Deadly Vaccine Kills 8 Infants; Drug Maker Says Deaths “Coincidental”

Eight babies in China have died in the past two months shortly after being injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine, according to an article in the New York Times. The deaths are being investigated and linked to vaccine manufacturer Kangtai Biological Products (BioKangtai). [1]

The Hepatitis B vaccine is now suspended until further notice.

Some of the details have not been released, however from what we do know, the infants died two days or less after being vaccinated. [2]

But, there’s more to the story.

Deaths Are “Coincidental”

What is even more disturbing is the well-rehearsed script given to media outlets.

For example, the Mail Online reports, “In a statement earlier this month, the company [BioKangtai] said it was confident in the safety of its products and that the deaths could be caused by underlying diseases that were incubating in the babies and coincidentally started showing symptoms after the inoculations.” [3]

Contrary to this ignorant statement by the pharmaceutical company, one father was told by doctors his child was in good condition shortly after being born. The baby died about an hour after being injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine. [4]

Your Child is the 1-in-a-Million

Of course, due to public backlash, the Spin Doctors must react quickly to prevent any breach of confidence in the vaccination program.

The China Daily cites Jia Jidong, of Beijing Friendship Hospital, saying, “Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent newborns from hepatitis B even if it, like all other medical procedures, is never risk free,” and that, “The hepatitis B vaccine is safe…The incidence of very severe abnormal reactions is one in every 100,000, one in every 1 million or even lower.” [5]

This person is obviously parroting what is learned in medical school, or possibly even paid to stay on message like doctors are in the United States. [6-9] 

Many parents have heard similar mantras about their child being “one in a million” repeated to them when it is obvious a vaccine has injured their baby. Don’t believe it.

You can see this evidence for yourself by visiting Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) or visiting the website Ian’s Voice. [10,11]


The simple truth is this: there is no safe vaccine and you can never unvaccinate your child. If you live in the United States, be aware that the court systems have protected the vaccine manufacturers from any legal liability.

As a parent, you take on all of the risk of vaccinating your child. Death or mutilation from a vaccine is an acceptable sacrifice for the medical establishment to keep the gears turning.

If you are saddened or frustrated by what happened in this article, turn your feelings into action and help your own child. You may not know these parents by name, but you still can help.

Download the list of vaccine ingredients right now and see for yourself what is being injected into your baby. Share your experience with others and tell other parents about these resources.


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Photo Credit

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Kel

    The proponents of vaccines make me want to puke. Lucky it wasn’t your child eh? What is the ‘official’ justification of the Hep B vaccine anyway?? ‘ Just in case your newborn is sharing needles with all the other junkie babies in the nursery Madam or God forbid…..sexually active….’

  • elnura

    This is a completely unnecessary injection of poison. Hep B is a illness of IV drug abusers or someone who is sexually promiscuous. The adjuvant is Aluminum Hydroxide is just as dangerous as Mercury/Thimerosal and has been connected to Gulf War Syndrome. Also, there are some Doctors who feel Hep B is suspect in SIDS. Why put this kind of burden on a newborn’s fragile system immediately after birth. This is nothing less than cruel. Most people need to know that they can opt out of this for their newborn.

  • Barb


    sadly, according to this article the number of infant deaths is now 12

  • carole

    Your right and when my daughter turned in her religious exemption at the hospital the nurse was showing it all over saying loudly whst a bad parent. Then shd had a c section and was bleeding out but I had a feeling when they took her bsby god would care fot her and go with the baby. In the nursery they had all thd shots ready to give him. I told them no she turned in religou5 exemption. They said we didnt get anything. I had to call upstairs and have it sent to nursery I had to stay with baby becsuse when they changed shifts they try again to give him shotsl luckily and with Gods help she was ok and I protected baby but now he is 6 and one of the healthiest children hardly ever sick never an ear infection smart and so intelligent. Now proof is in the pudding but what a struggle to keeo him vaccine free

  • ramgbs

    Same old story i in a million never true and even if it was they are to be held resposable see ramgbs.wordpress.com Bob.

  • Rachel Humphrey

    They say many things are Coincidental. Like I took my son off Pasteurized milk at 3 1/2 yrs old and he said “mama” 9 days later. They said it was

    Coincidental that he was already late on saying “mama” by 2 1/2yrs and it just happened to be he did it when I took him off pasteurized milk.

  • elnura

    I read a comment on a website where the site owner was at a conference on vaccines and and one of the doctors on the panel was asked why do they give vaccines to newborns when it ‘s know that newborns have immunity passed on from their mothers and one Doctors response was “because we can” and another Doctors on the panels said it wasn’t because the babies needed vaccines it was a way of training the parents to bring the child in for vaccinations regularly. If you tell the parents that the shots are given in series most parents will feel compelled to complete the series of shots therefore they will bring the children in if completion is impressed on them. Hep B is nothing but a money maker and a burden on the child’s fragile system. It’s Vaccination Voodoo.

  • Christine P. S.

    Both the hospital and nurse behaved despicably, though unfortunately, this kind of behavior is all too common. Are you
    comfortable saying which hospital and city this took place in?

  • Cherry Misra

    My guess is that the Chinese are still using mercury laden vaccines. Does anyone have this information about this particular vaccine? I also wonder if this is a part of China in which people eat a lot of fish : I live in India and there is a part of India where a lot of fish is eaten (Bengal) In Bengal there have been many infant deaths in a particular hospital in Calcutta. This seems to be a referral hospital. My guess is that Bengali infants are born with high levels of mercury and the Hep B vaccine with mercury tips them over the edge. My guess is that when this happens in rural hospitals or small city hospitals, the parents are told to take their infant to the referral hospital. One can imagine the parents hoping for some great doctor at the BIG government hospital to be able to cure their baby and instead the baby dies. The first hospital has gotten rid of their “problem” and the referral hospital, as usual, shrugs offf the blame by saying that the baby had a preexisting condition . The public writes in response to the media reports that it is the fault of the referral hospital for its poor and dirty conditions. Well, babies in India have always been born into poor and dirty conditions, but their mothers held them and fed them their own milk and they did very well. Today a baby is born, given a mercury vaccine which may cause an extreme reaction or it may cause jaundice and inability to suck properly. Recently a poor woman in my neighourhood gave birth to a baby in a hospital and sure enough it was brought home yelllow and unable to suck. This poor young mother with her first child manaaged to keep her baby alive by dipping cotton in her milk and dripping it into the infants mouth. After two weeks the sucking reflex returned.Thanks a lot doctors ! Note- I thought of giving this mother a bottle or syringe or dropper, but I realized that she would be unable to keep this in a sanitary condition and the baby might die of diarrhea.
    Like elnura , I marvel at the brilliant move by the pharmaceuticals to give Hep B at birth . There are so many advantages. the parents imagine that this must be an extremely important vaccine that it is given at birth. They never connect the jaundice, inablity to suck, severe constipation caused by the mercury creating yeast infection, or the pneumonia that follows due to impaired immune system – to the vaccine. They think their baby was “born that way”
    Remember friends also, that the WHO has suceeded in keeping mercury in vaccines because they feel that the third world children just cant be all vaccinated without it. So, your American children may get only a small dose of mercury in the Hep B vaccine but that poor third world child gets a whopping 12.5 or 25 micrograms of ethylmercury . In my opinion the people who head such organisations that deal in vaccines for the third world deserve no respect whatsoever. We are reaching a point where people like Bill Gates are always talking about improving the medical care in the third world, when in fact wenow have to tell poor women to avoid doctors and hospitals. If any of you have the time, please see the youtube videos of Dr. Boyd Haley speaking about vaccines with mercury. His message to the American Academy of Pediatricians ? – “You should be ashamed of yourselves……..History is going to come and get you”

  • Roxanne

    “Like elnura , I marvel at the brilliant move by the pharmaceuticals to give Hep B at birth . There are so many advantages. the parents imagine that this must be an extremely important vaccine that it is given at birth. They never connect the jaundice, inablity to suck, severe constipation caused by the mercury creating yeast infection, or the pneumonia that follows due to impaired immune system – to the vaccine. They think their baby was “born that way”
    … You hit the nail on the head. The sooner toxic vaccines turn normal babies into ill babies, the easier it is to get away with the propaganda “oh they were born that way.” It’s harder to differentiate the ill effects of a
    vaccine given at two months and so on, if the child was never allowed
    to even begin developing normally in the first place.
    Cherry, are there any groups in Bengal that are fighting back? Are some
    parents starting to wake up to the vaccine propaganda machine? Last year I met a rural community organizer from India who expressed concern about what she had seen. How polio vaccine campaigns would be carried out in a given village with the inevitable result of paralysis, and what do the “authorities” do but go back in and do another round of shots because “they didn’t work” the first time. And sure enough after more cases of paralysis, they’d go back in to vaccinate yet again. The insanity and criminality of this is beyond words.

  • Roxanne

    Yep, the hackneyed, hollow meaningless, ‘one in a million’ line – more like lie… And then there’s all the long-term affects from
    this vaccine including visual and hearing damage, auto-immune
    disorders… More invisible casualties.

  • ramgbs

    thats a true statement i had a nurse mistreat me when i could not speak not very nice …
    and she uttered the same response because I can

  • Cherry Misra

    Roxanne- That is very interesting. I do hope the village people will realize the connection and start avoiding the polio drops, These drops are given even ten or more times to any particular child. You can get interesting information on the polio campaign in India and its results by googling on Dr. Jacob Puliyel. He is one of the few people here loolking for the truth about vaccines. Fortunately he is a senior pediatrician. According to Dr. Puliyel, there is no chance of wiping out polio as Bill Gates hopes for , because the virus can be synthesized in a lab- so India will go on forever spending huge amounts of money to “eradicate” polio, while we, in fact, have much bigger health problems that get little attention, and little money.
    Bengali people have terrible health. Even some of their young boys, men get strokes from the mercury in the fish. Nearly every Bengali family has someone with autism, schizophrenia or thyroid problems. . In Delhi, where I live the Bengali population is some small percentage of the whole population, and yet a very large percentage of the autistic kids are Bengalis. After that come children from some of the othr fish-eating populations of India. I think that as the realization that autism is caused by mercury in fish and vaccines spreads, the Bengalis will wake up, but it is going to take some time. Eating fish seems to be one of the core important aspects of their culture. If you are interested in the topic of fish mercury, take a look at the youtube videos of Chris Shade, PhD, biochemistry. He was able to discover the big problem with fish mercury: The methyl mercury in fish is easily absorbed into the human body. Later the body tries to get rid of it through the small intestine. Unfortunately, most of that mercury changes into another form of mercury and is reabsorbed in the large intestine. Dr. Shade considers that with mercury in dental amalgams decreasing, methylmercury in fish is the leading cause of mercury toxicity in Americans. Sadly, people suffer for decades from low dose mercury toxicity and few doctors recognize their symptoms as being due to mercury. If you eat enough tuna you can even get cardiac arrhythmias and hand tremors and lose a lot of hair- among other symptoms.

  • Free People

    Very sad indeed that this is happening in China (or anywhere else for that matter). I was just reading where the numbers are increasing, and I only hope many people are also reading about what is happening to these babies and stop the madness, and say NO especially to this vaccine. I would say no to all of them because none of them work.

    Why on earth is this dangerous and unnecessary vaccine given to babies before they even leave the hospital? Amongst several ‘assupmtions’ of which none are valid in my estimation, the main reason I think is simply to “catch them while they can” and begin childhood immunizations while they are there in the hospital in hopes of better compliance of the CDC’s Vaccine Agenda. The sad truth is that the biggest factor is profit$. It’s not about health for babies or people at all. The disease is about as hard to catch as the HIV virus yet no where near as dangerous. 90-95% of all hepatitis B cases completely recover after a few weeks of symptoms such as headache, nausea and fatigue.

    So what can we do? I believe it’s to tell every pregnant woman one knows about the dangers of the hepatitis B vaccine and just how likely her newborn is at risk of actually catching the disease, which is not likely at all from everything I’ve read. I also advise pregnant mothers to DECLINE the Hep B shot and refuse to sign consent forms.

    The disease is far from deadly and the people who are at risk of getting hepatitis B are IV drug users, prostitutes..what newborns are engaging in these activities? One of my sons laughed at the nurses when his first son was born and they tried to assault his newborn with this useless shot for ‘sex and drugs in the nursery’.

    Common sense is so rare these days it should be classified as
    a super power.

  • Faye Brown

    Of course NO ONE can tell another not to take this vaccine .. In some cases it may be mandatory .. But I can say “follow good conscious in doing what we can to stay well … and above all strengthen our ‘Positive Light Faith’ in that Love of the CREATOR .. In the frequencies of Positive energy .. Faith can build the “Spiritual immunity” , as all things began in the Spirit … as over stated and underestimated as it may be … “all we need is Positive Love without prejudice”… that Love will see us through … and in the end that Love will carry us home ..
    “9Because thou hast made the LORD,(meaning Primary Source of the Positive Light) which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;
    10There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
    11For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways”

  • Faye Brown

    They’re giving these precious babies harmful vaccines before their GOD given immune system can fully guard against them .. If I remember right .. babies use to get their first vaccination at three months … but we’re not without hope

  • Lou

    “Eight babies in China have died in the past two months shortly after being injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine … deaths are coincidental.”

    This LIE so infuriates me I bounce off my chair.

    If I walk up to you and punch you in the nose and your nose starts bleeding is your bleeding coincidental?

    If you crash your car into mine is my car’s damage coincidental?

    Come on folks let us call these clowns out loud and clear. Stop with the bs We KNOW you are killing our kids with your “vaccinations”.

  • Roxanne

    Agreed Lou! To vaccine apologists who will tie their underwear in a knot
    dismissing blatant vaccine injury as “coincidental” and “anecdotal”, I say…
    Hmm, just remember the next time you stub your toe, and you feel a rush
    of pain… It’s just “COINCIDENTAL” and “correlation is not proof of causation.”
    The body doesn’t lie!

  • Lou

    “Of course NO ONE can tell another not to take this vaccine .. In some cases it may be mandatory ..”

    This is true but after many hundreds of hours studying the “flu shot” I can beg, plead, importune and beg again, Please spend some HOURS looking at the “flu shot” before ESPECIALLY you inflict this poison on Pregnant Women, KIDS and Elders. We must remember the NAZIS also had a lot evil things that were mandatory.

    “We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive
    influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years
    later have an incidence of

    Alzheimer’s disease 10-fold greater
    than age-matched individuals who did not receive it.”
    Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD,
    Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer’s is coming from. Right!
    90% of our seniors are getting the “flu vaccine” toxin.


  • Lou

    IMO we had BETTER start having OUR babies at home again.

    Hospitals and nurses in Hospitals are not to be trusted.

  • Lou

    “The body doesn’t lie.”

    But often those we trust to treat our body DO LIE; LIE by omission and/or commission!

    Thank you Roxanne for the good work you are doing. Happy New Year.

  • Roxanne

    Thanks, too, to you, Lou for all your efforts to expose the
    vaccine weapon of mass deception. Let us hope that more
    and more people in 2014 will awaken to vaccine myths and
    propaganda BEFORE a loved one is victimized.

  • Roxanne

    Thanks for shedding light on the specific, very troubling problems within the Bengali community… One of the first things that awoke we to vaccine lies was visiting a school in India (in which family members were involved) decades back where all the children got polio from the vaccine… It’s horrible how many lives are being expended “thanks” to vaccines, when the money and resources should go to real health initiatives.

  • Roxanne

    I find the list of studies implicating the Hep B vaccine in a whole range of
    ailments, is a real eye-opener for people. http://www.thinktwice.com link to studies.

  • Lou

    “My guess is that the Chinese are still using mercury laden vaccines.”

    This is a good guess. The WHO is recommending that, as far as I can tell, ALL third world mass “vaccinations” contain mercury.

    You see this way the autism rates should tend to equalize all over the world. That should stop all those pesky epidemiological studies showing an association between “vaccination” and autism.

    “In New Delhi, India, prior to 2000, ASD/PDD (autism spectrum disorder/pervasive developmental disorder) symptoms were rare – typically only occurring in children who were vaccinated abroad. However, after the Indian pediatricians began recommending, in 2000, the addition of triple-dose Thimerosal-preserved Hib (Haemophilis influenza B) and Hep B (hepatitis B) vaccination programs to the existing Thimerosal-preserved triple dose DTP (diphtheria toxin, tetanus toxin and pertussis toxins) vaccination program recommended by the Government of India, the incidence of a childhood ASD/PDD diagnosis increased to 2 % to 4 % of vaccinated New Delhi children.” Doctor Paul King PhD, Note folks here it is. Read and reread this PLEASE. The “flu shot” is of course a “vaccine” or rather three “vaccines”.


    OTOH much of China is no longer a third world nation, Hundreds of Billions of atoms of mercury for the hinterlands and less mercury for the cities? China is rejecting our GMO poison “food” so perhaps there is hope.

  • Lily Gonzalez

    Freedomizer Radio is fortunate to have the only known lawyer whose sole practice is devoted to vaccine rights. He is on right after my show which is on Thursdays from 10-Noon Pacific Time. I’ll cover this story this morning at 9am PT.

  • carole

    Yes it was in Fredericksburg, Va I did have a lawyer write them as he agreed with you about the behavior, they gave us a $100 gift certificate for the gift shop which we ended up losing, but I hope they changed the way they acted after that, but I don’t know anyone who has refused the shots since so I don’t really know, but the attitudes in most hospitals is this attitude even when your in there and might ask what pill are you giving me, they act like you are crazy. I hate hospitals. :)

  • carole

    you are so right. I hate hospitals.

  • Jim Bob

    That really is purely coincidental.
    But congrats on the progress.

  • Rachel Humphrey

    I’m excited for him he’s talking much better now and drinks Raw milk all the time. He wasn’t even trying to talk when I took him off pasteurized milk his speech was all jargon. I’m told that children with Autism build Toxins. When milk is pasteurize it changes it’s composition and what it turns into is a toxin of which a build up. Everyone has something that their body doesn’t like which is what causes allergies and tumors and all kinds of other things. The only difference is his reaction isn’t something you can take out and see the reaction go away in 20min. You have to know the should be speaking and than it come over time. Dr. says all kinds of things are by chance. Which is total bull.They told me my daughter just happen to get a temp for every tooth she had come in, a 104 temp that she NEVER got otherwise. But it just happened to spike up the day before a took would break the gums. I don’t think that is by chance. I’m honestly not sure what anyone gains from not giving us the truth… or not doing research on things that matter, in the correct fashion to get accurate results.

  • Roxanne
  • Food allergies and toxicity can do some really profound things, and that what you describe is not likely a coincidental.

    Don’t Drug Them First – Children, ADHD & Drugs – Dr. Rapp

    Doris Rapp

  • Laura Cordova-James
  • Thanks for the update. Fascinating how they do an about face so quickly.