Are Vaccines Destroying Infant Nursing Patterns and Emotional Bonds?

What is more magical than a mother nursing her child? It is a time when the baby feels nurtured and safe – a time of bonding between the two. Not only from an emotional standpoint, but from a physiological one as well. Anything that would disrupt the bonding time would be very upsetting to a new mother. Enter vaccines.

Grimacing at the site of a needle is not all that uncommon, even for adults. Now imagine a baby getting four to six vaccines at one time. Many of you can  imagine the pain a baby would experience.

Even more disturbing to consider is the very real possibility that the combined trauma of  vaccinations is disrupting the nursing patterns and bonds of babies with their mother. What is the source of my information?

La Leche League is viewed as the foremost authority on breastfeeding. The Breastfeeding Answer Book, a La Leche League publication, states,

“When a baby undergoes a painful medical procedure, such as a heel stick, injection, spinal tap, or circumcision, he may shut down and be unreceptive to feedings until he is feeling better.” [1] [Emphasis mine]

The Centers for Disease Control’s official vaccination schedule (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines…) recommends the Vitamin K (not on the schedule) and Hepatitis B vaccines be given on the day of birth. Then, five vaccines are recommended for the baby at two months, five more vaccines at four months, and four to six vaccines at six months – and we’re only getting started.

Let’s pause right here just for a moment. To add insult to injury, the justification and rationale for medically injecting a baby multiple times is by measuring a stress hormone called cortisol – not scientifically observing the mother and child dynamic.

Vaccines, the expert manual for the industry, states:

“Studies of cortisol concentration and behavioral responses of infants to vaccination indicate that responses are similar in infants who receive two injections during one visit and those who receive a single injection, suggesting that a second injection does not increase stress.” [2]

Vaccine reactions are rarely acknowledged, so what’s the real lesson here?

Never mind, for a second, the toxic chemicals (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines…) or deadly cancer-causing monkey virus (Simian Virus 40) (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/sv40) being injected into the baby. The real lesson to be aware of is the baby is being repeatedly traumatized for the sake of convenience of the pediatrician – not the mother and child. Does this feel right to you?

Think back. Did your child’s breast-feeding patterns change after your baby was vaccinated? Did they get sick a week or two after their vaccines? What about then?


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Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • Christina England

    Jeff you are absolutely right. My youngest child now nineteen has Autism and associates all nurses with needles. He is absolutely terrified of them.

    Great article.


  • Christina, thank you for sharing your personal story and experience. Children are very intuitive.

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    Something for parents–nursing mothers, in particular–to consider seriously in addition to all the neurotoxins, poisons, antibiotics, adjuvants, excipients, foreign DNA, and growth mediums that routinely are in vaccines/vaccinations. Infants are becoming ‘human pincushions’. Great article!

  • Lowernicchick

    What a load of crap! Your baby does not have the capacity to hold a grudge against you for immunizing. You child will thank you later for caring enough to protect them from life threatening diseases that are still amongst us today. And if you have a cranky baby for a few days so be it, the benifits of immunizing far out weight the perceived risks. Parents please don’t fall this “the sky is falling” crap. Trist in the science of immunology and protect your children!

  • Lowernicchick,

    I never said a child will hold a grudge against anyone. You are implying that a parent who does not vaccinate does not care for their child, while those that do vaccinate care for their child.

    Parents can decide for themselves by looking at the vaccine inserts and the vaccine ingredients. Moreover, if you haven’t looked at VAERS yet, http://www.medalerts.org/ perhaps you ought to.

  • Cwaldman

    How could you ever know if the natural pattern was disrupted because you will never have the natural pattern, you will always have the disrupted pattern, from day one, if you vaccinate on the recommended schedule.

  • Cwaldman,

    That’s a great question. I bet some parents didn’t get the HepB right away – on the vaccine schedule you’ll see that it’s recommended (the first HepB shot) from birth to two months.

  • When will ‘this genocide?

    Brief description of our tragedy
    To show how evil can do the vaccinations, used so indiscriminately on families from all over the world, I think it’s my duty by telling my story, but specifies that unfortunately my story is not considered a unique case in itself sporadically but it is only the tip of an iceberg that is trying to unmask the category of “scientism” that terror still require the use of vaccination practices.
    The tragedy that struck my family, has hit three of my four children.
    I state that my three children are affected by the reaction from the vaccine, were born perfectly healthy and that the manifestations of a disease may have appeared only after the first vaccine Sabin. A Mark, my firstborn, the folder was described the clinical symptoms that appeared after the Antipolo Sabin. The disturbances occurred (ocular nystagmus, tremors and defects to the word) had been made in relation to the pediatrician by Sabin, while other doctors had assumed various diagnoses such as brain tumor or degenerative encephalopathy, never confirmed by any analysis performed on the child. He died in 1971 at six years. The second son, born in 1970, there were problems. But the drama returns with the birth, which occurred in 1976, of two twins monovular. Despite my opposition to an iron law that I have imposed a mandatory absurd and dangerous, without any prior investigation, were vaccinated and the next day already began to emerge the first signs of any alteration. Submitted the medical records of the first shelters suffered by my children at various Universities: United States, England and even in Russia, in the latter country is speculated disease on immune deficiencies that would have confirmed the specific responsibility of the vaccinations. In my city, Verona, was placed the diagnosis of type metacromatic Leukodystrophy, a degenerative disease of the nervous system, this diagnosis was never confirmed by genetic tests also that we are submitting. Later Andrea, one of the twins, it is aggravated and was hospitalized for dehydration, despite my recommendation not to use drugs immune-suppressor, because the child was immune-compromised, of cortisone was used in a vein in five hours and my creature died. Later I came to know that the same drug was given to my first child before death. Even with the autopsy were able to have useful information to save the life of twin remained because there was denied the presence of a medical legal part, so that examination could not be trusted with our research. At one month after the death of Andrea, Alberto, was the sister, had to be hospitalized. Despite the opinion of doctors was to let it die, it was brought at our request, in resuscitation and asked a virologist of Naples, who previously had examined the child, they advised us of immune-stimulant. Subjected to treatment with interferon, the child began to improve slowly. After six months in hospital the baby was brought home with no letter of resignation. Sometime later, the requested medical records, I realized that they were different from those who copied each day during hospitalization. That is a statement presented to the judiciary. As a consequence of this was done by a judge issued a court notice to the Director at the Health Office in which he had been admitted to the child, later extended to primary pediatrics for “Fake ongoing public. At the end of this proceeding was filed.
    Many other shelters suffered Alberto, both in the same hospital in Verona than in other resuscitation: the Polyclinic of Milano, Merate in the province of Como, a Melegnano, near Milan, and finally was transferred automatically from the Polyclinic of Melegnano Verona. During all the different shelters my task was to ensure that treatments were applied immune-stimulant that we had given the first positive results. These therapies we were always advised by Professor Tarro of Naples, who was a pupil of Professor Sabin. It was always difficult if not impossible to apply this type of therapy to Alberto, as the doctors had ruled compact now that my son had to die. This was supported because discovery was not the responsibility of the vaccinations used on a subject, partially immune-compromised. Although our case had concerned the then President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, putting pressure because the Health Minister Renato Altissimo established a Ministerial Commission, this without ever having seen a report drawn Alberto fake to hide the truth of the damage suffered by the vaccines. The last shelter Alberto had to suffer at the Polyclinic in Verona, where, in the opinion of health care, my son had to die a short time. I tried desperately to bring home my child, was seen as their way of thinking because the only solution of the problem for them was the culmination of the whole nefarious affair. At that juncture, because I could not survive in order to make my creature, even I did remove the “parental authority” by the Judge of children in Venice, to whom I addressed just to make them understand that he was committing a gross error. I managed to convince him to reinstate me in the parental responsibility, starting as early the now 1984 to manage my child at home, creating me resuscitation room “where previously arranged our master bedroom. During hospitalization all my wife Franca Alberto has always remained with him day and night to protect it from any abuse that the medical profession sought to implement.
    Many others had to suffer harassment by the Health, even if Alberto had not set foot in a hospital, controversy of any kind from the health institutions because they do not want to admit that the vaccinations were the cause of his illness and death of his brothers.
    Finally, in 1995, making recourse to law 210 of 1992, recognized by the state saw the “causation” of the damage suffered by subjecting our children to mandatory vaccinations.
    During all these years I efforts to establish associations in Italy to aggregate people like me who have suffered damage from the vaccine practices;
    also tried to pass a law that had developed with the Parliamentarians, to waive the obligation of these practices, but this goal in Italy has not been achieved because, in my opinion, the health policy that is implemented is left thumb yet the power of corporations of drugs. All this is proving that even in this area, some pseudo science, with the arrogance of his scientism, devoid of any scruple, trample continuously, with action in most cases illegal, every human right and civil matters. It imposes its power based on speculation that interest their progress based not on an open and accurate information, but rather on a complete and deliberate disinformation to get even the Occult of certain realities and impersonating preventing these practices prophylaxis that may, except to prevent anything.

    This site is not going to scare people on the subject of vaccination, but the intent is to make us ask questions in order to understand if we parents are sufficiently aware of what can happen to our children when they are subjected to these practices.

  • Dr. G

    I am a parent who doesn’t vaccinate. My wife and I have 5 children who have never been exposed to vaccines, antibiotics or tylenol. We have faith in God, cleanliness, good nutrition, physical fitness and common sense. It is the drug and vaccine companies who are selling ” the sky is falling” mentality. They want you to fear every boogie germ that can be sensationalized so you will run to their cash register. We are not selling anything we just want the freedom to choose. If scared of anything we are scared the the Govt. and industry forcing us to consume products that may or may not be in our best interest. What will they force us to consume next???? America is still the land of the free!!! for now.

  • Dr. G,

    You bring up very important points that most folks that consume vaccines do not consider, and that is the concept of compelled or forced consumption. I’d also like to add that vaccines are one of the only drugs (yes, vaccines are drugs) that get a free pass. If Tylenol or any other drug caused the reactions vaccines did, they would be pulled from the shelves immediately.

    As you so succinctly pointed out – vaccinations are the price of admission for participating in society.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Patrons99

    Injunctive relief by the Courts should be sought by parents to stop this barbaric practice – mandated inoculation/transfection. The vaccine schedules and mandated inoculations pose an avoidably unsafe, clear and present danger, and imminent risk of harm to every citizen. The State has usurped basic parental rights (Parental Liberty Doctrine), Constitutional rights (First, Fifth, Fourteenth, and Ninth Amendments), and God-given rights (right to medical freedom, right to privacy, liberty interest in bodily integrity).


    Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney. My comment is solely my opinion and is not intended nor should it be construed to represent medical or legal advice.

  • Anonymous

    The day for real vaccine truth was decades ago; however, we have been mislead by one of the largest coverups and mistakes ever made. You do not prevent disease nor heal with poison. It is physiologically beyond all common sense. It defies a God creator who made the self healing body. It is all about the soil and the seed, and was clearly defined by Becamp, at the time in our history decades ago, where Pasteur and Becamp were at odds with this concept. The ruling money, eventually millions in Rockefeller money bought out the AMA and promoted only a drugs and vaccines being taught in all medical schools, branding as quackery anything else that had worked. Why is that missing from our medical text books? Because it was not allowed to be or remain there? So how would the medical field ever know the real truth, when that truth has been effectively banished from view?

  • Anonymous

    The day for real vaccine truth was decades ago; however, we have been mislead by one of the largest coverups and mistakes ever made. You do not prevent disease nor heal with poison. It is physiologically beyond all common sense. It defies a God creator who made the self healing body. It is all about the soil and the seed, and was clearly defined by Becamp, at the time in our history decades ago, where Pasteur and Becamp were at odds with this concept. The ruling money, eventually millions in Rockefeller money bought out the AMA and promoted only a drugs and vaccines being taught in all medical schools, branding as quackery anything else that had worked. Why is that missing from our medical text books? Because it was not allowed to be or remain there? So how would the medical field ever know the real truth, when that truth has been effectively banished from view? How would the parents?


  • Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Lowell. Funding by the Rockefeller Trusts and Foundations (among others such as the Mellons, Carnegies, Harrimans, Du Ponts, etc.) can be found in alternative texts. Edwin Black’s War Against the Weak is one literary piece I highly recommend. Another is The Molecular Vision of Life by Lily Kay.

    Both extensively document the involvement of the aforementioned families mucking with and influencing medicine in America.

  • Patrons99, I like your comment because it speaks to the heart of the matter. Most parents believe that vaccines are mandatory (and also some vaccine lawyers). Parents in most states still have two to three different options for opting out of the medical procedure.

    When ever the deliberate sacrifice of a child is made in the name of others (and yes, they know some children will die from vaccines), we ought to question the rationale behind the programs modus operandi, or motive.

  • Anonymous

    There are many families today that have exemptions and do not vaccinate. We as well have here in the US, the facility known as Homefirst Medical Community, which has seen thousands of unvaccinated children, which do not as well have autism and many of the other increasingly common disorders known of in the vaccinated. There is allot that could be learned from the history and experience of these people, many are Amish. There are other such communities as well. The CDC appears to ignore the existence of these people, and claims it to be unethical to do a vaxed verses unvaxed study on the health of children. That study is available to them, if they actually wanted to know the truth, however, they clearly do not.

  • Patrons99

    Of course families have the various state vaccine exemptions available to them, but pharma is regularly seeking to overturn these exemptions. The public is still very much in harms way. The Precautionary Principle and Informed Consent have been ignored by pharma and government. This is unconscionable in preventive health and invasive medical procedures. Public safety should not depend on vaccine exemptions. The public safety should depend on something more fundamental, the God-given inalienable right to medical freedom, right to privacy, and our liberty interest in bodily integrity. The H1N1 pandemic flu fraud and hysteria of 2009 is a case in point. Forced detention and inoculation of the entire population, ostensibly for the “greater good”, will not be prevented by the current patchwork of state vaccine exemptions.





  • Yes, this is very true. I certainly did not want to paint an “Everything-is-alright” picture, when clearly the exemptions that are available today are very fragile…. and to your point, pharma is taking pot shots at them all the time.

  • Anonymous

    In regard to this articles reference on Simian Virus 40, by the National Cancer Institute, this source claims that large studies funded by the NCI have found no significant link between SV in the polio vaccine, and cancer. Of course, like the ACS, these organizations do have questionable ties to the cancer industry and pharma, and may have a vested interest in denial.

    There has been a derth of data and numerous studies showing the link between SV40 and cancer, as well as much information on many other, the origin being the monkey – contaminants, such as simian cyto-megalovirus (SCMV), a “stealth virus” capable of causing neuro-logical disorders in the human brain.

    I am going to quote from what I feel is a very good article, The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences, by Neil Miller. The article is as well loaded with references.


    [Quote] Despite official denials of any correlation between polio vac-cines, SV-40, and increased cancer rates [91], by April 2001, 62 papers from 30 laboratories around the world had reported SV-40 in human tissues and tumors [84:10]. The virus was also discov-ered in pituitary and thyroid tumors, and in patients with kidney disease [84:10,13]. Even the National Cancer Institute issued a statement that SV-40 “may be associated with human cancer [84:11;92].” [Unquote]

    Now, what does that as well indicate? That SV may be involved in as well benign tumor formation. Why would I take interest in that? Because I have a prolactinoma diagnosed in 2005. I also have several half inch diameter lumps in the muscle below the skin surface in various areas of my body. It appears that the immune system walled something off. The first lump found over 30 years ago, and with more having formed since. No doctor has nor will consider it worthy of investigation.

    60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child – SV 40

    In the above link is also a video of Maurice R. Hilleman, a Merck vaccine researcher, explaining what he found and knew concerning SV40 and other contamination of polio vaccines.

    Vaccines Dark Inferno, what is NOT on the insert labels.

    Here are a few more quotes from the said Neil Miller article.

    It (SV-40) has been found in brain tumors and leukemia [69-80]. More recently, in 1996, Michele Carbone, a molecular pathologist at Chicago’s Loyola University Medical Center, was able to detect SV-40 in 38 percent of patients with bone cancer and in 58 percent of those with mesothelioma, a deadly type of lung cancer [81-83]. Carbone’s research indicates that SV-40 blocks an important pro-tein that normally protects cells from becoming malignant [83].

    Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this ongoing simian virus debacle can be found in other studies suggesting that SV-40, intro-duced to humans through the polio vaccine, can be passed from human to human and from mother to child. A study of nearly 59,000 women found that children of mothers who received the Salk vaccine between 1959 and 1965 had brain tumors at a rate 13 times greater than mothers who did not receive those polio shots [59:58;88;89].

    Another study published in the U.S. medical journal Cancer Research found SV-40 present in 23 percent of blood samples and 45 percent of semen taken from healthy subjects [83:163;90]. Ap-parently, the virus is being spread sexually and from mother to child in the womb. According to biology and genetics professor Mauro Tognon, one of the study’s authors, this would explain why brain, bone, and lung cancers are on the riseCa 30 percent increase in U.S. brain tumors alone over the past 25 years [83:163;90] and why SV-40 was detected in brain tumors of children born after 1965 who presumably did not receive polio vaccines containing the virus [83:163;90].

    Vaccine Contamination: Pig Virus DNA Found in Rotarix, National Vaccine Information Center


    There is obviously very little we can trust as to the for profit vaccine industry! And then there was Gardasil. No matter how much harm is done, it is never enough to make them admit to anything, nor rethink this program of ever increasing numbers of vaccines.

  • Anniefrank

    Before educating myself, I got my daughters 2 mo vaccinations. After reading this article I remember her going on a nursing strike for a while. I don’t remember exactly when but I know the strike started after. hmmmm……..

  • Thank you for sharing, Annie. It’s hard for many parents to remember that far back (if their children are older). Some parents think nothing of it at the time because the pediatrician will tell the mother that the baby will get a little fussy.

    If you happen to remember more, it would be interesting to see what you have to say.