“My husband and I are missionaries…Are there any single dose vaccines available anymore?”

A parent named Tasha is wondering:

“My husband and I are missionaries, going to Africa. Because of the higher risks in country, we are required to vaccinate our daughter. Based on information we have found, most illnesses we vaccinate for are curable with access to medication and good healthcare. We will have access to neither once we move. Are there any single dose vaccines available anymore? I want her to obtain select vaccinations, but not all. Polio = ok, pertussis = unnecessary, meningitis = ok, diphtheria = unnecessary, etc. How do I find this out? And where do I find a list of side effects for each brand of vaccine? I feel in over my head trying to find the lesser of two evils!”


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Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.