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Merck to Build New Vaccine Plant With IBM, GM, UPMC and Battelle

By Dawn / March 11, 2010

Press Release CONTACT: Wendy Zellner PHONE: (412) 586-9777 E-MAIL: ZellnerWL@upmc.edu Battelle, IBM, Merck Join UPMC’s Effort to Produce Vaccines to Protect Public Health 21st Century Biodefense Offers Innovative Solution to President Obama’s Call for Improved Response to Bioterrorism and Infectious Diseases PITTSBURGH, March 11 – Building on its extensive efforts to establish a flexible vaccine […]

16 Year Old Girl Goes Blind After HPV Vaccine

By Dawn / February 26, 2010

. . . Journal of Child Neurology J Child Neurol 2010; 25; 321 Francis J. DiMario, Jr, Mirna Hajjar and Thomas Ciesielski A 16-Year-Old Girl With Bilateral Visual Loss and Left Hemiparesis Following an Immunization Against Human Papilloma Virus Visual loss is a symptom that can occur from lesions anywhere along the visual pathways. Binocular […]

[1954] Polio Pioneers

By Dawn / May 15, 2009

In 1954, national testing began on one million children, ages six to nine, who became known as the Polio Pioneers: half received the vaccine, and half received a placebo. One-third of the children, who lived in areas where vaccine was not available, were observed to evaluate the background level of polio in this age group. […]