Olympic Vaccination Frenzy As Athletes Urged To Get Their Shots

Athletes are being encouraged to get their shots. What the athletes may not know is Big Pharma is a major sponsor.

Olympic athletes and spectators around the world are being urged to have the measles vaccination before traveling to the Olympics. Experts are urging all competitors and anyone traveling to the UK for the Olympic Games this summer to bring home memories not diseases.

With hundreds of thousands of tourists expected to travel to England this year, infectious disease experts in Canada and the USA are worried that travelers could bring the measles back as an extra souvenir and are therefore urging all travelers traveling to the games to make sure that their vaccinations are up to date.

Democrat Chronicle (1) reported that last year was the worst year for measles in 15 years and stated that most cases were imported from abroad. One expert Dr Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made her feelings very clear when she spoke to news reporters, saying:

“For those of you traveling abroad, bring back memories and not measles.”

With GlaxoSmithKline (2) being the number one sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games, it makes sense that vaccinations are high on the agenda. GSK must have been in seventh heaven when they landed the Olympic contract for drugs testing. They announced in January that they had signed a contract with London 2012 to become an official supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, stating:

“The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) today announces GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as its Official Laboratory Services Provider in a Tier Three deal. GSK will provide facilities and equipment to enable Kings College London to operate a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accredited satellite laboratory at Games-time.”

Andrew Witty, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline stated:

“The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games provide GSK with a huge opportunity to be part of the delivery of an outstanding world event. I’m delighted we’ve put this alliance with King’s College London together to ensure that excellent science can play a key role in ensuring the Games are conducted to the highest ethical standards and that athletes can lead healthier lives.

However, is there more to Witty’s wording than meets the eye? It certainly appears that way because many professionals believe that the measles vaccine is an unnecessary vaccine and that measles had died out long before a vaccination was ever introduced.

Dr Jayne Donegan MBBS DRCOG DCH DFFP MRCGP MFHom GP & Homeopath (3) has always believed that we vaccinate against lots of childhood diseases unnecessarily. She believes that the only reason we vaccinate today is because we are told that having the diseases is a bad thing and leads to thousands of deaths. She says:

“When we look at the figures from the Office for National Statistics, we see that 95% of the people who used to die from measles stopped dying before the vaccine was introduced in 1968.”

She is not the only professional to believe this to be the case because many other professionals agree with her. Dr Tim O’Shea wrote that most people growing up in the 1950’s remember having the measles. He wrote that the measles was ‘No big deal’ saying that anyone catching the measles got lifetime immunity as a result. Dr O’Shea provides lists of impressive figures in his book ‘Vaccination Is Not Immunization’ (4) showing exactly how infectious diseases rose dramatically after the introduction of vaccination.

Another vaccination critic from the USA, Cynthia Cournoyer (5) agrees stating:

“Infectious diseases come and go; they are part of the biosphere. To think that we can simply eliminate them through some kind technical engineering is incredibly reckless.”

After reading her work I have to agree with her, especially as she goes on to point out history has taught us that hygiene and living conditions played a significant role in the relative disappearance of cholera and the black plague and that there is no vaccine for either of these diseases. Cournoyer is yet another professional pointing out that the measles death rate decreased by more than 95% from 1915 to 1958 before the measles vaccination was even introduced.

Many professionals believe that far from eradicating the measles and other diseases we vaccinate for, the vaccinations are in fact causing people to become more susceptible.

Despite all this important information CTV News (6) remains convinced that experts are right to be worried. They stated in their report that the British Canadian Center for Disease Control (CDC) noted that measles had been on the rise in many parts of the world and that last year alone; there was an outbreak of almost 800 cases in Quebec that started with at least one unvaccinated traveler.

I have always had a problem with statements like this because if the majority of the population has been vaccinated then I cannot understand how just one unvaccinated traveler can do so much damage! It is my belief that by insisting on the vaccination of athletes and spectators against measles and other diseases, governments are making them more susceptible to the diseases they are vaccinating them against. Furthermore thousands of Olympians and their families are likely to suffer adverse reactions including autism, allergies, neurological conditions, seizures and even death as a result.

I feel that far from the wonderful uniting of nations in sport that the Olympics is supposed to be about, the 2012 Olympics has became little more than a money spinner for big pharma to cash in on.



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