Letter Alerts Obama to Dangers of HPV Vaccines

In an extraordinary move to prevent further HPV vaccine casualties, Marian Greene the Chairwomen and Co-Founder of the campaign and action group Truth about Gardasil (http://truthaboutgardasil.org/), has written an open letter to President Obama.  Her letter urges the President to take time to research the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix and to read what is happening to the innocent young men and women of America. She opens her letter by saying:

“We come to you now to beg for your help. The lives of an entire generation of young women and now, men, are hanging in the balance.”

Greene strengthens her plea by alerting the President to a staggering 20101 reports of injury and 84 deaths; highlighting the case of a forty day old baby who died after being exposed to Gardasil through the mother’s breast milk.

I spoke to Ms Greene asking her what prompted her to write to the president, she said:

“After reviewing the VAERS numbers, and seeing the constant increase in reports of injuries and then the death of the forty day old baby through the mother’s breast milk, coupled with a phone call from a mom whose 14 year old daughter was having episodes of paralysis – I HAD to do something. I felt like there are so many of us spending our lives dividing our time between taking care of our injured daughters and trying to educate and inform the public, other parents, physicians and politicians that President Obama needed to be made aware of the issue. I don’t know that he will actually read it, or even knows of the real danger associated with the HPV vaccines, but thought he needed to know, not only as the President of the United States, but also as a father.”

Greene, the mother of a child adversely affected by Gardasil, feels that no one is listening. Since her daughter Holly’s adverse reaction she has dedicated her time to educate the public about the dangers of the HPV vaccines.

Just nine days after her first shot of Gardasil, Marian’s daughter, Holly, became very ill with chest pains and difficulty with breathing and was diagnosed with Pericarditis (swelling and inflammation of the heart). Her doctors attributed her illness to the Gardasil vaccine.

I asked Marian how Holly has been getting on since her diagnoses, she said:

“Holly has made some improvement. She still can not run, still gets the blinding headaches and sometimes her back “locks up” so she may temporarily lose the use of her legs. She still has a great deal of difficulty concentrating and fatigue, but she is a fighter and is determined to beat this. Thankfully, she now has more good days than bad. Unfortunately this means when she has a bad day, it’s usually really bad.”

I asked Marian what she would like President Obama do to prevent more HPV vaccine injuries. She answered by saying:

“Speaking for myself, and on behalf of TAG (Truth about Gardasil), we would like to see both of the HPV vaccines removed from the market and see a cure or at least a helpful protocol developed for those suffering the side effects!”

She added:

“More studies need to be done, and we need to learn more about not only the side effects of these vaccines, but also the real possibility of long term damage.”

To read the letter President Obama – PLEASE Save Our Children, please go to (http://www.free-press-release.com/news-presi…).

Despite Greene’s determination to publicise the truth about both of the HPV vaccines, it has been business as usual for the money driven drug companies.  Glaxo Smith Kline on finding a somewhat cautious public to peddle their wares to decided to use a new strategy. In a bid to encourage the public and outdo their rivals, Merck, they dropped their prices for the Cervarix vaccine by 30% in Canada. This move, it appears, was fully back by their government.

Bob Fiddaman tells the story with his usual charming wit on his blog ‘Seroxat Sufferers – Stand up and be counted’ (http://fiddaman.blogspot.com/2010…). In an article entitled ‘Glaxo Cuts Prices Prices By 30% In Canada – Del Boy Goes To Canada’ he likens Glaxo Smith Kline to UK’s lovable rouge ‘Del Boy’ from the T.V. sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

Across the pond in the UK, GSK and the UK government cannot even give the vaccine away. Instead, they bribe their young vulnerable teenagers with shopping vouchers worth £45. In other words, they are so desperate for youngsters to have this “life saving vaccine” they are even willing to PAY THEM!

Daniel Martin reports:

“The shopping voucher scheme is being run by Birmingham East and North primary care trust, and costs around £22,500 a year.

It offers ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers to girls aged 16 to 18 which can be spent at high street stores. They receive a total of £45 worth of vouchers for turning up for all three injections against the HPV virus.”

Read the Full story HMV voucher bribe for teenage girls to have cervical jabs (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news…).

Martins continues by saying:

The trust was advised by Mark Brighton, who used to work for Sainsbury’s Nectar card but has now set up a company called Healthy Incentives.

He said: ‘What Birmingham East and North had seen is that they’d get a number of people turning up for the first injection but then they wouldn’t see the whole course through.”

I do not think that it has ever occurred to Mr Brighton that the reason why some of the youngsters do not come back for further shots is that they may be too ill after the first one. Of course it maybe that they have tuned into Mike Adam’s You Tube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…) and have discovered that the HPV vaccines are possibly dangerous. Mike asks the question, ‘What if you were told that the FDA knew years ago that HPV infections don’t cause cervical cancer and covered it up?’ Mike then refers listeners to his report The Great Vaccine Hoax (http://www.naturalnews.com/Report…). Here, he refers to documents proving that not only are HPV vaccines useless but they can actually cause an increase in the presence of HPV strains while utterly failing to clear the viruses in most women. Adams states that:

These shocking results caused the study authors to publish this sobering conclusion, printed in JAMA:

“No significant evidence of a vaccine therapeutic effect was observed in analyses restricted to women who received all doses of vaccine or those with evidence of single HPV infections at entry (Table2). We observed no evidence of vaccine effects when we stratified the analysis on selected study entry characteristics reflective of [various parameters] (TABLE3). Similarly, no evidence of vaccine effects was observed in analyses stratified by other study entry parameters thought to potentially influence clearance rates and efficacy of the vaccine, including time since sexual initiation, oral contraceptive use, cigarette smoking, and concomitant infection with C trachomatis or N gonorrhoeae (Table 3).”

In other words, the authors found no evidence that the vaccine worked at all. This observation led the authors to offer this damning conclusion that appears to render Gardasil nothing more than a grand medical hoax…”

Last week saw a letter go out to the Commissioner Margaret Hamberg of the FDA. This letter asked for the temporary removal of Gardasil from the market. The letter was sent by the organisation S.A.N.E VAX (Safe Affordable Necessary and Effective Vaccines).

In the letter Norma Erickson the President stated that, her research team has revealed the fact that, in November 2001, the VRBPAC (Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee) mistakenly allowed Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) to use “CIN 2/3, AIS, or cervical cancer; ie, CIN 2/3 or worse by histology – with virology to determine the associated HPV type – as the primary endpoint in the evaluation of its vaccine [Gardasil] to prevent cervical cancer.”

Please read S.A.N.E. Vax calls for temporary withdrawal of Merck & Co’s Gardasil claiming inappropriate endpoint and unreliable HPV genotyping methods used (http://www.thepharmaletter.com/file/99387/sane…).

How long can the drug companies and our governments keep up their lies? I feel that the lies need to stop and that the drug companies begin to pay out compensation to all the families who have had their children damaged by the HPV vaccines. However, I doubt if money can ever compensate for the children who have been lost forever.

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