4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women

An increase of fetal deaths were reported to VAERS after pregnant women were given flu vaccines.

Documentation received from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) states that between 2009 and 2010 the mercury-laden combined flu vaccinations have increased Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) fetal death reports by 4,250 percent in pregnant women. Eileen Dannemann, NCOW’s director, made abundantly clear that despite these figures being known to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the multiple-strain, inactivated flu vaccine containing mercury (Thimerosal) has once again been recommended to pregnant women as a safe vaccination this season.

Outraged by the CDC’s total disregard for human life, Ms. Dannemann accused the CDC of ‘willful misconduct,’ saying that they are responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies. She stated that the CDC deliberately misled the nation’s obstetricians and gynecologists and colluded with the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) to mislead the public by advertising the flu vaccine as a safe vaccine for pregnant women when they knew fully well that it was causing a massive spike in fetal deaths.

In a letter to Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ms. Dannemann wrote:

“Not only did the CDC fail to disclose the spiraling spike in fetal death reports in real time during the 2009 pandemic season as to cut the fetal losses, but also we have documented by transcript Dr. Marie McCormick, chairperson of the Vaccine Safety Risk Assessment Working Group (VSRAWG) on September 3, 2010, denying any adverse events in the pregnant population during the 2009 Pandemic season.” [1]


Because the H1N1 pandemic vaccine had never been tested on the pregnant population, and to lessen the intensity of fears of the unknown risks, Dr. Marie McCormick of the CDC was employed to keep track of all adverse events during the 2009 pandemic season, including those adverse events in the pregnant population. Dr. McCormick was responsible for sending monthly reports to the Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS), citing any suspicious adverse events.

According to Ms. Dannemann, NCOW has been unable to obtain access to these monthly reports. After sending a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC, she was told that she may have to wait 36 months to access what should be published public reports.

The Mercola letter continues:

“The Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) and CDC were confronted with the VAERS data from NCOW on September 3, 2010, in Washington, D.C., and then again by conference call on September 10, and then again in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 28, 2010. On both September 3 and September 10, Dr. Marie McCormick clearly denied that there were any adverse events for pregnant women from the 2009 flu vaccine.”


To emphasize their point, on October 28, 2010, NCOW requested that Dr. Rene Tocco present their data at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC’s Dr. Shimabakuru gave a presentation on significant adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccine, such as cases of Guillane-Barre Syndrome, which appeared to have risen three percent, claiming it as an insignificant signal.

No mention at all was made of adverse events related to pregnant women. Unfortunately for Dr. Shimabakuru, his attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the audience were foiled when he was challenged by a member of the audience asking if the vaccine caused adverse events in pregnancy. Feeling cornered, he reluctantly looked in his bag and sheepishly presented a slide that corroborated the NCOW data, confirming that the CDC knew of the spike in fetal deaths in the fall of 2010. [2]

So, why did Dr. Shimabkauru have a slide containing compromising evidence in his bag? Why did he decide to hide the slide? Surely, if he had prepared a slide outlining this crucial data, it would have made sense to include the slide in his presentation. After all, a 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths is far more significant that a three percent increase in Guillane-Barre Syndrome.

Ms. Dannemann believes that the existence of this slide, along with the omission of it in his presentation, confirms that the CDC knew of the spike in fetal deaths by the fall of 2010 and was attempting by any means possible not to make it public.

Outlining a catalog of events, Ms. Dannemann believes the CDC’s continual cover ups puts the lives of pregnant women and their unborn children in serious jeopardy. She maintained:

“Continuing the vaccine program without notifying the public or the healthcare practitioners of the VAERS miscarriage/stillbirth incoming data was clearly a purposeful decision. The CDC, aware of their own incoming stream of early vaccine adverse events reports, clearly decided to allow the obstetricians to continue, unwittingly, murdering and damaging the unborn so that the CDC’s blunder of recommending the double-dose vaccination of pregnant women could be kept under the radar.”


Despite evidence that the CDC knew of the 4,250 percent increase in fetal death reports in 2009/2010, in order to ensure the continuance of the vaccine program for pregnant women, the CDC published a study in AJOG authored by Dr. Pedro Moro of the CDC in the fall of 2010. The study articulated that there were only 23 miscarriages caused by the single flu vaccine in 19 years between 1990 – 2009, an average of 1.2 miscarriages per year. This study formed the basis of a CDC worldwide publicity campaign that the flu shot was safe for pregnant women by willfully and strategically excluding the 2009 pandemic data, which was available to them. Ms. Dannemann said:

“Both the CDC and AJOG were well aware of the fact that physicians and the public were awaiting the results of the 2009 H1N1 untested vaccine on pregnant women, amid solid assurances to the public at the beginning of the pandemic season that the CDC was on top of collecting any adverse reactions to the vaccine by establishing the Vaccine Safety Risk Assessment Working Group chaired by Dr. Marie Mc Cormick (VSRAWG).”

Ms. Dannemann stated that by including the 2008/2009 flu season’s data but excluding the available 2009 data from the 2009/2010 flu season in the study published in AJOG, Dr. Moro was able to give the impression that the 2009/2010 pandemic season was covered in the data, which of course it was not. Ms. Dannemann believes that this was a deliberate act on his part because he was aware of the fetal death spike in the 2009/2010 data at the time of preparing the study and purposely excluded the 2009 pandemic data from the study to hide this fact.

In the fall of 2010, just in time for the new flu season, media outlets all over the world publicized the AJOG, peer-reviewed CDC/Dr. Moro study as adamant proof that the flu shot is safe for pregnant women. The NCOW documents prove at the same time as widely publicizing advice that all pregnant women required the combined flu vaccination, the CDC was busy organizing ten non-profit organizations, to sign a joint letter to urge obstetricians and gynecologists to continue to vaccinate their pregnant patients.

One of the organizations to sign the letter was The March of Dimes [3] who urged health care providers to recommend the flu vaccine to pregnant women and those who expect to become pregnant. They wrote the following recommendation to all medical professionals:

“Advice from a healthcare provider plays an important role in a pregnant and postpartum woman’s decision to get vaccinated against seasonal influenza. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (The College), American Medical Association (AMA), American Nurses Association (ANA), American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), March of Dimes, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are asking for your help in urging your pregnant and postpartum patients to get vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends that pregnant and postpartum women receive the seasonal influenza vaccine this year, even if they received 2009 H1N1 or seasonal influenza vaccine last year. Lack of awareness of the benefits of vaccination and concerns about vaccine safety are common barriers to influenza vaccination of pregnant and postpartum women.”

Representatives from all ten organizations signed the letter.

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This year, on September 27, 2012, the Human and Environmental Toxicology Journal (HET) published Dr. Gary Goldman’s study that confirms NCOWs data, a 4,250 percent increase in the number of miscarriages and stillbirths reported to VAERS in the 2009/2010 flu season. [4] The study points out an astounding fact that no one saw until the publishing of the Goldman study in HET: the CDC had recommended the double-dosing of the pregnant population with the seasonal flu vaccine with mercury and the untested H1N1 vaccine with mercury.

In his abstract, Goldman said:

“The aim of this study was to compare the number of inactivated-influenza vaccine–related spontaneous abortion and stillbirth (SB) reports in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database during three consecutive flu seasons beginning 2008/2009 and assess the relative fetal death reports associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season.”

The facts that Goldman exposed are extremely disturbing. He highlights the fact that the safety and effectiveness of the A-H1N1 had never been established in pregnant women and that the combination of two different influenza vaccines had never been tested on pregnant women at all.

Even more worrisome is the fact that the A-H1N1 vaccine inserts from the various manufacturers contained this warning:

“It is also not known whether these vaccines can cause fetal harm when administered to pregnant women or can affect reproduction capacity.’’ (emphasis added)

Dr. Goldman also pointed out that the developing fetus is indirectly exposed to mercury when thimerosal-containing vaccines are administered to a pregnant woman. He outlined a study written by A.R. Gasset, M. Itoi, Y. Ischii and R.M. Ramer who examined what happened after rabbits were vaccinated with thimerosal–containing radioactive mercury. Goldman stated that from one hour post-injection to six hours post-injection, the level of radioactive mercury in the blood dropped over 75 percent. Yet from two hours post-injection to six hours post-injection, there were significantly increased radioactivity levels in the fetal brain, liver, and kidney.

Dr. Goldman concluded that because the rates of miscarriage reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) for the single flu vaccine were relatively low, health care providers developed a false sense of security that flu vaccines administered during pregnancy were safe.  Goldman explained that just because a single vaccine has been tested and considered to be relatively safe, this does not mean that vaccinating pregnant women with two or more Thimerosal containing vaccines will be safe for them or their unborn babies. Overall, Goldman firmly believes that the VAERS grossly underestimates the true rates of miscarriage and other adverse events encountered in the US population. Remember, it is estimated that  less than a tenth of true adverse reactions are reported to the VAERS with a one percent reporting rate for serious adverse events, including death, according to a study led by former FDA Commissioner Dr. David A. Kessler. [5]

As seen in the Goldman study, with the return to a single flu shot, the flu vaccine-related reports of fetal loss have returned to a significantly lower level compared to the high level of fetal loss reports in the two-dose 2009/2010 flu season. However, higher than background flu shot vaccine-related fetal losses continue to be reported to the VAERS.

Furthermore, the Goldman study recommends that the babies who survived the deadly double dose in utero be monitored:

“In addition, because of the order of magnitude increase in fetal-loss report rates, from 6.8 fetal loss reports per million pregnant women vaccinated in the single-dose 2008/2009 season to 77.8 in the two-dose 2009/2010 season, further long term studies are needed to assess adverse outcomes in the surviving children. Additional research concerning potential synergistic risk factors associated with the administration of Thimerosal-containing vaccines is warranted, and the exposure-effect association should be verified in further toxicological and case-control studies.” (emphasis added)

Aside from fetal deaths, the CDC initiative to increase uptake of vaccines in pregnant women continues to fuel the increases in the levels of neurodevelopmental, developmental, behavioral abnormalities, and chronic illness in the surviving children. Due to omitting reports of fetal deaths, the CDC enjoys success in increasing the uptake and number of vaccines in the pregnant population. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is now recommending not only the flu shot (with mercury) but also the Tdap vaccine.


The work of NCOW and Dr. Goldman has proven that potential lives are being destroyed before they are even old enough to draw their first breath. Developing fetuses who are fortunate enough to survive the onslaught of vaccinations now being recommended to pregnant women then need to play a form of Russian Roulette from the day they are born, because their caring parents followed the advice they were given by professionals who have been deliberately misguided.

Eileen Dannemann and her team have proven with their remarkable work that both public and professionals alike are being lied to and deceived by organizations put in place by the government to sanction our vaccination programs. In my opinion, this is genocide and the sooner people realize that all vaccines come with an element of risk and begin to research the dangers for themselves, the sooner these insane experiments will end.

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We would like to thank Eileen Dannemann and Dr. Paul King for asking VacTruth.com to report on their very important work.

Eileen Dannemann is the director of the National Coalition of Organized Women and the founder of the student vaccine liberation Army www.VaccineLiberationArmy.com. Dr. Gary Goldman and Dr. Paul G. King, vaccine consultant to NCOW, have provided to the public a most important study.



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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Great article once more, thank you so much!!

  • EllenDiann

    Does Christina know that there are doctors who can reverse the damage done to her children?  She may want to contact http://www.drcarley.com for how to cure her own sons of their damage from vaccines.

  • You rock it, Christina!!!!

  • Barbara

    wHEN ARE YOU WOMEN GOING TO LEARN? VACCINES ARE DEADLY. ESPECIALLY THE FLU. Population CONTROL, THE CDC DOSENT WANT MORE BABYS .there is no respect for human life in this country if there were, we wouldnt have all the  death we have, they have all the cures. they have to cut the population down.

  • Christina England

     I know Dr Carley very well I am on her radio show tonight 3pm-5pm EST. Thank you for raising this fact Ellen because it may help many readers.


  • EllenDiann

     I will try and catch this radio show.  Did you cure your children?  Is it true that these children can all be healed, or are there some with permanent damage, irreparable?  Of course, what is impossible with man is possible with God.  Faith moves God and God is moving strongly in Nigerian T.B. Joshua.  http://www.emmanuel.tv

  • Christina England

     No I have not used her methods as my children are both adults and had improved with dietary changes. I have been informed that her methods are good and have helped children. All things are possible to those who believe in God

  • Misramadhu

    Not the first coincidence in my life, related to mercury-  I was just thinking today that we need to call the CDC the Center for Disease Cover-up, and then found this article on my email. I sincerely hope that this news gets out to all the young mothers.. Interesting that Marie McCormick  was the person chosen to “handle”  the situation.  She is the person who in 2001, at the Simpsonwood meeting, stated that  no matter what the data showed about  the possibility that mercury in vaccines  causes autism, she was never going to “come down” that mercury in vaccines is related to autism, because it is her job to get  hundreds of thousands of kids vaccinated.  So, whenever I see a parent in New Delhi carrying a two year old boy with blank face/sparse hair/running nose/weak appearance (all signs of  mercury laden vaccines)- I say to myself, “Another McCormick baby”  and, if possible I give the parents information about the vaccines. Almost invariably they are very much interested because they themselves are much worried about their child.   
         It is now perfectly clear, from the CDC’s own written records, that they knew before 2001 that autism rates had been falling in Denmark  consistently with each passing year, after Denmark stopped Thimerosal vaccines in 1992.  They received this  information from Danish health authorities. 
       Since you are on the topic of mercury during pregnancy, I have just been reading  the report from Australia in which the researchers note that the dangers of mercury during pregnancy, from either fish or vaccines is far more than we could imagine earlier.  This large number of reports to Vaers, is clear proof that they are correct.  They seem to think that even eating fish during early pregnancy might cause an early miscarriage.    Another thing that I learned from their report is that  cerebral palsy has also been linked to  mercury.   The researchers state that when advisories about the safety of eating fish are given to pregnant women, they consider  the effect of mercury on the ADULT –    Rather than the effect of that level of mercury on the tiny fetus.
        All readers, please google on The Bolen Report to read about how the CDC has covered up the dangers of vaccines.    And by the way,  WHO appoints Marie McCormick to  these positions that have to cover up mercury damage?  Anyone know?

  • 441019

    Thanks for this informative and very disturbing article. After the “swine flu epidemic,” I had read reports by women who said they had had a miscarriage after getting the H1N1 shot–I had heard of about 200 cases–but I didn’t know how many more cases there were.
    This is very strong evidence that there is a program of genocide going on, for the purpose of population reduction.
    In addition to the flu shots, there is the Gardasil or HPV vaccine, which contains sodium borate (borax, or boric acid), which is classified as a dangerous poison and is “toxic to reproduction.” This vaccine has been recommended for girls beginning as young as 9, and has also been recommended for boys. In my opinion, this is also evidence of genocide.
    I wonder how we can wake up the public, and how we can fight this great evil!

  • Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride specialises in the GAPS program. This is the Gut
    and Psychology Syndrome diet. She specialises in sick children and autistic
    spectrum and vaccine damaged children, I would guess, but she also puts whole
    families on GAPS and within herself she is an extrordinary woman and also a
    medical doctor. She explains the mechanisms of disease, and GAPS practitioners
    are now spreading. Here are four video interviews. GAPS Pt 1: Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epkFl5qaYEUGAPS Pt 2:
    Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYTCids0dXEGAPS Pt 3:
    Dr Natasha Campbell McBride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS4FFoz1xBoGAPS Pt 4:
    Dr Natasha Campbell McBride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNHYnb0tfow

    John Wantling, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK

  • If we look down on america from above, we see the self destruction and the weakening of a whole nation taking place. We poison and damage the little children and the adults with toxic vaccines and other medications, and then we all get sick. Now we are poisoning to death the unborn, and then we force vaccines on the masses. When are you americans going to wake up from your deep sleep. You dont need terrorists in your country as you are doing a great job in terrorising yourselves. You can just imagine your enemies thinking to themselves, we will go take a long holiday and let america self destruct because they are doing a far better job than we could ever do. Your country has a foundation based of a lunatic asylum. John Wantling, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK

  • Jamie Manuel

    What exactly are Dr. Gary Goldman’s credentials, as following the link given to the abstract of his study, he is listed as an independent computer scientist? I am a bit confused by the numbers given in his abstract, as he lists numbers in death per million, where as fetal mortality statistics are generally given in death per thousands. If in fact women who had received vaccinations were experiencing fetal death rates at 6.8 per million or even 77.8 per million, those numbers would be fantastically low, as the standing fetal mortality rate for the U.S. is roughly 4 per thousand.

  • Hmettier

    Watch Autisim Made in America on youtube to see how children are being healed by doctors through diet from severe autisim cases so completely that teachers several months later can not tell that the child ever had Autisim to begin with.
    The childhood vaccines have been bound to peanut oil since the ’80’s. Now the schools have life threatening peanut allergies to deal with. It turns out that 10% of the population who get injected with peanut oil will manifest a life threatening allergy.
    In Japan, when they stopped vaccinating children before the age of two, SIDS almost completely disappeared.
    Chemical candy can not be broken down by the body and loads up in the liver causing fibrosis of the liver. An entire generation of kids now has this problem. When this was learned two years ago here and in England, the British outlawed chemical candy. But not in America. Our food lobby was too strong to let that get in the way of profits.
    I don’t think they like healthy children here. Too much money to be made by damaging them.
    Unfortunately the people who make it into the corridors of power, whether in the corporations or in politics, are self serving psychopaths that could care less about how much damage they do in their quest for increased profits.
    And, since the pharmaceutical industry has now been fined over 800 Billion dollars for falsifying reports and a myriad of other illegal activities with usually no jail time served for the perps, this is nothing more than business as usual.
    Doctors are usually well meaning good people that believe what they are told by the authorities. I never let them make decisions for me. I pay them to educate me so I can make an informed choice. And since most do not understand the extent of the fraud, I do my own research on the internet to learn as much as possible about the problem at hand.
    Unfortunately, the sheep are easily controlled with high potency fear tactics. They are lead to the slaughter for the sake of satiating the insatiable greed of the bottomless deapths of the psychopaths hallucinations.

  • Guest

    Upon quick examination, the deaths cited in this article do not check out. Source 2, slide 20, in fact, reports normal vaccine safety outcomes in pregnant women. Where did this 4250% number come from?!

  • Antieugenist

    800 billion dollars in fine is a very high number, personally I was able to Google information  that added up to 16 billion dollars in fines for the 20 largest Big Pharma companies. This is not making the crimes lesser though.

  • Ncowmail

     The difference between 4 fetal death reports in 2008/9 season and 2009/10 season of 170- Shimabakuru slide  (Goldman calculated 179)  is a 4,250% increase  (4 compared to 179)

  • Ncowmail

     Jamie:  You can email Dr. Goldman pearblossominc@aol.com.
    He works with our vaccine scientists.  He is an excellent statistician.  He has a very lengthy and amazing CV.  He has authored and co authored many peer reviewed studies.  I can send you his CV, ifyou would like  ncowmail@gmail.com  Eileen Dannemann, director, NCOW

  • Ncowmail

    the CDC slide (Shimabakuru) does not compare the year before data to the pandemic year data. They just state the figures.  However, Dr. Goldman compares 2008/9 to 2009/10.  There is a 4,250% increase in VAERS vaccine associated induced abortions comparing one year to the next.  That is where the 4, 250% increase is seen.

  • Guest

    was the sample size the same between the two years?

  • Christina England

     Jamie here is a full list of Dr Goldman’s qualifications and accolades. http://www.omniexperts.com/Experts/dr.%20gary%20goldman.htm

  • Argus

    Now you are really getting at it with your question. There is no ‘sample size’ for what is reported to VAERS.
    VAERS reports do not identify the frequency of occurence of anything except how many people chose to report something.
    Pretending like the VAERS information can be used to draw conclusions is a favorite trick of those who seek to deceive.

  • Thanks for these stats. 
    I wondered when the tree would fall in the forest that no one would
    hear.  Vaccines were never tested for
    effects on fertility since Jenner. 
    That’s 222 years to get it right. 
    They never did clinical tests because they already knew that they could
    literally liquefy the brains of children inside their skulls with a vaccine.


    There is no statute of limitation on fraud or murder.


    Since this is reported by VAERS this means it is severely
    underreported.  Lettuce estimate up to
    about 10,000 which is totally insanely low, but it makes a point.  This accounts for fetal death and the
    criminally shortened life of the mother who was shot.  We find that in order for the Georgia Guidestones Goal (G3) of a
    world population of 500 million you have to wipe out about 6.5 trillion.  Divided by ten thousand per year, unless I
    did my math wrong, it would take 650,000 years to achieve their goals.  Since I don’t think they want to wait that
    long we need to figure in the stats of other shots like Rubella, MMR, Tetanus,
    HIB, Hepatitis B, etc. and get a clearer picture of how much death and
    infertility is being unleashed here.   I
    see a pregnant woman in public about once every 3 months or less.  Their scarcity in public is obvious.  I’m old enough to remember pregnant women in
    public as a common sight. 

  • Rights as defined by The Protocols are that which can be taken by force.  If you are living under military occupation then you are a prison population that has no rights.  If you didn’t sign the Constitution then you are not party to it and claiming it makes you a trespasser on a private contract.   Death and perversion is their Religion.  Impeach whoever you like.  Spooner said that voting is a fraud because it is secret.  You can vote and they still install their same Family bloodline that most can trace directly to Vlad Tepes III.  The reason it is called North and South America is because they are two different divisions of the same company.  Militaries also have Divisions and Companies.  They also have Medical Corps.  These are called hospitals and clinics.  As you, Their Enemy, enter these bases they proceed to experiment on you the same way that the Germans and Japanese did in WWII.  The War never ended.  You’re all up to your nostrils in it.

  • empiricist

    If there is no sample size and you cannot draw conclusions, what is the point of reporting the data?

  • empiricist

    I never hear anything aboug squalene adjuvant (oil based) but it is highly controversial and was used in  the H1N1 vaccine I belleve.  It was exposed in the book Vaccine A, a military experimental anthrax vaccine used in the Gulf war and linked to gulf war syndrome.  It secretly had squalene in some lots in 4 different experimental concentrations.  CDC confirmed it.  It basically can cause the immune system to go after fatty tissue including nerve sheaths. 

  • Hmettier

    The government tells the pregnant woman not to eat fish for fear that the minute amount of mercury in the fish may irrepairably damage the unborn baby.
    Then, the same government says it is OK to inject a thousand times that amount of mercury into the mother as if it is not going to enter the baby.
    Why the disconnect?
    Injecting mercury into a pregnant mother sounds like a very stupid idea to me. And for what? To avert a common cold?
    Mercury is the most powerful neuro toxin known to man. The toxicity of Mercury is exceeded only by plutonium. People that advocate poisoning the pregnant mother were either given too much mercury as a child to have any common sense left, or, more likely, are an apologist for the baby killers.
    I am reminded of the IDF poster showing a pregnant woman in the crosshairs of a gun with the caption, “One shot, two kills”.
    Only a deamon, or a deamons lackey would adopt such an attitude. And we all know where they end up in the end.

  • Erinfoster

    I have been swearing left and right for the past 2.5 years, that there was no coincidence between the fact that I FINALLY gave in against my will to get the H1N1 in April 2010, and 9 days later my daughter died inside of me @35 weeks gestation. WHERE do i go to report my stillbirth as a possible connection to the H1N1 vaccination?!?!?

  • Sian Morton

    Can you show me the maths? A 4,250% increase in foetal deaths reported to VAERS between 2009 and 2010 sounds huge. The figure in the slide (‘slide 20’) gives a total of 170 spontaneous abortions and stillbirths reported to VAERS in 2009-2010. What was the inital number that the 4,250% is based on?

  • Salad Sandwich

    Lettuce? Really?

  • Thistle

     I went back and read the original Goldman article and he’s using only the VAERS data, which is self-report. So it in no way is reflective of the overall fetal death rate – NOR do the data in any way establish causality. Nor, while we’re talking about it, do they reflect a “4250%” increase. This is shoddy coverage of an already extremely questionable journal article.

  • Excellent article thank you Christina.
    Here is a small selection of propaganda and lies presented by the health authorities to the Norwegian public.
    Norwegian newspaper ”Verdens Gang” 30 Sept 2009

    Safe vaccine.
    “Chief doctor Björn Iversen at the Norwegian Inst of Public Health assures that Pandemrix is also safe for pregnant women”.

    Norwegian State Medicines Agency

    “Pandemrix does not increase risk of fetal death”.  This is the conclusion from a recent Danish study.
    “Gratifying results” says medical director Steinar Madsen.

  • Wow, chemistry is apparently not taken into consideration. “Mercury” by itself is not what is neurologically toxic. It is methylmercury, Thimerosal, the preservative in flu shots which is now found in trace amounts because of all the complaining, is metabolized into ethylmercury and thiosalicylate, Is Thimerosal toxic? Hell yeah it is, that’s what makes it a great preservative, but benefits outweigh the risks and the risk of complications from Thimerosal do not compare to the risks associated with the flu in the young and elderly.

  • notsofree

    4000% increase in fetal death rates!!!   Don’t give the abortionists any ideas.

    Just think they could reduce their overhead to a $5 injection and abort millions of humans.  No more clinics, no more staff, no more uterine vacuums. Just a little shot and lots of profit!!!

    Believe me there are a lot of sick twisted medical minds (Dr. Mengala) that are thinking just that way….and not in jest, like me.

  • Argus

    The flaws in the above article are too numerous to list in a comment. Luckily, an article has been written that covers it very well. I recommend reading it.

    “H1N1 vaccine and miscarriages: More dumpster diving in the VAERS database”

  • Hmettier

    To Mike Cutting:
    How many doses of vaccines now does the CDC recomend for a child now?
    Something like 64 doses?
    Thats a lot of mercury, or alumunum, or formaldihyde, or propoleyne glycol, or monkey DNA to be mainlining into a child.
    If they are so safe why does the government may millions each year to permanently damaged or dead children that were proven to have been harmed by the vaccines?
    If they are so safe, why don’t  you take those 64 doses of just the adjuvuncts, adjusted for your weight, and if you are still alive after the ordeal, I will give you $100.
    No? Why not?
    Your belief system is getting in the way of perceiving reality. There are numerous highly educated doctors that have read the falsified studies that understand the scam. 
    If you had an honest mind, with a little effort, you would understand the scam too. But that is just too scary for you isn’t it?

  • Ncowmail

    Argus..we know who you are and who you are working for.  But most importantly…there are no secrets in Heaven…and God knows who you are working for.  And that is the end of my discussion with you.



  • Salad Sandwich

    Can you show me the maths? A 4,250% increase in foetal deaths reported to VAERS between 2009 and 2010 sounds huge. The figure in the slide (‘slide 20’) gives a total of 170 spontaneous abortions and stillbirths reported to VAERS in 2009-2010. What was the inital number that the 4,250% is based on?Anyone??

  • Argus

    Judgemental, much, Ncowmail?
    When the only responses one gets to the contradictions and flaws in thinking that you point out is demonizing and condemnation – well that just shows that “opinions” about scientific matters don’t change facts.

  • Argus

    They are comparing the difference between two very small numbers, neither of which represents the rate of miscarriage in any group (because they are not randomly selected, unbiased, or even confirmed to be true).
    The headline and entire premise for this article is bogus.


    Argus, take a look, if you have a facebook account!

    Oscar Neil Duffy On the 1st November 2012, I had the Flu Vaccine and the Whooping cough Vaccine. My son Oscar died in my womb on or around the 5th November and was stillborn (An Angel) on the November 11, 2012. The redness of the face on this photo was due to him being kept in refrigeration for a week… with the regards to the dummy we did that for the children as his mouth was very black, a…nd we wanted his brothers and sisters to see him and say goodbye. Although the connection has yet to be proven, we believe strongly that the two vaccines contributed to his death and are now campaigning for ‘Oscar’s Law’ to be passed to ensure that parents are provided with all the relevant information to make an informed choice concerning vaccinations.




  • I think you have it backwards, Argus. The true opinions about scientific matters can only be determined when you have access to real and unbiased science and data. That means science that is not dictated as to its predetemined and needed findings outcome and infuenced by to much to lose big pharma and its associates. You can’t deal with that kind of truth, I assure you Argus. Where is your false discreditation going to come from, this time. All while you sing to the praises and false misinformation filled articles of David Gorski, and the falsley discrediting and attacking misinformation filled pages of Quackwatch.
    Am I right? Of course, and all to obviously.

    This is the real vaccine science, and about 95% of it is also published in Pubmed, by the way.

    The Vaccine Damage-Science

    Aluminum Adjuvants – Lack of Safety Data – Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Studies

  • Oh, and wow, Argus. And you couldn’t go to a respectable scientific journal, nor any such data, and instead you go to the lying to much to lose misinformation of ORAC, Mr David Gorski? How not impressive. And should anyone actually take seriously the ramblings of the very angry and insane man ORAC; who endlessly puts forth false descreditation, and with all its repeated name calling? All that from the man who calls himself “ORAC”? Seriously? He calls that blog, science based; but where is his actual science?  He is all to clearly a straight up, fraud. That was the best you could do?

    Present with the work and articles of this man?

  • VAERS clearly CAN be used to draw conslusions, Argus. The problem is that neither the CDC nor FDA is doing their job in actually reviewing VAERS. They refuse to look at VAERS in any honesty; that is all to clearly the case. When they even deny the clear links to harm that the Gardasil vaccine has shown, and so many of those reports have as well shown quite common patterns in those outcomes; then they clearly are NOT being honest nor doing their job as to evaluation of outcomes that VAERS was designed to provide for. Nothing would be enough, as they simply have to much to lose if the truth were known on a large scale. The truth as to the outcome for the findings of both Gardasil and Cervarix; that alone would shut the entire vaccine program down, and it would cause the whole vaccine program to come under some major re-evaluation. They do know that, and they are not about to ever let that happen. At what point in your mind Argus, does and would it become more harm than good being done? Never?

  • Argus

    You haven’t explained why a healthy person is able to handle an intake of from 1 to 10 mg of aluminum daily without a problem, yet you claim that the 0.225 mg contained in a vaccine injection is “toxic”.

  • A strong belief is not evidence. The story is tragic but sadly babies sometimes die before they are born.

  • It has been entirely explained, Argus. You simply again failed to review the information that was put in front of you. Injecting aluminum adjuvants asa fact is NOT the same thing as dietary ingestion of aluminum. Just because Paul Offit at CHOP states that it is and that it is physiologically the same and detoxed the same way, does not mean that it is. Aluminum and mercury are heavy metals, and they are neurotoxins; do you get that? You deny that, right; no poof of being a neurotoxin. You are wrong.

    You may have noticed as well that Offit has absolutely no scientific basis nor physiological explanation as to his proof of that claim. The real and unbiased existing science shows us that indeed they are not the same thing; and the result is actually ending up disasterous neurologicaly and for the human brain; especially that of an infant or a child. All ages are and can obviously be effected, however. You refuse the science, Argus; and as long as you refuse all the unbiased data, you will never agree to anything but what the CDC and Offit falsely promote.  

    It is not only heavy metals, but injecting any substance can have a very differant and far more harmful effect than eating/consuming it, dietarily. Start accepting some unbaised research, or stop arguing what you have intentionally no clue about.

  • THOSE “people” in white smocks in the doctors office and hospitals are stone cold killers,americans would glady kill a dirty poor homeless person who would never hurt a fly,AND someone who is dressed up nice and pretty in a white smock could kill their whole family and they would still get on their knees and kiss their ass,AMERICA has been so decieved I really believe this whole country is going to hell,the LORD said he’s going to take all the children and then put america into the worse tribulation the worlds ever seen,BUT the children won’t see it,their parents are going to pay for not dealing with these killers,and letting them cause harm to the children and get away with it,these pond scum have killed millions of children and not a one of them have been punished for it,WHY NOT……………………..

  • THERES no safe level of RADIATION for children,yet all the studies have proven,the heart mussels of children start dieing with even small amounts of radiation,the parents will take their children to the airport and expose them to huge amounts of radiation knowing severe damage is caused to the children,the health of their children don’t matter as much as flying to grandmas house,even if the young ones die a year later,of stroke,heart attack,the lying killers in white smocks will never tell the parents the real truth,of what killed their child,and the same scum will inject poison into their children and the stupid parents will pay them to kill their child??????????

  • HAS anyone ever heard of the anti-christ ??OR the mark of the beast ??how about satan,or lucifer ??TO you people in foreign countries,america just put the anti-christ into power to kill haft the world,WARNING TO YOU,americans are really a stupid bunch,they worship lucifer and his spawn,the anti-christ,HE will kill 97% of americans and they won’t even see it coming, but this WARNING is for you in the rest of the world,YOU ARE in real danger,cause when he’s done with america,HE’S coming after YOU, be aware HE fooled everyone in america,DON’T LET BARACK OBAMA FOOL YOU, HE’S THE ANTI-CHRIST of the BIBLE and brings only death and destruction..NOT PEACE,do not be fooled, he does not bring PEACE,its a DOG and PONY SHOW to fool you,KEEP YOUR EYE ON HIM,and do not let him come to europe,he will cause your death as sure as the sun sets and rises, DO NOT LET HIM COME TO EUROPE..and DON’T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST………………………………….

  • They state on the Web sites of the government and drug makers that the flu shots have NOT been tested on preggy women.  So there is a clue right there.

  • Tgambilltom

     Its about time someone said something that is true on the net that is true.    you TJ are spot on. 

  • Thomas Gambill

     One point however, Obama is not the anti-christ, however, he is there trained from Birth to bring in the Anti-christ.   The Anti-christ is the spirit of Nimrod, (Lord Maitreya) and the False Prophet is Sonanda Immanuel or a Fallen angel that many will wrongly consider a out of this world visitor or Ascended Master once Disclosure and finally Day of Declaration has been announced.   It is total evil coming.

  • Kerry Mcewen

    My daughter received a flu shot on Wednesday before Thanksgiving forced upon her by the nurse.  During Thanksgiving she felt like she wasn’t pregnant anymore, her breasts quit hurting and she went to the Doctor at 12 weeks pregnant and there was no heart beat detected by the ultra sound, so they waited a week and had another ultra sound with a bigger machine and blood work, the baby is dead and she is in the process of getting a dnc.  Then we saw this information and are very upset.

  • logicalhumanist

    At last, some common sense. Thank you. The inflammatory, florid prose in this article suggests the author is incapable of an objective consideration of this important subject; the absence of hard statistics confirms this impression.

  • rationalhumanist

    Why isn’t the author answering this reasonable question? Anyone?

  • rationalhumanist

    Trillion, eh? Sure about that? You do know what a trillion is, don’t you?

  • JSB3

    When I was pregnant (in 2002-03) I had a doctor tell me not to get any vaccines while pregnant. It wasn’t until the swine flu scare that doctors started going against what I thought was good advice. It is disgusting they push flu shots while pregnant. Flue shots are all about scare mongering! 

  • JSB3

    I don’t know where they get their numbers from but it wasn’t until the swine flu scare that doctors started advising women to get flu shots!! When I was pregnant back in 2002-03 my doctor told me NOT to get any shots while pregnant just to make sure there was no kind of reactions to them!! So your total dismissal of this article is ridiculous. Doctors should not be recommending over medication while pregnant! Flu shots are just that. Over medication. Potentially toxic during such a sensitive time. 

  • 441019

     @Lowell Hubbs – I am very sorry about the loss of your unborn son. You have every reason to believe that the two vaccines contributed to his death.

  • 4everyoung

    One of the reasons my children have never flown.  Same goes for mammograms etc.

  • 4everyoung

    The children must be educated. The doctors are never told the truth. When and if they figure it out for themselves it is too late.

  • Tishy49

     No nurse would ever “force” a vaccine. We have a right to reject any medical treatment pre and post natal. They use fear tactics

  • Tishy49

     I will add I am sorry about your daughters misfortune. Please read “Make an educated vaccine decision” by dr. Major Eisenstein. Also, all of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s works are wonderful.

  • Tishy49

     Do you believe that the mark of the beast will be in vaccine form?

  • Tish49

     Once the drs know the truth, hardly any of them would change the way they practice. otherwise their entire practicing career would be a waste. Pride!

  • Merryberry3stars

     I feel that the fear tactics used are a form of force. They bully you…make you feel that you know nothing, make you feel stupid for even questioning their authority. It isn’t their fault, they truly believe that what they’re telling you is the truth. If I was a doctor or nurse who thoroughly believed a child would be at risk without this medication, I would pressure people in this forceful way also perhaps…. Luckily, during my pregnancy, i had seen a video on utube about african mothers who’s babies had died within 24hrs of being given the flu shot so i refused it by telephone but it’s very different when you’re face to face with these people. Intimidation can cause you to second guess your own judgement and instincts. I really feel for you and your family.

  • Merryberry3stars

     Lowell Hubbs, I love the way you respond to this guy, and the other guy…there are 2 of them, or just the same guy under two different names…either way, the people at the top only feel the need to do this when you’re getting too close to the truth, or when too many people are listening to the truth you offer. So it’s great that you only hit back with science, and that you have the patience to do it instead of getting angry. You stand firm in defense of this site and all that you know to be true. Blessings.

  • Merryberry3stars

     infertility drug

  • Merryberry3stars

     The movie `children of men` was interesting, and you know that dog breeders often refuse to vaccinate pups now because it was making them infertile within 3 generations.  If you were a farmer who had too much livestock on his farm, what would you do? Sell the animals off to other farms, or as a last resort, kill some. I totally understand their reasoning for a population decrease. If they don’t do it, the entire population will be at risk. The Earth’s resources cannot sustain us all.Some of us HAVE to go. However, if they tell us about it or ask for our permission, it will be too late before these fertility sanctions can be put into place legally. We all think we have these things called human rights…1 right we think we have for example, is to reproduce as much as we like regardless of our ability to provide a stable future for our offspring….and humans simply keep over breeding, a little like pigeons. I can understand why it is happening, and like others, can see some sort of bigger picture, if not very clearly….but of course, I don’t want me and my family to be here at the bottom of the ladder. That’s the only problem with reducing the population….nobody wants to be the ones who are sacrificed.

  • Merryberry3stars

     No one ever believes me when i say the nazi’s won the war! Hitler may not have, but we ARE ruled by nazis. We truly are. Always have been. I won’t go into it, I don’t need to. A little research, and the truth is obvious.

  • Merryberry3stars

     Ha! Hallucinations is probably the best word you could have used when mentioning these hugely superior, spiritually enlightened beings!!! :) Whatever they think they know that we don’t, that makes them oh so special and us so stupid, doesn’t change the fact that we are still human beings…but then I guess stronger humans have always enslaved weaker ones as though they are animals, and seeing us this way enables them to have a clear conscience.

  • Tgambilltom

     You are correct exactly.  We lost the Revolutionary war, the war of 1812; Civil War which is a no brainer, and virtually every war we have been in.   The Korean war and Vietnam War was planned to lose and that is obvious.   All wars were planned by Jesuits even before 1776; Freemasons, and Illumianti.   Political zionist didn’t exist until 1897 and the Jews were not brought into this conspiracy until Rothschilds were formerly included after the Congress of Wilhelmsbad.  They are not even jews anyway, they are GERMAN.  The insider Italians from Breakspeare, Aldobrandini, Medici, Orsini, et al.   The evidence is clear. 

    “No one is more of a slave than he who thinks
    himself free without being so.”

    WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe


    “The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its
    victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and
    unawaredly enslave themselves.” — Dresden James

  • Merryberry3stars

     Ordinary people can’t be blamed for what is being done TO them. That’s like saying an animal, child, or elderly person is to blame for being abused. Most of them have never even been taught to think, because the education system exists in order to make them remember, not think. There is a difference between memory and intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to think critically. Schools teach children to learn and remember facts, not to think for themselves. That is education. It makes me feel cross , like you, that we’ve seen things aren’t right for so many years, while others are all of a sudden saying “when did things get so bad? surely these bad people will get found out and all will be well again” (when it clearly can only get worse) but it still isn’t their fault. We’re lucky if we still have the ability to think critically, but that doesn’t make us in any way superior. That’s a part of the problem. A small group of powerful people believing in their own superiority is what got us into this mess in the first place.

  • Tgambilltom

     We know who these beings really are.  they are in fact Fallen angels That can shape shift and have been among us since the first wave of Fallen angels before the flood and the second wave after the flood during the time of Cush and Nimrod.   They are all evil and have been working mankind since the beginning bringing in the ancient Mystery religions.  They have controlled literally the areas of world systems under the heading of Finance, Science, Religion, Philosophy, beauty and the Arts, and Education.  They are organized in the Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, UN representatives, CFR and Gorbetchev foundation and RIIA. This Round Table Group (includes Tavistock repts), is under the Committee of the 300 and Queen Elizabeth whereas members include Rothschilds and the inner circle of Italian Illuminati.  Jesuits and Freemasons are an integral part of this very very evil conspiracy.  This only barely scratches the surface.    Their Hierarchy is the fallen angels and Lucifer.  Jesus is not about Religion, he is about salvation and will be coming back to destroy this world system as the events of today is just getting started.

  • Merryberry3stars

     There’s no doubt that those at the very top, (far above the president) either do practice the occult and worship ancient babylonian Gods/Satan, OR WANT US TO BELIEVE THEY DO….but Obama’s more than likely just another puppet who THINKS he’s an initiate.

  • Merryberry3stars, you are perfectly right in what you say, perhaps Im being too harsh, but then again, apathy, blind faith and fitting into place merely opens the door to the powers that be and also those industries that inflict harm, and I would guess that 95/99% of pregnant women will allow themselves to be vaccinated simply because they are blindly ignorant as to the grave dangers that are involved in this issue.  I have warned folk about vaccine risks, but few people if any will take any notice or do any research for themselves.  This I find truly amazing. When we behave like this, we are merely an accident waiting to happen. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK             

  • Merryberry3stars

     That’s certainly what the Bible and the book of Enoch seem to imply…but i’ve changed my opinion on this matter so many times now that i’m keeping an open mind on this….only an empty cup can be filled, so i’m waiting and being open. I can’t help thinking that so much of what is true has been kept from us, that i personally don’t feel able to judge what is most or least likely to be true in this matter. But yes, it does seem that the thread which runs through every mystery including ufo’s could be summed up by this one piece of the puzzle, if true….sorry i rushed this.

  • Tgambilltom

     One thing Merryberry you can be sure of is that all secrets are revealed through the Holy spirit.  The King James Bible which stands alone from all the others even as a separate TRANSLATION stream, is the only book of God that tells the truth.  The other Bibles, the Book of Urantia and all the others literally have been corrupted as you say.  The King James is one you can count on.  its has not been touched by the Vatican or corrupt Masons/Jesuits. 

  • Merryberry3stars

     The symbolism in the Bible is certainly there for those who have ears to hear….but for those who have not been given the secret information, it reads like a story…the whole Bible is a parable. A lot of the background information is about the zodiac. Jesus for example, represents the age of pisces, as he is represented by the fish….but I know the Bible, I was/maybe still am Christian, and I know for certain that God IS….but i am very confused lately.

  • Merryberry3stars

     Thank you Tgambillton, I am not the only one!

  • Merryberry3stars

    Something has been burning in my mind for a while and i’ve been so desperate to say it!
    Everybody says that no one has ever lived longer than we do….people are living longer!!! That seems to be what people say when you tell them these things are damaging our health. BUT how do we know that WE are living longer? WE aren’t old yet! There is ONE generation living longer, only one….the wartime generation who had only healthy food and not much of it! That doesn’t necessarily mean that WE, OUR GENERATION will also live that long. Our lifestyles growing up were completely different.

  • Tgambilltom

     There is very little secret info in the Bible.   The Holy Spirit will open your eyes and tell you.  The King James Bible is LITERALLY true and parables are given within the Bible but all are explained which is a parable and what it means.  But the Bible is clear and distinct and you can bet your life those events happened exactly like it says.  No parable, no Hyperbole except what is explained as such.  We shall those days again as in the days of Noe so shall it be in the end times.     They are just around the corner.   

  • Tgambilltom

     The Book of Enoch is a gnostic book, and wasn’t written by Enoch.  Enoch was taken to Heaven alive, by God changing his Body structure and taking him up.   A perfect example of how the alleged Rapture would occur.   He was taken up approximately 1,600 years before the flood.   You’ve not rushed, no human has all the knowledge, the detailed knowledge comes from one of two sources.   If one is born again the Holy Spirit will tell you what you need to know as long as one is obedient to God.   The second source is Satan, and by three methods. of overshadowing/channeling. 

  • Tgambilltom

     The Book of Enoch is a gnostic book, and wasn’t written by Enoch.  Enoch was taken to Heaven alive, by God changing his Body structure and taking him up.   A perfect example of how the alleged Rapture would occur.   He was taken up approximately 1,600 years before the flood.   You’ve not rushed, no human has all the knowledge, the detailed knowledge comes from one of two sources.   If one is born again the Holy Spirit will tell you what you need to know as long as one is obedient to God.   The second source is Satan, and by three methods. of overshadowing/channeling. 

  • Tgambilltom

     These enlightened beings are found in two waves of fallen angels.   The first wave before the flood and the second wave after the flood.    Jude 1: 6-8.    The Second wave are presented as gods of mythology in fact are not mythology but were the fallen angels after the flood.    now they are coming to mankind as Aliens or ascended masters to save mankind and aid in the next evolutionary stage to the fifth dimension and have fooled the leadership of the countries.  They have offspring that have the royalty bloodlines under their thumb.  long story short.   They will reveal themselves in the Disclosure and following Day of Declaration.    Both sides of these fallen angels are evil.  Swedenborg, the man who spoke to angels confirms that they all lie.    He was into universalism  but he did tell the truth about the fallen angels.  

  • Tgambilltom

     These enlightened beings are found in two waves of fallen angels.   The first wave before the flood and the second wave after the flood.    Jude 1: 6-8.    The Second wave are presented as gods of mythology in fact are not mythology but were the fallen angels after the flood.    now they are coming to mankind as Aliens or ascended masters to save mankind and aid in the next evolutionary stage to the fifth dimension and have fooled the leadership of the countries.  They have offspring that have the royalty bloodlines under their thumb.  long story short.   They will reveal themselves in the Disclosure and following Day of Declaration.    Both sides of these fallen angels are evil.  Swedenborg, the man who spoke to angels confirms that they all lie.    He was into universalism  but he did tell the truth about the fallen angels.  

  • Tvarotti


  • I am so so very sorry for your daughter’s loss (and yours as well). My OB told me I should get a flu shot when I was pregnant last winter. I liked her very much but I knew that was such hogwash. I just smiled at her and nodded and never got one. THANK GOD. Doctors think they know everything but many of them are indoctrinated by the pharmaceuticals in med school. Also medical knowledge is always changing. Hundreds of years ago they believed in the “four humors”. Now we know that isn’t true. But think about how doctors used to bleed patients to death thinking they were doing what was best for the patient. I always stress that patients need to be their own advocates and stand up for themselves. 

  • My mom got breast cancer in her 40’s but she (an RN) has strongly advised me never to get a mammogram. They used to give chest x-rays all the time to kids in the 40’s checking for TB. I’m sure that is why a lot of women my mom’s age have BC. I digress. I was told about thermography. Detects cancer better than a mammogram at the earliest cellular level and no radiation. 

  • Footnote 1, page error: “Official transcript CDC’s Dr. Marie McCormick denies miscarriages, Sept. 3, 2010 ACCV. See page 37.” Rather, see page 35

  • Footnote 2, slide 20, does not confirm the assertion stated by this article’s author. Rather slide 20 reflects McCormick’s assertion (as shown on page 35, mis-sourced as page 37, in footnote 1).

  • Ms. England offers, “However, higher than background flu shot vaccine-related fetal losses continue to be reported to the VAERS.” I do not see a source for that affirmation; (should you know of the source, kindly provide it? Thanks)

  • GiorgioTremante


    the President, of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, and all
    the Heads of State of the world.

    toponym, in which only two names are engraved, Mark and Andrea
    Tremante, wants to portray the image of many other beings, for now,
    still unnamed, which were sacrificed on the altar of a speculative
    pseudo-science that still dominates in our state in economic terms by
    imposing her will that translates into the practice of compulsory
    vaccination. Only the Veneto Region, across our country, has
    officially taken off since January 2008. Because the other Italian
    regions have not followed this example? Because the drama of adverse
    reactions, including death, vaccinations, and was still wants to
    remain a “TABOO'”? Because these “VICTIMS” are
    not considered “HEROES” like those who died in war, they
    say, for the good of the country? I ask you, Mr. President, to appeal
    to his sensibility and conscience of every Italian, she is legally,
    so that these unfortunate creatures can rest in peace wrapped in the
    George, father of Mark, Andrew and …..Albert.


  • GiorgioTremante

    indiscriminate sue off certa practices, INSTEAD OF ‘maker Lear, hit
    DANGEROUS, dot eden bothering TO cheek beforehand PREPARE TO BE


  • Guest

    the altar
    science “???????
    by the Ministry
    Health as
    same search
    order to
    / benefit,
    to do


  • Me
  • Gust

    OMG. What freaking PLANET do you people live on? Theimerosal isn’t even AVAILABLE in the vaccines here. You all can keep your lunatic conspiracies on that side of the pond. Good Grief.

  • tgambilll

    NO confusion. the Bible is in fact literal. Jesus is the only begotten son of God and he is coming back. Jesus is not pIsces and certainly no fish. that is all new age deception. There is no secret information as there are no secrets in Gods kingdom. The secrets lie in the New Age, Freemasonry, luciferian and Wiccan worship. Freemasons and Jesuits lie.

  • tgambill

    Science is incomplete as evidenced by their failure since the dawn of time to even begin to explain any natural event with consistency. Tgambilltom and Tgambill are the same. Evolution is scientifically impossible as are any secular explanation of the supernatural. No science book is ever adequate in any decade even up now or going to next week. Most if not all of scientist are controlled By CFR, Tavistock or Illuminati controlled by Jesuits that are like a cancer.

  • The name of the journal is “Human & Experimental Toxicology”, not “Human and Environmental Toxicology”.

  • brothersun
  • BrotherSun, thanks for the link wherein is specified that “since 1990, 1115 VAERS events that mention the abortion/stillbirth symptom, 203 are cases where the H1N1 Flu vaccine was given (200 with the FLU(H1N1) vaccine code and 3 with the FLUN(H1N1) vaccine code). This ignores the current Flu vaccine being given which has the H1N1 strain in it (the FLU(10-11) vaccine code). By contrast, there are only 63 abortion/stillbirth events associated with the Seasonal Flu Vaccine (vaccine codes FLU and FLUN) and this vaccine has been administered to millions of people over 21 years of data collection!”,

    Kudos, brothersun.


  • modetar

    From the USA Today article. Note the research funding and the disclaimer. “The Norwegian study — supported by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the U.S. National Institutes of Health — involved a slightly different H1N1 vaccine from that used in the USA, says Gregory Poland, a professor and vaccine researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.”

  • VaccineRisks

    Modetar please give the link to the USA Today article.

  • Sallie

    Print out Christina’s article and deliver it to pharmacists. Then watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uDZBLsaNsc

  • Julie

    Off the CDC website about flu vaccines…
    Thimerosal is necessary in vaccines that come in multi-dose vials because they require that each individual vaccine dose be drawn from the vial with a new needle and syringe. With each needle inserted, there is the potential for introducing microbes into the vial.

  • Jennie

    I received a flu shot at 14 weeks pregnant last Nov 2013 exactly 6 days later i go into my OB/GYN for a ultrasound and there is not heartbeat and no movement, fetal demise. I had a normal pregnancy up to that point. After the D&C the fetus was tested for genetic abnormalities and not one thing came back abnormal. I was tested for infection and autoimmune markers and again everything came back normal. I really wish i would have listen to my inner voice telling me to stay away from vaccinations while pregnant. I trusted the health care system when they told me it was for the best and now i sit here heartbroken and mourning the loss of a much wanted and loved child.

  • Lou

    Hi Patrick

    I am a big fan. You have opened my eyes to the true evil of “vaccination”.

    “Circulating Immune Complexes are the antigen (bad guy) plus antibody (policeman) pairs that clog up the bloodstream, can plug the kidneys and even implant in tissue so that the body recognizes itself as being contaminated and attacks itself. That last one is the very definition of
    autoimmunity. They call it something different in medical texts to cover
    up the fact that they caused it with vaccines and don’t want anyone to know
    about it.” Patrick Jordan, Note allergies usually proceed autoimmune disease, Jordan shows us the cascade of disease initiated by vaccination and ending in autoimmune disease or death.

    If you have neurological disease or do not wish to have neurological
    disease Please don’t consider the neurological disease producing practice of vaccination. There is little question that vaccination is a cause of many neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s. Patrick Jordan explains how neurological diseases often follow the barbaric practice of “vaccination”.


  • Lou

    However you cut it WITHOUT barbaric “medical practices” such as “vaccination” we would be living a LOT longer.

    US Child Mortality is 47th in the world; this shows where we are going..

  • Lou

    Yep when I was a kid pregnant women were NEVER “vaccinated” unless their life was DIRECTLY threatened; the risks were just too high.

    What has changed? Not the risks.

  • Lou

    Sir if you wish to speak of lunatic please consider that the average “flu shot” in the US contains 100 Billion mercury atoms. How idiotic is that? Do you think this $hit is brewed up on the full moon?

  • Lou
  • Lou

    The CDC, your friendly needle pushing doctor and everyone in AUTHORITY was pushing this UNTESTED $hit on pregnant women. However their little UNREAD cheat sheet told us the toxic shot should NOT BE GIVEN to pregnant women unless it was REQUIRED. Now think about this folks. How can you ever trust such a duplicitous bunch of JERKS such as these!

    When it ended up killing thousands of fetuses what happened?

    Nary a disparaging word is heard except from the legion of shills telling us this death and destruction is perfectly fine.

    So the next time your friendly needle pushing drone in white tells you an UNTESTED injected concoction is good for you and your EXTREMELY fragile fetus …?

    If it were me I would show him a window, above the third floor, and tell him after he and his entire family jumps out the window I MIGHT consider his poison. I would have my fingers crossed and my cheat sheet would state I would receive NO “VACCINATION” unless it was required by GOD and no doctor drone or CDC drone is GOD.

    “Based on the aforementioned outcomes showing an increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth in the pregnant women who received this vaccine and the clear lack of “confirmed” A-2009-H1N1-caused maternal deaths, it appears that the 2009-A-H1N1 flu shot vaccination was “clearly needed” in the 2009-2010 flu season solely if the intention of the United States government and its pharmaceutical partners was to test the new clinically
    untested vaccine on an unsuspecting pregnant population. Another possible reality is the unthinkable — “population-control experimentation.” H1N1 vaccine a disaster for Fetuses. Fetal death 100 times greater in vaccinated

    “What bothers me is pretty much every doctor in the country is jumping on the bandwagon and saying, ‘This vaccine is
    completely safe’ — even for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. But they can’t give you a single study that backs up that statement.” Doctor Bob Sears

    All these numbers can be so dry lets hear from a VERY FEW of the THOUSANDS of the “vaccination” damaged women themselves.


  • Lou

    “to ensure that parents are provided with all the relevant information to make an informed choice concerning vaccinations.”

    We have had for a LONG time all the information required.

    NO, NONE and NEVER come to my mind.

  • metanoic

    Quoting directly from vaccine insert :

    “Do not administer Flulaval to anyone… following previous administration of any influenza vaccine.”

    “Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval in pediatric patients have not been established.”

    “Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.”

    “There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with Flulaval”

    “Flulaval has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.”

    Read it for yourself if you like.

  • Rachel

    There ar vaccines with therimisol fyi. I’ve seen it on. I’ve seen it on the actual vaccine inserts.

  • Lou

    Yes and there are several “anti-microbials” far more effective than mercury. The simple fact is they WANT to get mercury into our body.



  • Lou

    The CDC ran a years long test. The result showed a 340% increase in autism in the Thimerosal group. So what did the clowns at CDC do; those people tens of millions of mothers TRUST with their babies LIVES. Why they rigged the results to show NO INCREASE.

    Vaccine Protocol

    Do “Vaccines” Cause Autism? Please pass
    around this powerful video

    “There are about 800,000 vaccine induced injuries each year ongoing TODAY in the
    just from vaccines and vaccine contamination. Literally we have an ongoing
    Holocaust of vaccine induced injuries and the public is unaware of it. I am
    telling you this Holocaust is real.”

    Doctor Leonard Horowitz DDM

    Vaccines and other Bio-weapons and what to do about them – Doctor Leonard
    Horowitz DMD

    India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

    New Study In Journal Of Public Health Finds Autism And Cancer Related To
    Human Fetal DNA In Vaccines

    Thank you for NOT “Vaccinating” me!

    “It’s being considered a severe
    respiratory virus, known as EV-D68. It hits hard and fast and has already
    created an outbreak in


    and four more states in the Midwest.
    It has also crossed over the Canada
    with confirmed cases in
    British Columbia
    and Ontario.
    Although there is no known vaccine for the virus, ironically a common theme has
    been discovered in those who have been infected…
    they have all been vaccinated.”

    Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. and Canada And
    Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children
    Note folks the “vaccination” immunosupression of our
    immune systems is SHOWING UP in ways that CANNOT be denied. We have ignored
    AUTISM and SIDS, please don’t ignore this.

    “Doctor Belgesi found the SCD and MSD
    hepatitis B vaccines contained a very highly carcinogenic enzyme. To this day
    they have not removed it.”

    Doctor Leonard Horowitz DDM Note please watch
    this very INFORMATIVE video. It turns out there is a very good reason for them
    to force the toxic hep B on you and your children.
    You just will NOT like their reason.

    The MMR Vaccination Deadly Scam

    “William W Thompson, PhD, Senior Scientist, National
    Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities, has stepped forward and
    admitted the 2004 paper [which found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism]
    was a fraud. This is SO POSITIVE please let there be 500 health
    professionals more as brave.

    “Dr. Thompson has admitted the 340% increase [in
    autism] in boys receiving the MMR vaccine ‘on time’ as opposed to delayed was
    buried by himself, Dr. DeStefano, Dr. Bhasin, Dr. Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Boyle
    [all co-authors of the 2004 paper]…”

    CDC LIES in most Egregious Manner, Note
    “Doctor” Boyle heads a Department (National
    Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities)
    intended to expose the roots of childhood disease, SIC! She DELIBERTLY
    helped cover up one of the greatest “health mysteries” of our lifetime. Is there
    even a place in HELL for such a person?

    “My name
    is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease
    Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my
    coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004
    article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that
    African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at
    increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to
    report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study
    protocol was not followed.”

    The CDC Lies, Mainstream Media Stays Quiet and Our Children Suffer,
    Note folks if you MUST shove this poison into your innocent children PLEASE wait
    until they are over the age of 4, better yet 104. The MMR is now a thoroughly
    PROVEN toxic brew that does NOTHING to improve your child’s health and PROMOTES
    AUTISM and god knows what else that is slowly killing your child. Is this
    too strong? NO!


  • quentilla77

    You’re crazy if you think vaccines in this country do not contain themerisol. Even so called mercury free vaccines still contain MORE mercury than the EPA will allow in drinking water. The thing is when you eat or drink mercury, your kidneys will clear some of the toxins for you. When you inject it, this does not happen. Mercury is toxic and linked to all sorts of diseases. Yes our vaccines do contain it, along with other horrific ingredients like animal blood products, aborted fetus dna and so on. But don’t take my word for it, look up the ingredients online and ask yourself if you want that in your body. FYI, thimerosal is roughly 50% mercury. Vaccines are toxic and vaccine injury or death is VERY real. I live with it every day. Educate yourself, please! Don’t be a sheeple!


    Uh…mercury most certainly IS still in vaccines. Educate yourself properly.

  • Logical

    I don’t mean to be like mathy here but if you had at hospital say 30 deaths a month from miscarriage and fetal demise then according to percentage you would then have 1275 deaths PER month. I think it would have been noticeable.
    If you just count miscarriages then at 500,000 miscarriages a year with an increase of 4250% increase you would move to 21,500,000 miscarriages per year.
    There were 3.5 million births so according to this you would be almost 7 times more likely to miscarry a pregnancy then give birth to a baby.
    Logic just does compute

  • Trinity Wilson

    I did huge report ….Say no to any shots. Govorments way of population control!!!!

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Sacrificing children for the profit of Big Pharma. “31 You must not worship the Lord your God the way the other nations worship their gods, for they perform for their gods every detestable act that the Lord hates. They even burn their sons and daughters as sacrifices to their gods.” Deuteronomy 12:31 New Living Translation (NLT)

  • Capt Ron

    VAERS is a passive collection tool where anyone, regardless of their medical acumen, can report anything. There is no mandate to follow up or verify anything reported. I invite you to review entries in VAERS, it’s publicly accessible. You will see things like deaths etc. following vaccinations caused by auto accidents, drownings, suicides, and cancers the person had long before vaccination, There are a number of entries that are obviously hearsay and many are quite nebulous due to a paucity of details. Reports in VAERS are only a report and they do not include forensic analysis to establish any credible causal relationship between a vaccine given and any untoward event following the vaccination.

  • Capt Ron

    Please provide a reference for this… Only one type of flu vaccine has any Thimerosol and the preservative free version is available upon request. I believe the Thimerosol version is not given to pregnant women.

  • tgambill

    No the numbers are concealed just like the 26 suicides per day of our veterans is a low count. Some of us know the real source of the suicides and how they are orchestrated.

  • tgambill

    @Capt Ron. we know from
    research beyond VAERS, that the vaccines are designed to Kill and in most all
    cases sterilize future generations. The Ill conceived plan by Kissinger
    and Haig [NSSM 200} and that globalist Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer, Global 2000
    is to reduce the worlds population. Both Brezenski and Even Norm Chomsky
    another nutcase from MIT, are part of the globalist agenda.
    Brezenski, nothing more than a high paid psychopath employed by the global
    government, had these few words to say…


  • tgambill

    Wrong!!! you are way off track. You better catch up on the facts as Mindy pointed out. Vaccines are designed to kill, and to sterilize populations. FACT.

  • AutismDad

    Then its mismanaged and of no value, as intended.

  • Derek Wolf

    “Reports in VAERS are only a report and they do not include forensic
    analysis to establish any credible causal relationship between a vaccine
    given and any untoward event following the vaccination.”

    Instead of focusing on what’s been reported, focus on what’s been compensated.

    Over $3 billion USD paid out since ’89. The compensation tables even list which specific injuries were caused.

    Understand that to be compensated, the vaccine injury must be proven in a court that has no jury and doesn’t issue compensation based on feeling bad for people.

    Yes, vaccines are documented (by the governments vaccine injury table – public information!) to directly cause encephalitis, Gullaine Barre Syndrome, etc.

    A very real problem is that, as of right now, there is *no* mechanism in place to assess who will have an adverse reaction. There is no pre screening or testing for this.

    It is very understandable that until the safety of vaccines are vastly improved, reasonable adults will exercise caution for themselves and their family.

  • Derek Wolf

    Go to the CDC ingredient list – it’s public information – and you can find it with google.

    And you’re wrong.

  • passnthru2

    read Jeff Sharlet’s ..THE FAMILY he proves beyond any doubt that a Nazi emigrated here in 1935 and took over the government within a few years and have been responsible for every war and genocide since,

    he worked for 4 years writing the book living with them with access to archives that went back to 1935.

    the GOP is run by a shadow group that believes in Abraham Vereide’s version of Christianity[he heard voices and god told him of his Great Plan for the Rich, they run the country in small secret “Dominionist Prayer Groups”, they believe that wealth and power
    is proof of jesus and god’s favor of a man, therefore it is a sin before god to tax a rich man or corporation. the poor are being punished by god for not “Submitting” to god’s great plan.
    which is for the poor to work to make the rich richer, and then god’s grace will ‘trickle down’ to them.

    the result has been to bribe politicians to legislate financial wealth up to the to the Elites..
    USC research showed that the top richest 1% holds 43% of all financial wealth in America, top 10% holds 72%, richest 20% Americans hold 95.4% of all the financial wealth in America, leaving a Whopping 4.6% to the poorest 80%, and 2%-2.5% to the poorest 50%.

    Jeff Sharlet lived with them for 4 years writing the book ‘The Family’.., 9 months on the NYT’s best seller list. I got mine cheap on amazon. read it and you will NEVER go.. “WTF”.!! again about anything social, political or economic.


  • passnthru2

    hello friends.. me too, I have been trying to inform people about this for decades.. but our country is simply 300,000,000 people with Stockholm Syndrome. please check out my longer post just above..^^^

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    Now when i was pregger with my first few kids they did not give vaccines when you were pregnant , for example my titers came back not Rubella immune and I was told i should have a booster after i had the baby but they did not give them while a woman was preggers also they gave the Rhogam shot after you were delivered when i got to kid 4 all of a sudden they wanted to give me all these shots and i am like no. I got this long spiel about how triggering an immune response while pregnant could harm the fetus and I did not like forget that so no.

  • AutismDadd

    Easily explained by the ” COINCIDENCE THEORY”, a mainstay of vaccine science. Do some research anti-vaxxers and remember, if it happens after a series of vaccines, its a coincidence!!!!

  • AutismDadd

    And that’s the plan. Its blanket disclaimer makes even the most credible evidence useless.

  • nick quinlan

    The citizens of the USA need to launch a nationwide lawsuit against the CDC, its officers, and the vaccine industry for negligence, reckless endangerment of children, and criminal fraud.

  • Sue Bennett

    It is no coincidence that this person calling themselves AutismDadd is probably a paid stooge of the big pharma or an allied organization. It is no coincidence that at this point millions of normally developing children have lost language, lost eye contact and regressed in developmental milestones after receiving vaccines and were eventually diagnosed with autism.

  • Sue Bennett

    It is obvious that the paid to obfuscate the truth big pharma trolls are having conversations with themselves on this page in an attempt to bury the truth and create doubt where there should be none. As the owner of an autism website, I have spoken with thousands of people over the years who saw their normally developing children, lose eye contact, lose language, regress developmentally and eventually end up being diagnosed with autism after receiving a vaccines or combination of them. I personally saw this happen to my son. All the sociopaths who are responsible for this and the coverup should be vigorously gone after, jailed and have their lives ruined as they have callously done to the millions of children who are now suffering from autism, ADD/ADHD, allergies, diabetes, and cancer triggered by an immunization program that does far more harm than good.

  • AutismDadd

    You’ve missed the mark with that conclusion.

  • Hi Christina, would I be able to re-publish this article onto my website and give you full credit at the beginning and end of the article, linking back to this original source?


  • Margaret Ryken Beaird

    I lost a baby after an H1N1 vaccine in December of 2009, and I can verify that to the best of my knowledge Jessie Lucia’s transfer to Heaven was probably not reported as a vaccine injury. This is the first time I’m seeing this study, and it’s years later. I’ve known it was the vaccine, but now I ‘know’ for sure. Thanks for reporting this terrible thing. She was 16 weeks along, and is now in Heaven with Jesus, praise Him. But this ought to be known and dealt with.

  • bsroon

    The connection btwn the Nazi’s and the zionists is cloudy to me, but we KNOW the zio’s run the world – Rothschild family is “worth” hundreds of trilliong. Pope, British “royal” fools – they are all worth more than the acclaimed (now) SIX individuals who own more than the poorest half of humanity combined. They hide their money.
    The people we are told are bad/evil/must fight – they are the few countries without Rothschild central banks – Iran, N Korea, Russia and to lesser degree, Cuba…
    i’m sure there is a cross over btwn the Jews and the Nazi’s – especially when you realize that among Trump’s almost 100 zionist advisors, appointees big funding people, family married into, etc – about 95 are AshkeNAZI “Jews” (not semitic – not Abraham’s descendants) and the other two were Khazarian “Jews”.

  • tgambill

    The 13 to 25 Real Illuminist Gray Masters and Saturnalia Bloodlines

    Outer Circle for Public Consumption and Distraction

    Rothschild (Former German named Bauer and not Jewish; provides hybrids
    by inbreeding) Family

    Connections to Hitler, Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II and Stalin who are
    all second Cousins. Lincoln, FDR and
    all other presidents in our history, besides Van Buren are also lower level
    cousins but not second cousins.







    Li (Chinese)





    Van Duyn

    Merovingians (Queen Elizabeth II and link to Carolingians)


    Inner connected to Druid and Satan Worship also,



    Other Family connections as they are made.

    The Real Illuminist Gray Masters are Italian and Roman Catholic cover














    Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the

    House of Borja

    House of Breakspeare

    House of Somaglia

    House of Orsini – Gray Pope controls White Pope and Jesuit General
    (Black Pope). The White Pope is a
    throwaway and distractor.

    House of Conti

    House of Chigi

    House of Colonna

    House of Farnese

    House of Medici

    House of Gaetani

    House of Pamphili

    House of Este

    House of Aldobrandini

    These Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers are in full control of the
    company of Jesus, High Grey Council of Ten and the Black Pope. Council of Ten will focus on the 10 world
    regions once the New World Order is made Public

    Black Nobility also includes:

    House of ______ the following:

    Bernadotte, Sweden

    Bourbon, France

    Braganza, Portugal

    Grimaldi, Monaco

    Guelph, Britain (The Most Important one)

    Hapsburg, Austria

    Hanover, Germany (Second most Important house)

    Honhenzollem, Germany

    Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia (Former)

    Liechtenstein, Liehtenstein

    Nassau, Luxembourg

    Oldenburg, Denmark

    Orange, Netherlands

    Savory, Italy

    Wettin, Belgium

    Wittensbach, Germany

    Wurttemberg, Germany

    Zogu, Albania

    Connections exist between House of Guelph, original Black Nobility
    Families of Venice, from the House of Windsor.
    Guelphs are intertwined with the German aristocracy through the House of
    Hanover connected and control:

    The Committee of the 300; The Club of Rome; CFR, RIIA, Bilderbergers,
    The Round Table, Trilateral Commission, Council of National Policy (CNP). Connection to the Harrimans and McGeorge
    and Bundy. The House of Hanover seems
    to be German, however, it is Jewish as the House of Habsburg. The
    Jews in this case are the Synagogue of Satan, those that Claim to be Jews but
    are not Jews but have bloodlines that extend back to “Ancient Egyptian

    Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)



    Cavendish (Kennedy)

    De Medici







    Sinclair (St. Clair)

    Warburg (del Banco)

    Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

    and ALL 33rd Freemasons ……………

  • tgambill

    “Operation Paperclip” – was a secret United States Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency
    (JIOA) program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers,
    and technicians (many of whom were formerly registered members of the Nazi Party and some of whom had leadership roles in the Nazi Party), including Wernher von Braun’s rocket team, were recruited and brought to the United States for government employment from post-Nazi Germany (after World War II).[1][2] The primary purpose for Operation Paperclip was for the U.S. to gain a military advantage in the burgeoning Cold War, and later Space Race, between the U.S. and Soviet Union. By comparison, the Soviet Union were even more aggressive in recruiting Germans: during Operation Osoaviakhim, Soviet military units forcibly (at gunpoint) recruited 2,000+ German specialists to the Soviet Union during one night.
    The Joint Chiefs of Staff
    (JCS) established the first secret recruitment program, called
    Operation Overcast, on July 20, 1945, initially “to assist in shortening
    the Japanese war and to aid our postwar military research.”[3]
    The term “Overcast” was the name first given by the German scientists’
    family members for the housing camp where they were held in Bavaria.[4] In September 1945, the JCS established the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency
    (JIOA) to directly oversee Operation Overcast and later Operation
    Paperclip. In November 1945, Operation Overcast was renamed Operation
    Paperclip by Ordnance Corps (United States Army) officers, who would attach a paperclip to the folders of those rocket experts whom they wished to employ in America.[4] President Truman formally approved Operation Paperclip in a secret directive, circulated on September 3, 1946.

    Field Information Agency; Technical (FIAT):
    US Army agency for securing the “major, and perhaps only, material
    reward of victory, namely, the advancement of science and the
    improvement of production and standards of living in the United Nations,
    by proper exploitation of German methods in these fields”; FIAT ended
    in 1947, when Operation Paperclip began functioning.[28]:316
    On April 26, 1946, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued JCS Directive 1067/14 to General Eisenhower instructing that he “preserve from destruction and take
    under your control records, plans, books, documents, papers, files and
    scientific, industrial and other information and data belonging to . . . German organizations engaged in military research”;[10]:185 and that, excepting war-criminals, German scientists be detained for intelligence purposes as required.[30]
    National Interest/Project 63: Job placement assistance
    for Nazi engineers at Lockheed, Martin Marietta, North American
    Aviation, and other aeroplane companies, whilst American aerospace
    engineers were being laid off work.[16]
    Operation Alsos, Operation Big, Operation Epsilon, Russian Alsos: Soviet, American and British efforts to capture German nuclear secrets, equipment, and personnel.
    Operation Backfire: A British effort at capturing rocket and aerospace technology from Cuxhaven.
    Fedden Mission: British mission to gain technical intelligence concerning advanced German aircraft and their propulsion systems.
    Operation Lusty: US efforts to capture German aeronautical equipment, technology, and personnel.
    Operation Osoaviakhim
    (sometimes transliterated as “Operation Ossavakim”), a Soviet
    counterpart of Operation Paperclip, involving German technicians,
    managers, skilled workers and their respective families who were
    relocated to the USSR in October 1946.[31]
    Operation Surgeon:
    British operation for denying German aeronautical expertise from the
    USSR, and for exploiting German scientists in furthering British
    Special Mission V-2: April–May 1945 US operation, by Maj. William Bromley, that recovered parts and equipment for 100 V-2 missiles from a Mittelwerk underground factory in Kohnstein
    within the Soviet zone. Maj. James P. Hamill co-ordinated the transport
    of the equipment on 341 railroad cars with the 144th Motor Vehicle
    Assembly Company, from Nordhausen to Erfurt, just before the Soviets arrived.[33] (see also Operation Blossom, Broomstick Scientists, Hermes project, Operations Sandy and Pushover)
    Target Intelligence Committee: US project to exploit German cryptographers.