9 Magic Words Prove Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe

Have you ever asked your doctor about the safety of vaccines, only to have your concerns dismissed? If so, you’re not alone.

Doctors are quick to tell you there is nothing to worry about. They are quick to say something like, “The chance of your child having a bad reaction is one in a million.”

This is really incredible, since toxic vaccines are manufactured using monkey kidneys, mouse brains, fetal calf serum, and even aborted babies (human diploid cells). But as much as a doctor would like to dismiss your concerns, there is a magic question you can ask which will prove to you that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. If you read the entire article, I promise it will be worth it.

Before I tell you the magic question, you should be aware of how the government handles unsafe products.

Here Is How the Government Handles Unsafe Products

To get a feel for how protected dangerous vaccines are from any scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), let’s take a look at how they respond to other instances in which people fall ill or die from products they deem to be unsafe.

1. Contaminated Heparin Injections (2-28-2008): The FDA investigated all of Baxter Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Corporation’s multi-dose and single-dose vials of heparin sodium for injection, as well as HEP-LOCK heparin flush product, for adverse reactions. 246 deaths and many adverse side effects were reported following its use. [1]

Result: Product Recalled

2. Contaminated Cantaloupe (8-22-2012): The FDA and CDC investigated a multi-state outbreak of salmonella infections linked to cantaloupe originating from Chamberlain Farms Produce, Inc. 261 persons were infected with 3 deaths reported. [2]

Result: Product Recalled

3. Contaminated Peanut Butter (9-17-2012): The FDA and CDC investigated a multi-state outbreak of salmonella infections linked to Trader Joe’s Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter, made by Sunland, Inc. Forty-two people were infected. [3]

Result: Product Recalled

4. Contaminated Spinach (11-2-2012): A total of 33 persons infected with E. coli were investigated by the FDA and CDC. It was traced back to Wegmans Organic Spinach and Spring Mix. [4]

Result: Product Recalled

5. Contaminated Steroid Injections (12-12-2012): The FDA and CDC investigated an outbreak of meningitis among patients who had received an epidural steroid injection. [5]

Result: Product Recalled

There are many examples of how the FDA and CDC operate, and some people even say this is proof that “the system” works. To a degree, the system does work—but contaminated vaccines are untouchable.

Here’s what you need to know.

Are Vaccines Contaminated? Well … Yes.

Vaccines have a long history of being filthy and contaminated.

This problem has been going on for a very long time and continues today. This is why it’s important for you to recognize how the vaccine industry has crafted specific language around vaccines and the manufacturing process using such words as “purified,” “purification process,” “lifesaving,” and “safe.” If you listen closely, you will hear doctors repeat the same language over and over to parents. The intention is to disarm you from asking questions.

I want to share this information with you so you can get a sense for how long this problem has been ignored.

A Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus Contaminated Vaccines?

In the 1950s and 1960s, the polio vaccine was manufactured using monkey kidneys to grow the viruses.

Bernice Eddy, who at the time was a scientist at the Division of Biologics Standards (DBS), discovered a major problem. Page 500 of the Executive Reorganization and Government Research of the Committee on Government Operations United States Senate, Ninety-Second Congress, Second Session. April 20, 21; and May 3, 4, 1972, states:

“The next and only serious vaccine crisis that has occurred since the polio episode was the realization in mid-1961 that a monkey virus later shown to cause tumors in hamsters was contaminating both polio and adenovirus vaccines. The virus, known as SV40, was entering the vaccines and, just as in the polio case was surviving the formalin [form of formaldehyde] treatment.

There were several states by which the full extent of the SV40 problem became known. First was the discovery in 1959-1960 by a DBS [Division of Biologics Standards] scientist, once again Bernice Eddy, that an unknown agent in the monkey kidney cells used to produce polio and adenovirus vaccines would cause tumors when the cells were injected into hamsters. [6](Emphasis mine)

Page 505 of the same congressional document declares,

…even when the contaminating virus was found to be oncogenic [cancer causing] in hamsters, the DBS [Division of Biologics Standards – National Institute of Health] and its expert advisory committee decided to leave existing stocks on the market rather than risk eroding public confidence by a recall…There has been a tendency on the part of certain higher government circles to play down any open discussion of problems associated with vaccines…” (Emphasis mine)

Even to this day, the Centers for Disease Control plays damage control and minimizes any problems associated with the cancer-causing monkey virus that contaminated the polio vaccine. [7]

There’s more.

Phages Contaminated Vaccines?

In February, 1975 Gina Bari Kolata wrote an article entitled “Phage in Live Virus Vaccines: Are They Harmful to People?” Gina Bari Kolata wrote:

Almost 2 years ago, scientists at the Bureau of Biologics of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that all live virus vaccines are grossly contaminated with phage (viruses that infect bacteria). . . This finding presented a problem since federal regulations forbade extraneous material in vaccines, and no one knew whether phage are harmful to human beings or whether they could be removed from vaccines. The temporary solution was to amend the regulations so as to permit phage in vaccines. [8] [emphasis mine]

Where did the bacteriophage come from?

According to the article, the phages, which are viruses that infect bacteria, contaminate the “fetal bovine serum” collected at the slaughterhouse that subsequently is used as vaccine growth medium. The filthy process of bovine “fetus management” was encapsulated in this manner:

The room is dirty and, according to one spokesman, “one minute you have nothing to do and the next minute you are literally knee deep in fetuses.” [8]

Kolata noted that one unintended consequence from the contamination was the phage’s ability to trigger a different disease. She explained that a person who was given the polio vaccine contaminated with diphtheria phage could actually contract diphtheria!

FDA’s tolerance of vaccine contaminants manifested years later. For example, a court case decided in 1987 revealed, “Each seed virus used in manufacture shall be demonstrated to be free of extraneous microbial agents except for unavoidable bacteriophage.” [9]

It Continues to This Day

This isn’t a problem that magically went away.

Bovine serum is frequently used as a growth medium as a part of the vaccine manufacturing process. It has been the major source of contamination in vaccines. [10] The most prevailing bovine contaminants are:

• bovine viral diarrhoea pestivirus
• parainfluenza virus type 3
• bovine herpesvirus 1
• bovine enterovirus type 4
• bovine orbivirus (bluetongue)
• bovine polyomavirus
• bovine parvoviruses [10, 11]

One paper suggests that vaccines contaminated with the bluetongue virus caused abortions in pregnant dogs. [12]

There are also patents to detect “new” pathogens that are likely contaminating other cell cultures to make flu vaccines. [13]

And to bring this full circle to the beginning of the article . . .

Contaminated Vaccines (1952–Today): The scientific literature has an abundance of evidence that vaccines are contaminated. The FDA and CDC have access to the very same information contained in this article—and much more. Vaccines are kept on the shelves even if they are contaminated because, if recalled, your confidence in vaccine safety and effectiveness would be eroded.

Result: Product Stays on the Shelf

Here is the magic 9-word question I promised you in the beginning of the article.

The 9 Magic Words

Here’s what I want you to do.

The next time you visit your doctor, after your doctor is done telling you how safe vaccines are, ask him this question with the 9 magic words: “If this vaccine injures my child, who is responsible?

Your doctor will likely blush, get angry with you, or avoid the question altogether. What the doctor will avoid telling you is that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe! This means that even if vaccines are handled and given properly, some children will die or will be hurt.

The reality—and the answer to the question—is this: You are responsible if your child is injured!

The National Child Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 protects the manufacturer from liability for unavoidable adverse side effects as long as the vaccine is properly prepared and accompanied by the proper directions and warnings. [14]

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) also protects your doctor from any liability if a vaccine injures your baby.


If you decide to vaccinate your child, you do so at your own risk.

Your doctor can tell you vaccines are perfectly safe and your child will be “protected”, but the ones who are really “protected” are the doctors and the vaccine companies. What can you do? Take action right now.

Click on this link and download the vaccine ingredients. Then, look at the vaccine schedule and see what is going to be injected into your child.


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Photo Credit

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • greent

    Thank you for taking the time to research the facts and share this article.

  • John, you have a typo in the first line. You have that vaccines are unavoidably “safe” and not unavoidably UNSAFE. You might want to fix that and resend.

  • Kathryn

    Thank you for all the research you have done to make the truth known. We all need to wake up and take responsibility for what we allow to be put into our bodies and what is done to our bodies (and our childrens) instead of blindly accepting what the pharmaceutical companies, government and doctors tell us! Great article! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  • Kidsmomofmany

    My first child had that 1 in a million reaction in 1991. I always question if it was really reported. It took 2 more kids for me to stop vaxing…although I only allowed one at a time. My 3rd child only had maybe 3 total. Then in 2003 my 2nd got so sick and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He was the only one to get the Hep b shot. I believe vaccines lowered his immunity and allowed IBD to occur. Vaxing is my biggest regret, my next five babies have never been vaxed, three have never had an antibiotic and the other two were given them for a large splinter in the foot and dental abscess. No ear, throat or other infections in five children. What I changed was no vaccines, no well baby checks and homebirth.

  • Many of us live with guilt regarding vaccines. I applaud your home birth – we also had one and she is by far the healthiest child — and it was the easiest birth! Keep up the great work! :)

  • Your welcome. Many of us have spent countless hours researching this topic. It seems as if the more I look into this, the deeper the rabbit hole goes! Thank you for reading – we appreciate your support.

  • Thank you Kathryn.

  • Vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary as MMS will kill all viruses and bad bacteria that may enter your body. MMS is Sodium Chlorite, and when mixed with Citric Acid it will become Chlorine Dioxide. The most powerful Virus and bacterial killer known to man. I have been using and taking it for over 5 years and I just don’t get sick anymore. To read all about MMS and it’s uses http://www.jimhumble.biz Good luck and Stay Healthy.

  • notsofree

    We have used those 9 magic words a few times……..We have gone through 3 different pediatricians and currently have no doctor for our kids. JJ Aufderheide if right, when you use these magic words you will treated as the enemy and will be discharged from the typical ego/govtcentric pediatrician.

  • @notsofree:disqus

    For some, it is the beginning of an awakening process. Unplugging from the matrix, so to speak.

    There are many more options than seeing a pediatrician and my hope is parents begin to realize there are a lot of options available to them.

  • Annoyed

    I’m sorry your kid got sick, but you are making naive people believe that this will happen to every child. Without vaccines there would be a lot more lives lost than there is saved.

  • I don’t think you are sorry at all, honestly. And, I’d like for you to back up your last statement with facts. Thanks.

  • holisticnurse

    Awesome, thanks J.J. As a healthcare professional who is antivax, I get alot of flack from collegues. When I repost my antivax literature on my fb page, inevitably one of my fellow RNs or MDs make some derogatory comment. We’ve been kicked out of more than 3 pedi offices and my kids are healthier than the kids at church or daycare. I didnt get the flushot and am one of the only ones who has not gotten sick this winter. The proof is in the pudding! Keep up the great work & thanks from the bottom of my heart for your painful experience. I hope one day there will be a cure.

  • Educate yourself from and with the use of some unbiased information, Annoyed! Start getting annoyed for the right reasons, which are the opposite of what you think they are. You have been mislead, lied to, and brainwashed; as a fact. Answer one question. Why is it that the entirely un-vaccinated children are always the healthiest children around, compared to the un-vaccinated? Its actually pretty simple; their bodies are not polluted with multiple injections of toxic, and always potentially contaminated vaccines. Did you as well know that there is absolutely no actual science behind the concept of vaccine derived so called herd immunity?
    Nothing would be enough, would it? Obviously you are in persistent denial of the truth information.

    The False Theory of Vaccine Derived – Herd Immunity


  • Thank you for this helpful information

  • Thank you for this helpful information

  • David Stevens

    The more I hear the worse it gets, both my wife and myself now in our 70s are unvaccinated. So are both our children, our first grandchild and a second on the way who will also be “non vaccinated”, a badge we are quite pleased with.

    Working as a chiropractor back in the 1990s, I became concerned with the growing number of my patients who had allergies, some life threatening. I looked futher into this phenomenon and went on to develope a treatment which rebalances the immune response effectively rendering the sufferer allergy free.

    There are some videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/vitalbodyhealth?feature=watch I have also written a blog on my my http://www.vitalbodyhealth.com “how safe are prescriptiondrugs” which among other things, considers the possibility of the the polio vaccine being responsible for the outbreak of Vcjd in the UK, particularly the high incidence among non meat eating vegetarians.

    As a famliy saying no to vaccinations has never been a problem, if our doctors suggest that vaccinations make you healthier, then they can have ours with our blessing.

  • Annoyed at Annoyed

    Mother who choose not to vaccinate are not naive people that believe everything they hear. Shoot if that was the case – they WOULD vaccinate! There’s certainly more loud and vocal people out there chanting for them than against them. No, these mothers are dedicated – to the safety of their children, and to not believing lies forced on them by drug companies and doctors (who have been educated by the same system). They have done MORE research and are MORE knowledgeable than most.

  • CGH

    Have you tried family doctors instead of peds? Sometimes they are more open to alternative vax schedules.

  • Excellent article. TRUTH!

  • AntiVaccineGrandmother

    Naïve is trusting doctors and Big Pharma blindly. Naïve is
    thinking that injecting infants with this toxic garbage will provide immunity, naïve
    is expecting something good to come from something so toxic, naïve is believing
    that strangers will actually put your child’s life as their highest priority
    and above profits. NOBODY at Big Pharma would give a damn about protecting your
    child from childhood diseases if no financial gain would be associated with it.
    It’s all about the big bucks – so, don’t be naïve!

  • AntiVaccineGrandmother

    just keep telling yourself this lie. That’s why this dangerous crap aka vaccine is still on the market because people like you live in lala land and fail to see the big picture $$$$$$$$$$

  • AussieMum

    I had to see my doctor the other day for my 11 year old, severely Autistic, non-verbal and vaccine injured son’s “Sensory Processing Issues. ”

    The doctor refused to see him (he was waiting in the car with his dad because he couldn’t cope waiting in the doctor’s surgery).

    My doctor and I got into a heated argument about my son’s Sensory Processing Issues and my doctor just dismissed it and said “there is no such thing!”

    Before I stormed out in disgust, I asked my doctor – “Now what happens to my son?”

    My doctor could only reply that “he” had a meeting to attend and ushered me out of his surgery, (in actual fact he was seeing the next patient).

    He didn’t want to answer my question, because he couldn’t!


  • Annoyed

    Anybody that believes this junk has to have some mental disorder of some sort. People have died because they DID have seatbelts on, but it’s proven that they save lives. Immunization is the body’s seatbelt. Do you think for a second that if majority of people were immunized the people that weren’t would even stand a chance. You are all lucky to be in North America. Look at the facts from third world countries where they don’t have the chance to save their kids from disease. Think about it! What is the death rate where these immunizations are not available??? They save lives!!! Everybody on here that has a comment about being pro non-immunizing, would you take your kids on a trip? Oh, wait…you wouldn’t be allowed into a foreign country either. Good luck!

  • mom

    Good article, I have 6 children. One of them had a horrible reaction to the polio vax about 19 years ago> She is doing well today, but very frightening. Years later I refused to vax my others. On a routine school sports check up, My doctor asked us to leave his practice calling me “alternative”, because I would not give my healthy 13 year old a variety of new vaccines. Funny thing is I am not alternative, against medicine or treatments. I am against vaccines that “may” harm or kill my child. Decisions should be left to the parent and doctors should not be able to refuse treatment or ask you to leave their practice based on this right.

  • It’s easy to dismiss someone who believes “this junk” to say someone must have a mental disorder, because it’s intellectually lazy. You provide zero information.

    Your example of a seatbelt analogy is common, but you fail to see the logic behind it.

    You want to believe that if you get vaccinated it will be like protecting yourself as if you were wearing a seat belt and got into a car crash.

    After your child is vaccinated, you believe you are protected.

    Here’s the rest of the story …

    It seems like common sense and deserves repeating: good health does not come through the end of needle. Let’s go with your seat belt analogy from above. Seat belts are not worn just once or twice. To be effective, you must wear them every time you get into the car. Similarly, good health requires your regular attention.

    Here are some common sense suggestions you can take right now and “wear your seat belt” every day:

    -Wash your hands 5-6 times a day – especially after going to the bathroom or before preparing food.
    -Drink clean water
    -Eat or juice organic raw foods
    -Properly store and prepare your food

    So yes, let’s look at the third world. Are they deficient in vaccines or better living conditions?

    And just for the record, unicorns aren’t real either.

  • Down_with_deniers

    You guys are all kooks!! Next thing you will be trying to tell us that wars are prosecuted in the pursuit of profits, that the global financial system is controlled by private interests, or that Agent Orange is harmful to the health — even though Monsanto has repeatedly stated otherwise. Seriously, why would these corporations lie to us? You make it sound like they’re just in it for the profits…

  • Without a doubt it has become all to obvious who has a mental disorder. Or is it more appropriately called, refuse to face the facts, selective denial disorder. Those are some really knowledgeable and awesome debating the subject matter abilities, wow.

  • concernedmom

    Thank you for the article, but I have a question.

    Do your children go to Daycare or main stream schools, or do they stay at home and home school? What about that family that doesn’t have the option for one parent to be able to stay home?

    I have several friends that do not vaccinate thier children, and I completely respect that. But their children get just as many colds and illnesses and any other child I know.

  • Kathryne Darger

    Vaccines are not a requirement for travel. I have traveled extensively and have never nor will I ever seek or accept a vaccine. You really sound passionate that vaccines are vital for survival, however you are only evoking negative responses with your lack of information and lack of data. It’s clear that vaccines have prevented many deaths, nobody is denying that. What is being said is that vaccines are directly correlated to many deaths and illnesses (contradicting the purpose for vaccines). Certainly the vaccine came about as a means to heal and prevent illness and death, however, it seems the motive for it’s production at present is monetary incentive. Which, not to imply that money is the adversary, but greed encourages disorder and disorder corruption.

  • Kathryne Darger

    Too far. Did you fall asleep in history class? Wars do encourage profits, buffoon! Good grief, how do you suppose the great depression ended…
    WWII gave a necessary boost to pull the U.S. economy from it’s depressed state.
    The world operates off self-interest (goodwill, yes, that too) but people wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning if there weren’t something in it for them, some purpose, something to gain. The global financial system is controlled by private interests. Seriously, correct yourself. And Monsanto also stated that there is no “significant” difference between non-GMO and traditionally grown foods. Bull. Shit. Do you have any idea how many tests and experiments have been conducted involving GMO foods. The toxicity levels cause all sorts of health defects. You believe Monsanto would be honest about their products…the company used to be involved in making chemical weapons! And you feel comfortable consuming their products!? Heaven help you, and for your own sake, and the sake of my own sanity, I certainly hope you realize that us “kooks” do research, because we care about the state of the world that we live in. Why don’t you as well.

    Here are some FACTS (Agent Orange):


  • johnny

    If you research the people that die from the flu which sparks big pharma’s media blitz to ‘get your flu shot’, you will see it usually affects those that already have a different serious illness in the first place. I asked for the MSDS on the latest flu shot offered me and the receptionist looked at me like I was from Mars. Previously, after the 4th offer for a flu shot in the same day in dfferent businesses, I finally told the gal, ‘sure I’ll have another flu shot…3 are better than one, right?’ My sense of humor gets the best of me sometimes, because she almost gave it to me! Mass innoculations frighten me anyway. Keep up the wonderful work Jeffry.

  • johnny

    If you research the reasons for plague and disease before you write something like this, annoyed, you will act, sound and be much more intelligent. How can you ask someone to look at the facts when you certainly don’t. Are you a doctor or do you just work for big pharma? Just a minute…I need my ‘restless leg syndrome’ pill….I’m realy hoping it will significantly improve my lung function as well. Your ignorance is just what pharma is counting on! Just mail them 2 grand and get educated, please? And by the way….turning your television off raises your intelligence about 20 points…..just sayin….

  • Thank you for your support and strength. People have a perceived limitation in the types of health practitioners they can see. However, once parents are aware there are chiropractors, herbalists, nutritionists, osteopaths, homeopaths, etc. it puts the power back into their court, so to speak.

  • Reality

    Don’t listen to this! Have your kids vaccinated for their well being and stop looking at this crap. These people are crazy and don’t really care about the welfare of their children, they just want to get noticed for being non-mainstream

  • notsofree

    Even with eyes tightly closed I can comprehend your satire!! The problem with your little diatribe is that we are living in a world that is upside down. In a sane world, war would only be fought for profit, why else would spend the lives of young men, (now we have govts. policing the world costing uninterested or unborn citizens millions). Private interests of the people would would be the financial system (currently we have govt. controlling financial systems). In the sane world Monstanto would be dedicated to healthier crops and more successful farmers (instead they want more govt. money to perform research to destroy creation)……..You see the common factor complicating all these systems is govt!!! Government programs always interrupt charitable capitalistic relationships!! Corporations only lie to us to get more free money from the Govt. Like my patients who lie about their disability to get more free money from the govt., like my neighbor, who lies about his income so he can get more money from the govt., like my friend who was in the Marines who lies about his back so he can get more money from the govt., like my barber who lies on his taxes and doesn’t claim all the cash so he can keep his money from the govt.!!!!!! Like my former Pediatricians who lie about what they really believe about children’s health so they can keep their govt. granted license!!

    True charitable capitalism requires honesty. I don’t blame war, profits, capitalism or corporations for dishonesty I blame Govt!!

  • @e59ae1cb911e9288105c730aeec2ae09:disqus

    As you point out, the media preys on people’s fear — and if you watch the entire news segment I’m sure you’ll see a few ads for a pharmaceutical product sprinkled in here and there. What would happen to their corporate sponsors if they started talking badly about them? My best bet is Pharma dangles that money carrot very close to executive management’s face telling them to think twice about any negative publicity.

    I appreciate you sharing your insight.

  • Thanks for reading and sharing, Matthew.

  • Tristana, you’re welcome.

  • It depends on the state you live in — each state has their own exemption laws. Check out http://nvic.org for more information.

    Public daycare facilities and schools follow state law exemptions.

  • Concerned thinking parents can decide for themselves.

    Turning a blind eye to this information without seriously considering it is like being a lemming jumping off of a cliff — it has potentially dangerous or fatal consequences.

  • Elizabeth

    Many doctors refuse to look at Autism as a ‘disease process’. If they did, they would have to re-evaluate Autism as a social disorder … and then they would find children on the spectrum to be ill… thus searching for a root-cause.

    The problem, I think, is doctors are afraid of looking into the root-cause because it could mean the end of their career, literally.

    I applaud you for standing your ground — keep searching for answers, you’ll find them.

  • Agreed. Doctors try to hold parents emotionally hostage as there are few perceived options for healthcare. I’m also very glad you were able to recognize the horrible reaction to the vaccine — and most importantly take action on your observations. Glad she is doing well – she is very fortunate.

  • Your family is very fortunate and blessed. Keep up the great work!

  • Well said!

  • kal98

    Many virus came from animals or dirty conditions, chickenpox, milkpox, smallpox, once humans began to share their space with animals much disease occurred, hepatitus caused from fecal matter unclean, industrial pollution caused disease, common sense is lacking in most people and they trust the wrong people go to a slaughter house you will never eat meat again, go to where they make vaccines and see the way it is made you won’t get another vaccination, society causes most of its own ills by lifestyle!

  • kal98

    why are people like you so negative and insulting! In Africa hundreds of children recently vaccinated now are paralyzed, sure there are diseases everywhere and perhaps true homeopathic therapy might help ie the milkmaid did not get the pox, our filty living and pollution overcrowding and not caring for the other creatures of our planet has caused most of this disease!

  • trandy

    Hey, Reality…I am 37 yrs old, was as mainstream as they come and eaten processed crap my whole life, been on antibiotics at the first sneeze, and not until my son was born and I had an asinine pediatrician tell me to sign a form when I simply asked her for her opinion on vaccinations. She said: you don’t have to read this form but it basically says Jenny McCarthy is crazy. Uh??? Jenny McCarthy has nothing to do with that question nor my concern. TO answer me like that raised a red flag. Now I am a “crazy” too who actually believes that wellness comes from nutrition and within, not from a needle. I’m sorry you feel that way, I wish more people like you would really read BOTH sides and then decide. IF you can find a doctor that will tell you that vaccines are not safe and wouldn’t vaccinate their own children, wouldn’t that raise a red flag to you???

  • trandy

    If we are all kooks why are you on this page anyway? Are you naive enough to think everyone is good and sweet and don’t do things for their gain? If you make food from chemicals and engineered “organisms” that doesn’t weird you out? You would eat that???

  • heyluu

    I was interested to hear that you havent done well baby checks either. I have a two year old who has not received any vaccinations and has not seen a doc since just before turning one. I have been terrified to take her in for any well checks because of the push to vaccinate. On the flip side, I am terrified of being accused or charged with child neglect. I will add that she is the healthiest of all five of my children and has not been sick one day in her life so I havent really felt the need for a doctor even if I wasnt afraid of being pushed into vaccinating her.

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Good advice for certain Jeffry!

    I’d like to point out that the ‘Seatbelt’ analogy is not apt anyway …
    Vaccinations are more akin to actually ‘Being in a Car Crash’ in order to ‘Protect Against Death/Injury from (possible) Future Car Crashes’ !

    This is really the only apt formation this analogy can take if you want to be ‘Logical’ about it.

    Absurd ‘beleifs’ often give rise to Absurd ‘analogies’.


  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Good to hear you don’t get sick anymore Mel :)
    I have a couple friends that use/have tried this ‘MMS’ stuff …
    But I would Warn people to be Very Careful with this … to me it is a Highly Unnatural thing to be putting into your body.
    I’m sure you are well aware that extreme Care needs to be taken when using … but so was my good mate when one time he accidentally measured dosage slightly wrong (2 extra drops!) and ended up in hospital (not too serious but very ill).
    So for me , something this Toxic at such low measurements should be Avoided!
    (Ironic how many people try these types of things that are usually very healthy ‘natural living’ people otherwize than their weird supplements).

    As I’ve said for a while now to my ‘Organic/Vegan’ friends (and anyone) when they promote these types of potions … “DO you trust the ‘Snake Oil’ On the Right? .. or the ‘SNake Oil’ on the Left?” … There is corruption wherever there is money to be made through peoples ignorance and that goes for Much of the ‘Alternative Medicines’ as it does for the Pharmaceutical companies!

    However .. some people really believe they work for them.
    I would consider that ones other practices could just as easily be contributing to ‘Good Health Effects’ such as dietary changes – nutritional supplements – change of environment or other practices etc etc ;) generally people are trying more than one avenue at a time ‘ To get Healthy’ so any direct correllation can be hard to single out.

    But Cheers anyway , I know we are on the same side when it comes to Vaccines. Good Luck and Stay Healthy! :)

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Sounds like that Doctor is severly lacking in compassion (like many these days unfortunatly) … and is totally disregarding his duty of care … Seems that the name of the game these days is to herd as many patients through the doors as quickly as possible so as to maximize their ‘profits’ (hopefully with multiple ‘prescriptions’ for their ‘kickback’ bonuses) … The situation is truly in a state of shocking disrepair. I’m sure many of them wish this whole ‘autism spectrum’ didn’t exist so they could keep ‘safely’ prescribing the Evil ‘Psyche’ Drugs to people who don’t need them. Bah Humbug! :[

    (SideNote: Ever seen the Footage of the ‘ADHD’ expert/s bumbling on trying to define what ADHD is? Noone wanted to answer & the one who did try made himself look to be a totally incompetent buffoon!)

    Fact is – You Cannot trust even the most ‘compassionate’ doctors when it comes to all but the most Basic diagnosis and ‘medications’. Doctors are Dangerous – (see Doco of same name!) – Not Always because they mean to be … but because they are all Indoctrinated into the same farcical system that is sponsored and controlled by the same Greedy Evil-Do’ers.

    Do Not Trust Them – Even if they genuinly appear to have your best interests at heart. Try to find support in other areas and keep ‘Doctors’ as a last resort.

    (SideNote: Funny isn’t it – the definition of the word “Doctored” –

    doctored – past participle, past tense of doc·tor (Verb)

    the content or appearance of (a document or picture) in order to
    deceive; falsify: “the reports could have been doctored”.

    Alter the content of (a drink, food, or substance) by adding strong or harmful ingredients.

    LOL )

    Sorry I was a little Off-Topic in my reply … I wish you & yours all the best.

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Oh dear … I prefered the satire.
    You seriously think wars should be fought for profit? – you seem to be suggesting that if we are going to sacrifice young ‘mens’ lives that there may aswell be some money in it!?
    And that somehow Corporations such as Big Pharma companies have no fault of their own!?
    “Oh , they just make the EVil Poison and say it’s safe and pay all other institutions to support their lies … But It’s the Guv’mints Fault we all have to Eat IT!” lol – How Absurd!!!

    .. and here I was after your first comment thinking you knew what was what.

    What a worrying set of views.

  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Whilst most of what you say is quite valid … :) … And I Agree.

    It has to be remembered that it is a ‘Lifestyle’ inflicted apon us by the ‘Illusion of Choice’ controlled by very ‘powerful’ people who are determined to maintain that ‘Power’ by whatever means necessary. We have ALL been lied to.

    However tempting – should we really accuse ‘The General Public’ of being at fault?
    Well , I do. lol . But certainly Not the Main Fault! That ‘distinction’ remains with a relatively ‘select’ few who are unapologetic in their quest of Evil Greed. ;)

    (See: ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony where the ‘World Leaders’ (mock) Sacrifice a Child in Flames to the giant stone Owl God (Moloch) at their sicko Bohemian Grove camp and Blabber on about casting aside compassion and empathy (Care) in order to get and do what they want -allst while pretending to be ‘christian’ ofc)
    Remember : Their Evil goes Well beyond simple poison injections for children.
    Beware the Rabbit-Hole! It’s depths are Beyond Nightmarish!


  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    The children can still go to school.

    And yes , People still get colds and such regardless (it’s a sick toxic society we live in – if your immunity is compromised (by such things as vaccinations , antibiotics or poor diet etc) you can become ill) .. “as any other child”? – Yes , so Vaccinations do not help right?
    And do the unvaccinated kids you know have any of the diseases that the Poison injections are meant to protect from? and What about the Vaccinated ones?
    Oh .. no Polio right? … but most still get chicken-pox right?
    How about Boys with cervical cancer? – Well they start vaccinating boys for that in Australia Today! – I’m sure the dumbed-down masses will be so pleased that in a few years the incidence of male cervical cancer will be at an ‘All Time Low’. LOL.

    Plz do the Research. The list of ingredients in these toxic Vaccinations alone should be enough to dissuade anyone from poisoning their own children with these insane procedures – letalone the multitudes of other evidence that clearly shows the extent of this Evil Farce.


  • Flouride-Is-Rat-Poison

    Who woulda thought that Good Nutrition and Healthy living promotes Wellness!

    I wonder in which ‘Reality’ injecting babies with heavy metals , disease , aborted fetuses , GMO’s and other nasty stuff really does promote wellness? ‘Pollution’ is probably a nutritional supplement there too!

    How these Drones can actually believe this crap is the most disturbing ‘reality’.

  • concernedmom

    Vaccines or the lack there of are not what makes a person healthy! It’s healthy living and eating, and taking good care of yourself and your children. Vaccines are not going to cure or stop the common cold, they were meant to stop the larger diseases like polio, as you mentioned.
    No, the unvaccinated children I know do not have any of the diseases that vaccines were meant to protect from, yet neither do the children I know that have been vaccinated.
    As for you boys with cervical cancer comment! I don’t know much about this one but I do know that the vaccine is suppose to prevent the HPV virus which can cause cervical cancer in females. The research I have done says it can prevent boys from getting HPV related cancers of the mouth/throat, genitals and anus. I’m not saying I agree with this or that it’s right, just what I have found. I don’t agree that any vaccine should be made mandatory. That’s just wrong, it should be the persons or parents choice to vaccinate or not too.
    I fully support my friends who have chosen to not vaccinate their children.

  • Angel

    Annoyed, how many adults do you know who are up to date on their vaccine boosters? Are YOU? Do you think the vaccines given to children “protect” for a lifetime? Truth is, the majority of people are NOT vaccinated since the majority of adults have not kept up with adult vaccine boosters. And yet we are somehow surviving without pandemics…hmmm…

  • notsofree

    I was not suggesting that nations should start wars for profit. I guess I should spell out that I believe all wars should only be fought to defend liberty that is being infringed by either a foreign power or your own tyrannical govt. And yes I believe that when the war is won, hopefully by the liberty loving defenders, there should be some “spoils of war” to soothe the financial loss and cost of the war. Of course the tyrannical or aggressor nation will take “profit” that goes without saying.

    As far as big pharma: They would not be big if Big “guv’mit” hadn’t mandated employer sponsored ins. and medicare. Handsome / short skirt wearing drug reps massage doctors to prescribe drugs that the patient doesn’t have to pay for, so what’s the harm right? 5million people x $100 a month cholesterol pills that they would never pay for on their own = big pharma

    Big “guv’mint” legislating 49 vaccines before sixth grade. 50million children x 49 shots =big vaccine (not to mention guvt. advertising for and paying for flu shots$$$$$$)

    Big “guv’mint” in bed with monsanto and vice versa has led monsantos GMO roots growing deeper into pockets and health of the world!!


    Without Big “guv’mint” All of these industries would have to rely on gaining the trust, support and repeat business of honest caring citizens. With that said, without big “guv’mint” there would be no vaccine industry, there would be no Monsanto and there would be no big pharma, and no mandatory insurance coverage. There would be more honest charitable capitalism. Big guv’mint promotes dishonest, forced, overinflated, trades!!

  • Here’s a better question to ask. “Dr, if these vaccines are safe will you put in writing on printed letter head from your office, guaranteeing my child will not be harmed and sign that guarantee with a waiver from the exemption you get from VICP?”

  • People like you refuse to actually take the time to honestly research the mountain of information which proves the lie that is vaccines. Most MD’s don’t even KNOW what’s in the vaccines they administer. That’s the person you trust.

  • disqus_6NWmiP1XHS

    I don’t understand what the restless leg syndrome part of your comment means… could you please explain?

  • disqus_6NWmiP1XHS

    Sorry what does your reference to restless leg syndrome mean?

  • I was told by our son’s school if his vac’s were not updated he could no longer attend, and found out later that by law they are obligated to tell parents they have the right to a waiver. They did not. Also, the doc at our clinic likes to bully parents into getting their kids vac’d. We were also told that they would refuse to see us, and since the local clinics around here all cycle the same staff, we would be turned away everywhere. My oldest son is on the Austism spectrum, and our youngest is showing signs. We had started them on a delayed schedule, but according to the doc/school its just not good enough. Do I go without medical care? I found the waiver for the school, but my kids need medical care.

  • Fran

    That is a good question. I like to ask people to ask their doctor if he/she has had her flu shot yet this year, and do they give their children the flu shot (Dr. Oz doesnt because his wife wont let him)? About half of doctors do not get the flu shots themselves, so the responses would be interesting. I am sure many doctors would get furious at the cheekiness of these questions, but so be it. I have become very discouraged however because I have tried to educate friends and family members to educate themselves and do their own research, and so far, they listen a little, squirm a bit, then do exactly as their doctor tells them to. I am a nurse, but that doesnt matter. And I find that hardly anyone is aware that vaccine manufacturers and physicians are protected by law from any liability. And after I inform them, they tend to not believe me, and will not research it themselves. They simply trust their doctors and do not want to talk about it. Frustrating.

  • Lou

    “Immunization is the body’s seat belt.”

    Yes and so much more. However we must KNOW “vaccination” does not confer immunity. In fact “vaccination” often prevents immunity.

    “I would like to begin by proposing that we use the terms vaccinated and unvaccinated instead of immunized and unimmunized, since the basis of the vaccination controversy is the belief of many parents that the vaccines do not produce a true immunity’, but rather act in some other fashion–or, in my view, that they act immunosuppressively.” Doctor Richard Moskowitz, MD


  • Lou

    When as a kid I was first introduced to Plato’s analogy of the cave I could not believe people could be convinced that shadows on the cave wall was the reality and when it was pointed out to them what was causing the shadows they would not think through the process and discover the truth.

    After many years of examining the whole “vaccination” issue and indeed the whole Allopathic “health care” farce I see old Plato was right on.

    As long as those telling the “vaccination” lies wear the badge of AUTHORITY the lies continue to sell even in the face of overwhelming evidence that a lie is a lie is a lie.

  • Maggie Duarte Gomes

    Hi Jeffry….thank you so much for your bravery in facing these authoritarian monsters called “the system”. I too regret allowing my child to get vaccinated the first 3 years of her life. I was coaxed and intimidated and made to feel guilty and scared of my child getting something horrible by her pediatrician. Even though I have a background in holistic health, but my life circumstances then had me powerless because I was living in public assistance due to domestic violence issues. Now that things are better and almost finishing college and better educated thanks to you and vaclib.org, I’ve gained a new found strength in standing for my child’s rights. My only concern right now is that me and her pedi are not in good terms because I refused vaccinations on her 4th bday doctor’s visit. Even the nurse got pissed with me and gave me a major attitude. She was about to shove fluoride in my kid’s mouth when I stopped her. I know by law, a health professional is supposed to let you know what they’re about to administer to you or your child, but she didn’t unless I stopped and asked her. she was not happy about that. now they all treat me like crap at the health center. I want to change her pedi but I’m afraid I won’t be able to find one who’s vac friendly or at least flexible. And I’m scared and don’t know what to do. Can you or anyone reading this help me? I live in southcoast of Massachusetts (new bedford area which is very close to darmouth, mass). I really need support with this please. I am convinced that it was the vaccines that caused my child to have enlarged tonsils and adenoids that had her sick all the time with high fevers, lots of ear infenctions, and serious troubles breathing at night that kept me up praying and begging God to help and heal her to the point of crying all the time until she had surgery a month before turning 3. For a kid who ate most organic foods and her toiletries like lotions and shampoos even her clothes detergent were all organic. I am convinced that it was those vaccines. And I am super pissed, you cannot imagine my furor inside.

  • Reg Griswold

    I think that Down_with_deniers was being facetious and is, in fact, against vaccination.

  • Jake

    Do you hear yourself? They want to get noticed for being “non main stream” that sentence is an oxymoron. You are either sadly ignorant or just plain stupid. I’m sorry, I like hearing everybody’s opinion as much as the next person but when you don’t have facts to back it up or make sense for that matter it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself

  • steph

    The vaccines caused her immune system to malfunction thus allowing all those infections to take hold of her.They did the same thing to my son. You have to build her immune system back up and it takes longer then a year to get it functioning at a good level. The vaccines destroy the immune system, other infections set in and the antibiotics destroy the good bacteria causing major stomach problems that effect the way nutrition is absorbed. Avoid processed foods and use good quality supplements. Cod liver oil is amazing. Vaccines are hurting us all one autoimmune dysfunction at a time. Look at all the people with autoimmune dysfunction. The explosion in them is horrifying.

  • steph

    Every autistic child I’ve met has been physically ill. My son has stomach problems. His doctor won’t do anything about his stomach because…. well ya know autistic kids just have these problems and there’s nothing he can do, he’ll just have to deal with it. So infuriating! Doctors broke him with vaccines and then washed their hands of him cause ya know those on the spectrum just have to deal with it. I’ve lost all respect for doctors.

  • steph

    Fluoride is actually an industrial waste byproduct. Instead of company’s paying to get rid of it some how they talked water treatment places into buying it.

  • Mike7106

    Thanks. You’re preforming an important service to mankind.

  • phyllis55

    I can’t keep my sense of humor regarding this issue. I am angry and outraged at the deliberate poisoning of our peoples and their compliance thru brainwashing! Nothing funny here for me. The health issues down the road are the most important thing and not immediate sickness or death from the vaccines. All those “latent” poisons guarantee future doctor/pharma/hospital money making in order to “cure” you, which never happens.

  • phyllis55

    The corporate CEO’s and COO’s and CFO’s are all of the same Tribe of gentile poisoners! Doesn’t matter if Corporation or Pharmaceutical, one and the same money making mindset.

  • phyllis55

    you are being facetious or you are a shill? which is it?

  • phyllis55

    And now the big question. Who do you think actually “run” the government? Hint: it isn’t the citizens………….it is the Fed Reserve scum……………all for money, about money and their domination of the planet.

  • Jared Nissim

    I’m curious what most people here would do in the event they had cancer or some other disease that the medical establishment is able to treat or cure… would you trust science and medicine then?

  • Richids Coulter

    There’s a big difference between treating and curing, using them in the same sentence shows you don’t understand this difference. In 50+ years mainstream medicine’s success rate with the vast majority of cancers hasn’t changed and your prognosis is the same now as it was in 1960.

    PREVENTION is the key for cancer, but if I got cancer an oncologists office would be one of the last places I would visit after trying far more effective and less toxic treatments like hemp oil. Have you seen the documentary “Run From The Cure”?

  • Jared Nissim

    Maybe you don’t know the difference. I was treated for hodgkins lymphoma and am now in remission. Assuming I stay in remission, I will be considered cured in 5 years. If I got this disease in 1960, I’d be dead right now. I hope you don’t need the medical establishment for anything.

  • Hi Jared,

    I wish you well on your journey to health and recovery and no disrespect.

    Have you ever looked into SV40 and non-Hodgkin lymphoma? I’m not sure if this information even will interest you, but it might.



  • Dawn Baggett

    People are trained through media and public school to be compliant to community authorities and experts rather than think things through. Parents are fearful of their child being perceived as different so further condition sheep-like behavior.

  • Jared Nissim

    I’ve done endless amounts of research and reading, and who knows why I got lymphoma. It was Hodgkins, not non-Hodgkins. Anyway, people of all ages get lymphoma, all across the world, and no one knows why. But they are able to treat and cure many lymphomas, so the point about prognosis not being better than it was in 1960 is just wrong.

  • Understand the difference. Thanks for sharing.

  • Samua3 .

    I think the chap was being facetious LOL!

  • Jared Nissim

    Jeffry, what would you do if you received my diagnosis? Try hemp oil? Or get the treatment that is proven to work? As much as prevention is the key to dealing with cancer, that doesn’t help people who get cancer.

  • workaholic

    I have a close relative who has been battling cancer for three years. The chemo and radiation has given her congestive heart failure, kidney damage, liver damage, and neuropathy. No one escapes from Big Pharma’s clutches unscathed. You might be “cured” of the cancer but at what cost? (other organ damage)

  • workaholic

    As they say, if the cancer doesn’t kill you, “the cure” will.

  • Jared Nissim

    No one said it would be pretty, but here I am, alive and able to spend time with my wife and child. I have permanent heart and lung damage, but I’m still here. I’d rather be here than dead. Sounds like you’ve never had to battle a life-threatening disease. I hope you never do

  • Jared Nissim

    No offense, but that is ridiculous.

  • I have been a personal victim several times of the western medical establishment. Regarding emergency care, I do trust their expertise.

    When it comes to disease management or “health” management, I would look for alternative methods. By the way, who says hemp oil doesn’t work?

  • workaholic

    I was diagnosed with a chronic life threatening disease 8 years ago, multiple sclerosis. Before my diagnosis I was horribly sick for years, the diagnosis came as a vindication…..See? I told you I was seriously ill! After my diagnosis, I was treated at the largest MS hospital in the world, The Mellen Center at the Cleveland Clinic. There I was told I needed to start injecting myself daily and for the rest of the my life with drugs. The cost of those drugs? $5500 a month! I rejected the pharmaceutical approach recommended by my highly paid and highly educated neurologist because those drugs have horrific side effects from the drug company’s own data. I then embarked on a holistic approach and it’s nothing short of miraculous! I have been in complete remission since embarking on this dietary approach 8 years ago. If you doubt that, google Dr. Terry Wahls MS, I am using the same diet and supplements that got Dr. Wahls out of a wheel chair and completely disabled with MS. We are what we eat.

  • Erika

    The only time I would use allopathic medicine would be if I received a gunshot wound or to set a broken bone. Even then I would use alternative meds instead. For anything else, absolutely not. Yes, that includes cancer.

  • workaholic

    No offense, but you are ignorant.

  • workaholic

    I agree completely Erika! I had been a firm believer in allopathic medicine until I reversed my own chronic disease solely with diet. Interestingly while reversing MS I also reversed several other none MS related issues like acid reflux. No MD could ever help me, just give me drugs that simply treated symptoms and never got to the root of my problems. How do you ever trust again? I can’t. Once you see the truth, you can’t go back to believing the lie.

  • Jared Nissim

    Well without the medical establishment you won’t be able to get diagnosed properly… radiology, pathology are critical in diagnostics. But G-d forbid you are diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, but one that can be treated… hemp oil? I guess, best of luck. I have to stick with science on this one.

  • Jared Nissim

    Were you diagnosed and treated for cancer? Until then, YOU are ignorant.

  • Jared Nissim

    Best of luck to you all.

  • workaholic

    Because people don’t die from MS? Because MS is NOT a serious disease? Because people with MS do not suffer? Because people with MS are not handicapped, physically and emotionally?

  • Jared Nissim

    I said below, best of luck to you. When I was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma, I really didn’t have time for experimenting…

  • Are you referring to the science promoted by the American Medical Association?

  • workaholic

    It’s embarrassing how supposedly “educated” people can be so brainwashed and blinded by those who manipulate “science” for profit.

  • Dianna Donnelly


  • workaholic

    Sorry Jared but luck has nothing to do with it.

  • Nate Phillips

    Be careful arguing with those that will use hemp oil to treat cancer….it’s like talking to a brick wall

  • 441019

    I know someone who got a flu shot and came down with a bad case of the flu 6 weeks later. (This is someone with lupus, an autoimmune disease.)

  • Richids Coulter

    I didn’t know the 5 year survival rate in 1960 was 0% and in 2014 it’s now 100%, that’s great to know. Do you have some statistics you can post to back up your statement? Also the argument that if you don’t support one thing you shouldn’t support anything is patently absurd and tiresome. If I don’t like broccoli should I also then not eat anything grown in the earth? That someone shouldn’t allow a doctor to put their leg in a cast because they are against vaccination is really fucking stupid bud.

  • Richids Coulter

    The science behind hemp oil is sound, you’re too stubborn to entertain that notion.

  • Jared Nissim

    Can you produce real evidence and documentation about people who have cured their cancer using hemp oil? I sure hope you never get cancer.

  • Jared Nissim

    I doubt any of these folks have had to deal with cancer. I wonder if they would really forgo treatment that is proven to work, in favor of hemp oil.

  • David Thompson

    My son is severely disabled from his Polio vaccine at 9 weeks old in 1998. We live in the UK. At the time we asked a doctor if we should vaccinate as my son had a perianal abscess at the time. We were told it would be fine. We sued the Doctor and on appeal it was ruled that he could not have fore
    seen the outcome. You are not allowed to criticise the vaccine program. If you do you are up against the full financial weight of the pharmaceutical industry that is out to protect the income from vaccines and the additional income from drugs needed to treat you due to being vaccinated and having a negative outcome.

  • Jaysen McDermith

    yes because its a great idea to treat cancer with radiation (something that causes cancer), look up bruzynski clinic and mercoela clinic (not sure if I spelled either of those right), it seems to me that either or both of these would be a better alternative to treating cancer since these methods inspire healing in the body and they seem to have higher cure rates in comparison to conventional treatments…

  • freedombooster

    Their “cure” will kill you if the cancer doesn’t.

  • Quibbler

    Cheryl Schuman – google the name. Rick Simpson hemp oil – google the name. Tikun Olam – google it! Lose your ignorance Jared! Or are you afraid to lose your security blanket?
    You’re not the only one who’s facing cancer and fighting it…I’m one of the 60’s kids who was vaccinated for polio, about the middle of the time when the SV40 vaccine was the one in use. Is that why I’m fighting not only 1, but 2 different types of cancer at the same time?! Will I give mainstream cancer industry types access to me? Hell no! 4 boxes combine to make the chemo they wanted to use on me – 3 of the 4 state on the box: Known Human Carcinogen. So they’re going to give me 3 drugs known to cause cancer, in order to kill it? Yes, they would have…in a heartbeat. That’s how the cancer industry made almost 90 BILLION DOLLARS in 2012! One year – 90 Billion. But they care about people right? Well, if I won’t accept chemo, then I’ll absolutely have to do radiation. No. I won’t. A quick study on radiation shows that in the cases of cancers, surviving cells (there will be some) have now become super-cells…much harder to kill using any means.
    Face it! Your body knows how to heal itself – it has always known how to heal itself! Give it the tools it needs, and step out of it’s way.
    More and more people are becoming cognizant of the fact that food IS our medicine,

  • Hmmmmm….

    I question this daily!! I read nonstop for information. I take offense in a person telling me that i just don’t want to main stream so that’s why i choose not to vaccinate! This is an issue i feel very strong about and I think people who don’t want to learn anything about what they would inject into your child is just stupid and perhaps life threatening!! It’s our duty as parents to protect our children! Just assuming everything is safe because “they ” say it is may be the life of your child! People need to realize that the dollar drives most things in this world! Just get the facts!! If you vaccinate your child as you choose and another child who is unvaccinated is around your child why do you worry? If they work so well you have nothing to worry about. Right?

  • Jared Nissim

    Well, I have used so much marijuana in my life, and I still got cancer, so I doubt marijuana cures cancer. But seriously, I wish you all the best, and please let us know how your self-treatment works out for you.

  • LayC

    How are two examples from the the 50’s and 70’s proof that it is “unavoidably unsafe”? It is medicine. There is never a guarantee of 100% success be it heart-surgery or cough medicine, but these two STUPID examples of contamination are nothing compared to the numbers put up of people who have SAFELY received vaccines, myself included. The rates at which people do contract any particular disease have dramatically declined since mass vaccinations have been administered. I am not without sympathy for anyone who legitimately had a reaction, or any problem from an error made, but I ask you, would you condemn your child to a life with polio? It was prevalent in those days and has been damn near extinct in the modern world because of vaccines! I would rather treat a tumor than never have the chance to run in my life. Thank you medicine for making that possible. Thank you and I’m sorry to anyone who was harmed while scientific knowledge was young and growing, your sacrifices made this life possible. Thank you mom and dad for never making me endure those diseases. And thank you doctors that are honest about risks but know your are even potentially saving me from a worse fate.

  • Quibbler

    Jared, you say you have used so much MJ in your life…but how did you use it? The “how” is important, as is the preparation of it. There are many testimonials about the curative effects of cannabis oil, they’re easy to find – all it takes is a mind curious enough, and open enough to go looking for them. Incidentally, your body has built in receptors for it…which is one of the reasons it not only cures, but can do so very quickly in some cases. That’s information your family doctor and the cancer industry are very unlikely to tell you…sadly…it will always be about their bottom line.
    If cannabis oil won’t be believed by you, then I guess mega-dose vitamin C is totally out of the question hmm? There are many who have been cured, use the Google.

  • Victoria Sconion

    Awesome! Thanks, we stopped vaccinating after our youngest had seizures at 5 months and the doctors told us that his body was rejecting the vaccines… Now we are on the look out for any learning disabilities because they said 1 out of 6 kids have learning disabilities like Autism because of vaccines and its especially serious within the kids that reject it when they are newborns.

  • Dan Montesi

    I have heard that it is very effective, but what frustrates me even more is that Rense Royal Rife had a cure for cancer without side effects in 1934! They are now replicating the technology in Switzerland with great success. It wasn’t allowed in the U.S. until 2013! Check out Bill Doyle on Ted.com! The AMA and the American Cancer Society squashed the technology. Check out the Rife Report!

  • Dan Montesi

    Smoking it does nothing. It is an agent in the oil that is curative

  • Dan Montesi

    Haliburton did pretty well in our last foray! So did GE, Boeing, many tech companies… I loved that the Iraqi people greeted us as liberators! They threw roses at our feet! They are truly liberated now! My 401K is definitely healthier!

  • annaj

    What a load of bullshit. You may think that herd immunity will protect your children but take them into an area where vaccination rates are low and the herd effect disappears. You are incredibly irresponsible by not vaccinating your children.

  • annaj

    Your child had a peri anal abscess! What were you doing to him that caused him that infection? Bad parenting clearly!

  • annaj

    Your doctor is an idiot. Your child probably had a febrile convulsion at 5 months- vaccines can cause elevated temperatures which can lead to convulsions but that doesnt mean the child is rejecting the vaccine. You should give your child paracetamol before a vaccine to prevent a high temperature and now that he/she is older, that shouldnt be a problem anyway. There is NO correlation between vaccines and learning disabilities.

  • annaj

    If I am spending my tax dollars on medical care for your child who is paralysed or on a ventilator from encephalitis for the rest of his life, then yes I do care. We know that smoking causes cancer..would you chose to allow your child to smoke because you feel that the medical profession ahs got it all wrong. If you arent prepared to look after the health of your children dont have them!

  • annaj

    You have to take the award for the biggest idiot of the blog..

  • annaj

    You are an idiot dawn

  • diversity

    As a doctor I can promise you: vaccines donot cause seizures

  • diversity

    Wow. now that is really a special kind of stupid. he is autoimmune sick and wonders why the vaccination doesnt work …

  • diversity

    Of course you get turned away with an unvaccinated child! You can alternatively spry viruses around in a hospital

  • diversity

    These ignorant people always think that science works 100%.

  • Victoria Sconion

    That’s what they all say… Glad to have great doctors who don’t sugar coat it and tell me that shots and meds are only to make their pockets bigger and not to make ppl healthy.

  • Victoria Sconion

    I doubt my doctor is an idiot since he’s like 60 yrs old and prefers the old fashion way of doing things. 30 yrs ago there wasn’t so many vaccines… Vaccines and diseases are man-made and cures are out there, you just have to have a six figure income to get the cures which my insurance company told me.

  • diversity

    really? so what happens when you dont take meds and dont get shots?

  • Victoria Sconion

    LOL its called stop being lazy and eat REAL food not filled with gmos and pesticides and actually exercise.

  • Victoria Sconion

    All meds and shots do is cover up the symptoms and not get to the root of the problem…

  • diversity

    You cant preevent EVERY disease with good nutrition and exercise, sadly

  • diversity

    shots are preventory, and medications dont cover up. painkillers make life bearable for a lot of people, wwhen the cause is not clear and when it is difficult to operate

  • sabelmouse

    i’ve had some pretty disconcerting experiences too. i agree with er as well.

  • Kole Koford

    You seem mad…. Sorry, but people have THE RIGHT to opt out if they want. I don’t get vaccinated anymore, and legally people that don’t are allowed in federal places.

    I’m sorry you buy into the “Big Pharma claims” but I however, do not follow up, based on the conceptions that are “PRO-VACCINATION”.

    Do you even know what kind of damage a little bit of mercury can do when you are an infant? NO, because you side with doctors that don’t really know either. But when a biased study comes out, and when biased books are created based on selling the public products, such as prescriptions and vaccinations, they become PHARMACEUTICAL SALESMAN.

    So congratulations for resembling a sheep within a herd, heading towards the cliff. Because you obviously don’t know the side effects of those proponents that make up your vaccinations that you favor so dearly.

    FURTHERMORE, what would the purpose of our immune system be, if we solely relied on vaccinations? Sure, some are essential but if you use them on kids before they are developed… YOU’LL LIKELY FUCK THE KID UP.


  • Hector

    annaj….you disgusting excuse for a human being…how dare you say that to someone…fuck off and die you scum cunt

  • Dr. Mom


    Here’s some pub meds you needed from is anti vaxxers…I hope you enjoy every single word of it.

  • Dr. Mom
  • Belinda

    That award clearly belongs to you.

  • disqus_ckWqTZMzYZ

    diveristy, you are clearly a liar! You are either not a doctor or you are lying about vaccines possibly causing seizures. Have you never read a package insert? It’s the fine print that comes with the product. How dare you flat out lie about what the product even says about itself. I hope you are not a doctor.

  • disqus_ckWqTZMzYZ

    The shot made the child sick, less gives him an other one! Wow.

  • HeidiS

    How come its always the people who have the rudest responses are the ones with nothing else productive to say. Calling names? Really?

  • Jack anti-Vac

    This article makes a great point, if vacs are so safe why can’t the makers and doctors take responsibility for there effects? Why do they need laws to protect them? I will not inject any of my children with these poisons.

  • Denise

    I have lupus, too, and my doctors encourage me to get the flu shot, every year. If it isn’t supposed to work in autoimmune people, why do they tell me to get it? By the way, I’ve never had a flu shot, and I rarely get the flu.

  • Sal

    @diversity, you are a complete and utter dumbass moron. I have autoimmune and I’v elost count of the times my immunologist, rheumatologist and general practitioner have pushed vaccines at me. I have had to refuse, because my autoimmune disease was triggered by vaccines. Now all my doctors’ clinic reports repeat that I ‘refused vaccination’! Now you idiot should know that all autoimmune sick people have vaccines pushed on them regardless.

  • Jesse

    Yes, us sheep buying into big pharma and scientific studies and facts. Do you know what a little bit if mercury does to an infant? Because a breast milk feeding has more mercury than a single vaccination.

    Really, my side is supported by medical students, leading universities, and the most stringent battery of test runs medications are put through, with appropriate double blind studies, control groups, and sample sizes in the trends of thousands. All of this is published where people like me can read the findings and learn for myself. Your side is supported by what people that write articles like this tell you to believe, usually with no unbiased sources, and a doctor that studied a whopping 24 autism patients to establish a link between autism and vaccinations, after he was paid by lawyers looking for a reason to sue “big pharma”

  • Diane Prima
  • Jesse,

    Please tell me what a little bit of squalene does to you when injected versus swallowing it.

    Please use scientific studies to support your answer.


  • freetorun

    Hmm, bet you can’t show point me to one double blind placebo study on the safety of vaccines…they don’t exist. Also, I can come up with at least 100 studies done in medical centers and universities that show evidence of the danger of vaccines. The only studies you will be able to produce are done by pharmaceutical companies, who have a vested interest…

  • freetorun

    wow, have you ever read the package inserts? Even the pamphlet they gave me when my daughter was young, on the DTP vaccine, showed that the DTP vaccines cause seizures in one out of 250 kids vaccinated.

  • freetorun

    Studies show that Vitamin D3 works significantly better than the flu vaccine. It also reduces a persons chances up to 80% of getting the majority of cancers (if you keep your Vitamin D at optimal levels) Vitamin D3 is relatively cheap…much cheaper than chemotherapy.

  • freetorun

    You are the idiot. Paracetamol or Tylenol are both very dangerous to give a child that has been vaccinated. They reduce the bodies ability to detox, thus putting your child at greater risk for serious adverse events. Vaccines have been documented to cause seizures, which is evidence of neurotoxicity. This is exactly what the doctors do, belittle a parents concerns. I would go to that doc in a heartbeat. I appreciate honesty.

  • Amy Rupe

    Please refer me to the peer reviewed, double blind studies done of the vaccinated vs. the never vaccinated.

  • Amy Rupe

    I beg to differ, we are (Americans)as a whole, nutrient deficient…by design of course…what with all the asshats splicing our foods with man made organisms and TOXIC pesticides…how arrogant and foolish these lunatics are that think they can make something as clever as our creator!!! REAL wholesome nutrients, free of all man made garbage, gives our bodies everything it needs to be healthy.

  • Amy Rupe

    In my experience, the medical profession is not about a “cure”…it is about “managing your symptoms” They are not interested in a “cure”….that would be a loss of income to them

  • Amy Rupe

    Please list any current methods of cancer treatment practiced by doctors today that are PROVEN to work….chemotherapy is cruel and unusual punishment…absolutely barbaric are stupid to think radiation can “cure” ANYTHING!

  • Amy Rupe

    well you now Cancer is a multi billion dollar industry…of COURSE they squashed the cure…especially when it is available for free in nature!

  • Jared Nissim

    Good thing about science is that its true whether or not you believe in it. I was cured of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with chemo. G-d willing it never comes back, but as of now I am cancer free. Other cancers that are curable with chemo, surgery and radiation are discussed here:


  • Barry Gray

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  • Diane Prima

    Of course you know it’s not the vaccines !!. Anything but the vaccines !! Raise your hand, and repeat after me, I Annaj, being a faithful member of the church of vaccines, do solemnly swear to defend this for profit corporation and. I offer up the innocent in the name of greed and Big Harma’s bought and paid for pseudo-science.

  • Diane Prima

    You need to lay off the fluoridated water. What’s stupid is to play Russian roulette with your child because of willful ignorance. Anyone who really cares and takes the time to educate, and look at the vaccine inserts doesn’t have to be that smart to know that it isn’t a rational decision to inject a toxic cocktail into a newborn !. But then being under the influence of fluoride and who knows what else, that ability has apparently atrophied in you. So sad, so many have to suffer because of stupidity and greed.

  • Sjon

    You don’t shouldn’t have the right to deny a child protection from deadly diseases any more than you should have the right to deny them wearing a seat-belt.

    Sometimes seat-belts cause injuries or death, but we know through science and statistics (as we know with vaccines) that less people WITH them than without.

    Who is responsible when a child is unvaccinated and dies from whooping cough? The irresponsible parents who refused protection for their children essentially murdered them with misinformation and and a bad decision.

    Web-sites like this should also be culpable for spreading lies and obscuring the real truth. “VacTruth” is anything but.

  • Nik

    So you would rather have your “tax dollars” go to the lazy who milk the welfare system or to support abortions for “girls” (I say that intentionally because a real woman would love her child or give up for adoption) who would rather ‘have fun’ with no consequences than keep her legs shut or use birth control to PREVENT an unwanted pregnancy in the first place?! You’re sad, ileducated, and a waste of space.

  • Nik

    You’re an asshole, try keeping your mouth shut and not trying to start highschool drama

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Please…get of that sh%t about more mercury in breast milk…we aren’t injecting breast milk…IDIOT!! (Oops..pro vax lingo)
    Your side is supported by lies..your studies are sh$t.

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Sjon. ..time to get educated. ..what are you in your 20 ‘? Clueless you are…deny protection?!
    Vaccines don’t protect…they create illnesses, death, lifetime brain injuries…yes I will deny that.

  • Toomuch Corruption

    The patients you mislead…you should be charged….oh right you can’t.
    Your either corrupt or clueless. Probably both.

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Nice one!!

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Soon as someone mentions the POLIO..thats enough for me. What error are you reffering….the mixing of toxins the injections or the error of vaccinating period?

  • Toomuch Corruption

    They can’t. ..or should i say won’t cure sh$t.
    No money in it.

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Please elaborate. .. what cancer treatments cure or provr to work… please I’ll be waiting for your knowledgeable respond.

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Thanks for your educated response…im running out the door right now to kill my children with vaccines.
    Thanks again.

  • Christina

    Oooh! Could you provide me with a few of those studies please? I’m always looking for such references to support my own arguments against vaccines.

  • Stewart
  • Christina

    If you are still searching for some sort of cure, have a read of ‘The myth of autism’. There is an accompanying youtube video. It might help.

  • Christina

    I always find that asking certain questions (and being persistent with those questions) tends to stop people in their tracks. My favourite question is:
    Do you know how vaccines are made (by this I mean the process from the start)?

  • Christina

    To all those who are in favour of vaccines, could I ask you: Do you know how vaccines are made (and I mean from scratch)? Furthermore, did you know that when the polio vaccine was first created, doctors were encouraged to diagnose those who had been vaccinated, but had polio-like symptoms, as having something else (thus creating the myth that the vaccine was working)? Those vaccinated with the live polio vaccine became carriers and infected others.

    A number of vaccines have been taken off the market (after having undergone so-called safety tests), but only AFTER they have made a profit for the manufacturers. Moreover, some manufacturers have been condemned for not siting all of the side effects!

    With regard to cancer: a great many natural cures have been discovered and successfully used, but ignored by pharmaceuticals as they can not be patented. Does this strike you as an industry that actually cares about peoples’ health?
    My final questions are: would you be willing to drink a vaccine concoction? If not, then why on earth would you be willing to bypass the body’s natural defences and inject the substance into your bloodstream? Is there any other substance that you would be willing to inject but unable to consume?

  • Renee Rutherford

    My daughter had seizures after receiving her first DTP vaccine. I had to have doctors prescription to keep her from having it again. Even though the prescription was stapled to her shot records, an inadequate nurse gave the shot to her again months later. Guess what Doc! Yep, you guessed it. SEIZURES.

  • Jared

    Sure – I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, received 6 months of chemotherapy and I no longer have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Sooo…

  • Marc

    That’s what you have been told. The best proof is being a guinea pig yourself. I myself grew up in a family who had NO Medical or Health Insurance for over 25 years, NO Dentist either because my Mom and Dad only made $9000/year for a family of five. I grew up selling produce all my life and eating mostly whole foods. I won’t say never, but Rarely went to a doctor. The one time I went to a Doctor was because I got hit in the head with a baseball bat, something out of my control. If you live a lifestyle that is healthy without depending on medication, you can ward off many of these viruses and flus with the strength the human body naturally gives you as long as you give it a chance, hence by not breaking it down with processed foods and depending on medication as a “Bandage” to solve your problems or whatever ails you. When I went to the Dentist, they found no cavities, and I thank my Mom for that, since we grew up doing the best we could with what we had. Genetics? Well yes , I would say it has a role, but Genetics comes from the offspring of how you were developed over the years from DNA Structures that are perfecting themselves.

  • Amy Rupe

    Ahhhh, shills ALWAYS show their true colors! When you cannot fight logic calmly, ATTACK the messenger! lolz So tacky…no class…zip…nada…zilch!

  • Suzie R

    The only thing your tax dollars do, as concerns vaccines, is ensure that the party responsible for the damage is not held responsible and the families that are affected suffer interminably… financially, physically, and emotionally.

    “…did you know that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has accumulated $3.5 BILLION in vaccine tax revenue which is currently “sitting” in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund?This trust fund was established in 1988 “to compensate vaccine-related injury or death claims for covered vaccines.” The money in this fund comes from a $0.75 excise tax on vaccines recommended by the CDC.”

    “The problem is that the government hires the best attorneys available (with your tax dollars) to litigate against families with vaccine damaged children (dead or alive) who are trying to collect from this fund. Those who are successful could spend up to 10 years trying to prove their case in a special court designated for vaccine injury compensation. So the result is that there has always been a surplus in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, and it has now grown to $3.5 BILLION this year.” – See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/how-the-government-has-earned-3-5-billion-from-the-claim-that-vaccines-dont-cause-autism/#sthash.snsAxi5p.dpuf

  • shulkman

    Amy, Chemo and Radiation aren’t fun, but they are useful (and sometimes successful) in the treatment of many different cancers. Of course, it’s very dose-dependent, and I realize that the concept of dose dependence is pretty much ignored on this website.

  • shulkman

    Sounds like a good way to lose all your money and then die. LOL “Inspire healing”…. You realize that is why chemo works… Cancer is healing in high gear. (Actually, it’s rapid cellular mitosis, but let’s call it healing since I want to make fun of his logo.) So, using Chemo, you target the fast dividing cells and kill them before you start to effect the normal cells too much.

  • shulkman

    Oh wow… Now we have the flouride craziness in here with the anti-vaxxers. Throw in UFOs and anal probes and we’ll have a trifecta.

  • shulkman

    A doctor should be able to ask you to leave and not come back without question when you pose a threat to his other patients. There are babies that come in there that haven’t gotten their vaccinations yet… You don’t get to bring Typhoid Mary in and have her infect the office.

  • The dude

    Hey, remember when Bayer sent hiv infected aspirin off for sale to other countries? You trust people like that fo you?

  • The dude

    Universities are a scam in themselves!
    Who are these peopke testing, who are THEY testing FOR and WHO are those people affiliated with?
    If you dont mind. ;)

  • AutismDad
  • AutismDad

    vaccinate yourself and your own. what others do isn’t your call.

  • AutismDad

    Where are your links then?

  • AutismDad

    Yea if mom is full of mercury she needs to detox.

  • AutismDad

    Carefull, they will site the 12 child WAKEFIELD study

  • AutismDad


  • AutismDad

    Many will be fine Dr Duh

  • AutismDad

    Vaccines exchanged one set of problems for another set.

  • AutismDad

    Pharma has made many attempts to influence and control vitamins/ supplements and discredit them.

  • AutismDad

    diversity is no doctor., Maybe a rug doctor.

  • AutismDad

    moron. Pediarticians recommend tylenol that actually harms a freshly vaccinated child. You doctors are dangerous because you are clueless.

  • AutismDad

    Our former doctor was old school. He tolsd my mom NOT to ever vaccinate my youngest brother.

  • AutismDad

    tell that to your parents fool

  • AutismDad

    Or as you found out you are up against a court that accepts the definitions created by the perpetrators. They define and deny what adverse reactions are, while they profit from their sale. Government health agencies are responsible for outbreaks, and they will use any method to do so.

  • AutismDad

    speaking of anal abscess here’s annaj

  • keepmybabysafe

    who’s responsible if your child goes deaf or dies from measles?

  • Alexandra1973

    Scaremongering much?

  • Adrienne Michelle

    Personally I’d rather be deaf than autistic or have some auto-immune disease that is debilitating for the rest of my life. I might even prefer to be dead if it were disabling to the point where I had to rely on the care of someone else for the rest of my life. I’m very independent.

  • Adrienne Michelle

    SV40 in polio shots I hear, is working WONDERS these days.

  • Adrienne Michelle

    And likewise, if I am spending my tax dollars on vaccine induced auto-immune diseases, then I care as well. Because to be honest, I have spent 10k in insurance premiums on my 5 y/o son who has been to the doctor about three times in his life. Why does he rarely see a doctor? Could it be due to lacking the mandatory vaccinations?
    No allergies, no asthma, no auto-immune anything. Has he had the cold, yep. Has he had an ear infection, yes – two. He got the flu once but does not get it anymore and neither do I. I didn’t even get it when my entire household was puking left and right. But alas, I don’t get flu shots. Shrugs. Don’t know what it is I am doing right. Perhaps the lack of western medical pharmaceuticals in my life?

  • bob

    I’m only 14, yet i’m looking at these other comments angry yet, laughing at the same time. Autism is a genetic disorder. Autism can not be given by killed samples of the disease a vaccine is meant to treat. There, that’s all a vaccine is. Just a killed sample of a disease. I’m sure doctors wouldn’t inject a baby with cyanide or whatever biased things you people think. Yet, if you still don’t believe me, and want to go into the public without a vaccine, your problem. You had the option to not die from measles.

  • James Peters

    You don’t know we make squalene, its vital for many things including cholesterol. Many types of fruit and veg have it in them (11060781). It is safe (19751689)

  • James Peters

    Just one trial, PMCID: PMC2834887

  • James Peters

    Argument via packing insert

  • James Peters

    HIV, Ebola, the cold, the flu. Sure you can

  • James Peters

    Plants produce pesticides

  • James Peters

    Pharma make a lot of them

  • Hannah Haha

    Take this as an opportunity to learn an important lesson at a young age. Before you give advice make sure you are knowledgeable in the subject. A quick google search will list vaccine ingredients for you..and then research each one. If vaccines were simply small amounts of a disease this argument would not exist.

  • sabelmouse

    i’ve had the measles, most people my age did and did not die but form the basis of real herd immunity. have fun when we’re gone.

  • nedokelly

    Death, one of many side effects of dirty vaccines, why not autism,seizures and hundreds of other PERMANENT injuries? Ban all vaccines now

  • AutismDad

    Who is responsible when the vaccine causes deafness (MMR) or kills?

  • AutismDad

    As a fake doctor, you are a liar.

  • AutismDad

    Only 3% has been found to be inherited. 97% not. Its connection to genetics is that from birth to 2.5 years of age, something causes hundreds of spontaneous gene mutations. The 2 most likely perpetrators are toxins/chemicals and viruses. So tell me Mr 14 year old what do babies experience from birth to 2.5 years that might expose them to viruses and toxins/chemicals? Might it be breast Feeding? Diaper Changes? Sleeping? Being held by family? Help me out, I’m running out of ideas.

  • sabelmouse

    you really need to read those vaccine inserts. aluminium is not good for you and you’re chances of measles would most likely have been close to zero anyway.

  • sabelmouse

    defs breastfeeding! we all know how toxic that stuff is.

  • mel


  • AutismDad


  • AutismDad
  • AutismDad

    Those who run government run the show. They do favors for $$$ and basically are backed by and represent big money.

  • mel

    No, I’m asking for the source where you got those statistics from

  • Fang Reaper


  • AutismDad

    You are a moron

  • AutismDad

    Time to grow up

  • CSABill

    The elite Jews are using these virus-laden vaccines to attack the brains of the gentile kids. This is a permanent game changer. They’re using these vaccines to implant viruses ( bacteriophages-the culprit looks like a hexagonal “Star of David ” ) that attack the brain and change our DNA. At one time vaccines were safe, now they are a weapon of the Synagogue of Satan against the rest of us. With 1 in 10 boys now developing autism ( in 1985 it was 1 in 60,000 ) now…The human genome project enabled them to use vaccines to attack our DNA.

  • CSABill

    Well the vaccines are no longer relatively safe by any stretch there pops. And please try to hang around awhile.

  • sabelmouse

    i try:)

  • Fang Reaper

    Yes please tell me I’m a moron because choosing not to vaccinate you are creating a rise in disease a lot of doctors wanted to see gone. Because that one of these viruses could mutate and create a new strain of smallpox or some other horrifying disease.

    Yeah big pharma wants to kill kids that why they are making sure your little Johnny or Sally is vaccinated so they don’t go to the hospital and you are up to your eyes in medical bills. If that doesn’t work for you then little funeral will gladly take your money.

  • Sia

    Have you considered that those who died from measles aren’t here to tell their story?

    Does the name Olivia Dahl mean anything to you?

  • Sia
  • Sia

    Botulin toxism is the most deadly nerve toxin known to man.


  • Sia

    Compounds are not elements.

  • Sia

    You realise that would violate the Nuremberg code which anti-vaxxers screech about a lot, right?

  • Sia

    Do you know the difference between adverse events and side effects?

  • sabelmouse

    olivia dahl is one person , she might well have been the 1/10000 that year. that is roughly the number in the 60s, pre vaccine.
    had many died or been damaged people might have paniked at the measles in those days, they didn’t.

  • AutismDad

    Was it me you were responding to?

  • AutismDad

    Hide under the bed Mr vaccinated it will help with your paranoia

  • sabelmouse

    not so much kill as damage.i don’t know if they want to but it works out well for them. money for vaccines, money for chronic illness treatment.

  • Bjorn Fowler

    smallpox won’t because it is effectively extinct, polio and measles however will

  • Sia

    Hannah Hasha, I have researched each one. I just know what those words mean and WHY they are there and WHERE else they are.

    If they were simply small amounts of the disease, all we’d be doing is GIVING people the disease.

    The formaldehyde for example is there to render the germ inactive. In fact,the biggest risk with formaldehyde in the dosage limits that there are in vaccines is that it renders the disease so harmless that the body doesn’t recognize it as a threat. (There’s a TON MORE in a pear, for example)

    Enter al salts (NOT al – the distinction is important kinda like the distinction between chlorine gas (mustard gas) and sodium chloride. Remember the biggest threat above? Yeah, that’s there to cause irritation so the immune system recognises the thing as a threat.

    Thimerosal is a preservative. It is NOT mercury. Hydrogen goes BOOM, oxygen goes BOOM. Together, they go SPLASH. COMPOUNDS are not elements. At least learn basic school-level concepts before commenting.

    Unless you have a formal education in at least Biology and Chemistry, all you really have is a vague remembrance that mercury used to make people mad.


  • 13YHWH1

    Political chattel citizens and self described evolving primate animals or other sub-human life forms are not endowed by the Creator God with certain unalienable or inalienable rights. The sovereign posterity of We the People are endowed with life by the creator God. Over population and dwindling resources is a reality in the present paradigm. Rx Vaccines and fluoridated water and oral hygiene products like Crest, Colgate, Listerine, Scope and others cause brain and pineal gland damage, making sheeple-people controllable– this is how come BATF and ATF does not regulate stealth liquor mouthwash. This is how come Israel bans fluoride. This is how come Europe is 98% fluoride free. Both Israel and Europe document Third Reich Nazi weaponized fluoride efficacy on the battlefield, in the Death Camp, in the workplace, and in the city… Orthodox Jews call self-described creator God-hating evolving primate animals ‘goy’, ‘goyim’, or ‘dogs’ because it is what they choose to be– animals… Napoleon once said that people will believe anything unless it is written in the Bible. He was almost correct. Self-described evolving animals will believe anything unless it is written in the Bible. the hoax NASA Apollo ‘moon-shot’ cover story for USAF global air superiority is evidence. Most Rx Vaccine brain damaged sheeple actually believe Armstrong, Aldrin, and others landed on Luna. re: Apollo LEM CMDR EAGLE 1969, “1201 ALARM…THREE (3) feet down…TWO (2) and a half…picking up some dust…” The dust is plainly visible in the NASA soundstage scam Photo Reece. Q: What dust ? Battalion photographer HHC & HHC 1/33/2/3 AD SPEARHEAD 1977.

  • Amy Rupe

    no, what I realize is that big pharma will NEVER do an honest, unbiased clinical trial that will prove their malfeasance.

  • Amy Rupe

    Oh hell no…what kind of quackery is it to even remotely think that RADIATION.will do anything beneficial to the human body?! The chemotherapy kills them faster than the cancer!

  • Jared

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I had 6 months of chemotherapy and two years later, I’m still here.

  • Jared

    Sorry to report that I had 6 months of chemotherapy, and I’m still alive.

  • Pokedel Asel

    Yeah, cos that’s why 122,000 people died of Measles in 2014. Anything can kill you. The poison is in the dosage, not the product.

  • Pokedel Asel

    I’d rather be safe than dead? Vaccines aren’t dangerous because they have toxic chemicals. Those chemicals aren’t toxic until you take in a large enough does. The poison is in the dosage, not the ingredient.

  • sabelmouse

    malnourished people in 3rd world countries who, just fyi, shouldn’t be vaccinated and regularly are harmed by vaccines.
    they need food, clean water, and sanitation, they get neurotoxins and other dangerous substances instead.

  • AutismDad

    When governments like the USA promised protection from litigation it opened a can of MAGGOTS. Now no matter the harm, denial is the norm for addressing it. And if anyone thinks science will be done to attempt to stop the collateral damage, forget it. Vaccine ingredients are the best case scenario and only change when a new experimental concoction is developed and they want free test subjects (consumers) to try them on for size.

  • AutismDad

    Yep, moron

  • AutismDad

    Hey Ba-jorn

  • transportjohnny

    Your whole post is smack with 14 year old inaccuracies……sorry, but your wrong on many levels.

  • Kiko

    There are just over 100 elements and there are millions of different substances. Most
    substances are compounds. A compound is a substance made of atoms
    of two or more different elements. Just as the 26 letters in the alphabet
    can form thousands of words the elements in the periodic table can
    form millions of compounds. Atoms of carbon and hydrogen can combine to form gas that is extremely reactive and poisonous to humans. Shillin like a villain. Wakefield LYLT

  • Kiko

    What is an “anti vaxxer”? Is that a parent who gave their child the MMR vaccine and then the child slipped away in to severe permanent irreversible autism?
    Wakefield LYLT

  • Kiko

    Yeah, they are both bad things that happen to people after vaccination.