To Hide in the Pig Sty

Diphthera is Greek for: Hide.  The term was first used in medicine in 1857 by the Frenchman Pierre Bretonneau.

In the very well presented paper by Catherine Frompovich we see the drug company Bait & Switch of promoting the use of vaccines for the loss of pig stink.  Now, the first thing that one has to ask is: Who, in the consuming community, complained about pig stink when cooking?  There had to be a market pressure for industry to respond (in what we have been conditioned to believe is normal economics) before a huge industry like ritual animal slaughter would respond with a costly intervention.  That is where the illusion breaks down. Mankind has been eating stinky meat for millennia.

See Catherine’s article here:

Have you ever heard of folks hunting their own deer, and fowl and saying it was ‘gamey’ but ate it anyway?  So, what is this push for sanitizing odor?  When we look at just the chicken meat market we see that they are raised in confinement operations, feed grains laced with arsenic to keep the worms at bay and run through a factory that mechanically plucks, guts and dips them in a vat of water as they run down a conveyor to the point where humans actually touch them.

The vat of water is contaminated when the first gutted chicken touches the solution and every successive chicken is then given a nice coating of Salmonella and whatever was in the guts that still remain in the birds and in the soup as they run the course like the scene in Monsters, Inc where they are hanging onto the multidimensional doors.  The industry went to having the workers spray mouthwash on the birds before they were packed because they smelled so bad (the chickens, that is).  I have not eaten chicken in many years because the smell of Salmonella upon opening the packages was the equivalent of a toilet.

The organic/natural community went to air chilling their product to avoid things like this.  But then we were talking about Pigs — No, not pork, the Pigs that are FORCING a vaccination INTO PEOPLE via a consumption route.  There is a lot of concern, and well there should be, about ‘edible’ vaccines.  Those made from genetically modified plants that express the substance to inoculate with in their very cells so that when the plants are consumed the person has been polluted.

What no one ever talks about is that animals have been vaccinated for centuries where the vaccines are so toxic that the animals are often shot in non-marketable places like ears, tail, skull so that the granulomas and tumors won’t spoil the precious ounces of tainted flesh.  But this practice of hide-the-needle-mark still belies the fact that vaccines are systemic.

Whatever was shot in that animal gets dispersed throughout the connective tissue and you are EATING THE VACCINES.  So, too with the new pig-deodorizer vaccine.  But, lettuce examine just what this vaccine is: In true Bait & Switch it has NOTHING to do with its advertised purpose.  It is an ANTIFERTILITY VACCINE with the same components exposed by Nuns in Guatemala, Philippines and Mexico.  The Chorionic Gonadotrophin often adsorbed to Diphtheria Toxin.

So, lettuce put these two things together in a sandwich and see how they stink:

Years earlier, women were being criminally and surreptitiously sterilized by vaccines that had Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin in the tetanus vaccines because, after all, childbirth is a very filthy surgical procedure that needs intervention by vaccines — and NOW they want to put it into the pork so that the residues (you are what you eat) can be transferred to the consumer in the form of Chorionic Gonadotrophin adsorbed to Diphtheria Toxin.

As parents you might find it oddly curious that some states like Illinois (my friends call it ILL ANNOYED, I call it The Grain Ghetto) require tetanus vaccines for entry into school.  Disregard any evidence, or lack of it that you are in no danger of tetanus unless you or that proverbial rusty nail were rolling in horse manure so that the bacteria caught the bacteriophage that forces it into a toxigenic mode.  You are covered in Tetanus and Diphtheria right now.  Loads of Strep too.

The reason you don’t drop dead is because they have not been switched into lethal forms by Phages.  Now, even if there was a dread risk of tetanus from skinned knees on the playground (is there recess anymore in school?  I thought they got rid of physical education in most state run children asylums?) then you would THINK that a Tetanus Toxoid shot would satisfy the State of Illannoyed.  Not so.  They REQUIRE a Td shot.  That is Tetanus toxoid adsorbed to Diphtheria toxoid.

Now, since the Dt (diphtheria toxoid) is the preferred carrier of the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, then the only conclusion that we can deduce from this absurd insistence is that they WANT TO STERILIZE YOUR KIDS!  TT is NOT ‘considered protective’ and is not accepted as fulfilling the requirement for entering school.

Now, for the sake of making this point in this article where Jeffry requires (as should you all) references to verify, I had an ancient memory of that scenario above but I could not find the webpage archived anywhere, therefore I could not find the link.  I was working at it for weeks.  It is no wonder why some people give up in there research when it takes this chain of links to get to the single quote I needed to finish this article:

5)     If 10 years have elapsed since the last booster, an additional Td booster is required.  Receipt of Tetanus Toxoid (T.T.) vaccine is not acceptable in fulfilling this requirement.

The thing about Diphtheria Toxin/Toxoid is that whenever they claim to have deactivated anything from Polio, to Foot & Mouth viruses or toxins into toxoids the host only has to cause the release of that deactivating agent for the substance to run rampant in the body as its original persona: Polio, F&M, or Diphtheria toxin.  Now, the Diphtheria toxin is a molecule that looks very much like the Fc portion of an immunoglobulin.

Rheumatoid arthritis – a gene transfer disease, Grubb, Grubb, Kjellen, Lycke, Aman, 1999, Dept. Medical Microbiology, Lund Sweden.

I know, I know, my listmembers tell me all the time that I talk over their heads, so let me break it down for you.  IT LOOKS LIKE PART OF AN ANTIBODY THAT IS PART OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

What is painfully obvious as that stink of the hog is that whenever you inject a molecule that is similar to a substance used for good and natural purposes in the host, the host’s immune system will generate an immune response against that substance.

So, like a cardinal seeing its reflection in your picture window and attacking it to the point where it knocks itself unconscious, your immune system will mount an AUTOIMMUNE response to the bit that looks like the Dt that it was just primed to recognize.  BONUS!  The little piggy vaccine cannot only make you sterile it can shut down your immune system.

But this was the plan all along wasn’t it?

It had NOTHING to do with male pigs that smelled like —- well, pigs.  If you don’t like the stench of the meat — stay out of the kitchen.  If you don’t like the smell of the meat —- stop eating meat!  Ah, but it isn’t that simple is it?  Animals have been genetically modified for decades.

Soy was one of the first plants to be genetically modified and the reason behind that was if people decided their meat supply was tainted then they might go to a vegetarian or vegan alternative.  So, the route of escape has been cut off by plants being genetically modified so that there is no place to run or hide.

But then the estrogenic effects of continuously consuming soy would probably lead to feminization in boys as well.  It was the Romans before Nikita Khrushchev who said, “If you control the food, you control the people.”

Consider the ‘benefits’ of Diphtheria Anything:  “Although equine diphtheria antitoxin may be an effective therapy for human diphtheria, its use often induces serum sickness.”  Well, howdy.  Isn’t serum sickness the very theme of my first book?  I call it the Door Prize.  No matter what other disease condition you get from a vaccine, Serum Sickness will always be what you leave with.  Thing if it is: Serum Sickness can lead to nearly all other forms of disease.  So, the thing is the Ouroborus the Serpent Speaking Itself Into Existence.

But you see, the Diphtheria Toxoid, we are told is ‘just a carrier’ for the molecule that they use to target the gonads.  Bonus.  I have PDFs from 1966 that show that Dt is a cell toxin that destroys cells.  It seems to be an all-purpose badguy.

INTERACTION OF DIPHTHERIA TOXIN WITH CELL CULTURES FROM SUSCEPTIBLE AND RESISTANT ANIMALS, BY JANIS GABLIKS, PH.D., AND MARCIA FALCONER (From the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Massachusetts Institute of Tecknology, Cambridge, Massachusetts) (Received for publication 3 January 1966)

Jeffry is an exceptional researcher and he sent me a link

That demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the goal was to kill testosterone production and the net result was testicular atrophy.  Now, when I see things like this I often default to the binary positions of the powers that battle each other with us as collateral damage.

You have the Sun against Moon Cults (Black Magicks religions) represented as Gold vs. Silver (economics) and Male against Female (gender) battling it out in the laboratory for just which (witch?) clone will dominate the biosphere.  One camp in the 1970s thought that if they could replicate the womb they could eliminate the need for the female.  However, when you study cloning technology the only thing you need is an egg, so the male is pretty much obsolete.  You can count your race as extinct once this vaccine gets into the wild, so to speak, because it will have a sterilizing effect on would-be parents, but since children are far more susceptible to toxins they will be rendered sterile while they are still children.

Pork is the ‘other white meat’.  White in the Chinese culture is the color of Death.  Consider how many couples resort to invitro fertilization, surrogacy, adoption and other forms of artificial conception to do what was taken away from them with just the vaccines that were in stock BEFORE the pig stink stick.  Along with this agenda of Us against Them / Male vs. Female is that when you hormonally castrate the male there is no more aggression.  With lack of aggression there is no defense of self or family.  This is one of the many goals outlined in NATO’s The Biology of Aggression book ISBN 9028628517.

What of the lowly Diphtheria anyway?

In the Lancet, Oct. 6, 1923 page 795 we find that 40% of those tested three times before discharge from the hospital were still carriers of the disease.  Although the previous article was on bacteriophages in water, there was no connection made in the Denmark study that showed the difference between sterilized patients, patients who had Diphtheria that was not pathogenic and those who had the pathogenic strains.  This was the article where I learned that a scarletina infection in the nose and throat will competitively eliminate Diphtheria from those locations but it has no influence over the Diphtheria that can set up residence in the outer ear.

By August 9, 1952 The Lancet was reporting that the Bacteriophage of Staphylococci could lyse (split, thus kill) Diphtheria.  We now see a balance between Staph, Strep and Diphtheria when left to their own and do not seem to cause disease.  But given any good thing, those that have letters after their names seem intent on fouling it up beyond recognition:

“Furthermore, the phage resistant strains were all virulent and toxigenic, whereas the susceptible strains were avirulent and produced diphtheria toxin.  When the susceptible strains were subjected to the action of the bacteriophage, organisms grew out which were resistant to lysis; and a number of these phage-resistant mutant strains were found be fully virulent and toxigenic.  Thus phage had been shown to be an agent capable of completely transforming the biological characters of a bacterial strain in a single subculture.  That this transformation is not an isolated phenomenon is confirmed by the recent work of Freeman, Parsons and Frobisher and Freeman and Morse, who describe a bacteriophage which in contact with an avirulent strain of diphtheria bacilli produced virulent organisms The presence of carriers of avirulent diphtheria bacilli among fully immunised children, as recently reported by Bradshaw et al. cannot be dismissed as of significance, since, in the presence of bacteriophage. Avirulent strains can become virulent and might start an epidemic among unimmunised contacts now that the proportion of immunised children is declining.”

Now, what amuses me beyond all belief is that this is an admission that not only are the vaccinated children CARRIERS of the Diphtheria that they are also CARRIERS of the phages that make them toxigenic!   When we have to suffer through the superstitious insanity of Herd Immunity we have a PhD from the Serum Institute (think he had a vested interest in vaccines?) telling us that unvaccinated children were at risk from vaccinated children!

So what of vaccinations?  Lettuce take a look at just what they required in the Grain Ghetto (some call it ILL ANNOYED):

August 30, 2001


Due to a temporary nationwide shortage of tetanus and diphtheria vaccine, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education have relaxed school immunization requirements for students entering junior and senior high school this year who are due for a routine tetanus/diphtheria booster shot. While students will not be excluded from school for not having an up-to-date tetanus and diphtheria booster, they will need to get the vaccination after supplies become available, most likely in early 2002. Schools are being asked to keep a record of those students for whom the requirement is deferred and to notify them to schedule the required vaccination when there is sufficient vaccine. “Students who have received the primary series of tetanus/diphtheria containing vaccine as a child should be protected from these diseases,” said Dr. John R. Lumpkin, director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. “The Department will closely monitor for cases. Vaccine supplies are sufficient for emergencies, such as treatment of people with injuries or wounds.”

When we examine the premise of the doctor we see that because there are no poisons to inject that suddenly, magickally, the initial vaccines will protect without boosters.  So…then why do they need boosters?  You have to love superstition.  You can change the parameters any time to suit your needs.

Last year in Illinois, there was one case of tetanus reported;

ONE CASE!  How do we even know it was tetanus when the CDC says that they can rarely recover tetanus from a wound site?


VPD Surveillance Manual, 3rd edition, 2002, Chapter 13:

VII. Laboratory testing

There are no laboratory findings characteristic of tetanus. The diagnosis is entirely clinical. C. tetani is recovered from wounds in only 30% of cases, and, not infrequently, the organism is isolated from patients who do not have tetanus.  Serology obtained before TIG is administered can support susceptibility if the result demonstrates very low or undetectable anti-tetanus antibody levels.  However, tetanus can occur in the presence of “protective” levels of antitoxin (> 0.1 IU by standard ELISA); therefore, serology can never exclude the diagnosis of tetanus.


the last case of diphtheria in the state was in 1985.

1985!  1985?

Vaccination for tetanus and diphtheria was first required for school children in 1967.


So, then why is there a push for these mandatory vaccines?  We need look no further than the NATO, Immunological Adjuvants and Vaccines, ISBN 0306433869,  that tells us:



P.D. Griffin

Prototype vaccines, incorporating naturally derived and synthetic preparations based on several of these tissue-specific immunogens, have been produced and evaluated by the Task Force since its formation in 1974. The work that has reached the most advanced stage, however, concerns the development of vaccines directed against the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) (Griffin 1988)

Active immunization of infra-human primates with prototype vaccines incorporating whole hCG, its beta subunit or fragments thereof, have been shown to have a powerful antifertility effect without altering the menstrual cycles of the immunized animals (Stevens, 1975; Hearn, 1976).

What do we know in context?  That it takes about ten years of clinical work before publishing so 1974-10=1964.  How does that track with the Illinois requirement of Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccination in 1967?  Pretty much we are riding on the same timeline.

The hCG molecule consists of two subunits. One of these, the alpha subunit, is identical to that of a number of pituitary hormones with a similar quarternary structure, such as human follicle stimulating hormone (hFSH), human luteinizing hormone (hLH) and human thyroid stimulating hormone (hTSH). Immunization with the whole hCG molecule, therefore, produces a non-specific antibody response characterized by extensive cross-reactions with these other hormones.

They are claiming that their subunit vaccine will only destroy babies not the mother’s other endocrine organs.

Selection of the Carrier Component

The 109-145 CTP-beta-hCG peptide is only weakly immunogenic in rabbits and baboons. In the human, which is immunologically tolerant to the hCG molecule, either as a result of exposure to the hormone in utero or because of its similarity to hLH, the peptide would be expected to be even less potent as an immunogen.  To break tolerance to the peptide, the Task Force has evaluated a number of molecules for their abilities to act as carriers.  Both natural and synthetic molecules have been evaluated for this purpose, with bovine gamma globulin (bGG) giving the best response in terms of antibody titre (Stevens et al, 1981a).  The use of bGG for this purpose, however, was considered unattractive because of the risk of inducing cross reactive immunity to the endogenous gamma globulins of vaccine recipients and attention was focused on the next most potent carriers, diphtheria toxoid and tetanus toxoid.  Although there was little to choose between these two candidates in terms of their properties as carriers, diphtheria toxoid was considered the more attractive because of its reduced potency for eliciting hypersensitivity reactions as well as its high content of free amino groups.  This latter property offered a major advantage for conjugation to the 109-145 CTP-beta-hCG peptide, as described below.”

So, when I see requirements for school children to get Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccines whether alone or in pairs the only default conclusion I can come to is that they are using them as vehicles to sterilize children with the surreptitious inclusion of hCG just as was reported in the ‘Third World’ countries.


On a separate webpage the IDPH reports: “People usually are exposed to the rabies virus when an infected animal bites them. Exposure may occur if the animal’s saliva enters an open cut or mucous membrane (nose, mouth, eyes). The presence of a bat in a home, or any contact with a bat, represents a possible hazard for rabies and should be reported to the local health department so that the circumstances can be evaluated. The last human case in Illinois was reported in 1954.”

Now, if we were to look at this critically and mathematically, based on the fact that Pasteur worked feverously (I like that word) to INCREASE the virulence of Rabies (yes, re-read the history of Pasteur and his work) then there is no statistical claim for Rabies prevention among wild animals, there is no statistical claim for prevention of Rabies among domestic animals, so why are the pets vaccinated every year if there hasn’t been a human case in 58 years!  You need go no further than the source material to expose the superstition for what it is.

The tetanus/diphtheria shortage originated in 2000 when one of the two pharmaceutical companies that manufactured the vaccine decided to stop production. The remaining company has increased production, but it will take until early next year to make up the shortage. State school immunization requirements call for a tetanus/diphtheria booster shot every 10 years.

Those students who were vaccinated according to the recommended schedule would have received the tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (DTaP) booster series on or after 4 years of age and before entering kindergarten. Depending on when a student last received a tetanus/diphtheria shot, the shortage of vaccine would most likely affect students entering grades 7-10 this fall.

There is no shortage of the DTaP vaccine. The other school immunization and physical requirements remain in place. Illinois law requires that children attending a public, private, independent or parochial elementary or secondary school be immunized against eight diseases. Children entering school for the first time and those starting kindergarten, 5th and 9th grades also must have a school physical examination.

Dr. Lumpkin said a child without the state-mandated vaccinations may not be allowed to attend school until all the immunizations have been received or until medical proof that the child has had the disease is provided. School districts must demonstrate 90 percent compliance with the immunization requirements by no later than Oct. 15 of each year or face a loss of state aid.

School districts have the option of enforcing the requirement anytime from the opening day of school until Oct. 15. State law does provide exemptions from the immunizations requirements for religious or medical reasons. For an exemption on religious grounds, the parent or legal guardian must submit a written and signed statement to the local school authority detailing the religious belief that conflicts with immunizations. A medical exemption must be made by a licensed physician indicating the medical condition that precludes the child from receiving the required immunizations.

To be protected from these diseases and in compliance with state law, children entering Illinois elementary or secondary schools for the first time must show vaccination proof for the following:

Measles – Two doses of live measles vaccine, the first dose at 12 months of age or later and the second dose at least one month after the first; a physician-diagnosed case of measles; or laboratory evidence of immunity.

TRANSLATION: They need a dose of the mimic of Myelin Basic Protein to insure autoimmunity to their brains to initiate Autism.

Polio – Three or more doses administered at appropriate intervals with the last dose being a booster received on or after the child’s 4th birthday.

TRANSLATION: They need a good dose of monkey virus to insure that they get cancer at any age – it’s not just for old folks any more.

Diphtheria, tetanus (lockjaw), pertussis (whooping cough) (DTaP or DTP) – Four or more doses administered at the appropriate intervals with the last dose being received on or after the child’s 4th birthday.

TRANSLATION: They need to be made infertile as children because the depopulation agenda has been going full steam since at least the 1960s and we don’t want any child being left behind…we want ALL children left behind!

Mumps – One dose of mumps vaccine at 12 months of age or later, a physician-diagnosed case of mumps or laboratory confirmed evidence of immunity.

TRANSLATION: Destruction of the salivary glands and IgA mediated immunity insures that the first line of defense against the outside world is gone forever so they can insert or expose whatever agents they want and it will get past the defenses.  Mumps when gotten as an adult can cause infertility, but since NO vaccine has EVER been tested for its ability to cause cancer, monster babies or infertility then we don’t know just what mumps vaccines are capable of or engineered to do.

Rubella – One dose of rubella vaccine at 12 months of age or later or laboratory evidence of immunity.

TRANSLATION: Rubella is another one of those mind-etching organisms so if the poor kids fell through the net with the measles vaccine, they will be sure to be destroyed by the Rubella.

Hepatitis B – Three doses of hepatitis B vaccine with the first two shots at least four weeks apart and the third shot recommended for five months later. For example, if a child receives the first shot on Jan. 1, the second shot should be given one month later, on Feb. 1, and the third and final shot would be recommended to be given between May 1 and July 1.

TRANSLATION: The self-assembling molecules that make up viral surfaces and bacterial endotoxins are the building blocks of what is called Morgellons.  We can’t bioengineer our new Zombie Slave Work Force unless we can rebuild their genetic structure from the inside out.


Catherine remembers, as I do, back to the day when Trichinosis was the fear dejure.  But you find out that free range pigs in France that are allowed to eat root crops do not have trichinosis that seems to be spawned from allowing the pigs to eat garbage.  Given that cattlefeed in america is made from sheep’s brains (among other disgusting things like recycled manure) it is no wonder why everything that is offered for sale in the flesh market is nothing but a nightmare from a horror movie.

So, when I closed out my first book in 2008 it was on the delirium of a vaccine invented for sheep flatulence.  Yes, save the planet from methane gas production.

It was so illogical to inoculate an animal against producing gas that I just labeled these denizens as criminally insane, but little did I know that 4 years later I would see the Medical Manhattan Project in its true form to realize that substances like bacterial endotoxins (diphtheria toxin is one of them) are bacteriophage-induced self-assembling molecules.

So it had gone beyond the need to curb stinky BBQed ribs or New Zealand sheep not minding their manners in the field.  Self-assembling molecules takes us into the realm of one of the topics in Catherine’s book titles: that of rewriting the human genome and also into the world of Morgellons — what I like to call building a ship inside the bottle of the human body.

So, after the scary rollercoaster ride where does it leave us?  With a clear path towards veganism combining legumes and grains for a complete protein made of non-GMO sources and finding a legitimate source of B-12 that is said to not exist in the Plant Kingdom.  This is true, but then seaweed is not a plant regardless of the ‘sea vegetable’ marketing.  Marine Algae contains cobalamin.  So, like the stinky pig vac they didn’t outright lie: it might take care of the stink, but it will leave you sterile and destroy your immunity; they didn’t lie when scaring you away from a non-meat diet because B-12 isn’t found in plants — they just neglected to mention the algae alternative.

Creative use of a vegan diet is difficult, but when the extinction of the Human Race lies beyond the next pork chop then you will have to decide if you will trade your birthright for a bowl of gruel.  You vote with your dollars who wins this war.

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Patrick Jordan likes to call himself an Illinois Farmboy. Regardless of truncated higher education, and his experience in a wide variety of american industry employment, pattern recognition is the only thing that sets apart those who are intelligent from those who will perish for the lack of such a survival trait. Memory, too, is a survival trait, for, if you had vast life experience and 30+ years of investigative research to draw from but could not remember it, then you would still be fodder for the machine that intends to consume us all. Patrick has found that it took 6 books to explain just the basics of what he calls Planetary Military Occupation using the Medical Manhattan Project that goes beyond singular topics of Autism, Morgellons, Cancer, etc. to show that it is all a combined generational plan to subjugate and genetically engineer mankind. Knowledge is power so the first step is to identify the Predator, next alert the herd, then neutralize the threat. That last part is up to you.