Indiana Baby Dies in His Sleep Days After Receiving 6 Vaccine Doses

With great sadness, a Columbia City, Indiana, family shared with us that their infant son recently lost his life after receiving routine vaccinations and Tylenol.

One year-old Michael Whitesell loved playing with his older brother, Keegan. They were always together. No one predicted they would be forced apart after Baby Michael was vaccinated.

Michael Eugene Whitesell was born on September 30, 2014.

At the age of one, on October 19, 2015, he was taken in for his one year well-child visit. He received the MMR, varicella, hepatitis A, and flu shot vaccines. This is six vaccine doses.

Three days after this well visit, Michael had a slight fever. His pediatrician suggested to his parents that they give him some medication to reduce the fever. His parents gave Michael some Tylenol and his fever went down.

Michael seemed normal and was back to his old self. He was eating well and appeared to be fine. He even went to bed at the usual time and fell asleep in his crib.

Early the next day, just after seven o’clock in the morning, his mother, Brittney, found him lying on his stomach, cold, lifeless, and blue.

 She called 911.

While on the phone, Michael’s dad, Thomas, performed CPR on him. Both parents were in so much shock and just wanted him to come back to life, but he was already gone. Nothing they could do would bring him back.

Michael passed away on October 23, 2015, less than four days after he was vaccinated and given Tylenol.

Michael was found lying on his stomach but did not die from suffocation; the coroner already ruled this out. An autopsy was performed on Michael, but the results will not be given to his family for another two months or longer.

This is a copy of Michael’s recent vaccine record.


Michael’s Parents Were Investigated And His Older Brother Was Removed By CPS

Both Michael and Keegan were being raised by their Aunt Brittney and Uncle Thomas Whitesell since birth. Their biological mother, Thomas’s sister, lives with some medical issues associated with epilepsy and the children’s biological fathers haven’t really been around to take on the parenting role, so the boy’s mother entrusted her brother Thomas and his wife to raise these children.

 Everyone was loved and happy and the children’s birth mother has always been in their life.

After years of trying to have children of their own without success, Brittney and Thomas felt blessed to provide a loving home for their nephews. They enjoyed being parents and loved raising Michael and Keegan.

When it came time to take the children in for their well child visits, Brittney and Thomas trusted the doctors with their children’s lives. They had their children vaccinated because they were just doing what the doctor recommended.

They didn’t know how harmful vaccines could be, until it was too late.

After Michael died, a routine investigation was done by Indiana’s Child Protective Services (CPS) and Michael’s older brother Keegan was removed from their home, in part because Brittney and Thomas are the children’s aunt and uncle, not their biological parents.

Keegan is only three years old and is now living with Brittney’s grandmother. Thomas and Brittney have been told Keegan will remain there at least until the autopsy report comes back.

Being investigated after a baby dies at home, after vaccination, is what grieving parents are put through. Investigators are sometimes looking to blame the parents, instead of the vaccines.

 In this situation, it is hard to think CPS has a child’s best interest in mind when they know Keegan just lost his little brother and now they’ve taken him away from the only parents he knows.

Michael and his older brother Keegan were always with each other playing and they loved each other very much. Keegan needs his parents, to help him grieve. Telling him he can’t stay with those he knows as his mom and dad does not seem to be in the best interest of Keegan.

After having to accept Michael had passed away, and then to have Keegan taken away, Thomas wrote,

 “It sucks not being able to grieve with our three year old boy ourselves, they treat us as criminals when we did nothing wrong.”

MMR Vaccine Package Insert Lists Death As An Associated Risk

The CDC and vaccine manufacturers admit life-threatening allergic reactions and death can be the outcome of receiving any vaccine. [1]

The MMR vaccine Michael received is actually a 3-in-1 vaccine. The MMR vaccine is associated with these risks shown in the image provided, taken from the package insert. These risks clearly show that Michael suffered injuries related to the vaccines given to him, but the medical examiner and investigators who took Keegan away have yet to take notice.

Far too many parents have been put in this situation, being blamed for their child’s vaccine injuries. The vaccines cannot be ignored; they are hurting people and the government admits this every time a vaccine injury award gets paid.

The fact that death is listed as an associated risk of just one vaccine should be enough to bring attention to investigators dealing with the loss of a child after the child had a recent doctor’s visit. Parents need to read the vaccine package inserts and learn these risks. [2]


Medical Examiners Don’t Have The Tools To Prove Vaccines Killed A Person

Giving more than one vaccine or a combination vaccine to a child helps vaccine manufacturers cover up related injuries because it is too hard to prove which vaccine harmed the person. There is no way for a medical examiner to prove which vaccine, or if all of the vaccines, caused the death of Michael.

Vaccine manufacturers are required to list side effects and associated risks on the package inserts, but this is only correlative data, and not the same as making the claim the vaccines cause these injuries. This limits the vaccine-injured community from being acknowledged.

You will find many people in the pro-vaccine community who say there is no proof Michael, or any other person, died from the vaccines. Remind yourself of the reason why: Since vaccine manufacturers don’t have to publish causal reaction data, only correlative data, health officials and drug makers can keep on saying there is no proof vaccines cause any of these listed adverse reactions, which includes death.

This is one of the main reasons vaccines are not being listed on autopsy reports or listed as the cause of death in people dying after vaccination. At most, parents are sometimes told of a plausible connection, but never guaranteed the answer.

Common sense and raw observations reveal that vaccines are killing many children and adults. Michael was healthy when he went in to receive those vaccines, and he changed after the shots.

If a medical examiner doesn’t have the tools to prove the vaccines killed Michael, why do parents who have their other children removed from the home, like Keegan was, have to wait until the autopsy results come back, when the results are not likely to reveal the truth? 

Parents are sick and tired of the vaccine-injury cover-up. They are demanding the truth be told on their child’s autopsy report and death certificate. When the outcome to the vaccine experiment proves through observation that many healthy infants are dying soon after vaccination, one must consider that as causative. Correlation can equal causation.

As we sit and wait for those autopsy results to come back, we are reminded of the many other parents speaking up, admitting that vaccines are not being mentioned on the autopsy report.

We do hope Michael’s autopsy report reveals he was recently vaccinated with six vaccine doses and that his parents were told by the doctor to give Tylenol to Michael after the shots, with no mention of the further harm this could cause.

Michael’s parents know the vaccines took his life. It doesn’t matter what someone reports on a piece of paper. Michael’s parents have learned from others what to expect, to not expect the vaccines to even be listed on the autopsy report because it seems they never are.

Parents Should Be Able To Decline An Autopsy If The Autopsy Won’t Report The Truth

Currently, it is mandatory for a child to undergo an autopsy if the child died suddenly or for any unexpected death. This may sound useful in theory, but when these deaths are caused by vaccination and other children are being removed from the home, dependent on autopsy results, and the true results will not be listed, parents are dealing with a big problem.

It is unacceptable that a medical examiner doesn’t have to list recent vaccines on the autopsy report, or the child’s recent hospital or emergency room visits associated with a vaccine reaction occurring just before the child died.

Parents expect to be told the truth on the report when an autopsy is performed on their child, and if that includes mentioning the vaccines being the plausible cause of death, parents expect the vaccine(s) and reactions to be listed, but often, they are not.

Parents understand the purpose of an autopsy being performed is to help give them answers, so they can grieve with the knowledge of what caused their child to pass.

After a child has already suffered from the vaccines, having their body dissected to learn what happened to them is only acceptable to parents when they are then told the truth. 

Covering up these deaths associated with vaccine injuries creates another problem for these families. Parents who lose a child to vaccines often have to see their scarred child’s body because of the autopsy procedure. 

If vaccines are the true reason the child died, and the vaccines are intentionally being left off of the autopsy report and death certificate, parents should have the right to decline an autopsy. However, current laws have been put in place to make an autopsy mandatory in these situations.

Those in the vaccine-injured community already living this nightmare know Michael’s autopsy report will probably reveal an unexplained cause of death. If he stopped breathing, the medical examiner doesn’t have to report the vaccines caused him to stop breathing. 

Vaccines can and do affect the brain and cause respiratory failure. From viewing the list of associated risks of the vaccines Michael received, we know this is the most plausible cause of why he died. Just like so many before him.

When a child dies after vaccination and has an obvious injection site mark, raised and still covered by a Band-Aid, the vaccines are still not being mentioned. There is great interest to keep parents in the dark and to not let them know the truth. The vaccine industry survives at the expense of the most innocent lives, the babies. 

If a baby dies from vaccination, the family is the one that suffers, not those responsible. Not even the doctor. Doctors and nurses often ignore what they participated in and keep on injecting other children. How unimaginable to play with life like that, knowing you can end one, and even worse, ending that of an innocent child who has no say on what is being done to him or her. 

Parents will not stand for this any longer.

Parents are demanding change to the system and to acknowledge the truth that the vaccines killed their child.

Instead of proving it’s safe to inject all of these vaccines together during these well-baby checkups, laws have been passed to grant immunity to vaccine makers which give them no incentive to make safer vaccines, but rather an incentive to add more vaccines to the schedule, without testing if it’s safe to inject all of these at once. This is being done while lobbyists are working hard to strip away your exemption rights.

Certain Tests Can Be Performed To Help Prove Vaccine Injuries

Parents need to know what required tests should be performed during the autopsy to help prove their case, should they find themselves filing a vaccine injury claim. They should have their loved one’s cytokine and chemokine protein levels tested.

Elevated amounts after vaccination can help prove the vaccines caused their death.

Mandated vaccines contain mercury and aluminum that can damage a person’s brain, causing death or disruption of development. “If brain tissue is taken, check for Hg and Al, which would indicate those metals crossed the blood brain barrier and may have been the precipitating factor in the child’s demise, as they are potent neurotoxins and can cause encephalopathy.” [3]

Giving Tylenol After Vaccination Can Be Dangerous

Merck’s manual advises acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Children’s Tylenol®, is known to deplete glutathione levels in the body and can cause liver damage. If you have given your child acetaminophen, Merck advises giving oral activated charcoal to increase glutathione levels, if acetaminophen is likely still present in the GI tract and there is a risk of acetaminophen poisoning.

Merck does advise that using oral activated charcoal does not reduce damage already done to liver cells from the use of acetaminophen, but it can help increase glutathione production through other mechanisms, which can help reduce the toxic load in the body. [4]

Glutathione is needed to help detoxify the body. It is a very important antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress which can lead to a large number of health problems, including brain damage. [5]

Doctors need to warn parents their child could be harmed more by giving them Tylenol after receiving vaccines, especially the MMR vaccine that Michael had received. Children vaccinated with the MMR and then given acetaminophen are at a higher risk of vaccine-acetaminophen-induced autism. 

“This preliminary study found that acetaminophen use after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination was associated with autistic disorder.” [6]

Vaccinations load the body with viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, foreign animal, plant and human DNA contaminants, synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, etc. Some of these ingredients are documented to cause cancer.

Glutathione is needed to help the body rid itself of this toxic buildup.

Consuming acetaminophen after vaccination can add to the cascade effect, causing the body to not detoxify fast enough, thus making it harder to rid the body of the toxic chemicals injected from the vaccines. Michael received four injections totaling six vaccine doses. Vaccine injuries include death and respiratory failure, and giving Tylenol after vaccination can increase the chance of this happening.

A Retired Police Officer Speaks Up, Telling Other Investigators To Look Into The Vaccines

One retired police officer, Sergeant Christopher Savage, has been working hard to inform other police officers and investigators to consider recent vaccination history, during an investigation, when a baby died without any other plausible cause.

Christopher suffered a vaccine injury himself and now recognizes why many babies are passing suddenly after vaccination.

In this brave interview, Christina England asked the questions parents need answers to, especially if they have their child vaccinated. Vaccine reactions don’t discriminate and making an informed vaccine choice includes knowing what will happen if the vaccines harm your child. How will you be treated? [7]

Christina England: Do you feel that too many cases where vaccines could be the cause of death are being written off as either SIDS or abuse, instead of being fully investigated?

Sgt. Savage: Yes. Vaccine damage is rarely ever looked at … pointing the finger of blame at parents is frequently done and the most common action is to simply write off as SIDS. The investigators could and should ask parents about their baby’s health prior to vaccines. It would eventually expose the vaccines for being the root cause of injury and death that it is.”

Funeral Expenses Add An Extra Burden to Grieving Families

The vaccine-injured community knows funeral expenses are not paid for up front, when you lose a loved one to vaccines and the road parents are left to take, to receive any awarded money for what happened, will take time.

It usually takes one to ten years to receive any compensation for a vaccine injury and most families never see a dime.

No price can be put on a child’s life, but those who set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) have done just that. Parents going through this tragedy learn the maximum death benefit they may be awarded for the loss of their child is $250,000. This is what your child is worth to those responsible. [8]

Telling a grieving parent who just lost a child to vaccines that there recourse is to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), to receive at most $250,000 for their baby, the price tag put on children as a death benefit, is such a hard thing to do. On average, two-thirds of those who do file a claim get denied. This is such a harsh reality parents like Thomas and Brittney found themselves in.

There is a vaccine injury table already put in place to help claimants receive compensation. This table basically sets up a narrow set of injuries, occurring within a specific time frame, following the receipt of a specific vaccine. The vaccine injury table does not cover the hundreds of different reactions people experience from being vaccinated. [9]

When a parent loses a child after vaccination, they often have to hire an expert witness to prove the vaccines caused a specific injury. This is not fair, because vaccine manufacturers get their vaccines licensed without having to submit proof that their vaccines cause any specific health problems.

Going through the vaccine injury compensation program is the recourse Michael’s parents have right now. They can also report Michael’s vaccine reaction to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). [10]

Funeral expenses can cause more stress due to the financial burden. For those who wish to help Michael’s family pay for his funeral costs, please visit this page. Any help is very much appreciated.


When other families were celebrating Halloween festivities, Michael’s parents were attending his funeral. He was buried on October 30, 2015.

If you’ve never learned about vaccine reactions before, this may be a lot of information to take in, but it is crucial to know. Our hearts go out to these children and their families. Please research what is in any vaccine you plan to allow yourself or your child to receive. 

Spend the time learning what you will do if your child suffers a vaccine injury. Spend time getting a copy of your child’s medical records and viewing the vaccines your child has already received. Speak to parents of vaccinated and unvaccinated children and find out which group fairs better health-wise. Please do your research. No parent ever thinks this will happen to their child.

We share this message from Thomas:

“Michael was a sweet and healthy boy, with a smile that would melt your heart.

I know the vaccines killed him. My condolences go out to the other families in our situation. It helps to know we are not the only ones this has happened to, we have support. It is hard to understand this place we are in and I wouldn’t put this hurt and pain on anybody.

I want Michael’s life shared because we need more people to understand what is really happening when you take your child in to these well visits. I know firsthand what it feels like to lose a healthy child because of vaccines he got, because we were told they would help him.

I didn’t know that giving him Tylenol after the vaccines wasn’t good, we trusted the doctors. We figured we don’t have a medical license or studied that field but now after learning more, I’m afraid to give my child anything the doctor recommends. We trusted them with our son’s life and now we just buried him. He was just a baby.

It’s the worst feeling in the world losing Michael. I can’t even describe the feelings.”


We will remember you, Michael. We know you are lending your short life and story to help spare other children from going through what happened to you.

From his obituary, 

”Michael was a charmer with his big smile, one that could brighten anyone’s day.”


About the author

Augustina Ursino

Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.