GBS is Not Rare After Vaccinations: Here’s How Vaccine Pushers Conceal the Truth


We know that statistics may be twisted into the realm of absurdity, but most of us seem to accept them when considering the safety of medicines.

Here’s a typical example: We ask a doctor who recommends a vaccine about the risk of contracting Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a serious autoimmune condition which may evolve into paralysis. The doctor may assure us that the risk is “probably only one additional case in each million persons vaccinated.”

Why should we accept this statistic without question?

Where do these safety statistics come from? They come from epidemiologists and statisticians whose interest is in the promotion of vaccines and who manipulate the statistics so that vaccines appear to be safer than they are in reality.

How Statistics are Misused to Make Vaccines “Safe”

Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, a widely respected pediatrician in New York, gives a more detailed explanation:

“It is often stated that there is normally no higher number of GBS after vaccination than is found in the population as a whole: This statement is more than dubious. We are told that vaccine safety studies are designed to evaluate whether or not vaccines contribute to the development of adverse events.


When authorities accumulate data in a cohort of people who are given a vaccine or a group of vaccines, they closely monitor them for a period of time to observe any symptoms of illness, usually 2-4 weeks. They then compare the incidence of any reported symptoms in the vaccine study group to the incidence of the reporting of these symptoms in the general population. The incidence of symptoms in the general population is normally referred to as the background rate.


In every vaccine study performed in this way by the vaccine manufacturers, they have come to conclude, through their statistical analyses, that the symptoms reported in the study group after vaccination are no higher in incidence than the rate at which these symptoms would occur in the general population. Therefore, they conclude, the onset of these symptoms in the vaccinated study group is not necessarily due to an adverse reaction to the vaccination(s) being studied. In other words, the symptoms in the vaccinated group were most likely to have occurred by chance, unrelated to the effects of the vaccines.

The next step in the process is to then conclude that the vaccine(s) being studied is(are) safe.


The vaccine manufacturers are using background data from the general population – A POPULATION THAT IS ALSO VACCINATED! (emphasis added)

In this type of study design, the investigators are studying a group of vaccinated people and comparing the data to a background population of people just like them, who are also vaccinated.

We can’t conclude anything about the vaccinated population in this type of study design because the data are being compared to themselves, and not to a set of data from a proper unvaccinated control group. Yet, this is the main type of study design that is used to evaluate vaccine safety. (emphasis added)


In order to do a proper study, investigators would need to accumulate data in a cohort of people who are given a vaccine or a group of vaccines, by monitoring them for a period of time to observe any symptoms of illness, and comparing the incidence of the reported symptoms in the study group to the incidence of these symptoms that are reported in a cohort of people who are demographically similar, and who are unvaccinated. (emphasis added)

This is the type of study that would help us to understand the frequency and severity of adverse reactions that could possibly occur in a vaccinated population.

This type of study, however, has never been done by the vaccine manufacturers. Many attempts to set up this type of scientific study have been thwarted by the courts, the vaccine manufacturers, medical organizations, and the ideology that vaccines are nothing other than safe and effective, and appropriately studied with the highest of scientific standards.”

This method involving misuse of statistics applies not only in the case of GBS but generally regarding other serious, so-called “rare conditions.”

GBS and Other Adverse Reactions to Vaccines are Under-Reported

Another significant factor which contributes towards the false impression that GBS is rare after vaccinations: The number of actual GBS cases after vaccinations is grossly under-reported.

Only a small percentage of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS (US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). It may be as low as one to two percent. Here are some of the reasons why adverse reactions to vaccines are not properly reported:

  • Not all doctors are trained in reporting adverse reactions.
  • It may be difficult to link the reaction with the vaccine. ( Autoimmune conditions may present themselves up to several years after a vaccine.)
  • The adverse reaction, for example, an autoimmune condition, may not even be stated in product information.
    GBS may be incorrectly diagnosed as another condition.
  • There is minimal incentive for doctors to report because it takes time and work.
  • Doctors may fear being contacted by the manufacturer.
  • It may be unpleasant for doctors to admit to patients that a vaccine which was recommended was the cause of the condition.
  • Citizens and doctors are encouraged to report to the manufacturers. This is surely a case of the fox guarding the hen house.

Vaccine safety activist Barbara Loe Fisher wants doctors to file reports directly to VAERS, not through the manufacturer. She says manufacturers’ reports are often incomplete, citing a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association which says that while 68 percent of the adverse event reports on Gardasil came from manufacturers, nearly 90 percent of them could not be tracked or investigated because they lacked the most basic contact information.


Due to both misleading statistics and gross under-reporting, we are given the false impression that Guillain-Barré syndrome and many other serious conditions are rare after vaccinations.

“If medical statistics were compiled by statisticians who had no interest in the outcome, the drug industry would topple into the dust.” – Robert Catalano



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  • ResearchPro

    It is not the manufacturers interest to have the contact information or to follow up on the adverse effects.They do not care about us,but they care about their bottom lines.

  • Ted Kuntz

    This article confirms what I learned in my own efforts to discern the extent of vaccine damage after my son was neurologically damaged by his DPT-P shot at five months of age. There are NO long term clinical studies that compare a vaccinated population with an unvaccinated population that prove either the safety or effectiveness of vaccines.

    Recently I attended a conference hosted by vaccine advocates and vaccine researchers. I asked if they would provide me with references from the medical literature of such a study. They admitted they could not. When I asked why not, their response was:
    1. Everyone knows vaccines are safe and effective. We don’t need to research this.
    2. It would be unethical to deprive individuals of vaccines (to create the control group).
    3. The study would not be fair because everyone knows that parents who vaccinate their children take better care of their children than parents who don’t.

    This was the best response this medical community could offer to justify their lack of scientific proof of safety and effectiveness.

    I’ve concluded that vaccinations are more akin to religion than science. It is more faith based than science based. This is not a religion I’m interested in joining.

  • VaccineRisks

    Ted K, I am very sorry about your son being injured by the DPR-shot.

    The response you received from the vaccine researchers/scientists was unscientific, to say the least.

    Safety of pharmaceuticals including vaccines is based on statistical evaluations and involves calculations wherein and presumably the risks of serious adverse events are weighed against claimed benefits of vaccination.
    But who’s doing the statistical evaluations? – Statisticians who are employed
    by the pharmaceutical industry.

  • herbprof

    The Big Business of Medicine is a monopolistic parasite on the population of America. Why, because it makes its own rules and controls everything from the top down to ensure a high profit and low loss. Medical business stocks in any medical investment area do not lose over time because all diseases are manipulated not cured to create permeate, drug treated, incurable customers.

    The business of vaccinating the population is an investment paid for by the customer, a future investment in the success of the autoimmune disease business. Plant large numbers of vaccinations in the population to create new permanently sick customers for the future of the medical market. Vaccination caused autoimmune diseases today are so successful that they have caused a full blown epidemic in the USA. About ten years ago some articles were reporting that the number of autoimmune diseases had grown to a shocking sixty five in number, since that time they have successfully grown to over one hundred and fifty. This epidemic benefits the autoimmune business who treats the segment of the population who acquired an incurable disease via their vaccinations that will need a lifetime of treatment drugs.

    Notice that the market in autoimmune diseases below has doubled since 2009! The Big Business of medicine manipulated the American population as a commodity to be used to create a very lucrative market as anyone can plainly see.

    —The Global Market For Autoimmune Disease Treatments—
    Autoimmune Disease Treatments Were Estimated To Be At $37.84 Billion In 2009, And Is Growing At A CAGR Of 12.7% From 2009 To 2014…To Reach An Estimated $68.81 Billion In 2014…..New report provides detailed analysis of the Healthcare and Medical market, Published on September 29, 2009
    by Press Office

    Doc Blake

  • 1ldailey

    GBS was diagnosed for a loved one while he was in the hospital for what they were thinking was a cardio problem..Once they discovered GBS he was moved to the lower level of the hospital.. Upon my inquiries to his doctor, she acknowledged that GBS was diagnosed there maybe once a year. Patients almost always died as a consequence. I was not going to let that happen to him, so I stayed as much as possible in his room. He was tube-fed, a concoction that had its first 3 ingredients listed as an aqueous (maybe water) solution, sugar and then another type of sugar. I was “assured” by her and his nurse that it is fed due to the “complete’ nutritional balance it provided/ Balance? Is that why they diagnosed Diabetes then also, and shot him up in his belly with insulin 15 minutes after the sugar food? OMG! They would soon have to put him on dialysis and he would be so weakened by that time that his body would just stop! I started bringing in yogurt, homemade veggie juice, pushing to stop the abuse of their powers, the system and the ingredients they kept injecting into his body. They almost killed him. Had I not been there he would not have gone home. When did he get an immunization? The doctor told me that it is a seasonal disorder because almost every Autumn is when someone comes in with GBS. We never figured out how he got GBS, but I guess a doctor somewhere in his history just added a vaccine into his arsenal. Several years later and he is still trying to recover from the GBS. Walking is still too strenuous for him to go on the treadmill for more than 15 minutes, and he has been working at it since that hospital stint.
    The good news is he is now working out 3-5x per week for 2 hours each time. This is my father and he is 92 years old now.

  • Free People

    It boggles the mind that people wouldn’t question everything about vaccines when the facts are so obvious and available. This is due to the well-packaged web of vaccine LIES that have been sold to the masses over 100 years by the media, government and more recently by the Tel-LIE-Vision. The medical mafia is complicit because their INCOME depends on SICK PEOPLE, not healthy people. Where would their HIGH income come from if nobody was SICK!

    People have grown up thinking vaccines are somehow good for them when #1, they provide no immunity whatsoever and no study has proved that they do. Herd immunity is a natural phenomenon belonging ONLY to the UNvaccinated. #2, No vaccine has ever ‘wiped out’ any disease, one of the biggest hoaxes in their history, and the industry has never been able to prove that lie either and can never provide the numbers of ‘people saved by vaccines’ because they don’t exist! They just repeated the big lie over and over, until it was believed and the vaccine MYTHS were passed down through generations. Programmed!

    The vaccine concoction of rotting matter, chemicals, animal and human parts, synthetics, GMO, and VIRULENT LAB CREATED forms of diseases coming from a deadly needle only serves to completely CORRUPT the natural immune system, create diseases, illnesses, all the auto-immune disorders, and even death by vaccine yet, those who have been PROGRAMMED still believe the vaccine lie.

    To think that somehow poison through a needle is going to protect you is like thinking drugs will cure you. To de-program all the lies one has to always do the opposite of what the government, the medical mafia, media and Tel-LIE-Vision says to do. Vaccines are a BUSINESS and why would anyone in their right mind buy such a defective product that it had to be PROTECTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT from ALL and ANY LAWSUITS against the manufacturers???
    I don’t get it.

  • Carol Sterritt-Frost

    THERE was recently a local TV station, probably CBS out of San Francisco, discussing a number of kids exhibiting “polio symptoms” and yet there was no discussion of how vaccines often cause GBS, which has several paralysis syndromes that mimic polio. I suffered GBS after the swine flu shot of mid-seventies. I lost about 40% of the mobility in my left arm, for over a year. Fortunately I recovered. The shot also had hurt and burned like no other vaccine I had ever had. Even so, it took another twenty years before I became convinced that vaccines are more risk than benefit (Especially the prevalence of multi vaccines in one shot: a real No No!)

  • Bluest moon

    Thanks for the information. I’m tired of seeing our children getting hurt by this.

  • KnOwl Peace

    Anyone who thinks… And can use their own powers of deduction and are interested in the truth of any matter… And persist in its pursuit, will find it. Always, motive must be considered. And suffice it to say we are at the end of a very large monopoly game. The major players do not play by rules (laws) or make decisions based on strong value systems based truly on the common good. Show me a problem today that is not rooted in the decline in values. It is not enough to make a law…

    I find the comments of those here refreshing… As it shows more and more are starting to challenge a system that kills more people each year than all forms of death combined. Credentials ? What is a credential worth when it’s profession is the leading cause of human affliction?

    For those who are looking with eyes wide open… It is a nothing more than a mark of accountability.

    This is aside of course from emergency or trauma medicine. Of which I was a part of and much of those protocols are subject and influenced by big pharma.

    The truth is buoyant and always surfaces eventually.

  • Sallie

    Excellent article. Thank you Sandy Lunoe.

  • Evan Eberhardt

    Lead by example. Try not to get pulled into debates that lead to defensive posturing (not very effective at changing minds). My wife and I follow the Weston A Price Foundation eating style pretty closely, as well as baby-led weaning, and on-demand breastfeeding. And we will never vaccinate our son since I am pretty thoroughly convinced the entire thing is a charade (read “Dissolving Illusions” to get a more complete picture). My child is 8 months old today and people cannot believe how ‘alert’ he is (and has been seemingly since birth). So, is he special or is that how all kids should be when they are not poisoned with vaccines on day one (hep B) and are properly nurtured via breastmilk from a Mom who eats high quality properly prepared food? He has a few cousins on the ‘traditional’ path (as in, America’s modern nonsense of the last century), so I guess I will compare to them. One cousin already has a peanut allergy and asthma at 2 years old (he had an immediate ear infection issue following 6 month vaccinations). Another never cracks a smile, now at 1.5 years. It saddens me to see such issues right in my own extended family. Abnormal has become normal.

  • White Elk Clearwater

    The same evasion & falsification is common when doctors are asked about side effects of medications. I know a child who gets risperdal & tegretol daily. He’s developed a persistent dry short cough, eye tics, chorea, bouts of drowsiness several times a day, insomnia, appetite problems plus a few other things that are all listed as common side effects of his medications. Yet despite this his dr. claims that there is no connection between the medication & his symptoms. He also has nothing to say about where maybe they do come from.

  • Camilla Cobham Gunnarson
  • Jim Bob

    It boggles my mind that Pavelsky calls himself a doctor after that analysis. How in the world did he pass a freshman statistics class with that logic? (It must have been before he was being paid by the anti-vax movement).
    As for “respected”, I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.
    The statistical likelihood of vaccines causing GBS is so slim, its literally negligible. Moreover, it is most likely caused by something else altogether since vaccination is so prevalent (despite your anti-vax efforts).
    This article is nothing but a piece of fear-mongering trash.

  • Dr. Mom
    So is your conjecture, I mean nothing but a piece of trash.
    Here are THE PUB MED OEER REVIEWED PAPERS you requested.
    Why can I suppose you might have time to review them and get back to me?

  • elnura

    I experienced adverse side effects to two drugs given to me that if the Doctor had at the time had read the package insert or just read the information on the drug companies webpage he would have know that the drugs were counter indicators to each other. Horrible horrible side effects that I have to maintain a regiment of natural supplements, maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy and this occurred over a decade ago. For the first year after my body just went out of control the Doctors spent a year between sending me to over a dozen specialist and in between specialist visit insisting I see a therapist. When they realized they couldn’t convince me I wasn’t experiencing what I was, he became increasingly more difficult to get in contact with. After almost 2 years he admitted it was possible what I was experiencing was caused by the drug interaction. I asked him to send a report to the FDA because they needed to know the drugs are dangerous. One on them was Cipro which has finally been given a Black Box warning. He never sent in a report so I did and put his name on it. He found out and was furious at my final visit with him. He started with the “I’m the Doctor and the authority speech”, I stopped him, stood up and told him I would no longer be seeing him.

    I got copies of my medical records and this man did not make one notation of any of the conversations we’d had over the 2 years. He simply pretended it didn’t happen. This is how the industry keeps everything neat and tidy and out of the public eye. Doctors don’t report on the drug industry because it’s probably professional suicide but for patients, their willful ignorance and neglect is tantamount to attempted murder.

  • sabelmouse
  • Jim Bob

    So you put together a link with a bunch of cherry-picked articles on a wide variety of subjects. Basically, you went to pubmed and typed in “vaccines” and picked the ones that supported your theory that all vaccines are bad.
    Well done. But that’s not how science works. You would know that if you had a shred of credibility.

  • Jim Bob

    Also, This is how much an idiot Pavelsky is with his vax vs. unvaxxed study:

    Risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome after seasonal influenza vaccination and influenza health-care encounters: a self-controlled study
    The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Volume 13, Issue 9 2013

    Dr Jeffrey C Kwong MD, Priya P Vasa MD b l, Michael A Campitelli MPH, Steven Hawken MSc, Kumanan Wilson MD, Laura C Rosella PhD, Prof Therese A Stukel PhD a d, Natasha S Crowcroft MD(Cantab), Prof Allison J McGeer MD, Lorne Zinman MD, Shelley L Deeks MD
    Conclusions:It shows that there is a slight albeit negligible risk of GBS related to the flu shot (approx. 1 in 1,000,000). However, an individual who is unvaccinated and contracts the flu has a 17 in 1,000,000 of contracting GBS.

  • Jim Bob

    Also, one would expect there to be some sort of temporal association surrounding vaccines and GBS if they were causally linked. But alas, there isn’t:

    Lack of association of Guillain-Barré syndrome with vaccinations.

    Baxter R, Bakshi N, Fireman B, et al. Clin Infect Dis 2013;57(2):197–204.

  • William McMurry

    So is it your serious contention, Mr. Eberhardt, that others should make healthcare choices based on an invidious comparison of your “alert” son and his preternaturally serious cousin? That’s not data, it’s just your (highly prejudicial) opinion. You ask the question “is he special” and imply strongly that he is, compared to “traditional” infants who are vaccinated, and/or not breastfed by a prize mom who only eats “high quality, properly prepared food”. You’re guilty of conflating these purported causes – which is more important, and by how much? Are there other causes for the comparative dullness of those cousins, victimized by their family’s slavish adherence to American nonsensicalism, or have you offered an exhaustive list? The poor country cousins probably didn’t get Mozart in the womb or natural childbirth, either of which has as much correlation to peanut allergy as vaccination.
    Well, it’s bad news for folks who don’t have an organic food market nearby, I guess. The rest of us will just have to settle for dumb, humorless, hyperallergenic kids who, by the way, don’t die from pertussis in agonizing fits of spasmodic coughing.
    “Abnormal” can only be defined in terms of normality, Mr. Eberhardt. It’s your perceptions that are inverted, placing the onus of explanation squarely on you. Thanks to the fact that the “normal” population does vaccinate, your son will very likely avoid the necessity of testing your crackpot ideas against the reality of fatal or disabling disease. You should be more grateful to those lethargic and sickly relatives – they have done him a great service.

  • Jeffry John Aufderheide

    OR – we can take your presumptuous lead, Mr. McMurry, and subscribe to the religion of prescribing petro-chemical based drugs being pushed by the well-documented criminal pharmaceutical companies, wholeheartedly endorsed by the boot licking AMA.

    You conveniently dismiss the current medical paradigm is responsible for the 4th leading cause of death in the United States.

    In your arrogance and blind trust in corporations, sir, you have bought the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

  • Sam Wise

    Awesome piece!
    Smoking gun, no more bullying the evidence is mounting NOT in your favor you pro vax people.

  • Big Pharma Doubter

    There is no credible injury tracking system for any pharmaceuticals. This is a 10 minute PBS segment about the inadequacy of drug tracking.

  • Lucy Hill

    I’m a doctor and I rely on articles like yours!

  • Lucy Hill

    You have summed that up better than I’ve ever seen anyone do in my entire life!

  • Lowell Hubbs
  • James Holloway

    We were told by our High School authorities that our son would be required to have his last MMR shot before being allowed to enter high school. We didn’t want it, but we found no alternative. He had the shot. Didn’t notice anything other than he was sleeping “hard” and not feeling rested. He started getting aggravated at other students and eventually began yelling at them to shut up (needed quiet to concentrate) and would walk out of class. It wasn’t until I noticed blood in the toilet that we had a real problem. He has ulcerative colitis now and he missed a year of school. We’ve had some neighbor call the DCFS (Department of Child Force Services) on us and they brought the Sheriff Detective too. The Detective was an a_s but he DCFS worker closed the case each time. My son came down sick again last Thursday the result of ignoring his food restrictions and maintaining a regimen of supplements for auto immune disorder. Friends don’t understand that giving him a piece of pizza could cost him a month of school. He has worked hard, has straight A’s and now the anxiety begins again. He can’t get twenty feet from a bathroom without fear of a problem. Help from the school is a joke. You can get the assignments but not the help. He’s fought through his AD and now this. This was a kid who ran long distance without losing his breath and enjoyed being outdoors. Best I can get him to do is play a video game or study some subject online for a while.
    The people responsible for his situation are immune from us, from those they hurt and destroy. They use our tax dollars against us while claiming they are all for helping us.
    My history isn’t much better. Penicillin 500 mg a day from age 7 until 19 to prevent the on going infections of strep that had first attacked my kidneys. I ran long distance, played baseball and basketball while running track as well. I’m 58 now,had two heart attacks induced by treatments for systemic gout. Candida is a everyday occurrence and impediment. Arthritis in knees and hips and one shoulder.
    The real problem is not with me but in watching what my son is going through which should have never have happened. No one wants to talk about it, discuss it in anyway or admit that there is some type of problem. Thinking about it just makes me furious!

  • ursulamargrit

    William, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.
    My children get comments on how much more alert, engaging and smart their kids are in comparison to most, all the time (I have 19 grandchildren, none are vaccinated).
    And yes, peanut allergies ARE directly caused by vaccines. The reason is, that vaccine manufacturers are allowed to use peanut oil as an adjuvant, without having to declare this ingredient on the package insert. Most doctors don’t even know that. That is why the peanut allergy epidemic started in the 1950s, when mass vaccinations were started.
    Herd immunity is a myth. Vaccinated kids are 500 times more likely to be chronically ill than vaccinated ones. And if you look at the latest incidences of ‘epidemics’ in schools of measles, mumps, whooping cough and chicken pox, you would find out that nearly ALL the victims are fully vaccinated for that disease.
    Not only that, kids who had the pertussis vaccine are carriers, and will give pertussis to other kids, including very young babies, for whom pertussis could be fatal.

  • Tammy Lomas

    Mr. McMurry, show studies please that claim breastfeeding and eating organic foods do more harm than good for our children instead of trying to make this father the bad guy.

  • William McMurry

    I will charitably assume you are a careless reader, Ms. Lomas, and that it is only this lack of mental discipline, rather than some overt hostility, leading you to misstate my argument so egregiously. In fact, I believe breastfeeding and organic foods are usually superior alternatives — but they are not available to everyone, they are not prerequisite to excellent childhood health and development, and they certainly do not by themselves provide permanent or adequate protections against many serious childhood diseases, as Mr. Eberhardt implies.

    Anecdotal evidence (of the correct type) seems to get much credit in this forum (e.g. Ursula’s Nineteen Alert Engaging & Smart Grandchildren below); what do you and Ursula make of vaccinated children who get Diet Coke in the bottle and Twinkies instead of veggies, but still manage to outperform their peers in every category? Or don’t you believe those children exist?

    That’s the trouble with what you and I, personally, experience … it may or may not be representative of a larger reality. Furthermore, we may not have the perspective, depth of understanding, or completeness of data to derive valid conclusions from that experience. An epistemological tragedy, I suppose, to which we are all susceptible. When we don’t have the capacity, as individuals, to assess complex phenomenon, we must rely on authoritative statements and documented evidence from creditable sources to inform our opinion. Do you believe the Earth goes around the Sun, rather than vice-versa? Have you made personal calculations to confirm this, or perhaps spent some time on the Space Station and witnessed this motion with your own eyes? Since I don’t have sufficient information or skills to confirm the Heliocentric Theory one way or the other, I must take the word of my parents, my peers, my teachers, my textbooks — as any reasonable person would. I could even “show studies” – another appeal to properly constituted authority. Unless I have the hubris to believe I am capable of understanding all aspects of all complex problems by dint of my own intellect and special interpretive gifts, I will of course seek authoritative sources for information, and form opinions against the context of that information, my personal experience, and the normative position taken both by experts and the general population.

    This is where I differ from Mr. Eberhardt, and many of the individuals who have posted here. Based on the evidences I have described, I do not think that there is a pharma-business conspiracy to distribute useless or harmful substances to the general populace in the form of vaccinations, for the purpose of enhancing profits. I am not suggesting that pharmaceutical corporations have never been corrupt, that particular instances of vaccine preparations have never been ineffective or harmful, or that the state of our knowledge about disease and the human immune system is complete. Even so, I do believe that required vaccinations are the single most effective public health care policy of the twentieth century, and have saved countless millions of lives.

    Clearly, many contributors to this forum believe the few hundred individuals in this small group, plus possibly many thousands of other like-minded individuals participating in similar venues, are more creditable than all the authoritative sources I have just described. They are arguing that the Sun goes around the Earth, based on their personal observations and anecdotal evidence, and only allowing those who agree as authorities. Differing opinions, such as the one I offered, are met with ad hominem insults concerning my intelligence, gullibility, and arrogance, or with spurious overarching claims (again, courtesy of Ursula, et. al. below) that preclude any serious interlocution.

  • kiddoc

    Your kids are more “alert” than mine? What the heck does that mean? Kids vaccinated against pertussis are not carriers. You made that up. Mine are breastfed, vaccinated, and yes… very alert. Oh… they are really smart too. And pretty. Also… please let me know where I was supposed to sign up for my “BigPharma” bonus. Guess I slept through that day of med school.

  • James Holloway

    You are just as guilty of every assumption you made…you just believe the way you do by your experience and choices. That being said, my personal experiences with my own body health, my studies in biology, human anatomy, botany and parasitology have only further ingrained my opinion of experience of predecessors and that of myself to come to the conclusion that what we experienced and are still going through is the norm and not the exception under a given set of circumstances. It is those circumstances that the medical profession at large chooses to ignore intentionally by applying their academia through blatantly false premise of “one size treats all”. Profit keeps the clinic open and the kids in College. Short sided thought processes and disregard for scientific application of the whole process means it falls short, short enough to kill or maim.

  • James Holloway

    You are making the same fools assumption that McMurray made. ONE treatment fits all! By the way make note of the emotion and verbal vomit you just threw. One treatment fits all like wise means no one reacts the same as each has their own set of biological history and circumstances when the treatment is applied. No one should be allowed to throw that much white wash at such a dirty wall!

  • James Holloway

    Jeffry you nailed it! When you can patent a treatment, inflate its value, rely on the government to cover your backside in litigation, you can practically say anything or claim anything you want and then simply change its’ name and keep it going.

  • kiddoc

    What’s “verbal vomit?” I never treated anyone with that. Just regular vomit. Again, your answer didn’t make any sense. The question was, where is the Big Pharma payoff I missed, and let me add, why would I give these things to my own kids if I thought they would harm yours? Seriously, where’s my money??

  • James Holloway

    You keep spitting out the same Mantra that the Pharma’s give like you have no independent thought process.
    You give it to your kids because you haven’t learned anything different or experienced the devastation that it can cause.
    I participated in a FDA study myself. Two heart attacks after 3 years on the study……found out that was happening to others. I now have 5 stints which I also found out shouldn’t have been placed since 2 & later 3 were undersized and I had no damage to the vessel where the clot was located.

  • J.D.

    you realize ulcerative colitis is largely driven by genetics, right?

  • J.D.

    you should probably see another doctor

  • J.D.

    Yes. That is called anecdotal reasoning. You see certain good things in your child and instantly attribute them to being “all natural” and unvaccinated. Truth be told, you child would act exactly the same with vaccinations.

    More importantly, if your child is one of the many growing numbers in this country to get measles, how do you think your tune would change? It’s funny, we never see/hear the anti-vaccination people after their own kids are effected. They tend to get real quiet even though we know an increasing number of kids are getting measles in this country.

  • J.D.

    People like Mr. McMurry and myself have no interest in opinions and beliefs. We have interest in factual evidence, data of which you appear to be in short supply. As he pointed out, you like many others on this forum including the people writing the articles base almost all of their arguments on anecdote; the idea that your trivial world experience should somehow be a model for how everyone in the world ought to do things because it has worked so well for you.

    While I am glad it has worked for you, the thought of generalizing it to everyone else is short sighted, if not outright negligent.

  • J.D.

    I’m quite certain you just fabricated every part of that. Every study that has investigated those topics has found on multiple occasions in multiple countries the exact opposite.

  • J.D.

    One treatment does not fit all, but one standard of care does improve public health.

    Take seat belts for example. I’m sure you could find some story where a seat belt prevented someone from leaving a car and resulted in their death. However, the benefits greatly outweigh that potential risk. How many different sized seat belts do you have in your car?

  • James Holloway

    Genetics can be an indicator to predisposition to susceptibility to additional influences for onset problems but the root cause is auto immune deficiency syndrome caused by……….a catalyst. Guess what that is?

  • James Holloway

    As you pointed out most of your comments are based upon genearlized studies to improve profit margins which makes your assumptions more of a trivial experience. Since the majority of those on the studies didn’t die that experience is now somehow a model for how everyone in the world ought to do things because it appears to work so well.
    For me the thought of generalizing it to everyone based upon a select few (and they are selected pre application of meds) is short sided and has proven negligent in courts over and over again.

  • James Holloway

    As you pointed out most of your comments are based upon genearlized studies to improve profit margins, which makes your assumptions more of a trivial experience. Since the majority of those on the studies didn’t die from their experience it should now somehow become a model for how everyone in the world ought to do things because it appears to work so well.
    For me the thought of generalizing it to everyone based upon a select few (and they are selected pre-application of meds) is short sided and has proven negligent in courts over and over again. That’s why so many die from it and other profit skewed introductions.