Epic Response to Jennifer Hibben-White’s Rant About Unvaccinated Children

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This open letter, written by Stephanie M. Curry, is a response to Jennifer Hibben-White’s rant about unvaccinated children.



My open letter to Jennifer Hibben-White:

I feel your concern that your son may have been exposed to measles. However, I am angry! I’m angry as hell that you blame the unvaccinated people for this exposure.

Your words: “I won’t get angry at or blame the person in the waiting room. I would have likely done the same thing…you get sick, you go to the doctor. I have no idea what their story is and I will never know.”

My response: I’d like to help you out here. The person who exposed your son is an infected male under 30 who has been fully vaccinated, according to the Toronto Star News.

Your words: “If you have chosen to not vaccinate yourself or your child, I blame you.”

My response: Sounds a little irrational to me, since your son was exposed by someone vaccinated. Since you easily give advice to others, I’d like to give you some advice — go get some counseling.

And one more bit of advice: next time you would like to share your “poor me” story, you might want to disclose that your grandfather, Alan Hibben, is a principal stockholder within the big pharmaceutical industry along with his buddy Edward Stow, who so conveniently wanted to share your story. Picture provided below.


Yes, most people are too stupid to link the two, but we non-vaxxers know how to smell a rat when we see one. We know how to dig deep and uncover the lies you tell.

I blame people like you (drug pushers) for the thousands of babies and injured children who have received their vaccines on schedule because they believed they were doing the right thing. I’m angry as hell! I BLAME YOU!

You sob about having a week from hell? Well let me tell you something, that’s nothing compared to a lifetime of damage caused by a vaccine. Have you tried for once in your life to talk to someone on the other side of the spectrum? It’s doubtful given your “I’m so important, look at me” attitude. You make me sick!

Your words: “You have stood on the shoulders of our collective protection for too long. From that high height, we have given you the PRIVILEGE of our protection, for free.”

MY RESPONSE: I guess you weren’t so protected in that doctor’s office with the 30 year old VACCINATED gentlemen who exposed your son to measles. Why again did he have the measles? Oh yes, due to vaccine failure!


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Your words: “Wherein I don’t know if my BABY will develop something that has DEATH as a potential outcome.”

MY RESPONSE: Have you not read the vaccine inserts, Jennifer Hibben-White? Death is also a possible side effect from the MMR vaccine as well as encephalitis (acute inflammation of the brain resulting either from a viral infection or when the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacks brain tissue), encephalopathy (brain disease, damage, or malfunction). Encephalopathy can present a very broad spectrum of symptoms that range from mild, such as some memory loss or subtle personality changes, to severe, such as dementia, seizures, coma, or death. In general, encephalopathy is manifested by an altered mental state that is sometimes accompanied by physical manifestations (for example, poor coordination of limb movements).


Other adverse reactions from Merck’s MMR vaccine, as described in the vaccine insert: Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE), subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS); acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM); transverse myelitis; febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.

YES, THAT’S RIGHT. Right from the vaccine insert itself (linked below):

So, let me get this straight, you want me and all the other people who have read this insert to go ahead and risk the health of our children for the sake of your son getting measles? That is the most selfish thing I have ever heard! Your logic makes no sense. I’m sure your claim will be that those reactions are very rare. The fact is they are NOT rare. Our government (tax payers) has paid out billions of dollars to vaccine injured people. Why? Because the pharmaceutical companies are no longer held accountable for vaccine injuries. They can now make all the vaccines they want, add them to the CDC recommended schedule, and there is not a thing you can do about it if you are harmed!

Why would a law of this kind be needed if vaccines are so safe and effective?

AND let’s not forget the lawsuit against MERCK for falsifying data to make the MMR vaccine seem safer and more effective than it actually is.

Hence the measles infected gent in the waiting room. These are the people you trust!

If you choose to be a fool and trust in that type of deceit, go for it, but I WILL NEVER jeopardize my child’s safety to those criminals!

Your words: “You think you are protecting them from autism? You aren’t. There is no, none, nada, nothing in science that proves this. If you want to use google instead of science to “prove me wrong” then I am happy to call you an imbecile as well as misinformed.”

MY RESPONSE: They have not proven otherwise. As a matter of fact, more and more scientists are coming forward admitting there is indeed a link. Why does GlaxoSmithKline admit autism as a side effect of vaccines?

Of course there’s also the fact that an Italian Court recently ruled the MMR vaccine caused autism in a now 9 year old boy, who progressively regressed into autism after his MMR shot at 15 months, and his family was awarded compensation of $220,000 yearly for 15 years for his vaccine-induced autism and brain damage. There are also reportedly about 100 similar ongoing cases in the Italy Court System as we speak. Links below:

So, Jennifer, your nada, nothing, connecting autism and vaccines in science is bogus and ignorant.

Your words: “You think you are protecting them through extracts and homeopathy and positive thoughts and Laws of Attraction and dancing by candlelight on a full moon? You aren’t. I PROTECT YOUR CHILD. We protect your child. By being concerned world citizens who care about ourselves, our fellow man, and our most vulnerable. So we vaccinate ourselves and our children.”

MY RESPONSE: Pumping a child full of 40+ doses of vaccines by the age of six is not protection, it’s poisoning. If it were up to me, all the culprits would be thrown in jail. As for the stupid people like you, who try to push drugs on healthy children, it wouldn’t hurt to lock you up too! It may sound a bit extreme, but that’s how you fools sound. I thought I’d give you a little taste of your own medicine. Health does not come in vials of toxins, and it never will.

Your words: “You think you are protecting them by letting them eat their shovel full of dirt and reducing antibiotics and eating organic? You aren’t. As an unvaccinated person you are only protected by our good graces. WE LET YOU BE SO PRIVILEGED thanks to our willingness to vaccinate ourselves and our children.”

MY RESPONSE: What you are saying is that organic food is not healthy? It’s really difficult for me to respond to such ignorance. Why would anyone shovel dirt into a child’s mouth? Again, the bullshit is spilling out of your mouth. Organics, on the other hand, is something we try to practice in our home, as there is no proof that GMOs are safe. Long term testing should be done. Just as they should be done on giving a child several vaccines at once, vaccinating pregnant women, and vaccinating babies at birth.

You words: “You know what vaccines protect your children from? Pain. Suffering. Irreparable harm. Death.”

MY RESPONSE: I find it disgusting that people like you take no consideration for people who have been injured by vaccines. Vaccines cause the very same things you speak of, and that’s a fact. Just go to the VAERS site or look at vaccine inserts.


Your words: “And you would be the first to line up if you had an inkling of what the death of a child feels like. You would be crawling through the streets on your hands and knees, begging, BEGGING to get that vaccine into your precious babies because that is what I would have done, if I could, to save my daughter.”

MY RESPONSE: I would NEVER beg for any vaccine on the market. You’ve got a lot of balls to suggest otherwise. I have a hard time feeling sympathy for someone who is only one sided and uses lie after lie and a hidden agenda when it comes to the safety of millions of people.

Your words: “The fact is, there was no vaccine for her. Not for her illness. And she died. She died at age five and a half, and she is gone.”

MY RESPONSE: I wish this kind of pain on no parent, but I am not sure how this has anything to do with vaccines. It would be like me saying my child drowned, and now you need to go get a truck load of vaccines because of it. It makes no sense. You want sympathy for yourself, yet you give none to those who have been vaccine injured. Think of all the people who may have run out to get vaccinated after reading your false story and those that may now be injured.

Your words: “And I watch these arguments trotted out on Facebook and Twitter citing false science and long discredited “studies” that just won’t stop and Jenny McCarthy quotes and “it’s MY choice” to not vaccinate…and I think…what would you have done if your child lay dying? Would you give them a scientifically proven, safe and effective vaccine and risk the minuscule likelihood of a side effect? Or would you let them go, knowing that at least they won’t develop autism (which they wouldn’t even develop anyway because SCIENCE)?

MY RESPONSE: Most of you pro vaccine like to throw around Jenny McCarthy. I had no idea who she even was until one of you made this claim. I find it offensive and pathetic that you think people who don’t vaccinate would listen to some superstar over science. The science is there, and even Big Pharma admits it. Why do you want to ignore what is blatantly stated right in the vaccine inserts? Again, your child didn’t die from not being vaccinated, so there is no comparison.

Your words: “And don’t you DARE tell me that you wouldn’t vaccinate them then. Don’t you dare. You have no idea what it feels like to go through what we went through.”

My response: I dare! I would NOT vaccinate my child because he is drowning. I know my statement may sound irrational to you but it’s basically your own statement. It’s irrational.

Your words: “ So, look at Griffin. Tell me why he gets to bear the brunt of your stupidity and reckless abuse of our protection? Tell me.”

My response: YOU are the stupid one here thinking that your child is more important than mine. Actually, calling you stupid is putting it mildly! I will not endanger my child because you think a vaccine will protect yours. It’s obvious it won’t. Look at the VACCINATED man who may have infected your child!

Your words: “Seven more days until I know that my baby is safe. Seven more days.
How is your week going, anti-vaxxers?”

My response: You should probably just stay home FOREVER because your son may catch something that may have been prevented had you not left the house.

And by the way, my week is going amazing!

About the author

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.