Top 10 vaccine stories of the year (so far)

1. Medical Thuggery cannot suppress Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s findings

Doctor Andrew Wakefield conducted a study more than a decade ago prominently linking gastrointestinal issues in Autistic children to the strain of measles contained in the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Short of saying the vaccine was the cause, Dr. Wakefield suggested further research be done on a possible link between vaccines and Autism.  The General Medical Council (GMC), Britain’s regulator of such affairs, swiftly went on the offensive. They concluded Dr. Andrew Wakefield acted with “callous disregard” by conducting invasive tests on children not in their best medical interests. The parents disagreed.

This year, the GMC has stripped Dr. Wakefield of his license for sounding the vaccine/Autism alarm. However, Dr. Wakefield’s findings are being reproduced elsewhere and that’s why his story tops the chart.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Book:  Callous Disregard

2.       Measles document from 1968 exposed

In a cruel twist of irony and uncanny timing, Christina England recently exposed a British Government document dating back to 1968. It clearly states, “An interval of three to four weeks should normally be allowed to elapse between the administration of measles vaccine and any other vaccine, whichever is given first.” Whose brainchild was it to make a 3-in-1 MMR vaccine?

Acknowledging that a vast majority of the measles vaccine recipients would suffer from some form of mild to serious of reaction,  they said, “The Committee does not however, wish to receive reports of mild febrile reactions and rashes associated with the use of this vaccine.” Talk about callous disregard.


3. FDA discovers pig virus in infant vaccines; second option not much better

Recently the FDA discovered a pig virus in a vaccine administered to helpless babies. The Rotarix vaccine, created by GlaxoSmithKline, was quickly exonerated as the pig virus was deemed not harmful. According to the article, the virus causes a wasting disease in baby pigs.

The FDA next recommends pediatricians to “switch” to the next leading dangerous vaccine called Rotateq, patented by Dr. Paul Offit.  The FDA recommendation is a real choke sandwich, all peanut butter and no jelly. Why? Earlier this year an important case report published in the American Academy of Pediatrics slipped underneath the radar of the mainstream media; they were focused on a swine virus of the H1N1 persuasion.

According to the case report, a vaccine-derived rotavirus (Rotateq) was transmitted from a vaccinated infant to an unvaccinated sibling. The result: Symptomatic Rotavirus Gastroenteritis and a trip to the emergency room.

Article (Pig Virus):

Article (Rotavirus Gastroenteritis):

4. Vaccine programs suspended in Australia (H1N1) and India (Gardasil)

How many times are we propagandized to roll up our sleeves to, “Just get your damn vaccine.” Adverse reactions are as rare as “finding water in the desert”, so we are told. In Australia, the experimental H1N1 vaccine was causing so many adverse reactions, the program was suspended.

The second vaccine program to be suspended this year was in India. Indian health officials noticed so many reactions to the Gardasil vaccine, they took action immediately, decisively, and courageously under an enormous amount of pressure.

Logically thinking, one would likely compare results of adverse reactions from India to the United States. How do we know the FDA is being used to shield Big Pharma? Read our next story.

Article (Gardasil):

Article (H1N1):

5. FDA hears the “Little Women with Big Voices” Roar!

Dubbed the “Little Women with Big Voices”, Marian Greene, Rosemary Mathis, Freda Birrell, Karen Maynor, Tracy Morjal, Janny Stokvis, Leslie Botha, and Cynthia Janak exposed adverse reactions from the Gardasil vaccine, so much so,  the FDA requested an official meeting with the “Little Women with Big Voices.”  Of course, even when confronted with evidence of harm, the FDA turns a blind eye.

Could the fact that Julie Gerberding, former head of Centers for Disease Control, defecting to Merck Pharmaceuticals in late January 2010 have anything to do with a most uncomfortable situation?


6. Julie Gerberding sells her soul

Unfortunately, you can’t make this stuff up. Former director of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, paved the way for approval of the Gardasil vaccine manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals. After her tenure was complete at the Centers for Disease Control, do you think she took a faculty position at an esteemed medical university? Perhaps a senior management position at an elite medical center such as John Hopkins? If you guessed PRESIDENT of MERCK Pharmaceuticals, you’re right! Robert Scott Bell disposes of her carcass in this article.


7. A defining moment for a REAL doctor

During this past hyped-up flu season, Doctor Suzanne Humphries was confronted with evidence that flu shots were contributing to kidney failure in her patients. Moreover, she makes the startling admission that patients were given flu shots behind the back of the patient’s doctor!

Dr. Humphries has a special message for doctors and patients at the end of her article.


8. Repeated immunization causes autoimmunity; immune defect linked to mental illness

The consensus reached by the researchers in the mentioned study is, “Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.” This is strangely reminiscent of
Sanarelli-Shwartzman phenomenon discovered in the 1920’s.

I wonder what the CDC would consider to be “repeated immunization?” Remember Paul Offit’s measurement of 10,000 vaccines being “theoretically” safe for babies?

Speaking of repeated vaccinations and mental illness, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists Autism as a mental illness. However, a Nobel-prize winning scientist is showing that mental illness is really a “defect” of the immune system.

Did your pediatrician ever test for an immune defect prior to giving your baby a shot? Maybe we should just stop calling it Autism?



9. A new niche for pharmaceutical companies: public schools

Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals-sponsored School Based Health Clinics are systematically being turned into vaccine clinics. Children will then be subjected to experimental and dangerous vaccines. This article explains how the H1N1 and controversial HPV vaccines are being implemented.


10. Stop breast feeding babies improves vaccine efficiency

This article was so ridiculous it will make you choke on your milk. According to the article, researchers discovered that maternal antibodies may impede a child’s immune response to the vaccines they were testing.

Their suggested solutions for “improving” a child’s immune response were, “delaying vaccination, increasing the potency of vaccine doses and withholding breastfeeding for a specified amount of time.”

Two of the three suggestions are highly moronic.


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