Doctors found guilty of getting rich vaccinating our children

Christina England

A staggering 1,992 Indian doctors were found guilty this week of yet again profiting from the pharmaceutical industries. The Medical Council of India have found that doctors have been violating professional ethics, by excepting gifts, hospitality and financial gains.

In the article Nearly 2000 doctors named for taking pharma firms’ gifts-Politics the Economic Times stated:-

“Nearly 2,000 doctors have violated professional ethics by receiving gifts, hospitality or  monetary grants from pharmaceutical companies in the last three years according to the Medical Council of India (MCI), parliament was informed Friday.”

Further on the report states that the minister said that Rakash Lodha of the Department of Paediatrics All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Anurag Bhargav of Jan Swasthya Sahyog in Chhattisgarth have recently conducted a study, which was reported in a recent issue of Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, saying that vaccine manufactures are offering vaccines at hugely reduced prices to doctors and that Azad  Ghulam Nabi the Health Minister said that the doctors then go on to vaccinate the patients at the full charge of the vaccine.

All in all this made a nice juicy profit for these doctors, it seems such a shame that they were found out. In the USA however, even though India and other countries do act on such behaviour, reports show evidence clearly highlighting that the USA do not.

In the St Louis Business Journal in an article entitled St. Louis doctors get $2.5 million from Pfizer, Lilly, Glaxo Evan Binns writes:-

“Dr Robert Belshe travelled throughout rural Missouri and Illinois last year to discuss flu vaccines during the H1N1 scare. Drug companies Merck & Co. Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline helped pick up the tab.

Belshe, head of Saint Louis University‘s Center for Vaccine Development, spoke at more than 20 educational forums on behalf of the drug companies, and he was paid roughly $18,000 in speaker’s fees and travel expenses, according to the companies’ financial disclosures.”

Dr Belshe is reported to have told  the Journal that companies came to him because of his background in vaccines and because of his training, he said that-

“if I’m available, they compensate me for that.”

I am afraid that I do not agree, the way I see it he gets paid to do the work because he is willing, able and very happy to accept the fringe benefits. The drug companies could not care less how much knowledge Dr Belshe has, as many vaccines go onto the market untested anyway, as seen reported in Untested flu vaccine sickens children in Australia Gaia Health.

Sadly, this is nothing new, as I pointed out in my article Doctors Vaccinate for Profit | earlier this year. One of the articles I highlighted in my article, was GPs make deals with local NHS to vaccinate children against swine flu which I found on the British Medical Journal website,  this highlighted how doctors in the UK were making deals with the NHS to vaccinate the under 5’s with the Swine Flu vaccine stating-

“In a deal between all London primary care trusts and the capital’s strategic health authority, NHS London, GPs will be paid £5.25 ($5.80; $8.50) for every child they vaccinate, the same as they get for delivering the vaccine to people in the priority at-risk groups. Children only need one dose of vaccine. In addition, surgeries will receive a “notional” payment of £100 if they achieve an uptake rate”

Months after this was publicised by the BMJ however,  it is sickening to see how doctors have continued around the world to use children as guinea pigs, vaccinating them with often untested vaccines in order to line their pockets.  Doctors have nothing to fear however, because if children do become ill, like the hundreds of under 5’s who recently became ill after being vaccinated with the flu vaccine in Australia World News Australia – Flu jab sick toll passes 250 the doctors have the full protection of the Governments and the Drug companies, who tell the parents that it was not the vaccine that caused their children’s problems . Parents are then left unable to fight the drug companies because the drug companies have the protection of the Governments .  In saying this

it should be noted that Australia have now suspended the use of this vaccine in the under 5’s/

Evelyn Pringle: Inside Bush’s FDA writes-

“For nearly 70 years, the common-law tort systems in the individual states have provided a remedy for citizens injured by prescription drugs. However, in one of the most blatant paybacks for political contributions in US history, in January 2006, Bush-appointed officials at the FDA announced that the agency’s approval of a drug and its labeling acts to preempt product liability lawsuits filed by patients against the pharmaceutical giants.

On February 23, 2006, Democratic lawmakers Rep Henry Waxman, of the Committee on Government Reform, and Reps John Dingell and Sherrod Brown of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and voiced their outrage.”

“The announcement,” the lawmakers wrote, “provides unfortunate evidence that the Bush Administration is more committed to protecting drug industry profits than to building a sound system for ensuring drug safety.”

What chance do parents fighting for their children stand, if the above example of the dirty dealings and downright corruption is what they are faced with? Doctors will continue to get rich on deals from drug companies who pay out tens of thousands of dollars for them to speak at conferences aimed at peddling dirty medicine which includes vaccines, if they know that they are protected by the Government and the Government agencies, should anything go wrong.

Parents trust that the Governments do everything in their power to protect the health of their children.

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