Allergy-Immunity-Hypersensitivity and Vaccines: The Hidden Link

Many children suffer from allergic reactions to common products, e.g., peanuts, latex, & eggs.

Clemens von Pirquet should have been a name in your school textbooks so that he was a household word as Salk, Pauling, or Kissenger. If you have never heard of his 1910 book Allergie, then you are like a motorcycle mechanic with a blindfold that had never been trained in engine repair.

I will spare you all of the tedious historical background that I know makes my eyes do a cartoon character float to the top of my head, so I will just give the spoiler that he used to self-vaccinate (just to watch the progression) and he became obsessed with getting Vitamin D into cows via cod liver oil and UV lamps in their stalls in order to get it into the milk for his patients in his children’s clinic.

Interested now?


After a long and industrious career with future plans and projects to accomplish both Pirquet and his wife were found dead and it was called suicide. To be dramatic: you don’t whack a doctor and his wife if they are not significant.

The biography Clemons von Pirquet: His Life and Work written by Richard Wagner in 1968 will flesh out the details.

The dichotomy is that Old Clemontine gave us the concepts of Serum Sickness and coined the word: Allergy, and set the stage for all modern theory of immunology, yet this may be the first time you have heard of him. Serum Sickness is a systemic multisystem response to a foreign substance that most people knew at the time as a result of being injected with Horse Serum. Before there were ‘vaccines’ for many diseases they used what were called Anti-toxins. Tetanus, Strep, Diphtheria all injure because of toxins produced by the organism. So they would grow these microbes in live horses and harvest the blood (serum) that contained the antibodies to the toxins then inject it into a human. Serum Sickness is from a reaction to this foreign animal blood product by the human immune system that then causes disease in the human host.

Food was so important to Pirquet that he wrote a book on the topic. Parents may be surprised to hear from a doctor that instructed his nurses that ‘the kitchen is more important than the pharmacy.’ That should have gotten him on the list to be chopped with the vegetables.

Consider Pirquet’s timeline – 1902 – and who the other players in ‘medicine’ and drugs were at that time and I ain’t talkin’ Rocky and Bullwinkle. Rockefeller Foundation rebuilt Pirquet’s laboratory after the war. The Rockefeller (Standard Oil) family has a long and notorious history. “Devil” Bill Rockefeller was a stage hypnotist that used to sell Seneca Oil on the circuit through early American settlements. The petroleum and high alcohol elixir was said to be a cure-all including cancer. Of course, it is well known that petroleum is a carcinogen, so we have the entire scope of creating a patient then offering the palliative for the disease that you gave him, that is found in the successive generations of Rockefellers who forced petroleum (synthetic) based drugs into the healthcare infrastructure of America that was primarily homeopathic and naturopathic at that time. Because of the political stranglehold (Standard Oil was called the Anaconda of business Trusts) the Rockefeller family exerted on American govern mente (Latin for To Steer The Mind) they were able to make the self-care Buyer Beware autonomy of one’s own health disappear under the installed and accredited institutions of ‘medicine’ where, today, if you don’t take their Snake Oils they will steal your kids, give them chemo anyway and put you in jail.

For whatever secrets Pirquet had stumbled onto, the Controllers didn’t want them to get out. For emphasis: if this is the first time you have heard of him and/or his concepts and contributions then I would say that the murder of Pirquet and his wife served the desired effect.

So what was his dealio?


Hypersensitivity, Immunity, and Allergy WERE THE SAME THING!

Whoa, baby, run that by me again?

Pirquet found, by repeatedly vaccinating himself with Smallpox and studying infectious disease that the reaction of the body like the pustules of measles WAS NOT THE DISEASE, it was the body’s RESPONSE TO THE DISEASE. (Misnomer: Cowpox was called Smallpox vaccine.)

What he had to come to terms with, because it was a foreign and rejected concept of the time, was that circulating immune complexes of antibody/antigens (the garbage disposal crew of the immune system) caused all of the metabolic derangement that we associate with disease but is not the disease itself.

For lack of a better, less technical analogy, it is like taking your car to the car wash, using the pressure hose and taking off a good coat of paint with the dirt. If you have ever owned the Hoopties that I have, then you know that ain’t hard to do. But you got the dirt off.


So where am I going with this?

Well, kidlings, if there are departments of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in every hospital and clinic in the system, then you know by default that THEY know the connection especially because They haven’t told you. But They did — didn’t they? They have it on the shingle over their door — better than HAVING Shingles I guess.

But, what does that mean?

It means that the immune response from the four Hypersensitivity reactions of Allergy, Delayed Hypersensitivity, Serum Sickness to Autoimmunity are a CONTINUUM of the same thing. Most likely, left to themselves without a healthy host to begin with and without intervention, it would progress from any one starting point to the ultimate end.

Look at it from the topic of my first book ICD-999, Vaccine Induced Disease, The Chronic Serum Sickness Postulate, because I owe everything I know to Pirquet.

When you are purposely infected and invaded by a biological agent, it sets up an immune response of antibodies seeking antigens (against Life) to make Circulating Immune Complexes (CICs). Circulating Immune Complexes should be processed and removed from circulation, but they are some pretty nasty dance partners.

They can do things like implant in the basement membranes of tissues like the Kidneys and cause destruction of the kind where the doctors go, “We don’t know what causes it.” Of course they DO — they injected it.

We only have to reference the 1972 WHO memos:

The W.H.O. researchers CAUSED kidney disease using the same components of vaccines.


Pirquet is the guy that I will allow you to love and hate because he also developed the Tuberculin test in 1907 that is responsible for giving us all the TB miasm as is understood in homeopathy.

This was the basis for all future skin testing that in my nonmedical view as a nondoctor is the BEST way to sensitize yourself to things that you were never sensitive to before. [In a second article I will explain the part about the 2000 Burton report on Autism that NOBODY ever talks about.]

Pirquet also gave us the concept of ‘Incubation Period’. Early on it was thought that this was the time that the ‘disease organisms’ were growing in the body before signs of the disease showed. But because Pirquet showed that the rashes and other SIGNS of disease were the REACTIONS to the disease we see that the mystery of ‘incubation period’ is another Red Herring. What is really happening is the ramp-up time that it takes the body to make enough antibodies for the amount of antigens present. You see, you already HAD the disease. I was already ADVANCED in your body. The buildup and, as they put it: the collision of the CICs with the disease organisms or foreign proteins caused what Pirquet and his communist spy buddy Bela Schick reported in 1905 of Fever, Rash, Kidney damage, swollen lymph glands, and joint damage.


As a teaser, I will show you something in the second in this series of articles that I always hope calms people down. It seems at times that we are fighting innumerable Demon Hordes with no respite and no clear way of disarming or defeating the Foe.


The best visual for that is in the Lord of the Rings where they are in the caves of Moriah and the goblins pour out of the cracks like army ants.

Thing of it is, stout-hearted questors, that there is only ONE source of all of these woes. So, if that single source can be understood and defeated, then the grief over thinking you must prevail over a million enemies when there is only one should relieve the mental deflection and distraction.

You can concentrate on the problem at hand without a year’s supply of antacids from the discount store.

The teaser is this: Allergy = Immunity. Gluten allergy = immune response. Don’t care what anyone else says. We are all the way back to Circulating Immune Complexes. Immunoglobulins are labeled with letters and assigned functions that they are said to mediate in the body. IgE is immunoglobulin E. They could have called it Runny Nose Protein #1. RNP1 or any other silly thing they could think of. But when Classic Allergy is spoken of it is with the sectarian religious denomination of IgE or nothing else. IgE is NOT the end of the series; it is just one of many Immunoglobulins, or as Erlich and Coca suggested: derangements of the protoplasm.

But if you can hold onto your pantyhose long enough (men too) for the next installment, I will close the loop on another manifestation of ‘food’ allergy and vaccine damage: Eczema.

Pirquet was studying Scarlet Fever infection that resulted in nephritis. He called this Serum Sickness reaction ECZEMA OF THE KIDNEYS!

You can see already that he had to be disappeared since he was right over the top of what I have been outlining: THERE WAS ONLY ONE SOURCE OF DISASTER regardless of how many goblins you see pouring out of the cracks. VACCINES!

So, get out your medical dictionaries, junior decoder rings, crack open the 1972 W.H.O. memos (their disease du jour was glomerulonephritis! = kidney disease) and stay tuned for next week. Quiz on Friday.

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