Are panel chosen to investigate Gardasil in India fit for purpose?

Again the group Truth about Gardasil lead the world in the fight to get a ban on the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix. On the 16th April 2010 they released another strong press release. They ask if, the panel of investigators selected to examine alleged violations of guidelines in India, are capable or willing to impartially review their peers and/or supervisors conduct and the trial reports without bias.

My answer to their question, is I doubt it.

Their press release Women Look to India for Answers about HPV Vaccine Dangers
Will They Get Them?
begins :-

North Hollywood, CA. Members of and women around the world are disappointed with the panel of investigators selected to examine alleged violations of guidelines for conducting ‘clinical trials’, inadequate research, false advertising, along with various moral and ethical concerns in connection with a recent health ‘demonstration project’ involving HPV vaccines amongst disadvantaged women in India.

With apparent disregard for the women and organizations that brought these injustices to the attention of the world, the government of India has chosen S. P., Agarwal former Director-General of Health Services; Sunita Mittal, head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences; and Pharmacologist, Ranjit Roy to serve as the primary investigators. Now the world is wondering if these three men; a retired government official, a practicing physician and a practicing pharmacist are capable – or willing – to impartially review their peers and/or supervisors conduct and the trial reports without bias.”

‘Capable’, is possible, ‘willing’, is doubtful and to be ‘impartial’, now that is the one that is really questionable especially as one of the panel of investigators appears to have a secret that he just conveniently forgot to mention. The secret, well you guessed it, he is connected to the manufacturer of the Gardasil vaccine Merck.

On the front page of the The Hindu on the 14th April 2010 in a letter to Azad it read-

Another issue which unfortunately has not been addressed in your letter is the conflict of interest involved in the PATH project. This NGO is a partner of the manufacturing company MERCK in other projects.

As a partner, it can be easily understood that the conflict arises from the interests of the subjects of the project, in this case children, on the one hand, and the vaccine manufacturer, on the other.

If there is not to be a cover-up of what appears prima facie to be a case of connivance with a vaccine manufacturing company in violation of set guidelines, I would once again request you to kindly look into the aspect of the inquiry, both in its terms of reference and in its composition.”

So if The Hindu’s research is correct and this is so, he can hardly be impartial now can he?

The group the Truth about Gardasil are disgusted by these revaluations. India is a country trying to come to terms with the fact that their children were used as part of an experiment, when all the time it was known that the vaccine used had been seen to cause adverse reactions worldwide.

The press release continues :-

Where is representation for the families of the four young tribal girls in Khammam district who died following the vaccination? Where is representation from the 70 public health organizations, networks, medical professionals, human rights groups and women’s organizations that brought the HPV vaccine campaign in India to its knees on April 7, 2010 by voicing their intense opposition to the unethical nature of the HPV vaccination ‘projects’ conducted in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat by PATH International, in collaboration with ICMR and State Governments?

Where are these organizations now? Perhaps they will be allowed to sit in the balcony of their congressional hall just as the women adversely affected by the first birth controls pills in the 1960’s had to do as they listened to senate testimony orated by men as they argued the risks and benefits in January of 1971.”

Well they do have a point, don’t they?

Of course, behind the scenes the usual dirty dealings, are going on. The death toll in India rose to 6 but according to the reports that followed none of the deaths had anything to do with this vaccine. Mind you they never do. In the article Deaths of the 6 girls not due to vaccine failure, says Indian minister we see that these deaths are put down to various causes including, viral fever, drowning, suicide and a suspected snake bite. It amuses me how quickly excuses are made when a vaccine is in question, nothing is ever down to a vaccine being the cause, or even for that matter, a contributory factor.

Here are just a few examples of excuses used over the years –

One of the earliest documented examples is in the The Therapist and was written by Lisa Blakemore-Brown in 1998. It shows where an adverse reaction to a vaccine is put down to the mother having Munchacusen by Proxy , this is the first recorded case of many future cases that are now attributed to MSBP.

The death of Sally Clarks baby who died 5 hours after a vaccine resulted in Sally being accused of murder. Since then being falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome or MSBP after a baby has had an adverse reaction to a vaccine is gaining popularity.

Another example is when person who died was said to have had an underlying health issue and was outlined in the article Possible deaths from H1N1 vaccine reported in Sweden

In my article Swine flu vaccines appear to be causing more ill health than the Swine flu

I said-

“Meanwhile, the medicines watchdog.the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency MHRA, reported that four people had died after receiving the Pandemrix vaccine, although they continued all had serious underlying health conditions and the deaths are not being linked to the jab.”

and I showed the links to this.

Coming back to the the deaths in India and looking at them from another point of view The death caused by the viral infection, could have been an adverse reaction as a lot of women following this vaccine have complained of flu like symptoms. In Gardasil Complications on the website Living it clearly states;-

You may experience a low-grade fever or flu-like symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting. Approximately 93 percent of women who received the Gardasil vaccine reported complications that included flu-like symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If you experience a fever, treat it with acetaminophen or ibuprofen as per your doctor’s consent. If you experience severe vomiting, you may be at risk for dehydration. Make sure to drink an adequate amount of fluids, and contact your provider if symptoms worsen.”

The death caused by drowning, could have been caused by a young girl becoming dizzy, fainting and falling into a steam or river, as fainting episodes are also a recognised side effect of Gardasil and is on Mercks information leaflet and I have mentioned this in my article Merck admits the vaccine Gardasil can cause fits and seizures.

Even the death that was said to be caused by suicide is questionable as it is not the only case where possible suicide after Gardasil has been recorded, other possible suicide cases linked with Gardasil are around and as we know only to well, other drugs including Ritalin, have been linked to suicides. A few cases of possible Gardasil suicides are mentioned on. VAERS Gardasil.

The press release finishes of by saying –

The world applauded as India took the lead by holding an investigation into the HPV vaccines that are adversely injuring and/or killing hundreds and possibly thousands of women around the world. Now, India has draped a shroud of silence over the women in that country thereby silencing their opposition, outrage and knowledge of the vaccine’s adverse events.

Which injustice is worse: permitting socially disadvantaged women to be part of a vaccine experiment or silencing the organizations that had the courage to uncover the truth and bring those inequities and human rights violations to light?

HPV vaccines are marketed to girls and women. It is the females of the world who have been maimed and injured, and who have died after receiving the HPV vaccines. Where is their voice? It is not heard in India – nor is it heard in the United States or in any other country where the HPV vaccines are administered.

Let’s cut to the chase and stop being politically correct by referring to these atrocities as “human rights violations” and call it for what it is: global crimes against women.”

Come on India you owe the children of India the right to fair investigation. Set an example that the world can follow. As the press release states “The world applauded as India took the lead by holding an investigation into the HPV vaccines that are adversely injuring and/or killing hundreds and possibly thousands of women around the world.”Don’t follow the USA’s example and let your children down. You were brave enough to take a stand, now be brave enough to follow through with a fair and balanced investigation.

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