“I allowed the doctor to persuade me into allowing them to give her the varicella vaccine…7 days later she woke up vommitting…”

What did your doctor learn about vaccines in medical school?

This question comes from Paula:

“My 6 year old daughter went in for a routine physical on July 13, 2012 for Pop Warner. She was in excellent health. I allowed the doctor to persuade me into allowing them to give her the varicella vaccine. I strongly said “no” to the MMR. 7 days later she woke up vommitting with stomach pain. (here is a short summary of our experience)She broke out with small blisters 9 days after receiving the shot. She was diagnosed with hand foot mouth disease by a couple doctors. Yet, no children she was exposed to during the time she was most sick ever got sick from her and we were not socializing with any ill people.

A couple days later, she stopped eating because of the stomach pain, In fact she went 3 days without food, 2 days without being able to drink fluids and more than 36 hours without being able to walk. The only thing that kept her alive was the ER trips in the night for IV fluids. All of her blood and urine lab work appeared normal, so we were repeatedly sent home. She is still sick and has not yet fully recovered.

I know that stomach pain is a side effect from this vaccine. My question is how do you fix it? Forget trying to get compensation from her medical expenses that total between $5k-$10k and still adding up, I want my healthy child back! Her energy level is low, she hasn’t gained back all the weight she has lost. She is 49″ tall and weighs only 37 pounds. She continues to have stomach pain, chest pain, pain under her left rib cage, and pain above her left hip.

Do you know of any similar cases and how to go about proper treatment for recovery? Her regular doctors deny she became ill from the shot yet the ER doctors outside of of our HMO said she clearly is ill because of it… but even they don’t quite put that on paper. They simply labeled her as having an allergy to that vaccine. I’m frustrated that our HMO doctors will not acknowledge the side effects, and that they don’t know how to treat them. Vaccines should not be given unless the side effects can be resolved. Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated!”


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Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.