Jodie’s Story: A Little Girl Lost After Illegally Given an Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine

This historical vaccine injury case, to be ruled on in court soon, involves a doctor who seriously put an infant’s life at risk, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and parents of a permanently and severely vaccine-damaged child, Jodie Marchant.

The Marchants share with us what happened after they took their one year-old daughter to the doctor, only agreeing for the MMR while refusing all other vaccines. They were completely shocked when they found out their baby Jodie was given an illegal, untested 8-in-1 vaccine concoction, deliberately mixed in one syringe, which destroyed their daughter.

Her father, Mr. William Marchant, has stated that investigations indicated the existence and persistence of the vaccine-strain measles virus in Jodie’s gastrointestinal tract. Jodie’s bowel findings could not be identified locally. Her report matched the same description published in The Lancet by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the paper that was retracted, even though the findings have been repeated numerous times. [1]

Andrew Wakefield was correct with his findings, even though considerable effort has been made by government officials and vaccine manufacturers to conceal data proving a link between vaccines, autism, bowel disease and brain damage. Jodie was also one of Dr. Wakefield’s patients.

The Marchants were sent death threats to remain silent when they learned the truth of what happened, raising the question, how many infants are being experimented on during these well visits?

Jodie’s parents were told by experts that their case is totally unique and they are the only family to ever hold the records to prove this happened.

This combination vaccine given to their daughter could never be researched, as the subjects would not survive. Parents do not know what vaccines are truly being given to their child during these office visits.

Jodie’s story offers a glimpse at how government officials and vaccine manufacturers cover up vaccine damage and how they try to avoid being held liable, proving in their own case that vaccine records were deliberately removed after an untested vaccine was given without consent.

This family has bravely come forward during this crucial time, when vaccine laws are being challenged and parental rights to choose are being slowly taken away.

The association with inflammatory bowel disease being linked to the MMR vaccine and autism was, and still is, a very controversial topic.

Twenty-two years have passed since that injection was given. This family is still battling their case in court. Jodie’s parents will not run from those responsible. They will never give up fighting to obtain justice for Jodie.

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A Family’s Nightmare Begins With The MMR Vaccine

Jodie Marchant was born a beautiful and healthy girl on March 2, 1992. She was developing well and on target. After receiving a reminder notice in the mail to bring in Jodie to get the MMR vaccine, her parents, William and Pat Marchant, contemplated the issue and agreed to have her vaccinated. Up until this point, Jodie had not received any vaccines, nor did her older sister.

On May 17, 1993, when Jodie was 14 ½ months old, they arrived at Aldermoor Surgery health clinic in Southampton, UK. They agreed to allow Jodie to receive the MMR vaccine and physically signed to refuse the DTaP vaccine and any others. Once in the waiting room, Jodie’s name was soon called and Jodie said, “Love you,” to her dad, on the way in.

Patricia held her baby girl and took her into the room. Upon entering the room, Patricia was surprised to find a pre-filled syringe waiting for Jodie. Then Jodie was injected in a hurried fashion. Once Jodie was injected, she immediately screamed out like she had never screamed before, in a high-pitched sound.

In the waiting room, William heard this loud scream. His blood turned cold because he knew that it was his daughter. It was Jodie. Patricia was upset. She came charging into the waiting room and said she is never having another vaccine.

Within minutes after Jodie was vaccinated, she started shivering and shaking, was taken home, had high-pitched screams, suffered a high fever and stopped eating right away. Her parents were told by the doctor that she had a virus and not to worry. This was the day she was left permanently disabled and would never again be her normal self.

Numerous Doctor Visits, No Answers

Jodie became a different person after the shot. Little Jodie was in inconsolable pain, turned pale and her loving and jubilee nature changed to a child whose parents seemed nonexistent. Her life was never the same after the vaccine.

Jodie’s parents had no help in understanding what was wrong with their daughter. Jodie would regularly bash her head and needed to wear a helmet for protection. She suffered seizures. She became doubly incontinent, meaning she lost control of her bladder and bowel movements. She stopped walking and eating, lost speech, lost eye contact, stopped recognizing familiar adults and she had a horrible smell from acid reflux that kept coming out of her mouth, for years, all while growing as a child. This all started after she was given that shot.

In 1994, William and Pat sought much-needed help and one oral health surgeon said to put her in her room to cry it out. Doctors weren’t giving Jodie correct medical treatment. They wouldn’t admit anything was wrong. Her parents were keeping her alive on milkshakes because she couldn’t eat.

Jodie needed round-the-clock care. Her dad had to give up working to help take care of her and this caused mortgage payments to fall behind. They were losing their house and were told to contact Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to ask for help receiving some financial assistance and to help diagnose what was wrong with Jodie.

Jodie suffered convulsions after she was given that vaccine, which her dad considered could be a symptom of epilepsy. He requested an electro-encephalogram (EEG) but was turned away. Jodie kept suffering more convulsions even two years later. William kept requesting an EEG to be performed and continued to be ignored.

Jodie’s parents were fed up and called the Health Visitor in September 1994 and told them to get her looked at properly or they would contact the police. Eventually an appointment was made, with an EEG done, which led to a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy.

The Marchants were told Jodie’s reactions were a coincidence and not connected to her problems. In November 1994, Jodie was examined by a DLA doctor named Dr. Ritchie. He acknowledged she was damaged and that she was getting all the wrong messages and that’s why she was toe-walking. He said, “She’s not watching the television, she’s living it.” Jodie was diagnosed as being severely brain-damaged.

Dr. Ritchie made sure Jodie was awarded a high rating of disability, needed for the family to receive financial assistance. She was noticeably suffering severe neurological and gastrointestinal problems. However, this needed financial assistance came too late for them to save their house. The Marchants were evicted and then put into a temporary accommodation.

At the temporary house, they switched doctors for ten months. Once rehoused, they went back and rejoined with Jodie’s previous doctor again. At this time, William and Pat still did not know of the action committed on Jodie and what she was really injected with that fateful day.

Jodie Was Diagnosed With Autism

In 1995, Jodie was diagnosed with autism, at age three, just with autism. Doctors wouldn’t look at anything else. There were a large number of vaccine-damaged children being reported in the UK after getting the MMR vaccine and major efforts to hide these truths from the public were becoming apparent. [2]

Government officials knowingly had allowed for some unsafe and possibly untested vaccines to continue on the market, partially to cut costs while protecting vaccine manufacturers from being held liable, at the expense of the vaccine-injured and their families.

Even though Jodie was labeled autistic with severe learning disabilities, she did attend school at age three. Due to her suffering, she ended up mostly being homeschooled because she was in so much pain. Her parents constantly sought for her to get the proper treatment but Jodie’s problems were being ignored.

Her parents were told Jodie should be in care as she would never know them or recognize her own parents. Patricia’s response was “my daughter is going nowhere.”

A doctor who recognized vaccine damage ordered for Jodie to have an MRI. On October 20, 1995, CJ Rolles arranged a scan.

Jodie’s First MRI

In 1996, Jodie’s first MRI test results came back all clear. They missed that Jodie had Chiari malformation, which are structural defects in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance, and when injured, can cause many symptoms, including toe-walking, commonly observed in vaccine-injured children. [3]

A proper diagnosis would’ve indicated the likely cause of some of Jodie’s symptoms, which are associated with nervous system damage. Growing evidence suggests Chiari malformation could be caused by an acquired brain injury. Brain injuries can be vaccine-related. Only surgery can correctively treat this. Due to the misdiagnosis, Jodie did not have the surgery to help correct the problem. [4]


Mother Was Told The Birth Could Have Caused Jodie’s Problems

Jodie’s parents took her to many doctors, many times, after her health deteriorated. Unable to get answers as to what caused Jodie’s problems after the vaccine link was denied, a friend gave them a magazine article discussing pressure at birth, stating this could cause a child to develop problems around the second year of life.

Patricia thought about Jodie’s delivery and remembered the student nurse who helped in Jodie’s delivery was very rough at the birth. Pat questioned if there could be a connection. The problem was that Jodie had developed fine and had no health problems prior to when she was given that vaccine.

Desperate for answers to try and get help for Jodie, her parents decided to get legal advice to see if the birth was linked to Jodie’s problems. It was arranged for them to visit Portland ST Hospital for an examination. Before going, they had a chat with another mom who asked if Jodie had received an MMR shot, because her son was badly damaged following his MMR. She told them Jodie’s behavior pattern was in line with vaccine damage. A doctor had informed them Jodie’s demise was likely caused by a virus.

This talk was at a severe special needs school which their kids attended. Realizing the identical reactions, the Marchants tried to cancel the hospital appointment but were advised to attend. At the appointment, they were told by the doctor that there was nothing to suggest the birth was involved in Jodie’s problems. This was in line with their DLA doctor who stated Jodie was not born this way, but rather, she has been damaged.

William and Patricia were given details by this mother to seek help from Dr. Andrew Wakefield at the Royal Free Hospital. Desperate for help, they discussed this with their GP and their GP arranged a referral for Jodie to be seen at the Royal Free.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield And His Team Were Sought After For Help

In January 1998, Jodie and her parents met with Dr. Andrew Wakefield to discuss what was contributing to Jodie’s demise, which started after she was given that vaccine. By now, Jodie had been suffering severe bowel problems (being doubly incontinent) and many other issues for almost five years. She was given medicine to clear her system and her next visit for treatment was scheduled to take place in June 1998. Until Jodie was taken to the Royal Free Hospital, her parents were not given answers as to what happened to their child.

Soon after Jodie’s first visit to the Royal Free, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues published a paper in The Lancet on February 28, 1998, linking a plausible connection to inflammatory bowel disease, autism, brain damage and the triple MMR vaccine. [5]

Consistent with Dr. Wakefield’s findings, Jodie had the vaccine-measles strain in her GI tract.

Beginning in June 1998, Jodie was treated by other doctors at the Royal Free Hospital. They found she was too badly constipated and the colic she was being treated for was, in fact, acid reflux. They said her problems were far bigger than what they were seeing in the other children. Jodie was different from the other children.

A pediatric gastroenterologist, Professor John Walker-Smith, is considered a great man to the Marchants because he agreed to help Jodie. He was one of the doctors that helped treat Jodie at the Royal Free and was able to confirm Jodie was not given an ordinary MMR vaccine.

His diagnosis was spot on, as the Marchants would later find out. Jodie was given the MMR mixed with five other vaccines (an 8-in-1), which had never been known to have been given before. Even without Jodie’s vaccine records at the time, the professor was able to confirm she must have received more than an ordinary MMR.


Jodie’s Urine Sample Showed A Unique Pattern

In 1998, to assess Jodie’s damage, the parents were asked to send in a urine sample to Dr. Paul Shattock, who is aware of a possible link between the MMR vaccine, thimerosal and autism. His own son was diagnosed with autism. [6]

Upon testing Jodie’s urine sample, it was discovered Jodie’s showed a different pattern. On a suggestion, they were advised to get the batch numbers of the vaccines given to confirm what vaccines they gave her.

Dr. Shattock observed Jodie’s urine sample had gone over the peaks and informed the Marchants, “You are not telling me something, there is something else other than the MMR.” Jodie’s peaks were unbelievable and he asked what else she had with her MMR vaccine.

Jodie’s parents were confused, because they had only agreed for the MMR vaccine and nothing else. The Marchants had never requested a copy of Jodie’s vaccine record before and had no idea what they were about to learn.

Vaccine Records Went Missing

William and Patricia were asked to provide the vaccine batch number in order to submit an application to the vaccine damage unit, to collect compensation for damages associated with the MMR vaccine. Her records were needed to determine what caused the spike in the urine sample and to file an application for damages.

They went to request her vaccine record, where Jodie had received the shot and the doctor there said they could not find Jodie’s records. This included records from numerous visits for help following the jab. They were also informed the doctor who signed off on Jodie’s vaccines, for the nurse to give, who was the head of surgery at the time, Dr. Allison Hill, had left.

Needing Jodie’s record, they went back to the temporary doctor who had seen Jodie and this doctor had her records archived. The records revealed a disturbing truth that Jodie had been overdosed and was given DTaP and an injected oral polio vaccine. The parents were given batch numbers for DTaP and a recorded and signed-for oral polio vaccine.

Both contained the GP’s signature. The parents hold proof of these batch numbers and a signature from the GP who authorized the nurse to inject these.

Her parents said this is not what Jodie was taken in for. The doctor told them to go back to that doctor and get the MMR info, which they did. Another record with the GP’s signature and batch information on it had surfaced, to show Jodie was given the MMR II vaccine manufactured by Merck.

They found out she was given all of this and then later found another vaccine was given to her, all injected into her through that one shot. They were assured the seven went into her but new records that surfaced several years later revealed an eighth vaccine was given and signed for. The Marchants haven’t publicly revealed what the eighth vaccine is. Due to the sensitivity of the case that is still ongoing, that information is not being published.

The record on the eighth vaccine was separate from the other vaccine records and had either been missed or hidden. The GP had signed it herself. This record confirms it was given.

It is unthinkable to inject an oral polio vaccine but these records have been accepted by ALL during the case. The Marchants’ written statement, based on these vaccine records, notes none of these eight vaccines were given in the mouth, and the doctor cannot produce the name of the administrator of the vaccine, so they have no defense to prove otherwise.

These medical records held proof of some massive corruption going on. The Marchants learned their daughter was vaccinated with a combo vaccine that may have never been tested. Jodie’s parents went in for their daughter to get only the MMR and refused all other vaccines and they were completely shocked to find out Jodie was given this cocktail, MMR+DTaP+Oral Polio and the eighth vaccine not mentioned, all drawn up in one syringe.

One of the GPs of Jodie who supported the Marchants by helping them obtain Jodie’s records lost her job. It became clear to Jodie’s parents, upon their discovery of the extra vaccines, that cover-ups by every department were being made. Jodie’s parents were not meant to get a hold of these records but managed to, despite efforts of those trying to cover up what was done to their daughter.

Years after the incident, Dr. Allison Hill was asked about signing for these vaccines to be given to Jodie without parental approval and a written signature to avoid the DTaP and other vaccines. She said that she could not remember the patient or doing this. She apparently did not remember Jodie’s scream that day. And even to this day, she is not aware the Marchants hold the proof of that eighth vaccine given, with her signature on it, even with the attempts made to alter Jodie’s records.

Giving an injection incorrectly is negligence on the part of the administrator or doctor who signed off for this to be done. The MMR vaccine is to be injected subcutaneously (SC) while the DTaP and another vaccine Jodie received are to be administered intramuscularly (IM). An oral polio vaccine is only to be given orally, not through injection. This proper way of giving these multiple vaccines was not taken into consideration when Jodie was stuck with this 8-in-1 vaccine combo, never before tested or proven safe to inject. [7],[8]

William holds information saying it is not recommended to give the MMR+DTaP simultaneously.

This is why it is considered Medical Negligence. By giving the vaccines all together, it is almost impossible to blame any particular vaccine. This avoids a battle with a drug company.

From one of Jodie’s reports:

“The subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of vaccines should always be initially safeguarded by determining whether or not the syringe needle had penetrated a small blood vessel which could cause immediate delivery of the vaccine or vaccines into the circulation.  This would result in the vaccine being distributed to the central nervous system within a few minutes.  The immediate adverse response observed in Jodie’s case suggests that this was a possibilty.  Personal reports that I have received from parents of children possibly suffering vaccine related adverse reactions have, on a number of occasions, reported a similar reaction.”

It was becoming clearer to the Marchants when Jodie’s records went missing, that a massive cover up was taking place. The Marchants were being sent death threats and told to remain silent and drop any actions against the doctor and the General Medical Council (GMC).

Not being able to remain silent because of how Jodie’s life was ruined, they did not remain complacent, especially after the assault played out on their daughter. In the year 2000, their Member of Parliament for Southampton, UK, Alan Whitehead, and the then current Health Minister, John Denham, went public to support their issues. [9]

Also in the year 2000, according to research, another paper authored by Dr. Andrew Wakefield titled Measles mumps rubella vaccine: through a glass darkly was published. This paper looked at the pre-licensing safety trials of the MMR vaccine.

This paper looked into how officials considered the triple MMR vaccine to be safe, pointing out each vaccine was actually licensed separately and not tested as a triple vaccine for safety. [10]

The Marchants were even faced with abuse charges, which they took on and blew away. Some bruises on Jodie were caused by two teachers forcibly holding her down, while a third teacher changed her pad. A photo of Jodie sent home clearly showed she had been left unchanged and, in agony, becoming sore. The Marchants let everyone know they would not tolerate any ill treatment of Jodie.


Jodie’s Parents Warned Dr. Andrew Wakefield He Would Be Targeted

It became clearer to William and Pat why it was so important to keep Andrew quiet. William was able to warn him of Brian Deer and the plot against him on the MMR issue.

Until they went to the Royal Free, they were told to let Jodie suck on a peppermint or lock her up to cry it out. The Marchants knew Dr. Wakefield was too dangerous to the vaccine program to let him speak.

People love to listen to his voice. The truth would stop the compulsory vaccinations and would cost the drug companies more than they could afford to pay. It is feared Jodie’s case could cause problems if the public found out.

Jodie Tested Positive For Carrying The Vaccine Strain Of Measles In Her GI Tract

In 2001, samples from Jodie were collected by a nurse, as well as by staff at the Royal Free. These samples were sent to Professor John O’Leary at Coombe Centre in Dublin, Ireland, to see if Jodie tested positive for carrying the vaccine strain of measles in her GI tract. Tests proved positive.

The findings matched what the published Lancet paper article, authored by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, stated. Wakefield never “deceived The Lancet journal,” those who sought to retract his paper “deceived the children damaged by the MMR.”

After The Truth Was Revealed

The Marchants waited for a solicitor to launch an appeal for over two years and then William contacted the Legal Services by phone and via e-mails. After an argument on the phone, they agreed to give them an appeal.

At the Appeal, their solicitor turned up with the wrong files and was unable to answer any questions, as he had not read the files. William then took his own files to show the Panel, and he showed them a GP’s letter confirming that Jodie was totally normal until the jab. This GP lost her job by giving them the proof of what Jodie had been vaccinated with, despite the fact the Marchants did not give consent for any vaccine, except the MMR.

The Marchants were under attack and their case was trying to be covered up. When they were asked about missing records from Jodie’s files, William produced the missing files. The Practice Manager swore and asked how he got them. She later said in a letter that they held the same files.

When they transferred Jodie to another doctor, all vaccination records were missing and William had to copy his own to give to their current doctor. This act is recorded by Jodie’s current doctor.

Jodie Had A Gastric Band Operation

On January 13, 2004, when Jodie was 11 years old, she had surgery to have a gastric band put on her. Her parents could tell she was in pain when she banged her head. She was being treated for colic but had acid reflux. The operation was supposed to stop the acid reflux from coming up because it was burning her esophagus all the way through. This was the time Brian Deer came in the picture.

Jodie’s parents were told if she had the surgery to put the band on, it would be impossible for Jodie to be sick. Previous to the operation, Jodie constantly had an acidic yellow mixture coming up. The day after the surgery, she became violently sick, started vomiting and Jodie began losing weight.

Her parents asked if the band could be too tight. They were told no and were just given another tablet of Lamotrigine for Jodie to take. The doctors just wanted Jodie’s parents to go away. Then Jodie started completely seizing more.

The medicine, Lamotrigine, was doubled. Jodie was rushed to the hospital because of pain and they doubled her medicine to 800 mg a day, causing more seizures. The maximum dosage for an adult is 400 mg a day. After complaining that the medicine she was given to stop the fits was causing the fits, they asked why her dosage was double what an adult should be given.

The drug was causing Jodie’s seizures and her parents asked why she was being prescribed so much Lamotrigine. Only after much complaining did they half the dosage, only after parents asked why. That’s the treatment the Marchants were given.

Jodie Suffered Much Worse After The Gastric Band Surgery

Before this operation, Jodie only had the acid reflux and was in pain. The gastric band was too tight. This caused Jodie even more pain and she began throwing up all day; 8-10 times a day a mess would have to be cleaned up. This was so severe, the Marchants had to change their carpet and repaint the walls. It was a disgrace and no one would listen to them.

After the gastric band was put on her, for six years Jodie’s parents had to pick up after their daughter because the band caused her to continuously vomit and suffer. Changing the carpet in their house and car and repainting the walls became a repeated chore.

Jodie would bang herself because she was in such terrible pain trying to get the wind up, the colic and the acid reflux. With the element of pain she lived with, her parents felt helpless because they were not getting needed help for her. Parents dealing with severely vaccine-injured children sometimes ask themselves, is it fair to keep them alive in so much constant pain?

The government would not listen to all of these parents speaking up about the same thing. Many parents have children suffering from the vaccines. Jodie’s case is one of the most severe. Someone should listen. The Marchants wondered if their case was the only case the Health Minister was supporting.

The vaccine damage payments unit was not addressing this issue. It was clear they were missing terrible problems while officials were saying they don’t think the MMR vaccine causes autism. The Marchants want them to look at what happened to Jodie and to pay for this. Patricia states they’ve been through hell and back and Jodie still suffers.

This situation has been so intense. In 2012, when Jodie was 18, she suffered another seizure while at the top of the stairs in their house. While she was fitting, she fell down the stairs. She broke her nose, hence the bruises on her beautiful face (as seen in this 24 minute documentary). One can visibly see all the marks Jodie left on the carpet and walls from her being sick (from the video Living With Autism, shared by the Marchants’). [11]

Brain Surgery

In 2007, Jodie had brain surgery after a second MRI revealed an Arnold-Chiari malformation, something her first MRI didn’t detect. She had surgery to lift part of her brain. Also, her tonsils needed to be put back into place.  The surgery seemed to be successful when Jodie’s vomiting declined a bit and the seizures lessened. Overall, Jodie initially improved. It was stated she began saying words like “Mum,” “Dad” and “hello” once in a while.

Chiari malformations can cause seizing fits and unbearable pain. Jodie had been suffering from this all along and was not given the treatment prior to this surgery. Her problems had been ignored.

Sadly, the positive effects from the surgery were short-lived. William and Pat were complaining that Jodie’s brain was showing a compression on one side. Her parents felt she would need a further MRI, and they felt Jodie’s health was deteriorating. She had walked flat-footed following the brain surgery, which they thought was fantastic, but Jodie’s sickness got worse and worse. It became obvious her brain dropped again and the gastric band had always been too tight.

Parents Demanded The Gastric Band Be Removed

In Southampton, the Marchants had a meeting arranged with a gastroenterologist and another doctor. When they showed up, there was no clinic and no one there. William demanded to know why. They were supposed to be discussing the major problems Jodie had. They were told to wait and a specialist nurse would come in.

The nurse said if they were prepared to say Jodie’s bowel issues and her digestive system were all right, then the medical staff would support the position that she needs to have her brain looked at again. Her parents would not agree to this, because Jodie was in too much pain for them to back down. Pat told them to undo the band because you could see Jodie’s bones sticking up, on top of her shoulders.

They said they would take a look at Jodie because she wasn’t getting enough food in her. Jodie’s parents had enough. They were told one of two things. One option was to loosen the band and the second option was to get rid of it. Pat said she didn’t want to go back and wanted to get rid of it and would have Jodie treated with medicine if the acid reflux came back.

Jodie had the gastric band removed in 2010 and the acid reflux didn’t come back. The band had caused problems for six years. The parents had told the doctors it was too tight from the very beginning and to look at it. Jodie’s problems worsened after that surgery and no one cared to listen to the family, to help Jodie.

Finally, the band was removed. Pat and William had an awful time picking up after Jodie’s messes caused by that band, eight to ten times a day after she got sick. This went on for six years while Jodie suffered. Jodie felt better now.

Jodie’s Brain Damage Is Considered Beyond Repair

Averting the previous attempt to keep her parents silenced, Jodie was given a referral for another MRI. The neurologist said they would give the parents copies of the MRI if they did not take legal action. Otherwise, they would have to pay for reports if they planned to pursue legal action. They paid for them.

Further tests showed that Jodie’s brain damage was considered beyond repair. She had crowding on the left side of her brain. The epilepsy nurses had stated the left side of her brain is too badly damaged for even stem cell treatment, according to Jodie’s records. She will not be having a second brain surgery because of this. It’s very dangerous and will not likely help.

An American Vaccine Damage Expert Is Commissioned

Dr. Mark Geier and his son David Geier are considered vaccine damage thiomersal experts, by many families of vaccine-injured children. Dr. Mark Geier was commissioned from America to do a report on Jodie.

Upon finishing his final report on Jodie, just to be certain of his findings, Dr. Geier asked for a small, un-intrusive test to be done on Jodie. The Marchants would have gone through with the test, but the test was prevented. Mark was stopped from proceeding with the test.

Dr. Geier was paid for his work but not allowed to finish his report on Jodie because he was discredited, according to the Marchants’ Legal Services Commission (LSC). The witch-hunt was on for him and his son. Dr. Mark Geier and his son David were both sought after to discredit their work that acknowledges vaccine injuries and for finding ways to help treat children with autism spectrum disorders.

Many parents brought their child in for help, to see Dr. Geier and his son, after their child regressed following the MMR vaccine. Pat and William were noticing this familiar attack, as they themselves had been sent death threats to remain silent, as well as the time when William warned Dr. Andrew Wakefield about his controversial but needed research. Now the Geiers were being sought after, to silence their work.

Dr. Geier was given the money for his report, but the report was not accepted. According to William, “The LSC were desperate to hide the truth about Jodie’s case and about vaccines causing injury. Perhaps they were given answers they did not want.”

Legal Funding Issues

The first time Jodie’s Legal Aid stopped, the Marchants eventually had half of their funding reinstated and later on, the rest was reinstated. Not without a fight. Funding was removed a second time and their appeal to restore it proved successful. Funding was reinstated the third time on July 31, 2013, despite their solicitor trying to prevent this.

Despite all the hurdles to regain funding, their Legal Services have already supported the Marchants’ evidence by restoring the Legal Aid funding. The Marchants don’t believe Brian Deer has been made aware of this.

The Legal Services Commission wanted scientific proof of the probability that the vaccines were responsible for Jodie’s health problems, in order to justify the Marchants to continue receiving Legal Aid for Jodie.

William stated:

“We actually had our funding removed once because we were told that since the cocktail of 8 vaccines she was given has never been researched, we could not prove vaccine damage. We successfully argued that if it had not been researched, it should never have been given to Jodie, especially as consent was refused for all vaccines, except the MMR. We added scientific proof was not the criteria, which is probabilities.”

The Lawsuit

William wants to make sure Jodie will be taken care of when he is no longer alive, after what was done to her.

They brought an assault charge against the GP, Dr. Allison Hill, who was the head of practice at the time and the one who signed for the nurse to administer the vaccines to Jodie, despite the parents not consenting for five of the eight vaccines given (the eighth vaccine was still unknown at the time).

This case was unsuccessful, even though a child protection officer had agreed that Jodie’s vaccination with DTaP and oral polio were against her parents written consent and that did constitute an assault. The parents were warned that “politics would stop him from finishing the case.” Once the case was referred, due to politics over protecting Jodie, the police were stopped by Legal Services Commission (LSC) from pursuing further action.

At this time, the eighth vaccine given was still hidden in the records. The Marchants were unaware of this at the time these charges were brought up.

A complaint to the General Medical Council (GMC) also got no results, even though the GMC agreed that what had occurred in Jodie’s case was “unprofessional,” the doctor could not be blamed if the nurse who administered the vaccines acted incorrectly.

When their Legal Aid was reinstated, the Committee stated that:

“Due to the way the doctor’s kept Jodie’s records, any Judge would be suspicious of anything they said. Also if the nurse was traced, then her version would be ignored, due to her action.”

The Marchants’ case is still ongoing and they are very confident of success. They were amazed by the Panel report that unanimously backed them one hundred percent to take action, and agreed to fund them.

Going for Assault and Medical Negligence means the person responsible cannot hide behind the pharmaceutical companies protected from lawsuits.

They were not told of any vaccines added to the MMR shot they agreed to. If they had known, they would have left immediately. Limited consent is on record, although all records are now removed on vaccines. Thankfully, the parents have copies.

They were told their case could open the floodgates for vaccine damage and this is why funding was removed more than once, although it is now back.

The records on the eighth vaccine were separate from the other records and didn’t show up until several years after the Marchants learned Jodie was given the DTaP, oral polio and the MMR vaccines combined.

The record on the eighth vaccine has the GP’s signature, who the GMC said could not be blamed if the nurse acted outside of her duties. William and Pat hold a record confirming it was given. There are 60 dossiers of records to prove their case. The Marchants have had their records checked by the top departments and all have agreed that the vaccines were given, despite lack of consent.

The family is relieved there are no more pop-up death threats now. They will not tolerate this behavior. They have lived through a nightmare after what happened to their daughter and they will not accept anything less than justice for Jodie.

Vaccine Reactions Rarely Reported Or Compensated For In The UK

Families in the UK are rarely compensated when these pharmaceutical drugs injure. The UK has a Yellow Card system that offers very little help to damaged children. [12]

Vaccinating in the U.K. is not compulsory, and the Marchants had refused, on record, a vaccine given to Jodie without consent, which is an assault. It is also negligent to administer unresearched vaccine cocktails like that. Jodie was assaulted at fourteen months of age, when she was injected with an 8-in-1 vaccine, containing two triple vaccines in one syringe. And the doctor did not report Jodie’s reactions.

A doctor is supposed to report any adverse reactions from a vaccination on a yellow card. Sadly, very few parents are made aware of vaccine reaction history, although they are entitled to be told. Parents are not being given informed consent. It is very clear the Marchants were not given informed consent, either.

Jodie Suffers Convulsions And Is Disabled For Life

Jodie turned 23 years old on March 2, 2015.

Currently accepted, Jodie will never work or survive each day, without help. Due to the severity of Jodie’s lifelong health problems, requiring constant care, the Marchants fought to restore Legal Aid funding and will be allowed to continue receiving this for her. This Legal Aid would have normally ceased when Jodie turned 21.

Jodie does not know how to celebrate Christmas or her birthday and she won’t know how to celebrate any justice, if the family wins their case. When offered a present, she smiles, gently pushes it away and then cuddles. This is her life for now on.

The Marchants were told Jodie is alone on having this cocktail of untested vaccines given in one syringe. They are also the only ones to hold the files to prove this. It was made very clear they were never supposed to find out.

William stated:

“Jodie said two words to me when going in that room to be destroyed. They were ‘love you’ and ‘THAT IS WHY I FIGHT ON.’ The doctor took her future away. We owe it to Jodie to get justice.”

Jodie’s case is unique, they are told. Jodie was not one of the children studied in The Lancet article published by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues. Her problems were more severe.

The Marchants are being told that Jodie’s brain is damaged beyond repair. They have been told her damage is too extensive to be treated even with stem cells. They have had to battle for help since this happened and have seen many errors in her treatment.

Her parents are thankful she is still in their life. It’s been a very hard road for all of them, but worst for Jodie suffering through this pain, almost her whole life. There have been numerous close calls due to her vaccine injuries.

Jodie’s severe bowel problems still exist. When a child has the vaccine strain of measles in their gut following the MMR shot, the vaccine is the most logical explanation as to how the virus got there. Despite the media reporters doing all they can to get people to believe otherwise, parents whose children regressed after vaccination know better.

Jodie is such a sweet and caring daughter even though this happened to her. Still today, she suffers many problems. She can’t speak, she can only finger feed (eating a very limited diet), she is doubly incontinent, has severe learning difficulties, she seizes and has fallen down the stairs and suffered one broken front tooth and she has had many operations, including the gastric band fitting and brain surgery.

Thankfully, the routine vomiting eight to ten times a day stopped when the band was removed. College was never expected for Jodie, due to her problems. Experts have told the Marchants their case is totally unique and could never be researched because the subjects would not survive.

After all these years, Jodie still finds some comfort when driven through the forest to calm her from being sick. The car was damaged from her being sick. That didn’t matter because driving Jodie around was the best way to help ease her pain.

When Jodie wants to go for a ride in the car, she grabs a shoe to let her parents know that is what she is requesting. Her parents are still on stand-by to this day. When Jodie grabs her shoe, it’s time to go.

Despite all the hurdles to maintain receiving Legal Aid for the assault done to their daughter, the Marchants will continue to fight this all the way to the end.

Their Chapter In Silenced Witnesses 2

Silenced Witnesses 2 is part of a six-book series. Books 1 and 2 were released in France.

“I opened the launch by introducing the book and then commenting on something that has frequently concerned the parents over the last two and a half years. The fact that the parents of the Lancet paper children were not brought to give evidence about the inflammatory Bowel Disease affecting their children.”

“This is the second volume of Silenced Witnesses from Slingshot Publications, and the object of the books is evident, to give a clear voice to parents of vaccine damaged children, so that whether we win or lose the GMC battle or in the future when we win the scientific and the political arguments about vaccine damage, the parents’ voices have been recorded.”

“The GMC prosecution has said that on the basis of the Lancet paper, Dr. Wakefield and the other two doctors carried out research on 12 children, without ethical committee approval, that they used invasive procedures for the purpose of experiment, that they carried out research without parental approval. That they experimented on children for the purpose of aiding claimant’s cases against the pharmaceutical companies, but most seriously of all, the prosecution has argued that the children who came to the Royal Free were not ill, that they were autistic but did not have Inflammatory Bowel Disease; this has been the absolute core of their case.”

“ … without Andrew Wakefield, the science, the data, the information about MMR, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and regressive autism, would have been buried by governments and drug companies, perhaps for ever.” [13]

“Since her parents began writing their chapter of Silenced Witnesses, they discovered that “Jodie has a mitochondrial disorder and this has made us aware of the real need to test children before vaccination.” [14]

Brian Deer Visits The Marchants

The Marchants were filmed for three days by Channel 4, in 2004. They thought it was to highlight Jodie’s problems and was not about the MMR vaccine. When they learned what they would later find out, they refused to take part.

William feels:

“Deer is a joke who threw a tantrum to change chairs on his visit to us. I hold a letter from Channel 4 asking us to reconsider our dropping out. The return of our funding confirms the strength of our case. Deer insulted us at a Conference in the USA and has avoided meeting us to thrash it out.

He lacks the courage to face the people he has criticized. My wife asked him, why are you healthy, as you have not had an MMR. He clearly did not like this.”

“I am disgusted, although not surprised by this unqualified moron’s attack on a mother who works so hard to care for her two badly damaged sons. My own experience after meeting him was disappointment at his erratic behavior. Mr. Deer was made aware that our issue was not solely MMR and he said he wanted to film Jodie and help her. On arriving at our house he led me to a vehicle and let me see the Royal Free Records of the children before carrying them into our house. He insulted the Thomas family accusing them of feigning problems. He then insulted Dr. Wakefield saying he was a mummy’s boy who obeyed her every command. He wanted to film Jodie playing in her vomit at which Pat suggested, he could play in it. When filming had finished, we asked to see the article before viewing, as Deer had appeared to be more interested in insulting the Thomas Family and Dr. Wakefield and was very coy regarding the title and date of public viewing. We were unaware the MMR was the issue until we watched the video and realizing we had been tricked, we ordered him to leave. Deer took copies of papers confirming that we were not just MMR [2000] and a report confirming an unidentified problem in Jodie’s bowels.”

“I have put Brian Deer’s warning letter on Facebook.”

Message to William Marchant from Brian Deer

“Dear Mr. Marchant,

You need to be very careful about lying in a public place. You must remember that, when I came to your home, I was accompanied by four other people, who are well placed to know exactly what happened.

You were not taken to any vehicle and shown any documents, from Royal Free children (which I did not have in my possession), or anybody else. I did not ask to film anything, much less your daughter vomiting, as all filming was performed according to the directions of my producer. Indeed, there is a memo from me, complaining about the footage of your daughter vomiting, which I believed was inappropriate. I did not speak to you at any time about Ms. Thomas, suggest that Andrew Wakefield was a “mummy’s boy”, or do any of the other things you allege.

You did not ask us to leave your house, and it was at our request that we showed you an early edit of our film. It was explained to you that we could not broadcast your unsubstantiated allegations against a doctor and a nurse, whose identities you did not even reveal to us. At that point, after the involvement of a number of Wakefield’s associates, we struck you from the film upon our own decision.

I will say, however, that I did not, and do not, believe your allegations against the doctor and nurse, not least because your claim that your daughter was administered an oral vaccine with others by injection is almost impossible to be true. In hindsight, given your outrageous allegations against me, I’m now entirely satisfied that you simply made up your complaints against the health professionals, in the hope that we would broadcast them.

Why you would tell these lies is a matter for you. There can be no doubt in your own mind. However, let me be clear with you: if you cause damage to others with false allegations, you can be held accountable for that, if necessary being required to come before a judge and apologise. You may be called upon to pay all or part of the costs involved.

I will leave it at that for the moment. We treated you and your family with great compassion and care. Moreover, we have full records of what transpired.”

This video highlights some of the parents of The Lancet 12 children speaking to Brian Deer about their child’s vaccine injuries. He denies them too.

The Children Suffer The Most

How many doctors have stolen children’s futures, like Jodie’s was stolen? Jodie was just an innocent baby assaulted with vaccines. Her parents will live the rest of their lives worrying about their daughter. We owe it to Jodie to help get her justice.

It is not right many years of stalled research have occurred because researchers are afraid to touch the MMR vaccine/bowel disease/autism link. It’s the children who suffer most because of this.

Government officials have known the MMR vaccine can cause these problems but still refuse to warn parents when they tell them to go and get their child vaccinated. Documents have proven some government officials allow known harmful vaccines to remain on the market that continue to be injected into children today. This is sometimes done to save money. When did money become more important than these lives at stake from these vaccines? These are the people you trust with your children’s lives when you agree to get them vaccinated.

William stated:

“We have had our issue regarding vaccine damage examined and we have had legal funding restored by a Legal Services Commission appointed Committee. It is easy to condemn Dr. Wakefield having hidden the evidence which totally supports his findings. It is also strange that an unqualified moron is used to supply false evidence. One must assume that Brian Deer was the only choice available. The statistics of autism increase match completely with the introduction of the MMR VACCINE. Strangely, Deer actually told me that DOCTOR WAKEFIELD was correct but he was not the doctor and the timing was too early. He has also never admitted that I gave him a record of my daughter’s which totally backed the bowel problems as described by Dr. Wakefield. This diagnosis was made by Southampton General Hospital.”

“Jodie is not a pincushion to test their mixtures of vaccines. Our case makes it clear just how far some doctors will go to grab the bonuses available. They ruined our daughter to obtain a bonus, leaving our lives ruined, especially Jodie’s.”

Professor Walker-Smith eventually filed an appeal and won. At the time Jodie was being helped, it was not clear to the Marchants that a massive cover-up was taking place and the findings in Jodie and other patients would possibly damage the vaccine industry and trust in leaders for allowing this vaccine damage to perpetuate.

When the trial took place, years later after Jodie received help, the Marchants supported Walker during the trial and after he filed an appeal, which he later won. He has been fully exonerated. The work published in the study Dr. Andrew Wakefield co-authored that has been at the forefront of the anti-vaccination movement contained truthful information.

Whether you support vaccines or not, please support the right for parents to choose.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, In His Own Words (Full Interview)

Jodie’s Older Sister Suffered Too

Jodie’s older sister Candice is devastated by what has happened. This has affected her schooling, because her parents were up with Jodie every night and many other aspects of her life. The joy of being an older sister all changed after Jodie was assaulted. Candice couldn’t do things with her younger sister that most siblings would do together.

They were also unable to go away for holiday vacations or eat out, due to Jodie’s health problems. This is why they will not walk away. Both of their children and the parents have been through so much. Through it all, they’ve stayed together and never gave up.

A Special Thanks to Two Doctors that Have Helped the Marchants So Much, Without Charge

William wrote:

“Dr. A.P. Fletcher has written many reports for us and has allowed us to phone him when we needed, to discuss any queries that we needed help on.

Dr. Carol Stott has examined Jodie and has supplied reports on Jodie’s mental problems. It is, in her opinion, that Jodie is too badly damaged to be labelled with anything.

Both have given up so much time to help us, for free. We will be forever grateful for their help.”

Babies And Children Are Routinely Given the Wrong Vaccine

From an article published in the UK DailyMail:

“Children are being given the wrong vaccinations and repeat doses of jabs they have already had due to mix-ups at GPs’ surgeries.

Nearly 1,000 safety incidents involving child immunisations were reported in a single year.

Of those studied in detail, more than a third involved babies and children given a different vaccine to the one they were supposed to have.

In 36 per cent of cases a child was given the wrong vaccination. If the sample is representative, it means that hundreds are given the wrong immunisation every year. And, as the reporting of incidents by medical professionals is voluntary, the true number could be much higher.

Campaigners have said these mistakes were the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and expressed fears of a ‘vaccine overload’ from Britain’s growing childhood immunisation schedule.” [15]

Latest Information on Their Case

The Marchants have filed suit against the doctor who signed off on the vaccines and the National Health Service (NHS). They are awaiting a final report and to have an expert in place. They are going for Assault, as five vaccines were given despite refusal and for Medical Negligence to inject them that way.

The Marchants have been dealing with this case for many years. It has been suggested this case could open the floodgates to vaccine damage cases but this does not concern them. This is also the reason this case has been ongoing for so long.

Vaccine proof is not the requirement in this case even though Jodie was tested positive twice for having the vaccine strain of measles in her blood. The criterion for their case is probabilities, as their case is for Medical Negligence and Assault. They can prove that and in the UK, permission must be given by the parents to allow any vaccines to be given.

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) department that decides on legal funding has agreed that Jodie’s chances of winning her case are 50-50. This will depend on whom the judge believes. It was their appointed committee who supported the family and understood the assault done to Jodie.

Jodie’s records clearly prove her parents only authorized for the MMR and specifically declined in writing for the DTaP and other vaccines. Limited consent, for only the MMR vaccine was given. If they had known any other vaccines were in that syringe, they would’ve walked out.

William stated:

“We need a last report that is being done and a discussion between ourselves and then action. We also have been asked by NHS to issue a letter of claim, to give them an opportunity to settle out of court. We have been told by experts that our case is totally unique and could never be researched as the subjects would not survive.

This case is not about money, this is about getting justice for what was done to our daughter. This is about an action intentionally committed that I never dreamed would happen. Dr. Fletcher believes that the case is indisputable. We took a healthy child in for her MMR AND SHE WAS GIVEN A COCKTAIL OF 8 VACCINES IN 1 SYRINGE, TOO DANGEROUS TO RESEARCH. She screamed and was disabled before leaving the surgery. He believes it is impossible for it to be anything but the action.”

Dr. Fletcher has spoken out about concerns over MMR safety:

“Dr. Fletcher said he found “this official complacency utterly inexplicable” in the light of an explosive worldwide increase in regressive autism and inflammatory bowel disease in children, which was first linked to the live measles virus in the MMR jab by clinical researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 1998.” [16]


Jodie was harmed beyond repair when a doctor decided to allow her to be injected with an untested 8-in-1 vaccine. She survived the shot, but sadly, has lived her life in severe pain because of what was done to her. She will live the rest of her life suffering brain damage, bowel problems, seizures, not being able to communicate easily, not being able to eat properly nor take care of herself.

Many parents whose children greatly suffer and need constant care worry about their injured child’s future and what is best for them. Although the family is thankful and blessed that Jodie survived, they have deep concerns as to who will provide the kind of care she needs when they no longer can.

The Marchants have openly stated they have no doubt that their daughter Jodie was left disabled by a combination of vaccines that had never been tested for safety.  This illegal concoction was deliberately mixed in one syringe and it destroyed their daughter. They will never give up fighting to obtain justice for their daughter.

When you take your child to get vaccinated, you won’t know if your child will be given an untested experimental vaccine. Always get a copy of the medical records before you leave the appointment and save them. They can and do go missing to cover up vaccine damages. Make sure the batch number and manufacturer’s information is on it.

The Marchants are totally convinced there is a massive cover-up regarding vaccines causing damage. Officials and vaccine manufacturers don’t want the truth to come out. Jodie’s parents stated, “No child should go through what Jodie has gone through.”

Jodie held by her Mom Patricia, a few weeks before being disabled by an illegal 8-in-1, untested vaccine. Jodie does not know she is beautiful and never will know.

Jodie held by her Mom Patricia, a few weeks before being disabled by an illegal 8-in-1, untested vaccine. Jodie does not know she is beautiful and never will know.



About the author

Augustina Ursino

Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.