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Patrick Jordan

Patrick Jordan likes to call himself an Illinois Farmboy. Regardless of truncated higher education, and his experience in a wide variety of american industry employment, pattern recognition is the only thing that sets apart those who are intelligent from those who will perish for the lack of such a survival trait. Memory, too, is a survival trait, for, if you had vast life experience and 30+ years of investigative research to draw from but could not remember it, then you would still be fodder for the machine that intends to consume us all. Patrick has found that it took 6 books to explain just the basics of what he calls Planetary Military Occupation using the Medical Manhattan Project that goes beyond singular topics of Autism, Morgellons, Cancer, etc. to show that it is all a combined generational plan to subjugate and genetically engineer mankind. Knowledge is power so the first step is to identify the Predator, next alert the herd, then neutralize the threat. That last part is up to you.

Eczema as a Biomarker for a Genetically Susceptible Population

By Patrick Jordan / September 14, 2012

Did you know that you can put tetracycline in Rabies vaccine bait and when you x-ray the bones of the animals that consume it that they will fluoresce? WHAT? That Jordan dude jumps around topics like those little jitterbugs in summer on hot pavement. Maybe. Maybe not.  I did promise you in “Allergy-Immunity-Hypersensitivity the Hidden […]

To Hide in the Pig Sty

By Patrick Jordan / August 4, 2012

The first thing that one has to ask is: Who, in the consuming community, complained about pig stink when cooking? There had to be a market pressure for industry to respond before a huge industry would respond with a costly intervention. That is where the illusion breaks down.