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DNA contaminates the Gardasil vaccine.

Recently SANE Vax announced that Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist at the Milford Hospital pathology laboratory, well-known for using cutting-edge DNA sequencing for molecular diagnoses, was contracted to examine a single sample of Gardasil for possible contamination. According to the Sane Vax team this sample tested POSITIVE for recombinant HPV-11 and HPV-18 residues, both of which were firmly attached to the aluminium adjuvant.

According to the SANE Vax team, Gardasil vials with different lot numbers from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Poland, France and three states in the U.S.A were also sent to Dr. Lee who found these also to be contaminated.

On 2nd September 2011 SANE Vax wrote a letter to Dr Margaret Hamburg the Commissioner for the FDA informing her of this very disturbing find.

Since then SANE Vax Inc. has received several replies to what they describe to be ‘a worldwide coordinated response’ and as a result put out a press release to inform the public. I have decided to relay their press release to you in full as I feel that it is so important:

“October 14, 2011

by Norma Erickson, President

2 September 2011, SANE Vax Inc. posted a letter sent to Dr. Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner, on their website to inform her that recombinant (genetically modified) HPV DNA firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant had been discovered in Merck’s quadrivalent HPV vaccine, Gardasil™.

In what appears to be a worldwide coordinated response, SANE Vax Inc. and other advocacy groups have received the following replies:

  • 22 September 2011, the European Medicines Agency, via Dr. Abadie said, “The presence of recombinant DNA fragments does not represent a case of contamination and is not considered to be a risk to vaccine recipients. All medicinal products manufactured using recombinant technology may contain small fragments of residual DNA.
  • 23 September 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said, “We have determined that Gardasil is not contaminated with HPV DNA and remains safe and effective….Gardasil does contain recombinant HPV L1 specific DNA fragments. This is expected, since DNA encoding the HPV L1 gene is used in the vaccine manufacturing process to produce the virus-like particles. The presence of these expected DNA fragments, which are inevitable in vaccine production, is not a risk to vaccine recipients, is not harmful, and this DNA is not a contaminant.
  • 28 September 2011, MedSafe in New Zealand, via email to a local vaccine safety advocate said, “Gardasil is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology so any finding of residual DNA fragments in the vaccine is expected and does not represent contamination.”
  • 7 October 2011, the Queensland Immunisation Program in Australia, via email to an Australian advocate, said, “Gardasil is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology so any finding of residual DNA fragments in the vaccine is expected and does not represent contamination.”

The above statements are all in direct contradiction to the following documentation used on a world-wide basis to either approve, and/or market Gardasil™:

  • From the United Kingdom: HPV vaccines are sub-unit vaccines made from the major protein of the viral-coat or capsid of HPV.Virus-like particles (VLPs) are prepared as recombinant proteins from either yeast or baculovirus infected cells that are derived from a type of moth. VLPs mimic the structure of the natural virus but do not contain any viral DNA.
  • From the FDA: “GARDASIL® is not a live virus vaccine; it contains no viral DNA, and is therefore incapable of causing infection.
  • From Australia: “GARDASIL contains HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18 L1 VLPs. Each VLP is composed of a unique recombinant L1 major capsid protein for the respective HPV type. Because the virus-like particles contain no viral DNA, they cannot infect cells or reproduce.”
  • From the Gardasil Access Program: “GARDASIL® is not a live virus vaccine; it contains no viral DNA, and is therefore incapable of causing infection.

To date, all health agencies responding to the SANE Vax announcement of Gardasil™ contamination have completely ignored the fact that the residual HPV DNA is firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant. Furthermore, no regulatory authority, anywhere, has asked to see the detailed genetic sequences contained in the laboratory results, in order to ask their own laboratories to confirm the Genbank DNA sequences found.”


Read Press Release here….™-contains-residual-recombinant-hpv-dna/


Erickson went on to comment on the above on behalf of SANE Vax.

My feelings on this are:

If SANE Vax have had to prove what they were saying by presenting the authorities with peer reviewed studies (which they have), then so should the responding parties. It is no good reassuring SANE Vax and the public that these vaccines are safe if claims are not backed up with scientific evidence.

To ignore the fact that the residual HPV DNA was found to be firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant is not only ignorant it is totally irresponsible. SANE Vax have always backed up their claims with referenced peer-reviewed published scientific studies, data from the manufacturer, or data from government sponsored health agencies, however, there appears to be no such data given from the responding parties.

The public in general are sick and tired of being reassured and patted on the head with the ‘there, there we know what we are doing’ response. It is clear that they do not from past history.

The public were fooled by governments, pharmaceutical companies and the medical professions with assurances that Pluserix was safe and the Urabe mumps strain was safe, it resulted in an epidemic of dreadful disabilities and dead babies.

The MMR vaccine Pluserix was banned in 1992 by the UK Government after many children like Katie Stevens were left permanently disabled. Katie became profoundly deaf in one ear when she was given the Pluserix vaccination in 1991. Read for details.

Many other children were left severely disabled or dead.

The public were fooled into believing that the flu vaccine was safe and yet country after country saw children having terrible seizures and as a result decided to ban or suspend the vaccine.

Then we saw the Rotavirus vaccines being suspended in several countries after these vaccines were found to be contaminated with pigs DNA .

Vaccines for the H1N1 were also banned or halted because children were developing Narcalespy. As a result Finland were first to suspend the vaccine and other countries soon followed their example.

Vaccine after vaccine has been found to be problematic and the public are beginning to loose trust in the vaccine programmes; this fact is evident by the falling numbers of parents willing to have their children vaccinated. There have been 68 deaths reported among those that have been vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccination. I appreciate this is not a huge amount but every death is one too many in my book. Surely the public deserves to know what the hell is going on. A mere ‘there, there dear’ is not enough. It is both patronizing and ignorant.

If the governments want parents to trust that these vaccines are safe and will benefit their children then a simple pat on the head is not going to be enough anymore. We want proof and we want it now!

Photo Credit: Renjith Krishnan

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