News of Smallpox Outbreak in India Raises Fear

Early this week news began to break of an outbreak of smallpox in Jharkhand India. Three people in Gumla were reported to have died of the infectious disease and another five people were reported to be ill. The local health department have immediately rushed in to see if the deaths were from the ‘so called ‘ eradicated disease smallpox.

According to the Indian news channel ZeeNews. the Health Secretary AK Sarkar said that the health department was in the process of authenticating reports. However, he later added that he was not in a position to confirm or deny whether the outbreak was smallpox.

For further reading see Small pox resurfaces in Jharkhand?’ (http://www.zeenews.com/news695012.html)

News has sent shock waves and fear around district of Jharkhand.

We should now ask ourselves was smallpox ever really eradicated by the vaccine as we have been led to believe?

The World Health Organization are confident that the vaccine put an end to smallpox. In 1979 they recommended that the smallpox vaccination programme cease worldwide. The only exception has been special groups, such as researchers working with smallpox and related viruses. By 1996 vaccination had stopped throughout the world.

The WHO certainly appear to have believed in the vaccines success. So much so in fact that on the 17 May 2010 in Geneva a statue commemorating the 30th anniversary of the eradication of smallpox was unveiled in front of the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters by the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Margaret Chan. A press release from the WHO at the time states:

“The eradication of smallpox shows that with strong mutual resolve, teamwork and an international spirit of solidarity, ambitious global public health goals can be attained,” says Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, WHO.

Statue commemorates smallpox eradication’ (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/notes/2010/smallpox_20100517/en/index.html)

Certainly a convincing show of solidarity wouldn’t you say? If this latest outbreak of smallpox turns out to be genuine the WHO would look pretty stupid wouldn’t they?

However, supposing the eradication of smallpox was one big hoax to completely convince the public that a vaccine had eradicated a disease. In doing this the WHO could brainwash the world into believing that vaccines could eradicate all diseases and therefore push worldwide vaccination. Many believe that smallpox is still with us but under a new name. Meryl Doyle – Australian Vaccine Network is convinced that smallpox is still around and she is not alone. She says:

“At that time (1960s) , testing for the (smallpox) virus became more sophisticated. You no longer were suffering necessarily from smallpox. They would test it and find that it had different DNA. You’d have monkeypox or camelpox or some other form of pox. But it was still called variola, which is smallpox. And that’s what monkeypox in Africa is called. Clinically, the disease is exactly the same as smallpox. It has the same progression. It looks exactly the same. If you put a smallpox victim next to a monkeypox victim, you will not be able to tell the difference. As a matter of fact, with this outbreak of monkey pox in Africa–I think there have been over 500 cases in a very short time”.–Meryl Dorley (http://www.avn.org.au/)

Others including the expert Dr Kris Gaublomme agree with her. For more information please read reports by several medical professionals and experts here ‘Hiding Smallpox’ http://www.whale.to/vaccine/smallpox1.html

JeeNews have since reported that there were indeed deaths in Jharkhand however, these were due to Chickenpox and other ailments. Unsurprisingly not one was found to be smallpox.

For latest report please read ‘No small pox in Jharkhand: Officials’ (http://www.zeenews.com/news695153.html)

Personally I am not convinced, particularly as it is widely known that governments and pharmaceutical companies have been covering up outbreaks of smallpox for years. It is a fact that vaccines do not and never have eradicated diseases. Vaccines suppress disease at best. If disease could be eradicated by a vaccine then why are VACCINATED children still contracting whooping cough, measles and mumps?

To read more on whether disease can be truly eradicated by vaccine please read my article ‘Fact, vaccines have never eradicated anything, ever’ (http://info-wars.org/2010/07/30/fact-vaccines-have-never-eradicated-anything-ever/)

Christina England, BA Hons

  • Anonymous

    World health organization (WHO) more detail about the smallpox.. Thanks for sharing this ..
    Aluminium Kozijnen

  • found one more news

    No small pox in Jharkhand: Officials

    please consider remove the pop up window appear on every page, it is very annoying.

  • MeMyselfAndME

    Thank you Christina, another very informative article. Very worrying the things our governments and health organisations are trying to hide from us.
    I believe this is only one of many more.

  • Désirée Röver

    As with all other infectuous diseases, the incidence, pathological process and adverse efects smallpox are easily modulated by (megadoses of) vitamin C.
    In 1900 dr. Charles A.R. Campbell discovered that smallpox is not a human-to-human infection, but is being transmitted by the bed bug ‘cimex lectularius’. Originally epidemics happened after a bad harvest, and among people whith little fruit and vegetables in their diet.
    After cowpox vaccination was made mandatory in Great Britain in 1853, serious smallpox epidemics erupted with many deaths (1857-1859, 1863-1865, 1871-1872).
    In the Netherlands in 1928 the mandatory smallpox (=cowpox) vaccination programme was stopped because of the high frequency of narcolepsy — as is now happening after the H1N1 Pandemrix vaccinations.

  • Didn’t the worst epidemic occur in a nearly 100% vaccinated German population? It’s just insane.

    What is even more disturbing is the erroneous *belief* that cow puss could somehow magically cure smallpox.

  • eleanor

    this is a lie…sweeden has been conducting experiments on their people with the smallpox vaccine. to see how fast it can spread. then someone obviously went to this location and spread the virus to create fear and panic to the world, to start a small pox vaccine program to kill off all aids people so they wont have to spent money on their health and rif the world of auto-immune defiency people.


  • That’s some pretty crazy stuff, Eleanor! I know of some scientists who are also combining plague and smallpox genes for a *therapeutic* vaccine… it’s getting a bit weird.

  • Spearce

    See this http://www.greatestherbsonearth.com/articles/smallpox_insects.htm for further info on smallpox being caused by bedbugs. Also, see this http://www.vaclib.org/news/bedbugs.htm which includes an excerpt from a book I read to my mother a few years ago right at the time I was learning that bedbugs cause smallpox. Very interesting coincidence, don’t you think?

    Another thing: I found out in June 2009 when my son had bats in the area above the loft in his home, that bat bugs are very similar to bed bugs. While sleeping in his loft, I was bitten by one or more bat bugs on my neck. Although I didn’t have any illness resulting from the three bites, I learned from Internet research and from the exterminator my son hired, that bat bugs and bed bugs are similar.

    The point I’m trying to make is that the bugs that feed upon bats might also spread smallpox, as do bed bugs. Incidentally, I had seen the bat bugs in my bed before bedtime the next night after I was bitten, so I didn’t sleep in the loft anymore!! And boy, did we do a lot of cleaning afterward!

    It was perhaps no coincidence that in the early 2000s, right after 9/11/01, when people were getting upset about smallpox being introduced by terrorists, bed bugs started their resurgence into the United States. I’m not so sure that this was a coincidence.

    Susan Pearce, co-founder
    Wyoming Vaccine Information Network, which began in April 2001

  • Christina England

    Thank you all for your comments.

    I will read up on your link Eleanor,

    Thank you also to Desiree and Susan. I did not know about the bed bug link or bats. We are banned totally to ever kill a bat here in UK as they are a protected species.

    I shall read up on all your links. Thank you


  • Susan,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information! I’ve wondered about the outbreak of bed bugs in NY and have wondered what type of illnesses we would see because of it.

    The coincidences you brought to our attention are certainly interesting and merit serious consideration.

  • Viera Scheibner

    Dear Christina,

    Many infectious diseases are vector diseases, mediated by animals and their parasites. Not all are bad. It is important to develop natural immunity to such diseases, the same as we need to go through certain natural infectious diseases of childhood. Killing bats is not the way to go, not destroying their natural habitats is. The biggest scourge of humanity is subclinical scurvy. With good vitamin C levels we can overcome diseases and develop immunity without even developing the symptoms, other than a runny nose or a slight diarrhoea, including tetanus, and tuberculosis.

  • Christina England

    Dear Viera

    You so are so right. The reason why so many children are dying from childhood illness in places like India is not through lack of vaccines it is through lack of good sanitation and nutrition.

    It is a well known fact that animals and insects spread disease. Look at how Rabies, Maleria and even the Plague is spread.

  • Christina England


    Thank you for mentioning cow puss. I have always wondered cow puss could cure smallpox myself. Utter madness


  • Virender Singh

    there are several cases of smallpox in my village Jajru, district Faridabad near New Delhi

  • Thegreatonester

    I just came across this article via a random google search. I feel the need to ask myself as to whether or not the author has down syndrome, and thus whether it would be a dick move to berate the article. The conclusion I came to was probably…and probably.

    So first of all,

    “The vaccine” didn’t wipe out smallpox, it was a tool to aid in that process. Ring containment methods using the vaccine, of course, put out the smoldering flames that are the aftermath of an outbreak, but it isn’t why we call it “extinct.” 20% of people can’t be vaccinated against smallpox, so this would have been a serious problem. Further, after a few years the immune system loses it’s “memorized immune response” that it gained from the virus-vaccine (cowpox in this case.) These 2 facts were the reasoning behind snuffing out smallpox, it wasn’t the vaccine that did it, it was the inefficacy of the vaccine that created a need to snuff it out.

    By “extinct” it simply means that there aren’t any human cases of it..it is VERY difficult to wipe out a virus, because even one case has the possibility of creating a brushfire of infection. The last case of smallpox was a survivor and wasn’t vaccinated (he had been vaccinated 3 times but he didn’t get infected and thus it didn’t “take.”)
    Whooping cough, mumps, and measles simply don’t have the kind of mortality rate (and are NOWHERE near as contagious) that smallpox had. They are both terrible and contagious, but they don’t have anything approaching the mortality rate of smallpox.

    Even with the top virologists on earth, and uncalculated sums it took 2 decades. I don’t see those with doctorates spending months and months on end in Africa to wipe out the mumps.


    Monkeypox, camelpox, chickenpox, etc are NOT identical to smallpox. In humans the progression is SOMEWHAT similar (ranging from a couple of pimples to near-smallpox levels), but very few are ever lethal, the most lethal of which being monkeypox (1/3 the mortality rate of smallpox taken from Nairobi hospital of 36%…generally agreed upon)

    Further, these have nowhere near the infectious nature of smallpox. Let’s use monkeypox as an example:
    There is no (not a single one) provable case of monkeypox being transmitted from a monkey to a human via airborne particles. Any case where the origin of infection has been established, it has been from handling meat, lesions, blood, organs, or sustained through a bite.
    Also, once a human IS infected with one of these (it takes grossly negligent exposure in general) it is no where near as contagious as smallpox was. It has something to do with particle size and aerolization, but I haven’t studied any of that so I don’t know a whole lot about it.

    What I’m trying to say is that the other *pox diseases are terrible, but they are nowhere near as bad as smallpox. In fact, cowpox is the oldest vaccine for smallpox/monkeypox. So for a professional to say “they all have the same progression” is utterly irresponsible.


    If the CDC wants you to take vaccines, and they are some kind of conspiracy as this author seems to believe. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them so say “oh well…shit keep vaccinating yourself, smallpox might still be out there”
    The only reason I have a scar from cowpox is for chemturion work. Most people are not vaccinated. Like 98+% (I don’t know for sure)


    I can tell you this, smallpox is eradicated in it’s natural form. It exists in freezers in Vector (Russia) and USAMRID (USA), supposedly in mirrored freezers. Many of these strains were/are engineered to go through vaccine like “a bullet through toilet paper.” They are frozen in “seeds” that have trillions of infective doses each. I say this, because one case of smallpox never stays one case of smallpox.
    Realistically it probably exists in damn near every other country’s natlabs on earth.

  • Btcurry

    Actually the germans developed a different vaccine that turned out to be far less effective than cowpox (not cow puss, the body develops an immunity to variola as they are closely related)

  • Really

    Did you read the study Eleanor? It’s a computer simulation. Jumping to a conspiracy theory about spread from a virus is preposterous unless you’re afraid your computer is going to get infected.

  • nice..

  • John H.

    I have written and sited sourced documents ad nauseum on my blog that the smallpox vaccine was the biggest medical hoax of both the 19th, 20th and NOW 21st centuries.

    Jenner was NOT the first individual to try and concoct a ‘magic potion’ but, he along with his pharmaceutical ‘insiders’ of that era, did something the others failed in doing.  That is, the medical ‘flunky’ Jenner convinced the British lawmakers that by making this deadly concoction he produced MANDATORY it, in of itself, would become a new form of a TAX gold mine. 

    The FACT that smallpox epidemics broke out where the vaccine were given. was an even bigger gold mine because they could use their ‘self made’ epidemics as a, ‘marketing by gunpoint’ method, enforced by fear of ‘black death’ type catastrophe and jail if one did not comply.  YES YOU WERE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THOSE SHOTS!  

    There is also a ‘malthusian’ motivation as to why this mandatory vaccine policy was adopted in Europe but, that topic is for another discussion. 

    Soon many governments throughout Europe followed England’s mandated vaccine policy and by the 1880’s, Europe saw the worst smallpox epidemics in their recorded history.  AT THE HIEGHT OF MASS VACCINATION.

    By the end of 19th century Europe, the gig was pretty much up.  NOBODY in Europe would take the smallpox vaccine let alone pay for it no matter how they were threaten.  

    19th century United States medical institutions, doctors and scientists were still ‘truly’ independent of big pharma / government influence (for the most part).  Most states did NOT participate in the madness their european counter parts were engaging in with regards to the smallpox vaccine. The US ‘method’ PROVED that hygiene, sanitation and nutrition prevented smallpox outbreaks.  At that point the smallpox vaccine MYTH had pretty much ran it’s destructive course.  As soon as the mass vaccinations ended in Europe, so to did the Smallpox outbreaks.

    This is an IMPORTANT history lesson because, big government and big pharma was not going to ALLOW independent US doctors to interfere with ANY other mass vaccine campaigns in the future and a plan was hatched out to rope in the independent’ US medical system.  Thus, the Flexner report was used to bring BOTH the US medical system and ‘institutions’ under the control of those with SAME INTERESTS as those who mandated the European smallpox vaccine.

    Early 20th century Untied States medical literature (Not controlled by Rockefeller medical monopolies) clearly stated the European smallpox vaccine was a big fat failure with a capitol ‘F’.  This was the HANDS DOWN consensus in the US medical community in the early 20th century.  Since then, US medical institutions ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PUBLISH THIS FACT and the MYTH that the vaccine eradicated smallpox is WRONGLY taught in medical schools today.  All a medical student need to do, is a very small amount of historical research and they will find these FACTS out for themselves.  If you read these medical documents of the early 20th century era you can see big pharma’s Rockefeller backed medical professionals viciously attacking some of the greatest medical minds of that generation for bringing the facts of the smallpox vaccine into the light of day.  Those so-called Rockefeller backed medical professionals of that era had no ‘real credentials’ and where taken with a grain of salt by the MAJORITY of the ‘REAL’ medical community.  Sadly, today, these hacks make up the majority of our medical systems and institutions. 

  • Candilynnbron

    Utter madness. Hahahah! Good one.

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