“Do you think it will come to jail time if we chose not to vaccinate?”

child-vaccinatedLeah writes,

“I also have a child that was damaged by vaccines. She is 16 now and ADHD. I am a medical professional also and after finding out the truth about vaccines I went back to school and am now a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor. What do you say to other medical professionals who say you are crazy..and refuse to listen? I normally just give them the pptox home page and tell them to read conference conclusions. That is the CDC..WHO…NIH..NICHM..all the big names they are supposed to trust. Do you think it will come to jail time if we chose not to vaccinate? Cause I am not going to ever vaccinate myself or my children again? Thanks!”

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  • VT
  • December 30, 2012

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of the website www.vactruth.com he promotes well-educated pediatricians, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • I would take my kidlets and disappear into the mountains if it ever came to that.

  • Jen

    I am worried about that, too. I had bad reactions to the dpt vaccine as a baby in the 1970’s. There was no argument over what had caused it. The medical staff was fine when it came to doing things differently with me all through the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000’s. Now, they treat me like I am crazy and lying. Last year, I had a baby girl, and the nuse gave me a dpt against my will. I became swollen head to toe and felt terrible. I asked what I was supposed to do about it and no one would tell me. All they said was that it was from pushing and not the vaccine. I just figured they were stupid and kept my mouth shut as they treated me so bad when I told them it was from the vaccine. They also hurt my baby with their vaccines and I nearly lost her, but that is a long story. I was treated so bad by the medical community over her that I am truly afraid of them. We do not see a dr anymore to say the least. The more educated I become about the corruption, the more afraid I become. It seems there is no where we can even run to. Jailing us is a concern, but I am worried they might do worse things. We need to all stand together, and I have no doubt things will get ugly. The more people that we can educate, the better.

  • Jgini

    could you give us those pages please?

  • Poeticjustic

    If you were a relative of mine and I knew the name of the nurse that poisoned you, I’d probably be in jail for what I’d do to her after she left work…….

  • Paulinemacgibbon

    I find it amazing how people defend vaccinations with their lives just about, without knowing it’s history or ingredients, or anything besides what the media tells them…they’re all just sheep…blind to the truth…

  • tz1

    I think you need to worry more about child protective services that will remove a child upon a whim or call to a hotline even if the report is absurd and has no evidence.

    Remember “conservative” Rick Perry in Texas signed the mandatory HPV (sexually transmitted disease) vaccination.  He said he was misinformed.

    That said, I evaluate vaccines on a cost-benefit.  If I was working where there was a high risk of contracting one of the diseases, and the vaccine appeared safe and effective (i.e. not being a toxic brew of heavy metals), I would consider it.  If I was going to a country where serious diseases were common, same thing.  Or if I had a specific risk factor (e.g. a lung problem v.s. pneumonia)  But I wouldn’t get a vaccine for something there is near zero chance of me catching, or near zero chance of catching it being worse than a bad case of the flu.

    Even beyond vaccines, we overuse antibiotics so they lose their effectiveness.  We (most sheeple) want no suffering or even inconvenience even if something would burn itself out in a few days.  We take pills instead of changing our eating habits.  We engage in risky behavior instead of going natural (Today’s NFP is NOT the rhythm method, it is sophisticated knowledge of the female physiology and is as effective as any other method, but “the pill” is so much easier, and you don’t ever have to abstain, though it is a class-1 carcinogen according to the WHO, but apparently it is worth the risk of cancer).

    Invasive or chemical treatment might be necessary but it should be the exception.  And temporary.  Nature isn’t perfect, but I would prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Nature is not mocked, so we need to do things to remain healthy, but that is better in every way than abusing our bodies in one way so we need something else to compensate for the abuse.

  • Merryberry3stars

    I’d like to have something really helpful to say but i don’t know where you live. The rules are different all over the world and there are major differences in how heavily those rules are enforced too. We are very lucky here in the UK, for now we have the freedom of choice. The only opposition we face are bullying fear tactics from doctors, other health professionals and just about everyone we know. I actually have aspergers which I believe was due to vaccination, and if i was a single parent, I think the decision i’ve made to not vaccinate my child would be blamed on my condition and more would’ve been done to take that decision out of my hands but luckily my partner is taken more seriously so i’m just glad he’s 100% behind me. I have never heard of anyone going to jail over non-vaccination. One thing is certain, someone with your background and knowledge would stand a better chance of proving your point in court than the majority of us…..but the system is so corrupt that there is no way they would allow you to win if it did go that far. That’s obvious but so frustrating. I agree with the previous comment. If it looks set to go that way, run for the hills. Easier said than done of course….or there is one more option. I remember reading about a man in our country who found a loophole in the law. Somehow, he has managed to declare his home his own country, therefore making himself and his family exempt from uk laws. Hardly anyone even knows this is possible, but it’s true. No matter what he does, the police are literally not allowed to touch him. Of course this takes a lot of research and bravery, and also fierce independence because such a person would have to also forfit their rights to help from the law and free healthcare should these things ever be required. He doesn’t pay any taxes for example, but this also means he has no right to rubbish removal/fire services/free schooling for kids etc……

  • Babsvogel

    Hello dear merryberry3stars, Leah and others,

    i’m from Germany and The Netherlands, my children and animals are not vaccinated, indeed they try to convince you that you are a bad mother, but I know more then enough and will stand my ground, either if it is for my familiy, friends or animals, I know what I do and no wolf can blow my house to ruins.
    Luckily my husband stands behind me.

    i think affirmation, the power of our minds is very very real and big/ large (what is it called?).
    If we fear to be put in to jail, we will draw it to us, maybe not all the way but at least a little.
    So better, not that it is so damned easy, affirmate that everybody sees the truth and we no longer have vaccins at all in the world.
    Or/and: The more I trust myself, the stronger I am, no one can harm me, not even the slightest bit.
    I am safe at all times and places, my … are safe at all times and places.

    Infinite possibilities ;)

    Youtube Greg Braden Matrix very good film/movie, please watch it.
    I’m not good in links, I didn’t take time to become good at it, but within a week I will have learned it, cause I will take the time ;)

    But could you, Merryberry3stars tell me more about this man that got somehow through a loophole in the law his own country.
    I’m very interested in it and would love to check it out if we can also do that in The Netherlands and Germany.

    please contact me at babsvogel at hotmail dot com

    Thanks a lot

    Barbara from the family Bird

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    I have massive problems with this part , though I think we primarily agree .. somehow?

    “That said, I evaluate vaccines on a cost-benefit.  If I was working
    where there was a high risk of contracting one of the diseases, and the
    vaccine appeared safe and effective (i.e. not being a toxic brew of
    heavy metals), I would consider it.  If I was going to a country where
    serious diseases were common, same thing.  Or if I had a specific risk
    factor (e.g. a lung problem v.s. pneumonia)  But I wouldn’t get a
    vaccine for something there is near zero chance of me catching, or near
    zero chance of catching it being worse than a bad case of the flu.”

    Umm … which ones don’t have ‘Heavy Metals’ ?
    (and the Metals aren’t the only Evil factor in all of this btw)
    You going to a country where serious disease is common?
    Not sure where you came from , but lets say a Western Country , maybe US ..
    It IS a place Full of Serious Disease!
    So many Billions on medical … yet one of the unhealthiest countries on the planet.
    I know you probably think they aren’t Nazi’s .. But I suggest you research more.
    Do you seriously think that injecting yourself with poison and disease is going to help you in any situation? … you are still sucked in by the Evil Establishment.

    I don’t get the Flu … I certainly don’t get Flu Shots .. near zero enough?
    (Maybe it’s the Cannabis – they do go after it don’t they – shown healing/preventative  benefit)
    I lost my spleen .. should i get their Coccal shots? lol
    I wil live .. germs are good for you .. only idiots couldn’t recognize this.
    All your hygene is killing all of us as much as the ‘Shots’
    Plz Plz Plz … Do more research into the fundamentals and WHY our societies ‘Do what they Do’ … stop taking it for granted that the previous generation had YOUR best interests at heart lol … Have you EVER known anyone to place others interest before their own? seriously?
    Well , now you know me … but that doesn’t count :p heheh

    I feel sorry for you guyz … maybe you need MORE aluminium to think on the same level as the kids you injected it into? (& injected into school , banks , debt , jobs , blah blah etcetera. The adults (still alive mostly) have alot to answer for .. yet mostly they complain (about the youth) lmao … you awake yet? :p


  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    I’m pretty sure they still chemtrail the mountains too.
    Though … I definatly hear your sentiment.

    You cannot seperate the Truth into parts that suit you ..
    Comprehend that ALL of this construct is designed by Tyrrany.

    Cheers .. & enjoy the mountain air.

    Maybe go to ‘School’ to learn about it? … lol
    And ‘Vote’ for a difference heheheh.

  • John

    I might stay and fight. Fight fire with fire and give them a quadruple dose of their ‘own’ medicine……

  • John

    You cannot produce enough evidence to sway the provaxxers from their mission. To produce citizens that are compliant and weakminded so the Bill Gates of the world can make money with zero interference…..

    Think: The walking dead.

  • doctrox

    The question was: “Do you think it will
    come to jail time if we choose not to vaccinate?”

    The short answer is, yes, of course. “Jail time” is merely one more
    step in “their” intended direction. Procedures are already on the
    books, hidden from most via “quarantine” regulations, which allow for
    incarceration of unvaccinated citizens who “they” may deem to be a
    “medical danger” to the general population.

    Mandatory vaccination is a wonderful pretext for exercising numerous and
    ever-increasing controls. What better way to gain access to an entire
    generation than through their food/water or injections? Mercury, aborted
    fetal tissue, nanotechnology, the assault bucket list list goes on…

    The longer answer is that when one signs up for a “benefits package”
    i.e. accepts the benefits of the state, one must also accept the duties which
    are attached to that benefits package. For example, if your leaders pass
    legislation requiring its citizens to kill one Muslim per week , then you, as a
    right and duty bearing unit of the state, must obey – otherwise, you are in
    violation of the law you voluntarily signed on for when you accepted
    citizenship and its privileges.

    When folks read this, they get upset and want to kill the messenger. Many
    believe they should keep trying to “change the system through the
    vote,” or “apply for exemption” or participate in some other
    state-sponsored “relief.” Beware, as there can be no genuine
    “relief” found from the state.

    Here’s a simple example. When Adolph Hitler’s troops banged on citizens’ doors
    at 3 am and dragged them off to concentration camps, torture and death, the
    troops did nothing illegal. The laws on the books allowed for that. And Hitler
    didn’t seize power – he was elected!

    Even a cursory examination of the vaccination issue reveals the rubbish
    “they” are peddling. There is no money in health; the real blood
    money is in sickness and death.