Obviously I am, and directly. And your false claim again is?

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    Wasn’t about identity issues, it was trying to get you to stop spamming and pick your favorite anti-vax link out of 22. Keep up please.

  • And I directly replied to that, and specifically. You ignored that, so it is actually YOU that is not keeping up with the conversation. I have never known of a posting provax shill that was not filled with repeated hypocrisy.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Pick one. (you don’t have the balls)

  • Actually it is you that does not have the balls. You can easily pick yourself any of those studies and explain why you determine them as incorrect. You can as well post any and all of the studies that you can find and which refute that study directly. Then if you can do that, I will show you directly why your studies do no such thing. That is how debating works. I already know that no such studies have been ever done. So, that all in all is why you keep on attempting to deflect from your own responsibility here. They are all good studies and there is no point to me picking out just one, and because that package of studies stands as a directly damning testament to the harm and risk of vaccines. You are simply done here, and you refuse to admit it. That lends even more credibility to claim that you are paid.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Like I said you don’t have the balls.

  • Again, the ball is in your court and as to your own responsibility to directly respond to those studies. You can’t do and you have now have had more than enough time to do so. So just admit it, this is not about the study science; this is simply in your mind only about the personal harassment that you think you can continue to direct against me. And yes, that rightfully should have gotten you banned here already, and long ago.

  • Come on now, all you have to do is pick one of those many aluminum adjuvant studies, and directly address and refute it. You can’t do it. Just pick one and keep on going down the list. You know that you pro-vax shills always claim to be the purveyors of the science. How can you be a purveyor of what you don’t have, and that which has never actually existed?

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Just step up and pick your best one Lowell. Stop hiding behind gish gallops.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Man up home boy – what’s your best one?

  • Again, it is at this point your own responsibility to MAN up. You have the studies in front of you. Pick one study, any one of those studies, and directly address it, refute it, and as well offer any counter studies that have been done which show the study to be incorrect. You can’t do it and you know you can’t do it. If you had anything to stand on in countering those studies, you would have already done that. You have nothing, and you know that. So instead, you repeatedly try to harass me on false premises. There are all good studies, and you should know that they all support and add strength to the Exley study. So, as you should know, the Exley study is the est study. However you need to as well have previous knowledge as well of what the other and well connected studies have shown us. That is what you refuse to do. That is why I said those study selections will remain as a package. You are nothing but a no ability to honestly debate this matter, cheap talking coward, on every level.

    Other than your denial, harassing comments, and demands; what at all and since you started replying on this article have you provided at all here? You have not provided a single relevant study, not a single piece of data, not even as much any standing personal argument addressing the safety of vaccine aluminum adjuvants. You have nothing. Yet, I come in here and show you directly what the truth is regarding alumuinum adjuvants, and that as well through providing numerous studies, and all you do and can do is keep on replying with nothing with any substance in it, at all.

    Be sure you sign up for this video series and continue to educate yourself.

    Welcome to the Injecting Aluminum FREE 7 Day Replay event! The full feature film documentary is FREE to watch until December 14 at noon PST.
    Spread the word about Aluminum in vaccines!

    One of several presenters in this video series, “Mr. Aluminum”, Dr. Christopher Exley, biologist at the University of Stirling with a PhD in the Ecotoxicology of Aluminum.

    Injecting Aluminum | Trailer

    Injecting Aluminum

    Amount of aluminum in vaccines include: (per injected dose)

    Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) – .225 mg per shot
    Hepatitis B – .25 mg
    DTaP – depending on the manufacturer, ranges from .17 to .625 mg
    Pneumococcus – .125 mg
    Hepatitis A – .25 mcg
    HPV – .225 mg
    Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) – .33 mcg
    Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – .85 mcg

    Christopher Exley is one of the foremost experts on aluminum and aluminum toxicity within the human body. Listen as he explains and describes the results of his recent aluminum adjuvant related vaccine study, with co-authors!!! The title of that study is, Aluminium in brain tissue in autism;

    The Toxicity of Aluminum Adjuvants
    Christopher Exley

    Dr. Exley on Vaccines, PhD in Ecotoxicology of Aluminum, University of Stirling

    Christopher Exley, more informational videos on aluminum toxicity.

    Study: Record Levels of Aluminum Found in Autistic Children Brain Tissue

    November 28, 2017 4:04 pm

    Dr. Christopher Exley—one of the world’s leading experts on aluminum toxicity—has shown that chronic intoxication with myriad forms of this “ubiquitous and omnipresent metal” is exacting a high price on human health. Dr. Exley and other aluminum experts such as molecular biologist Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic have confirmed that aluminum readily and actively traverses the blood-brain barrier to selectively accumulate in brain tissues, where it induces unwelcome changes in brain biochemistry. As Dr. Exley has noted, “There are no ‘normal’ levels of brain aluminum,” meaning that “its presence in brain tissue, at any level, could be construed as abnormal” In light of the fact that even minute amounts of aluminum can have adverse neurological consequences, Dr. Exley’s newest paper—which reports on the first-ever study of aluminum in ASD brain tissue—is groundbreaking. Published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, the paper documents some of the highest values for aluminum in human brain tissue ever recorded. Using a two-pronged study design, the researchers measured and characterized aluminum deposits in brain tissues from five to ten ASD donors, most of whom died in their teens or twenties. What the research team found was startling. The study’s quantitative arm documented “consistently high” aluminum levels representing “some of the highest values for brain aluminum content ever measured in healthy or diseased tissues.”

    Read More…

    Aluminium in brain tissue in autism

    Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown aetiology. It is suggested to involve both genetic susceptibility and environmental factors including in the latter environmental toxins. Human exposure to the environmental toxin aluminium has been linked, if tentatively, to autism spectrum disorder. Herein we have used transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to measure, for the first time, the aluminium content of brain tissue from donors with a diagnosis of autism. We have also used an aluminium-selective fluor to identify aluminium in brain tissue using fluorescence microscopy. The aluminium content of brain tissue in autism was consistently high. The mean (standard deviation) aluminium content across all 5 individuals for each lobe were 3.82(5.42), 2.30(2.00), 2.79(4.05) and 3.82(5.17) μg/g dry wt. for the occipital, frontal, temporal and parietal lobes respectively. These are some of the highest values for aluminium in human brain tissue yet recorded and one has to question why, for example, the aluminium content of the occipital lobe of a 15 year old boy would be 8.74 (11.59) μg/g dry wt.? Aluminium-selective fluorescence microscopy was used to identify aluminium in brain tissue in 10 donors. While aluminium was imaged associated with neurones it appeared to be present intracellularly in microglia-like cells and other inflammatory non-neuronal cells in the meninges, vasculature, grey and white matter. The pre-eminence of intracellular aluminium associated with non-neuronal cells was a standout observation in autism brain tissue and may offer clues as to both the origin of the brain aluminium as well as a putative role in autism spectrum disorder.

    Full study: (scroll down on page)

    New Study: 10x more aluminum in brains with autism

    From our friends at the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute

    Discovery of “Shockingly High” Levels of Aluminum in Brains of Individuals with Autism Suggests Link with Aluminum-Containing Vaccines

    STAFFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – November 28, 2017) – A new study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology provides the strongest indication yet that aluminum is an etiological agent in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to researchers at Keele University in England.

    The study used transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to measure, for the first time, the aluminum content of brain tissue from five donors who had died with diagnoses of ASD. The results showed the donors to have had some of the highest values of aluminum yet measured in human brain tissue.

    The mean (standard deviation) aluminum content across all five individuals for each lobe were 3.82(5.42), 2.30(2.00), 2.79(4.05) and 3.82(5.17) mg/g dry wt. for the occipital, frontal, temporal and parietal lobes respectively. Previous measurements of 60 brains from humans not diagnosed with ASD showed an average content of 1 mg/g dry wt. of brain tissue.

    “One has to wonder why aluminum in the occipital lobe of a 15-year-old boy with autism would be a value that is at least 10 times higher than what might be considered acceptable for an elderly adult?” said Christopher Exley PhD, Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry and author of the study. Another ground-breaking study by Exley and his team, published earlier in the year, identified similarly high levels of aluminum in the brains of individuals who died of familial Alzheimer’s disease.

    While the aluminum content of each of the five brains was extraordinarily high, it was the location of the aluminum in the brain tissue that served as the standout observation. The majority of aluminum was identified inside non-neuronal cells including microglia and astrocytes. Aluminum was also found in lymphocytes in the meninges and in similar inflammatory cells in the vasculature. According to the researchers, there was clear evidence of inflammatory cells heavily loaded with aluminum entering the brain via the meningeal membranes and the blood-brain-barrier.

    Aluminum-selective fluorescence microscopy was used to identify aluminum in the brain tissue of 10 donors. The results strongly suggest that aluminum is entering the brain in ASD via pro-inflammatory cells which have become loaded up with aluminum in the blood and/or lymph, much as has been demonstrated for monocytes at injection sites for vaccines including aluminum adjuvants.

    The fact that the majority of aluminum found in brain tissues in ASD was intracellular and associated with non-neuronal cells is, at least for now, unique to ASD and may begin to explain why young adolescents had so much aluminum in their brains.

    “The research does not infer that Al is a cause of autism, “said Exley, who also authored Human Exposure to Aluminum. “But these very high concentrations of a neurotoxin in brain tissue are not going to be benign and will contribute to neurodegeneration in affected tissues.”

    This study was funded by the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, a 502(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to funding independent research into the causal factors behind today’s epidemic of childhood chronic illness and disability.

    Access to the full article here:

    November 28, 2017 07:00 ET
    Discovery of “Shockingly High” Levels of Aluminum in Brains of Individuals with Autism Suggests Link with Aluminum-Containing Vaccines

    Big Pharma and Big Profits: The Multibillion Dollar Vaccine Market – New Report says “Vaccine Market” Worth $61 Billion by 2020

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  • AutismDadd

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  • Ok. How about if we start with this study below, and among the many informative studies that I have posted here.

    Or you can pick for yourself any of the studies that I have reply posted with here, and so far. You will be expected to show directly how and why the study is in error, and you can address directly any of the findings and issues that you find in to be in error, and that in regard to such as, materials and methods, results, discussion, and conclusion.

    You will need to directly address anything that you find to be in error within the study. Furthermore, you as well will be expected to present with any counter studies that have been done, and in which that study has investigated the same or similar issues, and which in that study they find vaccine safety to exist, and regarding the same specific vaccine risk issues, and topic. Get started.

    Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity.

    Full study:

  • Lets see here who actually has the balls, and I am going to post this again. Put up or shut up, once and for all.

    Ok. How about if we start with this study below, and among the many informative studies that I have posted here.

    Or you can pick for yourself any of the studies that I have reply posted with here, and so far. You will be expected to show directly how and why the study is in error, and you can address directly any of the findings and issues that you find in to be in error, and that in regard to such as, materials and methods, results, discussion, and conclusion.

    You will need to directly address anything that you find to be in error within the study. Furthermore, you as well will be expected to present with any counter studies that have been done, and in which that study has investigated the same or similar issues, and which in that study they find vaccine safety to exist, and regarding the same specific vaccine risk issues, and topic. Get started.

    Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity.

  • He has nothing and he never will. Not one single counter study presented with. Not one honest and nor valid effort at any actual refute of any study I have put forth . . . . nothing ever. All it ever amounts to on his part is simply and only more denial, and as well simply more hate filled and deliberate, distraction and disruption.

  • AutismDadd

    He’s the same puppet bot that has been harassing you for a long time. Best way to shake a pest is blocking. Guys like Jonathon Graham have no one to play with and go away. Then we have the cowards like Falseangel and Mike Stevens who hide on sketicalcraptor, they won’t face me any more. Keep up the good work Lowell

  • Karl Wegner MD

    It’s a mouse study. They also found the more aluminum they used the better. Jesus.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    lol it’s the same mouse study

  • So we have that now confirmed, you can’t do it. You have about 2 dozen studies left to go.

  • Actually his vendetta against me and as to the vaccine truth I put forth, and those ties, go way back to 2009.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Lying again Lowell. I already told you a)it’s a mouse study and b)it showed more aluminum was better

  • AutismDadd

    He enjoys being trounced obviously.

  • People can do that and allow for that, when they have no identity. By his replies he is clearly concerned about his identity actually ever being known. Vaccine truth and reality are not actually within his agenda. A sick personal vendetta, is what actually is.

  • That is a false claim that you have not even begun to verify. It is just another cheap and lazy reply and which is so persistently typical of you. Where did you read that kind of BS? Perhaps you should simply stay away from the twisted misinformation of the blogging Gorski, and SR.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    What’s false about it Lowell?

  • Jack Sprat

    I think Lowell needs a “friend” to talk to.

  • The study clearly shows the opposite of what you claim to. It is your responsibility to prove your said claim, so get started. You make false claim after claim, and with never anything to back it up, ever.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    God almighty Lowell can you not even read the abstract?

  • [Karl Wegner MD Lowell Hubbs • a day ago
    Lying again Lowell. I already told you a)it’s a mouse study and b)it showed more aluminum was better]

    More injected aluminum is better for what? You pro-vaxers have as well always claimed that the injected vaccine doses of ingredients were to small to cause any harm? You all claim to that of course with no specific safety studies ever having been done to verify the claim.

    So what they are talking about in this study is simply adjuvant size in the injected suspensions and that in regard to selectively induced long-term Al cerebral accumulation and neurotoxic effects. Regarding currently used vaccines that would not mean that and with a variable and/or undetermined aluminum adjuvant size, that this study validates the safety of load of aluminum adjuvant that children are actually getting in their vaccines today. The point to the significance of this study is that it show low levels of aluminum adjuvant to be harmful, and thus there is no safe level of injected aluminum adjuvant. Get it yet?

    Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity.

    Aluminium (Al) oxyhydroxide (Alhydrogel®), the main adjuvant licensed for human and animal vaccines, consists of primary nanoparticles that spontaneously agglomerate. Concerns about its safety emerged following recognition of its unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence within immune cells in some individuals, and reports of chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, myalgia, dysautonomia and autoimmune/inflammatory features temporally linked to multiple Al-containing vaccine administrations. Mouse experiments have documented its capture and slow transportation by monocyte-lineage cells from the injected muscle to lymphoid organs and eventually the brain. The present study aimed at evaluating mouse brain function and Al concentration 180days after injection of various doses of Alhydrogel® (200, 400 and 800μg Al/kg of body weight) in the tibialis anterior muscle in adult female CD1 mice. Cognitive and motor performances were assessed by 8 validated tests, microglial activation by Iba-1 immunohistochemistry, and Al level by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy. An unusual neuro-toxicological pattern limited to a low dose of Alhydrogel® was observed. Neurobehavioural changes, including decreased activity levels and altered anxiety-like behaviour, were observed compared to controls in animals exposed to 200μg Al/kg but not at 400 and 800μg Al/kg. Consistently, microglial number appeared increased in the ventral forebrain of the 200μg Al/kg group. Cerebral Al levels were selectively increased in animals exposed to the lowest dose, while muscle granulomas had almost completely disappeared at 6 months in these animals.

    [We conclude that Alhydrogel® injected at low dose in mouse muscle may selectively induce long-term Al cerebral accumulation and neurotoxic effects. To explain this unexpected result, an avenue that could be explored in the future relates to the adjuvant size since the injected suspensions corresponding to the lowest dose, but not to the highest doses, exclusively contained small agglomerates in the bacteria-size range known to favour capture and, presumably, transportation by monocyte-lineage cells.]

    In any event, the view that Alhydrogel® neurotoxicity obeys “the dose makes the poison” rule of classical chemical toxicity appears overly simplistic.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    More injected aluminum didn’t cause any adverse effects Lowell. This really isn’t a study antixaxxers should parade around.

  • So you are again just going to ignore everything that I just stated to you. To actually comprehend anything here that I have put forth for you, would cause a situation where you could not reply at all anymore, and you certainly don’t want that now do you. You are a quack and a fraud. Every reply you make is showing and proving that again and again.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    I should flag you again.

  • Flag it all you want. The desperation of a hypocrite.

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    But like you say, anyone flagging you on this site is wasting their time, right?

  • The editor does not follow up on anyone’s flagging , period. I really could care less about the issue. Move on.

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    How do you know the editor doesn’t follow up on flagging? Did he communicate that to you personally?

  • It is none of your business. If you think your desperate flagging will help your hypocritical situation, then just do it.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    Obviously you two have some sort of personal arrangement even though you’re too embarrassed to admit it.

  • There is no arrangement. You simply follow the rules and the same rules apply to everyone. Clearly no one is being favored here. If I was actually being favored, you would have been banned on the first article you ever posted on here.

  • Karl Wegner MD

    It’s obvious Jeffry is coddling you. You definitely have an arrangement.