Gulf War Syndrome: Emotional Disorder or Vaccine Injury?

The words of the “Star Spangled Banner” were written during the war of 1812. Amateur poet Francis Scott Key wrote the words to what is now our national anthem after a night of watching bombs drop on Fort McHenry. As bombs dropped in the dark of night, flashes of light illuminated our flag. As each bomb dropped, Key would look to Fort McHenry to see if that star spangled banner was still waving.

As long as our flag was still there, he knew we were maintaining our advantage and holding the Fort. The most famous line of our national anthem is, “Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” This song, our anthem, epitomizes the American way of life. We are free because of the bravery of our soldiers. We are free because of our citizens’ unfailing resolve and willingness to lay our lives on the line for freedom.

In our spoiled, American, cushy lives, we have lost sight of why this nation was founded. America was founded by people who were escaping persecution and tyranny. Two hundred forty years later, it seems tyranny has reared its ugly head and chosen our military as its latest victim.


The Sacred Oath

You see, our military takes an oath to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. The new enemy is not foreign; it is most certainly domestic. Land of the free means we are free to make our own decisions except in the case of vaccines. I have heard our military members get between sixteen to fifty-four vaccines during their time in service depending upon the length of service and deployment.

If they refuse, they can and often will be discharged from service, fined and/or jailed. Despite the fact that Gulf War Syndrome is believed to be an adverse reaction to the anthrax vaccine, our soldiers dare not refuse the shot or they face a court-martial. If they question the use of squalene in vaccines, they face a court-martial.

If a soldier (who willingly puts their life on the line to protect us) tries to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, they face a court-martial. If they dare ask why their children, (the most highly vaccinated children in the country) have the highest incidence of autism, they face scrutiny and would probably face a court-martial for that too for all I know.

See a pattern here?

The very people who give their lives to protect our God-given, inalienable rights, have their rights, rank and honorable discharge yanked from them for refusing vaccines. Call me crazy, but that sounds more like tyranny than freedom.

That’s a Direct Order!

In the movie Direct Order (a documentary film on YouTube), we hear from soldier after soldier who was injured by the anthrax vaccine. Military doctors and nurses are included in the film, many of whom were court-martialed and discharged for refusing to administer the vaccine or refusing it for themselves.

The film lists a host of symptoms that developed after the anthrax vaccine, including ear ringing, fainting, “frozen jaw”, dizziness, short-term memory loss, autoimmune diseases, breathing disorders, turrets, etc. It is also noted that the Army owns the patent on the anthrax vaccine, funded their own safety studies and did their own research.

Direct Order also touches on the controversial adjuvant, squalene, which is found (although the military has denied it) in anthrax vaccines. Squalene is thought by many to be the cause of Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). Squalene is used as an adjuvant in vaccines which basically means it helps stimulate an immune system response. Squalene is an oil-based adjuvant which can create long-term, immune system responses.

When we overstimulate the immune system by giving multiple vaccines in one visit, free radicals damage healthy cells and essentially create chronic illness. [1] In a study from 2000, every participant who suffered from GWS had also been vaccinated for anthrax. [2] GWS is said to be an “emotional or mental disorder” by military officials. The question then becomes, do our soldiers suffer from GWS or vaccine injury?

Countless soldiers say they experienced acute symptoms following the anthrax vaccine; the symptoms they cite are called GWS but it seems plausible that GWS is actually an adverse reaction to the anthrax vaccine and not an emotional disorder. Although military officials have denied the use of squalene in vaccines, the FDA found this harmful adjuvant in five lots of the anthrax vaccine.

Furthermore, anti-squalene antibodies were found in the bloodwork of patients suffering from GWS. In the land of the free, military personnel should be able to take their chances with anthrax exposure rather than risk lifelong immune system disorders. [3]

Autism and GWS

In addition to GWS, there is the sticky issue of autism. Children of our military are the most highly vaccinated group of children in the United States. These children also have the highest incidence of autism in the country. [4] If that’s not bad enough, when their children are diagnosed with autism, Tricare (insurance for active military) does not fully fund therapies and early interventions. It’s a catch 22 to say the least.

Those who have served our military but are no longer active duty receive veterans’ benefits.  Senate bill 1203, which was passed last year, outlines the need for our veterans to receive all vaccines according to the recommended schedule. The bill does not state that you will be denied benefits for refusing vaccines but it does state that there are methods to get our veterans to comply.

The bill also refers to the recommended adult immunization schedule which is overseen by the CDC. [5] The issue with the CDC setting the “mandatory immunization schedule” is that many CDC employees simultaneously work for vaccine manufacturers. They are not impartial government employees looking out for the health of the nation, they are pharmaceutical company employees who work for the CDC.

These double agents (as I call them) add vaccines to the schedule or they leave the CDC for a high paying position at a pharmaceutical company. One shining example is Julie Gerberding who was director of the CDC for many years. She left her position at the CDC after fast-tracking the HPV Gardasil vaccine (made by Merck) and is now the president of Merck’s Vaccine Division.[6] Paul Offit patented the Rotateq vaccine which was bought by Merck and added to the CDC immunization schedule while he was on the CDC payroll. [7]

While I appreciate the opinion that vaccines are safe and effective, I think that vaccine manufacturers adding vaccines to the CDC schedule for our citizens, active duty military and veterans is a conflict of interest. Due to the collusion between pharmaceutical companies and the CDC, it seems to me that free people, especially members of our military, should have the right to abstain from vaccination and not be pressured by their physicians to do so.

Free People and Free Choices

“Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” Well, yes, our flag still waves but as we watch our freedoms slowly erode, it is difficult for me to say we are the “land of the free.” Free people can deny medical interventions without the threat of jail time or fines. Free people, especially our soldiers, should be able to refuse a vaccine based on concerns over GWS and not be court-martialed.

Free people, especially those who fight to protect our freedoms, should be able to go to a doctor’s visit without being pressured into vaccinating. Free people, especially our soldiers, should be able to refuse vaccines for their children based on their religious beliefs (many vaccines contain aborted fetal cells) or the fact that a CDC Scientist, William Thompson, says the CDC knows the MMR vaccine increases the risk of autism. [8]

Free people are free to make their own decisions for themselves and their children. Our freedoms are being impeded upon by multibillion dollar corporations. Pharmaceutical companies are exempt from liability if you are harmed by a vaccine. They make money hand over fist on vaccines and yet, no one, not even our military can sue them if they are permanently harmed by a vaccine.

Freedom, true freedom, is hard won and even harder to maintain. As a Daughter of the American Revolution, I hold my freedoms dear and will continue to speak out on behalf of our military. Those who put their lives on the line to protect us deserve nothing but the best health care we can give them, including safe vaccines (if there is such a thing).

While our freedoms are deteriorating, thanks to Congress colluding with vaccine manufacturers, we are still brave enough to face medical tyranny. This great nation was founded on freedom from a tyrannical government. Forced vaccination is the antithesis of freedom. Congress has been sold to the highest bidder which is most often pharmaceutical companies (who manufacture vaccines). The land of the free is not an abstract or negotiable concept; it is the cornerstone of Democracy. Freedom to choose what is injected into your body is freedom, anything less is tyranny.

A Note to our Military

Please know that although not all of us are brave enough to fight alongside you, we still support, respect and love you. You deserve the best our nation can give you and I apologize that so many of you have been let down by the very country you fought to protect. If you suffer from GWS or another autoimmune disease, there are ways to heal your body.

Detox is key and can be done using a chelator if you suspect heavy metal poisoning (you must use a provocation agent to provoke the metals out of the cells to get an accurate toxicity level) or an ion Cleanse machine. You can also take Magnesium which will help with tics, sleep disturbances, muscle cramps and spasms, anxiety etc.

Dietary changes can also help with detox and restoring the body, some of these foods are; lemon, watermelon, broccoli, garlic, grapefruit, beets and asparagus (to name a few). Although vaccine damage seems permanent, in most cases, the body can restore itself once detoxed and when healthy foods and vitamins are added to the diet.

Thank you for your service and dedication to freedom.


  1. Blaylock, R. L. The central role of chronic microglial activation and excitotoxicity in the Gulf War Syndrome and autism. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 9: 46-51, 2004

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Sarah Carrasco

Sarah Carrasco is the mother of a fifteen year old boy with autism. She is a parent mentor and Coordinator for Talk about Curing Autism (TACA), an vocational advocate for people with developmental disabilities and is currently writing a handbook on autism. She has sat on expert panels pertaining to IEPs, resources and respite care provider training. She lives in Colorado with her three sons, David, Aidan and Brooks. David, who has regressive autism, is steadily making gains and is on the road to recovery.