Are Vaccines Damaging Your Baby’s Liver?

The Hep-B vaccine may be damaging your baby's liver.

Last week I received an email from the Autism Action Network.   The Vermont legislature voted to preserve their philosophical exemption to vaccines, thus upholding parental rights.  This huge victory is credited to the relentless work of parents, a coalition of health rights organizations and vaccine safety advocates.

The email states, “This is an important defeat in the nationwide effort the vaccine industry has launched to reduce parental control over vaccine decisions for their children.”

According to an article in the Burlington Free Press on May 4th, 2012 by Terri Hallenbeck, “parents from the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice blitzed legislators with emails, phone calls, and conversations.”

Hallenbeck notes that Vermont House of Representatives member George Till, MD who introduced the bill, cited studies from the W.H.O. and the National Academy of Science saying side effects from vaccines are rare, and that adverse events are often incorrectly linked to vaccines.  This, of course, is the same ‘pap’ they have been dishing out for years, which is clearly subject to debate.  We can flip this around and say adverse events are rarely correctly linked to vaccines!

Anyway, there is now overwhelming documentation of significant health damage among the population from vaccines.  The moms and citizens are living it, and Representative Dr. Till credited the defeat of his bill (to eliminate the philosophical exemption) to involved citizens, who while small in number were very vocal.

Clearly, we are making progress!

Apropos of the above, a May 2012 article in the journal Apoptosis, entitled, Hepatitis B vaccine induces apoptotic death in hepa 1-6 cells by Hamza, et. al., drives home the dangers of vaccination by demonstrating the death of liver cells from the Hepatitis B vaccine along with a loss of mitochondrial energy, which these authors have show to have been caused by this Hep-B vaccine.

Remember the Hanah Poling vaccine-induced autism case in which they identified a mitochondrial disorder thought to be “activated” rather than caused by the vaccinations Hannah received?  Well here we have research demonstrating a vaccine CAUSING a mitochondrial disorder!

The article’s abstract opens with “Vaccines can have adverse side-effects, and these are predominantly associated with the inclusion of chemical additives such as aluminum hydroxide adjuvant;” and states, “We conclude that exposure of Hepa1-6 cells to a low dose of adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine leads to loss of mitochondrial integrity, apoptosis induction, and cell death, [emphasis mine] apoptosis effect was observed also in C2C12 mouse myoblast cell line after treated with low dose of vaccine (0.3, 0.1, 0.05 μg/ml). In addition In vivo apoptotic effect of hepatitis B vaccine was observed in mouse liver.”

In other words, the toxicity of the vaccine in very low doses was observed both in actual live mouse liver as well as in cell lines from the mouse.  Are we destroying our babies’ livers with these vaccines? Non-alcoholic liver disease has become a virtual epidemic in recent years.  Could vaccines be implicated?

‘Me thinks’ we have still more real chinks in the armor of the vaccinators.  Studies of this nature can be used to educate legislators on why we need vaccine safety research and why we must allow opt-out options for parents who are educated to the dark side of vaccination.


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