Vaccines: What To Accept As Science

There seems to be an ‘Information War’ about vaccines going on that needs some investigating by Congress, the media, and parents.  Why? Well, there is a tremendous wealth of factual information by the very scientists who invented vaccines that proponents of vaccine ‘safety’ definitely ignore in favor of ‘scientific spin’.

Here’s a case in point I won’t belabor you with by telling my take on it but, instead, I’d like you to see and hear for yourself what Maurice Hilleman, the now-deceased premiere vaccinologist at Merck, had to say about some of the vaccines he worked on.  However, I’m warning you that what you see and hear in this video is not what Big Pharma, FDA, and vaccine proponents want you to hear and know about vaccines, which they claim as ‘safe’ and ‘effective’.

If you have difficulty accepting what you just experienced, how about revisiting that information at another site on the web,

Now take a look at this video, which I will leave for you to decide about whom and what to believe

In my opinion, there seems to be an irony of sorts going on insofar as Dr. Paul Offit is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  It’s apparent to me, at least, that Dr. Offit in his zeal for promoting vaccines either hasn’t seen this Dr. Hilleman video or does not believe what Dr. Hilleman had to say about vaccines.  Consider the plaudits Dr. Offit offers about Hilleman, but totally disregards what Dr. Hilleman himself had to say about vaccines in the first 30 seconds of the second video:


I think vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century.” ….Maurice R Hilleman, MD

Perhaps Dr. Offit doesn’t have time to read the medical literature because if he had, he ought to realize articles published in peer review journals indicate the very reason for the rise in infectious diseases, i.e., vaccines/vaccinations, which are supposed to ‘immunize’ against them.  Accepted medical journals indicate overwhelmingly that vaccinated children do contract the very diseases for which they were vaccinated.


Vaccines Ineffectiveness Rates

According to CDC and official surveillance information as reported by N.Z. Miller inVaccine Safety Manual (2008) on page 140, 90 percent of those vaccinated for pertussis in Ohio in 1993 contracted pertussis; whereas only 10 percent of unvaccinated contracted pertussis.

Regarding measles, Volume 316, No.13 (1987) of The New England Journal of Medicine, pages 771-774, reported that 99 percent of those vaccinated in Texas in 1985 for measles contracted measles; whereas only 1 percent of the unvaccinated did.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) MMWR, May 26, 2006, pages 559-63, reported that in 2006, 92 percent of those vaccinated for mumps in the USA contracted mumps; whereas 8 percent of the unvaccinated did.

The 2004 journal Pediatrics (Vol.113, No.3, pp.455-459) reported that 97 percent of those vaccinated for chicken pox contracted chicken pox in Oregon during 2001; whereas only 3 percent of the unvaccinated contracted chicken pox.

Vaccine spin says in order to have protection against infectious diseases, children must be immunized over and over again.  Why?  I guess that’s the ‘kicker’ indication that vaccines really don’t offer immunity, as we have seen by the above statistics.

If kids have to be vaccinated again and again and still are capable of contracting the very diseases for which they are vaccinated, that doesn’t make sense, especially when the CDC’s VAERS reporting system documents how much vaccine adverse reactions and damage are being done from vaccines, AND the U.S. Vaccine Court paid out almost $2 BILLION in claims for vaccine damages until early September 2010.

Perhaps those who support vaccines and, inadvertently, the damage they are capable of doing to children from birth onward are not winning the ‘war’, otherwise they wouldn’t be running as scared as they are about parents electing to protect their children from vaccine damage by re-evaluating the downside of vaccines and vaccinations.

Dr. Offit wonders about those physicians who don’t agree with him because perhaps they probably have realized the dangers of vaccines or, as he says, their medical specialty is not autism or vaccines.  However, maybe those very doctors are in an advantageous medical position because they really can see the forest for the trees.  We need more medical doctors who “see the light” on vaccine issues, I would say.  However, in my opinion, if physicians weren’t ‘strong armed’ into adhering to Big Pharma dictums, maybe the vaccine fiasco could be resolved and kids naturally would be safer and healthier.

For more information about Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whom Dr. Offit discusses, please refer to earlier posts on VacTruth by Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev, RN, at and at

What do you think, and what do you accept as vaccine science?


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