What Vaccines Should I Avoid?

baby-boyFrom Christian,

“I am expecting my son to be born in April. I am very skeptical of anything that is related to vaccinations, shots, or anything else I know that could possibly harm myself or my family. I wanted to know, as a soon to be parent, what are vaccination I should avoid if not all of them for my son? As well as, which shots do doctors give to children that they do not need? My last question is, if I oppose doctors giving my son vaccinations or shots will I be committing a crime, because I have a feeling that when the time comes and I will stop the doctor from attempting to harm my child, I know that will come with repercussions.”

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  • January 14, 2013

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • jamie

    I highly recommend Aviva Jill Romm’s book on vaccinations. It helped me to figure out the answer to this question for my son.

  • Ctbriney

    I’m sure there are many books alike in info but here are the two we like. “Vaccination is not immunization.” Great book on the history of vaccines as well as the drive behind them. VERY eye opening! Also if you do decide to vaccinate your child I would recommend “the vaccine book” by dr. Sears. He gives you the break down of all brand shots & what’s in them as well as a alternative shot schedule so to allow time for your child’s body to accept the vaccine without a fever or illness which is a common side affect when they recieve multiple vaccines at once as well as the triple shot DTAP. Also when you take your child to the dr. for check ups and if you do deny the vaccines. Know you will get talked down to and probably have to sign something. This is a common scare tactic. You have to go in with confidence knowing what you believe is best for your child and stick to it. I swayed my opinion one time and my children both became very ill from me being a push over. It was NOT worth it and I still get sick thinking about it! But that is what let us to stop vaccinating our children. And showed my husband how really bad they are for our children.

  • Kikihealy

    I will preface this response with a little background information on myself.  I have two sons 14 months apart (4 1/2 and almost 3 1/2) who are both completely unvaccinated.  I began my research, like you while expecting my first child, and had intended to only delay and or space out the vaccines, not avoid them altogether.  What I discovered changed my opinion completely and my course of action.  They are very healthy (and off the charts in height and weight, though never had a single fat roll on them… they are very strong, sturdy boys)  Neither of them has any speech delays, ADHD(1 in 10 kids now diagnosed), pervasive developmental delays(1 in 6 kids now diagnosed) , autism spectrum disorders(1 in 66 or fewer now diagnosed) and have hit all their milestones on time or ahead of “schedule”.  THank GOD!!!  Do I believe it has to do with me not allowing the medical establishment to assault their underdeveloped immune systems, digestive systems, neurological systems?  ABSOLUTELY!  Will I ever know what the outcome would have been if I had followed the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule.  No.  Do I regret my decision?  HELL NO!  Neither of them has had anything that was vaccine preventable.
    Let’s begin with the Hepatitis B vaccine, as that is the first vaccine your baby will receive on his first day of life.  No vaccine offers lifelong immunity.  It is 7-10 years at very best.  THerefore, your newborn is not even in a risk group for contracting this disease until they become sexually active or live in a college dormatory.  By then, the vaccine he would have received at birth will have worn off and he will have to get another.  Wouldn’t it make sense then to just give it to him around 12 years of age???  I asked my pediatrician why they give one day old babies HepB when they are not even in a risk group for contracting it and I wanted to see how forthright she would be.  She knew I had done my research and this was an intellectual decision for me, not an emotional one.  She was honest.  I am paraphrasing, but this is virtually verbatim her response:”Well, the target age used to be between 7 and 12 years old, but they found they were missing large clusters of children (meaning their ideal of as close to 100%vaccination rate as possible was way below and therefore were missing out on an untold amount of money in “missing” these kids) so they decided to lower the recommended age to birth and give it in the hospital so they could achieve closer to 100% vaccination rate.”  WOW!  My pediatrician admitted to me that they needlessly and pointlessly give this vaccine to newborns and she did so as calmly as if she was discussing the weather.  It truly is all about the money, with this vaccine and EVERY other!!!!
    You and I (I am 40, you’re probably younger and received a few more shots than I did) received about 10 vaccines.  Kids now receive 68 by the time they are 18 and the rates of Autism and other neurological/behavioral disorders has skyrocketed to epidemic proportions… Think about it.  Does the mainstream media consider these afflictions to be epidemic??  No.  THey are in bed with Big Pharma.  If it were leukemia or juvenile diabetes it would be considered an epidemic.  And remember this if you take nothing else away from my post, despite what the CDC, WHO, and other pro vaccine groups will tell you (they are saying some kids have a mitochondrial predisposition to Autism, etc…): THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GENETIC EPIDEMIC! They simply do not exist in nature.  And unless and until they can prove that vaccines do no harm, I will deny each and every one for my children.  There have been no long term, double blind (which is THE standard for any and all scientific testing!) studies regarding safety and efficacy.  Vaccine studies are funded by Pharmaceutical companies and they have intentionally skewed the data to support their position and agenda.  There is evidence to prove this; all you have to do is begin researching.  You do have a choice in what you allow them to inject into your child.  You have the right to refuse, as I have.  The government and Pharma want us to believe they are mandatory to attend school, but each and every state has exemptions built into the law:religious, medical, and or philosophical. Depending on which state you live in, you do have options.  I am about to submit my request for exemption in NY state.  For each and every vaccine you agree to give your child, you have to sign a waiver that transfers liability off of the doctor and back on you.  Please know that if your child is vaccine injured, you cannot sue the doctor or the pharmaceutical manufacturer.  You have very little recourse and will be hard pressed to get a doctor to admit in writing that a vaccine did any harm to your baby.  THey will tell you it is a normal, expected reaction.  Give them Tylenol.  There is a federally funded program called VAERS which pays out compensatory damage to vaccine injured children which was established in 1986 after Pharmaceutical threatened to discontinue manufacturing vaccines unless the Federal Government guaranteed immunity.  How sick!! Anyway, I think I have provided enough to get you started on your own journey to enlightenment on the dangers and inefficacy of vaccines.  Knowledge is power and their deception is quickly being revealed.  There is more information out there now than ever and more and more parents are questioning doctors and the motivation of Big Pharma and opting out.  I will gladly share more information with you if you so desire.  Please feel free to contact me at kikihealy@gmail:twitter .com and I can recommend some excellent articles, websites, and books (which I have read about 17 or 18 on the topic in the last 5 years).  I applaud you for being an advocate for your baby and questioning medical establishment.  All you have to do is look online at some of the stories from parents of vaccine injured children. They KNOW that their children who were developing normally and hitting all the milestones (making eye contact, playing patty cake, etc) were irrevocably changed immediately after receiving multiple doses of vaccines at a well baby checkup.  High fever, hot red swollen lump at injection site, screaming for days on end without being able to console them, and then retreating and regressing into Autism.  Who knows a baby better than it’s mother and father??  Your pediatrician?  I don’t think so.  Can thousands and thousands of parents be wrong?  Highly doubtful. 


    Here are just a few of the dozens of resources for your perusal… I hope this has been helpful to you.  You and your wife will have to put your game face on when going into your pediatrician’s office because you will most likely be met with opposition.  There are more and more pediatrician’s who are changing their views and questioning parents right to deny or delay. THere are sites devoted to finding a doctor in your area. Once your doctor realizes you have educated yourself and are unwavering, they will leave you alone. Also, DO NOT leave your child unattended in the nursery at the hospital.  Keep him with you at all times to ensure they don’t vaccinate against your wishes…. Believe it or not, it has been known to happen despite parents specifically stating they are not going to the HepB or Vitamin K.  Go in with a letter stating your explicit wishes that your baby not receive ANY vaccines and you will sue them to the fullest extent of the law if they violate your wishes. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.  They will bring you a waiver to sign to give him the HepB and Vitamin K.  If they make you sign something stating that you are putting your child in danger by NOT giving him the shot, alter the words to state that you believe you are risking your child’s health by giving them the vaccine.  Then and only then do you sign it.  It is perfectly legal. Nowhere does it state that you cannot alter the hospitals waiver for vaccination.  Remember, that piece of paper transfers any and all liability onto you and your wife. 

    Again, I hope this is helpful.. Do your own research.  I believe firmly in Informed Choice.  But unfortunately they do not disclose the known risks and dangers of vaccines.  You are the first and best line of defense for your new baby and you have a moral, spiritual, and ethical responsibility to keep him/her safe. If you fed your baby a teaspoon of poison (which is exactly what vaccines contain:  Aluminum (known neurotoxin), Mercury  (also a neurotoxin and one of the most deadly substances known to man), aborted human fetuses, monkey kidney cells, bovine cells, etc….) you would be criminally prosecuted!
    Feel free to contact me if you need further information or recommendations.  I wish you and your new baby well.  Be strong!!!

    Warm regards from an enlightened Mama,

  • Centralohioclinic

    My two kids are completely unvaccinated.  No Rho-Gam either.  I’ve been reading about them for over 21 years and would never vaccinate.  My stance is not based on my opinion.  It is based on learned knowledge.  Unfortunately medical doctors and the media have opinions based on assumptions.  These assumptions prevent them from ever questioning vaccines, hence they don’t bother researching.  Have confidence in your decision. 
    Find me on facebook if you need anything.
    Dr. Brett J. Blitzstein

  • sz

    No hep B, chicken pox, or flu.  Delay for at least 6 months(at least).  During that time research and decide what you’re comfortable with.

  • Argus

    What you should really be skeptical of is getting medical information from sites like this – where untrained commentators with bizarre notions come to post their “advice”.
    Nor should you accept medical advice from a chiropractor – this is not a medical doctor, but someone with their own type of “treatments” to sell. 

  • RN

    Flu vaccine isn’t even made for those under 6 months, and Chickenpox vaccine is not given until 1 yr of age per the CDC guidelines.

  • sz

     I was saying not at all for those.  And delaying all for a minimum of 6 months.  Let your child develop their own immune system before injecting with an artificial one.  Do research on how other countries delay and minimize vaccinations and have a lower rate of infant death and a healthier population.

  • sz

     If you want to do hep b you can wait til they are a minimum of 10 years old.  A newborn isn’t sexually active.  Unless the mother is hep b positive their risk of contracting hep b is almost nonexistent.

  • Sam

     I’m sure Argus never had a child injured by vaccines. Most likely he receives compensation from vaccinations. My niece became autistic after her vaccine at 2 years old. People like Argus do not give a shit about what happens to your child. It’s all about money for them.

  • My 2 month-old daughter has not been given any vaccinations and I have been all but told I am a “bad mother” or “unfit” by the staff at the Pediatric Department of the UCLA Medical Center. When I ask about the risks, they will only tell me of the risks of NOT getting my child vaccinated. They do not discuss the risks of the vaccines. They discredit the doctors who expose the risks of the vaccines by telling me that these people are no longer doctors and all of their statements are lies. At UCLA, they claim that there is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that vaccinations are related to autism. They tell me that they all have “witnessed infants dying in their hospital of whooping cough.” Then, they call in a social worker to address any issues I may be facing with the parenting of my child. I don’t understand how a teaching hospital can be so myopic. Why are the professionals at UCLA NOT studying the dangers of the vaccines?!?!?


    Avoid all vaccines and there are legal ways to do that. Look up legal vaccination exemptions  by states. That’s the greatest gift you can offer to your child. You are on the right track, just by answering the question you know something is wrong with this picture. Don’t let anyone else do the thinking for you, don’t get intimidated and you’ll be amazed of the health benefits. Pharma industry is not in the business of making healthy people – they will not need any medications… Vaccinating kids creates chronic diseases that require lifelong treatment with guess-what? medications… QED

  • Against compound shots

    Where do you live? NO they tried to give my 4 month old one.. Yesterday! Of course I said no

  • Shots McGillicutty

     You are an idiot.

  • johnpaul

    Avoid ALL vaccines.  I am a 33 yr old man who has never been vaccinated.  I am still alive and well.

  • Soneeday

    Our oldest son (22 yrs., now) had reactions to his 3 dpt shot…seizures, swelling, etc.  We were young parents, non-questioning, trusting—-We wised up quickly, started researching and questioned our pediatrician about the reactions and we were told it was normal.  Well, my son’s normal development stopped after that shot.  The “lights went out of his eyes”, he stopped trying to talk, didn’t walk until he was 2 yrs old. He has development disorders, speech apraxia (docs thought he would never talk).  We never have vaccinated him again or gotten vaccines for our other three children as a result of this, and have been harassed by the doctors to the point of being called at home from time to time to be made to feel guilty and neglegent.  I “got my game face on” and shoulder pads, too, long ago.  With a visit to the doctors I have had to tell my story over and over to prove my family’s decision.   Once they knew we had educated ourselves about this issue they left us alone. 

    Once, after having to sit through the typical AMA lecture from a doctor about the benefits of vaccines, I turned the tables on him.  I told him my story (including the part of
    threatening a lawsuit to a doc. office to get copies of my son’s records and finding out afterward that they had whited-out the shot lot # and replaced it with garbled scrawl we couldn’t read), I asked him “…after what YOU know and read about these vaccines and what they do…would YOU give them to YOUR KIDS?”   He paused and then looked me in the eye and said “NO.”    The doctors know.   A medical technologist once said me in regards to vaccines, “I wouldn’t put that shit in my veins.”  This guy worked in immunology.

    Years ago, when a parent could sue the government over damage by vaccines, it took
    three doctors to verify that the child’s medical problems were indeed done by vaccinations.  You were lucky to get one doctor to help you, and the rest of the establishment ran and hid.  They feared for their own butts.  The good ole boy club.  The doctors know the true story, but they get protection now, and kick backs from the vaccine makers.  Just sitting in the waiting room of the clinic for awhile and seeing the parade of salesmen come through with their samples, perks and free expensive lunches and trips, should get a patient thinking where the doctor’s loyalties are….and it is not to their patient—anymore. 

    Thanks to Obamacare your, my and my families medical history and coversations between us and the medical establisment can and will be used against you and me.  Just wait. Even if the documentation is false…(as I have found out by asking/paying for copies of my records–and seeing outright misinformation, misdiagnosis, misquoting of the doctor of our conversation, and subjective bias and negative comments) we are being herded and separated into catagories to be dealt with later.   

  • On the surface it makes perfect to listen to whatever your MD says. But its also foolish to trust a business that can’t be sued. Several drug companies have settled lawsuits for essentially bribing doctors to write scripts. So why should the vaccine industry be treated with less skepticism

  • Allie

    I would just like to point out that autism is generally diagnosed around the time that vaccines are given. Parents tend to connect point A to point B; point A being a child getting a shot and point B being the child getting autism. Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. You are putting your children at risk for horrible and deadly diseases by not vaccinating.

  • renee turner

    I did the same thing too my oldest child and has Autism and my other three kids don”t have it so they need too pay for there lies they tell us

  • Azi

    If you do decide to give any vaccine, follow 2 guidelines:
    No combinations (easier for the body to handle 1 thing at a time)
    And insist on a single dose vaccine, which isn’t preserved with mercury. (Strangely enough, multiple dose vaccines are illegal to give to pets, due to the dangers of mercury. But we give them to our kids…)
    Personally, when I have kids, they’re probably only going to get tetanus shots, and that only after they start walking.

  • Carole

    How do you know that vaccines don’t cause autism if you don’t know what causes autism?

  • Mandy

    Are you still on facebook? I tried searching for your name but came up with no results… I would really like to connect with you for some support and suggestions for talking to my pediatrician about refusing vaccines for my son. I get continually badgered and bullied by our doctor and would like some insight on how to best approach the situation. Would greatly appreciate it! I’m on facebook as Mandy J Herford if you would like to send me a request :)

  • Mandy


    To imply that the NUMEROUS parents who have noticed Autistic tendencies in their children directly following their vaccines (especially the MMR) are all jumping to the same paranoid conclusion for no good reason is to ignore logic, reason and facts.

    Have you ever actually researched this topic? Or are you just regurgitating mainstream media tidbits? Are you a doctor? Have you ever worked closely with Autistic children or do you even know an Autistic child?

    You do not know that vaccines don’t cause Autism, you only know that someone told you that they don’t. That someone was wrong and so are you. Inform yourself and stop perpetuating dangerous ideas. For the sake of our children, please.

  • no vaccines, or spaced out vaccines as worst case scenario. careful because many shots will have multiple vaccines in one dose. very dangerous

  • Millie Marden

    What is a 3 dpt shot?

  • Hus

    That’s right. Argus you don’t make sense mate. Don’t get vaccines. Breastfeed as long as you can. Eat organic. Simple.

  • cia

    I have MS from a reaction to a tetanus vaccine. My parents reacted to flu vaccines with paralysis (my father) and Alzheimer’s (my mother). My daughter reacted to the hep-B vax at birth with four days and nights of vaccine-induced encephalitic screaming, reacted to the DTaP booster at 18 months with having her only two words erased and being diagnosed with autism two months later, at 20 months. 13 now, still very low verbal, out of touch, and in an autism program at school. Spreading the vaccines out and getting only one at a time may or may not help you avoid reactions, but we have our disabilities from vaccines given only one at a time, so I can attest that it’s not enough to ensure safety. I also like Aviva Jill Romm’s book, and Wendy Lydall’s Raising a Vaccine-Free Child, Vaccine Epidemic, and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s book and all of Neil Z. Miller’s. Yes, pertussis can kill one in two hundred newborns who get it, a reason to keep them at home until they are four or five months old. If you start the DTaP series at 2 months, it more than doubles their risk of asthma at 7 years old (and they have a very small risk of ever getting asthma if they don’t get the pertussis vaccine at all). Rates of deaths from asthma have skyrocketed in the last decade. The vaccine causes something like 1000 deaths a year, the disease pertussis killed 18 newborns last year when 42,000 Americans were diagnosed with it, most of whom had been appropriately vaccinated (the vaccine isn’t very effective, and because it doesn’t and can’t include the crucial ACT, it doesn’t prevent the vaccinated from transmitting the disease).
    I had measles and chickenpox as a child, pertussis when my vaccinated daughter got it at 8 months old, hep A, rotavirus, and flu. In the vast majority of cases, the vaccines are much more dangerous and disabling than the vaccine-preventable diseases. It’s not that the diseases can’t kill, but the formerly universal ones usually aren’t that bad, and the really serious ones like meningitis and hepatitis B are very rare, and hep B is not casually transmitted and is close to nonexistent among children of uninfected mothers (while the vaccine often causes encephalitis and autism, as in my daughter).

  • DeeDee

    I agree, but you shouldn’t discount personal experience from people who have suffered harm.

  • Angie STRS

    Something I saw on a Documentary was very interesting regarding Asthma which caught my attention, it is suggested that C-Sections have something to do with it, due to the fact that when we are born naturally we are squeezed out like a bottle (that allows the lungs to begin the breathing as well as squeezes any water out of our lungs), as when the bottle gets released, oxygen comes in in a suction mode. That is why is not good to intervene with Nature. I have read about vaccines a LOT and that is why I chose a midwife, I did not want to have any vaccines pushed on me until I was ready, and if I saw it necessary, but after seeing that I personally had the measles, rubella, mumps and chicken pox and I did not even need to go to a hospital neither my siblings nor my cousins, we were never at a major danger, we just stayed in and there were no issues. Well, I barely ever get sick, I have never put a foot in a hospital and I don’t even get a cold. SO why would I need to inject something in my son, with 5 times more dosis of nasty viruses and aluminum, formaldehyde, and the most toxic in the planet besides Plutonium, Mercury! a drop of mercury can pollute a whole lake, and cannot prove to prevent the diseases it is designed for. I cannot trust humans, we have done so much to damage our echo-system. We try to intervene and make things worse.

  • Angie STRS

    If you want to trust all doctors, you know they are perfect and they cannot make mistakes. We are just a bunch of people that have no experience in the world of diseases and vaccinations. All I know is that going to school, I saw that half the class was going to the medical field and I know that not all of them were there because of they loved for health, many of them were overweight and I know many were there because they know there is a lot of money in the medical system. I know many of my classmates were asleep during class and barely making it. I know they are the nurses and doctors we trust so blindly. I would research my doctor and make sure he is not like a mechanic that because he has no idea how to fix me he ignores what was really wrong and treats what needed no treatment. I began researching everyone and everything before I put my car, or my life in someone’s hands.

  • Angie STRS

    OK, you know exactly what horrible diseases you are talking about right? so what are they?, what do they do? what is so terrible about them/?? is it something you heard on TV? or rumors from others? Allie you sound like you have not even tried to research what you are typing. I would suggest to use the internet for what it is intended to do, inform, rather than read about celebrities gossip.

  • Angie STRS

    Exactly the same goes for you, You have personally not have designed vaccines, you have personally have not studied the vaccines’ risks. You have heard that vaccines are good through the media, and not you had not received had as many vaccines as they are giving to kids now days, We used to get like 8. now kids are getting over 40 vaccines by age 6. I have had measles, rubella, mumps and chicken pox, nothing major, it was uncomfortable and mumps were painful, but it was not an emergency, I stayed home, did not have to go to the hospital, I just rode it like a champ, and I am really immune to this diseases, no need to scare the whole world Mandy, you are too scared because the media told you to be scared. I trust the human body and as long as you give it nutrients it will fight way more things that we can trust it with. For example repair deep and devastating wounds. feed it junk food you will not have a chance…

  • Angie STRS

    Mercury destroys brain cells, in a matter of minutes. And you can find it in vaccines and the body might be able to fight it some, but when you put massive dosis, only so much can your body take so it breaks down.

  • Malle S

    Well, I have never been vaccinated. My mom have never believed in vaccinations. Especially, the MFR vaccination which in my country is known for causing autism. I think I’m very lucky not to have been vaccinated and I have never been severely sick or anything like that. I have had all the normal child sicknesses as other children have(Even the ones who has been vaccinated) but nothing else. I’m 27 years old today and still healthy and happy. So, I guess you just have to look at others who has never been vaccinated to realise that your child don’t need to be vaccinated. Keep them healthy by giving them healthy food and the body will do the rest…

  • Tamhas

    Argus, what’s your take on vaccines please? Are they all safe, with no vaccines causing problems at all? Or are some OK and others best to avoid? Or are they better spaced out?

  • Tamhas

    Personally I think everybody should be skeptical of everything … including doctors, industries and this site too. Don’t just read this site and take it for granted, go read some studies by universities etc. And then go read info from the manufacturers too! And then look up their track records of scandals…Oh and don’t forgot to ask your doctor, who will look up on his computer the database the pharmaceutical company gave him and tell you it’s all good! Have you had your latest flu shot?

  • Nick

    You terrify me. What empirical research have you done? Other than subjective reasoning and emotions what are basing this off of…a blog? “Don’t let anyone else to the thinking for you” – so they shouldn’t think about it, they should just do what you say right? This is really really dangerous. Doctors go to school for a long time, give them some credit.

  • Pro vaccine guy


    You mean like how this healthy baby just only has whooping cough (which can be vaccinated against in healthy children)? Just because you were fine, does not mean that you shouldn’t vaccinate you’re children. My grandpa smoked cigarettes for 70 years without getting cancer, but that doesn’t mean cigarettes don’t cause cancer.

  • Pro vaccine guy

    No they wont. The deceased or severly weakend bacteria in a vaccine can not coexist in a single shot. There is nothing dangerous about them

  • Pro vaccine guy

    “which isn’t preserved with mercury. (Strangely enough, multiple dose vaccines are illegal to give to pets, due to the dangers of mercury. But we give them to our kids…)”

    Administration of vaccines containing thiomersal does not seem to raise blood concentrations of mercury above safe values in infants. Ethylmercury seems to be eliminated from blood rapidly via the stools after parenteral administration of thiomersal in vaccines.

    This is taken from the interpretation of a study. You can freely acces the study, if you give you’re email. I found this study through Google Scholar, which means it is peer reviewed:


  • Pro vaccine guy

    Kind of a selection bias don’t you think? Ofcourse people that are not vaccinated can be alive and well, and only the ones that are can post about it, the point is that some wil not be alive and well.


  • Pro vaccine guy

    ” Don’t let anyone else do the thinking for you, don’t get intimidated and you’ll be amazed of the health benefits.”

    Just let me do it for you, you mean? Ofcourse people should let other people think for them sometimes. Doctors and scientists study for a long, long time to learn this stuff and the couple of blog posts you read does _not_ make you’re advice as valid as theirs. Are going to march into a cockpit and tell the pilot to fuck of because you wont let him think for you?

    ” Pharma industry is not in the business of making healthy people – they will not need any medications.. vaccinating kids creates chronic diseases that require lifelong treatment with guess-what? medications”

    Are you having a laugh? Vaccinations have all but eredicated many diseases!


    Would you please cite an actual source on the horrible diseases caused by vaccines? And no, I do not mean shitty blog posts of people that have no understanding or the ramblings of a doctor that has been disbarred and proven to have tampered with research results, done unethical research on children and generally lied in order to sell more of snake oil, or you’re hero Andrew Wakefield


  • Pro vaccine guy

    Tamhas, I agree that one should be skeptical! But when it comes to medical advice, take it from you’re doctor! If you think he or she is wrong, get a second opinion. Don’t go around reading Univeristy studies and base you’re ideas on that. One study can give a completely wrong idea, science is cumilative and the consensus is the best approach to it. Furthermore, one needs a lot of training to correctly interpret these studies.

  • Zeno84

    “I asked him “…after what YOU know and read about these vaccines and what they do…would YOU give them to YOUR KIDS?” He paused and then looked me in the eye and said “NO.” The doctors know.”

    This is a flat out lie, and you know it.

  • Zeno84

    You truly believe that he’s a ‘shill?’
    Why don’t you just discredit yourself further.

  • Zeno84

    ” Let your child develop their own immune system before injecting with an artificial one. ”
    Wow, you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Zeno84

    Learned knowledge? From where?

    Interesting that you say “learned knowledge.” I guess you believe in a priori knowledge, otherwise you’re just a poor communicator.

  • Tamhas

    I have learned to question doctors. One told me last month that my 6 month-old “could have a thousand X-rays and it wouldn’t hurt her”. A 2010 UC Berkeley study, on the other hand, says even one X-ray was enough to moderately increase the risk of lymphoid leukaemia.

    These studies you suggest I not consider are the peer reviewed literature you pro-vaccine fellows swear by. They have an abstract, as well as an introduction and a conclusion. One can read them, if one is inclined to read. Lots of them.

    Or I could be like you, and not educate myself, and trust that my doctor goes home and reads medical journals after dinner. I’m sure some do.

    But the reality is most people do just enough to get by. Most customer service people will guess stuff up if they don’t know all their product features.

    And people who take tests generally write something rather than nothing when they encounter questions they have no clue about.

    Yet I should somehow expect doctors are different. Why?

  • Bill Stemson

    I think Argus is on this site touting vaccines so much, he’s either getting paid for it, or he’s typing it in from the basement of his mum’s place, where he’s living until he graduates from community college and gets into Harvard pre-med on a scholarship, which will be given him for his grand endeavours in perpetuating the legend of the greater good.

  • Pro vaccine guy

    I had to retype my entire comment so I was a little hasty. Please disregard any faulty language

    That doctor is probably and idiot then. I said, get a second opinion. Get a third. One idiot doctor does not disprove the entire medical industry. Furthermore, a moderate increase does not say a thing. If you walk in the sun, it’ll slightly increase the risk of you getting cancer. However, the moderate increase has made the canges of you getting cancer go from 0.01 to 0.011, that is small enough to be neglected, yet it is still a moderate increase (10%).

    Yes, I swear by peer review. However, peer review studies can still have flawed conclusions. Peer review is a process to make sure that the study has been conducted properly. A study can be conducted absolutely correct, yet still have faulty conclusions. Faulty data or unrepresentative data is going to creep into studies sometimes. There is nothing that can be done about it sometimes. This is why in order to confirm a phenomena or theory as correct (or rather not wrong) we need to duplicate the findings of studies. A single scientific study can be a good indicator, but it is the consensus among studies which can be used as proof for something. Furthermore, having a abstract, introduction and conclusion in no way makes a study peer reviewed. Having those things says nothing at all. I know how to write in a scientific format (I study sociology) but I know nowhere near enough to write about medicine. I could however write a in the exact same format as the people whose field is medicine. Furthermore, not all studies are accepted by peer review. These studies can still be published after being denied though – by non peer reviewed sources, and be used as some sort “scientific evidence”. If you want to know for sure if what you find is peer reviewed, I propose you search on Google Scholar rather than regular Google

    Why do you assume I do not educate myself? I love learning. However I am not so arrogant to think that doing a little reading on a matter makes me a professional. I sure as fuck don’t think that reading a little on a subject makes me know more than the medical field combined.

    Comparing customer service to medical professionals is just nonsensical. These people did not pass through 12 years of medical school in order to just get by. Some probably do, but the majority definitly doesn’t. There are many journals catering to doctors and the like in order to keep them up to date. There aren’t many doctors. If no doctors bought them, they’d go out of bussines. But, as I said, there is nothing wrong with being skeptical. I advocate being skeptical. Don’t just assume you’re doctor knows everything. But especially don’t think that you know better than medical professionals. Get a second opinion, get a third. But don’t go around thinking you know more than these people because you read some books. This tread is filled with people that think they do not only know more than doctors, but more than the scientists that study these things aswell. You don’t see me barging into the cockpit of a plane because I read a book on how to fly one, thinking I know better than the pilot. I’m not going to argue with a physist about physics. There is nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes other people know more than you. Be prudent.

  • Tamhas

    A few months before the last episode i took my daughter to hospital as she had a high fever. She’d only had it for 24 hours. They wanted to do a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis, despite no other indications beside a fever.

    Granted, she was only a month old at the time, so there was cause for concern, but when I asked them to please compare for me the stats on serious likelihood of Meningitis vs. the risk of serious ide effects from a lumbar puncture.

    They could not tell give me any such indication, and said that the numbers were irrelevant. I wasn’t opposed to a lumbar puncture under certain circumstances but when even the most senior of the five doctors traipsed in to convince me could not compare the risk of the test versus the disease, and told me that if I wanted, I could “go Google it”, then it does make me wonder what was driving wanting to do the procedure other than habit and faith.

    I suppose I should just never question doctors. Did you ever ask your questions in school? I would reckon not. After all the teacher knows better than the students…

    Question for you though, if you don’t mind: Even if vaccines are, on balance, better than the plagues that will result if every last child is not vaccinated (at gunpoint I suppose), then assuming you believe that some vaccines have small risks, then which vaccines would you say have the highest risks — however small those risks may be.

  • Tamhas

    Hi Pro Vaccine guy, why don’t you use your real name? There is nothing to fear. People who choose not to use vaccines, or to use them at a different schedule than “mandated” generally believe in freedom of choice. We’re not the ones making up a list.

    Seems funny to me, that the sort of pro-Vaccination people that hurl insults think vaccination is so important to our existence that forced vaccinations would be a good idea (not saying you, have yet to see anything but civil arguments from you so far), are often also pro-abortion. How does that work?

  • Pro vaccine guy

    I don’t use my real name on the internet except for Facebook. I see the anonimity of the internet as it’s main driving force for unhindered discussion and freedom of ideas (sadly, people abuse this too, think trolls).

    I have heard the freedom of choice argument before, and it leaves me in a moral dillema. I don’t know what to think about it. On the one hand, I am strongly against making any injections compulsory. On the other hand you are endangering a child by not vaccinating him/her. This child has no say in what your choice is. Lastly, there are those that can not get vaccinated for existing medical problems. You’re body needs to be strong enough to fight of the virus (although it is weakend to the point that for healthy people there is no problem, for sick babies getting a vaccine is not a good idea). Not vaccinating healthy children endangers herd immunity. This means that diseases can use unvaccinated children as an host and susequenty infect babies and children that can’t get vaccinated. Therefor, your freedom of choice endangers other people’s children. However, I still do not support making vaccine compulsory by law. Giving the state that kind of power is not a good idea no matter what. I do however support banning unvaccinated children from public schools.

    I don’t see how abortion is relevant to this discussion.

  • Pro vaccine guy

    I said multiple times that you can question anyone. I said that you are arrogant if you think you know better than the entire medical industy. I don’t know what to make of that story. I have no idea why the doctors acted the way they did – maybe they had a reason or maybe they are idiots.

    You seem to continue insisting that I don’t question things. I have told you mutliple times that that is nonsense. Yes I question my teachers. In university this is not only allowed but actively encouraged. There is however a difference between asking valid questions, and asking questions out of ignorance and then discarding any answers as lies. The vaccine denialist community uses the same methods as evolution denialists here. They both keep asking for evidence to prove or disprove what they believe, and when this evidence is presented they turn there head away and ask the same questions to someone else.

    For your last question I have no anwser. I wouldn’t know what vaccines are “more dangerous” than others. My opinion isn’t relevant here. I’m not a immunologist so I wouldn’t know.

  • Tabitha Bogen

    That was his choice to smoke. It is MY choice to not put toxins in MY childs body. Keep YOUR kids healthy and I will as well.

  • Tabitha Bogen

    prove it.

  • Tabitha Bogen

    Do you even know what YOU’RE talking about? Do you know how an immune system works? With every injection and OTC medication and antibiotic you take, you kill off the cells and good bacteria your immune system NEEDS to naturally fight things off. In turn, this makes you weaker and thus starts the cycle of dependence on more medication and more antibiotics. The more you take the less chance you actually have of being able to fight off the superbugs we are creating in our antibacterial world. Your body heats up to kill off invaders. Most people don’t even know that a fever is a GOOD thing. They take reducers and stay sick longer. The next time they get sick, their bodies are that much weaker.

    Source: Microbiology 101. Read a book, not a marketing campaign.

  • Pro vaccine guy
  • Pro vaccine guy

    Prove that there aren’t multiple germs in vaccines? That should be common knowlegde but okay:


    Prove that they are safe:


    Before you start on the fact that there is some risk, yes there is. There is also some risk to exhaust fumes but you still go outside. The benifits greatly outwheigh the risks.


  • Satoshi Ronin

    Lol u listed a link to visit a C.D.C site… clearly u r a robot who is in need of enlightenment if ur reading and taking advice from the cdc.

  • Satoshi Ronin

    Mr.Pro you do know that man kind has been on this plant long before vaccines and will continue to be here after. Do u honestly believe everything ur government tells u? Like others have said. Take care of ur child and I’ll take care of mine. When government flips the switch I’ll be happy knowing my child isn’t part of there control program.

  • Amber Michelle Tan

    The issue is that if the entire population decides not to vaccinate, we will undoubtedly have outbreaks of epidemics that were previously extinct. I do not believe that every vaccine is necessary, or that every child needs every vaccine. But I think you are doing a disservice to society if you refuse to protect yourself and those around you from dangerous diseases.

  • Fountain of Young Living

    Although there is no known vaccine for the
    virus, and the scope which it will reach is also unknown, those that
    have become infected are following a common theme. They have all been
    vaccinated with the MMR vaccines, influenza vaccines, and polio
    vaccines. Of course, many children in the United States have been
    vaccinated, and most are required to be vaccinated in order to enter
    school. However, it is interesting to note that the illness is not
    occurring, yet, in children that have not been vaccinated.
    more at

  • mia

    Respect level 0 due to your language….just saying.

  • mia

    Respect level is rising

  • Angela M Giglio-Stopczy

    Why aren’t the companies who make vaccines and the FDA looking to eliminate the injurys involved in vaccinating. Developing safer vaccines and testing before they go with the one shot fits all?

    I had a horrible reaction to the MMR my mom postponed the shot by 6 months and she got so much ridicule from the Drs that she was guilted in to doing something she was not comfortable with. I had instant reactions and long term effects they weren’t life threatining but put me through 5 years of unnecessary pain and discomfort. And the very fact when people try to say they are completely safe and no one gets injured is BS! Every one has adverse reactions to something. Just like not every one dies from the diseases.

    No accontability is taken when injuries accure. I am not going to gamble on something preventive with my kids health. Especially something like the flu shot that is pushed on me every dr visit during flu season!

    If it were that scary that people are declining vaccines why not be proactive instead of sitting and doing nothing but pointing a finger? Come up with safer vaccines use safer ingredients/components and develope testing to give parents that do research and have concerns piece of mind. instead of telling them “your child will probably be fine” most people are ok with believing something a doctor tells them but I am not that easily persuaded. I need to see facts and studies done by multiple sources. FDA controls our food as well and glyphosate is safe right?

    It is so ignorant to discredit someone’s concerns because your beliefs are different. I am sure I can pull up lots of data claiming the safety of vaccines from cdc.gov but I have also read independent studies (done by scientist) that proven that the risks are real and something to be concerned about.

  • AutismDad

    Apparently thats for the good of all that your family suffered so much. Don’t ask me to translate it

  • AutismDad

    WOW are you dopey. MMR look it up.

  • AutismDad

    lancet…buh wah ha ha

  • AutismDad


  • Kaylaya N L Wells

    That doesn’t mean what doctors and students are studying is true. Your as blind as the rest of us being indoctrinated in to propaganda and schools that are run by the government. Its just like what Hitler did. Bringing up a blind generation and then killing them one vaccine at a time and feeding us poison in our food. Doctors are not being trained with truth but with what the government gives them as truth and then you doctors are feeding those lies to us and killing our babies and ourselves in the process. We are supposed to trust doctors and we can’t because of whats right in front of us. In 1976 1 child in 30 was learning disabled. In 2013 1 child in 6 is learning disabled. In 1992 1 child in 500 developed Autism. In 2013 1 child in 50 develops autism. What is wrong with that picture? There is something bad happening and continuing to just “go along” with it is not working for me or my family. I don’t even want my kids in public school because of the crap they are trying to put in their brains nowadays not to mention “common core” is awful! Dumbing down our children so they can’t think for themselves. The government and the Pharma are all about money so they are in it together poisoning us and forcing us to go to the doctor and then getting addiction or hooked in to that system. Its an awful cycle and I am not goin to support it.