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Life with Vaccine Injury: A Mother’s Perspective

By Sarah Carrasco / September 13, 2016

What is it like to have a vaccine-injured child? Well, some days, it’s like hell on a bad day. Some days, your child smears feces on the wall, into the carpet and throws it down the vents. Some days, your child is left on a school bus for three hours in the cold. Some days, […]

Do Vaccines Contain Formaldehyde and Mercury?

By VT / September 19, 2012

This question comes from Tina: “Hi there, a dear friend and client is expecting her baby any day and they are still not decided on vaccinations. She told me that she’s heard not to take notice of people putting you off vaccinations as they do not contain formaldahyde and mercury anymore. Of course my answer […]

Eczema as a Biomarker for a Genetically Susceptible Population

By Patrick Jordan / September 14, 2012

Did you know that you can put tetracycline in Rabies vaccine bait and when you x-ray the bones of the animals that consume it that they will fluoresce? WHAT? That Jordan dude jumps around topics like those little jitterbugs in summer on hot pavement. Maybe. Maybe not.  I did promise you in “Allergy-Immunity-Hypersensitivity the Hidden […]

Mercury (Hg)—How To Find It

By Catherine J. Frompovich / December 20, 2011

Heavy metals and neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury store in soft body tissue in kiddies similar to the way lead stores in bones in adults. It’s time to bite the bullet on the real science of why kids are so sick.

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