Fact: Vaccinations are Killing Our Kids

Baby Stacy Sirjacobs died after she received 9 vaccines in one day.

Every day we are told that vaccinations are the best defense against the killer diseases threatening our children. The governments, media and pharmaceutical industries dish out billions of dollars advertising the benefits of vaccination in an effort to convince us.

By the age of 18 months children in the USA will have received a staggering 38 vaccinations (1) these are:

  • Up to 4 doses of the Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • 3 doses of the rotavirus vaccine
  • 4 doses of the DTaP
  • 4 doses of the Hib vaccine
  • 4 doses of the pneumococcal vaccine
  • 3 doses of the polio vaccine
  • up to 2 doses of the flu vaccine
  • 2 doses of the hepatitis A vaccine
  • 1 MMR shot
  • 1 chickenpox shot

With all these vaccinations being injected into their tiny bodies you would think that children would be safer now than ever but you would be in for a shock. Reports in the media suggest that far from being the safe and effective weapons against disease that we have been led to believe they are, vaccines are not only are proving to be inefficient at protecting children against killer diseases but they have in fact been shown to be responsible for killing our kids on mass.

Child deaths reported as a result of vaccinations this year

On August 9, 2012, the Financial Express (2) reported that three babies had died after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccination in Hospet (Kar) Mumbai.

The Financial Express stated that a NGO (Non Government Organization) vaccinated a total of 24 babies between the ages of 18 months and 2 years with the vaccine and 15 of them developed complications. Of these 15, three had died and several more were still undergoing treatment.

I would like to add that the report seemed to place a strong emphasis on the fact that these children were vaccinated by a Non Government Organization, which I feel Is yet another ploy to enable the authorities to pass the buck at a later stage.

Gardasil Vaccine

Sadly these were not the only deaths connected to vaccines to be hitting our headlines recently. On August 8, 2012, the NZ (New Zealand) Herald reported that a mother in New Zealand believed the Gardasil vaccine, the vaccination against cervical cancer, was responsible for the death of her teenage daughter.

Ms Renata told reporters that she had found her daughter Jasmine dead in bed six months after she had received her third dose of the vaccination.  She added that the year her daughter had received the vaccinations, she had never complained so much about her mental or physical state.

Sadly, this was not the only report I have found linking the Gardasil vaccination to the death of a child this year. In February, Linda Morin reported that she was suing Merck, the manufacturers of Gardasil, along with three doctors, pediatrician Guylaine Larose, neurologist Amelie Nadeau and her family doctor, Lynne Nadeau for the sum of $197,000. Ms. Morin stated that she had found her 14 year-old daughter Annabelle dead in the bathtub after she had received her second Gardasil vaccination.

According to LifeSiteNews (4) Linda Morin Annabelle’s mother had told reporters that she had been left in shock after discovering her daughter’s body. She said:

“I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. This image will stay in my head for the rest of my life. It’s a nightmare. We often say that time heals things (but) time hasn’t healed anything yet.”

Not a very pleasant experience, I am sure you will agree, but sadly Annabelle was just one of a long line of children found dead after receiving their Gardasil vaccinations since the vaccination was recommended.

Moving on to deaths reported after the flu vaccine

On August 3, 2012, the Australian News (5) issued a report stating that a total of ten deaths had been linked to anti-flu vaccinations since 2008. (Although to be fair, the report did say that these deaths included unborn babies and elderly persons.)

The news report stated that there had been 2136 reports of adverse events following injection with CSL’s Fluvax and Fluvax Junior, the vaccine that replaced Panvax in 2010:

‘Fluvax is used for about half the nation’s estimated 6 million flu vaccinations each year. But the number of reported side-effects for Fluvax is five times higher than the other three most popular brands of flu vaccines together.’

This was not the only report indicating deaths after the flu vaccine this year. I reported that a previously healthy seven year-old had died in her mother’s arms in Vermont in January. (6)

Moving on to India

In July 2012 The Times of India (7) reported that two children had died after receiving the pentavalent vaccination (5 vaccines in 1). The Times of India reported that baby Tanujashree was just three months old when she was vaccinated with the 5 in 1 vaccination. She died within a few hours of being administered the vaccine. Reporters went on to say that Tanujasshree was the second child to have died after the vaccine, stating that in January the vaccine had also been responsible for the death of another three month-old baby who died in Kancheepuram within 24 hours of being given the vaccination.

These were not the only children to have died after the pentavalent vaccine this year.

In March 2012 the Refusers (8) reported that a total of four children had died after they had received the 5 in 1 vaccine in Kerala, India.

According to the report, experts argued that if the reaction occurred after the injection and there was no other cause for the reaction it must probably be due to the vaccine. This may be true but I bet another cause will be found very quickly. My guess is that the authorities will blame one of the following:

  • Poor storage facilities
  • Expired vaccinations
  • A previously undiagnosed illness or virus that the child already had
  • The person giving the vaccination was unqualified or inexperienced
  • The vaccination was given by a NGO

My Final Vaccine Horror Story

My final vaccine horror story of the year is the death of baby Stacy who died after she received a whopping nine vaccines in one day at the tender age of eight weeks old (9). Stacy was a premature baby and left behind her twin sister Lesly. Her father said:

‘We are summoning every citizen of every country to take to the streets in their own cities, towns and villages: things must now change!’

He is absolutely right — things must change. How many deaths of innocent children will it take for parents to begin to educate themselves about the dangers of vaccinations? I realize that not every child will die after a vaccination, but let’s face it — our children are fast becoming the unhealthiest children the world has ever seen. The way I see it, it is a far cry from the wonderful picture that our governments and pharmaceutical industries paint, isn’t it? Please, parents — educate yourselves fully about the dangers of vaccinations before you have your child vaccinated. Remember that an educated choice is a good choice.



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