A 7-Pound Premature Baby Died After Receiving 8 Vaccine Doses, Her Death Was Blamed On Co-Sleeping Instead Of The Toxic Vaccines

In Louisiana, another infant has died following routine vaccinations. Aysia Hope Clark was born nearly a month and a half premature. When she was six weeks old, her doctor detected a heart murmur. He then had the nurse administer eight vaccine doses into her tiny little body.

Ten days later, which is a critical time children die from vaccine-related injuries, Aysia stopped breathing, her heart stopped beating and she died while sleeping on her mother’s arm. [1,2]

The pathologist’s opinion was that Aysia died from positional asphyxiation related to co-sleeping and being born prematurely, without having to prove this is what she died from. There was no mention on her autopsy report that she had been recently vaccinated.

Aysia’s parents, Hope Doucet and Joseph Clark, were informed the burden of proof was shifted onto them, to prove Aysia died from the vaccines and that it would be nearly impossible to receive any compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

In the State of Louisiana, three types of vaccine exemptions are offered for children to go to school unvaccinated: medical, religious and philosophical. This family will no longer vaccinate after losing their baby and learning they are the ones held responsible when the vaccines harm. [3]

Hope is now well aware that vaccinations are the hidden cause of infant mortality, after witnessing her own daughter’s death get covered up. She courageously shares her true story about what happened to her daughter, in hopes to help educate other parents about the importance of researching vaccines before blindly trusting what the doctor tells you.

Welcome to the World Aysia, Now it’s Time to Inject You

Aysia Hope Clark was born six weeks premature on May 11, 2015. She was born in Louisiana at the Lafayette General Medical Center off Coolidge Boulevard. Upon examination, she had no heart murmur detected at birth.

Her little five pound body was then injected with the synthetic vitamin k shot, Phytonadione, which contains the neurotoxin aluminum and can increase the severity of jaundice, leading to newborns having longer hospital stays. This shot can be so dangerous, even causing death in infants, that it gets a black-box warning at the top of its package insert. [4]

The next evening, on May 12, 2015, without regard to her prematurity and the fact Aysia was not at risk of contracting hepatitis B, she was injected with the Recombivax hepatitis B vaccine.

Newborn Aysia received the same dose given to 19 year-old adults, which contains 250 micrograms of aluminum and is associated with many health risks, including breathing and heart problems, especially in babies born prematurely. [5]

The following morning, when Aysia’s mother went to take a shower, the nurse noticed Aysia stopped breathing in the nursery and began turning blue. She immediately blew in Aysia’s face, helping her recover.

It wasn’t until later that same day, just before being discharged, that the nurse told Aysia’s mother what happened and said this episode scared her.

This serious event was not noted in Aysia’s medical records and no one informed Hope this should be a contraindication to her daughter receiving future vaccinations.

After her hospital stay, Aysia had jaundice issues, indicating that her liver was immature and likely harmed further from the injections she received.

Aysia’s mother had to take Aysia to visit the doctor every week to get her checked out. The doctor told Hope that Aysia may need to be re-admitted to the hospital for her jaundice but Hope didn’t want to have to go back to the hospital, so she put Aysia in the sunlight in the window, to naturally help her.

On June 24, 2015, when Aysia was six weeks old, the pediatrician detected a heart murmur. The doctor was concerned enough about the heart murmur that he scheduled a referral appointment three weeks out, to have the heart murmur investigated further. Then he insisted it was time for Aysia, who weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces at the time, to get vaccinated.

There were still concerns about Aysia’s neonatal jaundice at this time. Having jaundice indicates the liver isn’t able to perform its duties fully. Vaccinating a baby with an immature liver, which is needed to filter one’s blood and detox the body efficiently from the ingredients in the vaccines, increases the child’s chance of suffering a vaccine-related injury, including death.

Hope was not informed it was safer to space out the shots, that it was safer for her premature baby to have the vaccines postponed, that it was important to make sure Aysia was fully hydrated at the time of vaccination and to supplement Aysia with vitamin C near the time she received the vaccines, to help prevent a more severe vaccine injury. [6]

Instead of postponing the vaccines in her premature body, the pediatrician instructed the nurse to administer the routine eight vaccine doses for diphtheria, tetanus, & acellular pertussis, HiB, polio, hepatitis B, pneumococcal, and the oral rotavirus vaccine into Aysia, which is what the CDC recommends for two month-old babies to receive, even if born premature. [7]

Aysia’s mother was concerned about her baby getting vaccinated with a heart murmur and jaundice issues she had been having, but her concerns were not enough to stop the doctor from insisting it was safe to vaccinate Aysia.

Hope then stood there and watched the nurse vaccinate her daughter, believing this was safe to do. Aysia cried as the stinging solutions raced through her body, each time she was poked with numerous needles and the contents in the syringe were pushed through. Aysia felt uncomfortable when the nurse forced her to swallow the oral Rotavirus vaccine.

This was all done to give Aysia’s parents and the public a false sense of protection, considering no vaccine is guaranteed safe or effective. The doctor also didn’t advise Hope that studies have not been done to prove it’s safe to inject all of these vaccines together.

The image shared next is a copy of Aysia’s actual vaccine record from that appointment, to prove Aysia was vaccinated prematurely with eight vaccine doses after a new heart murmur was detected, while Aysia still had jaundice concerns.

Aysia Hope Clark’s vaccine record proving she received eight vaccine doses.

The Pediatrician Advised Hope to Give Aysia Tylenol After Vaccination

The doctor didn’t advise Hope to give Aysia vitamin C supplements, to put an ice pack on the sites of injection to lessen a reaction from the vaccines, offer small amounts of baking soda to lessen her toxic load injected into her, keep her hydrated and give her more nutritional formula to counteract damages triggered by Aysia’s immune system being put in overdrive. [8]

Instead, the doctor advised Hope to give her daughter Tylenol to ease her discomfort, which was done that day, because her legs were so small, they would hurt after all the shots were given. So her mother gave her Tylenol. He also told Hope to pay attention if Aysia’s lips started turning blue and to seek emergency help if this happens.

Hope was not told by the pediatrician that giving Tylenol can be dangerous because it would help deplete Aysia’s cellular glutathione levels, an antioxidant needed to detox her body from what was in the vaccines. [9]

After the vaccines, Aysia was not eating the same anymore. She was crying excessively and fussier than she had ever been, but Hope was told this is a normal reaction to the vaccines and not to worry. The CDC’s vaccine information sheets given out in the doctor’s office advise of these reactions and consider them associated risks. [10]

Hope called the pediatrician to tell him Aysia wasn’t eating. At the previous appointment, the pediatrician advised Hope to switch Aysia’s formula to a different kind. Hope asked if she could put her back on the original formula she would drink and he said no, that if she got hungry enough, she would eat the new formula.

Hope didn’t want her baby to go hungry so she put Aysia back on the old formula anyways because she wasn’t going to let her starve. At the time, she assumed that all these reactions were common because that’s what doctors have told her.

These reactions continued and about a week later, Aysia began having foul breath. A smell from her was coming out that her parents hadn’t noticed before. Other parents have reported this strange breath after vaccination, describing the smell as bad lunchmeat. This change in her body odor may have indicated an immune response triggered by the vaccines. Although more research needs to be done, Hope was not made aware the foul breath her daughter developed after vaccination can be a sign of something more serious. [11]

On the ninth day after the vaccines, Aysia was still not her normal self and she developed a fever. Hope gave her the lowest dose of Tylenol around eleven o’clock that night and tried to get her to rest.

Aysia was not going to sleep in her bassinet, she just wanted to be held, and so her mother cradled her on the bed, to help her rest. Aysia was comforted and fell asleep on her mother’s arm, facing up. Hope had no idea her daughter was slowly dying and that giving further Tylenol could contribute to this faster.

Sweet Baby Aysia Never Woke Up

While Aysia was resting on her mother’s arm, her father, Joseph Clark, didn’t notice anything unusual when he awoke around 5:30 AM. About ten minutes later, he noticed Aysia had blood coming out of her nose.

Hope was awakened and she noticed right away her baby had red colored mucus coming out of her nose and mouth. She knew something was wrong and immediately called 911.

Both parents started performing CPR on Aysia. Hope was breathing in Aysia’s mouth while Joseph was giving compressions. They continued until emergency responders rushed over and continued CPR efforts.

Hope could feel the mucus bubbling in her mouth when she did CPR on her daughter. This has engrained a memory in her head she cannot forget.

Aysia was not responding. Medical staff tried to get Aysia’s heart beating again and her blood flowing again, by giving her epinephrine through a tibial intraosseous catheter in both legs, located below Aysia’s knees, according to her records. The needle has to painfully penetrate the bone to allow the epinephrine to enter the bone marrow.

Aysia was then given more epinephrine through an IV in her foot. This is commonly done in patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, in hopes to bring them back to life.

Research has shown that epinephrine injections are not very effective and can cause brain damage. This common procedure done on vaccine-injured children who have ended up on life support is of major concern, since this contributes to a child being declared brain dead while on life support. Once declared brain dead, organs are considered for donation after the brain death diagnosis was given. [12]

At this point, less than one hour after Aysia stopped breathing at home, the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) was contacted by the hospital, to see if Aysia’s organs were harvestable, which they were deemed not, due to her weight and age.

And the hospital chaplain was contacted; some hospitals hire chaplains to help get increased consent for organ donations. [13]

Aysia’s parents were never informed that behind the scenes, staff were already gearing up to take her organs, had Aysia met the right criteria. They found this out later on through Aysia’s medical records.

CPR continued during this epinephrine treatment. At 7:01 AM, CPR efforts were stopped and Aysia was pronounced dead, in the same hospital she was born in.

Aysia died on July 4, 2015, exactly ten days after receiving eight vaccine doses.

Two days later, she underwent an autopsy. She was being dissected while funeral arrangements were being made. After the funeral, Aysia was cremated. It wasn’t long before Aysia’s parents learned the vaccines killed her.

Other Mothers Told Hope They Lost Their Baby After Recent Vaccinations

Hope already sensed the vaccines were responsible because Aysia was never the same after she received those eight vaccine doses. Hope made the connection to vaccines after a friend she went to school with reached out to her and asked her if Aysia had recently been vaccinated. Hope said yes and her friend advised her she had lost her own young infant after the vaccines and the vaccines were not listed on her baby’s autopsy report or investigated.

Later on, Hope met another young mother who had lost her baby and when asked if the baby had received any vaccines shortly before, the mother said yes. Hope then suggested to her to research the vaccines as well.

Then a grandmother Hope knows came forward who advised her grandchild died at nine weeks old, within a week following the two month vaccines.

There is also Christy Day, whose story was published recently through VacTruth, whose baby died after the two month vaccine doses in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the vaccines were ignored on her baby’s autopsy report. [14]

This research reveals five infants in recent times who were taken to different pediatricians near the same hometown of Lafayette that died shortly after receiving vaccines. All of their deaths involved vaccines but the vaccines were not investigated.

Aysia’s parents will never get to hold their baby again in this life and a part of them died when their baby did. They have to live with their regretful decision to vaccinate. The pictures below were taken at Aysia’s funeral.

Hope Doucet and Joseph Clark hold on to their daughter one last time.

Hope Was Denied Her Daughter’s Vaccine Medical Records After Aysia Died

When Hope learned she needed a copy of her daughter’s vaccine record to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, she contacted the pediatrician’s office to get a copy of her daughter’s medical records. The doctor only provided Hope with a list of the vaccines Aysia was given, without additional information.

When Hope asked about the vaccine lot numbers and said that she wanted more information, she was told the doctor’s office doesn’t have anything to do with that information and that she needed to call the Health and Hospitals Department for further help.

Hope made that call and was advised that the doctor’s office was incorrect and that the doctor has to have this information on file, because the doctor is the one that ordered the vaccines. Hope was told this department does not have that information.

The struggle continued for Hope to get this information denied from her daughter’s pediatrician. Hope called the doctor’s office numerous times and advised them that they were legally required to record this vaccine information and that the doctor is obligated to provide her with that upon request.

Weeks later, a copy of Aysia’s medical records arrived in the mail, containing the information asked for, excluding the site of injection information.

Hope learned health care providers administering vaccines covered by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act are required to document the site of injection, but this was not recorded. [15]

In June 2016, a vaccine injury attorney reviewed Aysia’s case. He told Hope the burden was put on them to prove the vaccines caused Aysia’s death and that it was too hard to prove these cases. Special Masters in the vaccine court rarely award compensation for deaths involving vaccines, to avoid opening a Pandora’s box.

The attorney would not proceed with the case but did get a full copy of Aysia’s medical records and sent them to Hope.

Concerns Arose About Illegal Vaccine Administration

In the full set of medical records the vaccine injury attorney received, the doctor or nurse never recorded the site of injection information. We are left to wonder what motive a vaccine administrator would have to avoid noting the site of injection when vaccinating their patient.

Aysia’s hand-written vaccine record brought up a major concern because Hope remembered her daughter getting injected 3 times by one nurse and receiving one oral vaccine. Hope remembered Aysia received one shot in each leg and a shot in one arm. Hope and her close friend witnessed Aysia leave the doctor’s office with three neon band-aids on her body. Aysia had one band-aid on each of her thighs and a band-aid on one arm, totaling three band-aids. However, Aysia’s record claimed she had received five injections and one oral vaccine.

This is a serious violation if the nurse combined vaccines designed to be given separately into one needle, because they are not allowed to be given this way. Vaccine combination shots pre-purchased and already mixed from the manufacturer have the same lot number for each component. The DTaP vaccine and two others should have shown the same lot number but didn’t.

Aysia’s records showed she received individual vaccines, except for DTaP, but this would not be possible if she were only given three injections.

Viewing the site of administration would have been helpful to confirm how the vaccines were truly administered, but this information was not recorded, so one cannot confirm.

Unless Hope didn’t remember correctly what she saw her daughter get injected with, and three band-aids were used for five injection sites, this information would indicate a vaccine combination was given illegally and off the table.

Hope contacted the doctor’s office numerous times about this. Staff told her this is common, that nurses don’t usually note that information. This is strange because health care providers should always note where a vaccine is given on the body, to properly report any vaccine reaction that occurs.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 also requires health care providers to report adverse vaccine reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Aysia’s doctor never reported anything to VAERS, not even her death, which he should have, whether or not he feels it was caused by the vaccines. [16]

The image below shows proof that the nurse did not write down the site of injection information.

Aysia Hope Clark’s Vaccine Record

The Vaccines Were Completely Ignored On Aysia’s Autopsy Report

On Aysia’s entire report, there was no mention of the vitamin k shot, the hepatitis B vaccine given at birth, or the eight vaccine doses she received ten days prior.

The pathologist reported, due to Aysia’s prematurity and co-sleeping, she was likely unable to self-rescue and was more vulnerable to the effects of positional asphyxiation and for these reasons, the prematurity should be considered as a contributing factor in her death.

The pathologist stated Aysia’s lungs were congested at the time she passed away. Her back showed livor mortis, indicating she passed away while lying on her back. Co-sleeping does not cause lung and other organ congestion, but vaccines can. [17]

Aysia’s toxicology report after she died came back negative. A set of specific drugs are tested for, but not the toxic chemicals in vaccines.

There was no consideration given to the fact that Aysia was vaccinated prematurely with a heart murmur and jaundice issues, all of which can contribute to breathing and heart problems.

Nor was it mentioned how Aysia reacted from the most recent eight vaccine doses. She stopped eating the same, was crying excessively and fussier more than usual. These things are associated risks noted on the vaccine package inserts.

The fever Aysia had hours before she died was not recorded, nor was the Tylenol she was given the day she received all of these vaccines and again hours before she passed away.

In a comment, the pathologist did find it important enough to note a prescribed drug Hope was advised to take while pregnant with Aysia, by her doctor, but didn’t feel it was important enough to mention what Aysia was injected with directly.

Aysia’s mother Hope was in the performing arts for many years while growing up. She began dancing at a young age and during high school, her active lifestyle led to some injuries. After suffering from migraines and back pain around the age of 15, Hope sought help from her doctor.

Hope was told the only way to help her was to take prescription medications to ease the pain, if she didn’t want give up dancing. As a young teenager, Hope did not want to give up dancing, so her doctor prescribed four drugs for her to take, Lortab®, Xanax®, Soma® and Stadol®.

Some of these are opiate-containing narcotic pain relievers. After a couple years of being on these medications, Hope, like many others, got addicted.

This addiction to opiates lasted into adulthood, which started from taking those prescribed medications as a teenager. After a while, Hope wanted help to quit. She sought help and was prescribed Suboxone®.

When she got pregnant with Aysia, her doctor switched her from Suboxone to Subutex®, which is an opioid pain medication that one can still get addicted to.

Hope was closely monitored throughout her pregnancy and advised it was important she keep taking the Subutex, rather than stop taking this and risk relapsing during pregnancy. Hope took a low dose during her pregnancy, to lessen any effect this might have on her developing baby.

After Aysia was born, Aysia’s meconium tested positive for Suboxone, but her urine did not. Hope was taking Subutex during her pregnancy, not Suboxone, but the test detects the same main ingredient used in both drugs. Hospital staff monitored Aysia for withdrawal symptoms but didn’t notice any. Aysia was never placed in the NICU and was discharged two days after she was born, after no signs of withdrawal were witnessed.

The pathologist felt the need to write that Aysia was born positive for Suboxone but failed to mention only the meconium tested positive, not Aysia’s urine.

Aysia’s parents were not satisfied because the pathologist clearly ignored any mention of the eight vaccine doses their daughter recently received while trying to put blame on them for co-sleeping.

Hope asked a vaccine injury attorney, if Aysia truly died from positional asphyxia, why didn’t Aysia have popped blood vessels in her eyes and mouth? The autopsy showed completely clear.

He said, sadly because they claimed Aysia’s death was due to co-sleeping, they only look for signs of foul play and if that’s not found, they don’t look for anything else, meaning there was no desire to investigate the vaccines.

From there, parents are usually left with the burden of having to prove the vaccines caused their child’s injury.

Aysia Clark’s autopsy report findings, listing the opinion of the pathologist.

The Pathologist Could Have Helped Prove Aysia Died From the Vaccines

Babies in the US are receiving many vaccines, even when born prematurely. Numerous studies have proven the more vaccines an infant receives, especially in premature babies like Aysia, can increases their risk of suddenly dying, but trained pathologists investigating these infant deaths tend not to investigate the vaccines a child recently received before they died. [18,19]

Certain tests should have been done to help prove the vaccines contributed to Aysia’s death. A Parent’s Guide: What to do if Your Child Dies After Vaccination was written to help pathologists learn what to look for when performing autopsies on people recently vaccinated. [20,21]

Also ignored were the known vaccine risk factors involving infant deaths, following vaccinations.

“Data clearly shows that vaccination caused an extraordinary increase in episodes where breathing either nearly ceased or stopped completely. These episodes continued for months following vaccinations. Dr. Viera Scheibner, the author of the study, concluded that “vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths.” [22]

These listed ingredients in the eight vaccine doses Aysia received ten days before she died were ignored, as were all of the associated risks with each vaccine. There was no mention that there have been no basic scientific studies to prove it is safe to inject all of these vaccines together in one visit.

The official vaccine package inserts to the eight vaccine doses Aysia received detail these ingredients shown in the image below. [23-28]

To say co-sleeping was a contributing factor in Aysia’s death and not the vaccines is absurd. You don’t have to be a doctor to use common sense and recognize the dangers of injecting all of this into a tiny seven pound premature infant.

Official ingredients listed in the eight vaccines Aysia received before she died ten days later.

Aysia’s Mother Speaks Out About Her Daughter’s Tragedy

Hope Doucet shares memories of her daughter Aysia. She writes,

“After what happened and how we were treated, I’ve lost faith in the medical community and pediatricians giving vaccines. If these shots are so safe, why are they killing our babies?

I want to thank everyone for all the support and it’s not just me; those of you who have had children who have had vaccine reactions, whether life-threatening or infant loss, all need support. We know our kids better than anyone else.

I want people to know how to recognize vaccine reactions and that if your baby starts sleeping a lot, gets fussier more than usual and stops eating, seek help immediately, as these are all important signs your child may be suffering a severe vaccine injury. Giving Tylenol after vaccinations is also dangerous.

When this first happened, I spoke to the coroner who told me he doesn’t believe in SIDS and preliminary ruled Aysia’s cause of death as positional asphyxiation.

I then went to the doctor a couple days after Aysia’s funeral and asked to speak to the doctor because I had questions concerning my child’s death. He told me he didn’t have time that day and I could come back a week later.

I went ahead and asked him if it was the shots and them being given two weeks early, he said no. I also asked him if he believed in SIDS; he said yes. I told him what the coroner said; he said he needs to stop telling people that SIDS doesn’t exist.

He also said in all his 20 years of practice, no mom has ever wanted to consult with him after losing a child. That was very strange to me. I want questions answered; why didn’t other mothers talk with him? And I still wonder how many deaths he has had in his practice.

I agree every medicine has side effects and that you have to weigh the pros and cons, but for those who say they administer vaccines and have never lost a baby due to vaccines, I’m sure you have lost a few patients before, at some point in time, but they are not going to put cause of death is from the shots. So how can you say the cause of death was right for those babies and they didn’t die from the shots? There are scientific studies done on this and the data clearly shows otherwise.

I want Aysia’s death certificate changed and I want to be the first one in Louisiana that has vaccines listed as the cause of death.

The whole conspiracy with the FDA who are approving the drugs, the doctors who are saying they are safe and coroners who are covering up the truth with some bogus cause of death that is for us to believe about our children, this has to stop! We as parents know what our children’s different behaviors are and we all need to get the word out.

No amount of money will bring our babies back. The money awarded to parents when their child gets injured from any vaccine is nothing compared to what we lose. It’s the only recourse parents have. We parents learn the majority of claims are denied but we won’t give up.

I was telling my story to a couple that is having a baby because I want parents to do research before they make the decision to vaccinate their child and he went off on me. He cursed me out and told me it was not appropriate for me to say this to them. I said no, what’s not appropriate is my baby dying after having vaccines.

My other daughter’s pediatrician has refused to see her since we’ve declined to vaccinate further. You do not have to get your child vaccinated. Parents need to research vaccine exemptions. When you file, you do not have to specify a reason why.

As I sit here and look at pictures of my baby Aysia, my heart melts. I just want to hold her. I would give my last breath to have her here with me.

My purpose for this story is to tell mothers and fathers to just simply do the research, and then make your decision whether to vaccinate your child. When it comes down to it, it’s better to be safe than sorry, because you don’t get them back if they die from the vaccines. Our family will never vaccinate again.

RIP, my sweet baby Aysia. We love you and don’t understand it now, but someday we will and I will see you again.

All I can do is keep memories of her and love and remember her. I know Aysia is serving a bigger purpose now than I will ever understand. Fly high, my baby girl. Oh, my god, I’m so broken.”


Medical examiners are putting the blame on parents for co-sleeping, while completely ignoring the vaccines given to the child hours or days before, when investigating these infant deaths. They will also relate an infant’s death to poisoning of the body due to something the child ingested or inhaled, but not from the poisons injected through the vaccines. [29]

In the state of Louisiana, health officials have been applauded for having fairly high vaccination rates, but at the same time, Louisiana has consistently been ranked one of the worst states in the nation for having high infant mortality rates, but nowhere in the Louisiana infant mortality data are vaccines mentioned or how many of these babies died after recent vaccinations. [30]

One can read actual published statistics proving how common it is for babies’ sleeping position to be blamed on their death, rather than the vaccines they received:

“2012-2013 data shows 54.6% of Louisiana infant deaths were looked at. The results; “Within natural and accidental deaths reviewed, causes of death included asphyxia, SIDS, pneumonia, infections, fatal weapon injuries, motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), drowning and falls. Unsafe sleep was a frequent factor among SUIDs reviewed. A total of 72.6 percent of SUIDs reviewed occurred in an unsafe sleep environment, with 58.9 percent occurring in an adult bed and 13.7 percent occurring in a couch or chair. Sleep position was also identified as a risk factor, with 28.4 percent of SUIDs reviewed reportedly put to sleep on their stomachs.” [31]

For every white infant dying in Louisiana, two black infants are dying. Aysia was one of them. Her genetics and prematurity made her more susceptible to becoming vaccine injured. A child’s genetic susceptibility to severe vaccine injuries is not considered when parents take their babies in for the shots. [32]

Doctors given monetary incentives to vaccinate as many of their patients on the CDC schedule is one main reason why they turn away unvaccinated patients. It’s about the money, not the health of your child. [33]

Aysia’s siblings have greatly been affected by what happened to their baby sister. These children are left grieving in their own way and they will grow up not vaccinating their future children.

If those making and mandating vaccines actually care about the health of children, they wouldn’t want the children injected with the harmful substances in these vaccines. They could at least teach doctors and those administering vaccines to screen their patients before vaccinating them and hold off giving vaccines to premature babies.

You can’t say you want to protect those vulnerable to diseases when you don’t want to protect those vulnerable to a vaccine injury. If you protect one, you must protect the other. This is why parents and all people must have a choice whether they want to get vaccinated or not.

We will always remember Aysia and how her life ended. Her parents grieve daily knowing nothing will bring her back. Sharing her story is what is important now, to prevent this from happening to another family.

Rest in Peace, Aysia Hope Clark

May 11, 2015 – July 4, 2015

Aysia passed away ten days after receiving eight harmful vaccine doses.



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About the author

Augustina Ursino

Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.