The CDC: A Truly Corrupt and Dangerous Organization

Over the years, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has repeatedly deceived and lied to the public, yet they continue to state that their mission is to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S.

They boldly announce on their website that the “CDC increases the health security of our nation. As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. To accomplish our mission, CDC conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise,” and yet there is more and more evidence to suggest that their so called ‘scientific evidence’ has been skewed and deliberately tampered with to gain the desired results. [1]

During the course of this article, I am going to give five recent examples of CDC fraud or deception. Each one of my examples will demonstrate when the CDC has deliberately altered or withheld scientific evidence in a bid to misinform the public.

Example #1: CDC Whistleblower Announces That the MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

Last month, Dr. Andrew Wakefield revealed that, during telephone conversations between biochemist Brian Hooker and a CDC whistleblower, later named as William Thompson, Thompson admitted that the CDC had deliberately withheld crucial evidence proving that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine caused autism.

Dr. Thompson told Dr. Hooker that, in 2003, research carried out by the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, revealed that when African-American boys under the age of 36 months were given the MMR vaccine, the rate of autism in this group rose by 340 percent.

In a desperate bid to cover up this tragedy, the CDC decided to fix the data and eliminated all African-American boys without a Georgia birth certificate. In doing so, the number of children suffering from autism caused by the vaccine reduced significantly, giving the CDC the results they desired.

In an article sourced from Focus Autism Foundation, referenced by Roger Landry, founder of The Liberty Beacon, the authors stated:

“According to Dr. Hooker, the CDC whistleblower informant— who wishes to remain anonymous (since named as William Thompson)— guided him to evidence that a statistically significant relationship between the age the MMR vaccine was first given and autism incidence in African-American boys was hidden by CDC researchers. After data were gathered on 2,583 children living in Atlanta, Georgia who were born between 1986 and 1993, CDC researchers excluded children that did not have a valid State of Georgia birth certificate — reducing the sample size being studied by 41%. Hooker explains that by introducing this arbitrary criteria into the analysis, the cohort size was sharply reduced, eliminating the statistical power of the findings and negating the strong MMR-autism link in African American boys.” [2]

On August 27, 2014, William Thompson, PhD, issued this statement. He wrote:


My name is William Thompson.  I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998.

I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.

Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives.  I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits.

My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub­ group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.”

He continued:

“I have had many discussions with Dr. Brian Hooker over the last 10 months regarding studies the CDC has carried out regarding vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes including autism spectrum disorders. I share his belief that CDC decision-making and analyses should be transparent. I was not, however, aware that he was recording any of our conversations, nor was I given any choice regarding whether my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet.” [3]

In other words, if Dr. Hooker had not had the tenacity and foresight to record those telephone calls, lifting the lid on the CDC’s deception, it is unlikely that this information would have ever been made public.

Example #2: Fact – Thimerosal in Vaccinations Can Cause Children to Develop Tics

It appears that Dr. Thompson’s guilty conscience has caught up with him, because during his many telephone conversations with Dr. Hooker, he dropped yet another bombshell. The whistleblower revealed that not only had the MMR been responsible for an increase in the cases of autism seen in African-American boys, but that vaccinating pregnant women with vaccinations containing the preservative thimerosal is known to cause children to suffer from tics (sudden, repetitive movements or sounds that can be difficult to control) after they are born.

In an extremely revealing recording of the conversation between whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and Dr. Brian Hooker, we can clearly hear Thompson state:

“Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics. You start a campaign and make it your mantra. Do you think a pregnant mother would want to take a vaccine that they knew caused tics? Absolutely not, I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics. I can say tics are four times more prevalent in kids with autism. There is a biological plausibility right now to say that Thimerosal causes autism like features!” [4]

These are strong words from the whistleblower, because during that conversation, he actually verified that giving a pregnant women a vaccination containing thimerosal could heighten the risk of their unborn child developing autism as a result.

Note: although thimerosal, a form of mercury, has been removed from many of the vaccinations in use today, the preservative still remains in flu vaccines given to pregnant women.

Example # 3: CDC Found to be Responsible for the Death of Thousands of Unborn Children

Carrying on with the theme of vaccinations being given to pregnant women, in 2012, Eileen Danneman from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) accused the CDC of “willful misconduct,” stating that she believed the CDC was responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies.

She stated that the CDC had deliberately misled the nation’s obstetricians and gynecologists and colluded with the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) to mislead the public by advertising the flu vaccine as a safe vaccine for pregnant women when members of the CDC knew fully well that the vaccine was causing a massive spike in fetal deaths.

Documentation received from Ms. Dannemann revealed that that between 2009 and 2010, mercury-laden combined flu vaccinations increased Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) fetal death reports by 4,250 percent in pregnant women. Dannemann, NCOW’s director, made abundantly clear that despite these figures being known to the CDC, the multiple-strain, inactivated flu vaccine containing mercury (thimerosal) had been recommended to pregnant women as a safe vaccination.

In a letter to Dr. Mercola, Dannemann wrote:

“The Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) and CDC were confronted with the VAERS data from NCOW on September 3, 2010, in Washington, D.C., and then again by conference call on September 10, and then again in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 28, 2010. On both September 3 and September 10, Dr. Marie McCormick clearly denied that there were any adverse events for pregnant women from the 2009 flu vaccine.”

However, despite being presented with the facts and figures regarding the dangers of the vaccination by the NCOW, evidence revealed that the CDC deliberately concealed this fact.

At a conference a few weeks after the CDC had received the information from the NCOW, the CDC’s Dr. Shimabakuru gave a presentation on significant adverse reactions to the H1N1 vaccine, such as cases of Guillan-Barre syndrome, which appeared to have risen three percent, claiming it as an insignificant signal.

He made no mention of the adverse events related to pregnant women.

As luck would have it, however, his attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the audience were foiled when he was challenged by a member of the audience asking if the vaccine caused adverse events in pregnancy. Feeling cornered, he reluctantly looked in his bag and rather sheepishly presented a slide that corroborated the NCOW data, confirming that the CDC knew of the spike in fetal deaths in the fall of 2010. [5]

So, why did Dr. Shimabkauru have a slide containing compromising evidence in his bag? Why did he decide to hide the slide? Surely, if he had prepared a slide outlining this crucial data, it would have made sense to include the slide in his presentation. After all, a 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths is far more significant that a three percent increase in Guillan-Barre syndrome, don’t you agree?

See reference [6] for full story and documents to support this.

Example #4: The CDC Admitted That Polio Vaccinations Cause Polio but Promote Them Anyway

In 2012, the CDC wrote a press release titled Update on Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses — Worldwide. They wrote:

“In 1988, the World Health Assembly resolved to eradicate poliomyelitis worldwide. One of the main tools used in polio eradication efforts has been the live, attenuated oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV). This inexpensive vaccine is administered easily by mouth, makes recent recipients resistant to infection by wild polioviruses (WPVs), and provides long-term protection against paralytic disease through durable humoral immunity. Nonetheless, rare cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis can occur both among immunologically normal OPV recipients and their contacts and among persons who are immunodeficient. In addition, vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) can emerge to cause polio outbreaks in areas with low OPV coverage and can replicate for years in persons who are immunodeficient.” (emphasis added)

They continued:

VDPVs can cause paralytic polio in humans and have the potential for sustained circulation. VDPVs resemble WPVs biologically and differ from most vaccine-related poliovirus (VRPV) isolates by having genetic properties consistent with prolonged replication or transmission. VDPVs were first identified by sequence analyses of poliovirus isolates.” (emphasis added)

The CDC recommended that the best way to deal with this problem was “mass vaccination” and stated:

“To prevent VDPV emergence and spread, all countries should maintain high vaccination coverage against all three poliovirus serotypes.” [7]

This proves that yet again the CDC actively promote vaccinations despite knowing their dangers.

Finally – Example # 5: CDC Caught Changing the Risk Criteria for Ebola Transmission

It appears that the CDC has been secretly changing their data on the risks of ebola entering the US on their website. Could this be in preparation for an onslaught of new vaccinations that are heading our way?

On August 29, 2014, the CDC announced:

“On August 28, 2014, NIH announced that initial human testing of an investigational vaccine to prevent Ebola virus disease will begin next week by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health.

The early-stage trial will begin initial human testing of a vaccine co-developed by NIAID and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and will evaluate the experimental vaccine’s safety and ability to generate an immune system response in healthy adults. Testing will take place at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

The study is the first of several Phase 1 clinical trials that will examine the investigational NIAID/GSK Ebola vaccine and an experimental Ebola vaccine developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and licensed to NewLink Genetics Corp. The others are to launch in the fall. These trials are conducted in healthy adults who are not infected with Ebola virus to determine if the vaccine is safe and induces an adequate immune response.” [8]

Given this fact, it is hardly surprising that the CDC has been quietly changing certain ebola facts on their website, is it?

John Galt from the website Shenandoah has clearly demonstrated that the CDC has been quietly revising the information regarding transmission risks on their website, while steadfastly maintaining that there is little chance of airborne transmission. He stated:

“On Thursday, August 7, the CDC quietly revised the transmission risks while maintaining there was little chance of airborne transmission of Ebola via their minions and bureaucrats speaking out in the mainstream media. The shocking part of the revision is within the footnotes which few civilians bother to read and put their trust in government officials to protect their families and their livelihoods.”

Mr. Galt continued:

“From the CDC website, I took these screen shots just in case they decided to “delete” or revise the changes made above so I can keep a permanent record of what is happening with this latest contagious disease outbreak.”

It is a good job he did, because, if he is correct, then the screenshots that he has given on his website clearly show that on August 7, 2014, the CDC stated:

“Low risk exposures

A low risk exposure includes any of the following:

  • Household member or other casual contact with an EVD patient
  • Providing patient care or casual contact1 without high-risk exposure with EVD patients in health care facilities in EVD outbreak affected countries” (emphasis added)

The CDC carried on to state:

“Casual contact is defined as a) being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., healthcare personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations); or b) having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., droplet and contact precautions–see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations). At this time, brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute casual contact.”

John Galt continued his article by adding the following witty comment:

“Excuse me? Low risk exposure? Before this update on August 7th the running mainstream media theme that there was little if any risk of airborne exposure and suddenly they quietly revise the page among numerous internet stories about aerial transmission of the disease in West Africa. Perhaps if one is standing in one of these famous TSA check in lines, they might start to think about the “low risk” propaganda the government is having everyone believe at this time with the sudden revision.” [10]

He could be right, but could this sudden change have been made with a new vaccine program in mind?


It is clear that the CDC cannot be trusted when it comes to giving advice about vaccinations. Over the years, evidence has shown that the CDC continually lies, withholds evidence and fixes data to obtain the results that they want to achieve.

Due to their continual dishonesty, many children have suffered lifelong disabilities as a result. Although, for many of their parents, the latest revelations have offered a glimmer of hope in a very dark world, it has also caused many parents to just break down and weep, like one mother known to myself.

This is a tragic waste of the future potential of thousands of children worldwide. How much longer are parents going to continue to trust this corrupt and dangerous organization when it comes to the health of their children?


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Christina England, BA Hons

  • J.D.

    Example #1: You realize that the man you cite, Andrew Wakefield, was the original doctor who admitted to falsifying all of his information linking MMR to autism and bowel disease, and that he has since had all of his fraudulent research redacted and all of his credentials revoked, right? So the person you use as a credible source has admitted to being paid to lie previously and is no longer able to practice medicine anywhere in the world? That’s your source?

    You’re not even trying to sound credible anymore. I really wish you took a moment to google this. It has been debunked countless times. Here’s the snopes article:

  • J.D.

    Example #2: Goes right along with the hearsay rumor I shot down in Example #1 already, but this too has been thoroughly debunked. Countless studies from around the world have investigated thimerosal and found no link to neurocognitive issues.

    There are countless more.

    Do you really think all of those researchers trying to prove a connection and finding none independently around the world all got it wrong? Despite finding no evidence to link the two, we still took it out of all our vaccines, just to pacify people like this author who don’t understand basic logic.

    Is the World Health Organization in on the conspiracy theory too? haha

  • J.D.

    Example #3: I don’t even know how to respond to a point constructed completely on an undocumented conversation. There is literally not a lick of supporting evidence. Even the article you cite as having further details is just another article on this site with literally no evidence whatsoever. You don’t even have a picture of the letter! How are you getting your source information?

  • J.D.

    Example #4: Yes. Live virus vaccines such as one type of the polio vaccine should not be given to kids with poor or no immune system. They are designed for kids that have normally functioning immune systems. This is known. You didn’t uncover a scandal. You are just citing standard precautions used by all physicians in this country. This is exactly why the live vaccine is rarely used, and definitely not around kids who are immunocompromised.

    More importantly, this is not the CDC promoting vaccines, so much as providing guidelines about when NOT to use them. The dead virus variety however is safe to use even in immunocompromised children and cannot cause polio.

  • J.D.

    Example #5: I really can’t see how a correction in a footnote on a website where vaccination is NOT being recommended for anyone at this time somehow proves they are involved in some conspiracy theory to cover up…. something.

    OK so let’s assume that the change you note is real. What do you think they are trying to “cover up” just because they changed risk criteria? They are attempting to provider Americans with precautions to prevent the transmission of a deadly disease. Why would you bring such caution into question, especially when it has nothing to do with vaccination?

    And with that, I’ve discredited literally every point you failed to make on this webpage. Good day.

  • J.D.

    On a side note, how much money from ads does the owner of this website make by attracting people to it with these ridiculous fabricated stories?

  • Lynnea Shrief

    No, he did not admit to falsifying his information, he admitted to conducting his research without practicing due diligence. However, his patients were fully informed, as were their parents, but he was made to retract his evidence based on their findings of malpractice. His patients to this day believe he is innocent.

  • BMW

    Snopes is managed by two people in a basement… http://accuracyinpolitics.blogspot.com/2013/05/snopes-got-snoped.html
    You sound a lot like those people who said the world was flat when a small minority championed that it was round instead. And since you believe in the infallibility of science and scientists, there really is no point in arguing or debating with you.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    You have discredited only yourself. How much your pharma owners pay you for posting your nonsense? A penny a post?



  • You don’t deny the cooked data from the 2004 CDC study and instead you apply misdirection to Dr. Wakefield? Who are you? Frank DeStefano?

  • Taximom5

    Well done, Christina.

    My only suggestion would be for you to remove vactruth.com as your source for #6 (nobody takes an investigative report seriously that uses itself as a reference–and that’s one of our main complaints against Brian Deer), and instead, list the links to the independent sources from which where you got that information) :

    Official transcript CDC’s Dr. Marie McCormick denies miscarriages, Sept. 3, 2010 ACCV. See page 37.

    Influenza Vaccine Safety Monitoring (slide 20).
    CDC’s Dr. Tom Shimabukuro confirms NCOW data , Oct. 28, 2010 ACIP

    Letter from March of Dimes, inlcuded in this article.

    Dr Gary Goldman Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons: Was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season?http://het.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/09/12/0960327112455067.abstract?rss=1 (abstract only)

    Kessler, D.A. The Working Group. Natanblut, S. Kennedy, D. Lazar, E. Rheinstein, P. et al. Introducing MedWatch: A New Approach to Reporting Medication and Device Adverse Effects and Product Problems. JAMA 1993 June 2. 269 (21): 2765-2768.

  • Mindanoiha

    Thank you Christina for this excellent article. It is certainly in line with the statement at the end of this comment.

    CDC’s Vaccine Safety Research is Exposed as Flawed and Falsified in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal
    JUNE 17, 2014 by DAVE Mihalovic


    “More prominent evidence continues to arise on the falsification of peer-review studies, ghostwriting pharmaceutical studies by academics; especially related to vaccines, thimerosal and autism. The close coupling of commerce and academia is largely to blame, but what is clear is that the scientific enterprise is no longer built on a foundation of trust”.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I looked at couple of your “valuable’ links, that for you are a final word in science. First was a poorly written abstract by some no name people from Poland. Obviously each country has someone who will type anything just to get their name published or for some pay off. it is known that Glaxo Smith Kline paid doctors in India with vacuum cleaners to do some dirty vaccine propaganda for them, and precious gifts were accepted. But to prove that there are respected independent scientists in Poland, able to do real research and show how dangerous mercury laden vaccines are, here is well researched and well written article from university in Poland


    i bet your handlers from pharma didn’t supply you with this one, only with snoopies and similar vacuum cleaner junk.
    And you didn’t answer question, how much they pay you.?

  • elnura


  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    They also accidentally found a pile viable smallpox while cleaning the office recently. OOps, by international treaty smallpox samples was supposed to be held strictly guarded in only 2 locations in the world, and that office’ refrigerator was not one of them.

  • J.D.

    I find it interesting you blame me for using Wakefield as misdirection when the only reason he was in this article was for the express purpose of misdirection. Hypocritical of you, don’t you think?

    Do you have anything to actually refute the point I made? No?

  • J.D.

    You could alternatively look at any large scale prospective blinded study that investigated this issue. It would similarly show his study to be false. Alternatively, you could look at a number of other sources that all cite how and when he fabricated information.


    Ouch. There goes your argument.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Your link #2
    The middle part of it says there is vaccine damage, nevertheless the conclusion says there is not.
    looks like the body was written by someone who did some research and conclusion – by their manager, because, of course, the study funded by pharma, or CDC/ NIH (i.e. taxpayers) has a predetermined outcome – mercury is very good for the brain, kind of vitamin (which your Poland snoopies also confirmed).

    Have you read your links, or you post what is supplied by your handlers without looking?

  • Okay Frank.

  • Christina England

    Thank you taximom5. I only referenced the article because it contained a screenshot of the slide and official document. With hindsight I should have re posted them. :) Christina

  • elnura

    An ultra right wing conservative site support by the Drudge.

  • J.D.

    He admits to practicing research without DUE DILIGENCE?! That’s called fraud. That’s called negligence. That is specifically WHY he is unable to practice medicine anywhere in the world. Imagine if car companies produced cars without testing safety, or surgeons began forgetting to keep their hands sterile during an operation.

    Here is a video of Andrew Wakefield himself admitting to paying selected children at a birthday party for their blood, and grossly exaggerating stories about the topic. To be clear, this is unethical for a doctor. It’s actually illegal in the USA.
    He does some good backpedaling, but the man has been found to be an unethical fraud in every light.

    By the way, you realize his initial claim was that vaccines were linked to inflammatory bowel disease, right? You also realize that no one in the world, not even the crazy anti-vaxxers are still touting this ridiculous idea?

    Here’s some more fun reading/watching for you:

  • Ranger

    Just as in the case of Aspartame. Aspartame was rejected time and time again as “NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”! After the several attempts from the manufacturer to get it approved as a food additive, they just bribed Ronald Reagan. Reagan, then fired the Head of the Food and Drug Administration, and less then 120 days later, Aspartame was approved by he new Head of the Food and Drug Administration (who Reagan assigned to the position) and all the bad information regarding the effects of Aspartame are never put out to the public anymore.
    Maybe one day, but I highly doubt it, the people will understand and realize that “government” is against everything that the people wish for.

    gOVERnMENt Get it yet?

  • J.D.

    I have no issue disclosing that I am paid exactly zero dollars, zero cents, and zero non-monetary gifts/incentives by any organization with a vested interest in this topic. Can we get back to actual evidence now?

    My “valuable” links as you put them are what we called peer reviewed prospective blinded controlled trials. As you likely are unaware, this is the highest possible scientific standard in which to examine a hypothesis. As stated previously, they are from scientists around the world. Financial conflicts of interest are disclosed in them as well. More importantly, they are peer-reviewing, meaning a group of unrelated non-conflicting scientists heavily scrutinize their methods for fidelity, ethics, and standards before allowing them to be published.

    *** Your “well researched” article isn’t actually research. I’m not sure if you were aware of that. Read past the title, and you’ll quickly find they didn’t actually investigate any patient information whatsoever. They had no patient samples, they observed zero patients, nor did they review epidemiology. They literally just read other people’s actual research and popped out an unsupported conclusion. Contrast that to the first link which is a cohort study. I recommend you google “cohort study.”

  • J.D.

    As stated below, I am paid exactly zero dollars, zero cents, and zero non-monetary
    gifts/incentives by any organization with a vested interest in this

    Let me know when you want to use evidence and reasoning instead of pathetic ad hominem attacks to skirt around the real issues.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Why, you forgot to give links to CDC’s Chief Thief Poul Thorsen’s studies. After all, these multimillion (taxpayer) dollar “studies” supposedly “debunked” vaccine- autism link forever and ever? Where are they, JD? CDC confirmed they are still valid and treasured, while Thorsen is hiding from Interpol with embezzled money.
    Ask your superior to provide a link to Thorsen’s monumental research.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    OK, link # 3

    Indeed, a pearl.

    “Thiomersal, also called thimerosal, is an ethyl mercury derivative used as a preservative to prevent bacterial contamination of multidose vaccine vials after they have been opened. Exposure to low doses of thiomersal has essentially been associated with hypersensitivity reactions. Nevertheless there is no evidence that allergy to thiomersal could be induced by thiomersal-containing vaccines”
    Infallible logic: thimerosal causes hypersensitivity, but magically stops causing it when injected in blood as a part of vaccine (because it is a big no-no to admit that it does cause allergy along with other damage)
    Your logic: hitting you on the head with a hammer cause your eyes cross, but not when your pharma boss did it.
    i will copy this invaluable links as an illustration of quality of Pharma corporate “science”.
    And for that junk they strip taxpayers of $10 billion every year!

  • Lynnea Shrief

    You know, a lot of ‘legal’ science and research is far more disturbing, take testing on animals for example. Drilling holes in dogs brains, monkeys mutilated and rabbits with chemical products poured into their eyes, is that supposed to be ‘good science’ because it’s what the government says is ok and legal? What’s wrong with taking someones blood at a birthday party? He’s a doctor, if he was my doctor I’d let him take my blood if I knew he was trying to prove vaccines injured me. Midwives take women’s blood at home every day. How about polio vaccine trials on African children? How about releasing all these vaccines without proper double blind placebo trials first? How is what the CDC allow on a daily basis less harmful than what Dr Wakefield did? This doctor pushed boundaries, made huge sacrifices and was the first to break ground on what we all now know is a worldwide financial exploitation of children’s and elderly peoples health and wellbeing. I think a lot of people are just scared to admit that their doctor would want to financially gain from their illnesses. If you can’t see that mate, your blind, or, you’re paid to say this crap.

  • J.D.

    Actually, the only researcher in the article who has been exposed as a fraud and admitted to unethical behavior was the person the author cites to support her argument. Looks like you conspiracy theorists have this a little backwards.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I so far refuted a number of your points (read above) but too much garbage to deal with, not worth Jeff’s time.
    Wakefield’s study was expanded and confirmed so far by at least 28 independent (not CDC/pharma funded) studies
    The link to one of the studies from Poland i posted above, but more and more appear every year.
    Not all science is corrupted

  • J.D.

    Yeah, they get things wrong from time to time. And while it is to be expected, it should not be excused. Nevertheless, pretending that actual mistakes like updating safety information on Ebola are somehow signs of a grand conspiracy plot to harm people with lies is a bit psychotic.

  • Ginger

    You know the world is full of sheeple who quite frankly are unable to see and deal with the truth…. There is no point in entering into any kind of debate…. They are incapable of the understanding it takes…. Dr Andrew Wakefield should be given the Nobel prize for making the connection and then putting his professional and personal life on the line ….. Save your breath and put it to better use by enlightening others about what is really going on and what we need to do

  • J.D.

    I find that people who use the word “sheeple” tend to have no actual education or working knowledge on the topic.

    Dr. Wakefield admitted to fabricating stories, obtaining blood from children at birthday parties without ethical review board approval, and acting negligently. He himself admits this, just before going on to defend himself. You praise him for linking vaccines to inflammatory bowel disease, which has been debunked countless times.

    Do you know why there’s no point in people like you entering this kind of debate? You can’t even begin to comprehend basic scientific reasoning, let alone how to apply such principles to topics such as this.

  • J.D.

    you think there would be no diseases without the government or CDC?

  • J.D.

    despite your cute ability to capitalize letters, there are real facts on this topic from real independent scientists around the world who prove this article incorrect.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I find it interesting that you were instructed to blame Wakefield for giving children a few dollarsto give the sample, but it is OK for CDC/Pharma bereaucrats to do falsifyfy the studies, sign Thorsen’s million dollars invoices for “studies” that were never done, threaten employees with prison if they refuse to participate and cover vaccine fraud (Merck), hide the data, that clearly show damage even in case of multiple patien’s deaths.
    What an “ethical bunch of people’ we are dealing with!
    They all should be in prison – Gerberding, Boyle, De Stefano, Thorsen, all Merck and other pharma executives.

  • J.D.

    I’m not the CDC. If you have articles you’d like to present, by all means provide a link. Until then, I’m using 5 out of a countless number of independent scientists from around the world who used the highest scientific standards to produce valid and verifiable research that was scrutinized by non-conflicting peers and found to be accurate.

    Let’s review: a mountain of verified evidence supporting what I have to say, and name calling to support what you have to say. Do you get the sense why educated and trained professionals tend to see your reasoning as the intellectual equivalent of a temper tantrum?

  • J.D.

    I know it can be difficult for people not used to reading scientific articles to understand them sometimes. Perhaps if you quote the part you are referencing, I can translate for you.

    The only thing I can see is that the study acknowledges that high doses of it cause bad things, and then goes on to say that we don’t use high doses of it. Similarly, high doses of iron, or zinc, or vitamin A would produce bad outcomes, but people don’t receive those things.

    You see, fair and balanced scientific articles acknowledge concerns, and then investigate them. They’re not like smoke-screen websites like this that create very biased views. If you actually read the entire article instead of just the abstract, you’d find the scientific methods in which they came to their conclusions. Let me know how I can help you understand the science better.

  • J.D.

    Actually, you just grossly misunderstood that abstract. Perhaps I can help with your basic scientific reasoning.

    First off, if you want to sound mildly knowledgeable, never say vaccines are injected into the blood.

    Secondly, the abstract is stating that hypersensitivity is established, but that progression to a more overt allergic process such as anaphylaxis has never been documented. This is true.

    Third, hypersensitivity reactions are a good thing with regards to vaccinations. That’s exactly the kind of reaction we want the body to have, so the immune system attacks the vaccine and gains immunity.

    So let’s review: controlled hypersensitivity GOOD. Death from overt allergy BAD. This article shows thimerisal has the first one, and not the last one.

    Let me know if you need more help. By the way, what’s the highest level of education you’ve received? Just curious.

  • elnura

    The case against Dr. Wakefield has been overturned by the British
    High Court. Brian Deer’s involvement in this case initiated by the son
    of Rupert Murdoch, who, when Dr. Wakefield suggested that the MMR shot be given in separate doses incurred the ire of the entire British
    Medical Community. Because if there is one thing you don’t do is mess
    with the financial stream of big pharma. Wakefield had to go and he had
    to be shut down-especially this financially disastrous suggestion of
    separating the shots because that’s a financial investment big pharma
    didn’t want to make. Also, in their deviant little minds it would send
    the wrong signal to parents-that there is something wrong with the shot.
    Can’t have that. Oh, and the study that he was part of, has been
    duplicated hundreds of times. In fact, Wakefield’s study continues to
    be validated: Life Site News
    -New study ‘disproves’ MMR-autism link? Not so fast: pro-life vaccine expert:
    “The MMR all the news are talking about is from Japan and was made in
    animals, not aborted fetal cells. Therefore, we would not expect that
    study to show any link between animal based MMR and autism,” explained Dr. Theresa Deisher, a Seattle-based genetic research scientist. “We only see a link between aborted fetal manufactured vaccines and autism.”The bulk of Dr. Deisher’s research has been aimed at trying to untangle theweb of anecdotes and rumors surrounding the MMR, which has been at the center of controversy ever since scientist Andrew Wakefield published a 1998 study linking the vaccine to rising rates of autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and other brain dysfunctions.
    Wakefield’s study has been widely criticized by the mainstream medical
    community,but according to Deisher, other studies and governmental data actually back up his assertion that some MMR shots may be causing autistic symptoms in children.
    England and Wales High Court (Administrative Court) Decision Between:
    – and –
    SOLICITORS) for the Appellant
    (instructed by FIELD FISHER WATERHOUSE LLP) for the Respondent
    Hearing dates: 13th. 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th February 2012

    Following the successful appeal of the paper’s senior clinical
    investigator – John Walker-Smith – the GMC findings that served as the basis for Lancet’s retraction have since been overturned.

    With regard to the GMC’s false claims that the patients in the paper were not “consecutively referred”:

    “157.…Thus construed, this paper does not bear the meaning put upon it by the [GMC] panel. The phrase “consecutively referred” means no more than that the children were referred successively, rather than as a single
    batch, to the Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology.”

    Similarly, the GMC’s rulings that the children in the Lancet paper were
    subjects of a research project that did not gain ethical approval also proved unfounded:

    “158. …The [GMC] panel’s finding that the description of the patient
    population in the Lancet paper was misleading would only have been justified if its primary finding that all of the Lancet children were referred for the purposes of research as part of Project 172-96 is sustainable.
    Because, for the reasons which I have given, it was not, this aspect of
    its findings must also fall.”

    The judge found only one misleading statement in the paper, but it was not because investigations undertaken were unethical experiments described as gaining ethical approval in the paper according to the now-overturned findings on which the paper’s retraction was based. On the contrary, it was because investigations in the paper were described as being ethically approved when most were clinically indicated and required no such approval, although a few investigations were ethically approved. This may require an erratum, but it does not justify keeping the paper fully retracted.

    My research has indicated that Wakefield’s only public statement on the
    matter occurred during a single press interview, sometime in the late 90’s
    where the interviewing press person asked a series of leading questions
    and Wakefield simply made a recommendation that people utilize the
    single shot. However, I wasn’t “there” so I don’t know for sure. Is
    there some evidence that Wakefield was actively DEMANDING that the U.K. utilize the single shots? I just don’t think that was really the
    situation and that statement may be misleading. It was the press, in
    response to Wakefield’s one-time recommendation to err on the side
    of caution. Also, the letter above states that the retracted Lancet
    report… it was an “early report” of the clinical findings of the 12
    children undergoing treatment by Smith… the report did NOT contain a
    hypothesis about a link between MMR & autism. I will admit that the
    hypothesis of the connection of autism to the MMR could be applied to
    further studies using the scientific method based on the observations
    reported in the Lancet paper, however, the paper clearly stated that the
    “official conclusion” was that there was an environmental link.

    I would also like to remind everyone, or anyone new to this subject, that
    Wakefield claims that he and the other writers of the retracted paper, were asked to remove their reporting of the parents claims. I think it was 9 of
    the 12 PARENTS claimed that their children adversely regressed within a
    short time following their MMR vaccines. Three of the scientists/doctors
    involved in the writing of the paper refused to remove the information
    about the parents claims. The other writers eventually removed their
    names from the paper. Wakefield was fired, then YEARS LATER out of
    the blue, accused of misconduct by a journalist (Brian Deer-not a member of board of the medical community). None of the parents who worked with Wakefield and Smith, filed any complaint about misconduct
    by Wakefield or Smith. Smith and Wakefield went up in front of the
    General Medical Counsel and had their licenses revoked. NONE of the
    “science” of the paper was EVER found to be “fraudulent” and ALL the
    children were actually IMPROVING under the care of Smith & with
    Wakefield’s research efforts. They lost their licenses because the
    GMC decided that they did not get the proper signatures somewhere along the way. Eventually, Smith appealed the ruling by the GMC and his
    license was reinstated. Wakefield is working to file for libel against
    the journalist & another medical journal that published the journalists false accusations against him.

    What is so glaringly missing from this entire situation-the arrest of Brian Deer. Deer had access to the medical records of the Lancet 12 children long before the GMC hearing, which is apparently illegal. How? Who gave him access? It had to be someone within the medical sphere, so who was it. Goldee or someone else?

    Also, what are the consequences to the doctors who were the judges on this witch hunt who had conflicts of interest because of their ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Deer misrepresented himself to the parents of the Lancet 12 children,
    introducing himself as Brian Lawrence so he could interview them. If
    the heat gets to be too much for his handlers-they will dump him under
    the bus. Or he CYA by accumulating a dossier of information against
    James Murdoch, Fiona Goldee, BMJ and Lancet. Also for those who are unaware of it-Brian Deer was the person who filed charges against Dr. Wakefield. How did he have access to medical information of 12 children to formulate charges.

    “since Deer’s allegations sparked the General Medical Council case against Wakefield which would not have occurred without his involvement, he was effectively a principal player in the story he was reporting — a clear conflict of interest and breach of journalistic standards.”

    Despite his continual denial that he, Deer, initiated the charges against Dr. Wakefield this article follows the chronology of Deer’s involvement in the Wakefield witch hunt. A deer in the headlights: http://www.whale.to/vaccine/a_deer.html.

    Dr. Wakefield did nothing wrong per judgement by the British high court but there is not one MSM journalist worth a rats as- that will post it other than Sharyl Attkisson: http://sharylattkisson.com/. As far as I’m concerned those who are involved in the coverup of the vaccine holocaust against children on this planet are complicit in the injuring and deaths of millions of children around the world. In situations like this I always think to myself-KARMA.

  • J.D.

    People like you are responsible for the increasing deaths of unvaccinated children.

  • Lucy Brenton

    Don’t feed the trolls. Everyone reading this can clearly see they are trolls. Ignore.

  • J.D.

    That sucks. What does that have to do with vaccinations or this topic?

    Or are you again trying to make the claim that any accident by default invalidates everything an organization does?

  • elnura

    The paid trolls are really throwing out the Wakefield/McCarthy mantra on all websites. To me, when I see that, I respond to let others know the person is a troll and that’s their primary goal is to distract from anyone trying to get genuine truthful information about how dangerous vaccines are and how the government, CDC and all the minions attached to them have been deceiving the public since the smallpox shot. After all, if it wasn’t for the bogus claims that vaccines eradicated smallpox and polio-we would not be having this discussion.

  • J.D.

    I don’t think you really understand scientific ethics at all. In this country, before ANY research can start, the principle investigator must get clearance from an institutional board review that ensures all practices are ethical, including what constitutes informed consent. The study parameters, inclusion and exclusion criteria, methods, etc all must be laid out in advance, with clear understanding of how study samples will be used.

    Wakefield not only used no ethical review board, but himself had none of those things established. He has admitted this. He states he received informed consent from FOUR YEAR OLDs. Do you think the parents were fully informed with how he would use the blood if he himself didn’t know at the time?

    This man is a fraud. No country will allow him to practice medicine. He has admitted his fraud, and all of his credentials have been revoked. If you disagree, find any evidence that links MMR to inflammatory bowel disease as he initially did. No evidence exists because he literally made it up.

  • J.D.

    You mean, the “science” that you like isn’t corrupt, and everything else somehow doesn’t count. That’s not science. That’s cherry picking. That in fact flies in the face of scientific principles.

  • J.D.

    Yeah those animal trials are disturbing. What’s more disturbing is that they receive more ethical oversight than Wakefield did. It is ILLEGAL for a doctor to do what he did in this country.

    His research cannot be reproduced. Not a single person is left defending his idea that vaccines are linked to inflammatory bowel disease. And while he took blood, he can’t tell you what he did with it to actually come up with his conclusions that have been proved wrong countless times.

    If he were a true hero scientist, why doesn’t anyone know what tests he did on the blood to come to his conclusions? Why can’t it be reproduced?

  • J.D.


  • John

    “We took it out of all out vaccines”

    Ooopsssss. You do work for the CDC or pharma. Seems seems seems like you’re the only liar posting on this site JD!!!

  • becky

    J.D. you are obviously paid by someone to post here. What is your occupation and how do you have so much time to defend big pharma?

  • becky

    J.D. you are obviously paid by someone to post here. What is your job description and how do you have so much time to defend big pharma?

  • becky

    J.D. you are obviously paid by (whom?) to post here. What is your career and how do you have so much time to defend big pharma?

  • becky

    Let us know when you want to stop trolling and give some evidence or facts

  • John

    Despite finding no evidence to link the two, we still took it out of all our vaccines,”. So who do you work for JD!!!!!

  • RKae

    But the deaths of vaccinated children is OK?

  • RKae

    “They are designed for kids that have normally functioning immune systems.”

    Well, thank goodness kids with poorly functioning immune systems are born with that information printed on their backsides!

    And even if it were known that a kid has a poor immune system, the moment the parents say, “Nope; don’t want the vaccine,” people like you attack them for being “ignorant, anti-science conspiracy freaks who want to kill children.”

  • Lynnea Shrief

    He found the measles virus in the gut of children with autism, that’s how he was able to come to his conclusions. As a biology student once myself, I know that many different approaches to a desired conclusion are necessary to achieve results. Many approaches and many theories are necessary. He wanted to find answers to a question many are still asking, why do children with autism suffer from gut problems? We know so much more about gut flora now than we did before and Dr Wakefield was able to prove that something in those vaccines caused irreparable damage to children’s guts, among many other things. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that pharma companies are not going to risk losing the many billions of $ made by vaccines a year just because one British scientist discovered some possibilities. Let’s not forget, his research was published in the BMJ. Many saw his research and reviewed it before it was published, but soon after his research led to many asking questions, which was abruptly stopped. Lobbying, wining and dining certain politicians, judges and others in power is all it takes to achieve desired results in this financial ploy against the health of mankind. Dr Wakefield is one of many scientists who have been shushed over time. But the truth is coming out, more and more educated mothers and parents are saying NO to vaccines, information is widely available and authors like Christina are champions for exposing these billionaires and liars for who they really are.

  • sabelmouse

    can you post a link/extract of where he admits that?

  • ScroodeMcDuck

    It is a shame that our own government/country has been usurped by people who work hard to change and destroy life rather than preserving and nurturing it. I have to admit that the “Matrix” we live in is extremely complicated and overwhelming,making it all much more incomprehensible to unsuspecting good people who have placed their trust in “public” representatives and supposedly “charitable’ organizations and foundations. They will come to the realization that something is very wrong eventually,but they will fight for their false paradigm to the last possible moment. My own family can be included with this group of blind men and women. We start off life learning the lies and deception our parents have been conditioned to subject us to.i.e Santa clause or the Satan clause and pagan fertility bunnies to lead us straight into the hands of the Ghosts and Goblins of yet another deception !. Everything should be scrutinized for its face value and its hidden meanings as well.

  • noneya

    you spew your comments with no data to back it up- as far as education JD ‘sheeple’ is a slag word also in the dictionary:


    Houghton Mifflin


    People who are meekly submissive or easily swayed

  • sabelmouse

    can you produce statistics or any other evidence of children that died because of lack of vaccination?

  • Shannon Nicole Renis

    I think people would be able to fight off diseases and would be healthier if people didn’t genetically modify our foods and try to play god with vaccines. look at how much healthier the world was back then compared to now our foods were healthier and not genetically modified and way less vaccines sorry put two and two together not that complicated doesn’t take a scientist to see that

  • Shannon Nicole Renis

    posey and Weldon have the studies and are going through them Thompson handed them over just keep watching for the answers that all us parents seen with our own eyes and keep getting told we don’t know what we seen. sorry to inform all the “scientist” but a parent doesnt just forget these things. its a matter of time im still praying this doesn’t happen to anymore children and that my son and family get justice I want the people who knew all about this and hid it to be held responsible..

  • sabelmouse


  • Percie

    J.D. Who do you work for?

  • kbam2728

    You never did read 1984 did you. You can continue to go about your trolling. There are some of us that know and understand what is going on with the government and if you choose not to wake up, that is your sad problem. However, we will not stop to help wake other people up.

  • JustSayin’

    When you state, “people who use the word ‘sheeple’ tend to have no actual education or working knowledge on the topic.” LOLOL. Folks, this is a gorgeous, shining example of a pitiful Elitist Ass who will have a HUGE fall. J.D., you and your fellow Elitist ilk have their day coming. All of us will watch with a bowl of popcorn in our laps with a smile on our faces.

  • Silver

    “I find that people who use the word “sheeple” tend to have no actual education or working knowledge on the topic.”

    strange criteria…

  • JustSayin’

    Becky: J.D. won’t answer, and that’s perfectly fine. He attacks others, but wants no one to know about him – fine. But what ISN’T fine is to dish it and not take it. His ass wouldn’t last two seconds in Idaho. Just ignore him. He’s a useless troll.

  • Silver

    Its a Red Herring that had nothing to do with his findings…


  • Silver

    Your a one note Troll…

  • Silver

    oh the HORROR of it all!!!!
    Herd Immunity!!!

  • Silver


  • Silver

    “is a bit psychotic”
    So your saying
    Critical Thinking = ” is a bit psychotic”

  • Silver

    Answer = Who cares

    1 hour from where I live is a Glaxo Smith Kline plant, it is the size of a small town!

    Wonder how much money they make?? Not as much as vactruth.com eh?


  • Silver

    “instead of pathetic ad hominem attacks”
    I know you are… but what am I…

  • Silver

    that means you… frank

  • becky


  • becky

    Says the troll who does work for big pharma or WHO…

  • Silver

    Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats – BBC Four

    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics

  • WatchingWaiting

    A little Iodine in the salt also goes a long way :)

  • WatchingWaiting

    Perhaps someone knows and can be bothered to let me know : What has the CDC done about its staff member handing over documents to Posey? I mean – do they allow that sort of thing? Are there going to be repercussions? Its seems a little ‘easy’ ….Don’t get me wrong – I love the whistleblowers and admire their ‘courage’ (albeit forced) and I have no trust for the CDC… But how the hell are they tolerating this activity? Are they keeping a calm public face but running the shredders 24 x 7 in the secret back offices?

  • J.D.

    So you think the incidence and death rate of chicken pox practically disappeared immediately after the vaccine came out because why exactly?


    We know areas that have more flu shots have less flu deaths. This is fact. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • J.D.

    “Raked over by coals” by whom? Who do you think is using him as a message? Let me give you a hint: the scientific and medical community in unity revoked his credibility and credentials. There are no doctors out there who are scared of producing actual science as a result of him.

    Dr. Wakefield falsified his information, acquired blood samples from children at a birthday party, and cannot actually tell anyone what he did with those blood samples. Yeah that generally doesn’t work in science, medicine, or ethics.

  • J.D.

    By “elitist” do you mean educated? If so, then yes. I welcome you to join my “elite” circle of educated people anytime. I’d be happy to educate you myself.

    In the meantime, perhaps you can address the actual issues instead of jumping to such flimsy name calling?

    Just saying.

  • J.D.

    I’m aware of the meaning. I find the people who use it actually have no clue what’s going on when they use it.

  • J.D.

    What does that have to do with anything? I have never worked for or received money, incentive, or benefit from any organization with financial investment in vaccinations.

    Now, do you have facts to support something you say like I do, or are you just going to try to find some ad hominem attack to base your stance on?

  • J.D.

    if the one note is “factual evidence” then yes, I only have one trick to play. Would anyone like to try to refute the factual evidence provided or shall we just call each other names?

    This is why the scientific community dismisses quackery such as the people on this website.

  • J.D.

    you’re kidding, right? You realize that vaccination eliminated polio in this country. Nearly eliminated varicella deaths (if not for the unvaccinated). Everywhere there is an increase in flu vaccinations there is a decrease in flu hospitalizations and deaths.

    Are you actually contesting the benefits of vaccines?

    Let me ask you this: why do you think these don’t exist anymore? http://www.richardbradley.net/shotsinthedark/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/39358230.jpg

  • J.D.

    The article explaining how he is fraudulent is a red herring? Really? You say it has nothing to do with his findings, but you can’t actually show me how he got his findings. That’s why the scientific and medical communities figured out he was lying. He literally has no verifiable data. None. He can’t tell you what tests he ran on the unethically collected blood samples. Did I mention no verifiable data or protocols?

  • J.D.

    Why is it you think there are no wards in hospitals dedicated only to polio anymore?

  • J.D.

    yeah that’s called quakery. it’s a nice random belief. unfortunately science doesn’t support you.

  • J.D.

    Who said deaths of children are ok? (besides you just implying it). That was a nice straw man argument you just made.

    Death happens regardless. The point is to reduce the risk. There are risks from having vaccines, and risks from not having vaccines. The educated people in this world are thankfully making the decisions here because they can acknowledge both good and bad of both sides.

    HOWEVER, when you actually look at the evidence, the sides are not equal. The risk of not being vaccinated greatly outweighs the risk of being vaccinated.

    Let’s put this another way: Would you rather have a 10% chance of being struck my lightening, or a 0.001% chance? Sure, there is still risk in the second option, but why be in the first group?

  • J.D.

    No. Critical thinking is something I would love to foster on this discussion. Unfortunately, people don’t use actual logic. They believe that one minor website change proves an underlying covert conspiracy theory. That is quackery.

  • J.D.

    Lol. The first sign of someone disagreeing with the ridiculousness of this website and providing actual evidence is somehow being paid off to do so.

    I will reiterate once again: I have not ever received any benefit, monetary or otherwise, from any company or organization that gets any gain, financial or otherwise, from the use of vaccinations.

    Now if you’re done trying to discredit me, perhaps you can actually try to address the verifiable information I’ve provided.

  • J.D.

    see my response to that ridiculous idea above

  • J.D.

    I’ve provided evidence to support what I say, and the people of this board respond by thinking my credentials are invalid.

    Sorry. That’s not how logic works. If you want to bring me down, attack the verifiable evidence I’m bringing to the table.

    You can’t concurrently claim that this site is dedicated to free thought and really knowing the facts when just about every nut job here cherry picks information and ignores all evidence against their beliefs. That’s called ignorance. That’s called quackery.

    Just saying.

  • WatchingWaiting

    You sort of burst nothing with your flippant statement. Your ‘facts’ are not proven and – in fact – are incorrect.

    Did you not read the comment about Iodine. Added to the salt in USA in 1924 – resulted in an increase of national IQ – the affect was that profound.

    Probably reduced countless deaths from disease alone. Notwithstanding improved medicines, hygiene, transport, food, sanitation.

  • J.D.

    I care. So many people tend to question the affiliations of someone like me on this site, despite providing none about themselves. Is this site so hypocritical as to not even question the monetary benefits this site receives for spreading this garbage?

  • J.D.

    I have listed several verifiable research articles generated from independent scientists from around the world that have all come to the same conclusion.

    Perhaps it’s time you actually evaluate the evidence that has already been brought forth.

    While you’re on that topic, could you care to explain how varicella has nearly been eliminated from the country since the vaccinate came out? Or why we no longer have polio wards in hospitals anymore? Perhaps you believe these illnesses just disappeared on their own accord?

  • J.D.

    No. I attack sites like this who purposely spread false information (which I’ve refuted several times with specific articles and evidence).

    The parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children are usually well-intentioned parents who are otherwise uneducated and unintentionally increase their child’s risk of disease and death. They mean well though.

    As for immunization, we only use the dead variety of polio in this country specifically to avoid that very possibility from happening. Glad I was able to help you a little bit on the topic. Please ask more questions!

  • J.D.

    FALSE. care to actually address the evidence placed before you now? Or do you opt to remain completely uneducated? Ignorance is bliss?

  • J.D.

    As mentioned numerous times, I have never received any benefit of any kind from any organization that profits/benefits from vaccinations.

    Same challenge: care to actually address the evidence instead of questioning credentials? Facts ought to be facts regardless, and your ridiculous theory about me is wrong. If this site is so dedicated to the “real truth” out there, why do so many people pretend that actual verifiable scientific studies from around the globe don’t exist?

  • J.D.

    we as a country. this entire nation. We. Us. Scientists. Doctors. Nurses.

    Sorry, I still don’t work for the CDC, pharma-anything, or any other conspiracy theory you can think up. I’m a legitimate concerned citizen just like you, but I have an education and the ability to think critically with evidence.

  • J.D.

    I’m not following. Was there someone on this site previously named frank who expressed similar reasoning as me?

  • J.D.

    and yet no one, not even other people defending him, can reproduce his results. More importantly, NO ONE, not even crazy antivaxxers still think vaccination is tied to inflammatory bowel disease. Literally everyone has abandoned that idea of his. So how did he get it? He won’t say. Part of being a scientist is publishing the exact methods taken to create your data, and he can’t. Because it’s fake. Look at any of the articles in the links I provided above. Every single one of them describes their methods. Every one. That’s science.

  • WatchingWaiting

    Really? Refute this article with references then. Or keep trolling

  • WatchingWaiting

    Herd immunity … sheeple.

  • WatchingWaiting

    At least your remuneration is commensurate with your relevance.

  • Percie

    aren’t we being a bit defensive, J.D?

  • J.D.

    I’m aware of iodine. I’m not sure how it has anything to do with the near-eradication of polio and chicken pox in this country as a result of vaccination.

  • J.D.

    we’re copying and pasting

    people can’t actually address the evidence so they attempt to discredit me instead. percie, would you like to address the evidence?

  • lou

    Corrupt Dangerous Cowards?

    This of course applies only to the political heads of CDC. Almost all other employees are very ethical people who do want to help. Too bad the CDC is organized as a MILITARY organization with RIGID top down command and CONTROL.

  • Free People

    Truth is, J.D. has an advanced degree in shilling from a major Shilliversity but it’s not working here.

  • Free People

    I laughed when I saw J.D. referencing Snopes and was going to say Snopes is bought and paid for just as WikiLIES is. Who would seriously reference Snopes as credible.

  • elnura

    Do you really think all of those researchers trying to prove a
    connection and finding none independently around the world all got it

    Absolutely wrong. Studies regarding mercury (thimerosal) damage to any one or tissue dates back to the 1930’s. Here is a video from the University of Calvary on mercury.
    How Mercury Destroys the Brain – University of Calgary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtFsy0rQsak

    -Simpsonwood Meeting Transcript On Issue Of Mercury In Vaccines (262 page meeting notes “from behind closed doors”: http://www.autismhelpforyou.com/HG%20IN%20VACCINES%20-%20Simpsonwood%20-%20Internet%20File.pdf
    *quote from transcript: Dr. Verstraeten, pg. 40-41: “…we have found
    statistically significant relationships between the exposure and outcomes for these different exposures and outcomes. First, for two months of age, an unspecified developmental delay, which has its own specific ICD9 code. Exposure at three months of age, Tics. Exposure at six months of
    age, an attention deficit disorder. Exposure at one, three and six months of age, language and speech delays which are two separate ICD9 codes.
    Exposures at one, three and six months of age, the entire category of neurodevelopmental delays, which includes all of these plus a number of other disorders.”
    *Dr. Weil, pg. 207 – the man representing the American Academy of
    Pediatrics [the very organization that helped to set guidelines for vaccine policy – the organization said to be “dedicated to the health of all children”]: “The number of dose related relationships are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.
    *Verstraeten CDC Internal Email: “It Just Won’t Go Away “Written by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, CDC, and sent to Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Frank Destefano, title, CDC.
    Dr. Verstraeten was responsible for the preliminary analysis of the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink to determine if a relationship existed between Thimerosal and autism. The “It” in Dr. Verstraeten’s subject line of “It just won’t go away” is the correlation between Thimerosal and autism. Dr. Verstraten also notes that “all the harm is done in the first month.

    Secret CDC Study/Report On Thimerosal (original 27 page study that was
    discussed at Simpsonwood) http://www.autismhelpforyou.com/EXPERT%20PAPER%20-%20Thimerosal%20VSD%20study001%20-%20Internet%20File.pdf


    Geier & Geier Study On Link Between Thimerosal And Neurodevelopmental Disorders: http://www.autismhelpforyou.com/EXPERT%20PAPER%20-%20Geier%20-%20Internet%20File.pdf

    -Thimerosal Exposure and the Role of Sulfation Chemistry and Thiol Availability in Autism. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2013, 10, 3771-3800 http://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/10/8/3771

    -B-Lymphocytes from a Population of Children with Autism Spectrum
    Disorder and Their Unaffected Siblings Exhibit Hypersensitivity to
    Thimerosal, published in the Journal of Toxicology: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3697751/
    -Significant numbers of animals died within days of exposure:
    Powell and Jamison 1931 Am J. Hyg
    -Thimerosal 35.3 times more toxic to embryonic cells than bacterial cells
    Salle and Lazarus 1935 Proc Soc Exp Biol Med.
    More studies at: http://www.ashotoftruth.org/thimerosal-papers

    -Administration of thimerosal to infant rats increases overflow of
    glutamate and aspartate in the prefrontal cortex: protective role of
    dehydroepiandrosterone sulfat: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22015977
    -A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic
    encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive
    autistic disorders: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17454560
    -An assessment of downward trends in neurodevelopmental disorders in
    the United States following removal of Thimerosal from childhood
    vaccines: Geier DA1, Geier MR-http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16733480

  • Lou

    “We know areas that have more flu shots have less flu deaths. This is fact. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

    Sir please document this claim. TIA

  • Lou

    “The risk of not being vaccinated greatly outweighs the risk of being vaccinated.”

    Sir did you even bother to READ this article you are using to laud “vaccination”

    Example # 3: CDC Found to be Responsible for the Death of Thousands of Unborn ChildrenPlease read THIS ARTICLE you are commenting on. These 4000 unborn fetuses were KILLED by the “H1N1 vaccine”. Those fetuses who were “vaccinated” had an increase of 4200% in their risk of death.

    If you read this article you will learn the CDC will NEVER protect the innocent from KNOWN TOXIC death producing “vaccines”.

  • Free People

    Great article as usual, Christina England.

    I received a newsletter from Jon Rappoport yesterday, which can be seen in it’s entirety at no more fake news dot com, regards how deep the CDC is implicated in the whistleblower scandal on MMR vaccine causing autism. Here is the smoking gun part of it, titled CDC Whistleblower This is the Smoking Gun:

    How was the cover-up actually achieved? Who else at the CDC was involved?

    In particular, what role did Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC (2002-2009) play?

    Thompson sent a letter to Gerberding on February 2, 2004, a week before a major meeting on vaccine-autism issues.

    Mike Adams of naturalnews.com released that letter. In it, Thompson writes that he will be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study [and]…I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

    Thompson is referring to the data which we now know were the basis of the 2004 study that embodied fraud and cover-up.

    So Gerberding, the head of the CDC, knew there “were problems.” She knew Thompson was telling her there was a causal connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

    That’s what Thompson meant when he wrote to her: “problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

    Gerberding is now president of Merck Vaccines.

    Do you know what vaccine Merck manufactures?

    The MMR.

    The vaccine which was let off the hook and given a free pass in 2004. The vaccine which, Thompson and his co-authors concluded— committing fraud—had no connection to autism.

    Julie Gerberding. Former head of the CDC. The behind-the-scenes key figure in a scandal that could blow up the CDC.

    Gerberding knew. She knows.

    She now heads up the company that makes and sells the MMR vaccine.

    End of Rappoport report.

    I believe that if this is indeed true, Julie Gerberding has committed crimes against the people allowing children to be injured for 10 years of her knowledge of this information, and she should be tried and if found guilty, prosecuted. All the ABC agencies of the corrupt government are corrupt to the core.

  • Lou

    It is truly unknowable how the CDC is reacting to this escape of perhaps 100,000 documents. In a half way honest world it would be the END of the corrupt CDC. Too bad we live in a world far less than half way honest. I am afraid they will cover it up as they have covered up THOUSANDS of implicating incidents.

    BUT you never know; I am hopeful a spotlight of truth will fall on some of the death dealing deceit at the CDC.

    There has been a FOIA fight in the courts now for almost a decade for the release of thousands of CDC documents PROVING the CDC has known for decades “vaccines” do not work and are maiming and killing kids. Let us hope these documents are in the pile and a few DOZEN honest people on the hill get to view them.

  • sabelmouse

    so no actual evidence of anything then?

  • sabelmouse

    what evidence?

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    If you cannot comprehend their own facts, plz don’t bother to comment.

  • WatchingWaiting

    Well it would pay for you to do alot of research on Iodine. If you don’t know how it improves the immune system – what are you doing claiming ANY knowledge on this topic? Are you medically trained?
    The vaccines likely perpetuated the diseases that Iodine knocked on the head.

    And then there is cholera, typhoid, etc – no vaccines BUT still a decline to near zero after Iodine was introduced. (And the other factors of sanitation, transport, medicines, etc)

  • WatchingWaiting

    Yes OK. Your evidence is full of big pharma money lies. There – its addressed.

    We have all seen the lies, some of the studies are interesting – but most of them have the results so incorrectly classified that the stats are meaningless.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I checked your profile, and saw that 13 hours ago you typed so many posts in a single hour that normal person will not be able to type in a workday. Even considering that most of your typing is nonsence, demagoguery, cliche, just to fill the space, one person can not be so prolific, even with copy and paste from provided scripts. Looks like several trolls working from cubicles, then visiting as “guests” to give “likes”

  • WatchingWaiting

    Yes, elnura posted it above.

  • WatchingWaiting

    lol. You spend alot of time here…Perhaps you would be better off trying to help your Mothers who ‘walk in’ with a child with measles, and rather than letting them die – TREAT THEM properly

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    You (or several of you) are not educated at all, with the exception of 2 hour instructions from your PR manager before all of you headed to your cubicles with the list of old lies, libels and cliches.
    I probably can compile a 2-3 page list of those cliches, another one of libels, but list of standard lies will be long.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Of course, pharma PR department, and as noticed above, by amount of typed gibberish looks like there are several cheap trolls, lying together under the same “JD”

  • sabelmouse

    what a weird article/interview.

  • Percie

    I would like you to address your evidence. You can’t because you’re not telling the truth.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Temper tantrum is now happening to pharma and CDC, that is why you are here on this website, ridiculed and exposed, but still posting lies in every line. Prolific typists like you are the pharma’s last resort to obscure treal facts. Sebelius, Obama’s top Big Health (or rather Big Sickness bureaucrat openly admitted that they ordered media to represent only pharma’s point of view on vaccines (i.e. fake studies) and suppress opposing views, which your employer is doing.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    I understand science very well, and I know fake “studies” when I see them. The reason why I use much more simple and direct language with you, is because you post at a level of high school C-student, who doesn’t want to work at McDonalds, but created a fantasy in his mind that he is “educated” JD or “scientist” . I can imagine how you lie to women you meet at the bar that you are J.D. working with “media” on “pharmaceuticals” . Then you try to get them pay the bill, since the pennies pharma pays you per line are too scarce. Get a job in McDonalds, it is more honorable and suits your intelligence level.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Ask those who co-troll with you, may be one of them will explain you why Jeff called you Frank.
    it is funny that you do not even read articled you are trolling on.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Every line is a lie

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Results are reproduced every time vaccine with all its toxic components and carcinogens is injected into the body.
    Oh, sorry, you supplied a link to fake “study” that said the children get smarter from mercury…
    So, according to pharma, their guts also get healthier.
    Do you have mental retardation, from vaccines or other drugs?

  • Silver

    “The article explaining how he is fraudulent is a red herring? Really?”
    yes Really… get over it…

  • Silver

    Polio was in decline already and actually spiked when the vaccine was introduced…

  • Percie

    I agree with you. Years ago pharma PR dept could have gotten away with one cheap troll but today more and more people have woken up to the corruption and they need many more trolls to keep up with the backlash. J.D. makes me smile.

  • Tammy Brown

    The CDC is a rogue agency. They deny scientific studies that provide basis for how vaccines cause injury. The CDC does NOT base their recommendations on all of the science available, only on biased studies.

  • Free People

    Good catch disqus_k3oycamNOW !

  • Free People

    The scientific community IS quackery — and paying you to NOT dismiss the people on this website. Geez!

  • Silver

    Did you click the link above I provided?
    Why not question the intent of Glaxo Smith Kline????

    “how much money from ads does the owner of this website make”
    … really???

  • Free People

    Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC (2002-2009), knew in 2004 because Thompson gave her the information.

    The MMR vaccine was let off the hook and given a free pass in 2004 by Julie Gerberding. She is now the president of the pHARMaceutical company that makes the MMR vaccine!

  • Free People

    The World Holocaust Organizers (WHO) IS a crimiinal conspiracy — NOT a ‘theory’. If you would only get your nose out of the Frankenstein scientists FAKE studies and wake up, sheeple no more, you would know this!

  • Free People

    “scientific ETHICS” ??? Bwahahahha..there’s no such thing!

  • It’s a good cover for Pharma’s pet projects.

  • elnura

    All childhood diseases were on their way on their own until the government/CDC interfered. Example Polio-The vaccine was a disaster and it was so obvious Jonas Salk couldn’t deny it: “In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists, that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. (Science 4/4/77 “Abstracts” –Control of influenza and poliomyelitis with killed virus vaccines)
    sciencemag.com and a very small embedded article in the -Washington Post on September 24, 1976.
    The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio in the US today, with 87% of cases between 1973 and 1983 caused by the vaccine. More recently, 1980-1989, every case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine. (Strebel PM., et al.
    Epidemiology of poliomyletis in U.S. one
    decade after the last reported case of indigenous wild virus
    associated disease, Clinical Infectious Diseases CDC, February
    -In the US and Europe Polio rates had abated to 47% & 55% respectively before the Salk Vaccine. Now, Polio is skyrocketing around the world wherever Bill Gates, The WHO, CDC and other minions of evil go. Only it’s now called AFP Acute Flaccid Paralysis or Transverse Myelitis, Viral or Aseptic Meningitis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epidemic Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Spinal Meningitis, Spinal Apolexy, Inhibitory Palsy, Intermittent Fever, Famine Fever, Worm Fever, Bilious Remittent Fever, Ergotis, ME, Post-Polio Syndrome aka GBS. Coxsackie virus and echo viruses can cause paralytic syndromes that are clinically indistinguishable from paralytic poliomyelitis. The name changes came after the government confirmed the vaccine wasn’t working so to cover it as-, in 1958, the CDC formally adopted the “Best available paralytic poliomyelitis case count” or BAPPCC:
    “Cases must be clinically and epidemiologically compatible with poliomyelitis, must have resulted in paralysis, and must have a residual neurological deficit 60 days after onset of initial symptoms. .. the BAPPCC does not include cases of nonparalytic poliomyelitis, of those in which paralysis is more transient. The original purpose of developing these criteria was to omit cases possibly due to enteroviruses other than polioviruses.” The definition changes were so radical, that many doctors publicly stated in medical journals, that it effectively eliminated 90% of what had previous been accepted as paralytic polio. Changing the name give the illusion to the public that the disease is gone when it’s just labeled differently.

    A Polio virus was never found. The first polio vaccine was created using fecal matter from 3 children who recovered from polio. It was said to contain 24-30 nm (thousand millionths of a meter). A viral like particle was created to obtain a virus of sort. This microscopic particle was found in excrement but NOT in polio victims. Vaccine ingredients:
    Calf Serum Protein, Formaldehyde or Formalin, Monkey Kidney Tissue, Neomycin, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Polymyxin B, Streptomycin,

    -Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The “Viral Fraud” Pictures of “Isolated Viruses” Debunked: http://neue-medizin.com/lanka2.htm

    Monkey Kidney=SV-40. SV-40
    What does SV40 do exactly in order to cause cancer? It switches off a protein that protects cells from becoming malignant. It is not
    cancer-type specific, but cell function specific. Not everyone who is infected with SV40 will get cancer. SV-40 has been detected in the following tumors: a variety of brain tumors including 85% of choriod plexus papillomas, in 73% of ependymomas, in 46% of astrocytomas, in 50% of glioblastomas, and in 14% of meningiomas. SV40 has appeared in 61% of all new cancer patients too young to have received the vaccines. So further studies were done, which found in the U.S. that SV40 is routinely found in 23% of blood samples, and 45% of sperm samples, proving that it is transmitted both horizontally and vertically. Aaccording to work published by Dr. Howard Strickler, National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, people in Massachusetts and Illinois who received indentified lot numbers known to be SV40 contaminated are now demonstrating ten times the rate of osteosarcoma bone tumors than those who received vaccine free of the SV 40 virus. Two cluster of Leukemia in small children developed in the mid-west after the Salk vaccine was given.
    Dr. Herbert Ratner, the former Health Officer of Oak Park, Illinois.

    -Research Dr. Bernice Eddy & Dr. Michael Carbone,

    I think had the government not created another “pandemic” to sell vaccines the cancer rate around the world would be drastically lower. Their interference has been good for the pharmaceutical industries and all its attachments but not good for humanity.

  • Nimadan

    No theory, technique, ideology or technology is worth a damn if the people behind it are corrupt. Vaccination was probably a great idea when it was first developed and it still would be if Big Pharma hadn’t morphed into a monstrous pathocracy.

  • ponerology

    Agencies aren’t ‘rogue’. They accomplish exactly what they’re meant to accomplish.

  • J.D.

    Probably a great idea? It ended polio in this country. Varicella, except for the non-vaccinated is nearly gone. What do you mean probably? Vaccinations save lives.

  • J.D.

    Actually, they have very transparent standards for what they acknowledge as actual scientific studies that is completely in line with scientific standards. Yes, all organizations devoted to scientific scrutiny accept well-formed ethically approved case-control trials, and tend to reject the ramblings of someone who took blood from children at a birthday party and can’t reproduce how he claims vaccines cause inflammatory bowel disease. Guess which of those two was Andrew Wakefield

  • J.D.

    I love a good conspiracy theory. So your assessment of a likely fictitious note that can’t be found anywhere tells you that there was a huge cover up, even though even scientific society in the world that has examined this very issue has found absolutely no correlation between the two. Please, let me more.

  • J.D.

    Sorry, I’m one person. You crazies really have no leg to stand on with this? You can’t actually account for how polio and chicken pox were practically wiped from the face of the country immediately after their respective vaccines came out.

    In an effort to hide your vast deficiencies, you instead attempt to make these ridiculous ad hominem attacks. Everything from my employer to my benefits to my TYPING SPEED has been called into question to avert the discussion from the actual topic: vaccines save lives.

    You can’t actually face this truth. Let’s assume for a moment I am multiple people all posting relevant opinions, supported by reproducible scientific evidence from around the world. Does that somehow invalidate the actual points I (one person) am making? You’re ridiculous.

    Face the issue, not my post count.

  • J.D.

    When you say things like “vaccines likely peretuated the diseases that iodine knocked on the head” it makes you sound like a lunatic. You either have supporting scientific evidence, or you’re literally fabricating blind guesswork.

    Iodine is a mineral that helps with thyroid function. Without it, there is a higher risk for populations to be deficient in this needed mineral, and thus have low thyroid levels. We’re not talking about the well documented role of thyroid hormone. We’re talking about vaccinations. Even after iodine was introduced, the varicella vaccine practically wiped the disease from the face of the country. So both before and after iodine, vaccines still do what they were meant to: save lives.

  • J.D.

    sorry, I’m still one person, not working for any invested institutions in this issue. I’m just a citizen like you, but with a bit more education. Can we stop making ad hominem attacks and return to the topic now?

  • J.D.

    that makes no sense. You would like to address my evidence, but you’re not. You’re running circles around it, hoping the discussion gets off course. In fact, what was the last post you made on this page that actually addressed the topic at hand?

  • J.D.

    No, please. Do explain.

  • J.D.

    I have several times. Please scroll up and actually click on the links I provided.

  • J.D.

    You mean to tell me that you think SCURVY just went away on its own? It’s caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C. When people figured that out, they took very specific steps to cause its eradication.

    The bubonic plague wiped out a third of the population. Why on earth would you wish for diseases to just run rampant and unchecked? This is not how doctors practice medicine.

    Polio went from an epidemic to eradicated, just after the vaccine came out. Varicella: same thing. You think these things are just coincidence?

    By the way I like the quote from the veterinarian. Maybe you could get a human doctor, or reputable scientist who uses ethical standards?

  • J.D.

    can you just summarize the point you’re trying to make?

  • Silver

    “By the way I like the quote from the veterinarian. Maybe you could get a human doctor, or reputable scientist who uses ethical standards?”


    Sorry to not meet your standards professor keyboard….it was just one of hundreds of professionals that basically observe the same.

  • Silver

    Polio was not eradicated by vaccines… it was already on the decrease and in many countries that did not have the vaccine program it was eradicated also = fraud.

    It actually killed more people (just like Bill Gates polio vaccine program eradicates Children not polio), even Salk stated that just about every outbreak of polio from the 60/70’s on was probably vaccine induced.

  • J.D.

    So, Salk’s vaccine was dead virus. His vaccine literally couldn’t cause people to get polio. Secondly, he was commenting about an inferior live version. Third, you have absolutely no proof to support the idea that polio was about to magically disappear.

    Such diseases do not magically go away without massive changes in the population, which was not the case. It was there immediately before the vaccine, kids who received the Salk vaccine didn’t get it, and it was eradicated as a result.

    Do you think the same thing about varicella? That it was going to just magically poof out of existence for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and did so coincidentally when the vaccine came out? These ideas of yours are not grounded in reality.

  • Nimadan

    “Vaccines, Neurodevelopment, and Autism Spectrum Disorders” 3-1-2009

    “German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients” 10-17-2009

    “83 percent of brain injury vaccine compensation payouts were for autism caused by vaccines” 5-17-2011

    “MMR causes autism, proven in Italian court case” 6-22-2012

    “Flu Vaccine INCREASES Risk of Serious Pandemic Flu” 9-18-2012

    “Courts discreetly confirm MMR vaccine causes autism” 9-3-2013

    “Vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over a hundred years” 4-29-2014

    “smoking gun on CDC vaccine-autism fraud” 8-14-2014

    “CDC Whistleblower” – 10min, 8-19-2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhpckzxVEoc

  • J.D.

    when you need to go to veterinarians to prove a point about human vaccinations, you’re probably using one of the wrong “hundreds of professionals”

    Worse yet against your own argument, is that if you actually wanted to look at the policies of the American Veterinary Medical Association and associated boards, they all SUPPORT vaccinations.

    First three words on the page: “vaccines protect patients”

    Even in the pet-doctor world, you’re still wrong.

  • J.D.

    See the problem with you linking to those sites, is that none of them, not a single one, actually has any scientific research on it. Literally, not a single one.

    In science, to answer a question you need to setup an experiment to test a hypothesis. Your links have no experiment. No hypothesis. No citation to experiments. Literally no science whatsoever.

  • Silver

    J.D. you and your team can take a break, I will not be responding anymore on this article… takes to much time…
    thanks for the effort!

  • Silver

    Kill the messenger and IGNORE the message…

    “Today, polio has virtually been wiped out in the United States. But so has it from those European countries that voiced doubts about the vaccine in the 1950s and chose not to institute mandatory inoculations.”

    The FACT is that polio disappeared in many, many countries that did NOT have a vaccine program… right in line with the polio rates were already heading down before the vacs were introduced.

    This will be my very last response to you and your team…
    Thanks for the memories…

  • Nimadan

    Blah, blah, blah. You would discount anything that anyone put up because you’re either a Science-cultist and/or a shill for Big Pharma. In fact, every one of those links I gave refers to a valid source of information, whether it be whistle-blowers, dissenting experts, or court rulings.

    Big Science at this point is an overclass whorehouse.
    They exist to supply rationalizations for the policies of
    the puppetmasters. Even in areas where the globalists
    have no particular interest, the integrity of B.S. is further compromised by their own rampant groupthink.

    Bottom line, BS is just another corrupt priesthood like the AMA, or the Pentagon, or the lawyers. In 2014, there’s no rational reason to believe or disbelieve anything because scientific prostitutes say so.

  • elnura

    Can you do your own research? The information is available if you want to find it. Ex: Reviewing the National Vital Statics System of the CDC-if you walk through the years you’ll see that the all the childhood diseases improved dramatically after the introduction of municipal sanitation systems. US and Europe Polio rates had abated to 47% & 55% respectively before the Salk Vaccine. Very few European countries purchased the Polio Vaccine and Polio abated completely on its own comparatively with the US who used a vaccine. Distribution and administration of the Polio vaccine in the US caused Polio cases to rise 700%. http://www.vaclib.org/intro/present/index2.htm

    -Similar information applies to measles. 1900 there were 13.3 measles deaths per 100,000 population. By 1955, the death rate was 0.03 deaths per 100,000, a decline
    of 97.7%, eight years before the first measles shot.
    The death rate from measles in the mid-1970’s (post-vaccine) remained exactly the same as in the early 1960’s (pre-vaccine). Review chart at link above.

    On Sept. 12, 2013, public health officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) called a press conference to announce that vaccination rates among pre-school children are “high and stable” and “less than 1% are unvaccinated.” More than 90 percent of American toddlers have gotten a measles containing MMR shot by age three, along with many doses of 10 other government recommended vaccines. The US has the highest vaccination rate in the world and we have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. 1940 children received 2 vaccines. 1980 children receive 8 vaccines and 2 at a time. 2012 children receive 49 DOSES OF 14 VACCINES BEFORE AGE 6? 69 DOSES OF 16 by 18 and the vaccine companies want to add more. The autism rate in the US is 1 in 21. 1 child in 6 is chronically ill. For a county that spend the most on health care in the world, this is appalling and the only thing that’s distinguished the US from other countries is that the US gives the most vaccinations, early in life, than any other country in the world.

    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics:http://childhealthsafety.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/vaccines-did-not-save-us-e28093-2-centuries-of-official-statistics.pdf

    Vaccines are highly contaminated and scientist have no idea what damages this monster mix is having on the human body but given the strange and rare number of illness that are popping up all around the world-beginning with cancers from SV-40 from the polio vaccine, they know now.

    It was thus that I learnt that our vaccines are a veritable soup, made up not just of viruses that should or should not be there, but also thousands of bits of viruses and of cells, DNA and RNA genetic codes, proteins, enzymes, chemicals and perhaps oncogenes and prions. The vaccine was monitored for the presence of only a very few of these particles and vaccine lots are thrown away only if these are found.

    In other words, the vaccines we give our children are liquids filled with a host of unknown particles, most of which came from the cells of non-humans: from chickens, monkeys, or even from cancer cells. Truly we
    do not know what we are doing or what are the long-term consequences. All that is known for sure is that vaccines are a very cheap form of public medicine often provided by governments to ensure the public that
    they really do care for the safety of our children.

    Is the world better off without vaccines-yes!

  • J.D.

    I also like how the references of this and every article on this website are either from websites that are just like this one and don’t actually show any supporting evidence, or have nothing to do with the points attempting to be made, such as the CDC mission statement.

    This is how misinformation is spread. One person posts their unsupported opinion, and another person cites it as evidence. Contrast that to science, which requires reproducible data.

  • J.D.

    maybe you don’t understand the word “summarize”.

    But it appears that your point comes down to “I don’t understand what’s in this, so therefore I must fear it.”

  • J.D.

    Your response to “you aren’t actually testing a hypothesis” is “blah blah blah”. This is why the rest of the country thinks you anti-vaxxers are nutjobs.

    There is no such thing as “Big Science.” There is Big Pharma, and they suck in many ways, but the fundamental principles of scientific reasoning, including testing a hypothesis with a controlled protocol, and using set statistical standards to analyze the data – these basic principles evade your understanding.

    Let me ask it another way: do you believe all science and scientists around the world have no credibility? Or are there set standards that can be used to answer a question in an unbiased manner?

  • J.D.

    A country doesn’t have to mandate vaccinations for people to use them. The US doesn’t mandate vaccinations, but varicella was nearly wiped from the face of the country when we started using the varicella vaccine. Similarly, Europeans were using the vaccine, even though it wasn’t mandated.

    More importantly, areas that don’t have access to the vaccine continue to be plagued by it: http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/south-asia/13-new-polio-cases-found-in-pakistan/article6419459.ece
    And yet when we get those types of places the vaccine, it vanishes.

    How do you explain that? Areas that are vaccinated don’t have it, and areas without access to vaccines have outcroppings of polio. Your willful ignorance is astounding.

  • J.D.

    I’m working alone. Sorry to burst another one of your conspiracy theories. Although it would be nice to have a team. That would be totally sweet. But no, you’re still clueless. Walk away, because you can’t actually address these topics with scientific evidence. That’s why the rest of the world sees you as loons.

  • elnura

    I understand the definition very well. I like to provide enough information whereas the person I am replying to can do their own researh from the information I provide. With enough baseline information the person can move forward on their own without having to come back and ask more questions. The majority of posters take the initiative and research further on their own based on the links and statements provided. Those who are trolls be they paid or those who just want to jack someone around for laughs-continue to ask questions. If you don’t care for my style-don’t ask questions.

  • elnura

    But it appears that your point comes down to “I don’t understand what’s in this, so therefore I must fear it.”

    Is that the best you can do? Really?????? So rather than discredit any of the information I’ve provided you engage in troll tactics. For someone who professes to not be a troll and are not paid-some of your responses are right out of the handbook. Your intention is to distract, demean, antagonize, and goad me into an inappropriate emotional response therefore discrediting me personally rather than the information. Not working here.

  • Nimadan

    Anyone who can’t see something as OBVIOUS as the scientific establishment is either bone-dumb or one of
    their paid whores.

    “are there set standards that can be used to answer a question in an unbiased manner?”

    I already answered that. Since you’re slow, I’ll REPEAT:
    No theory, technique, ideology or technology is worth a damn if the people behind it are corrupt.

  • J.D.

    So you believe all investigation, all of it, should be discredited because it has the possibility of being corrupt. And yet you yourself believe in a lunacy with absolutely no support. How do you resolve the idea that nothing can be believed and yet your beliefs are accurate?

  • J.D.

    No that’s literally what you said, just paraphrased. Here is it quoted, emphasis added “the vaccines we give our children are liquids filled with a host of UNKNOWN particles, … Truly WE DO NOT KNOW”. This is the reasoning you give for why we shouldn’t use vaccines: because you don’t know. To clarify, YOU do not know, and in your mind, lack of knowledge is reason to fear and discredit something. The scientific community knows. Vaccines aren’t magically made. People know what goes into them.

    With regard to your “information,” I will again ask for science. Science of any kind. Any protocol or investigation. Anything beyond the random internet opinions of this or other websites that are themselves not based on science. Evidence, good. Unsupported opinion, useless.

    As for this handbook you mentioned, where can I get a copy?

  • J.D.

    The majority of posters, yourself included, use the word “research” in a very different manner than the educated people of the world. Your concept of “research” is doing a google search, finding articles from unknown or random sources that tell you what you want to hear, and believing them without question. Smart people in the world know research as a scientific examination to answer a question/hypothesis using as least a biased manor as possible. You don’t even know the different types of studies, or what statistical significance even means.

    There are essentially three types of players in this game. First, there’s the uneducated people like those found on this site, as described above, who make up their own belief system as they go. Next, there’s big pharma, which sucks but has the ability to produce some useful tools. Lastly, the bulk of people driving this show, are those like me: educated members of the scientific and medical community.

    You see both people like you and people like me don’t trust Big Pharma, if not discredit every single research article they produce altogether. The DIFFERENCE, my dimwitted friend, is that people like me are actually able to read their articles and point to the large scientific holes in their protocols and analysis. I essentially know HOW they’re biasing data, whereas you remain clueless and yell like a lunatic at the top of your lungs that they are evil (which while true, still makes you look like a lunatic).

    This is where our differences split us. Whereas you and others like you here then assume ALL scientific information is inherently evil, people from my camp continue to examine the actual data being produced, scrutinizing every inch of it. The outcome is that we actually find answers; ones which are verified with the highest available scientific and statistical standards, and that are reproducible by independent researchers all over the world. In contrast, you’re still screaming like a lunatic, and wondering why people aren’t believing you.

  • elnura

    It not my quote. Janine Roberts, a real investigative journalist attends high level government vaccine meeting is the US & the UK for over a decade and wrote two boos documenting with sources, websites transcripts & images what occurred.

    As far as my decision to not engage in a barbaric ritual that is not imploding around the world, that’s just research. As far as the troll handbook. I got mine on line about 5 years ago from a young lady who decided to leave the dark side after her contact was up. She felt badly for misleading people and she wanted other to know how trolls worked because she was one. If the document is still on line, I don’t know because one I copied it, I no longer needed it.

    Instead of looking for a troll manual, because no one is really buying the act, you should read the online chapters of “Fear of the Invisible” http://reaids.com/fearoftheinvisible.com/

  • elnura

    Aren’t you all full of yourself and pompous. Well not only that, you are prejudice. You have no idea who is “educated” and who isn’t. It seems, from reading this blog and others that the only posters who gloat and declare they are doctors, chemist, one person declared they were a pediatric brain surgeon (LOL) or make assumptions about others educational levels or lack of…..are the paid operatives otherwise know as Trolls. Dorit Reiss and her group of cohorts are know for minimizing the intelligence of others and using the google line. Dorit is the most prolific troll on the internet. Personally, I don’t use google and actually prefer real books. Do you feel better that you got that off your chest? There are a couple of known trolls on Natural News who use a similar rant when they become frustrated. You guys may want to hook up.

  • J.D.

    Yeah because unqualified unintelligent people can’t possible create books. I mean, that involves printing things on paper. It’s very difficult in this day and age.

    Sarcasm aside, what you perceive as pompous is accurate. The independent members of the scientific and medical community who scrutinize actual research (not random opinions or hearsay stories) are the ones shaping the standards of healthcare in this country. Not me specifically, mind you. This takes the scrutiny of the entire community before something is accepted. Any one of us can bring down bad research.

    Who scrutinizes your “research”?

  • J.D.

    You used her quote to make your point. Take some responsibility for your post. Don’t backpedal and start distancing yourself from the very excerpts you hand-selected to support your stance.

    I’ve heard people on this site get their facts from people who sat in on mysterious “high level” meetings. Once again I can only say: meetings are not science. Meetings neither investigate the rate of vaccine risks nor benefits. Meetings are hearsay. More importantly, if you are to propose that there are some super duper top secret government “high level” meetings, why on earth would they invite journalists? Does that make sense to you?

    Regardless, meetings are not research. Reading about meetings is not research. Reading websites that claim they know a guy who knows a guy who once overheard a meeting is not research. The theory of gravity and its associated physics formulas was not determined by a journalist in a meeting. It was determined by scientific investigation. It is not reliant on a lost document. It is reproducible by any scientist around the world. Such is the case with vaccines as well. And these things use scientific investigation: something of which you seem to have absolutely no understanding.

    As for your latest link, are you actually proposing that HIV and AIDS are in no way related? Let me guess, there was a meeting?

  • You need to do the independent research and determine what the REAL facts and truth are. There is more evidence against vaccine safety and showing lack of effectiveness today and historically, than ever before. You can choose to face reality, or you can continue hide within the continued vaccine myths and false propaganda; it is and that will be all your choice.

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

    Scientific proof that the known cancer causing SV40 virus, a previous contaminant in the polio vaccine, is obviously either contagious; or the virus is still in the vaccine/s.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    Vaccination Myth 1: Vaccinations Are Safe

    This video is the first in a series exploring myths about vaccination. After an introduction and quick history of vaccinations, the concept of vaccinations being safe is explored. By the dentist, naturopath and author, Dr Alison Adams. For more information about recovering from chronic, serious and degenerative illness go to http://www.thenaturalrecoveryplan.com.


    Vaccination Myth 2: Vaccinations Are Very Effective

    Vaccination Myths Part 3: Vaccination Controlled Polio

    Vaccination Myth 4: Vaccines Have Eliminated the Threat From Most Infectious Diseases

  • The direct statements regarding the MMR vaccine which were made by essentially a whistle blower finally speaking his conscience, William Thompson, a Senior Scientist with the CDC, where he worked since 1998; that is not good enough for you?

    VAERS data from NCOW and in the study they did; finding acceptably high numbers of miscarriages after and obviously resulting from the H1N1 flu vaccine; you find that to be non credible information that should just be disregarded? Really?

    Conflicting and altered Ebola transmission information found made directly by and from the CDC itself; that should not concern anyone?
    None of that information is good enough for you, simply because that information is not supporting the pro-vaccine agenda? Quite obviously you are not concerned with the truth nor vaccine safety; and that is obviously a very irresponsible position to take here.

    Hum Exp Toxicol. May 2013;
    PMCID: PMC3888271

    Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons

    Was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season?


    Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during …influenza vaccine in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,

    CDC allegedly falsifies reports–ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine

    A shocking rport from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed


  • Really? Here is what the real data shows us.

    Varicella and Shingles Vaccine – For Profit Quackery

    Vaccines also have killed infants, and left thousands of families with vaccine injured children. The effectiveness of vaccines as well has never been now nor historically what they were claimed to be and to have been. Literally we have been sold a vaccine illusion based on correlation equals causation; but yet doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical to turn that around and then to claim that no amount of correlation equals causation, when it comes to obvious vaccine injures and as well resulting autism?

  • Mainstream allopathy and their minions, the CDC and their vaccine agenda, have as you may know, about 14 larger and main epidemiological studies they use to claim to that vaccines do not cause autism. Every one of them has been shown to have flawed study designs, use of unreliable data, obvious predetermined outcomes unsupported by the data, and major conflicts of interest in the studies funding sources. All of them having a vested interest in vaccines to include study funding by the CDC. Don’t believe me, then start reviewing this analysis data, and in honesty. As well I couldn’t count all the smaller pro-vaccine studies I have read and done by sources with a vested interest in vaccines, which claimed to be vaccine safety studies, which were actually nothing of the sort at all and no such conclusions were ever actually supported nor shown. The whole, “we have all the science” thing; is literally a major scam.


    How as well can they say all the needed vaccine safety science is in, when all they looked at were the MMR vaccine, and Thimerosal issues? Is there no more to vaccine safety than that? No issues with aluminum adjuvants, to many vaccines, cytokine storm created by to many vaccines; no issues with vaccine contamination?

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

    The Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury and Via Cytokine Storm

    Vaccination toxicity: The Zeta phase of MASS and “blood sludging”

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism- Page 2

    The Reality Of Vaccines, Is This!

  • Think what you will, but you should educate yourself to the real historical facts on polio and the two vaccines; which of course I know you will refuse to accept and do. I am not about to argue that much information here, point for point.

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

    Just because varicella had been around for decades and had not reduced in numbers, does not validate the claim that no virus nor pathogen such as for example polio or small pox, can not ever run in a cycle and die out and disappear, and or cycles and disappear on its own.

    Why are there as well currently known outbreaks of pertussis, which have found up to 80% of the outbreak was in the fully vaccinated? Why have they found outbreaks as well of measles where 90% of the outbreak was in the fully vaccinated; that, if the vaccines work? As well why is the CDC telling a watered down in denial story always again falsely fear mongering and blaming the unvaccinated, and with a different set of data, not revealing that said and specific data? http://www.vacfacts.info/the-current-failure-of-pertussis-and-measles-vaccine.html

  • Actually, loons are those people who claim to that the safety of vaccines has been proven, (and that vaccine’s don’t cause autism), simply because they looked at 14 vested interest in vaccine funded epidemiological studies, done on only one single vaccine, and one single vaccine ingredient.

    There exist loads of independent and unbiased scientific studies done, showing the harm of vaccines and direct connections to autism. Loons, are people that actually think that the CDC and the FDA work to protect the public from the potential harm done by pharmaceuticals and the now endless vaccines. Loons, are people that actually think the CDC is honest and forthright about the vaccine safety and as well the current and historical vaccine truth. Loons, believe and that they at the CDC would never compromise that to save their own butts, and that of vaccine pharma from a literal major liability and lack of any remaining credibility, extinction. That, if they were ever forced to reveal the truth to the public.

    CDC Whistleblower Revealed

    Breaking—CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”
    by Jon Rappoport

    Whistleblower Thompson’s Call to Congress

    Dr. William Thompson, CDC insider and whistleblower on 13 years of vaccine-autism fraud, appeals to US Congress to take action. YOU SHOULD TOO! Get this link to YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE NOW.


  • So, what your saying is that vaccine clinical trials done by pharma itself show you all the proof you need of vaccine safety? And you call that science; and while they can obviously cover up and reject anything negative that happens, and spin the numbers and over inflate the benefits of anything good they believe they can claim to happened. When was the last fully vaccinated verses entirely un-vaccinated health study done? You referenced to case control trials; what examples or type of examples do you have of that regarding vaccines?

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety- Gardasil Vaccine: One More Girl Dead – Gardasil: I am not a coincidence

    Gardasil-The Real Truth

  • (even though even scientific society in the world that has examined this very issue has found absolutely no correlation between the two)

    Again, what did they look at? One single vaccine (MMR) and one single vaccine ingredient, (Thimerosal). Yet they ignore loads of studies that show directly the causation of vaccine injury and with direct links to autism, which the CDC has at no time ruled out by any study, nor any physiologically based study that has ever been done. You do know the difference between an easily data manipulated epidemiological, (population) study, and that of an actual physiologically based study done, using either animal, or human test subjects? And when you can find me a vaccinated on todays CDC childhood vaccine schedule, verses entirely un-vaccinated health study; please let me know more.

  • You are endlessly beyond, delusional, J.D. Top it off, now you want to ignore and deny the direct accusations against you that you are an obvious vaccine shill; and that means you have nothing left to stand on, because just face it; your credibility in any form clearly no longer exists; if for anyone it ever did. You are wasting your time here, but to deliberately cause people needless distraction and aggravation, and you know it. Post count doesn’t matter nor reflect on what you are really doing, and as to what is going on with your character name??? That is like the Wizard of Oz, when Toto pulled back the curtain, standing there hollering, “pay no attention to that man”! You are an obvious shill and a fraud, JD. Just pack it up.

  • Varicella and Shingles Vaccine – For Profit Quackery (Check out the real data on the non-benefits)

    Iodine Dosages
    Treatment of Influenza and other Diseases

    The End of Antibiotics and the Rise of Iodine as an Effective Alternative
    March 10, 2008 by: Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/022800_antibiotic_antibiotics_infection.html

    Thyroid Science 4(9):R1-5, 2009 Review
    Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon
    Against Influenza Viruses
    David Derry, MD, PhD

  • We know areas that have more flu shots have less flu deaths. This is fact. Sorry to burst your bubble. Unquote.

    Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, J.D. Flu shots do not work, and the flu vaccine in itself that has seen the highest recent total payouts for vaccine injury of all vaccines, at the federal vaccine court. Not worth it to inject all that toxic garbage in the vaccine; when all you need is adequate levels of vitamin D and C, and a clean diet, free of immune system depleting sugar and refined white flour.

    Vaccine Court Settlements Mostly for Flu Vaccines Damage

    The Costs of Vaccine Damage: The Payout Figures

    The Danger and Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines

    Living Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure 60 Minutes Video 3 News

  • You are lying and he Wakefield admitted to no such thing as fabricating anything, period. .

    Dr Andrew Wakefield Defends His Research, (a quite lengthy video, but puts the TRUTH front and center, all of it).

    The Legacy of Vaccine Injury – Dr. Andrew Wakefield (a complete expose on as well the issue regarding the lack of vacine safety and effectiveness in general. This is one of the best vaccine truth exposes, ever.)

    Is that not evidence enough in itself of and for those MMR vaccine injury and autism lost children, and as to what the causation actually has been?

    Vaccine Safety Conference Session 15 Dr. Andrew Wakefield


    Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC

    Callous Disregard-Research References, (endless)

    Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s rebuttal to Brian Deer’s article in the BMJ (British Medical Journal)

    New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again (MMR Vaccine Causes Autism)
    http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/2013/06/21/new-published-study-verifies-andrew-wakefields-research-on-autism-again-mmr- vaccine-causes-autism/

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    The Question That Brian Deer and Dorit Reiss Cannot Answer

    Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield, (Why are so many important and independent MMR safety studies being ignored?)

    CDC Whistleblower Revealed

    Breaking—CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”
    by Jon Rappoport

    Whistleblower Thompson’s Call to Congress

    Dr. William Thompson, CDC insider and whistleblower on 13 years of vaccine-autism fraud, appeals to US Congress to take action. YOU SHOULD TOO! Get this link to YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE NOW.


    To find out how go to, http://www.autismactionnetwork.org

    CDC Responds: Admits Omitting Vaccine Data

  • Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield

    Wake up J.D., and realize that you are only further supporting and promoting the false information and the misleading propaganda, across the broad.

    Murdoch and Vaccines: Exposure of Crimes Reveals a Much Larger Story

    Again. There is more than enough actually independently done scientific evidence that Wakefield’s study was correct.

    Callous Disregard-Research References, (endless)

    Biomedical Treatment in Autism (ASD)

    The Attempted Suppression of and the Silencing of the Vaccine Truth

  • Join your self proclaimed and obvious circle of paid off and mislead vaccine shills? No thank you. Perhaps you, can start to address the actual issues here; instead of ignoring all but the promotion of the same old repeat and well known false attacks, accusations, and false pro-vaccine propaganda?

  • You clearly have a vested interest in something connected to vaccines; what is it? I am willing to bet that if you had to actually use a real name and identity, that we would likely never see you reply post here again. Prove me wrong?

  • Having no real identity you can deny everything, no matter what; right? No proof of anything, exists, ever.

  • I addressed all of your claims, directly. And you have no direct evidence. What exists here are two sides of a debate, and the readers can determine for themselves who and what set of information is correct and more believable.

  • That is nothing but purely double standard, hypocrisy. Address your evidence. Meaning, umm ahh; where is it? I don’t see a thing but a repeat claim that the scientific community is said to be on your side; so you have to be right?

  • Oh indeed they do have a clue, and they are right in referring to people like you, as being a sheeple.

    Sheeple (a portmanteau of “sheep” and “people”) is a term that highlights the herd behavior of people by likening them to sheep, a herd animal. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheeple

    (Referring in this case to there being the need of and to do and accept unbiased independent research. You refuse. You instead simply call it all and anything that does not fit with the pro-vaccine agenda, only a conspiracy theory)

  • That article is not a study nor is it an actual legal review by any judge. The alleged information does not show nor prove any admission of fabrication on the part of Wakefield, nor as to the said study itself. Owen Dyer appears to write nothing but opinion pieces that he attempts to get accepted where ever they will take his tabloid style series of multiple articles on almost any issue existing. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Dyer%20O%5Bauth%5D

  • That BMJ article clearly shows nor proves nothing…grow up and face it. It is nothing but an opinion piece, which as well does nothing to discredit nor disprove the study itself. That article as well presents with allegations that Wakefield would have been representative of medical counsel in court cases regarding compensation for MMR vaccine injury. That claim is presented as if that is the only reason that Wakefield did the study to begin with and alleges that forms a reason to fabricate the study findings which was not the case; nor were they the findings ever shown nor proven fabricated. It was a deliberate and false discreditation attempted witch hunt, period.


  • You have done NO such thing. Nice try, but we can not read information that is invisible and/or only a delusion and fabrication in your own mind.

  • She just did. You don’t like the answer so you expect it to be somehow changed to a different answer.

    You want refining of the point, then spend some time with this page. You would need to spend hours going through all that, but you do not think you need to because the to much to lose the truth be known CDC already knows it all and they of course and your so called scientific (junk science and no real science) community support you and your pro-vaccine agenda. What more could you need.


  • This is a typical vaccine shill tactic. When they can not address the information nor in any honesty directly, or the information is to far over their head, and to even review it; they call for a personal summary of the data and.or study. You did fine, elnura. It is J.D.’s problem if he is to entirely lost to, and/or unable to read and comprehend the information; and that is likely by choice.

  • There are loads of applicable vaccine safety studies and data on my website that support my claims; why aren’t you digging into any of that when you ask for the science? Because you refuse the real science and data; and as with all shills all you can do is throw false discreditation at it; and that if you acknowledge it at all. If I had to list all that separately it would take reply posts 25 inches long, and it is the whole of the evidence that is the most eye opening and compelling in realizing the stark reality of what vaccines have done.


  • Paul Offit claiming that children can safely tolerate getting 10,000 vaccines in a single day, that is not based on science nor applicable studies, either. Just because there are possibly many pathogens existing and biological antigens such as dust dirt pollen, etc possibly in an average child’s environment does not mean in any scientifically proven terms that you can simply inject the same amount of those substances or like substances. That entire claim is preposterous. Just because you eat tuna that may have trace amounts of mercury, does not mean it is simply ok to inject Thimerosal. Just because a muffin my have baking powder in it that contains small amounts of aluminum, does not mean it is ok to multiple vaccines with an aluminum adjuvant in them. This is the scope of Offit’s science; you know the CDC spokesman.

    And I will remind you the only reason that site is being referenced to is that it contains a copy of the CHOP document that was shown in.

    [Here Offit says kids can take 100,000 vaccines at once. He then changed it to 10,000: “In fact, Dr. Offit’s studies show that in theory, healthy infants could safely get up to 100,000 vaccines at once.” pdf copy and pdf copy of Parenting magazine article where he says the same thing.] http://www.whale.to/vaccines/offit23.html

    Where is their actually vaccine safety science and the studies? In every study people attempt to present with, it says vaccine safety study; but when you read it nothing is supported whatsoever in the conclusion of actual vaccine safety, regarding any issue at all…ever.

  • The problem for you is exactly this. Your claims of presenting with what you claim to are in reality nothing but fake and false delusions!

  • J.D. has no identity, but yet they want you to think he or she is educated, because they claim that the scientific community supports them; so they have to automatically be assumed to be correct, and right. That, while entirely ignoring the bulwark of data and studies that show they are not. See, they think they are allowed to do that because the CDC and Paul Offit do that, and think they are allowed to do that as well. They never realize that with the seriousness of the situation that they need to be uncovering every major research study that exists in the research; that and then doing further and larger studies showing once and for all what is really going on. They refuse to and maintain that all the needed epidemiological studies are in, and they see no problem with vaccines. They have to stick with that or otherwise they and their steadily increasing in numbers and doses multiple vaccine program agenda would be finished, and they clearly know it.

  • And what have those standards of health care been shaped into? Why is the growing alternative health care field having so much success, and with large numbers of people never getting any real help but to treat only symptoms, (and with a poor job of that), leaving the pharma based allopathic field,and never going back, nor in needing to go back?

    Why are today’s children actually sicker health wise than they have ever been; with more chronic conditions and learning developmental disabilities than ever before. The now endless no liability for anyone vaccines are causing that.

    Key Findings: Trends in the Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities in U. S. Children, 1997–2008.

    Data from the study showed that developmental disabilities (DDs) are common: about 1 in 6 children in the U.S. had a DD in 2006–2008. These data also showed that prevalence of parent-reported DDs has increased 17.1% from 1997 to 2008. This study underscores the increasing need for health, education and social services, and more specialized health services for people with DDs.

    Read more:

    The Drug Story – A Factological History Of America’s $10,000,000,000 Drug Cartel, Its Methods, Operations, Hidden Ownership, Profits And Terrific Impact On The Health Of The American People.

  • Nice job of more fear mongering.

    Polio Disease In-Short


    Approximately 72% of persons infected with polio will have no symptoms. About 24% of infected persons have minor symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, flu-like symptoms, stiffness in the neck and back, and pain in the limbs, which often resolve completely. Fewer than 1% of polio cases result in permanent paralysis of the limbs (usually the legs). Of those paralyzed, 5-10% die when the paralysis strikes the respiratory muscles. The death rate increases with increasing age.


    WHY weren’t they using vitamin C? Because nothing competes nor is allowed to compete with big pharma and doctor indoctrination of the drugs and vaccines approach only, that is why.

    The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C

    In the late spring of 1949 the United States was in the grip of its worst poliomyelitis epidemic ever. On June 10 a paper on ways to save the lives of bulbar polio victims was read at the Annual Session of the American Medical Association (subsequently printed in its journal, JAMA, September 3, 1949, pages 1-8, volume 141, no. 1). Following the talk members of the audience were invited to comment. The first speaker, a leading authority from Pasadena, focused on details of tracheotomy techniques caused when paralyzed breathing, swallowing and coughing muscles of victims threatened their lives. Why the next person was recognized is puzzling. The only national recognition he had received — and it was obviously very limited — was that his picture appeared in Ebony in 1947 for having delivered of a deaf-mute black woman the first known surviving, identical quadruplets in the country. Here is the abstract of his remarks as recorded in JAMA:

    “Dr. F. R. Klenner, Reidsville, N.C.: It might be interesting to learn how poliomyelitis was treated in Reidsville, N.C., during the 1948 epidemic. In the past seven years, virus infections have been treated and cured in a period of seventy-two hours by the employment of massive frequent injections of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. I believe that if vitamin C in these massive doses — 6,000 to 20,000 mg in a twenty-four hour period — is given to these patients with poliomyelitis none will be paralyzed and there will be no further maiming or epidemics of poliomyelitis.”

    The discussion period was, of course, to be devoted to hearing relevant comments of the world’s leading authorities on the treatment of bulbar polio symptoms, not to airing another claim of a cure. One can imagine the silence that must have greeted this sweeping, out-of-place declaration by a small-town general practitioner. Four other speakers, three more bulbar experts and an anesthesiologist, followed. None referred to Dr. Klenner’s remarks.

    The empirical, clinical basis for Klenner’s statement is found in his paper “The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C”, published in the July 1949 issue of the Journal of Southern Medicine and Surgery. On pages 211-212 he writes:

    Read more:

    The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C, Fred R. Klenner, M.D.

    But ALL you want to do is fear monger with pictures of the iron lung, JD? Aren’t you just more than a little off base?

    Did You Know That Vitamin C Can Treat Over 30 Major Diseases?

    Vitamin C and Polio
    Andrew W. Saul
    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

  • This is how doctors actually practice main stream medicine. That is a problem.

    Death By Medicine

    The Real History of Modern Medicine

  • It has increasingly been seen and noted as well in the veterinary world that vaccinated pets often are not nearly as healthy as compared to those which remain un-vaccinated.

    Wake up!

    Why I don’t Vaccinate My Dogs At All

    Our dogs are in the midst of an epidemic. It’s not an epidemic of viral disease, but of chronic ill health. They’re besieged with itchy, pus-laden, scabby skin; vomit and diarrhoea are the norm. One in every hundred dogs suffers from epilepsy, and an even higher number lives with painful arthritis. Allergies are also reaching epidemic proportions: dogs are becoming allergic to life.

    According to Dr Jean W Dodds, an eminent vet and researcher, both allergic and autoimmune diseases have been rising since the introduction of modified live virus vaccines. Autoimmune diseases are where the body attacks self; they include cancer, leukaemia, thyroid disease, Addisons, Grave’s disease, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, thrombocytopenia, organ failure, skin inflammations, and more.

    We also seem to have a tremendous number of dogs with behavioural problems, largely due to over-vaccination and processed pet food. Vaccines are known to cause inflammation of the brain, as well as lesions throughout the brain and central nervous system. The medical term for this is ‘encephalitis’, and vaccine’s role is acknowledged in the Merck Manual. Merck is a vaccine manufacturer.


  • Oh yes, chicken pox is just a horrible and greatly fearful disease. I had it as a kid and survived, as did all the other kids. Wow, what luck. I had the measles too, and I was vaccinated for it.

    I would rather have chickenpox, (varicella), and never have to worry about it again, and nor about the increased chance of shingles after the vaccine was developed. What if a pregnant woman gets chicken pox when she is 23? They have no guarantee that won’t happen if and when the vaccine immunity wears off the presumed level of titer.

    Chickenpox Vaccine Use is Highly Statistically Related to Autism Disorder
    NOVEMBER 27, 2012

    “What the graphs show you is that in almost every state in the US, the use of chickenpox vaccine is directly related to the number of children diagnosed with autism disorder in each year during which chickenpox vaccine use rose from 0% until it reached its maximum use. I’ll say that again, for emphasis: as more and more children were vaccinated with the chickenpox vaccine, more and more children were diagnosed with autism disorder. Statistical analysis on the data for the entire US yields a correlation coefficient (R2) of 0.9598. For those of you who don’t understand statistics, an R2 of 0.9598 is very significant.”


    Read the entire story here. http://www.cogforlife.org/ChickenpoxAutism.pdf


    The dangers of using aborted fetal cell lines for vaccine manufacture have been debated by the FDA for over 50 years, and yet they have not done sufficient safety studies. The active component of a vaccine is a virus. Viruses are too large to manufacture in test tubes. Therefore, vaccine manufacturers exploit the natural method of producing virus– they inoculate
    cells and the cells produce the virus for them. Each vial of vaccine contains contaminants from the cells used to make the virus. When we use animal cells to make viruses, the residual material is not human and so we mount an immune response to it and eliminate it. However, in the case of vaccines produced using aborted human fetal cell lines, we have the dangers of triggering an autoimmune response and insertion of the contaminating DNA to disrupt the child’s own genes.

    In the US, autism has spiked up in 3 distinct years, called changepoints. The first changepoint occurred in 1981, the second in 19881, and the third in 1996. These spikes coincide with the introduction of vaccines that are produced in aborted fetal cells. In 1979, aborted fetal cell produced MMR II was approved in the US. Compliance campaigns brought MMR II use up from as low as 49% for children born before 1987 to over 82% for children born in 1989 and later. A second dose of MMR II was also introduced to the vaccination schedule for children born in 1988 and later. The third changepoint corresponds to the approval of aborted fetal cell produced Varivax (chickenpox) in 1995 (See figure below).

    Read more: http://soundchoice.org/autism/

    Is Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines Linked to Autism?

    Fetal Tissue in Vaccine Production May be Linked to Autism in Children Claims Campaign Group

    Study Confirms Autism Boom – Correlates with Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

    Varicella and Shingles Vaccine – For Profit Quackery

    The Reality of Vaccines, Is This

  • Actually, it does! Just because you again accept nothing but the biotech industries misleading and for profit studies, does not mean the real truth is not there.

    The Detrimental Effects of GMO Seed Crops and Grown Food

  • J.D.

    Yeah that idea of “I had it as a kid and survived” is terrible for two reasons. First, some kids die from it. You didn’t. Great. But some do. It’s moronic to believe that things that don’t kill you won’t kill other people. Apply that to car crashes and your form of reasoning would remove speed limits. No. This is a safety concern that extends beyond your trivial world experience.

    Second, even if all kids do survive, which they don’t, why would we knowingly and willingly want children to gain immunity from the disease by suffering through it instead of being exposed to a dead version of it? That’s sick.

    As for pregnant women, we find lower incidence of them getting varicella now that the vaccine has been used. Not only do we know that, but indepenedent unbiased studies have shown it AROUND THE WORLD.
    Australia: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21349886
    Italy: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17629374
    That’s not even getting into the American studies which all say the same thing. Less babies are dying around the world because their mothers are immunized.

    This isn’t opinion. This isn’t a journalist who knows a guy in a meeting. These are actual numbers. Varicella during pregnancy has dropped significantly since the vaccine. So IF YOU ARE TRULY WORRIED about varicella hurting the fetuses of pregnant women, the best way to reduce that burden is through vaccination.

    Your response? Pretend those numbers don’t exist. Sorry, actual research and actual numbers proves you wrong again. If we left it your way, more children would die as a result.

  • J.D.

    Yeah once again you provide the OPINION of single individuals, and I provide you the EVIDENCE of large scale epidemiology studies.

    You give me one person, I give you entire professional societies. You give me one person, I give you data. You give me opinion, I give you FACT.

    Are you still talking about dogs as your main stance as to why humans shouldn’t be vaccinated? Perhaps you should reconsider your argument.

  • Review Article
    Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe


    There are over 165 studies that have focused on Thimerosal, an organic-mercury (Hg) based compound, used as a preservative in many childhood vaccines, and found it to be harmful. Of these, 16 were conducted to specifically examine the effects of Thimerosal on human infants or children with reported outcomes of death; acrodynia; poisoning; allergic reaction; malformations; auto-immune reaction; Well’s syndrome; developmental delay; and neurodevelopmental disorders, including tics, speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder, and autism. In contrast, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that Thimerosal is safe and there is “no relationship between [T]himerosal[-]containing vaccines and autism rates in children.” This is puzzling because, in a study conducted directly by CDC epidemiologists, a 7.6-fold increased risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy was found. The CDC’s current stance that Thimerosal is safe and that there is no relationship between Thimerosal and autism is based on six specific published epidemiological studies coauthored and sponsored by the CDC. The purpose of this review is to examine these six publications and analyze possible reasons why their published outcomes are so different from the results of investigations by multiple independent research groups over the past 75+ years.




    Despite Thimerosal (Mercury) Ban Imposed By The FDA, 60 Percent of All Flu Vaccines Still Contain This Deadly Neurotoxin

    (And those flu vaccines are given to pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy, unless the provider is smart enough to choose not to, or the woman informed enough to ask for a Thimerosal free single dose syringe)


    Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water

    Mercury in influenza vaccines found to be 100 times higher than Australian limit for complementary medicine

    What an awesome job the FDA is doing to protect the public from big pharma and all their irresponsible acts and corruption?

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

  • J.D.

    Once again I will ask for two things from you: concise ability to summarize your point (i.e. avoid 3 page copied and pasted responses), and stop citing random other opinions on this site as sources. They’re not. Evidence is defined by things like number of people sick, number of deaths caused by disease, statistically significant difference between groups. You know, facts.

    As for your latest argument: no, polio did not just stop being diagnosed because criteria changed. Take a look at this:

    Do you see that? Each of those tubes has a child inside that can’t breath on their own because of polio. Those all went away after vaccination was introduced. You can’t just hide a bunch of kids unable to breath because you change your diagnostic criteria.

    You think it was just this country? You think polio coincidentally just went away at the same time the vaccine came out? Look at other countries that didn’t have the vaccine at the same time. It doesn’t go away UNTIL the vaccine comes out. How do you explain this information:

    Again, not opinion, but hard numbers.

  • What, factual evidence? The scientific vested interest connected in never finding and providing the truth? The junk pharma science community…you mean that one?

  • J.D.

    Yeah vitamin C is still not magic. Sorry. We’re talking about vaccines. Today. As posted previously, how do you explain that polio goes away in any country whenever the vaccine is introduced? Here’s another country:


    The disease just vanishes coincidentally every time around the world? Kids just suddenly stop dying? They can breath on their own? All coincidence? How do you explain that?

  • J.D.

    This may be the first time you actually produced data with that CDC link. Congratulations. Does the data support your idea that all of those issues are caused by autism? Unfortunately not. More importantly, you don’t actually understand how to even begin to evaluate the question “are these two things linked?” You don’t have the education to formulate a half-decent investigation of that question. So instead you guess. You blame. You literally fabricate things to your own purposes. That’s not science. It’s not fact. It’s lunacy.

    How healthcare has been shaped is prolonging people’s lives. One day illness will befall you, and vitamin C won’t help. There are real answers out there, but guessing doesn’t find them.

    BUT AGAIN I ASK: who scrutinizes your “research?”

  • Really? How about those vaccine failures the CDC downplays and refuses to directly admit to??? How about that recent baboon study that found the pertussis vaccinated when challenged with exposure to pertussis, still shed the pathogen to others, like infants? Do the naturally immune, do that? They need to do that same study on all currently used vaccines; then we would have the real picture in front of us as to the value of vaccines. Why have they not done any of those? Issues like that and such as the known vaccine caused antigen shift to B parapertussis, (not in the vaccine) are the reason that pertussis and measles can never be eradicated by a vaccine; but only natural immunity.

    Acellular pertussis vaccination enhances B. parapertussis colonization

    An acellular whooping cough vaccine actually enhances the colonization of Bordetella parapertussis in mice; pointing towards a rise in B. parapertussis incidence resulting from acellular vaccination, which may have contributed to the observed increase in whooping cough over the last decade.


    Warning to Pregnant Mothers – Toxic Dose of Aluminum in the Tdap, by Paul Thomas, Pediatrician

    Failed Vaccines Become Public Health Crisis

    Researchers find first US evidence of vaccine-resistant pertussis

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

  • The False Theory of Vaccine Derived – Herd Immunity

  • J.D.

    Actually, all of the information you have provided has pretty clearly shown that you haven’t read any studies. In fact, you have demonstrated on countless occasions that you are illiterate in the language of scientific writing. You don’t understand the basics of the scientific method or statistical analysis. How can you hope to evaluate a language in which you are illiterate, sir?

    But let’s answer your questions. Let’s actually address your questions with data instead of opinion. Start with the question you’d most like data on. I can find and explain a study for you. I’ll be your translator. Ask a question.

  • You just keep on repeatedly attempting to falsely fear monger and refill the readers with that same proven false information. In regard to varicella as well and as I put in front of you before here, you have to look at the over-all and bigger picture.

  • Death happens regardless, what?

    That is the point. We are attempting to put forth here the evidence of the real vaccine risks verses the actual benefits. In your world it is all believed to be benefits, and that is not reality nor the truth; currently nor historically.

  • J.D.

    That’s correct. Paul Offit’s belief is not science, which is why I nor anyone else on my side of the fence uses such opinion to support anything we say. ARE YOU STARTING TO UNDERSTAND THAT OPINION DOES NOT MATTER IN THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH?

    In your mind, you can’t differentiate evidence based conclusions, and off-the-cuff unsupported remarks. That’s why nutjobs like you get so stuck on things like “100,000 vaccines” and people in the scientific community think you are clueless.

    Thankfully, we don’t give children 10,000 vaccines in a day. In fact, the amount of antigens we expose children to in ALL of their vaccines today is orders of magnitude smaller than a single vaccine from your grandparent’s generation.

    So you ask a valid question in the first and last paragraphs: where is the safety study? That’s good. Pick a vaccine. I’ll find several studies from around the world, and we can go through the EVIDENCE (not OPINION) together. Pick a vaccine or adjuvant.

  • J.D.

    OK I’ll bite. Let’s delve into one of your primary scientific investigations. Post a link to a specific scientific study, and we can discuss it. If you post a link to vacfacts, or an opinion piece, or cartoon, or parent with an anecdotal story, I’m going to laugh at you. But if you’re serious, I’ll bite. We can review primary research together. You can change my mind with real data (which is the mark of a true scientist seeking truth).

  • Actually that Ebola transmission changes in the information that presented with, does look really bad for the CDC. Sort of like when they deliberately removed from the CDC site all the information regarding SV40 in the polio vaccine and regarding how many people were actually infected. .

  • J.D.

    The concept of “I don’t understand something therefore I must fear or hate it” is the absolute lowest form of stupidity. You don’t understand how your computer works, or your car, or indoor plumbing, and yet you use these things just fine. I’m not interested in reading the copied and pasted opinion vomit of someone else. If you can’t actually make a point, don’t try. No, “I don’t understand it therefore it’s bad” is NOT a valid point.

  • Your view of critical thinking is to just accept any pro-vaccine misinformation you were fed; and to refuse any independent data, logic, and any common sense you are provided at all.

  • I have done that repeatedly here. Hope you read and review it. Its going to take you hours; so don’t just simply go back in and reply without having done that.

    My impression is that you think that without an identity you can claim to anything at all concerning yourself and no one will be the wiser, and nor will they have any proof of who and what you really are. You can simply deny it all, and as all known vaccine shills always commonly do. Go ahead and identify at least what your work or profession actually is?

  • J.D. certainly has spent a lot of time here, that is for sure. Answer the question?

  • The issue of your work, profession, and/or credentials; and the (false) vaccine information you present with here, are actually separate issues. Your reply posting has clearly been addressed directly, even if that is now at this point 10 days later, this far down on the reply posting.

    I have reviewed as I said endless numbers of studies and as well the claims and data that the pro-vaccine side puts forth. I have done as well a major amount of independent research regarding the actual existing data and independently done studies. I cherry pick nothing, and there is nothing I have not seen and reviewed previously regarding what you reply post with. You people are all the same and it rarely varies for and as to the straight from the false propaganda text book made claims and the tactics you all use. Let the readers be the judge of who and what is more convincing and credible. You do not automatically gain any credibility here, just because you are CDC supported, pro-vaccine.

  • J.D.

    No, I want to evaluate the answer but want it to be less than 5 pages long. If you can’t actually state your stance, to instead just copy and paste someone else’s words, you probably shouldn’t be making the argument in the first place.

    Similarly, pasting a link to a large opinion article that itself has no evidence is generally not seen as valid by any high school science student.

  • How much does big pharma make from vaccines? Billions. So, you have instead chosen to answer a question, with a question. How much money would the CDC be liable for and what would happen to their credibility if they ever were ever once and for all forced to admit as much as that vaccines do cause autism, and as well non autism vaccine injuries? What if they simply admitted to the thousands of existing vaccine injuries? What if they had to admit that the now over 9000 cases that were filed for compensation at the federal vaccine court and were denied, should have rightfully been paid? What if they admitted to that the federal vaccine court has been nothing but a sham that protects them and big pharma as well in hiding what the public has a right to know?

    Congressional Briefing on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, (an expose on the currently problematic issues in getting proper compensation for vaccine injuries)

    (VICP) Statistics Report
    3,540 claims approved and with now 9,734 claims for vaccine injury to include resulting autism, denied. Total expenditure to date. $2,857,926,807.60


    We have 16 studies already that clearly state that vaccines do not cause autism.”
    — Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two

    “16 studies have shown no causal association between vaccines and autism, and these
    studies carry weight in the scientific industry.”
    — Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC Today Show Medical Editor

    “The science is largely complete. Ten epidemiological studies have shown MMR vaccine
    doesn’t cause autism; six have shown thimerosal doesn’t cause autism.”
    — Dr. Paul Offit, “Autism’s False Prophets”



  • I provide my identity, why can’t you? You scared of something? Are you worried about the readers finding out who you really are and why you are here, doing what you are doing?

  • Then what part of the medical field do you work in and how do you get so much time off to reply post here?

  • If there were and are no issues then maybe you can explain why the CDC made that said major change regarding the US transmission risk of Ebola??

  • The issue is not if or not varicella vaccine has eradicated chicken pox. There are still some outbreaks in the vaccinated, but does appear to be largely controlled. I doubt anyone has argued that. There is more however as I said in the bigger picture that you have not considered nor addressed. http://www.vacfacts.info/varicella-and-shingles-vaccine—for-profit-quackery.html

    As well polio is not the same thing nor the same pathogen (if it is an actual viral pathogen), as is varicella. Comparing and claiming efficacy between two vaccines as being effective in that form and comparison format, is simply unscientific and actually uneducated to historical reality, ridiculous. Yet you refuse any and all reference to correlation equals causation when it comes to vaccine injury and/or autism.

  • In fact the parents who normally refuse vaccines or go to a slower schedule are those who are highly educated and can and choose to be smart enough to access the independent vaccine research. Apparently you have not even as much as seen the data nor even googled that subject matter, because the studies on it have been there. Your attempt to paint all vaccine choice decisions as uneducated, has miserably failed. How many vaccines have you had recently?

  • Try going to Pubmed and use different search terms that actually look for the truth, as countless studies have also shown the direct connection to the vaccine injury harm of Thimerosal. Many of them are independent studies and they are on my related and applicable website pages. And you say you are not cherry picking, while all opposing others are. Pathetic. http://www.vacfacts.info

  • I just did.

  • You really need to wake up and face reality, and get it right. For every study that you find claiming Thimerosal to be safe in a vaccine; (and we all know they are there and have read that kind of study); I can find you just loads more in regard to data and the studies, which show that it THIMEROSAL,is not safe; and nor is mercury safe in ANY pharmaceutical, and nor dental product. Do you not see a skull and cross bones on those products? What does that tell you, and should it tell you?

  • I think if that is actually true, then you must be just some trolling crank job, who loves to argue just to argue and get a sick jolly and a rise out of people. You see my identity, where is yours?

  • Again you are FORGETTING that there are TWO sides to the scientific table, with often opposite outcomes and findings to the studies. Especially so in this situation regarding vaccines. You think you can just saw off that table with only you left still sitting there? See any problem with that yet? Obviously not.

  • Oh give it up you delusional, self ego inflated and overbearing crank. Do you yet even have a clue how big headed foolish you sound and that you actually are? And you actually expect people to respond to that continual one sided trash and demeaning put done tone of your response? Your reply posts are nothing but continued and repeat nonsense, top to bottom. I think it is you that needs to understand the science better and how to actually find it and all of it. Do real scientists only look for studies that support their views and then refuse to consider any other science, data, and studies? Perhaps you also need to realize what fairness of an open debate actually means. Like I said let the readers decide based on the balance of complete information.

  • Vaccines are injected into the muscle which has blood vessels, arteries and veins running through it. How does a vaccine then thus not get into the blood stream? Just because it is not injected directly into the blood stream does not mean it does not end up within seconds in the bloodstream. Do you actually understand anything at all physiologically regarding the human body? You are a text book shill, I see it and recognize it; same ridiculous arguments and the same exact crap. This is not exactly my first rodeo nor experience with you people. Text book shill, all of it; and you can deny it all you want.

  • Such claims require reasonable proof in your situation on articles like this. What is your profession? My now years of it and 1000’s of hours put to it hobby, is unbiased medical and vaccine research. I also have a strong tendency to do research on alternative health and the naturopathic means to health. I hold no medical degrees and work for no form of health care anywhere. I work manufacturing production. Do you have a problem or any problem with that? Go ahead and explain if you do; that should be a good one.

  • Again. Wakefield admitted to no such thing as falsification, nor fraud; and you are just parroting and repeating false propaganda filled misinformation. His study itself was never debunked; and there are dozens of studies that show the near to same outcome and findings as Wakefield found. Keep living in your little shell of fed to you and provided complete misinformation. Snopes is your source, and you trust that? LOL How would they know when all they likely had in front of them is the same global misinformation.

  • It is all right here.

    Callous Disregard – Research References (endless)

  • No you do not get it; you are required to allow information and studies from both sides of the debate and to actually debate both sides of the debate, and in honestly. Its not a like or dislike; it is about which studies hold the most and best direct information, and as well credibility. Do you understand what the strength of a study, means? Meaning, does it the study actually show and demonstrate sufficiently what the title and the abstract state and claim to that it does. Many of your studies the few I seen you post, do not accomplish that, and they are all the same.

    What do you find when you compare studies from both sides of the camp. You don’t care. These are personal determinations and the right of every individual to decide this information for what it is, or isn’t. It is not a one way street where ONLY you are qualified and allowed to determine what a study shows, or does not show. What field do you work in, go ahead and answer that, or tell me why you have refused to?

  • You sure have a high and self inflated opinion as to your abilities here, and your biased lack of education and in the refusal to actually get one. Do you think that may be why you are referred to as Frank DeStefano? And you can not even comprehend that much of this? Wow.

  • Wakefield admits fabricating events when he took children’s blood samples
    by Owen Dyer

    Are you really that dumb, and this is the second time you have posted that, so obviously you have nothing else in support of your claims. Wakefield admitted to nothing and no such thing. Dyer can’t even make a claim that holds any water regarding any fabrication at all. Again, and I already addressed this once; Dyer writes tablod style articles everywhere, and what is amazing is the trash that the BMJ will allow on their journal pages. Obviously not a good nor reputable publication, it doesn’t seem to me.

  • By the way, you realize his initial claim was that vaccines were linked to inflammatory bowel disease, right? You also realize that no one in the world, not even the crazy anti-vaxxers are still touting this ridiculous idea? UNQUOTE

    Man you are really showing you complete and repeat ignorance stupidity. The MMR vaccines does cause a form of inflammatory bowel disease which can result in triggering autism, as a fact. Again, do you have a problem with the findings and number of these studies? How do you as well explain that when the gut is healed through biomedical treatment the autism reverses and the parents often gets their child back. Apparently you can not realize and you refuse to see how clueless you persistently are and that you choose to remain. You better brush up on your knowledge a bit if you want to hang around this site. Wake up.

    Research References, (endless)

    The Legacy of Vaccine Injury – Dr. Andrew Wakefield (a complete expose on as well the issue regarding the lack of vacine safety and effectiveness in general. This is one of the best vaccine truth exposes, ever.)

    Is that evidence enough of and for those MMR vaccine lost children, and as to what the causation actually has been?

    Vaccine Safety Conference Session 15 Dr. Andrew Wakefield

    Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC

  • The parents were fully aware of what took place and not a one of them have ever opposed Wakefield as unethical. In fact they praise him a a courageous and dedicated doctor to the cause of finding what out what happened to their very ill and health wise unrecovered children.

    Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC

    Or here.

    .It has been reproduced in other studies, face it.

    Research References, (endless)

  • Again. If YOU can not see by this list of studies that those Wakefield study findings indeed have been reproduced; and fully supported, then you are either blind or entirely unable to read and comprehend basic science and these studies.
    As a shill you are just re parroting the false information …bull crap…that you and the general public were fed.

    Research References, (endless)

  • Typical vaccine shill response. You refuse the long lists of studies I have right in front of you, and then while you shoot me 5 or 6 unrelated Pubmed links to studies with no actual title, unrelated to anything discussed here and unrelated to any vaccine safety studies at all. And do you actually think you are going to pull that off as evidence and debate for anything here at all that you have claimed to? You are simply and absolutely pathetic. You are fake and delusional to the bone. You couldn’t actually nor seriously in any honesty debate any of these issues at all. All you are is a pro-vaccine shill spout for pharma and their minions. Get lost, loser. Take a hike and leave the real vaccine information to those who know it well.

  • Nice try Frankie, but its not going to fly. You are clearly incapable of forming any kind of an actual debate of this issue response, nor can you reply to anything other than through a false personal attack, and with false discreditation.

    Paul Ofit is the CDC spokesman by the way and the point was that he has no science to back his claims of vaccine safety; nor does he on that CHOP site.

    We had 5 vaccines when I was a kid and with very few boosters, and you are that ignorant of vaccine reality that you are simply going to after trashing Offit yourself, re parrot Offit’s claims that the number of antigens in vaccines today are less than in the earlier days of vaccines? They get 49 doses of 14 to 16 vaccines before the age of 6 and near 30 doses are given by the age of two. That is a lot of vaccine and a lot of antigen no mater how you attempt to spin it. Anyone with any common sense knows that is not true and I have seen their ridiculous and mindless methodology in and that they put to that claim. Preposterous. Lets see you describe that said conclusion by the antigen numbers; that should be a good one. 69 doses of 16 vaccines by the age of 18, and they want to claim that is not overloading anyone’s immune system and body with toxicity.

    I have read enough pharma clinical trial studies to last me a long time and I do not need to see nor read any more of those.

    You are so clueless that you do not even realize in your previous Pubmed submission that we are and were talking about vaccine safety, and vaccine safety studies. You ignore everything that is replied to you and put in front of you, period. The reason you submitted those is because they are the same insignificant, worthless, and lame studies that all the vaccine shills use and straight from the shillology training manual

    Any time you submit a Pubmed study, do not submit it just because it has the words safety study in the title, and somewhere in the abstract. You submit studies that actually show the safety profile and not some study that simply claims well no one got severely ill nor died in the clinical trial data, or the follow up studies on antibody levels produced and assumed efficacy, so its got to be safe. Those are NOT safety studies and none of them are. None I have ever seen to date are actual safety studies demonstrating any form of a safety profile. Junk science, do you actually have any comprehension of what that is and what it reads and looks like? Obviously not.

  • Does the data support your idea that all of those issues are caused by autism? UNQUOTE. [I did not state that it entirely does and that was not the point of the post. However in other replies here and on the pages i have given you to my site, all of it entirely supports what I have stated and claim to. I am not letting you in your twisted state of existence, redefine what I am stating and nor where I am stating it by particular reply post.

    That is interesting you can find long lists and plenty of data and studies to back every page on my site that makes any significant subject matter titled by page claims; and you say I do not have the education to formulate that which is already there in front of you. So thus you are claiming with zero identity and zero listed credentials that you do. How much major hypocrisy is and would be enough? You see references to a large part of what I have reply posted with here right in front of you and you claim to that i do not have the education to formulate a half decent investigation of the specific question. Even though it has all been right in front of you and as well in my reply posts. That is called a direct and blatant attempt at false discreditation. And of course then you are implying that you do have that sufficient education; even as obviously clueless as you remain, correct? And what would that be? Admit it, you are a paid vaccine shill, just like and exactly like all the rest of them I have seen. You do not have to be intelligent to be hired as a vaccine shill, just know the traditional game plan as it never changes.

    Common sense and the ability to put basic reading comprehension to it in comprehending the study data and material that is in front of you, is what scrutinizes data and or a study. I do not need anyone nor you to do that for me.

  • That is nothing but the same false and misleading vaccine misinformation and propaganda, and that we have all seen before.

    It can be explained in and by the actual historical record and recording of what actually took place at the time; not because some vested interest organization like and such as the WHO presents with years later and again the same false and inaccurate information.

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign, (and with historical detail of the failed small pox vaccine campaign)

    Polio-like” Cluster in California Has Eerie Echoes
    By Dan Olmsted

    The Age of Polio: How an Old Virus and New Toxins Triggered a Man-Made Epidemic
    By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

    Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature
    Biskind’s Warnings – DDT vs Polio

    Perilous Pathways: Environmental Chemicals and Environmental Illness, A Major Role for Vitamin A

    Did Vaccines Really Eradicate Polio?


    The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences http://www.thinktwice.com/Polio.pdf

    Jenner’s son suffered brain damage and died after smallpox vaccination
    What Most People Don’t Know About The Father of Vaccination and Why History is Repeating Itself

    The real story of the covered up failure of the small pox vaccine.
    History Repeats Itself: Lessons Vaccinators Refuse to Learn, by Jennifer Craig, PhD

    Smoke, Mirrors, and the “Disappearance” Of Polio, by Suzanne Humphries, MD

    Smallpox Vaccine: Origins of Vaccine Madness

    Vaccination: A Mythical History ~ by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries MD

    The Decline of Smallpox in Great Britain – Vaccination in Doubt. It includes a critique of Edward Jenner’s book and theories.

    Decline of Diseases Prior to Available Vaccine Graphs

    Link Index for Graphs – A quick way to see Historical Trends

    Compulsory Vaccination Killed More Than Smallpox

    A short history of Smallpox Vaccine
    V. Thirty Years of Rapidly Decreasing Vaccination in Leicester, and its Teachings.


    [Commenced by Young in 1877 and completed by Dr. Garth Wilkinson in 1879. See The National Anti-Vaccination League.]
    Book in sections:http://www.whale.to/a/tracts.html

    The entire vaccine industry is being exposed for unproven assumptions and misrepresentations of data

    The Present Status of Polio Vaccines (Document written in the 1950’s) Clearly and obviously the change in polio diagnosis and re-definition right after the vaccine was in use, significantly reduced the polio case numbers, and not the polio vaccine.

    Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
    By Eleanor McBean,1957

    To read only the polio sections see: Hidden Dangers in Polio Vaccine, by Eleanor McBean

  • You are so full of it it is running out your ears. Stop putting it to the keyboard and quite making a mindless vaccine shill fool out of yourself. You are not fooling anyone with nor as to your twisted and nonsense filled replies. You are not going to define anything as to what I reply and nor as to what is acceptable to you, just so you can weasel your way into a situation that makes nothing productive possible at all. I know your twisted game all to well.

    I have already addressed in detail your stupid picture of a room full of iron lungs. You don’t even bother to read what is here, before you reply? And then you spam the same link to the WHO data that I just addressed and previously before. You are simply and repeatedly wasting my time.

  • Just more and complete BS, that is all that reply is. That in regard to pets is not an opinion, it is fact and it has been seen repeatedly. You are clueless. Wake up and use your head..

  • These are the same kind of junk science and data Pubmed links you have kept posting and spamming repeatedly on several posts now. Why do you refuse to face it, you reject my actual historical information recorded at the time, in favor of nothing but again and again the false information and the false data. That gets no where because you are to biased to ever consider anything else for information. You refuse to wake up and see the reality of the misinformation you have been fed. There is no point to arguing what you refuse to acknowledge and see.

  • The entire definition of and the entire diagnosis to and for polio was entirely changed right after the polio vaccine was first in use. What do you not get about how many thousands of polio cases that would have eliminated?

    The Present Status of Polio Vaccines (Document written in the 1950’s) Clearly and obviously the change in polio diagnosis and re-definition right after the vaccine was in use, significantly reduced the polio case numbers, and not the polio vaccine.

  • I assure you that is not a fake identity and it is simply lunacy to even suggest that it is or may be.

    I care about the children and all individuals that will be needlessly harmed and injured by vaccines, and all the multiple vaccines that will likely yet come onto the market and as well go as well within the now no liability for anyone CDC vaccine schedule.

    The science and the data that you can easily see and review and that I have given you and put in front of you, overwhelmingly supports the vaccine truth side of this, which is what vactruth is all about and what it is here for; to provide accurate and correct vaccine information. As long as you refuse to face the reality of your own brainwashing by the decades of existing false vaccine propaganda the entire world has been fed; nothing more can be nor would be worth even putting in front of you.

    The fact that you come onto sites like this and fight against the truth information, with an unwillingness to ever consider any independent information, tells me there is something far more than just truth and protecting children that is on your agenda. If you are going to keep coming back here with that intention, at least have the courage to use a real identity.

  • Third, hypersensitivity reactions are a good thing with regards to vaccinations. That’s exactly the kind of reaction we want the body to have, so the immune system attacks the vaccine and gains immunity. Unquote.

    Really? Do you see this as a GOOD thing, in regard to multiple vaccines and as well given on the same day? And you have the audacity to tell everyone else here that they are uneducated and that they don’t know what they are talking about. You do not know what you are talking about, and you obviously have zero understanding of even basic human health physiology. Modern medicine and pharma have all the available and existing answers, right; in your attacking and refuse to see it and get it, mind? Wow.

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.


    The Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury and Via Cytokine Storm

    Vaccine caused Ischemia/Hypoxia

    Vaccination toxicity: The Zeta phase of MASS and “blood sludging”

    How about vaccine contamination, are you concerned with that? You should be.

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

    Vaccine Contamination

    Glutathione, Tylenol, Vaccine Adverse Reactions, and ASD

    But you just keep believing all the false and lack of any real science information you were fed!

  • This is good basic information for you, JD. Just what you need to get it wrapped around your head that you have been mislead and lied to about vaccines; how and why. Did you take the job of vaccine shill because you thought it was the right information, or do you already know it is the incorrect and wrong information? Looks like to me that you already knew?

    Vaccination Myth 1: Vaccinations Are Safe

    This video is the first in a series exploring myths about vaccination. After an introduction and quick history of vaccinations, the concept of vaccinations being safe is explored. By the dentist, naturopath and author, Dr Alison Adams. For more information about recovering from chronic, serious and degenerative illness go to http://www.thenaturalrecoveryplan.com.


    Vaccination Myth 2: Vaccinations Are Very Effective

    Vaccination Myths Part 3: Vaccination Controlled Polio

    Vaccination Myth 4: Vaccines Have Eliminated the Threat From Most Infectious Diseases

  • You appear to have pulled these Pubmed studies directly from the trolling shill manual, and I have seen them all posted by other shills before.

    Influenza Vaccination of Pregnant Women and Protection of Their Infants


    Influenza vaccine was immunogenic in HIV-uninfected and HIV-infected pregnant women and provided partial protection against confirmed influenza in both groups of women and in infants who were not exposed to HIV. (Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others; ClinicalTrials.gov numbers, NCT01306669 and NCT01306682.)

    Reply: [Laughing out loud, are you kidding me? Is this a vaccine safety study? What are you posting this for? Do you think that simply posting a Pubmed link and a one word title is sufficient to somehow back your previous misguided claims of some sort? Wow. You are really and entirely wasting my time.What a joke.]

    Rotavirus vaccine in Indian children in the second year of life.

    Reply: [Worthless and it does not pertain to anything we are debating here. The Rotavirus vaccine is as well known to shed and that is not a good thing in an undeveloped country like India.]

    Third study, same thing. That kind of combined study as said before simply can not do an adequate job of safety analysis, nor does it show any conclusive safety data. They never do.

    4th study:
    A booster dose of EV71 vaccine 1 year after the priming EV71 immunization shows excellent immunogenicity and good safety profile. Clinical Trials Registration. NCT01734408.

    Reply: [The safety analysis again was conducted on what criteria? Basically nothing. If all the better you can do is to post clinical trial studies that is not where sufficient to even begin to counter the shown vaccine harm studies studies that have put forth. Why didn’t you start with that, instead of ignoring it all.]

    5th study:
    This study demonstrates that VA 1.4 at a single dose of 1.9×109 is safe and immunogenic in adults from a cholera endemic region. No additional benefit after two doses was seen.

    Reply:[ Wow that really shows and proves a lot. And who actually in the US cares if cholera vaccine is effective in adults? What a great choice of studies you never even likely read, nor chose yourself.]

    6th study:
    JAMA. 2014 May 7;311(17):1760-9. doi: 10.1001/jama.2014.3633.

    Safety and immunogenicity of tetanus diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap) immunization during pregnancy in mothers and infants: a randomized clinical trial.


    This preliminary assessment did not find an increased risk of adverse events among women who received Tdap vaccine during pregnancy or their infants. For secondary outcomes, maternal immunization with Tdap resulted in high concentrations of pertussis antibodies in infants during the first 2 months of life and did not substantially alter infant responses to DTaP. Further research is needed to provide definitive evidence of the safety and efficacy of Tdap immunization during pregnancy.

    Reply: [Oh boy, it looks like you did not actually even read that one either, as if you had it would a really poor selection for a study that you shouldn’t have even tried to use.

    Here you go again. Here are the studies showing the below. Tdap has a sizable amount of aluminum adjuvant in it. Do you actually think that has been proven for safety to inject into a pregnant woman? What are they trying to do, give infants brain injury and autism before they are even born?

    Vaccine aluminum adjuvant causation of neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.


    Here is a pediatrician that is actually speaking his conscience.

    Warning to Pregnant Mothers – Toxic Dose of Aluminum in the Tdap, Paul Thomas
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoY6vXEMsU8 ]

    Study 6

    ZVHT was generally safe and immunogenic through 28 days post-dose 4 in adults with STM, HM, and HIV. Autologous-HCT but not allogeneic-HCT patients had a rise in T-cell response; antibody responses were not increased in either HCT population. Study identification. V212-002 Clinical Trials Registration. NCT00535236.

    Reply: [Are you kidding, and this is not even a study done in children? And just another pharma clinical trial study? All of these are clinical trial studies; where are you independently done studies? Do you actually think that pharma is going to submit anything clinically negative of any significance, when they do the study?]

    And that was the best you could do. I have seen it and people come with studies like this before several times before. Like I said those kinds of clinical trial studies as well are not true safety studies, and vaccine clinical trials often will as well use another previously approved and similar vaccine as a placebo and that simply is wrong and not right.

    Gardasil on Mercks clinical trial terms was determined as a safe vaccine as well in what was submitted to the FDA, and it turned out to be clearly anything but. Go find real some independently done after market safety studies, and not studies with zero criteria but that the individuals are still alive and kicking so it the vaccine must be safe.

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

    How about these examples of vaccine ineffectiveness and failure that I posted before? And yet you entirely ignored that information. Why does the CDC continue to simply fear monger that it is all the unvaccinated as cause, and to downplay with misleading information to the public, as to and in regard to the vaccine failures of those two vaccines? They have to because they can not admit to the failure of any vaccines, and especially the major safety failures of Gardasil.

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

  • If you can not see the magnitude of the counter argument that is already there in front of you, you need to get kicked off this site in regard to any further reply posting. Instead you offer nothing more than personal harassment and complete denial.

    We can all see how poorly you perform at words and forming any sort of an argument that holds water at all. Hypocrisy has no place in any actual and honest debate. And repeatedly refusing to educate yourself and review the actual information, is not a very good nor adequate debate response. Refusal to review information and respond to it simply does not cut it here; but yet you want and expect everyone else to do that for you. You do not care about the truth and nor are you in this to protect children, and nor as you said you are in one of your half crazed and personally attacking reply posts earlier.

    That post simply and at least partially supports WatchingWaitings claims. And you have a problem and an issue with that being good enough for you? I think it is time for you to go and for vactruth to ban you and your IP from further posting. You are not here with the intent to conduct any form of an honest debate.

  • Long lists of scientific studies are not opinion pieces. Solid data and reference on those issues are obviously not only an opinion piece.

    What you were attempting to do earlier and I called out was in your attempt present what was that BMJ opinion piece as some sort of verified BMJ study regarding Dr Wakefield, and thus a legal or journal conclusion; which it obviously was not at all. There is a difference. How do people like you become that twisted? Its deliberate and it is intentional. If people like you could not conduct yourselves in the wrongful way you do; you would have nothing to reply with at all. Its all just diversion, distraction, and in the intent of simply wasting all of our time.

  • No, as a fact everything here and everything I have posted so far has become an argument against your promoted junk science. This site and all it contains is in itself is all a solid argument against your attempt at promoting the known junk science, http://www.vacfacts.info

  • You have zero argument left to address, and you had none to begin with.

    You clearly and obviously have no interest in the well being of children. Your game is in the repeat denial of all vaccine truth. How obvious would that need to be; and you will continue to deny everything no matter what. Shills always do. Go get yourself a real identity and come back? Truth walks in the open sunlight and fears nothing.

  • You don’t appear to even even know what the topic is. If you continue to reply post here, you will have to just put up with those reply comments from more than just me, regarding your real agenda; and when you operate like you do and have here while yet refusing to provide any identity and nor anything as to any credentials. That is common sense.

  • What you are doing is not under free speech. What you are doing is simply creating harassment of reply posters that do not support the pro-vaccine agenda. It is non productive and it wasted large amounts of my time, and the time reply posting of others. You create an atmosphere where honest and in good faith reply posters will shy away from and not want to get involved on this page in the reply posting. That is unfortunate because that is obviously not the intent of this site, but to create open and honest debate. That is the opposite of what you are doing. and I see no point to your continued being allowed to stay here and reply post in direct defiance of the truth and facts, and in harassment. I think it has become more than obvious that was your only intent in reply posting here; and to intentionally create that outcome. Anyone who does not like this kind of activity you are doing on vactruth, should simply fire away at flagging all your reply posts, and of which you will be quite deserving of.

  • How twisted sick and actually desperate are you anyway? Enough, I told you I have heard and read enough of your complete garbage!

  • And you conveniently forget to review any studies and data I have put in front of you and mindless with and to that. That is the most mindless and pointless reply posting I have ever seen on vactruth. You are up to no good, I can tell that.

  • How ridiculous is that entirely unrelated garbage.

  • You have already had this question entirely answered and with references, multiple times. You are again simply wasting my time. There is obviously no further point to arguing facts with someone that unwilling to conduct any relevant and honest debate.

  • J.D.

    You presented a research article to me. I evaluated it. Your only response is that I am “up to no good?” This is why the rest of the world ignores loons like you. If you want to bring data to the table, expect it to be evaluated. Similarly, when I bring evidence to the table, I offer you the chance to evaluate it.

    The problem is, you don’t. In fact, you don’t know how to. You are quite literally science illiterate, which is why you lash out with this childish response instead of dealing with the actual points being made. See how far that gets you in convincing the world that vaccines are bad.

  • J.D.

    Which part is twisted or sick? The evaluation of the research you yourself presented? No really, tell me which part you disagree with, if you can.

  • J.D.

    OK, fair enough. Perhaps I overlooked something. Can you give me the link to the place it was already answered?

    See this is where I try, once again, to engage you in the actual discussion. I expect your response, once again, will be diversionary or personal attacks. Man up, dear. Man up.

  • Your time would be better spent, reviewing this.

    CDC WhistleBlower Apologizes to Andy Wakefield…

    Interview at 9:00 PM Tonight on Robert Scott Bell Radio Show…


  • Were done. I spent over 12 hours and half the night putting information in front of you and you do not appear to even be the same person you were earlier, unless you have gone crazy. You refused to consider and address directly any information and nor the studies I put in front of you in all that time, and you only to ignored it all and simply replace it again and again with your own known false information. You submit nothing but endless hypocrisy and personal going after attack.

    You are connected to a ring of shills, plain and simple, and you need to get gone and stay gone; and that may just likely happen. There is no place for people like that here on these pages.

  • J.D.

    Yeah truth doesn’t have legs and doesn’t give a crap about sunlight. Your poetry is amusing but unneeded.

    Let me redirect back to the actual argument in this sub-thread. Do you believe Dr. Wakefield’s original argument, that vaccines cause inflammatory bowel disease is accurate, when he himself no longer acknowledges that? Do you feel taking blood from children at a birthday party without any ethical supervision is appropriate?

  • J.D.

    So when I post scientific data, you pretend it doesn’t exist, to instead demand my identity. When I ask you to respond to the actual data, you pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Now, after ignoring all forms of intelligent conversation, including episodes where you presented scientific data and I applauded you for your efforts of seeking truth, you’re now complaining that I’m not engaging in open and honest debate? HAHAHAHA.

    I can’t count how many times I’ve asked you to stick to the actual issues instead of sidetracking conversations, this last post of yours included.

    This is NOT a debate of opinion. There is fact here. There are conclusions drawn from the factual data. Data which you ignore due to scientific illiteracy. So if this is too overwhelming to you, I welcome you to stop responding. If you feel it’s a waste of your time, you’re failing at internetting. If on the other hand you actually want to return to the actual discussion, I am happy to reiterate my stance and support it with evidence (not opinion pieces, not journalists who heard some hearsay from a super top secret meeting that allows journalists, but EVIDENCE). If you are not willing to participate in actually discussing the evidence, there’s a red X at the top of the window I implore you to click. Good day sir.

  • J.D.

    care to actually support why you believe my critique of your source is ridiculous? Or do you think just by calling my response ridiculous that it is? Then again, “because I said so” is the majority of the reasoning you’ve given about why vaccines are bad so far, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Support your stance.

  • J.D.

    So I ask you to just point me to one of your prior posts that you claim already made your point, and you can’t even do that. I figured that would be the case. You SAY you provided information, but yet you can’t point to where? Meanwhile, when you asked me to copy and paste a list of links to actual scientific investigation, you refuse to respond to it. A little double standard, don’t you think?

    If you disagree, we can start over on both sides, begin making fresh points, agree to not sidetrack the conversation as you have done now countless times, and actually address the information. But you remain scientifically illiterate. Your diversionary tactics are all you have, so I doubt the result would be different.

    As for the time it’s taken you, that’s your own doing. Again I restate: I am happy to address any data investigation you provide. Thusfar you have provided a single one. I addressed it, and your response was name calling. Remember when I asked you for big boy responses? You should still try that. Good day, sir.

  • J.D.

    Hold on. We were just discussing an article which you yourself posted to be discussed. Now you pretend like my well-documented points are invisible to go off on yet another tangent?

    We’re talking about your research trial, which is the lowest form of scientific investigation possible. What does an apology to Andy Wakefield have to do with the research article which you yourself posted?

    Are you incapable of following through on your own points? Are you incapable of defending your own argument? Are you incapable of responding to the refutation I provided? No. You’re capable. You just know you lost, so you try to respond with something unrelated.

    This is why the world scoffs at scientifically illiterate people like you.

  • J.D.

    Perhaps I missed it then. As I’ve asked several times for you to just link to the place you previously posted it, and you refuse, it makes me think you didn’t actually post it. I mean, you stated you wasted 12 hours on little ol’ me yesterday, and you can’t even take another 15 seconds to look up a link to the commend that houses your grand explanation?

    Forget about links for a moment. Forget about sources. For once I’m interested in your opinion. Just you, Lowell. No links, no citations, just your opinion to these questions in a succinct manner:

    1. How do you explain how major diseases were practically eradicated immediately after the introduction of the vaccine?

    2. If you believe if it was coincidence, how do you explain the exact same occurrence happening at DIFFERENT times in different countries, all right after the vaccine is introduced in each country?

    3. If you think THAT is all worldwide coincidence happening at different times, how do you explain
    the countless scientific prospective double blind case control trials which show vaccines decrease rates of disease?

    I really am eager to understand how you can resolve those issues. I suspect, as you seem to be doing though, that you once again will not engage, stating somehow somewhere you already have and won’t again.

  • J.D.

    by the way, in case you missed it, here is a link to me actively reviewing the data that you provided, and systematically demolishing your argument, with you giving literally no defense, explanation, or acknowledgement:

  • elnura

    Regarding corruption surrounding the recommendation of influenza vaccines; there are no restrictions with regard to conflicts of interest for the employees of the CDC or for those of the FDA (Kuehn, 2010). Each employee of either agency is allowed to own stock in drug companies.There is of course the revolving door. The most blatant example of revolving door corruption may be the action of the former director of the CDC, Julie Gerberding. Gererding blocked the CDC’s planned
    retraction of their recommendation for HPV vaccine
    after significant numbers of girls had died or been rendered paralyzed by the HPV vaccine. Soon after blocking the retraction, Gerberding was offered and took a position at Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, the
    world’s best selling HPV vaccine, as head of Merck Vaccines Department (Reuters, 2009). It is a level of corruption that we would expect to see in only third world countries.


  • J.D.

    This is fundamentally why scientists ignore people like you elnura. I ask you for SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of anything you say, and the best you can give me is concern over someone taking a job at a pharmaceutical company. I can assure you, changing jobs does not de facto mean corruption. More importantly, and I can’t believe I need to tell you this once again, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

    So let’s review once again. The scientific community around the world seeks SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE via high-standard scientific investigation to help us gain knowledge. Secret meetings, journalists, conspiracy theories, people changing jobs, and other such interpersonal interactions literally have NOTHING to do with SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE nor how the scientific community assesses topics like vaccination. Are you catching on yet?

  • jen3ric

    J.D. is a paid imposter. Anyone who spends this much time reading articles they do not believe in, making continual comments mocking those who think differently and have different opinions is in it for something. I have noticed his comments are all over many articles. Who is this guy? Who is paying him? Hmmm?

  • J.D.

    I am the terror that flaps in the night!

  • Stephanie

    VacTruth.com: A Truly Corrupt and Dangerous Website

  • Stephanie

    No, those of us who actually form educated opinions evaluate BOTH sides of a debate, not just blindly choose to be for or against something. Why don’t you try reading and evaluating some scientific studies that prove the efficacy and safety of the vaccines out there rather than flooding your mind with the garbage on this site.

  • J.D.

    BUMP. Once again, you provide no response or defense to the one and only scientific study you’ve ever provided here?

    Do you DEFEND the terrible paper you posted, or do you ADMIT it is a poor study? Stick to the subject.

  • You are nothing, period; but in your own decrepid mind. You clearly support the vaccine injury of thousands of infants and children, and the resulting autism that takes place, due to repeat vaccinations, and that is as a fact, the ONLY real terror that exists. Your mindless reply posting and repeated refusal to face and accept fact, that is what quite clearly flaps in the night and from your designated vaccine shill cubicles, 24 hours a day.


  • You critiqued nothing. Your responded directly to nothing, and as to the information. So get to actually doing that, directly? You might as well plead insanity, as to your defense because nothing else appears here for a reply, nor as any defense response against anything here at all, nor anywhere.

  • You evaluated nothing, period. Face it you are nothing but the equivalent of the vactruth class clown who fails and has failed again and again to address any information directly, whatsoever. You are here for nothing more than to derail any form of real debate, and to produce a complete distraction, personally attacking and false discrediation chaos; and to prevent any honest discussion of these matters at all, period.

  • Any of that is just more completely mindless, BULLSHIT! And nothing but. You know nothing about actual nor real research, nor unbiased and independent studies, and that is all to obvious. No matter what is presented and put in front of you, you simply again ignore it and replace it with the same old false and misleading vaccine propaganda. You obviously think everyone here is a brain dead sheeple, and just as brainwashed dumb as you are.

  • So vactruth, it appears that the only solution to keeping these vaccine shills off your page and in creating the obvious chaos and what they do here, is to require a facebook log in, so they have to provide a real identity. Quite obviously they will not and would not be reply posting, if they actually had to provide a real identity, and not just some character name or fb page name. I strongly suggest that you change the reply posting criteria, to require an actual name, identity.

  • J.D.

    I like that the last three posts of yours to me as you stalk me around this site have started as follows:
    “You are nothing”
    “You critiqued nothing”
    “You evaluated nothing”

    Lol. It’s like watching a child throw a temper tantrum. No actual reasoning, just lots of flipping out.

    You say you’re providing me “facts” yet every source you’ve given me has been an opinion pieces. Perhaps you are unaware that opinions and facts are different things?

    By the way, posting a link to the site that we’re both on doesn’t actually help your case or this site in any way. Just thought I’d point that out.

    Let me know when you’re done with your time-out and want to use your big boy words again.

  • J.D.

    You SAY I critiqued nothing, and yet you can’t actually respond to anything I said directly.

    So let me dumb this down for you with simple questions I’m sure you’ll ignore once again.
    1. Do you agree that you presented a retrospective study?
    2. Do you agree that they don’t reveal how they did their statistical analysis? If not, please provide their methods.
    3. Do you agree that they don’t actually use case-controls?
    4. Do you agree that the internet surveys and open online database that they use are terrible methods of acquiring information?
    5. Are you aware that the database they used claims children have been turned into wonder woman and the incredible hulk after using a vaccine?

    OK straight forward questions. Those were some of the main critique points. Care to actually address them now? No? Going to avoid them with misdirection or run away now? Thought so.

  • J.D.

    You keep saying things aren’t real, but you have yet to respond to a single one of the 8 paragraphs that breaks down why your article is ridiculous. You literally haven’t responded to a single point. You just keep claiming it doesn’t exist, which makes you look psychotic. Here’s the entire evaluation once again in full:

    Can you refute any part of that specifically?

    No, of course not. You’re scientifically illiterate, so you rely on this immature diversionary tactic instead. Run along now. Come back when you can read and respond to an argument.

  • J.D.

    facebook logins don’t require a real identity. You’re not very good at the internet, are you?

  • They require a real identity, if you are a proper user using the system as intended..unless you are a chicken.. dooshie. Truth walks in the open sunlight and fears, nothing. You see my identity, what are you hiding or scared of? Are you worried that people will then be able to acertain that you are either simply a paid off shill, or a deperately lying indvidual connected to the medical pharma side, or the gov’t? Who do you actually work for, JD?

    Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document

    The “I’ll show you my study, if you show me yours” autism-vaccine debate

    Because there are studies that disprove the autism-vaccine link AND studies that show a link between vaccines and autism, the “I’ll show you my study, if you show me yours” debate can go on and on.

    Each and every parent has the right to decide what is best for their child. Therefore, the debate should strictly be philospohical. Parent A may choose to vaccinate because they believe it is the best way to protect their child whereas Parent B chooses not to vaccinate because they believe that they could not live with themselves if their child suffered a severe adverse reaction from a vaccine. Parent A’s child may never get the diseases that they were vaccinated against, whether or not they were vaccinated, and Parent B’s child may never experience a vaccine injury if vaccinated.

    The opposite also holds true and this is why every parent should have the right to choose what they believe is best for their child.


  • Quite obviously you can see that we are NOT blindly accepting to be for or against something here. To make such a blind and willful, ignornace filled claim to that here, obviously makes YOU, the person that is BLINDLY following. Nothing would be enough, and you know it.

    Gardasil Injury: Our daughter’s miraculous recovery

    Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety

    Gardasil-The Real Truth

    The Polio Vaccination Agenda in Africa Blown Wide Open by Kihura Nkuba

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

    The Current Failure of Pertussis and Measles Vaccine

    Why are carcinogens being added to vaccines?

    Vaccine Exemption Forms

    One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines
    Autism-Vaccine studies

  • Stalk you around the site? Really? And what have you been doing to me? What a hypocrite. Anyone who responds to you is now a stalker? I have had no time out to my knowledge, were you attempting to cause one for me? Oh, you people are deperate. And what is this other entirely mindless ranting in your post? Pathetic. That is obviously only your delusional mind running away with your finger tips on the keyboard.

  • What paper? That is the DeStefano et al. study; the study you people use to support the claim of there being no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. You are talking nothing but mindless unsupported trash here, that does not even follow what was posted by me, nor either of us here. So, what exactly is your game plan here, JD? It appears that if you can not wow them with direct and relevant responses, you instead simply cause unrelated and complete distractions, attempting to baffle any readers remaining with nothing but more crazed and crazy, BS.

    Dr. Brian Hooker in Response to the CDC’s Recent Statement Defending the Validity of the DeStefano et al. study

    Focus Autism Releases Findings on 2003 CDC Autism Study – Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Earlier than 36 Months

    Focus Autism releases their findings of a possible reduction in the sample size of a major 2003 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This sample size reduction negates statistically significant findings from the study.


  • There is nothing to respond to, because you presented with no direct nor refute at all of anything. Read my above statment on that. How mindless can this actually get? Are you a real person, or some sort of electronic bot?

  • You did not even state what nor which article or study you were responding to. And do you actually think this garbage below which you replied, and you know the reply post above; just simply covers anything that was presented here for anything it all, be it an article or study? How does such a what looks like a copy and paste load of crap address anything here at all directly, and for the data it contains? Its clearly doesnt; and you JD, are obviously nothing but a bad joke.

    This kind of crap below directly addressed absolutely nothing at all.

    Does the control arm accurately approximate the hypothesis question? Well, no. They hypothesis asks about a medical diagnosis, and the survey is asking non-medical people about their opinion….etc, etc.

  • Again, you directly addressed absolutely nothing, period. Quit wasting everyones time here, and even in bothering to read your kind of ridiculous reply posting trash.

  • Again. You addressed no data nor information directly, and all you offered was what appears to be a copy and past unrelated ranting that has nothing to do directly with anything at all. Face it, you can not actually respond directly to anything nor any information, data, nor the studies presented with here, period.

  • PlanetAutism
  • Truthwarrior59

    A man (woman) convinced against his (her) will is of the same opinion still. We can choose to see the truth or keep our rose-colored glasses on. You probably vaccinated your children and now that you know how much toxic crap you allowed your “good and trusted” doctor to inject into your beautiful children you are feeling very, very guilty. And thus the total rejection of this website. I don’t blame you because I know how hard the CDC and the vaccine manufacturers are working on discrediting anything negative about vaccines. They hire people to go on websites to monitor, provoke and comment. One thing you have to keep in mind, the vaccine industry is a BILLION dollar industry. And they don’t care if you have a dead baby from vaccination, an autistic child from vaccination, a child with an agressive brain tumor from vaccination and so on, no, they just care about the almighty dollar. YOUR child is not THEIR problem. In 1986 this wonderful US Government gave the vaccine manufacturers a free pass from lawsuits. NOBODY can sue vaccine manufacturers. Why do you think they did that? Because they know their product is flawed and deadly. Read the history of vaccines and you will learn something. Would the Government give the Ford Motor Corporation such protection? Would Ford be allowed to make horrible cars with serious safety defects and the Government says we will protect you so that you can’t be sued?NO – NEVER! But the vaccine manufacturers have this protection. That fact alone speaks volumes. The biggest mistake human beings make is to believe that their fellow man/woman only has their best interest at heart and actually cares. Once you come to realize that doctors and pharmaceutical companies only want to survive, make money, you will have removed your rose-colored glasses.
    How long did it take us to figure out smoking causes lung cancer? How long did doctors say that smoking is not dangerous?
    Vaccines are a dangerous and outdated concept kept alive by those who profit from it.

  • Lea

    Yep….the Centers for Deceipt & Corruption
    the Centers for Disease Continuation
    the Centers for Deadly CONcoctions
    the Centers for Death Merchants & Criminals

    This is the Orginization that the Pediatricians are getting their Vaccine Policy recommendations from.

  • AutismDad

    Supply them. You won’t/ can’t because they don’t exist. I’ve read studies, a bunch of blah blah with a conclusion. Its paid for, so is the conclusion. A university level professor would give them F for their disjointed mumbo-jumbo.

  • AutismDad

    self serving no doubt

  • AutismDad

    He’s a snivelling coward. The kind I used to crush in gym class

  • AutismDad

    Where’s you science then loud mouth?

  • AutismDad

    Are you unable to STFU?

  • AutismDad

    What a moron. Are courts experiments? Are expert wittnesses not valid in court? Not everything revolves around research and science. Parental eyewitness accounts are not worthless. Adverse events are documented, compensated for and listed on package inserts, at VAERS and NVICP. But you are such a piece of dirt you give all that EVIDENCE a shoulder shrug. Only a Pharma minion would do that.

  • AutismDad

    Wow. everything is science and nothing else matters. Sounds like a pimple faced punk in Mom’s basement. if you had half a brain you’d use your own theory and compare it to all evidence, but instead you post rubbish with one hand while the other strokes you baseless ego

  • AutismDad

    WTF are you blathering about? Shouldn’t you be popping zits in front of the bathroom mirror?

  • Lou

    Yep the CDC works for the eugenic Rockefeller clan.

    Since the Rockefellers took over the health industry in circa 1900 our health care has become more and more expensive and our outcomes have become less and less favorable.


  • Lea

    SO Well said!!

  • americanreal

    Just insert the word “security” to steal liberty. Rinse and repeat

  • ivoylou

    I want to say hello to every one and thank u vactruth for opening many people eyes, J.D. u and Argus are every where like they inject u in this blog and infecting people thoughts ur like the vaccine inject in people that is killing them,

  • ivoylou

    Yea what makes vaccine that alone turn me away from it, that alone sholud be a reason not to get it

  • ivoylou

    Do u have a heart its sad u have to be working under pay while ur big pharma employer lay back and makes billions

  • ivoylou

    If i ever have a child and gets vaccine and it kills my child that doctor life and his family children life and wife life would be in danger, i tell u a child is the best thing in the world and the doctors know of the side effect of these vaccine but still give it u think i will just move on no way i make that doctor life hell, i will literall found the vaccine they give my child and get my hand on that vaccine and inject it back in that doctor and is whole entire family, and after im done go to the police and confest of what i did and thats it for me, ehy should my child die and destroy my family but u and ur family are healthy and happy, they be messing with the wrong chick

  • Joey GF

    $Male genital mutilation$

  • AutismDad

    CDC is government. Protected by law enforcement, and does a job that can be defined as part of the countries’ national security. It is quiet untouchable. Its part of the Pharmafia that defines what adverse effects are and simply doesn’t include the most common or most serious. Then they can say adverse effects are both rare and mild.

  • AutismDad

    Likely sounds like this: bbrrraaatt bbrraaaaattt brat. And under the covers.