How Healthcare Was Bought Out, Resulting in Today’s Focus on Vaccinations and Pharmaceuticals

Our health care system is now based on a pharmaceutical model of care with a strong emphasis on vaccinations. In the 1800s, homeopathic and nutritional health care approaches successfully treated many people who suffered during disease epidemics. Orthodox medical treatments were dangerous and comparatively less successful in treating patients.

Great divides existed between orthodox and homeopathic physicians. The attempt to suppress homeopathic medicine was accelerated in 1910 with the Flexner Report, influenced by the funding by John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. In effect, healthcare in the US was bought out and successful homeopathic physicians disallowed from further practice. This important change led to safe, inexpensive treatments being forced to the fringe of mainstream medicine, a practice which remains in effect today.

Understanding healthcare’s past can assist in better comprehending the obstacles and difficulties faced in today’s very slanted pharmaceutical and vaccine-based model of healthcare.

Today’s Healthcare

Today’s healthcare has a strong emphasis on pharmaceuticals and vaccinations, which are entrenched in our medical health delivery system. One rarely leaves a physician’s office without a prescription or recommendation for a vaccine.

The growth of vaccinations in the last 60 years has been astronomical. In 1953, 16 dosages of 4 vaccines were recommended, while in 2013, 49 dosages of 14 vaccines were included in the recommended vaccine schedule. [1]

Healthcare In The 1800s

At one time, physicians were highly trained in nutrition and homeopathic remedies. In the 1800s, a significant portion of physicians were homeopathic practitioners who used inexpensive, effective and safe homeopathic remedies to treat health conditions. The focus on vaccinations and pharmaceuticals was not as dominant as it is today.

In the mid 1800s, the primary treatments of orthodox medicine included dangerous bloodletting and medicines made from arsenic, mercury and lead.

In contrast, safe homeopathic medicine successfully treated various infectious, epidemic diseases that were rampant throughout America and Europe. Statistics showed that the death rate by those treated in homeopathic hospitals was one-half to as little as one-eighth compared to those treated in orthodox medical hospitals. During the 1849 cholera epidemic, Cincinatti homeopathic physicians reported only three percent of their 1,116 patients died, compared to 48-60 percent of those receiving orthodox medical treatments. [2]

Homeopathic Versus Orthodox Medicine

Division between homeopathic physicians and orthodox medicine grew in both Europe and America. One reason for the division was homeopaths’ criticism of orthodox medicine’s use of formulas aimed at suppressing symptoms, making it more difficult to successfully treat patients with homeopathic remedies.

Respected homeopath Dana Ullman reported in a historical summary of homeopathy:

“Despite the persecution, homeopathy continued to grow. It grew not just because it offered a systematic approach to treating sick people, but also because orthodox medicine was ineffective and even dangerous. There is general agreement among medical historians today that orthodox medicine of the 1700s and 1800s in particular frequently caused more harm than good.”

Major adversity existed for quite some time between these two schools of medicine. The AMA refused to allow homeopathic physicians to join their medical group and evicted physicians who even consulted with a homeopathic physician. [3]

It Was All About The Money

In his excellent historical summary of homeopathy, Ullman reported:

“Perhaps the most important reason that conventional physicians disliked homeopathy and homeopaths was well expressed at an A.M.A. meeting by one of the more respected orthodox physicians who said, “We must admit that we never fought the homeopath on matters of principles; we fought him because he came into the community and got the businessAlthough most physicians, past or present, won’t as easily admit it, economic issues play a major role in what is practiced and what is allowed to be practiced.” [4] (emphasis added)

Rockefeller and Carnegie Finally Bought out US Healthcare

Eventually, medical health care was literally bought out by Rockefeller and Carnegie, who passed the Flexner Report to approve medical school curriculums. In effect, this outlawed the practice of homeopathic and natural medicine. Physicians could only be licensed to practice medicine if they were trained in the use of “scientific” pharmaceutical treatments of disease. [5, 6]

Experts Weigh In On The Flexner Report

In the recent documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Dr. Robert Scott Bell reported:

“At the time of the late 1800s, early 1900s, 20th century, medical schools taught a lot of different things. There were homeopathic medical schools. There were naturopathic schools, there were eclectic herbal-type medicine schools. And so it was all there. There was not one way. What happened was that the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations were interested in establishing one way.

How would they do that? Well, they would get ahold of the education system and create a medical monopoly by basically eliminating all competition to patent petrochemical medical education. That’s the Flexner Report of 1910, as it became known. Abraham and Simon Flexner were hired to do this. It was a preordained commissioned report.”

Dr. Darrell Wolfe reported:

“Not surprisingly the basis of the report was that it was far too easy to start a medical school and that most schools were not teaching sound medicine. Let me translate this for you. These natural health colleges were not pushing enough chemical drugs manufactured by who? Carnegie and Rockefeller. The AMA, who were evaluating the various medical colleges, made it their job to target and shut down the largest respected homeopathic colleges. Carnegie and Rockefeller began to immediately shower hundreds of millions of dollars on these medical schools that were teaching drug-intensive medicine.

Predictably those schools that had the financing, churned out the better doctors. Oh, wait a minute. Or should I say, the more recognized doctors? In return for the financing, the schools were required to continue teaching course material that was exclusively drug-oriented with no emphasis on natural medicine.

By 1925, overall 10,000 herbalists were out of business. By 1940, over 1,500 chiropractors would be prosecuted for quackery. The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in the 1900s dwindled down to just two by 1923. By 1950 all the schools teaching homeopathy closed.

In the end, if a physician did not graduate from a Flexner-approved medical school and receive an MD degree, then he or she could not find a job anywhere. This is why today MDs are so heavily biased towards synthetic drug therapy and know little about nutrition, if anything.[7] (emphasis added)

Conclusion And Future Of Healthcare

Our healthcare system was bought out long ago for the profits of pharmaceutical companies. Vaccinations today are likewise being sold to profit pharmaceutical companies, not for the benefit of our health. At one time, safe, effective healthcare treatments flourished in America.

More vaccinations are in the making to offer “theoretical” protection for every illness imaginable. [8]

One can either vaccinate or choose more natural, safe approaches for disease prevention, including better nutrition. [9]


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About the Author

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page, Holistic Health to Go.

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Michelle Goldstein

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page.

  • Ruth

    It’s not just about money, it’s about control. These organizations want to control you from birth to death. Vaccinations are just one very important part of that.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    You are very right. It’s multi faceted. It’s about money, profit, control and culling out the undesirables in today’s society. WE THE PEOPLE are considered sub human.
    You might even call us an experiment.

  • Doctor Jack

    The truth comes out. Old John D. and Andrew Carnegie marshalled their vast financial resources to take over control of pretty much all major areas of society and under the guise of the benevolent “Rockefeller Foundation” their even way more well financed evil mission is alive and well and thriving today. One thing I would like to add to the above is there was a class of physicians in the 1800s that moved away from pharmaceuticals AND homeopathics because they thoroughly researched and witnessed that the health problems their patients exhibited were caused by poor diets, environmental pollutants such as unclean drinking water, lack of general sanitation and other lifestyle factors and therefore, their recommendations was NO DRUGS including homeopathic drugs but rather hygienic lifestyle corrections. Dr. Issac Jennings, MD of Derby, Connecticut was known far and wide for his “cure” for cholera which was hygienic living. He dispensed nothing but information! Same with Dr. Sylvester Graham of graham cracker fame. He was a Presbyterian minister who pontificated upon healthful living from the pulpit and his wisdom benefited the masses. But, as presented in the above article, The Robber Barrons took over total control of the country and eventually the rest of the “civilized” world and made all forms of healthcare illegal except allopathic and thus the natural hygiene movement went into eclipse except for The 7th Day Adventist Church people. One of its founding leaders, Ellen White, was a proponent of healthful living and today, members of that church enjoy much better over all health and longevity than the general population at large. These people are part of The Blue Zone project that has researched where on earth people are the healthiest and live the longest and a big part of their success is a predominantly plant based diet with emphasis on fresh, unprocessed organic raw foods.

  • Thomas Johnson

    Actually in 1908 the AMA’s Council on Medical Education asked the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to survey each American medical school. This led to the Flexner Report. The Flexner Report detailed the sorry state of medical education in the U.S. at the time, allowing the AMA to make sweeping changes to accreditation that gave us the best healthcare system in the world.

  • Jaqui

    Does anyone actually wish to return to 1800s healthcare? Seriously? Average lifespan of 40yrs? Child mortality rate of 30%? If facing a cholera epidemic would you honestly treat your precious sick children with what is effectively water instead of antibiotics? Really? For real?

    You would be hard-pressed to find an MD who doesn’t believe nutrition and lifestyle changes can replace or decrease many people’s medicine in many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. Despite what this anti-medical propaganda states, Doctors are trained to give patients this advice but it too often falls on deaf ears. But to make a blanket statement that all medicine is not necessary and only lines the pockets of pharmaceutical companies is irresponsible and frankly, crazy. Modern healthcare is a result of evidence based medicine, and because well, Science.

    I will never understand this war on science, knowledge or rational thought.

  • guest

    You would be hard-pressed to find an MD who doesn’t believe nutrition and lifestyle changes can replace or decrease many people’s medicine in many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

    I’m not hard pressed at all. My father, 88 years old is presently on 9 medications-2 duplicates of 2 he has, prescribed by 3 different doctors who did not consult his medical records to see what he’s been given. When I TRY and talk to them about nutrition and non prescription substitutes for some of the drugs he’s on…the first thing they say is: I’ve not read about that in any of the journals, I’ve never heard of that stuff-is it in a journal and my favorite when I talk about his diet and adding more foods that would support his overall health instead of specific body parts which is what these drugs are supposeably doing this one doctor said I don’t know anything about that hippie stuff.

    We have sick care, not health care. Our health care system is a failure. The US pays more out in health care than any industrialized nation yet we have the sickest population. The fact that 400,000 people a year in the US die from medical errors which include prescription drug overdoses, surgical errors, over zealous testing and more:
    Deaths by medical mistakes hit records-http://www.healthcareitnews(dot)com/news/deaths-by-medical-mistakes-hit-records.

    The war is not on science-the war is on the pharmaceutical industry that has hijacked science and medicine for the sake of profit:
    Drug Industry Operates Like Organised Crime – But Kills More People Than The Mob – Says Dr. Peter Gøtzsche of the Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark – 200,000 Americans pa Killed Following Doctors’ Instructions – Prescription Drugs 3rd Leading Cause of Death In West-https://childhealthsafety(dot)wordpress.com/2015/06/02/200000-americans-pa-killed-following-doctors-instructions-prescription-drugs-3rd-leading-cause-of-death-in-west-drug-industry-operates-like-organised-crime-but-kill-more-people-than-the-mob/.

    -Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime: https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=dozpAshvtsA
    -Interview with Peter Gøtzsche: https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=VIIQVll7DYY.

  • guest

    We the people are the test subjects and have been for decades. Look at this list obtained under the FOIA:
    Secret US Human Biological Experimentation:


  • ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death in the US,according to the FDA.

  • Jaqui

    The American healthcare system and modern medicine are completely separate issues. Canada and many european countries have socialized medicine with better outcomes. But that is a political and ideological discussion.

    What you describe with your father is the disconnect between doctors and patients that I think is important. You are essentially asking to replace his medication with food or unproven therapies. No doctor would agree to that in an 88 yo who sounds like he has multiple co-morbidities. If the lifestyle and dietary changes are made, THEN the need for medications MAY decrease. But, its true, polypharmacy is a very real issue, and patients and families should always ask for regular medication reviews. Being on duplicate medications can be dangerous.

    What doctors do understand is that, for example, someone with pre diabetes or early diabetes could decrease or discontinue their medication if THEY make the lifestyle and dietary changes. Lose weight, eat healthy. Doctors say this all the time. But the responsibility lies with the patients to live a healthier lifestyle. Doctors cannot force people to make these changes. So yes, people come in with sky-rocketing sugars so their doctor puts them on medication. Or they would die. If they change their lifestyle, the need for this medication will decrease. But the patient has to put in the work to make themselves healthier first. On the other hand, a patient with type I diabetes would die if not for insulin, no matter how healthy they are so healthy lifestyle is not the solution to everything.

    The need for medication would decrease for so many issues; heart disease, chronic pain, mental health to name a few but only if people live healthier lives. Why is there this perseveration that its only the Doctors fault that people are on so many medications? Where is the outrage at the 40% obesity rate, or worse the rising childhood obesity rate? People need to be responsible for their own health.

    Why would people rather rage against the medical system and find solace in a Homeopathy office in a practitioner who doesn’t have to proved their therapies work or are even safe (although probably safe as its just water). And talk about profit, they just so happen to sell everything they “prescribe”. For THEIR direct profit. I just don’t get it and never will.

  • guest

    “The American healthcare system and modern medicine are completely separate issues.”

    They are one and the same and the origins go back to the Rockefellers’ who funded the first medical school and began what we know today as the Health Care System:
    -The Real History of Modern Medicine: Origins of Medical Industry Corruption
    -The Drug Story: http://www(dot)vacfacts.info/the-drug-story—the-history-of-modern-medicine.html.
    -The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story: http://www.whale(dot)to/b/ruesch.html
    -Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America

    “What you describe with your father is the disconnect between doctors and patients that I think is important.”
    What I describe is not a disconnect. What I described is SOP. The primary function, especially when it comes to seniors and studies stated this, is to push drugs. Seniors are the victims of over medication and they pay the ultimate price with poor quality of health.

    “You are essentially asking to replace his medication with food or unproven therapies.”
    Please indicated in my comment where I suggested replacing medication with food and unproven therapies. Considering you don’t know what his health concerns are that is a leap for you to say something is unproven and that whatever the condition would not benefit from eating organic and pure foods. Also, please indicate by number what therapies have been and are successful in senior citizens. Please have studies to support your claim.

    “Why would people rather rage against the medical system and find solace
    in a Homeopathy office in a practitioner who doesn’t have to proved
    their therapies work or are even safe (although probably safe as its
    just water). And talk about profit, they just so happen to sell
    everything they “prescribe”. For THEIR direct profit. I just don’t get
    it and never will.”

    First, you don’t get it because maybe you aren’t paid to get it and even if you aren’t, look at it this way: It’s None Of Your Business. Medical Matters are private. You make a lot of assumptions in you entire comment that is unsubstantiated and this all boils down to your opinion. Provide Independent substantiating data that proves that today medical care is increasing not only the lifespan of humanity but those people who live longer are enjoying fairly good quality of health. Studies say children born today will not live as long as their parents. That is a stunning proclamation from the medical establishment.
    -Children’s Life Expectancy Being Cut Short by Obesity: http://www.nytimes(dot)com/2005/03/17/health/childrens-life-expectancy-being-cut-short-by-obesity.html.
    -1 Child in 6 is chronically ill according to a CDC study which also impacts lifespan: Trends in the Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities in US Children, 1997–2008.

    This country provides poor quality of health cradle to grave.

    “find solace in a Homeopathy office”
    Why do people find solace in a Homeopathy office? That’s a no brainier. Studies again state the average doctors appointment last 7 minutes. People spend more time in the waiting room than they do with their doctor. It’s called assembly line medicine. The average time spent with a homeopath is about an hour. The homeopath sees the person as a whole being, not a body part. If a person needs medical care-than that person is encouraged to see a MD. The emotional needs of a person who needs care is equally if not more important than the physical. One affects the other.

    And talk about profit, they just so happen to sell everything they “prescribe”.

    Let’s look at a Neurologist who owns their own CAT Scan unit and other diagnostic equipment in a partnership with 2 other doctors. Once the equipment is paid off the profit margin is substantial for the partners. Rather than send patients to a local hospital, they sent them downstairs or across the street and charge the insurance companies whatever they want-most likely the max. According to New Choice Health, the national average cost of a brain CT scan is $1,200. That’s with insurance. Abdomen & Pelvis Contrast
    $892. Compared to: Oscillococcinum (30 Dose) $31.99. All homeopathic products fall into that price range.

    Doctors prescribe medication that don’t work or are incredibly harmful. Just look at the drug tv commercials where at the end they roll off a laundry list of side effects. My daughter, last year picked up a bug from another teacher where she works. After 1 week of symptoms she went to the doctors who prescribed (wait for it) Tamiflu. Now studies show that Tamiflu doesn’t work-never has. And, it says it’s ineffective if not taken within 48 hours of the first onset of symptoms. She was 7 days into her bug. She took it to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said her insurance wouldn’t pay for it because it doesn’t work. She asked her sister in law, who is a nurse anesthesiologist why the doctor would prescribe a drug that said it needed to be taken within 48 hours of symptoms and she just said outright doctors and hospitals get money just for writing the prescription. If the person gets the prescription filled-Bonus.

    Talk about profit.

    The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry: http://www4.dr-rath-foundation(dot)org/pharmaceutical_business/laws_of_the_pharmaceutical_industry.htm

  • Scott Lindsey

    Yeah, there are problems with our medical system, but at 88 you need to eat well and also use medicine if you want to make it to 89. Dietary tweaks aren’t going to do the job.

  • Scott Lindsey
  • Scott Lindsey

    Which organizations?

  • Scott Lindsey

    Too much here to reply to all of it, so I’ll pick homeopathy.

    Homeopathy is not a real therapy. Often, various ingredients are combined with homeopathic remedies and called homeopathy, but homeopathy itself just comes down to “trust me, this water will make you better”.

    Here’s a good test for the validity of homeopathy: Can a homeopathic doctor, or anyone, tell the difference between a homeopathic cure and plain water? No, they can’t. There’s no test that can identify the presence of “water memory”.

    The creation of Homeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann is quite interesting:

  • Scott Lindsey

    I can’t leave it alone.

    Oscillococcinum is literally just sugar pills. I mean, nothing else is in there, as per the list of ingredients on the box. They say that some special water was put on the pill, and they allowed to evaporate, but you can’t check that they are actually doing this and the pill has no measurable effect on animals or people, so who knows if they even bother.

    $31.99 actuall seems kind of expensive for the equivalent of one sugar packet that is free at Starbucks.


  • Jaqui

    -I’m sorry to contradict your american-central view of the world, but modern healthcare is not a construct of an American businessman. This is obvious to anyone who takes a broader view of the world outside the USofA. Please take the time to educate yourself about the medical systems in Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.

    -Actually that’s exactly what you said: “I TRY and talk to them about nutrition and non prescription substitutes for some of the drugs he’s on”

    -I’m not going to defend the fact that modern medicine has drastically lengthened lifespan, but we agree about the problem with the health of society as a whole. All doctors do too. That issue is lifestyle, not pharmaceutical, and requires improved education and social supports.

    -again back to the difference between Modern medicine and the American system, please understand these are separate. I live in Canada but have experienced both systems. MDs in Canada do not financially benefit from the tests they order and absolutely not from the medications they prescribe. Its illegal. Everything single blood test, xray, surgery, ER visit is paid by the government. And docs will not be paid if there was no medical indication for this test. And yes, we have modern medicine with lower infant mortality and longer life expectancies. If you really want something to change I hope you’ll carefully consider your vote next November.

    -The misconception that someone who spends 1 hr with you will give you better care is exhausting to argue against. The level of education between a homeopath and MD aren’t comparable, and I’m talking evidence based education. Because there is a difference and its simple; If you are having a heart attack, would you really go see the person who can spend more time with you, or one that likely save your life with a therapy that has been proven in thousands of trials over 50 yrs that will?

    -as for Tamiflu, this medication is proven to shorten the disease course and reduce complications if given during the appropriate window. I don’t know the reason she was prescribed in this scenario, but do know that financial kickbacks for MDs is illegal in Canada. Unfortunately there is often pressure from patients for a quick fix, which is why they demand antibiotics for every sore throat. I wish every doctors would stand up to patients but hard to do when patient satisfaction so important now. The demand from patients that they must walk away happy from every appointment is making it hard for MDs to do their job properly. Patients don’t want to be told “no, there’s no evidence for that”.

    Homeopaths, on the other hand, have very satisfied patients. Patients are told what they want to hear. Unfortunately, a few hours later they could be dead. This sadly happened here when a 2 yr old boy with bacterial meningitis was taken to a Naturopath for treatment, given echinacea and was brain dead a few hours later. Antibiotics would almost certainly have saved his life. So tragic, it was likely a lengthy appointment (though the boy wasn’t examined), and his parents were probably very satisfied. 2 min with an MD and he would have been sent to hospital for lifesaving treatment. Heartbreaking for everyone. This blind trust of pseudo-science is dangerous.

    How nice for Homeopaths and Naturopaths to never need to prove their treatments work. But placebo effect can only take you so far.

  • guest

    However if you look at the side effects of the medication and the dosage of the medication, which is 2-3mg on 7 of them the question is: what’s doing the most good. He has weaned himself off of several medications, says he feels better only to be coerced back on when he sees his doctors. His energy is low, he has hot flushes and a poor appetite but when he stops taking it the revers occurs. So to me, the medication is doing more harm than good.

  • guest

    Ah yes, Wikipedia.
    -Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder: http://www(dot)truthwiki.org/jimmy-wales-wikipedia-founder/

  • Scott Lindsey

    But do you think that the article in question is incorrect?

    Do you think that “water memory” exists, and if so, do you have an opinion as to why it can not be proven to exist?

    Or, did you not even know that “water memory” was the supposed mechanism by which Homeopathy supposedly operates?

  • Scott Lindsey

    It is good to be an active and critical consumer of that which is recommended by doctors. They are only human.

    However, you do not come off as a rigorous person. If you want to win an argument with a doctor you have to be armed with a great deal of knowledge and you have to have a higher standard of proof than “I read it on Natural News”.

    Best wishes for you and the health of your father.

  • Ruth

    Governments and pharmaceutical companies. They seem to be the big money and power chasers at the moment.

  • Ruth

    Neither will I, especially as it is often the ‘proponents’ of such who ask us just to accept what they say. When people question them about something, or doubt them, they say a person is just ‘anti’ something or against something that is supposedly good for them. It’s almost as if everything is set in stone and nothing ever changes, based on assumed ‘knowledge’.
    What people are actually doing is questioning what amounts to ‘faith’ and wanting better information. They have begun to question a lot, especially in the area of ethics and fraud.
    Any monkey can be ‘trained’. Doctors often don’t have the time or sometimes the inclination, to listen. And if they do, and support a change in thinking or challenging the status quo, their career and reputation is usually ruined. Is this what you meant by a ‘war on science, knowledge and rational thought’? Or is it just a war on the status quo?

  • guest

    you do not come off as a rigorous person.

    That’s some superpower you have. Too bad its’ malfunctioning.

  • guest

    Do I understand how homeopathy works or as some may say doesn’t work?
    The answer is yes.

  • guest

    The dot is not hidden. It is a way to get around web sites that do not allow links when posting a comment. You can provide the link to direct information for others that they may not look for themselves. VacTruth allow links but it is a good habit to maintain and use for all sites. Simply remove the the brackets and the word-dot and replace them with a dot (.)

  • Scott Lindsey

    You mean “it’s malfunctioning.”

    “It’s” is a contraction for “it is”, “its” indicates possession, and “Its'” is never correct.

    I don’t normally correct grammar in discussions, but it seems relevant in this case.

  • Scott Lindsey

    Well, I understand what you did, I’m just saying that you don’t need to do that in the context of Disqus. You do want as many people as possible to click on your link, right?

  • guest

    How long have you been commenting on disqus?

  • guest

    Whatever LOL. It’ pointless to debate this with someone who doesn’t know me and all it does is allow you to continue to post comments so you can make more money.

  • Scott Lindsey

    A couple years I think. Early on I remember my posts being “held for moderation” if I included a link. But that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Is that happening to you?

  • Scott Lindsey

    How much do you think one gets paid for arguing on disqus? Is it better than mechanical turk or gold farming? Because if I can get paid for this I will.

  • guest

    You guys need to get another mantra. Ever troll that’s been outed on this site has made the same comment almost verbatim.

  • guest

    It works for me.

  • AutismDadd

    Vaccines represent the quick and cheap fix, and it is so appealing to governments, it tarnishes what integrity government might have. Even with collateral damage and payouts its still much cheaper that outbreaks. Its the real reason they are favored.

  • AutismDadd

    Sure if you deny what vaccines do to many its peachy-keen.

  • AutismDadd

    Yep its a puppet asset of the Government/Pharma Medical Mafia

  • anonomyssy

    If you are healthy you don’t need meds to live to 89.

  • anonomyssy

    Homeopathy works. As for pharma it’s been found that placebos work, so if only to take the less harmful placebo…I’ll stick with homeopathy…however, before having some recent planned surgery, my MD prescribed, by telling me to go to Whole Foods and picking some up, a homeopathic remedy to start taking 2 weeks before and after surgery. It’s not black and white folks.

  • anonomyssy

    Wow, I’ve taken homeopathic remedies many times, one suggested by my MD and NEVER heard of ‘water memory’…but it does remind me of the book by Masaru Emoto, “The message from water”.

  • Scott Lindsey

    Remedies which describe themselves as “homeopathic” usually contain less exotic ingredients, so you can’t say that because product X worked for you, homeopathy is valid.

    The idea of homeopathy, which I think people would like to forget, is that you mix an ingredient with water, then you wash away the ingredient but the left over water remembers that the ingredient was there, and it can cure you?

    So, you can’t test for the presence of “homeopathy”, so anyone can invent a treatment with any ingredients and call it “homeopathic”.

  • Scott Lindsey

    Yeah they didn’t tell you that part, because it sounds insane.

  • So what you saying that the modern pharmaceutical medical model and their protocols prove that their business and drugs are effective with the causation of nearly a million unnecessary deaths per year? That is the reality of it, and actually that is obviously in reality is a low estimate.

    Check out the graph on the site page referenced:

    Adverse Drug Reactions 106,000

    Medical error 98,000

    Bedsores 115,000

    Infection 88,000

    Malnutrition 108,800

    Outpatients 199,000

    Unnecessary Procedures 37,136

    Surgery-Related 32,000

    TOTAL 783,936 (cost) $282 billion

    Remember this number from above? Heart disease: 616,067 (it is simple math, alias no identity, Costner)!

    We could have an even higher death rate by using Dr. Lucien Leape’s 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million. 14 Multiplied by the fatality rate of 14 percent (that Leape used in 1994 16 we arrive at an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined. If we put this number in place of Lazorou’s 106,000 drug errors and the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 98,000 medical errors, we could add another 216,000 deaths making a total of 999,936 deaths annually.

    Read more:

    Death By Medicine

    By Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD

    Something is wrong when regulatory agencies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, yet ignore published statistics showing that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard.


    Death by Medicine

    Death by Medicine [Hardcover]

    Death By Medicine

  • If the standard big pharma medical model was so great, then why did they have such poor rates of success in saving lives during the so called 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, and while practitioners providing natural and holistic forms of health care had much better success? Why is it that you continue to think that chemical drugs and as well known toxic and contaminated vaccines, are the correct and only answer? You certainly have a persistent resistance to any form of actual reality.