Dr. Russell Blaylock on Who Created Orthodox Medicine

“Who Created Orthodox Medicine?”

Dr. Russell Blaylock:

“Who created orthodox medicine? Where did that come from?”

“Well, it actually came from the Rockefeller Foundation back in 1901.”

“The Rockefellers at the time . . . because of the Standard Oil scandals, no one wanted to be called a Rockefeller.

“Everybody hated all the Rockefellers. And so his friend, Reverend Gates, went to John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and told him, he said, “Well, here’s a way we can repair your reputation.” And he gave him a good example. He said, “There was this man who everybody hated . . . and he started giving money out for all sorts of philanthropic enterprises, and soon people forgot all of the bad things.” . . .

“So the first thing, because Gates’ father was a physician, and John D. Rockefeller’s father was a quack snake-oil salesmen, he said, “Let’s form the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.” And so they created this in 1901. . . .”

“Rockefeller owned what was called the drug trust: that’s the major drug manufacturing firms all over the world: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Lederle, all of these . . . pharmaceutical companies . . .”

“And of course, the aim was to remove all nutrition, references to nutritional type treatments, from the medical schools. They closed down half the medical schools in the United States. There were 165 medical schools at the time. . . . Then he had his anointed medical schools, which he poured his money into, appointed the professors from his own stock of professors. And so they created an educational system that taught the things that he wanted taught. And therefore every professor that came out of those programs taught the same thing.”

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