Vaccines Blamed for Alarming Increase in Seizure Disorders Among Children

The rates of seizure disorders in children have skyrocketed in recent years, with one in 20 children under the age of five now suffering from epilepsy. Many parents know vaccines are to blame, as their children suffered seizures shortly after vaccination. Government officials say it’s mere coincidence. [1]

Epilepsy is the formal medical diagnosis given to patients who suffer multiple seizures.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, at least 326,000 children in the United States have been diagnosed with epilepsy, with an additional 200,000 cases diagnosed each year. [2]

Facts About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition in which seizures occur on a repeated basis, at least “two or more unprovoked seizures,” according to Johns Hopkins University. [3]

According to Sarah Shalev, MD, an epilepsy fellow at the University of California, San Francisco, “a seizure occurs when too many nerve cells in the brain ‘fire’ too quickly, causing an ‘electrical storm.’” [4]

In the United States, about one in 100 adults live with epilepsy, and one in 20 children under the age of five are believed to have the disorder.

There are over 40 different types of seizures. Some involve convulsions, such as tonic clonic or grand mal seizures. Others, such as absence seizures, do not involve obvious convulsions.

Infection of the brain is one cause of seizures and epilepsy. There are many kinds of epilepsy, and the type of seizures a child has can change as they grow.

Symptoms of seizures include blackouts, confusion, fainting spells, episodes of blank staring, sudden and unexplained falls, and episodes of blinking or chewing at inappropriate times. Epilepsy is diagnosed through a combination of patient history, medical tests, and a neurological exam.

Facts About Seizure Risk From the Vaccine Package Inserts

Sadly, vaccines are to blame for many cases of childhood epilepsy. Vaccine-related causes of epilepsy can include fever, infection, and swelling of the brain. Children with autism, which has been connected to vaccines in studies, have a higher rate of seizures. [5]

According to the vaccine package inserts from the vaccine manufacturers, seizures are reported as a risk for vaccines against chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, pneumococcal disease, polio, tetanus, hepatitis B, diptheria, and rotavirus. [6-10]

Additionally, although its package insert does not specifically list seizures as a risk, the flu vaccine increases the risk of encephalopathy, which is a disorder of the brain that impairs function, also increasing the risk of seizures. [11, 12]

Encephalitis, which causes swelling of the brain, another adverse reaction from vaccines, also increases the risk of seizures. [13]

For members of the military who are force-vaccinated against smallpox, this vaccine also carries an increased risk of encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, encephalopathy, neurological disorders which increase the risk of seizures. [14]

The package insert for the measlses, mumps, and rubella vaccine cautions patients against using this vaccine if their family has a history of convulsions. [15]

VAERS Data About Vaccines and Seizures

A search of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) shows that following vaccination, 13,288 cases of seizures have been reported, as well as 1,670 cases of epilepsy. A search of VAERS data for various forms of encephalitis and encephalopathy shows that 1,490 associated adverse events have been reported. These conditions could lead to seizures later. [16]

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.” The National Vaccine Information Center states that less than one to ten percent of adverse reactions to vaccines are ever reported. [17, 18]

Risk of Death From Seizures

One well-designed study in Nova Scotia, which studied 692 children for more than a decade, noted that children with epilepsy were five times more likely to die than other children. Children with other neurological disorders in addition to epilepsy were the most likely to die from seizures.

A similar study conducted in the Netherlands supported these findings, with research showing children with seizure disorders were nine times more likely to die than healthy children. All of the children who died in this study also faced additional neurological problems. [19]

Risk of Brain Damage From Seizures

According to research published by the American Journal of Neuroradiology, seizures can cause brain damage. Animal studies have shown that seizures can cause damage to the hippocampus. Another study demonstrated temporal lobe epilepsy in human subjects caused “progressive brain dysfunction.”

The author of the article, Dr. Richard A. Bronen, stated, “When seizure activity is markedly prolonged … brain damage can occur quickly and be profound.” [20]

Other Risks and Health Complications From Seizures

Children with epilepsy, in addition to have an increased risk of dying, also suffer from higher rates of depression and anxiety. A study published in the international journal Epilepsy and Behavior noted than 31 percent of children with epilepsy suffer from anxiety, and 21 percent of children with epilepsy reported symptoms suggestive of depression. Both of these rates were even higher than the rates parents of children with epilepsy reported for themselves as they care for a child with a neurological disorder. [21]

In addition to the increased rates of death, brain damage, depression, and anxiety for people who have epilepsy, the medications they must take to combat seizures also carry serious side effects. Side effects for anti-seizure medications include tiredness, stomach pain, confusion, dizziness, liver problems, poor coordination, balance issues, unsteady walking, bone loss, headache, cognitive problems, mood and motivation issues, and loss of energy. [22]

Obsessive compulsive disorder is also commonly diagnosed in people with epilepsy, as supported by a number of medical studies. [23]

Sleep issues are also a serious concern for people with epilepsy. According to the Epilepsy Foundation:

  • “Patients with partial epilepsy have twice the incidence of drowsiness as people who do not have epilepsy, and this significantly worsens quality of life. Much of this may be related to sleep apnea that is frequently undiagnosed.
  • Children with epilepsy have higher scores for poor quality sleep, anxiety about sleep, and disordered breathing. 
  • Patients taking anticonvulsants known to disrupt sleep (phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine, or valproic acid) have increased drowsiness compared to epilepsy patients who are not taking anticonvulsants. [24]


Epilepsy is a serious medical condition with far-reaching implications for children, adults, and their families who are affected by this neurological disorder. Many different vaccines put children at an increased risk of developing epilepsy, and the effects of suffering repeated seizures can last for years or for a lifetime.

Has your child suffered a seizure following vaccination? If so, please share your story in the comments below, and share this article with other parents to help them learn about the true risks of vaccines.



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Missy Fluegge is the mom of three children who have taught her abundantly about life, more than she learned in over sixteen years of formal schooling. Her passions include mothering, teaching fine arts, researching and serving as a parent educator. Many years ago, she traded her nightstand for a bookshelf, which always holds at least a dozen books-in-progress, mostly non-fiction reads that support her fairytale notion of saving the world one person at a time.

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    Extremely relevant article thank you. It deserves to be widely spread.

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    Vaccine Truth=Best and most important Journalism on this planet.

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    The Greatest Medical Invention ever….that’s marketing jargon, not what they really are.

  • Planet Autism

    Well I am vaccinated and since being a baby until adolescence I had seizures (described by the hospital as epileptiform attacks), starting with eye rolling episodes and progressing to tonic clonic seizures and had to go on medication.

  • Immune activation from vaccines, which is especially strong with those that use aluminum, causes over expression of interleukin-6 and that leads to autism. When interleukin-1beta expresses at the same time as interleukin-6, epilepsy is the result.

    This was crystal clear in this experiment:

    Maternal immune activation promotes hippocampal kindling epileptogenesis in mice

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    Slate posted a pharma vaccine piece today that was heavily industry trolled.

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    Slate? Have no clue what that refers to. Can you tell me more?

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    Sorry to hear you were victimized by VACCINE ROULETTE. My child ended up unable to talk and has seisures. But HEY he didn’t get measles that mild illness he would have easily overcome.

  • Billy Briggs

    That’s a mouse study and doesn’t mention vaccines at all, though.

  • Planet Autism

    I do wonder about my vaccine history. I have autism and Ehlers Danlos syndrome and I think there are some people with a genetic vulnerability to vaccine damage. Both my children are autistic too and with hypermobility and both had vaccines including MMR. I didn’t know all this then. “Autism and Vaccinations – The Data” http://media.wix.com/ugd/58c8f1_3b2100082ead4bb191ae98cbd3b96dfa.pdf

  • Planet Autism

    I think the point is that autism is recognised as being connected to the immune system and many with autism have impaired immunity and inflammation etc. Vaccines trigger the immune system causing cytokine storm. The mother’s immune system can also can also cause autism in her babies. The womb environment is relevant.

  • AutismDadd

    Young parents trust doctors then find out vaccines have serious issues which can’t be advertised. The truth would have serious implications for vaccine uptake. But we are still seeing a slow version of this awareness. You can’t blame yourself and we can’t blame ourselves, we were never told the risks.

  • Nikka80

    Syncope related to the very common vaso-vagal reactions associated with receiving immunizations is all too often misdiagnosed as epilepsy:


  • Nikka80

    Any cytokine storm that could be triggered by the very small amounts of antigen in a vaccine pales in comparison with a cytokine storm in an active infection. The rapid demise of so many young and healthy victims during the 1918 pandemic flu epidemic has been arguably attributed to a massive cytokine storm mechanism.

  • Planet Autism

    “Oxidation and Epigenetics in Human Brain: Implications for Vaccination”

    “However, these unique features make the human brain more highly sensitive to factors that interfere with GSH formation, including inflammatory cytokines produced during the immune response and metals that are commonly incorporated into vaccines.”

    “Taken together the above findings indicate that vaccines and the immune reaction they provoke will produce a powerful oxidative stress response that not only involves immune cells, but may also impact neuronal function, especially in the developing brain.

    The ability of TNF-α and peripherally administered aluminum and mercury to enter the brain is well-documented (24, 25), and both metals can be retained in the brain for many years.

    Based upon thee actions, it is reasonable to expect that vaccines may be an important contributing factor for the dramatic increases in autoimmune and neurodevelopmental disorders occurring over the past several decades.”


    “Fact, Vaccines Have Never Eradicated Anything, Ever”

    Data compiled by the National Health Federation (NHF), and relayed by Cynthia A. Janak of RenewAmerica.com, tells the real story about how virtually every major infectious disease of the 20th century was already on its way out long before its associated vaccine came onto the scene. This
    fact is clearly illustrated in these powerful visual graphs created by NHF that contain vital statistics from official U.S. public health records.

    As you will notice in the first graph, mortality rates from diphtheria, for instance, had already dropped by more than half before a vaccine for the infectious bacterial disease was introduced in 1920. The same can be seen for both whooping cough (pertussis) and measles as well, the vaccines
    for which emerged in the mid-1940s and 1963, respectively.”


    “Real history: Vaccines not responsible for halting infectious diseases of 20th century”


    “The Decline of the Infectious Diseases

    The diagrams below complement the article titled Myths of Modern Medicine: The Increase in the Human Life Span.”

    “The medical historians of our century… agree that the decline of the epidemics which had wrought havoc in the Middle Ages was not due to the introduction of vaccination, but of hygiene, for they had diminished long before large-scale inoculations had begun…” Hans Ruesch, ‘History of Medicine’, Slaughter of the Innocent, CIVIS, 1991, p.194″


    “Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics”


  • Planet Autism

    Syncope due to vaccinations is not a benefit either.

  • Planet Autism is correct below.

    This is the central mechanism for creating epilepsy and is triggered by the aluminum used in vaccines.

  • The antigen isn’t what triggers the brain’s immune system. It is generally too weak for that, as you point out.

    That is why aluminum is used in vaccines. It is the repeated immune activation due to the aluminum that is causing both the epilepsy and autism.

  • 655321

    Slate.com, its the national enquirer for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s forums so heavily astroturfed that paid posters wish death to people asking for studies or more information.

  • 655321
  • Billy Briggs

    So…it’s aluminum or cytokine storm? Got any studies in humans that show vaccines cause neuro-inflammation? Why didn’t your mouse study find any CNS pathology? Seeing as it’s “crystal clear” and all.

  • Billy Briggs

    Well if it’s all crystal clear and laid out there just pull out those human studies showing vaccines cause neuro-inflammation so we can take a looksee.

  • Vanessa39

    I saw that. Are you referring to the artcle that talked about how vaccines should be mandated? There was nothing in the article that backed up why that should be, no proof of vaccine safety. It was such a propaganda piece.

  • Nikka80

    Please do not use reduced mortality rates in your arguments… They only reflect the effect of better evolved medical care of cases over time. Focus your effectiveness evaluation on reduced disease incidence rates (well documented) following vaccine programs. Also – “Hygiene” has very little to do with the prevention of respiratory transmitted infectious diseases which are the majority of those diseases targeted by vaccines.

  • 655321

    Yes, same article, and heavily and blatantly astroturfed. The industry must see so,me return oin these paid posting campaigns, they still pop up frequently.

  • It is obviously both.

    The Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury and Via Cytokine Storm

  • So you obviously you ignored and refused to read the article, and which outlines specifically such studies, and you just come right back in throwing accusations as if no study and or data has ever shown vaccine aluminum adjuvant caused over-activactivation of the brains microglia cells, and with resulting long term levels of neuro-inflammation in the brain. Should it be concerning to anyone that-that finding of existing brain inflammation has as well been consistently found in children with autism?

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism- Page 2

    More studies.

    More studies and information

    Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct

  • And who at the time was actually diagnosing correctly each of the known illnesses and what is now called VPD’s?

    Who was as well was recording all the cases of assumed diagnosis in those time periods? In so far as there existing a correct and true record of it? So if we do not have an accurate record of incidence and diagnosis rates; then what better record is there to use than mortality rates?

    Incidence and mortality rates obviously do not plummet in the way that they were known to have, and all because of some alleged connection to better and more evolved medical care. Such a claim is simply delusional.

  • Billy Briggs

    Tell you what, Mr Hubbs. Link the best study you can find proving vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in humans. And I’m not talking about YouTube videos or personal opinions from AV sites.

  • Billy Briggs

    Again, Mr Hubbs, link the best study you can find proving vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in humans (from any mechanism you’d like).

  • I as well expect you to post your best study in regard to the safety profile of vaccine aluminum adjuvants, and where it has been shown that there is no risk of injected aluminum risk for resulting neuro-inflammation in the brain. I have posted the pages where all those studies are listed, you go take the best one and pick it apart. There is no one single best study, and as they all fit nicely together as a package of study and data information.

    If you can not find that said study, and because no such studies have ever been done, then I want you to include that admission in your next post. That as well means that you have zero counter studies to show anything at all.

    As well give me your best source article and/or study that shows vaccines to be proven as safe? Safe to include the issue of the entire vaccine schedule, and as well the practice of giving a small child from 5 and up to 9 or more vaccines in a single day and office visit. If you can not find any such study and/or information, then I as well want you to include an admission of that in your next reply post. Lets start there!

  • AutismDadd

    What a pathetic piece of ….writing. All the lies in one basket.

  • Start with the basics…the cytokine expression in mammals is conserved well across species including from mice.

    “It is also noteworthy that IL-6 response is quite conserved across species [71-73] and that the general central nervous system development in rodents is governed by the same basic principles as in humans [74].“

    Metabolic consequences of interleukin-6 challenge in developing neurons and astroglia

    Thus animal models are fine surrogates for human experiments. I would have to dig around to find the studies that demonstrate that vaccines elevate cytokines. But given that encephalopathy is a common vaccine reaction, that Vargas et al in 2005 found almost all the autistic brains they autopsied suffered from brain inflammation and IL-6 is (most of the time) a pro-inflammatory cytokine, it all fits together.

    That’s why the Caltech/UCDavis primate experiments found exactly the same thing as the earlier Caltech mouse experiments when they were testing for IL-6.

    They were able to produce autistic monkeys by elevating IL-6; when IL-1ß was elevated simultaneously in the mice, epilepsy was the result. I’d have to check if they saw elevated IL-1ß in the monkeys, as well. Don’t have the time for that just now.

  • Billy Briggs

    “But given that encephalopathy is a common vaccine reaction…”

    You must have read that on the internet.

    “Thus animal models are fine surrogates for human experiments.”
    You must have read that on the internet too, but link a study that shows vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in animals.

  • Billy Briggs

    Mr Hubbs, if you can’t link 1 study proving vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in humans, why would you butt in to this conversation?

  • No, Brown et al wrote that in the Journal of Neuroinflammation. Go argue with them if you want to say that IL-6 response isn’t conserved between mice and humans.

  • Billy Briggs

    I don’t care whether IL-6 response is conserved or not. I’m asking why you believe encephalopathy is a common vaccine reaction, and for you to link a study showing vaccines cause neuro-inflammation (even in animals).

  • “Thus animal models are fine surrogates for human experiments.”

    If you don’t care why did you even mention it? It’s obvious that the context here was for interleukin-6 expression so don’t try to say that I was saying all animal models are fine surrogates for human experiments.

    I’m done here.

  • As I said I already did, and in the list of titled reference sourced pages above which contain several studies showing exactly that, and related data. You refused it, so do not be telling me that I ave not linked to any such studies. As well the article you were given by aangel, titled, Part 1: Immune Activation and Autism contained a complete explanation and a directed to study evidenced to support it.

    All you are doing here is attempting further and false antagonizing. Like I said show me the study that has been done which has looked at the said inflammatory issue, and concluded that it did not exist, and as well that aluminum adjuvants are safe. And you are aware that the Hep B vaccine given to new born infants, contains an aluminum adjuvant. As well the Pertussis Dtap vaccine recommended and given to pregnant woman contains an aluminum adjuvant. That is beyond reckless, unproven for safety, and unconscionable.

    Lets look at the aluminum adjuvant amounts listed in this article. You ask for reference material, and as well studies, but then you obviously review none of it.

    Danger of Aluminum in Vaccines
    Vaccines Contain Too Much Aluminum

    Aluminum adjuvants were discovered in 1926 by scientists testing chemicals at random. Aluminum worked very well for stimulating an immune reaction, but they didn’t know why, and we still don’t know. Aluminum was assumed to be safe because its everywhere on Earth, and a common contaminant in food. Injecting a little bit to activate the immune system seemed like a safe bet. It was a reasonable hypothesis, but it should have been tested (it wasn’t).

    The aluminum in vaccines IS dangerous, for two reasons: 1) there is too much of it, and 2) it is present in an especially dangerous nanoparticulate form (more on that later).

    According to the US vaccination schedule recommended by the CDC, infants may receive the following (maximum) dosages of Al adjuvant:

    Birth (Hep B): 74 mcg/kg (250 mcg for 3.4 kg infant)
    2 month: 245 mcg/kg (1225 mcg for 5 kg infant)
    4 month: 150 mcg/kg (975 mcg for 6.5 kg infant)
    6 month: 153 mcg/kg (1225 mcg for 8 kg infant)
    Total: 622mcg/kg 3675 mcg

    DTaP Al content ranges from 170-625mcg (these calculations assume 625mcg. Since it is given 3 times, the DTaP vaccine has a large effect on the Al dose).

    It is reasonable to sum the mcg/kg dosage (i.e. assert that the 622mcg/kg number is relevant), because Al adjuvant remains in the body for months. Most of the Al adjuvant remains in the body longer than the 6 months it takes to receive 622mcg/kg.

    These numbers are based on the maximum possible amount of aluminum, since some vaccines have different amounts, depending on manufacturer. Source link for the aluminum content of vaccines is the Vaccine Education Center of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Dr Paul Offit.

    Pneumococcal 0.125 mg
    Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP) 0.17-0.625 mg
    Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) 0.225 mg
    Hib/Hep B 0.225 mg
    Hep A (for children) 0.225-0.25 mg
    Hepatitis B (Hep B) 0.250 mg
    Hep A/Hep B 0.45 mg
    DTaP/inactivated polio/ Hep B 0.85 mg
    DTaP/inactivated polio/Hib 0.33 mg
    Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 0.225 mg

    Read more:

    The Foundation for Al Adjuvant Safety Is False


    Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic Ph.D, fortæller om Gardasil og autoimmune sygdomme

  • This article further addresses that study, and with information relevant to humans as well. Read the entire article.

    How far behind on the dirt back roads are the CDC and Paul Offit in regard to ever studying further this information, or for that matter, any information and study material at all that is exploring the environmental and potential vaccine related causes of autism? They refuse to.

    New Kid On The Block: IL-17a

    Above: IL-6 and IL-17a form a feedback loop and IL-17a causes autism. IL-6 causes autism by stimulating IL-17a production.

    IL-17a, Aluminum and Vaccines

    IL-17a plays important roles in immune function and vaccine-stimulated immunity. Some vaccines are known to stimulate normal, non-brain-damaging amounts of IL-17a. However, it is not known if aluminum adjuvant, aluminum generally or vaccine adverse reactions stimulate IL-17a in the brain. Hopefully, research on this important issue will be reported soon.

    Read more:

  • Billy Briggs

    “As I said I already did, and in the list of titled reference pages above which contain several studies showing exactly that, and related data.”
    Great! Link the one you think is best.

  • Billy Briggs

    “Hopefully, research on this important issue will be reported soon.”
    Awesome! Let us know when that happens.

  • And what is your impression of as well these studies?

    Journal of Neuroinflammation
    The NALP3 inflammasome is involved in neurotoxic prion peptide-induced microglial activation

    We found that that PrP106-126-induced IL-1β release depends on NALP3 inflammasome activation, that inflammasome activation is required for the synthesis of pro-inflammatory and chemotactic factors by PrP106-126-activated microglia, that inhibition of NF-κB activation abrogated PrP106-126-induced NALP3 upregulation, and that potassium efflux and production of reactive oxygen species were implicated in PrP106-126-induced NALP3 inflammasome activation in microglia.

    We conclude that the NALP3 inflammasome is involved in neurotoxic prion peptide-induced microglial activation. To our knowledge, this is the first time that strong evidence for the involvement of NALP3 inflammasome in prion-associated inflammation has been found.

    Read more:

    Nanomolar aluminum induces pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression in human brain cells in primary culture
    Walter J. Lukiw a,*, Maire E. Percy b, Theo P. Kruck b


    The promoters of genes up-regulated by aluminum are enriched in binding sites for the stress-inducible transcription factors HIF-1 and NF-kappaB, suggesting a role for aluminum, HIF-1 and NF-kappaB in driving atypical, pro-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic gene expression. The effect of aluminum on specific stress-related gene expression patterns in human brain cells clearly warrant further investigation.




    Ann Neurol. 2005 Jan;57(1):67-81.
    Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.
    Vargas DL, Nascimbene C, Krishnan C, Zimmerman AW, Pardo CA.

    Neuro-inflammation, blood-brain barrier, seizures and autism

    Autism Spectrum Disorders and Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants
    Lucija Tomljenovic, Russell L. Blaylock, Christopher A. Shaw

    Impaired brain function, excessive inflammation, and autoimmune manifestations are common in autism. Aluminum (Al), the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, is a demonstrated neurotoxin and a strong immune stimulator. Hence, adjuvant Al has the necessary properties to induce neuroimmune disorders. Because peripheral immune stimuli in the postnatal period can compromise brain development and cause permanent neurological impairments, the possibility that such outcomes could also occur with administration of Al vaccine adjuvants needs to be considered. In regard to the risk of adjuvant toxicity in children, the following should be noted: (i) children should not be viewed as “small adults” as their unique physiology makes them more vulnerable to toxic insults; (ii) in adult humans Al adjuvants can cause a variety of serious autoimmune and inflammatory conditions including those affecting the brain, yet children are routinely exposed to much higher amounts of Al from vaccines than adults; (iii) compelling evidence has underscored the tight connection between the development of the immune system and that of the brain. Thus, it appears plausible that disruptions of critical events in immune development may also play a role in the establishment of neurobehavioral disorders; (iv) the same immune system components that play key roles in brain development appear to be targeted for impairment by Al adjuvants. In summary, research data suggests that vaccines containing Al may be a contributing etiological factor in the increasing incidence of autism.


    And what do multiple vaccines combined with aluminum adjuvants do? They over-activate the brains microglia cells and with resulting long term levels of brain inflammation. The studies and the data are all there on the page that I gave you

    Journal of American Nutraceutical Association 6: 21-35, 2003.
    Interaction of Cytokines, Excitotoxins, and Reactive Nitrogen and Oxygen Species in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Russell Blaylock, MD* Medical Director, Advanced Nutritional Concepts Ridgeland, Mississippi


    There is growing and compelling evidence that excessive peripheral as well as central immune activation of brain microglia can result in alterations in brain growth and connectivity during rapid brain growth, the so-called “brain growth spurt.” A considerable amount of evidence, presented in this paper, demonstrates the deleterious effects of immune factors, such as cytokines, chemokines, and excitotoxins, when present in excess. The interaction between excitotoxicity, ROS and RNS injury and immune dysfunction is discussed. It is concluded that excessive activation of the brain’s immune system during critical growth periods can occur when vaccines are given as combination vaccines, using schedules that are too close together or by the use of certain live viruses in the vaccines.


    Front Neurol. 2015; 6: 4.
    Published online 2015 Feb 5. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2015.00004
    PMCID: PMC4318414
    Biopersistence and Brain Translocation of Aluminum Adjuvants of Vaccines

    Aluminum oxyhydroxide (alum) is a crystalline compound widely used as an immunological adjuvant of vaccines. Concerns linked to the use of alum particles emerged following recognition of their causative role in the so-called macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) lesion detected in patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue/syndrome. MMF revealed an unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence of alum within immune cells in presumably susceptible individuals, stressing the previous fundamental misconception of its biodisposition. We previously showed that poorly biodegradable aluminum-coated particles injected into muscle are promptly phagocytosed in muscle and the draining lymph nodes, and can disseminate within phagocytic cells throughout the body and slowly accumulate in brain. This strongly suggests that long-term adjuvant biopersistence within phagocytic cells is a prerequisite for slow brain translocation and delayed neurotoxicity. The understanding of basic mechanisms of particle biopersistence and brain translocation represents a major health challenge, since it could help to define susceptibility factors to develop chronic neurotoxic damage. Biopersistence of alum may be linked to its lysosome-destabilizing effect, which is likely due to direct crystal-induced rupture of phagolysosomal membranes. Macrophages that continuously perceive foreign particles in their cytosol will likely reiterate, with variable interindividual efficiency, a dedicated form of autophagy (xenophagy) until they dispose of alien materials. Successful compartmentalization of particles within double membrane autophagosomes and subsequent fusion with repaired and re-acidified lysosomes will expose alum to lysosomal acidic pH, the sole factor that can solubilize alum particles. Brain translocation of alum particles is linked to a Trojan horse mechanism previously described for infectious particles (HIV, HCV), that obeys to CCL2, signaling the major inflammatory monocyte chemoattractant.


    Research Article
    The Severity of Autism Is Associated with Toxic Metal Body Burden and Red Blood Cell Glutathione Levels

    Brain translocation of alum particles is linked to a Trojan horse mechanism previously described for infectious particles (HIV, HCV), that obeys to CCL2, signaling the major inflammatory monocyte chemoattractant.

    Read more:
    http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jt/2009/532640/ (full study)

    10 Signs of Vaccine Reaction and Damage

    #1 High-Pitched Crying or Arching Back

    High-pitched crying and discomfort, such as arching the back when laid down, is a clear indication of encephalitis, brain inflammation, which is a common vaccine reaction. Large amounts of bacteria, viruses, and toxins create a hyper- immuneresponse, prompting severe, sometimes deadly, inflammation in the brain.

    If your child will not sleep, is uncomfortable, and crying incessantly post vaccination (up to 21 plus days), take them to the emergency room immediately.

    #2 Severe Swelling at Site

    Severe inflammation at the injection site can be a sign of an allergic reaction or other hyper- immune reaction. Review the vaccine insert (before vaccinating) and try to outline what allergy (peanut, milk, egg) may have been created. If your doctor cannot explain what reaction occurred, then you should consider not vaccinating to prevent any further damage.

    Read the vaccine insert before vaccinating, and be sure the doctor is using the correct method of injection. Injecting in the incorrect method can deliver a serious reaction.

    10 Signs of Vaccine Reaction and Damage

    #1 High-Pitched Crying or Arching Back

    High-pitched crying and discomfort, such as arching the back when laid down, is a clear indication of encephalitis, brain inflammation, which is a common vaccine reaction. Large amounts of bacteria, viruses, and toxins create a hyper- immuneresponse, prompting severe, sometimes deadly, inflammation in the brain.

    If your child will not sleep, is uncomfortable, and crying incessantly post vaccination (up to 21 plus days), take them to the emergency room immediately.

    #2 Severe Swelling at Site

    #3 High Fever and/or Febrile Seizures

    #4 Rash

    #5 Eczema, Allergies and Asthma

    #6 Anaphylaxis and Slowed Breathing Patterns

    #7 Loss of Facial and Eye Symmetry and Itching/Numbness in Extremities

    When your immune system responds to a threat, it produces more white blood cells. Your white blood cells are substantially larger than your red, and this becomes an issue when your immune system is kicked into overdrive and delivers large quantities of white blood cells to your smallest blood vessels, your capillaries. Your capillaries are so small that white blood vessels have to squeeze through one by one.

    The smallest of these vessels are located in your hands, feet, nose and brain, particularly by the area which controls speech. When too many white blood cells are released, they cannot squeeze through and the blood and oxygen supply is limited for a period of time, and if severe enough, forever. This causes stroke in the brain, and can be seen by loss of facial asymmetry (one side of the face looks different than the other) and loss of tone around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth.

    Read more:

    A Parent’s Primer: Vasculitis and Vaccines, (more inflammation problems, likely due to the aluminum adjuvants, this time its in the blood vessels)

    Here, you want evidence that vaccines do far more harm than good, read this extensive article, with 371 references. Same thing that Dr Russell Blaylock puts forth in regard to vaccine caused brain inflammation,

    Neurological and Immune Reactive Conditions Affecting Kids

    Brain inflammation has been found to be a major factor in autism, and in the sometimes related metabolic syndrome. Causes of oxidative stress and lipid peroxidative-related brain inflammation that have been documented include vaccines, mercury, aluminum, excitotoxins, such as MSG, aspartame, food additives, and overconsumption of high-fructose corn sweetener. These cause high glutamate levels in the brain and oxidative damage, resulting in inflammation of the brain and immune system, as well as damage to brain microglia cells and the mitochondrial DNA, high triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, etc. These have been found to be factors in most chronic neurological diseases including autism and diabetes.

    Read more:

    Lesson 2—Explore/Explain
    Neurons, Brain Chemistry, and Neurotransmission
    The Brain Is Made Up of Nerve Cells and Glial Cells

    Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2013 Apr;9(4):361-73. doi: 10.1586/eci.13.2.
    Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (Shoenfeld’s syndrome): clinical and immunological spectrum.
    Vera-Lastra O, Medina G, Cruz-Dominguez Mdel P, Jara LJ, Shoenfeld Y.

    Curr Med Chem. 2013;20(32):4030-6.
    Autoimmune (auto-inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA)–animal models as a proof of concept.
    Cruz-Tapias P, Agmon-Levin N, Israeli E, Anaya JM, Shoenfeld Y.

    Reumatismo. 2011;63(2):63-6.
    ‘ASIA’ – Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants: even and odd.
    Perricone C, Alessandri C, Valesini G.

    Evidence of oxidative damage and inflammation associated with low glutathione redox status in the autism brain

    Together, these results indicate that decreased GSH/GSSG redox/antioxidant capacity and increased oxidative stress in the autism brain may have functional consequence in terms of a chronic inflammatory response, increased mitochondrial superoxide production, and oxidative protein and DNA damage.

    Read more:

    Neuro-inflammation, blood-brain barrier, seizures and autism
    Theoharis C Theoharides1234* and Bodi Zhang12

    Many children with Autism Spectrum Diseases (ASD) present with seizure activity, but the pathogenesis is not understood. Recent evidence indicates that neuro-inflammation could contribute to seizures. We hypothesize that brain mast cell activation due to allergic, environmental and/or stress triggers could lead to focal disruption of the blood-brain barrier and neuro-inflammation, thus contributing to the development of seizures. Treating neuro-inflammation may be useful when anti-seizure medications are ineffective.


    And where does that inflammation come from? It comes from aluminum adjuvants and the cytokine reactivity of the immune system after receiving vaccines, and more-so after getting multiple vaccines.

    Microglia in the developing brain: A potential target with lifetime effects

    Eur J Neurosci. 2004 Jul;20(2):467-73.
    Complete Freunds adjuvant-induced peripheral inflammation evokes glial activation and proinflammatory cytokine expression in the CNS.

    These findings further support a unifying theory that glial activation and enhanced cytokine expression at the CNS have a role in eliciting behavioral hypersensitivity.

    Read more:

    What is regressive autism and why does it occur? Is it the consequence of multi-systemic dysfunction affecting the elimination of heavy metals and the ability to regulate neural temperature?
    Graham E. Ewing
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3364648/ (Full study)

    Vaccines and Brain Inflammation, Harold Buttram, MD , and Catherine Frompovich

    Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity


    Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.

    http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0008382 (Full study)

    Aluminum Adjuvants – Lack of Safety Data – Lack of Aluminum Adjuvant Safety Studies, (there are zero actually existing vaccine safety studies on aluminum adjuvants)

  • It already has, go read your reply posts. And again all you are going to do, is ignore it.

    To go with the above information and what aangel gave you. It all fits together in regard to showing that vaccines indeed do cause brain inflammation. If you can not piece and fit this together yet, then you are not looking.

    Part 2: Interleukin-6 and Autism

    Journal of Neuroinflammation
    The NALP3 inflammasome is involved in neurotoxic prion peptide-induced microglial activation


    Prion diseases are neurodegenerative disorders characterized by the accumulation of an abnormal disease-associated prion protein, PrPSc. In prion-infected brains, activated microglia are often present in the vicinity of PrPSc aggregates, and microglial activation is thought to play a key role in the pathogenesis of prion diseases. Although interleukin (IL)-1β release by prion-induced microglia has been widely reported, the mechanism by which primed microglia become activated and secrete IL-1β in prion diseases has not yet been elucidated. In this study, we investigated the role of the NACHT, LRR and PYD domains-containing protein (NALP)3 inflammasome in IL-1β release from lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-primed microglia after exposure to a synthetic neurotoxic prion fragment (PrP106-126).

    The inflammasome components NALP3 and apoptosis-associated speck-like protein (ASC) were knocked down by gene silencing. IL-1β production was assessed using ELISA. The mRNA expression of NALP3, ASC, and pro-inflammatory factors was measured by quantitative PCR. Western blot analysis was used to detect the protein level of NALP3, ASC, caspase-1 and nuclear factor-κB.

    We found that that PrP106-126-induced IL-1β release depends on NALP3 inflammasome activation, that inflammasome activation is required for the synthesis of pro-inflammatory and chemotactic factors by PrP106-126-activated microglia, that inhibition of NF-κB activation abrogated PrP106-126-induced NALP3 upregulation, and that potassium efflux and production of reactive oxygen species were implicated in PrP106-126-induced NALP3 inflammasome activation in microglia.

    We conclude that the NALP3 inflammasome is involved in neurotoxic prion peptide-induced microglial activation. To our knowledge, this is the first time that strong evidence for the involvement of NALP3 inflammasome in prion-associated inflammation has been found.

    Read more:

    Brain IL-6 elevation causes neuronal circuitry imbalances and mediates
    autism-like behaviors

    J Neuroimmunol.
    Elevated Immune Response in the Brain of Autistic Patients

    This study determined immune activities in the brain of ASD patients and matched normal subjects by examining cytokines in the brain tissue. Our results showed that proinflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL-6 and GM-CSF), Th1 cytokine (IFN-γ) and chemokine (IL-8) were significantly increased in
    the brains of ASD patients compared with the controls. However the Th2 cytokines (IL-4, IL-5 and IL-10) showed no significant difference. The Th1/Th2 ratio was also significantly increased in ASD patients. Conclusion: ASD patients displayed an increased innate and adaptive immune response
    through the Th1 pathway, suggesting that localized brain inflammation and autoimmune disorder may be involved in the pathogenesis of ASD.



    The results of receiver operating characteristic
    (ROC) analysis indicated that the combination of 5-HT and
    IL-6 produced the best sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis
    of autism


  • Billy Briggs

    What is your best study (not someone’s hypothetical musings) proving vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in humans? If you can’t find one just say so.

  • You are still playing your refuse to face it, denial games; and you look like a complete fool. At this point your efforts to censor this information are futile.

    And all while I am still waiting for your study that shows the safety profile of aluminum adjuvants, and that you have failed to produce.

    And I am still waiting for your one single article or study that shows the benefit vaccines outweigh the risk of vaccine injury and autism. In your one sided hypocrisy you simply can not produce what you demand of us.

    With all that has been put forth on this article alone, anyone with any honesty and common sense can clearly see that the assumed benefits from vaccines obviously do not outweigh the harm and injury risks.

  • Those are obviously not hypothetical musing, and the information is as well backed with scientific study references, Everything you have in front of you pieces it all together, perfectly. I am still waiting for your single study that shows the safety profile of vaccine aluminum adjuvants. A study that has actually and specifically looked at this situation.

  • Billy Briggs

    We already know neuro-inflammation has been linked to autism, Mr Hubbs. Your challenge is to provide the best study you can find to prove vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in humans.

  • Billy Briggs

    Your failure to link your best study strongly implies you couldn’t find one, Mr Hubbs.

  • Billy Briggs

    So you’re unable to find one. That’s my point. I couldnt find one either.

  • You already have multiple studies in front of you showing specifically that vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in the brain, (caused by specifically aluminum adjuvants, and resulting increased vaccine reactive immune system cytokine activity.)

    Again, I am still waiting for your aluminum adjuvant safety study showing the safety profile of aluminum adjuvants, and that said resulting inflammation factor, not to be true. Your hypocritical attempts to run a one side show here; simply are not working. Are you not always claiming to be the purveyors of the vaccine safety science? Obviously, that is not true.

  • How beyond stupid are you Mr Briggs? How would you not be able to find one, with that many studies in front of you? Your choice, then pick one? All of the studies fit together as a package, and again you are not being allowed to censor the information by the in denial and dishonest means that you are attempting to.

  • Billy Briggs

    When you pick your best one we can continue. Or you can keep stalling.

  • Billy Briggs

    Looks like you’re stumped.

  • Again all of the studies fit together as a package that can only have one conclusion. Face it. You pick one and see if you can tear it apart with your own refute? Hopefully as well you can produce some aluminum adjuvant safety studies of your own, and which have looked at the same issues? Good luck with that.

  • Billy Briggs

    Again it looks like you’ve gotten yourself into a tight spot here, Mr Hubbs.

  • Looks like actually you are. Start picking apart and addressing those studies, directly. You can not do it. Prove me wrong? Remember that one study has part of the puzzle solved, and the next more information, and before you get done looking at all of it, there is only one conclusion that you can make. Vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in the brain, and not only that but as well you can clearly see how and why it is related to the development of not only vaccine injury, but as well autism in itself.

  • Billy Briggs

    I can’t see it clearly if you won’t pick your best study.

  • Really? I think that in your denial and in your hypocrisy, you can not even begin to admit what has actually happened here, Mr Briggs.

  • Just another load of BS. You can not see it because you are intentionally not looking. What you are conducting is simply a common standard strategy, and a text book trolling shill response which has been attempted before and regardless of where you are posting. What you refuse to acknowledge is that your censorship of the information tactics are not working. You as well fail to acknowledge that you can not provide yourself, the same things that you demand of vaccine truth side of this so called debate.

  • Billy Briggs

    You’re not even trying now.

  • Billy Briggs

    I am intentionally very much looking for that study, Mr Hubbs, but so far you haven’t posted it.

  • How long are you going to keep stalling and dancing around those studies? Either you can get to directly addressing them, or you can and should just give it up. As well where is the specific study I asked you for? Actually it is you that is not even trying now. Your only intent and goal here is to try and create as much personal antagonizing, and as well as much disruption and distraction as you possibly can.

  • And again you are lying. Then why as can you not address and refute any of those studies? Your false excuses simply do not cut it. As well all you are doing now is attempting bury and cover up those reference posts, with as many nonsensical posts as you can manage to type up and post..

  • Billy Briggs

    My intent is to prove you can’t support your views on vaccines causing neuro-inflammation in humans. Unless you stop stalling and pick your best study I have done that.

  • Billy Briggs

    It’s all up to you, Mr Hubbs. You just have to pick out your best study.

  • B.S. You can do that by addressing the studies directly and as they are posted here, yourself. What you want to do is censor and limit the information, so that you can attempt to knock down a single study and ignore the rest of the complete information. You are playing a sick game of denial, and that is all you are doing.

    You could as well simply attempt to refute those studies by producing a vaccine safety study done on aluminum adjuvants and which has looked at the same issues and find no said neuro-inflammation happening in regard to vaccines and aluminum adjuvants,. However you know that no such studies have ever been done; so you continue to simply play your refusal of the study information, and your in denial games.

  • Get to addressing those studies and directly and quit dancing around it all. I am done wasting space here in the reply posting by addressing any more of your posted and repeatedly antagonizing stupidity.

  • Billy Briggs

    You post so much garbage that it’s simpler to just make you pick your best study.

  • Billy Briggs

    Well if you get a surge of courage at some point I’ll be here.

  • The only real coward here, is clearly you. And to think of all the infants and children that have suffered that kind of neuro-inflammation in the brain caused by vaccines caused by vaccines, and the families that had to care for that child. And here you are denying that it ever happened. I can not think of anything much more gutless, in denial, selfish, vile, and disgusting than that what you are conducting right here. You are simply a brainwashed sheeple and without a human soul. Or does someone just pay you to do what you do, and you simply do it?

  • And again, you are nothing but a liar. How can vactruth not see fit to ban lying and simply and repeatedly antagonizing shills like you?

  • Billy Briggs

    You’re confusing being courageous with being insulting. Post that study.

  • Billy Briggs

    It’s sad to see you go from forcefully defending your position to just whining and throwing insults when the chips are down.

  • No seriously to deserve to be banned for doing nothing but repeated antagonizing, and attempted nothing but distraction and disruption. You have had loads of replies here on these articles, with the vaccine truth reference material and studies in them. All you want to to is exclude information and censor the information. No one single article and no one single study is ever going to have all the adequate and complete information. So stop expecting it. To this point you have as well not posting anything yourself that would accomplish a complete set of information, and I detailed why that is in a reply to you that I just made.

  • Pot calling the kettle, black. You have had multiple articles and studies already in front of you in the posts that have already been made. As I said, to expect that all of the needed information is contained in one single study, is unrealistic and simply censoring the load of information that is in front of you, and if you actually looked for it. You are simply playing games, so admit it.

  • Here, go through all of this information and the articles referenced to studies. Then tell me in any honesty that you can not find any information, and direct study evidence that vaccines, can and do cause neuro-inflammation in the brain? Stop being so deep in denial, and so lazy; and actually educate yourself.

    Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct (one very important article, to read)

  • You have a reply above. I want you as well to pick your best study showing the safety profile of vaccine aluminum adjuvants, and for you to post it right here. Be sure to post a study that has as well looked at the said neuro-inflammation issue.

  • Again, I will tell you what.

    Here, go through all of this information and the articles referenced to studies. Then tell me in any honesty that you can not find any information, and direct study evidence that vaccines, can and do cause neuro-inflammation in the brain? Stop being so deep in denial, and so lazy; and actually educate yourself.

    Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct (one very important article, to read)

    And with your response also include all of the vaccine aluminum adjuvant safety studies which directly show a safety profile, and that you can find. Be sure to include studies that as well have looked at this same neuro-inflammation issue in the brain. In fact go ahead and produce any vaccine safety studies at all that have directly looked at that said issue. If you can not do that, then just admit that no such such studies exist, and none have ever been done.

  • Neo

    Introduction of vaccines to the decline of infectious diseases in no way is proof of vaccine efficacy, that lie was created by the industry.
    Many factors come in play with the decline of childhood diseases.
    Just like the assumption that if we stopped vaccinating the world would end.
    There is no proof vaccines saved anyone or especially eradicated any diseases.
    That is a fact.

  • Billy Briggs

    Any time you feel brave enough just link it.

  • Billy Briggs

    You’re still whining.

  • Billy Briggs

    Or just keep whining. It’s all up to you, Mr Hubbs.

  • Billy Briggs

    No, Mr Hubbs, YOU need to find the best study but you’re just too frightened. You know what will happen.

  • Billy Briggs

    And keep stalling.

  • That is what you are doing, is stalling; and with your continued dancing around these specific issues.

  • No, Mr Briggs. You need to directly address that information, and with the existing reference studies to back up every statement that they have made..I know what will happen if you even attempt that; you will make a complete fool out of yourself. Frightened, are you? Try it. Again, all you are conducting here is the attempt to ignore and censor the existing load of direct information that is, and has been repeatedly in front of you. How much more obvious could that be.

  • No one is whining and keeps on whining, but you, Mr Briggs. You have loads of information and studies right in front of you in multiple reply posts, and in your denial you simply keep on whining that there is nothing there.

    In your hypocrisy, I see that you as well have still not come forth with the specific vaccine safety studies studies, that I asked for. You have presented with, and countered with nothing.

  • I did this and got a garbage shill study. It took a very, very long time to get one out of him, and then his response to the clear financial conflicts of interest was a long-winded “nuh uhn!” Then he tried to fall back on his 100+ other shill studies after I specifically tore apart the best one he could find.

  • Where are the specific vaccine safety studies that I asked you for?

  • Billy Briggs


  • Billy Briggs

    And deflecting.

  • Billy Briggs

    My expectations are at zero.

  • Billy Briggs

    When you decide you want participate just link your best study . I’m thinking of just replying to your posts with a funny symbol, like the artist formerly known as Prince used. Do you like Prince?

  • With everything that has been put in front of you for studies and information; when you within your asinine shill existence, stop refusing to make any effort educate yourself to these issues, let me know.

  • In all honesty, quite obviously no one deflects like you do, so called, Mr Briggs.

  • So where are the studies I asked you for? I thought you considered yourself as the purveyor of the science? As said, unlike you I am not so asinine as to attempt to limit anyone to a single study. You can not even come up with one single study, and because none exist. So instead you harass and antagonize the people that actually find the information, and put forth the applicable studies. How sorry arse pathetic does that make you look? .

  • Billy Briggs

    You’re not ready yet it seems.

  • Billy Briggs

    You keep telling yourself that.

  • Billy Briggs

    You’ve grown tiresome.

  • Nothing could be any more tiresome than your intended and endless denial.

  • As a fact, you do. Just face it.

  • When are you going to produce those studies I asked for?

  • Billy Briggs

    You have no go ads, Mr Hubbs.

  • Billy Briggs

    Here you have an opportunity to prove something but you’re too much of a pansy.

  • Billy Briggs

    And you’re still stalling.

  • The refusal to acknowledge all of the article information and complete with study refences, and as well your refusal to address and refute that information, shows clearly that you have no gonads, so called Mr Briggs. As well your refusal to defend you position, and by supplying the required and needed vaccine aluminum adjuvant safety studies that I requested of you; simply points to that it is actually you that has no gonads, fool. So when are you going to get started and prove me wrong? You never will, and that is my point.

  • Billy Briggs

    All you have to do is pick your best study. Why are you so afraid?

  • Again, quite obviously the real pansy is you. How many times here have you had the opportunity to prove yourself, and your pro-vaccine agenda; and yet you entirely failed, Just admit to it, and face it.

  • Billy Briggs

    Certain conditions are required to counter link spamming, Mr Hubbs. If you refuse to participate in that fashion you’re welcome to argue somewhere else. You aren’t accomplishing anything here.

  • Where are your counter studies, in relation and comparison to all of the studies, and the direct article information that I posted? You can’t do it, and you obviously know that you can’t.

  • Billy Briggs

    C’mon, Mr Hubbs, grow some testicles.

  • Correction; Quite obviously you are not accomplishing anything here. Certain …conditions? “LOL” You are pathetic.

  • Billy Briggs

    What I’m accomplishing here is showing everyone you don’t have the guts to put your money where your mouth is.

  • C’mon Mr Briggs, how about if you grow some testicles. Your silly and repeated efforts at attempted antagonization, mean nothing to me. You are a pathetic joke. Where are those studies I asked you for?

  • Billy Briggs

    Maybe testosterone shots would help?

  • Billy Briggs

    Pick your best study or go home, Mr Hubbs.

  • Just another load of BS. Anyone with any honesty can see the truth of, and as to what as actually gone n here.

  • Billy Briggs

    The truth is you won’t post your best study on anything because it will show how clueless you are.

  • It already has, actually. I put the same challenge to him and he came up with shill garbage where eleven out of the thirteen researchers were either naturopaths or worked for a front group called the “Autism Research Institute” which, interestingly, had also paid for the study. That was the best he had.

  • Billy Briggs

    Lol of course!

  • Of course, the cherry on top was that the study specifically contradicted some of Lowell’s points (e.g., that vaccines are the only possible source of heavy metals in the body) and the data clearly indicated a far, far higher metal content than could possibly be introduced by vaccination, particularly metals which don’t exist in vaccines at all. Of course, Lowell explains that everybody is just lying about the fact that vaccines are apparently composed of nothing but lead, tin, aluminum, and nickel, plus bits of other trace TOXINS!!

  • Billy Briggs

    We must uphold our standards because he will NEVER stop replying. This way he will either finally have to take a specific stance on something or just keep on deflecting.

  • Nikka80

    “Measles Elimination in the United States”



    “Hygiene” dramatically reduced the incidence of measles cases? What? Hand washing, clean water and sewage disposal? The vaccine program was incidental?

  • Nikka80

    So do you think that VAERS is better data collection? And it’s the mortality rate that drops with better medical care, not incidence of disease. Quarantine measures reduce transmission of disease but too many people believe that’s a rights violation these days!

  • First of all, I do think that VAERS is a valuable tool in accessing the number of vaccine injuries and as well vaccine caused death. The problem is that the CDC and FDA are not really looking at it. In every case of questionable vaccine issues, they claim to see nothing relevant. Of course they don’t; and if they did, they are finished. And did you realize that VAERS is well know to have an only 1 to 10% reporting factor? What would the numbers look like if all cases were actually reported?

    Mortality rates do not mean a thing in regard to medical intervention, and other than in bacterial related illnesses such as pertussis and tetanus. The use of anti-viral med’s in regard to viral illness, simply have been a major failure Largely, pertussis is not treated with antibiotics, but perhaps it should be. Vitamin C therapy and in high doses is something as well that has been effective in regard to pertussis, but doctors of course are reluctant to prescribe anything natural; and only pharmaceuticals.

    54 Percent of Children Suffer Disabilities Caused by Vaccination

    Vaccine choice is a fundamental human right. American children are experiencing an epidemic of poor health, with 54% of our children suffering a chronic illness or neuro-developmental disability. Nearly 9 million children have skin allergies. Eight million have respiratory allergies. Seven million have asthma. Five million have a learning disability. One in 400 is diabetic. And 1 in 50 kids has autism. What you may not know is that science links all these chronic illnesses to vaccines. Vaccine injuries are real and some are life-threatening. The U.S. government acknowledges that children have been severely injured and killed by vaccines.

    54 Percent of Children Suffer Disabilities Caused by Vaccination

    Why Vaccines Aren’t Safe For Your Children

    Welcome to Mary Tocco’s Educational Site

    THE VACCINE PANEL: The Insider’s Report

    Silent Epidemicc; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie

    THERE IS NO (Vaccine Derived) HERD IMMUNITY

  • Neo

    Why so shocked?!!
    Is there something I’m missing here?

  • Nikka80

    YouTube is the new PubMed?

  • All of the studies that I posted most all of them are as well listed in Pubmed. Where, were you?

  • 655321
  • 655321

    Why don’t you pull out the human safety studies? You do have them, right?

  • Billy Briggs

    Because I don’t need to prove a negative to another anti-vaxxer moving the goal posts.

  • 655321

    “Moving the goal posts “…..one of the most classic, but getting overused, Internet pharma troll tactics to avoid providing real evidence to back up their points.

  • 655321

    Says Ken, the poster who runs like a rat from a sinking ship when asked to provide studies that back his ridiculous talking points.

  • Here, play with these:


    I’ll just wait here for the immediate claims of “Shills! Junk science!”

  • Billy Briggs

    No, you’re a perfect example. The anti-vax side was supposed to explain why they thought encephalopathy was a common vaccine reaction, and to find a study proving vaccines caused neuro-inflammation. Instead of picking up the torch you say you want human safety studies. If you don’t like the phrase moving the goal posts I guess you could just call it deflection.

  • Or just start replying to each other for the lurkers.

  • Link to primary sources, please.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    A significant number of children with alleged vaccine injury had pre-existing neurologic or neurodevelopmental abnormalities. Among those developing chronic epilepsy, many had clinical features suggesting genetically determined epilepsy. Future studies that include genotyping may allow more specific therapy and prognostication, and enhance public confidence in vaccination.

    J Pediatr. 2015 Mar;166(3):576-81. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2014.10.054. Epub 2014 Dec 2.
    Seizures, encephalopathy, and vaccines: experience in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    In other words a significant number. Already had neurological deficits in place before vaccination.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    The first paragraph is a flat out lie and it degenerates from there. See
    EPIDEMIOLOGY — The age-adjusted prevalence of epilepsy in developed countries is 4 to 8 per 1,000 population [9-11]. An estimated 1 percent of children and adolescents in the United States will experience at least one afebrile seizure by age 14.

  • Mike Stevens

    Yes, Vactruth is lying by grossly overinflating the prevalence of childhood epilepsy.

    They pretend that a febrile seizure is “epilepsy”, even though their own article points out the real definition in its very first sentence (“Epilepsy is a condition in which seizures occur on a repeated basis, at least “two or more unprovoked seizures,” according to Johns Hopkins University.”)

    But then, if “Vactruth” told the truth, how would they be able to scare people away from vaccination?

  • Mike Stevens

    No, not a benefit, but a normally harmless and inconsequential problem. Syncope or febrile seizures are not “epilepsy”.

  • Isn’t syncope mostly needle-and-blood-related rather than vaccines per se?

  • Mike Stevens

    I picked one of these articles, Mr Hubbs, just as you suggested.

    It seems that a repeated stimulation of the immune system with egg ovalbumin (OVA) may result in production of CD4+ lymphocytes capable of inducing autoantibody production.

    Nowhere in the article are the words “brain”, “neuroinflammation”, “Aluminum” or “Vaccination” mentioned.

    If that is the “best” study you can produce showing Aluminum from vaccination induces neuroinflammation, then you are in deep trouble.

    But then you’d know all about being in deep trouble, wouldn’t you, with your prior “history”.

  • Mike Stevens

    Yes, syncope is not specific to vaccination, but to injection or similar medical interventions, and it is highly suggestible in situations of “mass injections”, indicating its psychosomatic aetiology.

  • Umm….”psychomatic aetiology” ? I reconginse the psych- prefix because of mum’s job so that’s to do with the mind. But that is the last bit I understand of that phrase.

  • Mike Stevens

    It is not unusual for young people in particular to undergo odd events like syncope or strange neurological manifestations when they are the subject of major publicly administered tests or injections such as in a school or doctors surgery.
    It used to be called “mass hysteria” but that term is rather frowned upon as being to “judgemental” and politically incorrect.
    It was then termed “psychogenic” illness, but this too became rather “derogatory”, as the prefix “psycho-” has bad connotations.
    Some call it “sociogenic illness”. No doubt that will become frowned upon, given time.

  • Mike Stevens

    Try PMC543940 for a good overview.
    Not to say all syncope is this – just some of it.
    Vasovagal episodes account for the majority – that’s the thing that happens when someone faints when they see blood, for example.

  • joe

    You are correct,my stepson always passes out when he gets a blood test and I remember his doctor referred to it as syncope and I asked him about it and he said it was nothing to worry about.

  • Mike Stevens

    Measles isn’t spread by inhalation you see – according to antivaxers, it must be spread by raw sewage.
    Have got that right?

  • Sarah

    Literally complete lies

  • Sarah

    I am educated. Maybe you should stop being delusional and realize you are the most misinformed person I’ve ever seen.

  • Sarah
  • Sarah

    they leave out the “resulting inflammation factor” cuz that’s not true, so they decided to leave false info out.

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    mmmmm im not drawing that conclusion at all actually

  • Sarah

    First of all, Dtap is the CHILD vaccine for children under 7. Tdap is the adult vaccine you are referring to. I’m sure its awfully confusing for you. Also, yes they do give it to pregnant women, and it’s 100% safe. Thirdly, you refer to it as the “Pertussis Dtap vaccine” Dtap is the abbreviation for: Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular Pertussis. So Pertussis is already in the vaccine name. No need to be redundant. It’s sad you couldn’t even realize what the letters stand for. You obviously don’t know much when it comes to vaccines and their diseases they prevent. Hm.

  • Sarah

    many studies have been done actually. If you actually tried to educate yourself about the REAL facts you would know that. It’s all public knowledge, you just have to stop being lazy and go find them yourself.

  • Sarah

    hmmmmm maybe because they know we’re not lying…..

  • Sarah

    No kidding. Some people just whine about everything. Suck it up

  • Sarah

    he won’t post anything that doesn’t agree with him, so don’t hold your breath

  • Sarah

    My impression is that I don’t take facts from the “journal of neuroinflammation” because what kind of obscure fake source is that

  • Sarah

    no seriously, YOU don’t get to decide who should be banned. You’re not special, we can say whatever we want to without your permission

  • Sarah

    The Journal of Neuroinflammation. Sounds credible and unbiased for sure.

  • Sarah

    encephalopathy has never been a vaccine reaction. Ever.

  • Sarah

    wow, so much false information

  • Sarah

    actually nothing about vaccines is causing epilepsy or autism so..

  • Sarah

    Best comment I’ve seen on here.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, it was all just a very strange coincidence. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Sarah

    lol but it is spread by inhalation

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    Alright, let’s break this down. #1 high pitched crying: A CLEAR sign of encephalitis? It could mean literally anything. But I’m pretty sure encephalitis isn’t the first guess. And it most certainly is not a side effect AT ALL of vaccines, much less a very common one. And brain inflammation- know what that gives you? A headache. That’s what a headache is. It does not create a hyperimmune response. And if it did- that would in no way affect the brain becoming inflammed. That has NOTHING to do with your immune system, obviously. If your child is crying after a shot…..it’s probably because their arm hurts from the shot. It will pass.
    #2 severe swelling at injection site: Severe? That’s a bit of a stretch. But yes, it probably will be slightly swollen. They will live. Also, that is NOT a sign of an allergic reaction. There are many tell tale signs, and that is definitely not one of them. And you won’t figure out what allergy was “created”, because you are ALREADY allergic to the component, that’s why you react. It’s just common sense but I guess not for everyone. I don’t know how to make it any more simple than that. And, I’m pretty confident that your doctor could definitely figure out what exactly you reacted to. They’re kind of smart. And then, you won’t have to take this stupid advice of avoiding all further vaccines “just to be sure”. Because that is just stupid.
    #3 Fever/febrile seizures: Febrile seizures are actually fairly common in infants. And it’s usually nothing to worry about, just take them into the doctor. It will not kill them. And a fever would be so mild you probably wouldn’t even know you have one. It will never be a “high” fever.
    #4: Rash: maybe. a mild one.
    #5 asthma, allergies, eczema: NEVER, I repeat NEVER has anyone or will anyone get one of those from a vaccine. I’d like for you to explain to me how on God’s green earth you could get any of those from a vaccine. Eczema some people just get. No rhyme or reason. Asthma can be passed down from genes or it can just be random. And ALLERGIES? Really? How you find out you have an allergy is if you eat/are around something and you have a reaction. Your body has always been allergic to that thing. A vaccine can’t “give you allergies” because nothing gives you allergies except your own body. This is blowing my mind that someone would believe that and not understand why it’s the stupidest thing to try and blame on vaccines ever.
    #6 Anaphylaxis & slowed breathing patterns: Well, slowed breathing patterns is a symptom OF anaphylaxis, so maybe just say anaphylaxis. It is extremely very very rare, but it could happen. If so, go into the ER and the people you mock will gladly save your life. You won’t die.
    #7 loss of Facial and Eye Symmetry and Itching/Numbness in Extremities:
    As for White blood cells: They can definitely get through your blood vessels. They’ve gotten where they need to go your whole life, it wouldn’t change for a vaccine. And they don’t just go to your capillaries, they go through all of your blood vessels (I don’t understand why you would even think that.) The smallest of these vessels are located in your hands, feet, nose and brain, particularly by the area which controls speech. When too many white blood cells are released, they cannot squeeze through and the blood and oxygen supply is limited for a period of time, and if severe enough, forever. This causes stroke in the brain, and can be seen by loss of facial asymmetry (one side of the face looks different than the other) and loss of tone around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth.
    That whole paragraph is crap. How do you know what capillaries are the smallest or even if they are different sizes? I don’t buy it. And I”m sure you know where it specifically goes in the brain, to the speech area. Why? What’s your evidence for that? By the way its called the Broca’s Area. And hmm, I’ve NEVER heard of a case where white blood cells following a normal routine immune response causing a stroke. I don’t think that makes much sense. Especially because the body doesn’t just release “too many” WBC’s, it releases just enough. Pretty neat huh.
    I like this sentence: These have been found to be factors in most chronic neurological diseases including autism and diabetes. Diabetes? A Neurological disorder? Hmm I never knew that. Because it’s not. Do you even know what diabetes is??? Where does inflammation come from? Well certainly NOT from the aluminum adjuvant in vaccines, since it’s readily eliminated from the body, and doesn’t do jack sh** to the brain.
    Oh and here is the definition of autoimmunitiy: the system of immune responses of an organism against its own healthy cells and tissues. Oh wait, it’s caused by NO outside factors? Your immune system attacks your own healthy tissue by itself? Oh, I guess it couldn’t possibly be from aluminum. Nothing can “cause” you to become autoimmune. Your body is or it isn’t.
    You state that there are ZERO studies on the safety of aluminum as an adjuvant. Well I guess you haven’t looked very hard, because there are. Otherwise that would be illegal. So that’s the most ridiculous accusation I’ve seen so far. I guess that about sums it up.

  • Sarah

    that’s rough. sorry to hear that. A whole lot better than those diseases you couldve gotten

  • Sarah

    It’s not mild. And hate to burst your bubble but none of it was because of vaccines. I don’t know what caused it, but not vaccines.

  • Sarah

    None of it’s from vaccines. Promise. And no, there is no such thing as a genetic vulnerability to vaccine damage.

  • Sarah

    You can’t blame anything. You want to blame vaccines, and if that makes you feel better ok. But at least you’re protected against some very serious diseases…I’d say it was worth it despite your fear that they “may be bad”

  • Sarah

    nope that’s what they really are :)

  • Sarah

    i was gonna ask you the same thing

  • Sarah
  • Sarah

    wow….I’m feeling like none didd

  • Sarah

    We are here to spread knowledge and to fight for what we know is true, and are passionate about. But more importantly, we are here to hope you see the light for the sake of our children’s health and future

  • Encephalopathy is on rows 2B and 3B as a table injury eligible for automatic compensation by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    Have you studied this topic at all?

  • Mike Stevens

    Of course.
    I was being sarcastic.

  • They can’t produce that study, as we both know, because it has never been done.

    The aluminum adjuvant is not separately licensed by the FDA thus it has not gone through any degree of rigorous testing. It is allowed only as part of a vaccine.

    Since vaccine licensure studies rarely use a placebo (instead being tested against an existing vaccine or an aluminum adjuvant) and the adjuvant hasn’t undergone its own testing, the adverse events are neatly hidden from everyone under the “expected adverse events” category — which isn’t zero. (Then, with vaccines studies being as short as they are, more events are not surfaced.)

    It’s a big hole in the science where many of the problems will appear if we ever put aluminum through rigorous testing on its own.

    I doubt that will happen anytime soon because that will clearly show the problems that are currently hidden from view. There just isn’t a good replacement for aluminum at this time so they will resist testing it rigorously for as long as they can get away with it.

  • These vaccines are not 100% safe or injuries from their use would not be listed as eligible table injuries in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

  • Show the licensing studies for aluminum adjuvant since you say they exist.

    You won’t find them because aluminum adjuvant is licensed only as part of a vaccine.

    I welcome you to prove me wrong and provide the citation for aluminum adjuvant licensure studies.

  • You don’t even know that encephalopathy and encephalitis are table injuries.

    Plus you say the DTaP is 100% safe despite having several table injuries listed for it.

    if I wasn’t here to point out your ignorance on this matter, some unsuspecting parent might believe your confident yet false declarations.

  • sabelmouse

    still screamingly funny!

  • sabelmouse

    absolutely. as well as other sensitivities. hence the canary party, because that is what we are.

  • sabelmouse

    still screamingly funny!

  • Ron Roy

    You made an error in your response.I’m sure you meant I’m miseducated.

  • Ron Roy

    A new version of an old sound bite. “link the best study you can find”. Do all you poison I mean vaccine promoters read from the same script?

  • Billy Briggs

    It’s unfortunately a necessary requirement when dealing with link spammers like Mr Hubbs. There’s just no other way to pin him down on anything.

  • 655321

    It is established that vaccines can and do cause brain inflammation in some individuals. If you’re denying this, then you’re either an idiot or a liar. Next.

  • 655321

    Love the fake pic! Do the attractive women avatars work better for trolling than the fake guy ones like Jonathan Grahm?

  • Billy Briggs

    Prove it! And don’t forget to also prove encephalitis is a common vaccine reaction!

  • Neo

    Oh I get it.
    It’s a coincidence that children die and are brain damaged from vaccines but no coincidence with the introduction of vaccines of disease decline.
    You people are unbelievable with your garbage rhetoric.
    But you keep believing the fradulant SCIENCE!!

  • transportjohnny

    Better question to start with is: Infections…….Can they and do they cause neuro-inflammation????

  • transportjohnny

    Next question would be What is GBS????

  • transportjohnny

    Next question would be: Is there any link with vaccines and GBS?????

  • transportjohnny

    The answers are ……..uh……umm……..YES!!!!!

  • AutismDadd

    Nope take a long walk off a short pier

  • AutismDadd

    Its called evidence clueless. 19 countries with compensation programs. And its not about the protection factor, its about the harm. One doesn’t cancel the other, they are separate issues

  • AutismDadd

    I’ll wait while you prove it.

  • transportjohnny


    “recent surgery or immunization can trigger Guillain-Barre syndrome.”

  • transportjohnny

    Lowell, it is common knowledge that GBS is caused by infections AND VACCINATIONS. It is very widely accepted.

  • Billy Briggs

    I’m trying to get Mr Hubbs to just take baby steps for now:)

  • Billy Briggs


    “The Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a scientific review of this issue in 2003 and found that people who received the 1976 swine influenza vaccine had an increased risk for developing GBS. The increased risk was approximately one additional case of GBS for every 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine. Scientists have several theories about the cause, but the exact reason for this link remains unknown.

    The link between GBS and flu vaccination in other years is unclear, and if there is any risk for GBS after seasonal flu vaccines it is very small, about one in a million. Studies suggest that it is more likely that a person will get GBS after getting the flu than after vaccination.”

  • AutismDadd

    That’s some weak definition. 2 seizures is epilepsy? And these are the geniuses that define science for us….GUFFAW

  • AutismDadd

    And you can provide evidence that was collected and peer reviewed PRIOR to any vaccination?

  • AutismDadd

    Quit whining and suck up to Big Pharma

  • AutismDadd

    Sounds like a pediatrician giving vaccine advice without having any background is vaccine research or vaccine injury.

  • AutismDadd

    Yea lets give human behaviors psychological labels instead of using the terms fainting and seizure and anaphylactic reactions to vaccine injection. Friggin smoke screen is all it it.

  • AutismDadd

    A mouse brain could contribute more…get a transplant

  • AutismDadd

    If its important and damning it may not be reported.

  • AutismDadd

    He means past grade 9

  • AutismDadd

    Having trouble with your thoughts? Aluminum baby!

  • AutismDadd

    Go away

  • AutismDadd

    CDC? Buh wah ha ha

  • AutismDadd

    Why don’t you go first then?

  • AutismDadd

    Its a training manual actually called Mein Kampf

  • AutismDadd

    fda?…buh wah ha ha

  • AutismDadd

    Again with the ONE IN A MILLION sound bite. Sheeple must find that impressive

  • AutismDadd

    That’s the cradle to grave way Pharma makes billions

  • Nope, but thanks for your concern! o/

  • AutismDadd

    You better get a 2nd opinion

  • Billy Briggs

    Because of the global cover-up and all.

  • Billy Briggs

    Mr Hubbs can only be handled this way.

  • Billy Briggs

    I know. You guys hate that!

  • “Doc, I want a second opinion.”
    “Okay, you’re ugly, too!”

  • AutismDadd

    I concur…maybe Bruce Jenner can recommend a surgeon.

  • AutismDadd

    Maybe when lying to the public CDC could at least be creative.

  • AutismDadd

    Says you. Try going first.

  • AutismDadd

    It will be added to the universal medical consensus yes.

  • Probably not the kind of surgeon I’m looking for! :D

  • Billy Briggs

    Feel free to provide links proving they’re lying.

  • Billy Briggs

    Alas, we must end the link spamming, deflection and insults. I know it’s hard for you, his closest friend, seeing him go through this. It is a difficult journey which he must travel alone. He must face his fears.

  • Billy Briggs


  • Planet Autism

    Well that’s where you are very wrong. Hand washing alone, reduces respiratory infection by 16% http://hygienecentral.org.uk/pdf/tmi_1568.pdf so your argument is false. Did you not look up the graphs freely available on the internet to show that all the infectious disease were already in sharp decline by the time vaccines were introduced – because of clean water and sanitation? They are easy to find.

  • Planet Autism

    Syncope is a sign of underlying dis-ease of the body. Not always lethal or very serious but something that would not happen in a healthy individual. http://www.brainfacts.org/diseases-disorders/diseases-a-to-z-from-ninds/febrile-seizures/ “Certain children who have febrile seizures face an increased risk of developing epilepsy.” Quite apart from which of course, febrile seizures and syncope are among the mildest of vaccine reactions, many reactions, side-effects and vaccine damages are far worse.

  • Planet Autism

    Some people are imbeciles too, the sad thing is they don’t even realise it. No kidding whatsoever there either. Let’s hope one day your child doesn’t suffer vaccine damage and make you rue the day you publicised your ignorance and disregard.

  • Planet Autism

    Pray tell which part is false? I am happy to furnish you with plenty of information and links.

  • Planet Autism

    Yes there is. Look up mitochondrial disorders and MTHFR.

  • Nikka80

    Sharp decline in infectious disease mortality or morbidity? A clear misunderstanding of disease prevention epidemiology. Consider your claimed 16% reduction of new cases with just hand washing versus the spectacular 99+% drop in measles cases occurring from the mid 1950s to now with the case number dropping EXACTLY following the introduction of the measles vaccine:


    In the late 1950s, there were typically 400,000 to 600,000 new measles cases per year in the UK:


    Note the precipitous drop in new cases as seen today – A significantly larger decline than 16% – your biostatistical analysis doesn’t quite jive!

    Clean water and sanitation prevent only a small percentage of vaccine preventable diseases, the fecal/oral transmitted, like polio and typhoid. Unfortunately, most diseases prevented by better sanitation which are diarrheal in nature and caused by bacteria, protozoa and viruses have no vaccines.

  • Planet Autism

    And you are relying on CDC statistics! That denison of honesty and integrity!!! Ahahahahahahaaaaaaa!! Ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.AAAAAAhahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Ahem. Sorry, need to compose myself one moment. 3rd world citizens are often malnourished and therefore have compromised immune systems.

    Tell you what, to save me the effort, there are plenty of things for you to read in this: http://media.wix.com/ugd/58c8f1_3b2100082ead4bb191ae98cbd3b96dfa.pdf

  • Planet Autism
  • Planet Autism

    Typical vaccine shill response. Try to slate the source instead of reading and commenting on the content…

  • Billy Briggs

    Awesome! Link your best one showing vaccines cause neuro-inflammation in humans!

  • Planet Autism
  • Planet Autism

    “It’s sad to see you go from forcefully defending your position to just whining and throwing insults when the chips are down.”

    Pot kettle anyone.

  • Planet Autism

    Clearly you don’t understand about the blood-brain barrier and how vaccines damage the body’s natural immune defences.

  • Planet Autism

    I see what he meant about deflection. Excuses, excuses and more excuses. Of course you have to prove it, otherwise your arguments fall flat from the off.

  • Planet Autism

    You do know millions have been paid out to parents of autistic children in compensation for autism caused by vaccine damage, renamed as encephalopathy and encephalitis etc. right?

  • Planet Autism

    That’s a major lie. Millions have been paid out to parents of autistic children for vaccine damage, where they won’t admit to the autism so rename it encephalopathy, encephalitis etc.

  • Planet Autism

    You have to feel sorry for someone so clearly delusional.

  • Planet Autism

    Well not my best one necessarily, but just off the top of my head…http://archneur.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=2279633 Thought you might want to get off yo’ ass and do your own research from now on in, instead of harassing others to do it on your behalf. Google is your friend.

    And there is plenty of linked research in the other link I provided. It’s like joining the dots, even you should be able to manage that.

  • Billy Briggs

    He started it.

  • Billy Briggs

    I know, right? I mean instead of proving vaccines cause neuro-inflammation he wants me to prove they don’t!

  • Billy Briggs

    That’s a letter to the editor.

  • Billy Briggs

    1 in a million vaccine doses get paid out in a system that favors the plaintiffs. And citations proving autism has been renamed encephalopathy/encephalitis would be great!

  • Planet Autism

    Nice try. Pseudo-innocently pretending you thought I meant anyone but you, is the lowest form of wit.

  • Planet Autism

    Nice try. A response to a piece of research and it agrees with the findings of the research which are neuroinflammation from vaccines.

  • Planet Autism

    ‘Favours the plaintiffs’ are you joking, how is a government protecting big pharma from being sued in the favour of the plaintiff?!

    “Vaccines, Autism and Brain Damage, What’s in a Name”


    “The US Government has Paid Out $3bn to Vaccine Injured Americans Since 1989”


    “Federal Court Compensated 83 Vaccine Injured Children”


    “MMR and Vaccines Autism Court Ruling”


    “Lawsuit Reignites Vaccine Safety Concerns”

    Wikipedia states:
    “Disabled vaccine injury patients are allowed to file a claim up to the age of 21.
    The ‘disability threshold’ before payments are granted is 60%. The scheme covers vaccinations for illnesses such as tetanus, measles, tuberculosis and meningitis C. As of 2005, the British government had paid out £3.5 million to vaccine injury patients since 1997.[10]”


    “Court Awards £63m to Brain Damaged Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine”


    “Forbes’ Willingham Wrong on Courts, Vaccine Injuries and Brain Damage”


  • Mike Stevens

    “Syncope is a sign of underlying dis-ease of the body.”
    Ummm…No. Syncope due to a vaso-vagal episode is a temporary disturbance of haemodynamics. It does not imply disease in the person. Imagine someone who faints at the sight of blood…Are you claiming they are suffering from some underlying disease?

    Re “Febrile seizures”, have you understood the source you have cited?
    It says this:
    “The vast majority of febrile seizures are short and harmless. There is
    no evidence that short febrile seizures cause brain damage. Multiple or
    prolonged seizures are a risk factor for epilepsy but most children who
    experience febrile seizures do not go on to develop the reoccurring
    seizures that re characteristic of epilepsy. Certain children who have
    febrile seizures face an increased risk of developing epilepsy. These
    children include those who have a febrile seizure that lasts longer than
    10 minutes, who have febrile seizures that are lengthy or affect only
    one part of the body, or experience seizures that reoccur within 24

    We know that prolonged febrile seizures are very uncommon, and are in themselves often a sign that the child had an underlying seizure/epileptic disorder. In other words, the disorder is unmasked by a febrile seizure.
    But the overwhelming majority of post vaccination febrile seizures are short lived and entirely benign.
    We know that a febrile seizure is LESS likely to happen after the vaccine (0.5%) than after the natural infection (2%). So vaccines actually probably reduced the overall incidence of febrile seizures in the pediatric population compared to the pre-vaccine era, when almost every child caught febrile infectious diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox etc.

  • Planet Autism

    noun: dis-ease
    a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant,
    especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a
    specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.”bacterial meningitis is quite a rare disease” synonyms:illness, sickness, ill health; More infection, ailment, malady, disorder, complaint, affliction, condition, indisposition, upset, problem, trouble, infirmity, disability, defect, abnormality; pestilence, plague, cancer, canker, blight; informalbug, virus; informallurgy; informalwog; datedcontagion antonyms:health

  • Planet Autism


    You cite the CDC?! Where have you been, it’s all over the media how the CDC covered up and falsified data and you want to trust them?

    “Zero US Measles Deaths in 10 Years But Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported”


    “Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient”


    “The ineffectiveness of Measles Vaccines and Other Unintended Consequences”


    “Case of vaccine-associated measles five weeks post-immunisation, British Columbia, Canada, October 2013

    We describe a case of vaccine-associated measles in a two-year-old patient from British Columbia, Canada, in October 2013, who received her first dose of measles-containing vaccine 37 days prior to onset of prodromal symptoms. Identification of this delayed vaccine-associated case occurred in the context of an outbreak investigation of a measles cluster.”


  • Planet Autism

    There is more than one pathway to autism. Vaccines is just one of them. You need to get out a bit and do a little bit more reading.

  • Planet Autism

    So what – the one I provided wasn’t enough, or are you asking all the enlightened ones on here to provide one each?

  • Billy Briggs

    That’s the actual study. What do you think it says?

  • Mike Stevens

    If you fainted at the sight of blood, in what way is that an “underlying disease”?
    Please be specific in your answers, and name the underlying disease, with citations if possible.

  • Planet Autism


    “…a documented case of massive corruption” … ”
    the data the CDC destroyed show MMR-autism correlation in 2 groups, children with ‘isolated’ autism [autism without other additional conditions such as retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy etc.]given the MMR before 36 months and African American male children given the MMR before 36 months”


    Here are the CDC documents Dr William Thomson whistleblew about:


    “Vaccine Whistleblower Book Exposes 32 Years of CDC’s Science Fraud”


  • Planet Autism

    Why – do you need some help in that department then?

  • Planet Autism

    Anybody that states vaccines are 100% safe is in cloud cuckoo land. Even the most loony pro-vaxxers don’t make that claim.

  • Billy Briggs

    Sharyl Attkisson, AoA, NVIC, infowars and natural news? C’mon.
    The decisions in vaccine court favor the plaintiffs, of course. They don’t have to PROVE vaccines caused harm.
    The court itself was formed because due to lawsuits triggered by sites like this pharmaceutical companies were going to stop producing vaccines altogether.

  • Planet Autism

    Yet Sarah claims above vaccines are 100% safe…

  • Billy Briggs

    Yours was garbage.

  • Billy Briggs

    The William Thompson thing has already played out. There’s nothing to it.

  • Billy Briggs

    Not a bit!

  • Planet Autism

    In the link I provided it says: (and I have to copy-type this which is the very last piece of research-related work I am doing for you!)
    “->The fact that vaccinations of any type may represent risk for short-term neuroinflammation <- is in keeping with previous results that, at least for environmental risk factors of viral origin, gene-environment interactions predispose…." blah, blah and the following para(s)….

  • Planet Autism

    We are not talking about fainting at the sight of blood. We are talking about syncope and convulsions following vaccination. How would you explain someone passing out if they had not seen blood and looked the other way when the needle went in? In any case, you are clearly not understanding the dictionary meaning of the word “dis-ease”. This was why I posted it. But you still haven’t understood. Hence I requote: “a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.”

  • Planet Autism

    Yeah right, you just keep telling yourself that.

  • Planet Autism

    Not so sure. Online arrogance must be overcompensating for something.

  • Planet Autism

    And like I said to your little friend “Sarah”:

    “Typical vaccine shill response. Try to slate the source instead of reading and commenting on the content…”

    It’s not even a proper court. It’s a sham. Stop producing vaccines? The Government would never let that happen, big brother has an agenda. A healthy human doesn’t need vaccines. Where do you think all the auto-immune disease, allergies, cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc. have come from? Not all vaccine injury is immediately visible.

  • Mike Stevens

    Yup, syncope after vaccination. That’s usually a vaso-vagal response, the same process that would make someone faint at the sight of blood.

    I am a doctor. I understand what the term “Underlying disease” means. It does not refer to reflexes like vaso-vagal syncope.

  • Planet Autism

    Are you a groupie?

  • Planet Autism

    Snob. If the information is correct it doesn’t matter from whence it came. So predictable this response of yours.

  • Planet Autism

    OMG I’ve never read such a pack of ignorant tosh. Clearly even as a layperson you don’t make the grade.

  • Planet Autism

    We both know that is not the case. But you can delude yourself if you like.

  • Planet Autism

    Bit concerning when a doctor considers a body is at “ease” when it has a sudden drop in BP and HR with reduced blood flow to the brain…

  • Mike Stevens

    I can’t tell you what to believe “disease” is. I’ve done my best to help you, but you go ahead and wallow in your ignorance.

    You get up suddenly, and so your blood pressure drops. You are diseased.
    You undergo some minor emotional upset, and your blood pressure drops. You are diseased.
    You get a fright and your blood pressure drops. You are diseased.

  • Billy Briggs

    Again, that’s a letter to the editor. What do you think the STUDY says?

  • Billy Briggs

    Brian Hooker already published a reanalysis using the supposedly destroyed data (which he got from the CDC) which was retracted due to statistical errors and undisclosed conflicts of interest.



  • Billy Briggs

    You’re projecting.

  • Billy Briggs

    What is big brother’s agenda in your mind?

  • Billy Briggs

    You’re welcome to try again, though.

  • AutismDadd

    Sarah is a brick shy of a load.

  • AutismDadd

    Many are actual vaccine victims defending their NEURODIVERSITY

  • AutismDadd

    Which is why its called a conspiracy. Simply put, this is how they legitimize a worldwide autism epidemic and hamper attempts to stop it by implying vaccines are not the common denominator.

  • AutismDadd

    No he just won’t be taken in by your game. Lets see you go first hero.

  • AutismDadd

    Well they can use any numbers when they lie, but they are so lazy and sure of their lies they flippantly toss out one in a million for anything.

  • AutismDadd

    Don’t be modest now. Just think about that little red dress hanging in the closet.

  • AutismDadd

    So DOCTOR explain how you differentiate in that office between syncope and fainting due to the insult of vaccination on the body.

  • H-how did you know about that!?

  • shay simmons

    Anyone who spells it dis-ease is going to ignore any reality-based definition of the term, anyway.

  • AutismDadd

    You said so in another forum. I think it was the bed wetting forum.

  • Ohh, gotcha! Cool that we have that in common!

  • joe

    Why would my stepson at age 34 see a Pediatrician, you see what happens when you ASSUME. NUMBER ONE you assumed he was a child NUMBER TWO it was NOT related to vaccination,I SPECIFICALLY said “he passes out when he has a BLOOD TEST” ,That is your problem DUD too many assumptions.

  • Billy Briggs

    That defeats the purpose. He needs reconditioning.

  • Billy Briggs

    Sure, but you can prove them wrong here and now. Seize the day!

  • AutismDadd

    You’re pretty naive to think that.

  • AutismDadd

    And you need a coffee enema…go first

  • AutismDadd

    I said “sounds like” but thanks for the ASSUMPTION

  • AutismDadd

    Oh nice try….but nope we are not peers

  • joe

    No you said “sounds like a Pediatrician” thereby assuming my stepson was a child, as usual you try and twist things,.you really have a problem

  • Maybe they should check whale.to site, for the answer.

  • Mike Stevens

    We are still waiting for those scientific citations where autism has been “renamed encephalitis/encephalopathy”, but not seeing any.
    You want us to give up, or are you planning on posting them any time soon?

  • Mike Stevens

    Interesting how in the Atkisson article she explains how plaintiffs are fiddling the VICP claims system, and pretending that autistic kids have “encephalopathy from a vaccine”, in order to qualify as a table injury and get automatic compensation.
    I realised that possibility existed, but didn’t know it was being commonly used.

  • Mike Stevens

    ” A healthy human doesn’t need vaccines.”

    I hope that when you have major surgery, you don’t get a surgeon operating on you who has taken that view
    “You want me to get Hep B vaccine, so if I become infected I won’t pose an operative risk to my patients? Get lost! Healthy humans don’t need vaccines!”

    Or maybe you could tell that to the mother who has lost all 5 of her children to preventable diseases (like the one I saw in Africa who had one child die from neonatal tetanus, three die in a bad measles outbreak, and one die from pneumococcal meningitis).
    “Tough luck, Mom! Did you know healthy humans don’t need vaccines? You must have not been feeding them properly, or maybe they didn’t wash their hands – so it’s your fault I guess. Well, just go and have a few more kids to make up the numbers if you are so upset.”!

    Or maybe your kids need to visit a country where there are major epidemics ongoing such as measles, yellow fever, diphtheria, or typhoid, . “Bye, honey! Good luck avoiding all those infections, will ya! Just try not to breathe too much, I’m sure you’ll be OK. Healthy humans don’t need vaccines!”

  • But even without the fiddling, we’d expect 1 in 68 million in the U.S. (slightly less but can’t be bothered fiddling with tricky figures right now) to be autistic and vaccine-injured just by sheer chance.

  • No, Adad. 2 UNprovoked seizures is epilepsy.

  • Who the hell is in charge of naming these thing?

    Person in charge, holding a meeting:We can’t call this thing PSYCHOgenic any more because PSYCHO has bad connotations – what shall we call it instead?

    Someone speaks up with: Ummm…..how about PSYCHOgenic?

    Person in charge: Yes, perfect.

    I think they missed the point rather, there.

  • “due to the insult of vaccination on the body” You do realize that vaccinated kids are healthier, right? They’ve done studies on this.

  • Mike Stevens

    “Maybe they should check whale.to site, for the answer.”

    That one’s a keeper, Lowell.

  • Mike Stevens

    What you linked to was a letter commenting on an original study. You have just copy-pasted a cherrypicked section that implies a risk of “neuroinflammation”.

    However the original study doesn’t say vaccines cause neuroinflammation at all. In fact it specifically says pretty much the opposite.
    It discusses the risks of demyelinating disorders (which can be regarded as a form of “neuroinflammation”, true, but one directed against the myelin sheath of neuronal axons).

    “Conclusions and Relevance:
    We found no longer-term association of vaccines with MS or any
    other CNS ADS, which argues against a causal association. The
    short-term increase in risk suggests that vaccines may accelerate the transition from subclinical to overt autoimmunity in patients with existing disease.”

    Got that? The observation that there may be only a short term increase in risk is indicative that vaccines may merely have triggered progression in those who already have underlying demyelination.
    There is no long term increase in the condition.

    Now….isn’t it always you antivaxers who demand “long term” studies? So what do you do when you get one that shows no long term risk – You ignore it and pretend it never happened.

    Honestly, if this paper is the antivaxers’ “best evidence” that vaccines cause neuroinflammation, then you might as well pack up your picnic baskets and go home.

  • Mike Stevens

    “Yet Sarah claims above vaccines are 100% safe…”

    I’m not seeing that anywhere, not even on her profile’s comment section.
    You wouldn’t be lying, would you?
    If not, please give a link to the post where she claims vaccines are “100% safe”.

  • Mike Stevens

    Sorry to hear that, genuinely. Glad it doesn’t affect you now.

    However, have you considered that all the vaccines you received in childhood may have made the epilepsy go away?
    After all, one followed the other…. Many antivaxers have used similar logic to claim all manner of effects from vaccination.

  • Uncomfortable is not disease.

  • Notice how “uncomfortable” is not in your list of synonyms? Or “faint”?

  • Mike Stevens

    Would that be this article, which says that there is no link (though you pretended there was)?

  • Can you point to a single vaccine that uses al – make the 9th grade distinction of compounds vs elements?

  • Mike Stevens

    “”Zero US Measles Deaths in 10 Years But Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported””

    Oh dear. Ooops!
    Someone else who thinks VAERS is some form of accurate and medically verified source of data, and who doesn’t appreciate there have been no deaths from measles in the US …Because VACCINES!
    (And there was a death last year, perhaps you missed it?)

  • Mike Stevens

    “Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient”

    You missed off the relevant bit, Planet.
    In full, this reads as follows:
    “Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time.

    Now, I wonder why you would have deliberately left off those last 3 words….
    Any ideas, anyone?

  • Mike Stevens

    If immune activation in pregnancy is a risk, then I guess we should support everything we can to prevent infections occurring in pregnancy, seeing as how those are the main source of major inlammatory responses.

    Hey..that’s an idea. Lets vaccinate moms before pregnancy (or even during pregnancy if necessary) to prevent infections!

    Great concept, angel!

  • Mike Stevens

    She tried (see below).
    Major fail, I’m afraid to say, as you have also noted.

    Never mind. Maybe someone, somewhere, someplace will eventually show this supposed link between vaccines and neuroinflammation-induced autism, but I doubt it.

  • Mike Stevens

    I thought you meant 655321 as well.
    After all, he is the one refusing to provide a clinical study in humans showing vaccines cause neuroinflammation resulting in autism.

  • Mike Stevens

    “Vaccines damage the body’s natural immune defences”
    Interesting generalisation…
    Do you have any clinical evidence for that claim?
    Please provide the study links if you do.

  • Planet Autism

    Re-read and show me where I stated scientific studies had renamed autism as encephalitis etc.:

    “You do know millions have been paid out to parents of autistic children
    in compensation for autism caused by vaccine damage, renamed as
    encephalopathy and encephalitis etc. right?”

  • Planet Autism

    And like I said, Google is your friend.

  • Planet Autism

    I’m not biting. I’m not the one with anything to prove.

  • Planet Autism

    Which you clearly aren’t ;-) otherwise you wouldn’t need the testosterone shots. Just make sure they don’t have any of this crap in though: http://healthwyze.org/reports/60-vaccine-secrets

  • Planet Autism

    It’s impossible to debate with someone that just invents fictions from the other person’s statements or opinions.

    I’m guessing you know about 1% of the world (the rich elite) holding 99% of the world’s wealth? It’s no more that mother’s fault than anyone else’s, except the elite, who could ensure all the poverty-stricken populations have adequate nutrition and sanitation and not die of diseases that a healthy body could fight off. http://www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com/personal-choice/

  • Planet Autism

    You’re missing the point. The letter, written in scientific language by 3 MDs regarding the scientific study, concurs with the fact that vaccination causes neuroinflammation. I am well aware that the study is not focusing on that element overall. Should I need to be explaining in this detail – I think not. Like I said, I won’t bite. I won’t keep spelling things out for you that you should be able to see blatantly for yourself and you are therefore attempting to goad.

  • Planet Autism

    I’m glad you appear to be wishing to stop your line of determined focus. From a statement:

    “Syncope due to vaccinations is not a benefit either.”

    you made a complete mountain out of a molehill. Syncope was never the correct focus of discussion on this article to begin with, you tried to make it so.

  • Planet Autism

    (a) you can’t copy and paste from a .gif
    (b) you have contradicted yourself by saying the paper doesn’t say it at all and then admitting it says there is a short-term risk
    (c) the cherry-picking was not out of context and I have explained to Bill whatsisname already that the overall focus of the study is irrelevant as it states that vaccination causes short-term neuroinflammation as a fact, stated by 3 MDs using scientific language
    (d) I am not an “anti-vaxxer” a silly term used by those with a vested interest (pray tell how many kickbacks do you get for vaccinating or persuading parents they should vaccinate anyway?) all people want is safe vaccinations when they are needed
    (e) as the notification with your message was worded differently, you claimed I could not access the full text, let me know when you want me to prove this to be false
    (f) demyelination is not only caused by neuroinflammation, it has a variety of causes so your point is lost
    (g) Oh go on then, you’ve twisted my arm, here are a few more specific studies, you and Billy-boy can sit and read through, that someone has helpfully collated (like I said to Billy-O, I won’t be doing your research for you, the truth is out there, so count this as the last link I will provide). But of course those cases are just collateral damage eh.

  • Planet Autism

    No I wouldn’t be. Your basic IT skills aren’t up to much then, even so far as scrolling through visible comments on the page:

    “Sarah Lowell Hubbs • 3 days ago

    First of all, Dtap is the CHILD vaccine for children under 7. Tdap is
    the adult vaccine you are referring to. I’m sure its awfully confusing
    for you. Also, yes they do give it to pregnant women, and it’s 100%
    safe. Thirdly, you refer to it as the “Pertussis Dtap vaccine” Dtap is
    the abbreviation for: Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular Pertussis. So
    Pertussis is already in the vaccine name. No need to be redundant. It’s
    sad you couldn’t even realize what the letters stand for. You obviously
    don’t know much when it comes to vaccines and their diseases they
    prevent. Hm.”

    No more goading now, do your reading and stop your trolling.

  • Planet Autism

    Thank you. I will assume that was genuine. Being autistic I cannot always tell. I am left with other effects however.

    Do you have citations that vaccinations make epilepsy ‘go away’? You lot are always asking for citations and studies so you have to be prepared to do the same.

    The bulk of my vaccinations were in infancy/early childhood and the grand mal seizures (the worst I had) were in adolescence, so this doesn’t tie up.

    It’s only a possibility scientifically as far the understanding goes, but epilepsy could cause autism: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2325088/Scientists-discover-link-epilepsy-autism-time.html

    Hence if vaccinations trigger epilepsy, it’s a likely or at least potential, pathway to autism.

  • transportjohnny

    OK, glad we agree that vaccinations can and do cause neuro-inflammation!!!! Which that was the question at hand. So glad you agreed with us.

  • Planet Autism

    (this is beyond boring). Notice how you didn’t notice how it wasn’t my list, it’s the dictionary definition as defined on Wiki?

  • Planet Autism

    Anyone imbecilic enough not to realise it wasn’t being *spelled* that way, but a hyphen deliberately added to improve (for the more slow-witted) understanding of semantics and true dictionary meaning is going to go round with blinkers on for life. You can draw a horse to water and all that.

  • Planet Autism

    Actually I will agree with you on one point. VAERS isn’t reliable because of vast underreporting of adverse events: http://www.bmj.com/rapid-response/2011/11/02/underreporting-vaccine-adverse-events

    If every adverse event was reported the Western world would be up in arms and the truth would out a lot quicker.

    I’m so glad you brought up that death from measles in a VACCINATED woman! http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2015/07/02/measles-death-us/

    Thereby proving the inefficacy of vaccination (why the heck else would they use boosters!) all explained here: http://media.wix.com/ugd/58c8f1_3b2100082ead4bb191ae98cbd3b96dfa.pdf

  • Planet Autism

    Wow, what a lot of assumptions you make. I didn’t even knowingly, letalone deliberately leave anything off. But even if I had, it would have been pointless because it makes no difference. So what if it was the first time? What does that prove? That nobody checked before? That it was deliberately covered up before? That there weren’t the research tools in place to find out before? Could be any number of things. But it doesn’t change the point that a measles outbreak was down to a vaccinated person. Just like it doesn’t change the fact that Wakefield et al found the MMR strain of measles in the patients they were seeing with bowel problems.

  • Planet Autism

    Well you can both rest easy now. Seeing as I provided you a link with several such studies in reply to your other post. Happy hunting – I know how you have problems finding posts on here, just don’t go accusing me of lying again will you.

  • Planet Autism

    Knowledge comes in a variety of forms, all scientists, professionals and scholars should have the humility and open-mindedness to know that. Everything you seek…well not everything but a good old dose of it, is contained here: http://media.wix.com/ugd/58c8f1_3b2100082ead4bb191ae98cbd3b96dfa.pdf

    I’m not repeating myself again, Google is your friend.

  • Billy Briggs

    So you don’t have any evidence? It’s just your personal opinion?

  • Billy Briggs

    When I want coffee I drink it.

  • Billy Briggs

    Pure craziness.

  • Billy Briggs

    Me too.

  • Billy Briggs

    Yeah I already tried that.

  • Billy Briggs

    Or with anything provable.

  • Billy Briggs

    The dose makes the poison.

  • Billy Briggs

    It doesn’t say what you think it says but it’s over your head.

  • AutismDadd

    That’s not an enema

  • Billy Briggs

    Reading comprehension is important!

  • AutismDadd

    That you are naive? Yep

  • Billy Briggs

    That’s my point.

  • Billy Briggs

    I like pizza.

  • AutismDadd

    Doesn’t address my question Dr Duh

  • AutismDadd

    How can they be unprovoked Dr Duh?

  • AutismDadd

    If there’s an answer there they will avoid reading it…as always and instead quote the Pharma training manual

  • AutismDadd

    Well joe we have a failure to communicate. Plus you’re wrong

  • I assumed that question was directed at Mike.

  • Unprovoked seizures is a thing, Adad.

    Unprovoked (“natural”) seizures:

    Some seizures may be caused by “natural” phenomena occurring in the body, such as a congenital defect or a chemical imbalance. One example of this is a condition called GLUT-1 deficiency. Other examples include:

    genetic factors
    congenital (present at birth) problems or conditions
    metabolic or chemical imbalances in the body
    neurological problems
    Alzheimer’s disease
    unknown reasons
    Provoked seizures:

    Some seizures are considered provoked if they are caused by an event that happened to the individual. Brain injuries are often the cause of provoked seizures. Other examples include:

    birth trauma
    alcohol or drugs
    head or brain trauma
    progressive brain disease
    unknown reasons
    brain tumors
    cortical dysplasia
    mesial temporal sclerosis
    drug withdrawal

    Per John Hopkins.

  • No, that’s exactly the wrong thing to do and comes from a misunderstanding of the mechanism of injury.

    It’s not the infections per se that are causing the trouble in most instances.

    It’s the immune activation of the mother (maternal immune activation or MIA).

    Maternal immune activation causes age- and region-specific changes in brain cytokines in offspring throughout development.
    Brain Behav Immun. 2012 [PubMed: 22841693]

    Cytokine levels during pregnancy influence immunological profiles and neurobehavioral patterns of the offspring. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2007; 1107:118–128. [PubMed: 17804539]

    The effects of maternal inflammation on neuronal development: possible mechanisms.
 Int J Dev Neurosci. 2007; 25:415–425. [PubMed: 17949937]

    We’ve known for a few decades that activating the mother’s immune system during pregnancy raises the risk of having an autistic child or of the child developing schizophrenia later in life. But it wasn’t understood under recently why that was. It’s the cytokine expression in the mother that affects the fetus. The infection was the reason the mother’s immune system was activated but wasn’t causing the problem.

    Vaccines cause cytokine expression just like natural infections do (the point of vaccination is to activate the immune system, after all).

    By vaccinating everyone, you are reducing the small number of MIA events due to natural infection with a large number of MIA events — one for every vaccination. And many of these vaccinations, especially those with aluminum, activate the mother’s immune system much more than the natural infection.

    No, activating every mother’s immune system will make the problem worse. That’s why we shouldn’t be vaccinating pregnant women at all.

  • Sonja Henie

    Yes, I had a teen faint (syncope to clarify for the lurkers) at the prospect of getting his blood pressure taken. Looking back on it, I think it was the word “blood” that set him off.

  • I was of course talking about aluminum salts and aluminum adjuvants and using the word aluminum as a short form.

    Perhaps you are new to this topic and are unaware of this common short form of the term. To get you more familiar with this usage, here is a recent review paper that discuss aluminum adjuvants and uses the short form “aluminum” in the same way as I was.

    “Aluminum was first used in human vaccines in 1932 and was the only adjuvant in use in licensed vaccines for approximately 70 years. Despite its extensive and continuous use, the immune mechanism of action of aluminum remains incompletely understood [25].”

    Vaccine Adjuvants: from 1920 to 2015 and Beyond, Vaccines. 2015

    When I don’t write it all out, you can henceforth be assured that I am referring to the aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or alum used in vaccine production to stimulate the immune system.

  • OK, that was fun, but I’m done with your tee hee wee-wee pee-pee jokes for now. Maybe later!

  • 655321

    Just another dodge….no surprises from a pro-autism poster.

  • 655321

    Refusing? Did I miss something? And coming from the guy that refuses to post injected aluminum safety tests for humans, and cries foul and moving goalposts, ect every time he’s asked to provide these studies backing his assertions that injected aluminum is safe for infants and developing children……

  • So you were lying about what you were talking about. Why’d you do that?

  • I’m sorry, how is that? I was using the word “aluminum” in precisely the same way that review paper was and anyone familiar with this field would know what I was referring to.

    Are you new to this topic?

  • Anyone familiar with the field would understand that al vs al salts is a 9th grade chemistry distinction. There’s a reason it’s usually written as “al based adjuvants.”

  • I’m done here. It’s clear what I was talking about and it is common usage. You must be new to this topic.


  • Of course you are. You lot can never answer questions. ;)

  • Nikka80

    Correct? Is the information presented in a YouTube video verifiable? Are there references to check?

  • Nikka80

    Planet Autism: Before we can continue with an intelligent exchange, we need to ascertain your level of understanding about number of key factors Please comment on these subjects:

    > Differences and interrelationships between disease morbidity versus mortality.
    > Differences and interrelationships between disease incidence and prevalence.
    > The value of large well designed scientific and medical studies versus anecdotes.
    > What medical advances in the past century have contributed to the increased survival (lower mortality) with infectious disease victims?
    > What is your definition of “Sanitation”?
    > What groundbreaking “Sanitation” measures were implemented in first world countries that caused the rate of Measles incidence to plummet so fast in the 1960s?

  • Nikka80

    Is a Boeing mechanical engineer who knows more about avionics than you also a “Snob”? Is a certified auto mechanic who knows more about automobile service and repair than you a “Snob”?

  • JGC

    “Immune activation from vaccines, which is especially strong with those that use aluminum, causes over expression of interleukin-6 and that leads to autism.”

    Citations needed to studies establishing the existence of a casual association between vaccines whose formulations include aluminum salt adjuvants and the development of autism spectrum disorders, aangel.

    And no, the paper you provided does not constitute evidence of such a casual association as the authors used polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid to induce MIA rather than aluminum salts at exposure levels achievable by vaccination and did not observe induction of autism in their offspring but instead hippocampal excitability, accelerated kindling rate, prolonged increase of seizure susceptibility after kindling, and diminished sociability (the last they describe as an autism-like behavior, not autism).

  • shay simmons

    Anyone imbecilic enough to spell it “dis-ease” is, as I pointed out, not going to accept a reality-based definition.

    I would say that includes you.

  • Planet Autism

    Oops…need to work better on your search terms. Or perhaps you didn’t realise there is more than one page of results…

  • Planet Autism

    Not at all, but I don’t need to convince you of that. And I’ll just leave you to find the link I provided your chum Mikey boy somewhere below, with lists of links to studies about vaccines causing neuroinflammation. That must make your day.

  • Billy Briggs

    It’s a dodge of a dodge I suppose. But keeping the AVer on topic is never easy.

  • Billy Briggs

    I used PubMed but I got there with the Google.

  • Billy Briggs

    It’s not there either. But you can just link what you consider the best study for us if you want.

  • Planet Autism

    Try watching some to find out. Google is your friend.

  • 655321

    Say the guy who thinks its the public responsibility to show that vaccines are dangerous instead of the vaccine manufacturers showing product safety.

  • Planet Autism

    So we’ve gone from asking for research citations, to it now being about you claiming to be intellectually superior to myself without knowing a thing about me. Nice. Seeing as you clearly are only happy to consider information or opinions by people open about their credentials, here are a few for you:

    “Why I Explored Vaccine Problems”

    Dr Sherri Tenpenny, one of USA’s most knowledgeable physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health, has done extensive
    research and read over 6,000 medical studies and papers recommended by the CDC for researching vaccines and the details everyone needs, to be able to evaluate whether to vaccinate.

    “Flu And Flu Vaccines What’s Coming Through That Needle DVD 1”


    “Flu And Flu Vaccines What’s Coming Through That Needle DVD 2”


    “Vaccines, What the CDC Documents and Science Reveal by Dr Sherri Tenpenny 2003 part 1 of 2”


    “Vaccines, What the CDC Documents and Science Reveal by Dr Sherri Tenpenny 2003 part 2 of 2”


    “Doctor: Flu Vaccine Creating Killer Flu”


    “Doctors against vaccines – These physicians actually did the research”


    In fact here’s a little Google for you:


    …although I am heartily sick of providing research for you people. It’s just lazy sitting in your ivory towers demanding research from people saying things are not like you claim, when it’s perfectly easy to go and do it yourself. And jsut try to hold yourself back on slating sources this time, just read what they have to say.

  • Planet Autism

    Doh! [palms forehead in disbelief…] One can’t argue with someone that can’t get it even after it’s been explained. Tutty-bye.

  • Billy Briggs

    Lol you think you’re performing a public service?

  • 655321

    The really funny thing is that I’ve seen trolls like yourself who are pushing pharma products on-line say exactly that…that they do it for altruistic motives.

  • Billy Briggs

    What would you say to someone who wanted to re-release smallpox?

  • shay simmons

    We are well aware of the reality-challenged community’s fondness for that quaint Elizabethan usage.

    We missed thee at the last bear-baiting. Didst have trouble with thy farthingale?

  • Planet Autism

    Ye-e-e-e-s, I thought you were in the wrong century, your way of thinking is certainly very underdeveloped.

  • Mike Stevens

    Ok, if you are “not refusing” to show us this mythical study… Please post a link to it.

  • Mike Stevens

    Maybe it was those large front canines you have, and the fact you could only see people after dark?

  • AutismDadd

    OMG buh wah ha ha you supplied evidence that they are all provoked. The NATURAL seizure is rubbish. You’ll give me a natural gag response.

  • Mike Stevens

    But activation of the immune system is exactly what infections do.
    Hence, as I said, it is advisable to vaccinate or give boosters before pregnancy, or even during pregnancy if needed. The immune activation from a vaccine is far less than that of the wild type, virulent infection.
    Thanks for raising the issue.

  • Mike Stevens

    So Planetautism, your idea of providing scientific evidence for your ridiculous claims is to provide a link to your own blog? Only an antivaxer would think that was appropriate.

    Google is my friend, yup. But it’s clearly not yours.
    The last time you used it you came up with the supposedly “best” study to show vaccines caused neuro inflammation, and it turned out the study concluded there was no evidence for it.

    Please try harder.

  • Mike Stevens

    Don’t bother.
    His grasp of biology is only rivalled by the slug in the glass tank in his grade 8 classroom.

  • I will explain with numbers in case you authentically don’t get the point. Either way, it might help someone coming across this thread.

    If 0.01% of the mothers get a particular natural infection, there will be some amount of autism and schizophrenia that results from their immune system activation.

    However, if we activate all mothers’ immune systems with complete coverage (100% instead of 0.01% of the immune systems are activated) for a particular vaccine (especially with vaccines that contain a large amount of immune stimulating aluminum) we will get vastly more autism and schizophrenia.

    Further, if the mother gets several vaccinations during her pregnancy, either at the same time (thus increasing the cytokine storm) or over multiple injections, the risk is multiplied commensurately.

    I don’t believe there are data yet that demonstrates this phenomenon (a hole in the science, to be sure) but I suspect that we will have data at some point that will demonstrate that some portion of the autism and schizophrenia are already due to maternal vaccinations. No one has looked there yet but that will happen as more researchers start to understand the impacts of vaccines on fetal and postnatal development.

    All we need is a large number of women who refuse all vaccinations that we match against vaccinated women for age, social economic class, race, etc. This would be the Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed study extended to the gestation period.

  • Mike Stevens

    Yup, you did provide one link.
    Turns out it concluded the exact opposite of what you thought the study showed.
    You really need some remedial googling classes, Planetautism.

  • Mike Stevens

    You are just playing with numbers plucked out your ….
    I can do that too, and with numbers more plausible than yours:

    Say pregnant women get 3 infections during pregnancy, and one in 10 are vaccine preventable. Natural infections provoke huge immune activation stress during pregnancy… Just look at something like influenza with its cytokines storms and massive release of CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes, and the relatively high resultant death risks. I’d say the activation would be at least 1000 fold that of the vaccine.
    That makes infection during pregnancy around 300 times more likely to provoke this dangerous inflammation.

    See what I did there?

  • How many vaccines would you like the pregnant women to get? And what coverage level would you like to see?

  • Mike Stevens

    Flu and TDaP, if they aren’t up to date.

  • 655321

    What mythical study is that? The mythical injected aluminum safety test you claimed existed then claimed moving the goalposts when you couldn’t produce it?

  • 655321

    You’re almost impossible to take seriously, so I don’t.

  • So you would like 100% coverage for two vaccines. That’s likely two separate immune activation events for a pregnant woman while they have a child.

    Let’s say 4 million live births (roughly) x 2 = 8 million immune activation events.

    What’s the current rate of infection for these? Way less than this by at least three orders of magnitude or more.

    Further, we are talking just autism and schizophrenia so far; over time it will become more generally known that epilepsy is due to immune activation (whether you agree with that or not). And more autoimmune conditions are being linked to immune activation as time goes on.

    This strategy will damage many more kids than risking the natural infection.

  • Planet Autism

    (1) it is not a blog, it is a collation of research evidence and articles with some commentary.
    (2) the claims are not ridiculous.
    (3) I am not an “anti-vaxxer” I am against unsafe vaccines that don’t work and are unnecessary. Should they be necessary and be safe and effective, I would have no problem whatsoever with them.
    (4) Google is very handy thanks, but clearly people like you are unable to use it.
    (5) you have ignored a link I provided you with multiple scientific links within, about neuroinflammation and vaccines. Good job.

    Now you are exceedingly tiresome, I won’t respond to you any more. You are either too lazy, invested or stubborn to see the truth and I won’t waste my breath trying and doing your research for you. Be nice not to get any further response from you, but if I do, they will remain ignored for what they are.

  • Planet Autism

    I truly don’t know how you ever became a doctor, if it’s even true that you are one. Your lack of attention to detail and glaring evidence is quite shocking. Read the message you replied to again. Does it not say “I provided you a link with several such studies in reply to your other post.” Does your (supposedly) scientific mind not conclude that I am talking about another link than the one you keep harping on about? It should. Because it clearly says “several such studies”. So we clearly aren’t talking about the same link. So your hyperfocus on one link to the exclusion of all others is doing you down. A lot. Are you this lazy with your patients? You must be one of those doctors that sends out post-consultation reports full of errors.

    That really is my last message to you, so really, don’t bother.

  • Mike Stevens

    Well you had said it was your best study.
    Seems pointless looking at ones that aren’t as good. I wonder what I hose ones really showed…Probably that vaccines reduced neuroinflammation?
    You know, like BCG vaccine does?

  • I tracked down the 1 in 20 number.

    The first part of the chain is the linked Examiner article (reference 1), which unfortunately no longer works below.

    However, it is can be found on the Wayback Machine:

    That article gets it from the Seattle Children’s Hospital Page:

    There they say:
    “Epilepsy happens more in children than it does in adults. It affects about 1% of the general population — one out of every 100 people. About 5% of children younger than 5 years old have epilepsy. That is about one in every 20 children under 5.

    This number does not include children who have seizures caused by a high fever. These kinds of seizures are different from epilepsy. They are called febrile seizures. They either happen only once or only when your child has a fever.”

    I cannot find the source the hospital uses for their 5% number. But their neurology department page claims:
    “In 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked Seattle Children’s as the No. 1 neurology and neurosurgery program on the West Coast – and among the top 10 nationally.”

    My experience is that hospital pages tend to get their stats from published research so, unless there is a good reason to distrust the Seattle Children’s Hospital in this matter, the number should stand.

    Still, I have left a message with the hospital asking for the original source.

    But Vactruth did not make up this number, no matter how much you folks would like that to be the case.

  • No, everything you assumed above is incorrect. See my note above.

  • “Significant” isn’t given above. Is that 5%? 10%? That would be consistent with the data point below.

    The Epilepsy Foundation says that “Idiopathic seizures are those whose cause is unknown. Unfortunately, about 6 out of 10 seizures are idiopathic.”

    My bet is on the vaccines given that the mouse experiments can produce epileptic mice by elevating interleukin-1ß.

  • Mike Stevens

    Ok, so it isn’t a blog if you wish…..but it looks like a c&p of Whale .to, or some similar antivax propaganda screed.

  • You do understand that you have just claimed that epilepsy doesn’t exist, don’t you?

  • AutismDadd

    Why would I come to that dubious, bogus conclusion?

  • Your definitions of “provoked” and “unprovoked” are inconsistent with the definitions used to describe epilepsy. “Unprovoked” does not mean “there was literally no cause.” If there was no cause, there would be no seizure.

    The basic meaning of “provoked” as it relates to a seizure is “caused by trauma or external conditions/substances.” An “unprovoked” seizure is caused by a malfunction in and from the body itself, not the body’s reaction to an external factor.

  • Well…since epilepsy is by definition…2 or more unprovoked seizures then if you claim that only provoked seizures exist then there is no such thing as epilepsy, by definition.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    RESULTS: In total, 2,220 cases were identified from a background population of 250,997. The prevalence rate was 8.8 per 1,000. If we exclude patients who had experienced a single seizure or seizures occurring during febrile episodes to compare our results with previous reports, the prevalence rate was 5.3 per 1,000.
    Prevalence of childhood epilepsy and distribution of epileptic syndromes: a population-based survey in Okayama, Japan.
    Oka E, Ohtsuka Y, Yoshinaga H, Murakami N, Kobayashi K, Ogino T
    Epilepsia. 2006;47(3):626.

    Note: 8.3 per thousand is considerably less than 1 in 20.

    By this definition, the age-adjusted prevalence per 1,000 population, increased steadily from 2.7 in 1940 to 6.8 in 1980.

    Prevalence of epilepsy in Rochester, Minnesota: 1940-1980.
    Hauser WA, Annegers JF, Kurland LT
    Epilepsia. 1991;32(4):429.

    Again less than 1 in a 100 for children.


    RESULTS: Estimated lifetime prevalence of epilepsy/seizure disorder was 10.2/1000 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 8.7-11.8) or 1%, and of current reported epilepsy/seizure disorder was 6.3/1000 (95% CI: 4.9-7.8). Epilepsy/seizure disorder prevalence was higher in lower-income families and in older, male children.

    A national profile of childhood epilepsy and seizure disorder.
    Russ SA, Larson K, Halfon N
    Pediatrics. 2012 Feb;129(2):256-64. Epub 2012 Jan 23.

    The 1% figure above are lfetime figures. (In children through age 15 about 1% will have a single seizure.

    The clinical criteria for diagnosis are:

    Epilepsy — An individual is considered to have epilepsy when any of the following exists [2]:

    ●At least two unprovoked (or reflex) seizures occurring more than 24 hours apart
    ●One unprovoked (or reflex) seizures and a probability of further seizures similar to the general recurrence risk after two unprovoked seizures (eg, ≥60 percent), occurring over the next 10 years. This may be the case with remote structural lesions such as stroke, central nervous system infection, or certain types of traumatic brain injury.
    ●Diagnosis of an epilepsy syndrome

    ILAE official report: a practical clinical definition of epilepsy.
    Fisher RS, Acevedo C, Arzimanoglou A, Bogacz A, Cross JH, Elger CE, Engel J Jr, Forsgren L, French JA, Glynn M, Hesdorffer DC, Lee BI, Mathern GW, MoshéSL, Perucca E, Scheffer IE, Tomson T, Watanabe M, Wiebe S
    Epilepsia. 2014;55(4):475.

    Your blog post is simply wrong.

  • First of all, I’m not the author of the blog post. Have no idea why you think I am.

    Second, I showed you that the 1 in 20 number came from the Seattle Children’s Hospital website and I further told you that I placed a phone call to get the source of their number.

    But at this point it has been proved that the author of the blog post did not pull that number out of thin air.

    Let’s see what the University of Washington says.

  • Sarah

    just because people “claim” it was a side effect, doesn’t make it one

  • Sarah

    and yes, I have.

  • Sarah

    umm a ‘groupie’ for what? and no, I’m just smart

  • Sarah

    i’m not too worried.

  • I see. Are you going to start lobbying the government to remove that injury from the table and sue to get the money back from the people who have already been compensated?

  • Sonja Henie

    Every woman who is pregnant during flu season (in other words, almost all pg women) should get a flu shot.
    Every pregnant woman should get a Tdap in the third trimester of
    pregnancy, even if she’s already had a dose of Tdap. Coverage level would ideally be 100%. As a practical matter, the high 90s would be great.

  • Sarah

    You slate my sources, so why can’t I do the same?

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    it’s frightening to me you think someone could/would do that

  • Sarah

    syncope is definitely not a disease so…yeah.

  • Sarah

    Sounds like the exact opposite !

  • Sarah

    there are many pathways, but vaccines is NOT one of them. I think you’re confused.

  • Sarah

    So then it must mean not getting vaccinated is 100% safe right?

  • shay simmons

    Says the poster who thinks syncope is the sign of a disease.
    I’m sorry… a ‘dis-ease.’

  • Very good. Perhaps you are starting to see that vaccines can cause serious injury, paralysis and death.

    Vaccines are not safe for the people who they damage.

    The people who go before the NVICP are in the worst shape. They were willing to go up against the government because they absolutely need the financial support because of an injury caused by vaccines. The Associated Press story on the program showed that the average time for compensation was 6.5 years and many cases were taking ten years to resolve.

    Be grateful you haven’t been injured by a vaccine and have been forced to use this extremely broken government program.

  • Sarah

    Death? That’s a bit of a stretch

  • Sarah

    ever heard the term “idiopathic”?

  • Yes, I have!

  • Sarah

    much more than the natural infection? Don’t think so.

  • Sarah

    Oh, good think I’m in college, you immature idiot.

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    You? hahhahah

  • Sarah

    I’d rather risk “vaccine injury” than ya know, polio or tetanus

  • Sarah

    Vaccines cause illness which they are supposed to prevent? That doesn’t seem right..

  • Sarah

    the brain has an immune system?

  • Sarah

    ooooo 16%…..that’s not good enough for me

  • Sarah

    don’t think you can “cover up” the measles.

  • Sarah

    oh my bad Mike i read it wrong

  • Sarah

    vitamin C cures tetanus…..that makes me laugh so hard

  • Sarah

    i meant giving it during pregnancy is.

  • Mike Stevens

    Time for a brief recap:
    You posted this (which antivaxers always do to back up their claims vaccinated people spread measles):
    “Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient”

    I pointed out that this was not the title of the article, this was:
    “Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time.

    You claim you “unknowingly” left the last 3 words off, and didn’t do it deliberately.
    Now the only way you could have done this “unknowingly” is if you never looked at the article in question, and merely copy pasta’d the citation from one of your antivax sites.

    This is very revealing. Do you mean to say that you never look at the articles you cite, not even to verify if you have their title correct, never mind reading them? That’s a pretty savage indictment of your supposed famous “Google skillz”, Planet.

    Then you doubledown with the conspiracist talk, implying people might “cover up” outbreaks of measles like this. Well, which is it? Antivaxers usually say they are fed up every time a small outbreak is publicised, whining “Its only a few cases…measles never hurt anyone…why is bigGubmint/CDC hyping this up so much…?”
    Now you tell me that they can cover up outbreaks when they want to, because they retrospectively discover the source is vaccinated?
    That’s deep.

    FYI, this “outbreak” was only 4 cases. It was spread by an index case who had previously been vaccinated but subsequently still caught measles (it can happen, but its uncommon). What was a “first” was that for such a person to cause an outbreak was previously unheard of.
    No medical person would be party to any conspiracy to cover up similar or previous episodes like this. Medical doctors are mustard keen to publish new, previously unreported findings. It’s one of medical research’s primary goals – the researchers get kudos, and publications, boost their CVs and get bragging rights. None would conspire to cover up something like this.

  • Mike Stevens

    Funny how you say VAERS is unreliable when you want it to be, and reliable when you want it to be.
    The “paper” from the BMJ you cited is not a publication, it is an un-peer-reviewed electronic response letter. (Even you could submit one about your big toe turning green if you wanted).

    Investigation has shown only 3% of VAERS reports are “definitively caused” by the putative vaccine deemed responsible.
    So “over -reporting” is pretty rife, as well as any under-reporting.

    And now yet again, we see you are unable to read or understand your own sources that you use as citations. This is becoming rather a habit with you, isn’t it?
    You claimed the patient who had died of measles had been vaccinated – your citation disagrees.

    “According to investigative work by the state department, the woman had been vaccinated, though spokesperson Donn Moyer told me her mother was not able to locate a vaccination record. (Update: According to further state info, the woman learned she might have been exposed to measles; had her degree of immune protection checked, and discovered she would have had enough immunity to protect against measles if she had not been taking the immune-suppressing drugs.) Nevertheless, because of the immune suppression, she became infected.”

    Got that? Follow up State investigation discovered she had not previously been vaccinated, had likely had natural measles (proven by the finding of detectable antibody). The presumption is that this would normally have protected her from future measles infection, but it didn’t because she was immune suppressed.

    So, rather than this being a case of vaccine failure, this is a case of “natural immunity failure”. You know, that thing that antivaxers tell us is so wonderfully protective?
    Who would have thunk it?

  • You really are new to this topic.

    Yes, the maximum compensation for death caused by vaccination is $250,000 whether you are an adult or infant.

    Here are some awards for actual cases by just one law firm, sort by injury to see the deaths:

    Over 4000 injury cases have been awarded compensation for a total of about $3.2 billion.

    The HRSA has data on all cases on their website but it’s not broken down enough to show the deaths.

  • are you going to contribute some actual science to this conversation or just keep throwing in your uneducated opinion because you haven’t actually studied this topic, as your other comments have clearly revealed?

  • transportjohnny


  • AutismDadd

    So by calling me that you sound mature? Buh Wah Ha Ha

  • AutismDadd

    That is so deep. Didn’t know B.S. could be piled that high

  • AutismDadd

    The definition needs work. If seizure is the result of anything its provoked.

  • AutismDadd

    So a malfunction isn’t a cause? Then what provokes the seizure? They don’t just happen, there is a process

  • AutismDadd

    Evidence from INDEPENDENT sources?

  • AutismDadd

    Lets have your links then.

  • Take it up with John Hopkins.

  • On Vaxtruth? We both know they’ll be deleted.

  • AutismDadd

    In other words ya got nothing

  • AutismDadd

    Got his email handy?

  • Yes, that’s what I just tried to explain to you. Unprovoked seizures have causes that are different from provoked seizures.

  • AutismDadd

    Makes no sense…semantics

  • Words can have different meanings depending on the context. Some words in a medical, philosophical, engineering, or mathematical context can have completely distinct meanings from conversational English. In this case, “provoke” does not mean “taunt” or “cause.” It refers to specific kinds of causes and not others.

    Yes, it’s semantics. Semantics are important in this case.

  • Obviously not since I posted it elsewhere.

  • Johns*

  • Damn, I keep doing that. Will go edit.

    Thank you for the correction.

  • AutismDadd


  • An example I like bringing up is theory-from-Joe-at-the-pub versus theory-scientists-are-discussing.

  • I’ve read whale.to. Not helpful.

  • Oh, you mean the dis-ease part? No, that’s how you pronounce it.

  • Skeptical Raptor, RI, II, SOB, for starters.

  • Nikka80

    You must have a chosen vocation or profession involving an certain acumen of knowledge and experience. In your particular ivory tower, how do you react to someone who, without the same knowledge and experience, consistently impunes what you inherently know from years or even decades working in your professional realm? Please list principles and facts widely accepted and supported by legitimate evidence held as current truths by notable professionals in your realm so I can do the same to you. BTW – Dr, Tenpenny is not universally recognized as a notable medical professional. I’ve never understood why her dubious “research” is published in books where she profits instead of being submitted to high impact journals for the whole world can read and comment.

  • Oh, that’s just a theory.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    An examiner article does not qualify as quality evidence.

    The best available evidence remains:

    What is the prevalence of epilepsy in the United States?
    There are many different estimates of the prevalence of epilepsy. These numbers vary depending on when the studies were done, who was included and a host of other factors.
    The number of people with epilepsy, using prevalence numbers, ranges from 1.3 million to 2.8 million (or 5 to 8.4 for every 1,000 people).
    The estimate currently thought to be most accurate is 2.2 million people or 7.1 for every 1,000 people.
    However, higher numbers of people report that they have active epilepsy, 8.4 out of 1,000 people. These numbers are even higher when people are asked if they have ever had epilepsy (called lifetime prevalence). 16.5 per 1,000 people reported that they had epilepsy at some point in their life.

    At http://www.epilepsy.com/learn/epilepsy-statistics.

    Even the very highest numbers are still only about 1.7% prevalence over the lifetime.

  • Are you purposefully making these basic mistakes to show that you can’t comprehend things that are written and explained to you?

    I showed that the number comes from the Seattle Children’s Hospital, part of the University of Washington. I include a link to their page.

    Here, I’ll include the relevant text to make it really easy for you:
    “Epilepsy happens more in children than it does in adults. It affects about 1% of the general population – one out of every 100 people. About 5% of children younger than 5 years old have epilepsy. That is about one in every 20 children under 5.”

    I recommend reading my whole post instead of the just the first few lines. You should assume that you got it wrong on the first reading so I recommend that you read it a few times if you don’t get it at first.

    This conversation will be much easier for us that way.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    I did read your post. I have also found and linked to 4 quality sources that consistently dispute the 1/20 number. See

    The prevalence of active epilepsy was 5.0/1000. Prevalence was 5.1/1000 in males and 5.0/1000 in females.


    Prevalence of pediatric epilepsy in low-income rural Midwestern counties.
    Hawley SR, et al. Epilepsy Behav. 2015.
    Hawley SR1, Ablah E2, Hesdorffer D3, Pellock JM4, Lindeman DP5, Paschal AM6, Thurman DJ7, Liu Y3, Warren MB8, Schmitz T8, Rogers A2, St Romain T9, Hauser WA10; Prevalence of Epilepsy in Rural Kansas Study Group.

    5 per thousand is till lower than 50 per thousand…….

  • If you read my post then why did you waste both of our time by ignoring that it came from the Seattle Children’s hospital and saying it was from The Examiner?

    I’ve got Sarah emphatically saying the no vaccine has caused encephalopathy (“ever”) when it is a standard table injury, she has no idea that vaccines can kill and that the maximum compensation is $250,000 and you ignoring what I wrote plain as day.

    Further, I suggested that we wait for the answer from the Hospital. I have read your citations — several times now. You do not have to keep repeating them.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    I keep producing different citations and the prevalence numbers are remarkably consistent between primary peer reviewed sources……

  • AutismDadd

    Thanks for agreeing with me.

  • Great. Maybe the hospital made a mistake. It happens. Let’s find out what their primary source is. I’m going to call them again today.

    Is it also possible they — the Department of Neurology at a hospital that treats epilepsy — have a source you don’t? Or that they have a valid interpretation of the numbers of which you are unaware?

  • I agree that it’s semantics, but it does make sense.

  • AutismDadd

    Buh Wah Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Glad you find this funny, ADud.

  • So do you think that seizure and epileptic disorders in children have at all increased since the CDC quadrupled the number of no liability vaccines and doses on the CDC vaccine schedule? Quite obviously the number of children with seizure and epilepsy disorder have become an epidemic along with the cases of autism.

    Do you recall aangel’s scientific explanation as to how vaccines are causing and contributing to epilepsy? So if you are actually conserned about anything but denial, why would you ignore that?

    So if not the vaccines, what would you suggest is the causation of all those obviously severe seizure, and epileptic disorders


    Hundreds of families have moved to Colorado in hopes of healing their sick children — kids conventional medicine has failed. They’re turning to a liquid form of marijuana that has helped some, but not all. This is the story of 12-year-old Preston and his mother, Ana.


    Dr. Sanjay Gupta: It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution
    By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent

    Dr. Gupta’s Traveling Medicine Show-Project CBD

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and medical advisor to the masses, doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of history. On August 11 Gupta narrated a “Special Report” on CNN that provided dramatic examples of Cannabis exerting beneficial effects. In the days before it aired he made media appearances to apologize for his role in having “systematically misled” the American people about marijuana.

    Who can change opinions, prejudices, too—cover them in science in an interview? The Sanjayman! The Sanjayman can! The Sanjayman can ’cause his head is on straight and the world’s gone wrong.

    In the carefully produced show, entitled “Weed,” Gupta interviewed more than a dozen people at locations from Colorado to Israel. He opens with a visit to young parents named Matt and Paige Figi, whose 5-year-old daughter Charlotte is afflicted with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. The parents are totally straight, never used marijuana, he’s an officer in the Army’s Special Forces, they live near Fort Carson.

    Read more:

    Dr Sanjay Gupta’s CNN Special “WEED”

    Medical marijuana refugees: ‘This was our only hope

    Moving for marijuana: Families with seizure-stricken kids relocating to Colorado for strain of pot (again, cannabis oil)

    Parents move to Colorado for ‘miracle’ pot for children (actually it is cannabis oil, the most medicinal form of the plant)

    Pot Kids

    Expots: medical marijuana draws parents to US for their children’s treatments

    “Charlotte’s Web” marijuana supposed cure for kids’ seizures but doctors (who failed to actually have any sucess with drug treatment) skeptical

  • I am going to ask you the same question?

    So do you think that seizure and epileptic disorders in children have at all increased since the CDC quadrupled the number of no liability vaccines and doses on the CDC vaccine schedule? Quite obviously the number of children with seizure and epilepsy disorder have become an epidemic along with the cases of autism.

    Do you recall aangel’s scientific explanation as to how vaccines are causing and contributing to epilepsy? So if you are actually conserned about anything but denial, why would you ignore that?

    So if not the vaccines, what would you suggest is the causation of all those obviously severe seizure, and epileptic disorders


    Hundreds of families have moved to Colorado in hopes of healing their sick children — kids conventional medicine has failed. They’re turning to a liquid form of marijuana that has helped some, but not all. This is the story of 12-year-old Preston and his mother, Ana.


    Dr. Sanjay Gupta: It’s time for a medical marijuana revolution
    By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent

    Dr. Gupta’s Traveling Medicine Show-Project CBD

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and medical advisor to the masses, doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of history. On August 11 Gupta narrated a “Special Report” on CNN that provided dramatic examples of Cannabis exerting beneficial effects. In the days before it aired he made media appearances to apologize for his role in having “systematically misled” the American people about marijuana.

    Who can change opinions, prejudices, too—cover them in science in an interview? The Sanjayman! The Sanjayman can! The Sanjayman can ’cause his head is on straight and the world’s gone wrong.

    In the carefully produced show, entitled “Weed,” Gupta interviewed more than a dozen people at locations from Colorado to Israel. He opens with a visit to young parents named Matt and Paige Figi, whose 5-year-old daughter Charlotte is afflicted with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. The parents are totally straight, never used marijuana, he’s an officer in the Army’s Special Forces, they live near Fort Carson.

    Read more:

    Dr Sanjay Gupta’s CNN Special “WEED”

    Medical marijuana refugees: ‘This was our only hope

    Moving for marijuana: Families with seizure-stricken kids relocating to Colorado for strain of pot (again, cannabis oil)

    Parents move to Colorado for ‘miracle’ pot for children (actually it is cannabis oil, the most medicinal form of the plant)

    Pot Kids

    Expots: medical marijuana draws parents to US for their children’s treatments

    “Charlotte’s Web” marijuana supposed cure for kids’ seizures but doctors (who failed to actually have any sucess with drug treatment) skeptical

  • If you have such a great grasp on biology then why are you only supporting an argument regarding two alleged types of seizures, provoked and unprovoked? If all you can do is provide more antagonist belittling, then are you not simply again providing for only more disruption and distraction, and as always? What do you have offer for information, other than that? Obviously in regard to the 100’s of children with parents seeking to bring their child to the state of Colorado to be treated by a proven product, most of those children do not have as an issue, any of the above.

    birth trauma
    alcohol or drugs
    head or brain trauma
    progressive brain disease
    unknown reasons
    brain tumors
    cortical dysplasia
    mesial temporal sclerosis
    drug withdrawal

  • I was going to answer until I saw this this is just more link spam. When you can use your own words, let me know.

  • You were asked a direct question, and in no uncertain terms. Quite obviously you have an inability to provide a direct answer. So obviously here again there exists no end to your false excuses in the avoidance of debate on the subject matter? The article links were only provided to highlight the seriousness of the seizure and epilepsy in children, subject matter. So then obviously you have a problem with that reality. Why is that?

  • What was the question? My eyes glazed over once I saw the copy-pasted portion of your post.

  • Then you were not actually looking. Instead you simply continue to trust the false sources with the correlation equals causation misinformation filled claims that they have fed you, and as well the entire population.

  • And obviously you do not know of or comprehend the information that shows us that vaccines obviously did not eradicate polio or small pox. And no the largest reduction in polio was before the vaccine was in use; thus as well better sanitation only played a small role, if any.

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

    The Missing Medical School Lectures- Polio 101


    “Where are all the rusty nails?”

    “You mean the rusty nails that actually have bacteria from cow manure on them? The ones that SOOooooo many children seem to be stepping on every year? Gee… we don’t know Tex. But if they are such a huge threat – then why don’t they offer the Tetanus vaccine WITHOUT the Diptheria and Pertussis for parents who might consider getting THAT vaccine if they don’t want the combo? Combo or singular- vaccines cause damage. Rusty nails are a FAR lesser threat than the aluminum and formaldehyde, and monkey DNA and aborted fetal tissue DNA and neurotoxins that make up these vaccines”





    Why You Never Need A Tetanus Vaccine, Regardless of Your Age or Location

    Tetanus Shot: Just as Bad as Other Vaccinations

    5 Reasons I Won’t Get a Tetanus Shot

  • More evasion and avoidance. Just answer the question that you can easily read in my post.

  • I don’t answer screeds.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    Your bet that vaccination is causal for epilepsy is worthless. People are not mice. Given that none of the peer reviewed literature (that I have found) for humans has this listed as a potential mechanism of injury it just isn’t very likely.

  • You don’t answer because you know you have no honest answer. If you refuse and can not do that then you should not be reply posting at all. You as well are not interested in any evidence of the truth; but only more unrealistic denial, and again in only preserving your own chosen level of ignorance

  • ‘k.

  • Sarah


    Seems like the immune system is made up of a lot of different things in many locations. The brain doesn’t have it’s “own” immune system. All your links say is that those cells help direct the “immune response” to the brain when the brain has damage.

  • Sarah

    I have no idea which sources you would deem credible and “independent”. so let me know and i’ll work from there.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    In the metropolitan Atlanta (GA, U.S.A.) area, we found a lifetime prevalence of childhood epilepsy of 6 per 1,000 (95% confidence interval, 5.5-6.5) 10-year-old children. However, using capture-recapture analysis, this prevalence may be as high as 7.7 per 1,000.

    Prevalence of epilepsy and epileptic seizures in 10-year-old children: results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Developmental Disabilities Study.
    Murphy CC, Trevathan E, Yeargin-Allsopp M
    Epilepsia. 1995;36(9):866.

    The 3.6% risk of experiencing an acute symptomatic seizure in an 80-year lifespan approaches that of developing epilepsy. The major causes of acute symptomatic seizures were traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular disease, drug withdrawal, and CNS infections. Each type of acute symptomatic seizure has age, gender, and time period patterns that reflect the occurrence of the underlying cause.

    Incidence of acute symptomatic seizures in Rochester, Minnesota, 1935-1984.
    Annegers JF, Hauser WA, Lee JR, Rocca WA
    Epilepsia. 1995;36(4):327.

    The evidence just does not support the 5% figure from the blog post.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    Appeal to authority fallacy….

  • Just like they say as well that the endless un-recovered from HPV vaccine injuries are all in their head; all psychosomatic, right? These women are obviously disabled in a significant way, and they just say it is all just another coincidence.

  • Like syncope is the only issue with the adverse effects of HPV vaccine. Really?


  • Actually, the sites I’ve read make the distinction between correlation and causation quite explicit. As for whale.to, no, I’ve read it – it can’t make 9th grade chemistry distinctions or solve 5th grade maths problems correctly so I don’t trust it.

  • Both the WHO and the CDC both use only correlation equals causation. There is as well no definitive science to it. All based on as well unverifiable numbers

    Really? You are LYING.

    Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
    By Eleanor McBean, 1957

  • Whale.to is not a reliable source. Besides, they’re hardly suppressed if they’re on the web for all to see, are they?

  • It is one of the few places where the real history still exists. No one ever said they were suppressed. The only suppression involves people like you rejecting factual historical information regarding the known big pharma based monopoly controlled mafia. Otherwise known as the standard pharma schooled and mislead medical model..

  • It is one of the few places where the real history still exists. No one ever said they were suppressed. The only suppression involves people like you rejecting factual historical information regarding the known big pharma based monopoly controlled mafia. Otherwise known as the standard pharma schooled and mislead medical model..

  • What are you talking about? The title literally refers to supressed facts.

    As for pharma….can you prove this?

  • Are you really that ignorant, and confused? What they are referring to is the suppression of facts within the existing standard medical model, and as to what the public receives for information; not on the whale site itself. However, I did see some of the site pages and sections appear to be no longer existing. So whats up with that, and which never used to be? Have they had a hacker? Those pages have been up for years.

  • It’s the internet. Links die sometimes.

    As for suppression of facts within the medical model – it isn’t enough to assert that. It has to be demonstrated.

    As for what the public receives for information….anyone with an internet connection can visit whale.to.

    As for CDC and WHO – American organisations. Doesn’t affect the rest of the world.

  • Oh, you can’t even possibly be that ignorant as to the reality of what goes on with the said standard medical model. There has been an opposition to and a suppression of any natural means to health care for the past 100 years. What are you as well going to claim that you do not understand the operations of the FDA, and their revolving door in employment with the pharmaceutical industry?

    Are you kidding and you actually believe that the CDC and WHO have no effect on the vaccine and big pharma based policies in other than the US. And you are really that ignorant and uneducated? How stupid. The CDC connected to the WHO has control of the situation anywhere that big pharma exists, and they exist worldwide. Bill Gates has and will fund the rest, and as well the other organizations connected to the WHO.

    If someone is paying you to be a trolling shill here, and that is up all night. I suggest they fire you and get as replacement. Were you the only shill in the cubicles left, that was willing to work over-night? “LOL’

  • I know! You bring up two really good problems.

    First, it’s clear that we know everything about the interaction between vaccines and the brain so there’s really no point in doing any new research on the matter. As you point out, there appear to be no studies other than this one that show there is a connection between immune activation and epilepsy. So that means that there can’t be a connection. If the literature shows nothing in this area, that means that it’s been thoroughly investigated and the researchers have decided that there was nothing worth publishing.

    Someone should tell these new researchers that they are wasting their time and should stop asking for funding for these sorts of studies.

    The second problem you point out is that the scientific establishment is doing their research completely wrong.

    The normal way these things are investigated (which you brilliantly point out is 100% wrong) is to start with the mice. If the mice experiments show some sort of correlation for the variable being tested, then they move to higher order mammals and/or primates.

    I realize that mice are fellow mammals and even though it *looks* like there is a lot that we share with them in terms of basic immunology and brain function, that really can’t be true because mice aren’t humans.

    So I suggest that we go straight to the primates for our experiments.

    Wait: that won’t work either because primates aren’t humans either and even though it looks like we share even more basic physiology with them, since they aren’t humans, that can’t be true either.

    So the entire scientific establishment really should start with humans for all their experiments. I think if we find five-year-old orphans for these sorts of experiments this would be much better.

    But, as you insightfully point out, we know everything about the brain right now so we don’t even need to use the orphans.

    I’d like to meet you in person so that I can experience this sort of cut-through-the-bullshit logic firsthand.

    You really know your stuff.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    Quit making the Jonathan swift references.

    Sarcasm I’ll becomes you. Otis probably more productive to spend time and resources on primary prevention efforts.

    Things like prevention of traumatic brain injury, acute infectious diseases (meningitis, measles, sepsis).

    There is little that can be done to prevent prenatal neuro developmental errors that are linked to epilepsy (with the possible exception of folate supplementation.

    The more likely areas to work in:
    The clinical and radiographic findings of 109 children with malformations of cortical development were reported from a radiological database in a major pediatric hospital [25]. Seizures were present in 75 percent, developmental delay or intellectual disability in 68 percent, abnormal neurologic findings in 48 percent, and congenital anomalies apart from the CNS malformations in 18 percent. The main NDLs found were heterotopic gray matter (clusters of neurons in the white matter or near the ventricular wall which failed to migrate to the cerebral mantle) in 19 percent, cortical tubers associated with tuberous sclerosis in 17 percent, focal cortical dysplasia in 16 percent, polymicrogyria (small, malformed cortical gyri) in 16 percent, agyria /pachygyria (absent, simple sulcation, or thickened cortex with broad gyri) in 15 percent, schizencephaly in 5 percent, transmantle dysplasia (a malformation extending from the wall of the lateral ventricle outward to the cortical surface) in 5 percent, and hemimegalencephalopathy in 4 percent.

    Several of the NDLs are associated with recognizable somatic malformations and some with well-defined chromosomal defects [26]. In addition, germline and somatic mutations are being increasingly recognized as a cause of neurodevelopmental lesions. In one large study, next-generation sequencing was performed in 158 individuals with brain malformations, including 30 with subcortical band heterotopia, 20 with polymicrogyria with megalencephaly, 61 with periventricular nodular heterotopia, and 47 with pachygyria [27]. Causal mutations were found in 17 percent of patients, and 30 percent of mutations were somatic; mosaicism was common in peripheral blood cells and presumably exists in brain tissue as well. Some of the more commonly identified culprit genes include DCX, LIS1, FLNA, TUBB2B, DYNC1H1, PIK3CA, AKT3, PTEN, and MTOR [27-32].
    Sourced up to date
    In other words are substantially the product of prenatal neuro developmental errors.

  • AutismDadd

    Oh yeah. Blind Faith Sydrome and loyalty to their Masters/ Sheeple Herders. We are fortunate to be able to do our own thinking and to make our choices. They are slaves to their science.

  • Nikka80

    The moderator(s) have deleted my latest response… So much for open discussion in a forum that is available to the public!

  • AutismDadd

    Short list you can avoid. CDC, FDA, Vaccine Makers, Big Pharma companies any other Government/ industry research. If they are in ANYWAY involved its tainted.

  • Nikka80

    If you review the reference cited by the author in the first paragraph, it doesn’t even match the statistics posted.


  • AutismDadd

    That IS agreeing with me

  • Well, I’m glad you agree with me, too!

  • Thank you for your opinion.

    You are making as little sense as Sarah. Mice studies are exactly the place to start and they have indicated that there is something to look at here.

    You are welcome to tell future researchers about your opinions.

  • David

    Actually, antivirals are great for the treatment of hsv, hsv and cmv

  • David

    Some good pharma meds would do wonders for your fixed delusions, as well as delusions of grandeur.

  • They likely won’t take their own and the same pharma shill poison that they advocate for, and push on everyone else.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    You are in love with an idea that in the end will probably end up as a dead end. Since the alleged autism vaccination linkage has been debunked you are grasping for a straw with a condition that is often associated with autism.

    The evidence I have reviewed and posted points towards seizure disorders as probably having prenatal neuro.developmental origins in a substantial number of cases.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    I would guess that they use pubmed like every other clinician….

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    It makes me wonder if Seattle Children’s forgot the leading zero and decimal point.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    You have not posted the link to the murine study. It’s difficult to evaluate a journal article without a link to the original source.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    There are several issues that I see with this paper. There were a number of measures taken to promote immune response.

    The mechanism proposed would require a substantial activation of the immune system on the order of a wild infection.

    There was also substantial environmental stimulation of the young mice in an attempt to promote hippocampal changes. ( it is highly unlikely that the same conditions would be replicated in humans.)

    The paper itself identified that both il6 and ilb needed to be present for the biological changes to occur. It then goes on to identify that a second hit is necessary to activate the process.

    The lesson to be taken is avoid infections during pregnancy. (On balance wild infections are far more dangerous than the minor immune activation induced by a vaccination.) Also consider avoiding vaccination during the corresponding period of human neuro development that corresponds to the murine study.

    Btw it is generally considered good form to actually include the citation and title.

    Maternal immune activation promotes hippocampal kindling epileptogenesis in mice
    Eduardo Pineda, PhD1, Don Shin1, Su Jeong You, MD, PhD1,2, Stéphane Auvin, MD, PhD3, Raman Sankar, MD, PhD1,4, and Andréy Mazarati, MD

    Ann Neurol. 2013 July ; 74(1): 11–19. doi:10.1002/ana.23898.

    See how easy that was to do? Just by including that little bit of information it made it easier for other people to find the paper to read and review.

  • Seems to me that patients with serious illness due to flu, go in and get antivirals and only get much worse, and many die. So you are saying that antivirals will do a better job for, hsv, hsv and cmv? How and why is that? Are you aware of the recovery benefits of encapsolated liposomal vitamin C?

    Tamiflu Deception – Learn The Real Truth



  • David

    So you think antivirals makes the flu worse and kills people?…that Would be surprising
    If I treated the CMV infections i see with vitamin c, I would lose my license and my patients would sue my ass off.
    You really do not know much about medicine, so you should be careful about the garbage you spout
    If I treated CMV retinitis with vitamin C, my patient would go blind in no time.

  • Mike Stevens

    If there are 50 sources disagreeing with an antivax claim, and one agreeing, of course they will swear blind that their one source is the only true proof.

  • Mike Stevens

    Instead of wasting a thousand words or so, you could have just blurted: “Strawman!”

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    Aangel is developing something called the vaccine course. It’s going to be a fairly predictable mix of papers trying to prove that vaccines are at the root of all ills.
    I finally found the murine study in his list of “sources.”

    It doesn’t say what he thinks it says…..

  • Actually I know a lot of about many issues in regard to alternative treatment of health issues.

    Did you read anything at all from my page on Tamiflu? Of course not. Did you read anything at from my LIPOSOMAL ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C, page? Of course not. Did I say ever condition can be treated with Vitamin C? Of course not. Your patients would not sue your ass off, unless you actually did harm to them.

    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is something at times that has been pointed to can come from the contamination in vaccines; have you ever considered that?

    Cytomegalovirus (CMV) | natural treatments for CMV

    Vitamin C is useful but needs to be taken in large amounts to be effective against a herpes type infection. Take 2000-10,000mg daily.

    Read more:

    Virucidal activity of vitamin C: Vitamin C for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases

    ABSTRACT: Antiviral activity of L-ascorbic acid-2-phosphate (ASC-2P), a long-acting derivative of L-ascorbic acid, against several human cytomegalovirus (CMV) strains was examined in cultures of human foreskin fibroblasts (HFF) and endothelial cells (EC). ASC-2P at concentrations ranging from 0.2 to 2 mM had no effect on the number of cells expressing 72 kDa CMV immediate early antigen (IEA) while it inhibited expression of 68 kDa late antigen (LA) in infected cultures of both cell types (30% and 55% reduction for EC and HFF, respectively). In HFF cells, virus yield was reduced up to 4-fold, when ASC-2P was added after CMV infection. Antiviral effects were significantly increased in cultures pretreated with ASC-2P. In HFF and EC pretreated for three subcultures (18 days) with 0.2 mM ASC-2P, a significant reduction of cells expressing IEA (75% and 80% reduction in EC and HFF, respectively) and LA (92% and 90% reduction for EC and HFF, respectively) was observed. Pretreatment for three subcultures with ASC-2P inhibited virus yield 50- to 100-fold in EC and 100- to 1000-fold in HFF. The continuous presence of ASC-2P was not required for its antiviral activity. A significantly higher reduction of virus replication with ganciclovir and foscarnet was obtained in ASC-2P pretreated cells than in untreated controls. The results showed that ASC-2P provides L-ascorbic acid with long-lasting antiviral activity against CMV. ASC-2P may be of benefit for the adjunctive treatment of CMV infection.


    How about if you be careful of the garbage you spout? You are stuck in a system that allows for no naturally based alternatives. That is not my problem, it is your problem. So don’t get all asinine and attempt to simply blow me off as knowing nothing. Obviously, you know nothing.

  • David

    Ha ha. You seriously are laughable. So you want me to treat CMv retinitis with vitamin c?
    So how would you do it Lowell. First off, how are you going to diagnose CMv retinitis to begin with? How are you going to monitor if it is getting better?
    I do simply blow you off as knowing nothing! You would be non-functional in a medical setting
    I would love to hear your alternative treatment for retinal detachment.

  • David

    Lowell. Why don’t hou get out of your armchair and do something useful. Instead of just wasting your life away in chat rooms all day…go to naturopathy school if need be and actually try to help someone. Go downtoen and volunteer at a soup kitchen. Spend some money and volunteer in a health clinic in a developing country
    So useless whining your life away here

  • Ron Roy

    Lowell is doing what enjoys doing exposing the truth about vaccines. And by doing so he’s saving a lot more people than he ever could going into any natural care practice. He’s a thorn on the side of the MEDICAL MAFIA and I wish him a long and productive life.

  • Naw. First, that was more fun to write.

    Second, I doubt my elucidating of sort of irrational, unscientific thinking will make a difference to VikingAPRNCNP but it might to someone else following this thread.

  • Everything is laid out at VaccinePapers.org.

  • First off, I included the link.

    Second, everything you mention has been handled over at VaccinePapers.org.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    At least 13% had preexisting epilepsy. Another 10% had abnormal neurological findings pre vaccination. 16% had structural errors in the brain. That’s 41% of cases. Another 17% were associated with myoclonus epilepsy.

    Over half were preexisting conditions…..

  • Since the mechanism in question is due to vaccination, it’s important to know how many vaccines were given to the participants prior to those numbers being gathered. You say “abnormal neurological findings pre-vaccination” but it’s not clear if that is the specific vaccination or all vaccinations. Hep B is given at birth and almost no child escapes that one; it has 250µg of aluminum and is highly associated with autism (see Gallagher 2010).

    The damage is being done on the very first day. That’s the initial activation event that sensitizes the glial cells.

    Since maternal immune activation is known to cause autism and schizophrenia, you must also take into account the number of activation events for the mother, too.

    Thus, the *only* worthwhile numbers to use as a baseline are for completely unvaccinated children born of mothers with no vaccinations or other MIA events.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    The Gallagher article has some rather serious methodological concerns. See

    Hepatitis B

    Although no epidemiologic studies were identified by the IOM, mechanistic evidence “favored acceptance” of a causal relationship between the vaccine and anaphylaxis in yeast-sensitive individuals. The 2011 IOM study found “insufficient” evidence of an association of hepatitis B vaccine with any short- or long-term AEs in children. A 2002 IOM review on hepatitis B vaccine and demyelinating neurologic disorders concluded that the evidence “favors rejection” of a causal relationship with incident multiple sclerosis or multiple sclerosis relapse.19 We identified 1 study published after the IOM 2011 search: Gallagher and Goodman (2010)20 conducted a secondary analysis of National Health Interview Survey data on 7074 boys born before 1999. Vaccination status and health outcomes were reported by parents. Results were significant for the risk of autism in children who received their first dose of hepatitis B vaccine during the first month of life (OR 3.00, 95% CI 1.11–8.13), compared with those who received the vaccination after the first month of life or not at all. Significant protective factors included non-Hispanic white ethnicity (OR 0.36, 95% CI 0.15–0.88) and belonging to a household with 2 parents (OR 0.30, 95% CI 0.12–0.75). It is unclear why the authors selected “first month of life” as the only vaccination time period studied, without presenting analyses for other time periods or comparing “ever vaccinated” with “never vaccinated.” Because of high risk of bias and low quality, this study presents insufficient evidence that hepatitis B vaccine is associated with autism.

    August 2014, VOLUME 134 / ISSUE 2
    Safety of Vaccines Used for Routine Immunization of US Children: A Systematic Review
    Margaret A. Maglione, Lopamudra Das, Laura Raaen, Alexandria Smith, Ramya Chari, Sydne Newberry, Roberta Shanman, Tanja Perry, Matthew Bidwell Goetz, Courtney Gidengil


    Low quality is a very polite way of saying Gallagher is a junk paper. Btw you attempted to move the goalposts when the original area of concern for vac lies was seizure disorder and then you attempted to interject autism.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    IOM in 2012 reviewed the issue of hepatitis b and seizures. See

    The study did not specify the timing from vaccination to seizure. The relative risk of seizure following administration of hepatitis B within 21 days of birth was 0.18 (95% CI, 0.02–1.6) and following administration of hepatitis B on the day of birth or day after birth was 0.22 (95% CI, 0.02–2.19). The authors concluded that hepatitis B vaccination does not increase the risk of seizure in children, but noted the analysis had limited power to assess this association.


  • You haven’t address what I point out.

    “Thus, the *only* worthwhile numbers to use as a baseline are for completely unvaccinated children born of mothers with no vaccinations or other MIA events.”

    I mention autism because you don’t seem to be aware that it is the same mechanism that is causing both. Immune activation is elevating interleukin-6, causing autism, and when IL-6 and IL-1ß are expressed one gets epilepsy.

    It’s all laid out at VaccinePapers.org.

  • Mike Stevens

    Yes, I’d have to say that anyone looking for examples of irrational, unscientific thinking need not look much further than some of your posts.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    First principle of toxicology. The dose makes the poison.

    The murine study did not use a common vaccine. It was an attempt to induce a large immune response to determine the impact of maternal illness on brain development in the presence of subsequent kindling events.

    It is the wild illnesses that are more likely to cause prenatal damage. Since you brought up schizophrenia. See:

    Influenza increases the likelihood of developing schizophrenia. At Prenatal infection and schizophrenia: a review of epidemiologic and translational studies.
    Brown AS, Derkits EJ
    Am J Psychiatry. 2010;167(3):261.

    High levels of measles antibodies are also associated with developing schizophrenia.

    Antibodies to measles in individuals with recent onset psychosis.
    Dickerson F, Stallings C, Origoni A, Copp C, Khushalani S, Yolken R
    Schizophr Res. 2010;119(1-3):8

    Bacterial infections during childhood, which lead to hospitalization, are related to an increased risk for developing schizophrenia

    Hospital admission with infection during childhood and risk for psychotic illness–a population-based cohort study.
    BlomströmÅ, Karlsson H, Svensson A, Frisell T, Lee BK, Dal H, Magnusson C, Dalman C
    Schizophr Bull. 2014 Nov;40(6):1518-25. Epub 2013 Dec 23.

    Hospital contacts with infection and risk of schizophrenia: a population-based cohort study with linkage of Danish national registers.
    Nielsen PR, Benros ME, Mortensen PB
    Schizophr Bull. 2014 Nov;40(6):1526-32. Epub 2013 Dec 30.

    Viral infections can lay the path open to a bacterial infection.

    The greater risks for mothers and their fetuses are wild infections. What you are unable to see or understand is that this is a matter of relative risk. The vaccines are either attenuated or killed. In either event the amount of immune stimulation is far less than that caused by the wild disease.

    No one can guarantee 100% safety for any intervention. The key question is on balance which approach is more likely to lead to a good outcome. The evidence favors vaccination as the best strategy for primary prevention of morbidity and mortality.

  • Prove that the rare wild infection is greater risk on a population basis than causing multiple immune activation events to every single child.

    What is actually happening is that we are discovering exactly which brains are susceptible to autism and epilepsy by activating all of them and then dealing with the aftermath.

  • No, what is happening is that we are activating the brains of 4 million infants every year many, many times — some in utero when they receive a shot when the mother is pregnant.

    This is showing us precisely which brains are susceptible to immune activation. Just look for the ones with autism (elevated interleukin-6) or epilepsy (elevated IL-6 and IL-1ß).

  • JGC

    I’m not finding anything at vaccinepapers that offers evidence demonstrating the existence of a casual association between vaccines whose formulations include aluminum salt adjuvants and the development of autism spectrum disorders.

    Perhaps you cite the studies or articles you had in mind directly?

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    The evidence is contrary to what you assert. In fact today’s vaccines use fewer antigens than those in common use in the mid 80s. See

    With manufacturing advances and discontinuation of smallpox immunization, children are exposed to fewer antigens today than they were in 1980 [42]. The currently recommended immunizations for children younger than two years in the United States (figure 2A-B) contain approximately 300 bacterial and viral protein or polysaccharide antigens, compared with >3000 such antigens in the seven vaccines administered in 1980 [116-118].

    Addressing parents’ concerns: do multiple vaccines overwhelm or weaken the infant’s immune system?
    Offit PA, Quarles J, Gerber MA, Hackett CJ, Marcuse EK, Kollman TR, Gellin BG, Landry S
    Pediatrics. 2002;109(1):

    Increasing exposure to antibody-stimulating proteins and polysaccharides in vaccines is not associated with risk of autism.
    DeStefano F, Price CS, Weintraub ES
    J Pediatr. 2013;163(2):561.

    Number of antigens in early childhood vaccines and neuropsychological outcomes at age 7-10 years.
    Iqbal S, Barile JP, Thompson WW, DeStefano F
    Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2013;22(12):1263.

  • No one said it was primarily the antigens. The antigens are generally too weak.

    Most of the problem is the aluminum that places the body into a state of hyperstimulation so that the body will respond to the antigens.

    Without the aluminum the vaccines would not work and that is (in large part) what is causing the autism and epilepsy.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    122]. On the other hand, infection with vaccine-preventable disease can predispose to severe invasive infections with other pathogens (eg, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) [123,124].

    Severe pneumococcal pneumonia in previously healthy children: the role of preceding influenza infection.
    O’Brien KL, Walters MI, Sellman J, Quinlisk P, Regnery H, Schwartz B, Dowell SF
    Clin Infect Dis. 2000;30(5):784.

    Invasive group A streptococcal disease in children and association with varicella-zoster virus infection. Ontario Group A Streptococcal Study Group.
    Laupland KB, Davies HD, Low DE, Schwartz B, Green K, McGeer A
    Pediatrics. 2000;105(5):E60.

    Plus measles vaccination reduces all cause mortality.

    It isn’t even a question that wild illnesses have a higher potential for morbidity and mortality.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    You just moved the goalposts again. First vaccinations. Then hep b and now aluminum adjuvants. See the following systemic review

    We found no evidence that aluminium salts in vaccines cause any serious or long-lasting adverse events. Despite a lack of good-quality evidence we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken.


    Basically the authors are saying further research is a waste of time.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    Using these updated parameters we found that the body burden of aluminum from vaccines and diet throughout an infant’s first year of life is significantly less than the corresponding safe body burden of aluminum modeled using the regulatory MRL. We conclude that episodic exposures to vaccines that contain aluminum adjuvant continue to be extremely low risk to infants and that the benefits of using vaccines containing aluminum adjuvant outweigh any theoretical concerns.

    Updated aluminum pharmacokinetics following infant exposures through diet and vaccination.
    Mitkus RJ, et al. Vaccine. 2011.
    Mitkus RJ1, King DB, Hess MA, Forshee RA, Walderhaug MO.
    Author information
    1Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, USFDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, 1401 Rockville Pike, HFM-210, Rockville, MD 20852, United States. [email protected]
    Vaccine. 2011 Nov 28;29(51):9538-43. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.09.124. Epub 2011 Oct 11.

    Summary: aluminum adjuvants are well within the safety zone. Benefits of vaccination outweigh theoretical concerns.

  • David

    the study you quote says that this may be of benefit in adjunctive treatment of CV infection. No where do they even attempt to suggest that it should be use alone. This is your supposition and yours alone.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    No aluminum was found in brain or kidney tissue following autopsy of these vaccinated rodents.


    The authors were moving mountains to try and find something but about all they found was that the sc injection sites had some aluminum detectable.

  • wearevolution1

    Big Pharma and their bought and paid for lying doctors must be held accountable! Doctors, I believe, know that vaccines damage and kill! So why doch they continue to vaccinate the most helpless and most prescious among us? For the financial rewards!

  • What else was adjunctive? Name it? How is it my own, when the study info and site information is from a site I have no connection to?

    Good information



  • David

    Why would you link to the NIH site. The NIH clearly suggests that one can get almost all their vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet. There is no suggestion on this site that one should take high dose vitamin C, nor that vitamin C is a cure for any condition (except prevention of scurvy).

  • David

    This is the problem with layman like you….you feel that there is one treatment for all conditions. I accept your first and third references, the second one seems fishy?
    The first one does not mention anything about treating a retinal infection. The third one is talking about the cornea, which is extremely different in structure, blood supply and function than the retina. These references are completely unrelated to the disease we were discussing which is CMV retinitis.

  • I did not say there was one treatment for all conditions, so you are mis-representing that and lying. You don’t even have a clue, what you are talking about.

    Other than the smell of your own ineptitude here, what is it that you thinks is fishy? What, vitamin C you don’t think is anti-viral. You said treating with vitamin C would only further destroy the retina. What evidence do you have for that? In fact you have none, so just admit it. You don’t even know what an adequate dose of vitamin V would be; sao just admit it.

    Nothing would ever be enough; and you must know it

    reny it

  • David

    I will give you a comparison Lowell. CMV retinitis as an eye condition is comparable in severity to a patient being in the ICU for sepsis. So treating CMV retinitis with vitamin c would be the same as going into the ICU and saying “stop everything, all this patient needs is vitamin c”.

  • David

    Where are my rewards. Why has big pharma not given me anythig? In fact, big vitamins have offered me a lot to sell their stuff, ….but nothing from pharma

  • Ron Roy


    doctors are pushing vaccines on their patients for what amounts to a
    bribe from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to
    increase the practice’s vaccination rates. The CDC’s AFIX program
    encourages “friendly competition” among staff to see who can increase
    vaccination rates the most, and prizes include such things as
    “scholarships” to training and professional meetings, plaques and public
    recognition, and opportunities to partner with pharmaceutical companies
    for additional funding sources.

    is the hidden side of these competition- and financially-driven
    incentives the CDC is using to promote high vaccination rates. While
    “good” doctors are rewarded for selling more vaccines, doctors who fail
    to comply risk being reprimanded or fired by their employers, and could
    also be reported and get into trouble with the medical board for being
    “bad” doctors if they don’t aggressively sell vaccines to all patients.

    drugs and vaccines worked as advertised, the US population would be the
    healthiest of any nation on this planet. However, a new health report
    prepared for members and committees of Congress on infant mortality in
    the United States—which spends more money on health care than any other
    country in the world—places the U.S. at 31st in a list where countries
    such as Slovenia, Czech Republic and Korea rank far higher.

  • Ron Roy

    In other words a significant number. Already had neurological deficits in place before vaccination. So let’s vaccinate them anyway and make their symptoms worst.

  • AutismDadd

    Doctors = Unethical and they still wonder why we don’t trust many of them or their Masters

  • And what if in high doses and as the use of the liposomic encapsulated form of vitamin C, that was all they needed? You wouldn’t even know, so just go ahead and admit it. You have no working knowledge of what you are talking about; and you can just admit to that, too. Are you an expert in naturopathic protocols? No you are not, and yet you maintain that only the protocols of the standardly mislead big pharma medical model, have it correct. Who are the real, quacks?

  • So you simply ignored the information in the other two links. You are as well incorrect about what that article said; and you were obviously to lazy to read the rest of the article. With the exception of vitamin D, most people can get enough vitamins from a proper diet. However, for those when illness strikes, often increased doses are needed for recovery.

    Again, vitamin C and in the correct amounts and form of vitamin C has been a life saver historically, in regard to both viral and even bacterial caused illness.

    The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C


  • Nothing is more unscientific and ignoring the physiological processes of the human body, than the known standard and mislead big pharma based medical model.

  • The autism vaccine connection has NEVER been debunked, so you can simply end the believing in your mislead delusions. They are as well not even in the beginning stages of having anywhere near to adequate vaccine safety studies. Wake up.

  • Why would you inject a newborn with an immune system dysregulating aluminum adjuvant containing Hep B vaccine, when they are not even at risk? An infants blood brain barrier is not even fully developed. Just more reckless for profit, vaccine insanity.

    The Insanity of the Hepatitis B Vaccination

    Hepatitis B Vaccine for Infants: Is it Worth it, and the Risk?

  • You don’t even know what injected dose makes for a poison causing harm, and it has never been determined by any actual vaccine safety study. Vaccines have always caused more harm than good, and considering the massive poisoning that the current CDC schedule represents; at no time have vaccines ever continued to do so much more harm than good to human health. You can post whatever studies you want, but in reality you are actually anti-science.

  • Dietary doses are consumed and eliminated through the obvious elimination channels. Injected doses travel straight to the brain and throughout the body, and which are much harder to eliminated from the human body. If an aluminum adjuvant was not intended to circulate in the blood stream indefinitely, then there would be no continued adjuvant effect in regard to a so called killed vaccine. Without the adjuvant no adequate level of increased antibody response could be formed. Believe me, no adequate level of vaccine safety studies have ever been done.

  • Breaking News: Gardasil Fingerprints Found in Post-Mortem Samples

    How would this be possible, if the aluminum adjuvant actually was eliminated from the body. Obviously it is not.

    SaneVax Announces Medical Surprise: Gardasil® HPV DNA Discovered in Post-Mortem Blood and Spleen Tissue

    Lee tested a total of 16 Gardasil® samples from around the world under contract with the non-profit organization SaneVax Inc. Five of the Gardasil® samples were distributed in New Zealand, each with a different lot number. Dr. Lee found HPV-16 L1 gene DNA fragments admixed with HPV-18 and/or HPV 11 L1 gene DNA in all samples. These HPV DNA fragments were firmly bound to the amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS) particles used as an adjuvant in the vaccine formulation.

    Read more:

    Gardasil Vaccine rDNA Introduced at Coroner’s Inquest

  • This study ends in its abstract by stating this.

    [Despite a lack of good-quality evidence we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken.]

    So obviously their only goal with this junk science study, was to in and by their own biased means of doing it; the goal was obviously to just simply seep the issue under the rug. Plenty of well done studies have shown directly the harm of vaccine aluminum ajuvants; specifically in regard to the causation of over-activation of the brains microglia cells, and with resulting levels of chronic brain inflammation.

    This said brain inflammatory situation has as well been found existing in many children with autism. Injected aluminum sends the immune system on non specific high alert, and as well causing a known level of general inflammation. What could be any more potentially immune system dysregulating, than that?

    Then lets add all the known and unresolved issues and levels of contamination in vaccines. Together, you have as well a perfect storm of cytokine activity that can lead to multiple forms of autoimmune disorders. Both the FDA and CDC know this, but they have had no way to improve vaccines by any means that will resolve these issues.

  • Varicella and Shingles Vaccine – For Profit Quackery

  • Thanks for your mental evaluation. To bad that you can’t seem to use the same standards for yourself, and in the realization of your own level of obvious hypocrisy.

  • Mark

    are you a naturopath? Last i heard you are just a layman who frequents anti vax sites. You have no training, no diagnostic skills and no ability to examine patients.
    So you think naturopaths should be working in the ICU? just take everyone off their dobutamine drips and ventilators, and let the naturopaths fix them?

  • Lets insist that Paul Offit vaccinate himself with the 10,000 vaccines that he states by his calculations that infants and small children can safely tolerate in a single day. Then we will see if syncope and redness at the injection site are the only issues he encounters. I guess he forgot to figure cytokine storm issues into his bogus and non-scientific calculations.

  • Your doctor is so smart; and if he said, it simply has to be true. You know, with the two hours of actual education on the effect of vaccines that he had in medical school.

  • So your son is a 34 year old that faints at the site of blood, and/or a needle. 100% proof that syncope is all in your head and there is nothing in vaccines like Gardasil that causes so many cases of resulting syncope. That is about as non opinion based, and as scientifically and physiologically based conclusive, as it ever gets.

  • 8 years of research which include 1000’s of hours doing that research, tell me that I have it correct. And you? If you follow the correct naturopathic protocols, you won’t likely ever be in the ICU. No one is questioning the ability of the standard medical model in regard to the ICU. It is in the bigger picture in as to over-all care, that more harm than good is being done. See if you can actually get it right, and all of it properly understood.

    Death By Medicine

  • AutismDadd

    That wasn’t directed at you it was in support, so I’ll forgive your error

  • joe

    2011: Reporting rate for syncope and seizures in Australia
    “Syncope and seizures
    following human papillomavirus vaccination: a retrospective case

    “The reporting rate after 4vHPV vaccine for syncope and syncopal seizures
    was 7.8/100,000 and 2.6/100,000 doses distributed, respectively.”

  • joe
  • joe

    2015: EMA review of risk of CRPS and POTS after HPV vaccination
    Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee’s Assessment Report on HPV
    vaccines concluded

    “Taking into account the totality of the available information the
    PRAC concluded that the evidence does not support that HPV vaccines
    (Cervarix, Gardasil, Gardasil 9, Silgard) cause CRPS or POTS. The
    benefits of HPV vaccines continue to outweigh their risks.”

  • They LIED. What part of that do you not get? They had to-to save their own hide, and their credibility.

    And you don’t even have the ability and/or guts to link to it.

    The truth is evident if you have the ability to get honest and review this information.

    Open letter to EMA re: HPV vaccine safety

    EMA response to questions regarding HPV vaccine safety assessment

    Gardasil Vaccine Becomes International Scandal: Deceptive Emails by Health Officials Exposed to Public

    Allegations of Scientific Misconduct by GACVS/WHO/CDC Representatives et al
    An open-letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan

    SaneVax Announces Medical Surprise: Gardasil® HPV DNA Discovered in Post-Mortem Blood and Spleen Tissue

  • That doesn’t answer to the question, and my point.

    And that list of information is nothing but junk science and lies put forth by the same pro-vaccine people that have everything to lose if it were ever admitted to all the harm and injury that Gardasil has caused. The same people that would see a literal bomb go off within their vaccine minions connected industry, if Gardasil were ever recalled, and as well for the contamination issues and the reasons that it needs to be.

    Open letter to EMA re: HPV vaccine safety

    Is HPV Vaccine Safety an Illusion Maintained by Suppression of Science?

    Gardasil: Criminal complaint filed in Spain


    HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial, Not Deadly
    Written By: Kelly Brogan, M.D. and Sayer Ji, Founder

    Behind every vaccine is an assumption. That HPV causes cervical cancer, that cervical cancer causes death, and that a vaccine can effectively interfere with this linear relationship is the assumption to be examined in this article. Cervarix is a vaccine recommended to girls beginning as early as 9 years old, intended to protect against HPV strains 16 and 18 upon completion of a 3 dose series. It is an aluminum-containing product, with notable “immunogenicity”.

    A new GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) funded study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases has revealed that HPV infection, resulting in naturally acquired human papilloma virus (HPV) antibodies, reduces the risk for new infection and cervical abnormalities linked to cancer in non-HPV vaccinated subjects.

    In addition to this startling finding – additional GSK-funded research from this year revealed that the HPV vaccine may not protect women against high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, dysplasias.

    If, in fact, the HPV vaccines do not work as widely advertised, and natural HPV infectious exposures actually protect against the progression of HPV linked cervical changes to cancer, then taken together, both these findings challenge the most fundamental assumptions within vaccine science (aka vaccinology), and render highly dubious the oft repeated rhetoric that natural HPV infection is juggernaut –like deadly force the best defense against which are universal immunization campaigns.

    HPV Infection Protects Against New Infection and Cervical ‘Premalignancies’

    The groundbreaking new study titled, Risk of newly detected infections and cervical abnormalities in women seropositive for naturally-acquired HPV-16/18 antibodies: analysis of the control arm of PATRICIA, analyzed data from the non-vaccinated control arm of the Papilloma Trial against Cancer in Young Adults (PATRICIA), to ascertain whether natural HPV16 and HPV18 antibodies reduced the risk for new HPV infection and/or cervical abnormalities over a 300 day period. A total of 16,656 women were included in the study’s control arm (8,193 women in the HPV16 analysis and 8,463 women in the HPV18 analysis), with none of the women being administered the HPV vaccine.

    It should be noted that this is one of the first studies to look at the natural history of HPV infection and immunity, as well as one of the first studies to show the validity of using the control arm data from vaccine efficacy trials. The control arm did, however, receive three doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine. As there are no vaccine studies in existence using a true non-vaccinated control group, the natural incidence of a disease, as well as the true risks of a vaccine cannot be effectively assessed.

    The study found that the presence of natural antibodies against HPV16, considered one of the most malignant of the over 120 unique types identified, lowered the risk for newly detected infection and a type of abnormal pap smear result known as ASC-US+ or ‘atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance’. The same protective effect was found for natural HPV18 antibodies, only to a lesser extent.


    2. It appears there is a correlation between antibodies related to infection and protection from dysplasia (cellular abnormalities) rather than infection progressing definitively to cancer. The commonly held notion that naturally transmitted HPV infection and subsequent elevation of antibody titers is a disease process that leads inevitably to tissue pathology and possibly precancer or cancer, rather than an instance of the immune system effectively meeting the HPV viral challenging and responding with an appropriate antibody response, conferring lasting immunity, is debunked by this new study. Clearly, natural infection not only prevents reinfection, but even reduces the risk of HPV’s potential induction of dysplastic cellular changes associated with cancer.

    READ more:

    HPV vaccine may not protect women against high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, dysplasias
    Mahmud SM. J Clin Oncol. 2014;doi:10.1200/JCO.2013.51.4265.

    Vaccination may contribute to causing a wide variety of autoimmune disorders.

    Abstract Title:
    Vaccines and autoimmune diseases of the adult.

    Abstract Source:
    Discov Med. 2010 Feb;9(45):90-7. PMID: 20193633

    Abstract Author(s):
    Hedi Orbach, Nancy Agmon-Levin, Gisele Zandman-Goddard

    Article Affiliation:
    Department of Medicine B, Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel.

    Infectious agents contribute to the environmental factors involved in the development of autoimmune diseases possibly through molecular mimicry mechanisms. Hence, it is feasible that vaccinations may also contribute to the mosaic of autoimmunity. Evidence for the association of vaccinations and the development of these diseases is presented in this review. Infrequently reported post-vaccination autoimmune diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory myopathies, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and vasculitis. In addition, we will discuss macrophagic myofasciitis, aluminum containing vaccines, and the recent evidence for autoimmunity following the use of human papillomavirus vaccine.




    Abstract Title:
    Quantifying the possible cross-reactivity risk of an HPV16 vaccine.

    Abstract Source:
    J Exp Ther Oncol. 2009;8(1):65-76. PMID: 19827272

    Abstract Author(s):
    Darja Kanduc

    Article Affiliation:
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Bari, Italy.

    BACKGROUND: The potential adverse events associated with vaccination for infectious diseases underscore the need for effective analysis and definition of possible vaccine side effects. Using the HPV16 proteome as a model, we quantified the actual and theoretical risks of anti-HPV16 vaccination, and defined the potential disease spectrum derived from concomitant cross-reactions with the human organism. METHODS: We searched the primary sequence of the HPV16 proteome for heptamer aminoacid sequences shared with human proteins using the Protein International Resource database. RESULTS: The human proteome contains 82 heptapeptides and two octapeptides found in HPV16. The viral matches are spread among proteins involved in fundamental processes, such as cell differentiation and growth and neurosensory regulation. The human proteins containing the HPV16-derived heptamers include cell-adhesion molecules, leukocyte differentiation antigens, enzymes, proteins associated with spermatogenesis, transcription factors, and neuronal antigens. The number of viral matches and their locations make the occurrence of side autoimmune cross-reactions in the human host following HPV16-based vaccination almost unavoidable. CONCLUSIONS: Any antigen-based vaccine needs to be carefully and thoroughly designed and critically screened for potential side effects by comparing sequence similarity at the molecular level.



    HPV Vaccine Can Make You Susceptible to More Serious Strains of HPV

    Women Vaccinated for HPV May Be at Higher Risk of HPV Infection

    In an analysis of nearly 600 women between the ages of 20 and 26, 60 percent of those who had received the original Gardasil vaccine, which protects against only four strains (types) of HPV (6,11,16,18), had a higher risk of being infected with another non-vaccine HPV virus strain.

    The unvaccinated women had lower rates of the non-vaccine high-risk strains of HPV, which suggests getting vaccinated may make you more susceptible to being infected with other strains of HPV.

    The researchers’ solution to the problem was to suggest women who already have gotten three doses of the original four-strain Gardasil vaccine now get another shot of a new Gardasil vaccine, which contains nine different HPV strains.

    In December 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Gardasil 9 that includes five additional HPV types (31, 33, 45, 52, 58) not found in the original vaccine. So if you have already received one or more doses of the original Gardasil vaccine, you may actually be at a higher risk of being infected with the five additional HPV types than if you had never been vaccinated at all.

    And if you’re already infected with one of the four to nine types of HPV viruses in either the original or new Gardasil vaccines, getting vaccinated will not eliminate the infection. Not to mention, there are more than 100 different strains of HPV, 30 of which are sexually transmitted, and about 15 of them have been associated with development of cancer but only IF HPV infection persists over a long period of time and regular pap screen tests are not conducted to identify and treat pre-cancerous cervical lesions.

    Gardasil’s Effectiveness Seriously Questioned

    In 2012, a systematic review of pre- and post-licensure trials of the HPV vaccine by researchers at the University of British Columbia showed that the vaccine’s effectiveness is not only overstated (through the use of selective reporting or “cherry picking” data) but also unproven. In the summary of the clinical trial review, the authors stated quite clearly:4


    The Risks of HPV Vaccine Are Significant

    By mid-March 2015, the HPV vaccine Gardasil had generated more than 35,000 adverse reaction reports to the US government, including more than 200 deaths.8

    This is probably a gross underestimate, because, although a federal law was passed in 1986 (the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act) mandating that doctors and other vaccine providers report serious health problems or deaths that occur after vaccination to VAERS, there are no legal penalties for vaccine providers not reporting and it is estimated that perhaps less than 10 percent of the vaccine adverse events that do occur are reported to VAERS.9

    Health problems associated with the Gardasil vaccine include immune-mediated inflammatory neurodegenerative disorders, suggesting that something is causing the immune system to overreact in a detrimental way—sometimes fatally. A growing body of medical literature demonstrates that the HPV vaccine is linked to nervous and immune system disorders in some young women and girls.

    In one case study published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine,10 researchers described the case of a 14-year-old girl who developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) with chronic fatigue two months following Gardasil vaccination.

    POTS is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system, which controls functions in your body such as your heart rate, balance, digestion, bladder control, and sleep. While rare, incidence of POTS appears to be increasing and emerging evidence suggests it may be an autoimmune disorder, in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body.

    In the case study, POTS fulfilled the criteria for a condition known as autoimmune/auto-inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA), highlighting the underlying mechanisms of how vaccines, and particularly their adjuvants (such as aluminum), may be triggering disease. Gardasil contains an aluminum adjuvant, which is designed to hyper-stimulate the immune system to provoke a strong antibody response.

    A second study, published in the European Journal of Neurology,11 described six patients who developed POTS from six days to two months following HPV vaccination. In addition, deadly blood clots, acute respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and “sudden death due to unknown causes” have all occurred in girls after they’ve received the Gardasil vaccine.

    Read more:


    HPV Vaccine Linked to Nervous System Disorder and Autoimmunity

    This was a case study in which 3 patients with autoimmune/auto-inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) after quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV).

    Abstract Title:
    Autoimmune/auto-inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) after quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination in Colombians: a call for personalised medicine.

    Abstract Source:
    Clin Exp Rheumatol. 2015 May 11. Epub 2015 May 11. PMID: 25962455

    Abstract Author(s):
    Juan-Manuel Anaya, Benjamin Reyes, Ana M Perdomo-Arciniegas, Bernardo Camacho-Rodríguez, Adriana Rojas-Villarraga

    Article Affiliation:
    Juan-Manuel Anaya

    This was a case study in which 3 patients with autoimmune/auto-inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) after quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV) were evaluated and described. All the patients were women. Diagnosis consisted of HLA-B27 enthesitis related arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematous, respectively. Our results highlight the risk of developing ASIA after HPV vaccination and may serve to increase the awareness of such a complication. Factors that are predictive of developing autoimmune diseases should be examined at the population level in order to establish preventive measures in at-risk individuals for whom healthcare should be personalized and participatory.

    Article Published Date : May 10, 2015



    “Human papilloma virus vaccine and primary ovarian failure: another facet of the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants.”

    Abstract Title:
    Human papilloma virus vaccine and primary ovarian failure: another facet of the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants.

    Abstract Source:
    Am J Reprod Immunol. 2013 Oct ;70(4):309-16. Epub 2013 Jul 31. PMID: 23902317

    Abstract Author(s):
    Serena Colafrancesco, Carlo Perricone, Lucija Tomljenovic, Yehuda Shoenfeld

    Article Affiliation:
    Serena Colafrancesco

    PROBLEM: Post-vaccination autoimmune phenomena are a major facet of the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) and different vaccines, including HPV, have been identified as possible causes.

    METHOD OF STUDY: The medical history of three young women who presented with secondary amenorrhea following HPV vaccination was collected. Data regarding type of vaccine, number of vaccination, personal, clinical and serological features, as well as response to treatments were analyzed.

    RESULTS: All three patients developed secondary amenorrhea following HPV vaccinations, which did not resolve upon treatment with hormone replacement therapies. In all three cases sexual development was normal and genetic screen revealed no pertinent abnormalities (i.e., Turner’s syndrome, Fragile X test were all negative). Serological evaluations showed low levels of estradiol and increased FSH and LH and in two cases, specific auto-antibodies were detected (antiovarian and anti thyroid), suggesting that the HPV vaccine triggered an autoimmune response. Pelvic ultrasound did not reveal any abnormalities in any of the three cases. All three patients experienced a range of common non-specific post-vaccine symptoms including nausea, headache, sleep disturbances, arthralgia and a range of cognitive and psychiatric disturbances. According to these clinical features, a diagnosis of primary ovarian failure (POF) was determined which also fulfilled the required criteria for the ASIA syndrome.

    CONCLUSION: We documented here the evidence of the potential of the HPV vaccine to trigger a life-disabling autoimmune condition. The increasing number of similar reports of post HPV vaccine-linked autoimmunity and the uncertainty of long-term clinical benefits of HPV vaccination are a matter of public health that warrants further rigorous inquiry.



    Study Calls Into Question Primary Justification for Vaccines


    Vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV) is widely thought to confer protection in humans against cervical cancer. HPV studies have recently shown that the vaccines can prevent infection with the strains of the virus found in the vaccine. This has been widely covered in the media. IPAK Scientists, however, are concerned by the lack of reporting in the media outlets of troubling results from the same studies that show that vaccinated women also show a higher rate prevalence of overall HPV infection by rarer, potentially more pathogenic strains of HPV. The studies do not address why, but the data are very clear: vaccinated, sexually active women have shown higher rates of infection with riskier HPV types than unvaccinated, sexually active women (Guo et al., 2015)

    Read more:

    Gene Expression Patterns Induced by HPV-16 L1 Virus-Like Particles in Leukocytes from Vaccine Recipients1

  • You really are poor at providing direct references, do you have something to hide? Actually the rate of existing syncope after Gardasil has been much much higher, than with any other vaccine to date. There is a reason for that and it obviously involves the actual ingredients in the vaccine.

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    You cannot spell and do not write academically!

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    Vaccine applications have increased, what? 20 times since then?

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  • Nope. Antigen load has dropped by about 98%, iirc.

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    So, children predisposed to further brain damage obviously should not be vaccinated, agree?
    Just simply finish them off as collateral damage. At what stage did they first develop brain damage? If before their first vaccine, maybe from the mother being vaccinated?
    Maybe genetically originated, maybe chemical pollution of foods or atmosphere. Whatever the reason, vaccinating them is wrong!
    Then there are the basically healthy ones who are adversely affected by vaccines. They don’t matter either?
    BTW, how is it proven that a damaged child had prior damage? That diagnosis can only be made after the vaccination, or if known beforehand, applying vaccines is criminal culpability.

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    No one can guarantee 100% safety for any intervention. The key question is on balance which approach is more likely to lead to a good outcome. The evidence favors vaccination as the best strategy for primary prevention of morbidity and mortality.

  • Yes, they do it to censor your info!

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    When considering the real statistics, a good outcome is nowhere near clear. Your so-called balance is heavily weighted in favour of big pharma, on balance they are corrupt.