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A Mother Asks About Formula Options & Daughter’s Eczema Problems

By VT / September 15, 2012

This question comes from Brittany: “I read your article about how allergies, immune response ect cause excema. My daughter who is 4 months old has had excema since she was 2 months old. She has never been vacinnated. I know her allergy is from me consuming dairy because when I stop eating anything with dairy […]

Your Child May Get This Deadly Allergy After Being Vaccinated

By Sandy Lunoe / August 2, 2012

Millions of children worldwide are being injected with this allergen over and over again in connection with vaccination schedules, often starting with the Hepatitis B vaccine when babies are only a few hours old. Is it any wonder that this specific allergy affects millions and that the numbers are increasing?

How I Met Jenny McCarthy

By Missy Fluegge / March 15, 2012

Jenny McCarthy’s Twitter account is named “mommywarrior” for a reason. She encourages parents to “do absolutely everything you can for your child, no matter what anyone tells you.” Here’s how I met her…

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