Open Letter to President Barack Hussein Obama & The National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council

Catherine J. Frompovich

An Open Letter to President Barack Hussein Obama & The National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council As created under Executive Order 13544 of June 10, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Since voters, consumers, and taxpayers have NO input nor any ability to accept, reject, or counter FORCED legislation as enacted by Presidential Executive Orders—nor does Congress have any authority over them, which I find absolutely counter to a democratic form of governance—I think it behooves us all to examine Presidential Executive Order 13544 in view of what it may and can portend for We, the People.

There are many interpretations that Obama “gave away the store” with regard to the USA accepting Codex Alimentarius, that draconian One-World edict regarding the U.S. food supply. One thing that puzzles this writer is how the U.S. FDA and USDA can stand for relinquishing its supposed oversight of the U.S. food supply to someone else, unless, of course, they are in cahoots with Codex and plan to implement Codex, which seems like the only logical scenario since we don’t hear these agencies protesting their usurpation.

Although Codex Alimentarius is mentioned nowhere in E.O. 13544, one has to wonder while reading it, if it is mentioned “between the lines.” The other One-World player, the World Health Organization (WHO), also is not mentioned but, again, its ephemeral fingerprints seem to be all over 13544.

It’s a well-known “secret” that WHO and Codex are not consumer-friendly about much that has to do with vitamin and mineral supplementation, homeopathy, complementary alternative medicine (CAM), and a ‘chemical-free’ lifestyle.

In the United States, approximately 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of CAM.[1]

Reading Sec. 3(a) of E.O. 13544 every U.S. healthcare consumer must realize that there’s the real potential for WHO and its directives to be ‘calling the shots’—literally and figuratively—in the USA regarding healthcare, as it did with its erroneous pandemic of 2009 that did NOT pan out; cost jillions of dollars for hastily manufactured and basically a two-week-testing period of H1N1 flu vaccines that numerous people rejected and resulted in surpluses being destroyed, which coincidentally resulted in lower-than-ever death rates from seasonal flu. Consequently the CDC went back to the drawing board and revised those statistics lower. See CDC Revises Death Estimates from Flu

Still referring to Sec. 3(a), healthcare consumers need to ask, “Is complementary alternative medicine (CAM) included under integrative health care in the United States,” and if not, why not?

Moving along to Sec. 3 (b) one gets the “willies” here because this is where the ‘sacred cow’ of medicine, media, pharmaceutical companies, and public health systems—vaccines and forced vaccinations—can and probably will be implemented. But this also is where informed consent and right to self-determination can be denied and over-ridden under the guise of the One-World philosophy that the “herd” counts more than the individual, when in reality the herd is being hoodwinked because of mis-information being divulged on purpose regarding vaccines. Here’s a case in point.

Numerous vaccines are produced using aborted fetus cells called diploid cells. Reading a vaccine package insert, one would not equate diploid cells with aborted babies, but that’s what it is. So, one disturbing question this writer has to ask is: Where is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Roman Catholic Church on this one, since they are dramatically opposed to abortion and funding for abortions! Why haven’t they spoken against vaccine production with aborted fetuses and informed the faithful?

How will the thousands who march annually on Washington, DC, to protest the anniversary of Roe v Wade feel about not being told that they are having aborted baby cells injected into their bodies? There’s another segment of society that also has a ‘bone to pick’ about a vaccine ingredient: porcine/pig DNA, the Muslim community.

The you-know-what hit the fan in Indonesia recently when Muslims found out that they have been injected with pig DNA for numerous years now. Pork in any fashion is totally anathema to their religious beliefs. See Apparently there is no ethical regard for an individual’s personal beliefs.

Members of the Jewish faith also abstain from pork. And yet, these products are forcibly injected into people. What will happen under E.O. 13544 Sec. 3(b) that calls for developing the most effective and achievable means of improving the health status of Americans and reducing the incidence of preventable illness and disability in the United States… Can you hear the cheering at big pharma’s vaccine divisions?

In Sec. 3(c) one has to question what recommendations will be made to the President and the Congress concerning the most pressing health issues confronting the United States. If vaccines are not thoroughly investigated as to their ingredients and pseudo-science often produced, paid for, and published in sham peer review journals, since they are a probable cause of both autism and Alzheimer’s disease, then we can expect everyone in the world to become daffy ducks.

Section 3(d) calls for innovative approaches for the promotion of transformative models of prevention, integrative health, and public health on individual and community levels across the United States. Here’s where I think everyone on the Internet sees Codex and WHO fingerprints all over the document. However, here’s this writer’s spin on it: This should be a mandate that complementary alternative medicine (CAM) be included in the mix of transformative models for prevention on the individual and community levels because nothing is more effective and transformative than CAM, which does not burn and fry cancer patients; hijack a person’s DNA; or pump a patient with up to twelve prescription, chemicalized drugs a day. Just look in any senior citizen’s medicine cabinet. Question: Can you poison a body into wellness?

Section 3(g) intrigues this writer since it states that the activities are determined appropriate by the President. Hold the phone! First, what are the president’s areas of expertise in health/healthcare that he should tell anyone anything about health? Where is an individual’s right to self-determination? Or, if the One-World government will be enacted by this E.O., then I guess he will have the right that we now equate with a DICTATOR.

This writer is old enough to remember Adolph Hitler’s famous programs for improving society. This smacks so very close to that, that I can’t believe I’m even saying it.

Shouldn’t taxpayers who foot the bill for all the president’s laws know the names of the advisory group members from the fourteen agencies represented, including preventive medicine. Is there a member or two from CAM? If not, why not?

Section 5 calls for a National Prevention and Health Strategy. Complementary alternative medicine needs to be represented there because over 50 percent [2] of U.S. citizens utilize it, and we are taxpayers too! Will the strategy include eliminating GMO foods and chemicals in our food, water, and air? If not, why not?

Under Sec. 5(c) this question must be asked: Whose criteria will apply for the millions of U.S. citizens who utilize complementary alternative medicine; do not accept vaccines/vaccinations; and rely upon nutrients and homeopathy to maintain their health?

Proper nutrition is addressed in Sec. 6(c). Well, this is where there’s going to be a huge debate about such things as Frankenfish, GMO foods forced upon U.S. consumers without their knowledge—and why when the European Union mandates GMO food be labeled and FDA doesn’t? Will the food processing industry with all its chemical additives, preservatives, and ersatz food items become the ‘nutrition standard’? Just take a look at hospital patients’ foods. OMG—you call that food? And one would think that Registered Dietitians who pride themselves as knowing nutrition would rebel and demand healthier food for patients.

Sec. 6(e) begs questioning if Federal health programs and centers will implement Codex and World Health Organization directives. Sec. 6(g) mandates science-based guidelines. What a joke, when the U.S. FDA mandates that GMO food items are “substantially equivalent foods”. See If the president really wants U.S. citizens to be healthy, he better start looking elsewhere and not to the FDA about food and nutrition, since “substantially equivalent foods” are wiggle room words that need parsing by real food scientists and not GMO agricom hacks, I think.

So you see, based upon this analysis of Presidential Executive Order 13544, you can see why there is so much Codex implementation associated with it. Perhaps to clarify everything, Mr. Obama would like to issue another Executive Order stating that in no way will Codex Alimentarius be implemented in the United States and that the World Health Organization (WHO) and/or the United Nations (UN) have no business in the business of running the United States of America.

If you feel that way, why don’t you reproduce this open letter and send it to your three members of Congress: two Senators and one Member of the House from your state.


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