The amazing story of UNICEF, the struck off paediatrician Professor David Southall OBE and vaccines

Christina England
American Chronicle
November 1st, 2009

UNICEF is known particularly for work with children in the third world. They are always there to help, in situations of crisis, whether it be earthquakes, droughts or natural disasters. On their UNICEF homepage about us they state:-

“Protecting children

UNICEF believes that every child should have clean water, food, health care, education, and a safe environment in which to grow up. UNICEF upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and works to hold the international community responsible for their promises to children.”

They are known as the charity to trust and UNICEF UK last year raised a massive £42.9 million for their work with children worldwide. However, are they all that they are cracked up to be? I was shocked to find what I can only describe as a more sinister side lurked beneath the surface of their squeaky clean image.

In 1993, a paediatrician by the name of Prof David Southall who has since been disgraced , discredited and struck off the GMC medical register, worked for UNICEF on a project in Bosnia. As a result of what he saw there he set up an organisation called Child Advocacy International now renamed Child Health Advocacy International or sometimes Maternal and Child Health Advocacy International, which he still has a large input in. Prof David Southall can be found on the board of trustee’s

He was struck off at the GMC for serious professional misconduct in cases involving children. The BBC News in 2007 reported that:-

“The General Medical Council decided last week that he had abused his position by accusing a mother of drugging and murdering her son.”

He was also accused of hiding secret files containing data of children in cases where he been involved, These files were kept separately from the children’s medical records and their data remained undisclosed during criminal proceedings. The same BBC report reports that:-

“The GMC also ruled that, in some cases, Dr Southall acted inappropriately in keeping original medical documents on children in his care in his own special case files separately from their official medical records.

Lawyers acting for the Attorney General are now examining thousands of these files amid concerns that they were not revealed during criminal proceedings.”

Prof David Southall was also involved in the Sally Clark case. Sally Clark’s child Harry, who, we have since learned died five hour after vaccination, as reported in the Spectator in May 2007, was said to have been murdered by Sally along with her other child, who both died SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or cot deaths.

That same BBC news report says:-

“In 2004 Dr Southall was suspended from child protection work over his role in the case of Sally Clark, wrongly jailed over the death of her two sons.

Dr Southall accused Mrs Clark’s husband Steve of murdering the two boys on the basis of a television interview.”

The GMC are reported to have said:-

“In all the circumstances the panel has concluded that you have deep seated attitudinal problems and that your misconduct is so serious that it is fundamentally incompatible with your continuing to be a registered medical practitioner.”

His attitude is well known as being difficult and can best be defined in an interview he gave in a since hidden documentary 20/20 where he featured along with the Expert in Autism and psychologist, Lisa Blakemore-Brown.

This documentary was made by TV3, Auckland New Zealand, for their 20/20 programme. It won a Quantas Award for Best Investigative Medical Journalism but despite featuring two leading British professionals and winning a coveted award, the 20/20 documentary, was never seen in the UK, until it turned up suddenly on Live Leak. The documentary was filmed in Auckland and in England during the early months of 1997 and aired on March 27th 1997.

The focus for the documentary was the use of the legal term “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy” and how innocent mothers have been destroyed by having it falsely applied to them and blamed for their children’s only too real conditions, many of which are related to side effects of drugs and vaccines.

What is not widely known is that despite being struck off and discredited Prof David Southall still fosters strong links to the charity UNICEF.

Details of the links between the organisations can be found in a manual for health workers called Child Friendly Healthcare

“The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative (CFHI), a child health quality improvement program, was developed by Childhealth Advocacy International (CAI), Charity No: 1071486, in collaboration with The United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF), The Child and Adolescent Department of Health and Development of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), UK and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), UK. The Community Fund, UK funded its pilot project”.

The manual also states:-

“Dr. David Southall OBE MBBS MD FRCPCH

David Southall is honorary medical director of Childhealth Advocacy International. He is the chair of the working party for CFHI. His main interests are the safe and effective management of emergencies in pregnancy, infancy and childhood. He has published many papers concerning the protection of children from abuse and is active in developing child protectionsystems for poorly resourced countries. He is particularly worried about the concept of suffering and how little attention is drawn to this in current international programs for mothers and children. He is also active in developing palliative care systems for disadvantaged countries. He has directed the development”

As we have seen Prof David Southall has been linked to at least two and possibly many more cases where vaccines have caused adverse reactions. In both cases highlighted above, the Sally Clark case and the case in Australia, he has falsely accused parents of either killing their child or causing their children’s problems. In the 20/20 film he clearly states that one of the few mistakes he has made in his career is that he has not used the term MSBP enough.

So this this shows that Dr Southall is happy to accuse mothers of abusing their children even where vaccines have been the likely cause of their death, disability or illness. Is this perhaps to cover this fact up? This is something I guess we shall never know.

On the Daily Mail Online, Sue Reid reports in Is this doctor responsible for parents being falsely branded as child abusers another case where Prof Southall falsely accused parents of harming their children the report also says:-

“In the 1980s and 1990s, under the aegis of Dr Southall, thousands of sick children were given breathing tests ? called ‘sleep studies’.

The experiments, authorised by hospital ethics committees, were carried out despite the doubts of worried parents.

Incredibly, it is now alleged that some of the tiny babies were forced to breathe poisonous gases and deprived of oxygen.

The results of these tests were stored by the paediatrician in 4,500 secret files.

But the true nature of the experiments ? to discover the cause of cot-death ? is only coming to light now the children involved are grown-up.”

He was also linked to covert video surveillance where many believe that he allowed parents to abuse their children on video to prove the MSBP Munchausen by Proxy label. BBC News – Professor David Southall : attracting controversy

This all clearly shows that Mr Southall is happy to experiment on small vulnerable children in the name of science.

As I have shown Mr Southall is linked through CAI to UNICEF.

The latest UNICEF initiative is giving newborn babies in third world countries a tetanus vaccine. Some of these babies are weak and sickly through poor sanitation, malnutrition and filth. Flies buzz round as they lay sick and dying. Many of them are suffering from severe diarrhoea. Are vaccines really the first line of help these babies need? Wouldn’t better sanitation, good nutrition, vitamins and clean drinking water be better a better use of resources, as these babies first line of defence against disease? Perhaps, but UNICEF choose instead vaccines to combat their diseases.

Many of these vaccines have toxins in and are known to have severe side effects, such as Autism, encephalitis and even death. Acute midbrain syndrome as an adverse reaction to tetanus immunization. G Schwarz, G Lanzer and W F List

Prof David Southall is fully aware that vaccines can have devastating side effects especially if given to weak and ill babies. Many of the cases of SBS/SIDS have been caused because the babies were premature or too ill to have them. Profitable Harm SBS and Vaccines, Apparent Life-Threatening Events, Barlow.s Disease, and Questions about Shaken Baby Syndrome – Dr Michael Innis MBBS

Lisa Blakemore-Brown says in Omissions prove what is really going on in the system

“In a recent Panorama programme, David Southall raised the incident of a nose bleed suffered by Stephen and the late Sally Clark’s first child Christopher. The nose bleed came a few days after vaccination, like so many in the VAERS Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System list. A week later he died like others also on that list.

David Southall famously reported Stephen Clark to the Crown Prosecution Service after he saw him discuss the nose bleed in a TV documentary, saying he had a duty, as it was child abuse, specifically intentional suffocation. More hell landed on this tragic family.

Eventually David Southall was found guilty by the GMC of professional misconduct over the matter and the BBC gave Mr Southall the opportunity to repeat his assertions about the nose bleed, even going to the extent of showing the original Dispatches programme on which Mr Clark talked about the nose bleed. So effectively Mr Southall is continuing to assert that Mr Clark murdered his child. Shamefully, Mr Southall claimed that he did this out of concern for Sally Clark and the child who remained with Mr Clark.

I say shamefully, because what David Southall failed to mention was that there is another variable continually left out of the differential diagnosis after such events – the possibility of vaccine damage. He failed to mention that nose bleeds can occur after vaccine and that indeed so can “cot death”.

A year later, the Clark’s next baby died just five hours after vaccination and no-one, lawyer or Expert, would raise the matter in Court, instead damning an innocent mother, now deceased through grief.

It is impossible for both Sir Roy Meadow and Mr Southall to NOT know about these vaccine adverse reactions in the Clark case when they gave evidence”.

However, the most sickening thing about all this really is not only is UNICEF linked to an organisation run by a doctor deemed so dangerous, by the GMC that they say “your misconduct is so serious that it is fundamentally incompatible with your continuing to be a registered medical practitioner.” but that UNICEF are giving vaccinations known to cause devastating side-effects to sick vulnerable babies in the third world, Even worse still UNICEF have linked up with Pampers nappies/diapers in a campaign called UNICEF and Pampers Gift for Life Campaign 1 pack = 1 vaccine For every pack of Pampers bought 1 tetanus vaccine will be sent to the third world. UNICEF is advertising through heart wrenching adverts showing western mothers happily nursing happy healthy babies in a range of languages around the world shown on television.

Happy Birthday Pampers and UNICEF

1 pack of Pampers = 1 Life saving Vaccine

The Journey of your Vaccine

The world’s Governments are backing this all the way

UK Government Vaccines and UNICEF

Pakistan Governments Vaccines and UNICEF

China Government, UNICEF, Vaccines and Pampers

China again

Pampers support UNICEF for fourth year UK Fund-raising

Even Boots the Chemist is backing the campaign.

In the UK currently parents need to be CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked to even take a friends child to school or look after them. Telegraph – CRB checks deterring school volunteers

I wonder if Dr David Southall has had to have checks because despite being disgraced, descredited, suspended and eventually struck off the medical register for serious professional misconduct in his work involving children, the world’s Governments, Big Pharma and UNICEF, one of the largest most trusted worldwide organisations working with children, are willing to still use and trust his experitse.

The many parents he has falsely accused of child abuse would not pass these checks and would not be allowed to have anything to do with even a Sunday School church outing, let alone help children in the third world, whether that be directly or indirectly.

The amazing thing is that when Lisa Blakemore-Brown tried over and over to say that she felt something was going on and even tried to interest BBC Panorama in the links between vaccines adverse reactions, false allegations of child abuse and Prof David Southall, she was not only called paranoid by her governing body, the British Psychologist Society who tried their hardest to have her struck off but had her views completely dismissed by Panorama who simply were not interested, despite her evidence. BBC Panorama Proposes to Swim with the Dr David Southall Sharks – Lisa Blakemore-Brown .

Far from being paranoid I believe that Lisa has been right all along and is probably more sane than the rest of us put together. Long may her good work helping children with Autism and families falsely accused of child abuse continue.

About the author


Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.