UK Nurse Gave Vaccine To Child Without Consent To Meet Government Goals

A UK nurse has been accused of vaccinating a child with the MMR without his mothers consent to hit vaccine targets. The Daily Mail has reported that a Birmingham mother has made an official complaint stating that a nurse at the ‘Pak Medical Centre’ gave her son the MMR without her permission. Robina Siddique told the newspaper that she firmly believes that nurse Rashiela Parekh vaccinated her three year old son purely to meet vaccination targets.

Siddique claims that she took her son to the clinic for the DPT vaccination making it very clear at the time that she did not want her son to have the MMR. This was because she felt that it was unsafe. She told the Mail:

“I had refused the MMR for my child because I don’t think there is enough research into the long-term implications, but I feel my freedom of choice has been taken away from me,”

Ms Siddique is furious that her child was given the vaccine and went on to say :

“It is irreversible now and I feel so angry”.

In my opinion if a nurse gives a vaccine to a child without consent it amounts to child abuse and she should be sacked immediately. It appears however, that she was not even suspended. When asked about the incident the Pak Medical Centre said “We cannot comment on an individual case” no surprises there then.

The Department of Health were no better insisting that a child should ever be immunised unless their parents have given consent.

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This begs the question why was this child vaccinated without consent then?

Ms Siddique’s boy is not the only child to be vaccinated ‘accidentally‘ in the UK recently. In February the Guardian reported no less than 108 vaccine mix ups (…)

In another article the Mail written by Beezy Marsh she reported that doctors were giving the MMR by ‘stealth’ (

She wrote:

“At least 50 horrified parents have complained that their GPs have ‘mistakenly’ given their children the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, it has emerged.

All the children had been recalled to their GP practice to receive a booster jab of the Hib vaccine, which protects against the potentially deadly haemophilus influenza type B disease, which causes meningitis.

Once there, they have been given the MMR jab in an apparent mix-up”.

As usual we do not know the full story behind Ms Siddique’s claims and as it is a vaccination issue I doubt that we ever will. Excuses will be made and no doubt the mother will be accused of making the whole thing up The nurse will say that the mother agreed to the MMR and as a mother fighting the medical establishment Ms Siddique will have little chance of ever proving otherwise.

Over the years parents have become increasingly fearful about the MMR because of the association that has been made between the vaccine and the neurological disorder autism. Parents are finding that even though the vaccine is not mandatory, their children are often refused pre school placements unless they are fully vaccinated. In my opinion this simply makes the vaccinations mandatory via the back door and some may go as far as to say it is ‘political coercion’. (

So are parents right to worry about the vaccines safety? Many professionals say that they are.

In June 1998 an article by Lisa Blakemore-Brown appeared in ‘The Therapist,’ Ms Blakemore-Brown is a very experienced and well known educational psychologist, author and an autism expert.

She called the article ‘False illness in children – or simply false accusations’ (

Blakemore-Brown talks about a child who developed a dangerously high fever immediately after routine vaccinations. These vaccinations included the MMR. Not long after the child began to bang his head, soil and lose all his language. The child was later diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

His mother suspected that the vaccinations were the root of the child’s problems and decided not to have her other children vaccinated.

As time went on, the mother became desperate for help and turned to the social services. She begged them for respite care because she was finding her elder son difficult to manage. Instead of the help this mother so badly needed, she was accused of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy and her children were taken away from her.

In foster care, the youngest child, a little girl, was vaccinated against the wishes of her mother. Instantaneously and tragically, her behaviour deteriorated the same way as her brother’s had, only this time the foster carer had video tapes of before and after vaccinations to prove this.

Despite this evidence, both of the younger children have since been adopted.

This is a very important article as it highlights a link between vaccines and autism at around the same time Dr Andrew Wakefield’s paper was published in the Lancet.

Blakemore-Brown and Wakefield are not the only professionals with concerns about the MMR vaccine.

Another British professional has made her views very clear. Dr Jayne Donegan has stated that she would never vaccinate her own children with the MMR. Dr Donegan a G.P and a Homoeopath is convinced that the MMR is an unnecessary and dangerous vaccine. In a letter to the British Medical Journal she wrote:

“Under normal conditions, healthy children do not die from or become disabled from the complications of measles and if they do, questions should be asked about their management.” (

In another excellent article VACCINATION VIEWPOINT Dr Jayne Donegan, MBBS, DRCOG, DCH, MRCGP ( she wrote:

“These diseases occurring in childhood actually prime the developing immune system of a child so that it becomes a strong, healthy adult who can completely throw off or certainly survive most infection.

A well known saying in the science of immunology is that, “Autoimmunity is the price that one pays for the eradication of infectious diseases”. When the immune system has not been primed by these, extremely useful, childhood illnesses, it goes awry and may attack its own body.”

She has a point but like Lisa Blakemore-Brown and Dr Andrew Wakefield she has been targeted and victimised for her views and opinions.

So just why are professionals and parents speaking out against the MMR ignored and why are children being vaccinated without consent?.

Has the UK become a ‘nanny state’ with freedom of speech and freedom of choice being a thing of the past? If doctors and nurses can vaccinate our children without our consent it will not be long before George Orwell’s vision of the future becomes a reality. Orwell said, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” I believe he is right.


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