U.S. Taxpayers ‘Screwed’ in Vaccine Research

Not much hullabaloo was made in the U.S. media and press about the April 13, 2011 indictment whereby Danish vaccine researcher Poul Thorsen was indicted on 13 counts of fraud and 9 counts of money laundering that, incidentally, included your tax dollars.

How were your tax dollars involved? Very simply: the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) engaged Mr. Thorsen who pontificated that there was no vaccine-autism linkage—something CDC and Big Pharma coveted in order to have more support and ‘scientific’ proof to keep pushing mandatory vaccinations in the USA. Thorsen, in turn, helped two Danish government agencies obtain research grants to the tune of $11 Million from which Thorsen allegedly siphoned off monies for a home, car, and Harley hog [motorcycle].

However, it seems like poetic justice is being played out on CDC but at a cost to U.S. taxpayers. Why would someone say something like that?

Well, there’s an adage that says, “What goes round, comes round.” And, in my opinion, the CDC has been screwing around with vaccine ‘science’ for a long time trying to keep dangerous vaccines as ‘safe’ in the media and public’s mind—and they are NOT—and finally, CDC got ‘screwed’ including, maybe, having to wipe a lot of egg off its credibility face.

One Internet site states:

Obviously Dr. Thorsen had the credentials, the professionalism that we expect from the Center for Disease Control that our taxpaying dollars are not going to crooks. However in this case that is exactly what happened.” (http://www.politicolnews.com/cdc-vaccine-fraud-2-million/)

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Granted, no one can attest to anyone’s ethics and credibility, but CDC should have done its homework more diligently, in my opinion, than to research vaccine-autism in Denmark where, as I understand, Denmark did NOT permit Thimerosal in vaccines for ten years prior to the contracts! Do you begin to smell the dead rat in the woodpile?

If the above is true about Thimerosal-free vaccines in Denmark, perhaps Thorsen realized the ‘jig was up’ and he couldn’t prove his prior ‘scientific’ contentions because they most likely would be ‘discovered’ as being false or manufactured ‘science’ since the vaccine ingredient being hypothesized as causing an autism connection—Thimerosal [mercury 49%]—wasn’t even in Denmark’s vaccines for ten years. However, coveted information titillated CDC’s quest for the no autism-vaccine connection so much that CDC just had to have proof even from a foreign country, something CDC ordinarily doesn’t accept as credible. Hmmmmm.


The point of this article is NOT Dr. Poul Thorsen; it’s can U.S. health consumers rely upon the ‘scientific pabulum’ that CDC and other U.S. health agencies, particularly the FDA who is in a ‘matrimonial bed’ with Big Pharma, hype to physicians, the media, press, and the public? Is Poul Thorsen the anomaly? I don’t think so.

The 2010 book, The Risks of Prescription Drugs (Columbia University Press), available on Amazon.com is a perfect documentation by credible researchers and medical doctors who tell just how pharmaceutical science is bought and paid for. Read it for yourself and you will begin to believe that maybe we shouldn’t believe the irrational ‘science’ that mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, human fetus cells and other foreign DNA in vaccines are safe and ‘good’ for our infants and children.

Additionally, if you access the monograph I co-edited, Vaccines & Vaccinations: The Need for Congressional Investigation, which is available on VacTruth at


you will read numerous examples of pharmaceutical fraud and deception that play repeat performances almost annually, and yet Congress, CDC, and FDA do NOTHING about it other than keep on keeping on doing the same old thing. Personally, I think we need a good scientific housecleaning and get some real scientists doing research, not drones who carbon copy what apparently is needed to promote Big Pharma’s agenda.

Poul Thorsen got caught, and rightfully so. However, my concern is all the unknowns pumping out the pseudo-science that is the underground foundation for the vaccine debacle that, undoubtedly, is playing a role in our children’s tragic health problems. What do you think?


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