“Is there any proof out there that reactions to vaccines can lead to /cause generalized pediatric dystonia in a toddler?”


This message is from Mandi: “Is there any proof out there that reactions to vaccines can lead to /cause generalized pediatric dystonia in a toddler? I believe in my heart that it has in my daughter,now 20 months old And furthering by belief genetics teams can find no genetic mutation or linking that caused it.…

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A Mother Asks About Formula Options & Daughter’s Eczema Problems


This question comes from Brittany: “I read your article about how allergies, immune response ect cause excema. My daughter who is 4 months old has had excema since she was 2 months old. She has never been vacinnated. I know her allergy is from me consuming dairy because when I stop eating anything with dairy…

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We’re “Anti-Vaxers” Because We Don’t Have a Choice

Newborn babies are often injected by aggressive nurses within hours of being born.

The line has been drawn. There are pro-vaxers on one side and anti-vaxers on the other. Let’s look at each side.

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Fact: Vaccinations are Killing Our Kids

Baby Stacy died after she received nine vaccines in one day.

Every day we are told that vaccinations are the best defense against the killer diseases while governments, media and pharmaceutical industries dish out billions of dollars advertising the benefits in an effort to convince us.

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Your Child May Get This Deadly Allergy After Being Vaccinated

Vaccines containing latex may be triggering allergic reactions to common products, like baby pacifiers.

Millions of children worldwide are being injected with this allergen over and over again in connection with vaccination schedules, often starting with the Hepatitis B vaccine when babies are only a few hours old. Is it any wonder that this specific allergy affects millions and that the numbers are increasing?

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Are There Chemical Markers in the Urine of Autistic Children?

Chemical analysis is being performed on the urine of autistic children. Will vaccine ingredients be considered?

A chemist and his team have been working on finding molecular compounds in autistic children’s urine.

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Vaccines: How Would You Like the Truth for a Change?

What’s being crammed down our throats is BS. Plain and simple. Blatant lies, lies, and more lies. Incompetence, negligence, junk science, fraud, a violation of rights, red herrings, cover-ups, and a waste of time and money.

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Breaking News: Autism Ruling Hot Off Italian Judge’s Gavel

What are the chances you will read this information about autism being caused by the MMR vaccine in an Italian youngster in the mainstream USA media, e.g., TV, newspapers, magazines, online? How about nil!

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Does the Australian Government Want to Make Real Living Zombies Out of the Next Generation?

As if compulsory vaccinations were not sufficient for government officials seeking to try to keep younger generations from contracting various diseases, a new plan has reared its ridiculous head in Australia.

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Vaccines Can Cause Autism: Causation vs. Correlation

Do vaccines cause autism? This question has been the source of a heated debate for a long time and is explored in this article.

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