1 Year Old Dies After Vaccination, Death Ruled Unexplained Due To Natural Causes

We wanted to update our readers on a story we recently published, titled Indiana Baby Dies In His Sleep Days After Receiving 6 Vaccine Doses. Autopsy results have revealed baby Michael Whitesell’s liver and vascular systems were congested when he passed away. The coroner ruled one year-old Michael’s death as Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, due to natural causes, and the specific vaccines were not listed on the autopsy report.

At the age of one, on October 19, 2015, Michael Whitesell was taken in for the routine 12-month well baby check-up, where he was injected with the MMR, varicella, hepatitis A, and flu vaccines. This was six vaccine doses given to him, in four injections. He let out a scream his parents had never heard before.

Three days later, he had a fever and was given Tylenol. He went to bed that night and died in his sleep, sometime the following morning. After he was found, his father Thomas performed CPR on him, until EMS showed up and took over. Once investigators showed up, they tried to revive Michael, but it was accepted he was already gone and resuscitation efforts ceased.

Investigators left baby Michael on the floor, on his back, with his little arms out to his side, turning more blue and darker by the minute, while waiting more than two hours for the coroner to show up. Investigators didn’t even cover up baby Michael with a sheet.

Those surrounding the scene were walking over Michael’s uncovered body. The doorway where Michael lay connected the children’s bedroom to the living room. His three year-old brother Keegan didn’t know what was going on; he offered Michael some goldfish crackers in his mouth, because he thought his brother was hungry. He knew something wasn’t right but didn’t understand what had happened.

The family tried to keep Keegan outside, but it was so cold that morning and they had to keep going in and out of the house. The family was so distraught looking at Michael, while hoping he would just start breathing again.

Michael’s grandmother recalls no one saying they couldn’t cover him up themselves, but they were just mad, shocked and sad, dealing with so many emotions at one time. They didn’t know if they were allowed to cover his body, thinking the investigators still needed to take pictures. You would think the investigators would cover up Michael without being asked. Michael’s family didn’t want Keegan to remember his brother this way.

While this was happening, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) was notified. Michael’s parents, Thomas and Brittney Whitesell, were investigated; then three year-old Keegan was removed from the home and placed with Brittney’s grandmother, who lived about 25 miles away, in a retirement home with two ladies.

Thomas and Brittney were told Keegan would be returned once the autopsy results came back, to prove they didn’t hurt Michael. They were treated like criminals and the vaccines were never looked at as a cause of death. 

Thomas and Brittney were fingerprinted, had background checks done on them, were tested for drug use on the spot, and they came back clean. It was so hard for them to have Keegan taken away like this, after just losing Michael.

Michael’s Autopsy Report Findings

The autopsy results revealed Michael was not abused at all. The autopsy report showed Michael Whitesell’s liver and vascular system were congested. The coroner ruled one year-old Michael’s cause of death as Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, due to natural causes, and the specific vaccines he had received were not listed on the report.

The medical examiner confirmed Michael had vascular congestion in his brain, thymus, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, urinary bladder, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and thyroid. 

Petechiae of the thymus and lungs were noted, along with pulmonary and visceral congestion. The toxicology report came back negative and mentioned his urine was positive for glucose.

Michael Whitesell-Autopsy

Vaccines Were Not Listed On The Autopsy Report

As expected, there was no mention on Michael’s autopsy report of the specific MMR, varicella and hepatitis A vaccines Michael had received just before he died. Only the flu shot was specified.

On the entire autopsy report and pathology report, the only mention of the vaccines Michael received shortly before his death was in this sentence the coroner wrote:

“Brittney also told me that Michael had received his 12 month vaccinations and flu shot on October 19th at the office of Doctor ———-.”

Michael’s grandmother Tina had contacted the coroner at least twice a week, telling him to mention the vaccines and to look into them being the cause of death. Tina said, “I knew he got sick of me calling and even argued with me a few times, but I stood my ground. My grandson had the right for a full, healthy life and did not deserve this.”

Even though the specific vaccines weren’t mentioned, except for the flu shot, this was a huge achievement. Not listing the vaccines on the autopsy report is a common theme we see on reports of babies dying after vaccination. This helps keep parents in the dark while protecting the vaccine program. We commend Michael’s family for their perseverance on this matter.

As mentioned in Michael’s original story, it is unacceptable that a medical examiner doesn’t have to list recent vaccines on the autopsy report, or the child’s recent hospital or emergency room visits associated with a vaccine reaction occurring just before the child died. [1]

Tina also asked the coroner if he thought the vaccines took Michael’s life and immediately he said no. It is rather concerning that all of the ingredients injected into baby Michael could be so positively ruled out. This makes no sense at all. The FDA and CDC admit that any vaccine can lead to death, but when it happens, medical examiners and doctors routinely say there is no connection, while there is no way they could disprove the connection.

Please take a look at the ingredients listed on the CDC’s website, showing what went through those needles and ask yourself how this could not kill a child, especially when the CDC and vaccine manufacturers admit life-threatening allergic reactions and death can be the outcome of receiving any vaccine. [2]

Michael Whitesell-vaccine record and ingredients

Michael’s Body Couldn’t Handle This Toxic Load

The immune response brought on from the vaccines was too great for Michael’s developing body to handle. Based on these autopsy findings, did Michael suffer a cytokine storm, initiated from the vaccines that caused his immature immune system to overcompensate, while trying to detox his body from what was injected into him? It appears so.

He was healthy and fine before those shots and, despite what the records read, considering parents every day are denied the truth that the vaccines harmed their baby, this family knows the vaccines took his life and they will fight for justice until the cause of Michael’s death is acknowledged.

One pathologist plausibly connected the vaccines to a the death of a different child who passed away after vaccination. The pathology report shown in this story, SIDS Death Plausibly Linked to Vaccines in a 4-Month-Old Baby Boy, concluded that this child died shortly after receiving a set of vaccinations and that the autopsy showed no specific cause of death, leading to the SIDS diagnosis.

The pathologist was aware of how vaccines induce cytokine production, which can affect the brainstem, leading to respiratory failure, from which the baby did not recover. In his view, “the vaccinations plausibly represent a substantial contributing factor to the death of this infant.” [3]

Tina asked the doctor who vaccinated Michael to write a statement saying the vaccines caused Michael’s death. The doctor said she would not, unless the coroner or pathologist would admit this, because she didn’t see Michael after he was vaccinated, for anything. Even if the doctor had seen Michael after he was vaccinated, it is very unlikely she would have submitted to the request.

Keegan Was Returned Home After The Autopsy Report Proved His Parents’ Innocence

In the second week of December 2015, Michael’s autopsy results were made available. Once the autopsy report came in, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) finally started working with Thomas and Brittney to help bring Keegan back home.

Keegan was finally rejoined with his parents once the autopsy results came in that proved Thomas and Brittney’s innocence that Michael was not abused by them. When Keegan was going back home, all he talked about was going home to his mommy and daddy and how excited he was to see his dog Zena and the rest of the family. It was a very joyous moment.

The family will always be upset about how they were treated. They are not criminals and were treated as such. They loved Michael and took great care of him. Looking back, they understand DCS was doing their job and have a lot of compassion for other families that have been put through this.

The Indiana Department of Child Services sent Thomas a letter, dated December 23, 2015. It stated:

“Mr. Whitesell,

This letter is in regards to the report/assessment regarding child abuse and/or neglect regarding the minor child, Keegan Whitesell. The Department of Child Services has found your case to be Unsubstantiated. This finding is due to the fact that there is currently no evidence to pursue a finding of Neglect of the minor child. No further actions will be taken on this assessment.”

Having Keegan taken away during such a tragic time hurt the family tremendously. Thankfully, DCS did what they said they would do and returned Keegan, as soon as it was proven his parents did not harm Michael. DCS is helping them now, to stay reunited. They are requiring Thomas and Brittney to obtain legal guardianship of Keegan, in order to keep him, which they are in the process of doing now.

The reason guardianship has to be obtained is because Thomas and Brittney are actually Michael and Keegan’s uncle and aunt, not their biological parents. They have raised both boys since birth and are seen as their parents.

Their biological mother, Thomas’s sister, was unable to raise her children due to suffering from epilepsy, which started right after she was given childhood vaccines. The doctor never made her mother, Tina, aware that the vaccines were associated with these injuries and the connection was not made until after Michael died.

Due to Keegan’s biological mother’s health problems, she was unable to raise her boys and the boys’ fathers were not in the picture. This is why she entrusted her brother Thomas and his wife Brittney to raise them. It was a mutual agreement they had made but had never filed legal paperwork.

Thomas himself was born with his liver and intestines on the outside of his body. The doctors never told his mother Tina why or how this happened; they only told her it happens and that it is rare. Thomas had to undergo three major surgeries to survive. Tina was told her son would never be able to have kids of his own. That is why Thomas and Brittney were so thrilled to raise Michael and Keegan, since they couldn’t have children of their own.

Keegan’s biological father recently came forward, wanting custody of Keegan. He wanted nothing to do with Keegan until child protective services stepped in after Michael passed away. DCS is recommending current placement of Keegan with Thomas and Brittney to continue, since he would be able to maintain essential connections with his biological mother and his family who have raised him since birth. Since Keegan has resided with Thomas and Brittney the majority of his life, where he is provided a safe and stable environment, permanent placement is recommended with them, as it will not disrupt his stability and would be in the best interest of Keegan.

Grieving Parents Are Left To Pay For Their Vaccine-Injured Child’s Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses are not paid for up front, by pharmaceutical companies or vaccine court, when you lose a loved one to any vaccine. Michael’s grieving family has to wait to receive money from their tax refunds, in order to pay for Michael’s headstone, something they really want for him, but have had to put off due to how expensive headstones are.

They will also have to pay an expert witness retainer fee in excess of two thousand dollars, to help them prove the vaccines were responsible. Most parents are unaware of this harsh reality when they bring their child to get vaccinated.

After filing a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), they will await a long journey for justice, while knowing two-thirds of vaccine injury claims get denied. They also learned the maximum death benefit they can receive for Michael is capped at $250,000, the price your child’s life is worth, should they be lethally harmed by a specific vaccine.

“We Miss You, Michael”

We leave you with words from Michael’s grandmother, Tina:

“We miss Michael so much and think about him every day. It’s cold and snowing here, and all I think about is how Michael is laying in the ground cold, when he should be with us, in a warm house. I just want to get in a time machine and go back to that day.

We have filed a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program because we want justice for Michael. I want people to know the truth! I knew shortly after hearing about his death, it was the shots that ended his life. Healthy babies just don’t die in their sleep, period!

I wonder everyday if this is the day he would have learned to walk. He was so close to walking. He was so happy, always smiling and hardly ever cried. So healthy too, he only went to the docs for his well checkups. Then we lost him. He will always be in our hearts and in our minds. I truly feel for other parents who lost their babies, too. It hurts so much.

Every two years, I am going to find an age enhancement artist to keep his photo updated for us, so we will know, or kind of know, what he would have looked like.

Keegan is only three years old and his life changed on October 23, 2015. He has a little police car that was used in Michael’s funeral, near his casket. He keeps that car put up and plays with it sometimes and he will tell you, ‘Michael gave this to me.’

Keegan still talks about Michael. He told me he wants the moon to come out so he could see Michael. He tells us that Michael is at the moon or in the stars and that we need to go get him and bring him in, so he doesn’t get cold.

Michael and other babies no longer are here but getting the truth out in the open will help save others. My grandson had the right for a full, healthy life and did not deserve this. He deserved to live. Those vaccines totally changed and ruined our lives forever.”

Michael and Keegan Whitesell

Michael Eugene Whitesell, of Columbia City, Indiana, was born on September 30, 2014.  He is pictured here with his older brother, Keegan. Michael passed away on October 23, 2015, less than four days after he was vaccinated and given Tylenol.



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Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.