Father Jailed For Life Without Parole After His 12 Week-Old Daughter Died After Receiving 8 Vaccinations!

On January 15, 2014, Mr. John Sanders was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his 12 week-old baby daughter, Ja’Nayjah, who died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

Ja’Nayjah Sanders was born a healthy, normal baby and received routine vaccinations, along with her mother, Marrie, before leaving the hospital. Two days later, at a routine checkup, the doctor told Marrie that her daughter had lost a couple of pounds since her birth and asked her to bring the baby back the next day for tests.

However, believing that her daughter was fine, Marrie decided to ignore the doctor’s advice and wait until her next scheduled appointment, when Ja’Nayjah was scheduled to receive her routine vaccinations.

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A Tragic Vaccine Injury

This is a decision Marrie now bitterly regrets, because shortly before her appointment was due, Ja’Nayjah’s health began to deteriorate and she began vomiting continuously. As Marrie was worried about her daughter’s condition, she mentioned this to the doctor at the baby’s appointment.

However, the doctor appeared unconcerned and told Marrie that Ja’Nayjah was probably ‘eating too much.’ Instead of checking the baby over thoroughly, as one would expect, the doctor proceeded to ignore the warning signs that something could be very wrong regarding the health of this child and instead vaccinated the sick baby with the eight vaccinations listed on her vaccination card. These were the triple vaccine, the DTaP; polio; Rotavirus; hepatitis B, meningitis; and the Hib vaccination.

Marrie told VacTruth:

“After Ja’Nayjah came home from receiving her shots, she just wasn’t the same baby anymore. Before, she was this cheerful, happy baby, but after, she just changed and wasn’t as bright and cheerful as she once was. She started wheezing, was congested and was still throwing up. And when she cried, she would scream an unusual scream, almost as [if] she [were] screaming in pain. After her shots, her dad bought some infant Tylenol, which I would give her twice a day.”

However, once again, Marrie decided that she would not bother the doctor because he had told her that babies often become unwell after vaccinations.

This is a myth told to mothers on a daily basis regarding vaccinations, and in my opinion, could not be further from the truth. It stands to reason that if vaccinations were good for a child’s health, they would not cause a healthy baby to become feverish, develop rashes and have fits.

Due to a recent separation from her partner, Marrie decided to visit John with Ja’Nayjah a few weeks later.

Marrie picks up the story:

“The night before we went to see John, Ja’Nayjah was very fussy and was acting irritated. I eventually fed her a bottle and she went to sleep. I woke up the next morning, left Ja’Nayjah, and left her with John. Within an hour of me leaving, I received a text message from John saying the baby stopped breathing and that he was at the hospital. I called him and he told me that she woke up screaming, and when he was in the kitchen making her a bottle, she stopped screaming, and when he returned, she was unresponsive.

When I made it to the hospital, she was unconscious, and after about a hour of being there, we had to be transported to a different hospital where she had the CT Scan and the doctor told me that she looked as if she had been shaken because of the bleeding on her brain. I phoned John, asked him why he shook my baby, and he said that he didn’t.

While at the hospital, she had to have emergency brain surgery and blood transfusions. She died in my arms after spending about 12 hours in the hospital.”

Marrie says that she absolutely believes that John did not shake Ja’Nayjah and that her daughter only became ill after receiving her routine vaccinations. However, despite this fact, John was immediately arrested for killing 12 week-old Ja’Nayjah.

He has since been jailed for life without parole for her murder.

What Did Kill Baby Ja’Nayjah?

So, was John responsible for Ja’Nayjah’s death, or did she suffer a severe adverse reaction to the vaccinations, as suspected by her mother?

Reading through the autopsy report, I noticed it was full of inaccuracies and raises many unanswered questions. On page 1, it states:

“Ja’Nayjah Sanders, a 3 month old female infant, reportedly presented to McLaren Health Center in cardiopulmonary arrest. Following resuscitation, she was transferred to Sparrow Hospital. A CT Scan demonstrated subdural hemorrhaging. During a craniotomy, the brain was noted to be nonpulsatile. Complications of the brain injury with hypoxia developed, including disseminated intravascular coagulation, metabolic acidosis and pneumonia. The child died while hospitalized. The admission to the hospital occurred on 01.04.2013. The baby was pronounced dead at 22.30 hours.

Reportedly, Ja’Nayjah had not been sick in the recent past and had not taken any medications. There were no known birth defects and the child received appropriate well visits. There was no exposure to ill persons or pets in the recent past and the baby did not attend daycare. The mother began prenatal care at 8 weeks of pregnancy. The baby had no health issues when born and the delivery was vaginal. The child was full term. The baby was formula fed with Enfamil. The child reportedly was normal, happy and playful 24 hours before becoming unresponsive. The body temperature at the hospital was 96 degrees. Between 8 o’clock and 9 a.m. on the date of the death, the father reports going to get a bottle for the baby and that while he was filling it, the baby stopped crying so he went over to check why. At that point, he found the baby unresponsive and not breathing. The father of Ja’Nayjah called his uncle; his uncle came over in a car, picked up Mr. Sanders and the baby and drove them to McLaren Hospital in Lansing, Michigan.” (own emphasis)

The coroner’s report certainly does not tie up with what the mother says.

It is clear that this little girl had been ill on both occasions that she had been seen by her doctor. Despite this fact, the doctor failed to examine Ja’Nayjah and had continued to vaccinate her even though she was clearly a sick child.

Interestingly, the autopsy also states:

“Gastrointestinal system: Representative sections obtained from the small and large intestines are free of significant histopathological abnormalities. The very superficial mucosa of the stomach displays early hemorrhage.”

This could mean that this baby had been suffering from some degree of gastritis, which would have accounted for the baby’s continual vomiting and subsequent bleeding in the stomach. [1]

The coroner also reported that Ja’Nayjah’s lungs were congested. This would be in line with Marrie’s report of ‘wheezing and congestion’ observed after her eight vaccinations.

A Different Child’s Name Appears On The Scans

The autopsy report is not the only report to raise serious questions about the way the evidence was gathered and presented to the court. It has since emerged that several of the scans used as evidence to convict Mr. Sanders appear to have a different child’s name on altogether!!! How is this possible?

Are the scans belonging to Ja’Nayjah in another child’s file?

This is gross medical negligence on the part of the hospital and raises many concerns about how this case was prepared for trial.

Did Ja’Nayjah Have An Underlying Medical Condition?

Baby Ja’Nayjah died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

Baby Ja’Nayjah died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day.

Is it possible that Ja’Nayjah was suffering from a vitamin C deficiency? This condition is often brought on by receiving multiple vaccinations.

In 2006, Dr. Michael Innis wrote a paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, titled Vaccines, Apparent Life-Threatening Events, Barlow’s Disease, and Questions about Shaken Baby Syndrome, in which he discussed whether or not the unexplained bruising, subdural hemorrhages, and retinal hemorrhages currently being diagnosed as shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is caused not by parents viciously shaking their children, but rather a vitamin C deficiency brought on by multiple vaccines. [2]

His paper discussed two separate cases of babies who became ill shortly after multiple vaccinations. Both children were found to have suffered fractures and bleeds to the brain.

In his discussion, Dr. Innis stated that:

“As far as we are aware, no one has measured the blood levels of vitamin C or histamine in cases of suspected SBS. The possible existence of vitamin C deficiency is therefore hypothesized from clinical, radiological, and other laboratory findings. There are several features, common to both cases, that predispose to or are consistent with a diagnosis of vitamin C deficiency:

1. The mothers had documented nutritional problems and were unwell during their pregnancies.

2. The mothers smoked during their pregnancies, thereby lowering their own and their infants’ vitamin C levels.

3. Both infants were being formula-fed at the time of their illnesses, and the mothers were not advised to give supplemental vitamin C.

4. Both parents reported early evidence consistent with Barlow’s disease: spontaneous bruising in one infant and delayed wound healing in the other.

5. Both infants had deficiencies in essential and nonessential amino acids necessary for the production of normal collagen, which is essential to prevent scurvy.

6. Both infants had evidence of liver dysfunction.

7. Unexplained fractures were recorded in both children.

In addition to the low amino acid levels, the second infant had additional evidence of malnutrition in that the serum albumin, calcium, and hemoglobin levels were all low.

Animal experiments have demonstrated that administration of vitamin C can counter some of the ill effects of nicotine in newborns. This suggests that mothers who smoke may compromise vitamin C levels in their children.”

Dr. Innis has now studied all the paperwork in Ja’Nayjah’s case and he has confirmed that this child had an underlying illness and that vaccinations could have led to her death. An appeal will be launched to release her father from life in prison.

More Evidence Supports The Dangers Of Multiple Vaccinations

It appears that Dr. Innis’s work and research is in line with a paper written by the late Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., titled Shaken Babies in a section titled The Role Played by Vaccine Administration. He stated:

“I would like to avoid this subject but cannot do so.

It is not a matter of whether vaccines should or should not be used.

It is a matter of – ‘Is there a role for vaccines in the pathogenesis of the Shaken Baby Syndrome?

In several cases (probably a significant number) the final collapse followed within a very short period of a vaccine administration. In the Sally Clark case, this happened with her two babies. She refused to have her third baby (born after she was charged) vaccinated.

There is no doubt, in my mind (and this is based on long experience) that despite advice to the contrary it is not wise to administer vaccines to sick infants—including infants with ‘colds.’ This is because, with infections (including ‘colds’), endotoxin is likely to be produced in the gut in excessive amounts, and liver detoxification processes are likely to be stressed.

Immediately, some practitioners are going to state that in many situations some infants ‘always have colds.’ This applies particularly to groups such as Australian Aborigines. The answer to that is to supplement, first, with vitamin C and zinc. Risks will then be reduced enormously (but not completely).

Mechanisms involved with vaccine administration include excessive endotoxin formation. Knowing this allows one to follow the remainder of the pathway towards the development of the pathologies found in so-called ‘shaken babies.’” (emphasis added)

He concluded that:

“I have no doubt that this ‘shaken baby’ business will eventually be recorded as one of the worst pages in the history of pediatrics. And the saddest part of it all concerns the fact that, while important doctors are busy collecting ‘evidence’ for the prosecution, vital issues that can save many lives are being not only ignored but destroyed with intense hostility.” (emphasis added) [3]

This is an excellent paper in which Dr. Kalokerinos made his view abundantly clear, especially in the sections that I have emphasized.


Despite Marrie’s obvious concerns that her daughter may have suffered from possible vaccine injuries, vaccines were the last things on anyone’s mind when it came to charging and sentencing Mr. Sanders. In fact, absolutely no expert witnesses from any field of medicine was asked to give evidence in Mr. Sanders’ defense. This case was completely one-sided, hinging on weak, flimsy evidence, all of which was completely circumstantial.

The only way that this prosecution team could know for sure that Mr. Sanders shook his baby daughter to death would have been video evidence or a credible eyewitness account. Since there was no video evidence and no eyewitness account, the prosecution’s account and ‘evidence’ should be counted as nothing more than conjecture and hearsay.

Yet again, this case proves that other possible causes for this child’s ill health, including vaccine injuries, were ignored in favor of blame. Mr. John Sanders should be released immediately and then sue this hospital for medical incompetence, medical malpractice and false imprisonment.


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