Vaccine Acceptance Statistics for 2009

Catherine Frompovich

There’s an adage that goes something like this: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Well, there just may be a report that bears out that contention, in my opinion. Recently I came across The Rand Corporation’s November 2009 report Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Use by Adults in the U.S., which I’d like to parse.

First and foremost, I found it interesting that the Rand survey was “conducted under contract with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).” On the front page of that report this statement appears:

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world.

I think I have to take that caveat at face value since the data generated in that report certainly illustrates what GSK and other vaccine manufacturers probably are wondering about: How to get the general public to ‘demand’ their vaccines.

It seems to me from the Rand data the only way that will happen is by mandate [law] either from the World Health Organization (WHO) with its One-World-agenda-fits-all fiats or by nation states federal health agencies mandating mass vaccinations under penalty of law or confinement in FEMA-like camps. Information about those camps has been circulating on the Internet for a while now. Scary stuff! It seems one can’t even get sick without being prosecuted. How off the wall is that unless there are other ulterior motives other than real public health issues.

We have to remember that the WHO was investigated and “cited” for its 2009 Mexican/Swine/H1N1 flu pandemic declaration that didn’t materialize but forced governments to spend jillions of their currencies to purchase flu vaccines that had to be discarded. The country of Poland was the only government that stood up to WHO and BIG Pharma and didn’t buy into the scare and pressure campaign. Will WHO use the same scare tactic for the 2010 Northern Hemisphere flu season? I, for one, certainly hope not because that tactic only will lessen our belief and trust in agencies that really may be working for BIG Pharma and not average citizens and/or children who are being targeted big time.

September 7, 2010 the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an incriminating article “Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccination and Nasopharyngeal Acquisition of Pneumococcal Serotype 19A Strains”, [1] regarding pneumococcal vaccines that are given to children and how those vaccines are contributing to a specific drug-resistant strain of pneumonia that is the result of vaccines routinely given to infants three times during the first year of life!

Now back to the Rand data. According to the introductory information, Rand conducted a national survey on 5,679 adults over 18 years of age in mid-November 2009 to take a reading on flu vaccine acceptance and consumer compliance. Here’s what they found:

Actual and Intended Uptake of Influenza Vaccine by Adults Age 18 and Older in the United States, Fall 2009

Of all adults surveyed, 51 percent said they had no intention of being vaccinated; 71 percent of those not specifically recommended said they had no intention of being vaccinated; and 44 percent of those specifically recommended said they had no intention of being vaccinated.

Actual and Intended Uptake of Influenza Vaccine by Adults for Whom It Is Specifically Recommended, Fall 2009

Of those 50 and older, 38 percent said they had no intention of being vaccinated; 36 percent of those in high-risk health conditions said they had no intention of being vaccinated; an amazing 39 percent of health care workers said they had no intention of being vaccinated; and 45 percent of those in contact with high-risk persons said they had no intention of being vaccinated.

Actual and Intended Uptake of Influenza Vaccine by Race / Ethnicity, Fall 2009

Fifty (50) percent of whites or Caucasians said they had no intention of being vaccinated; 52 percent of blacks, 57 percent of Hispanics, and 57 percent of “other” ethnicities said they had no intention of being vaccinated.

A strange thing happened while I was discussing this report and the last set of stats with a colleague who said, “Are whites dumber than the rest of the world?” I thought about that and it may not be a question of being dumber but less informed.

You see many ethnic populations still keep in touch with their “motherlands” where much vaccine damage and strife are being reported in the daily newspapers whereas here in the United States the media, in my humble opinion, doesn’t report any vaccine damages that occur either in the USA or around the globe.

India has seen many of its youngest children die and/or suffer febrile seizures, while Indian teenage girls suffered horribly from the Gardasil® and HPV vaccines. Just go online and check out

Many countries, including Australia and some Scandinavian countries, have interrupted and/or stopped current seasonal flu vaccine administration to children because of damage occurring often immediately after vaccinations.

According to the CDC’s and FDA’s VAERS reporting system to track vaccine-related damage, 178 cases of vaccine-related damage to pregnant women and/or their fetuses, including deaths, have been reported, but the U.S. media has not alerted the public to that. Why? when that truly is a health problem worth mentioning.

Maybe U.S. citizens ought to start reading foreign newspapers. Not a bad idea?


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