Bully Doctor “Loses It” After Informed Mother Asks Questions About Vaccines

Note: Pediatricians are notorious for bullying mothers when it comes to vaccines. Be prepared by having support (your spouse or friend) in the office with you, like this mother did.


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Written and given permission by a newly informed momma, Alana Golden[/feature_box]

Imagine you are sitting with your financial advisor.

His role is to invest your assets, give you retirement and life insurance advice and even pay certain expenses out of your brokerage account. He sits before you because you assume it is a typical meeting where he goes over your financial plan and discusses options you may choose.

Yet something unusual happens. He suddenly turns to you and says he is investing everything you have in two funds. Your instinct kicks in and your stomach flops.


You have questions and what about those balloon payments on your debt due in less than a year? How will you pay the debt? What if the investments crash and you are left with nothing? This could destroy you.

You question your advisor because again, it is your decision and choice to make, right? But this man you have trusted becomes angry.

He insists that if you can’t trust him and do not value his opinion to invest as he recommends then you are fired. You ask to at least see the fund prospectuses but he skirts that comment and says you need to move on.

Shocked, you inquire about the other normal business he handles, will he go over the big picture? Will he write that check that you need paid? Unfortunately, no. Go find yourself a new advisor.

Whoa. What just happened? How do you feel? Most likely confused, devastated, saddened, mortified and appalled at how you thought you trusted this person with everything that you owned. You believed whole-heartedly that he was looking out for your very best interest.

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This is What Happens at the Doctors Office

Now let’s change the scenario. You are sitting in your pediatrician’s office. The nurse asks if you will be getting the six month shots today. You politely decline. She asked you what you wanted to do because that is your decision to make, no big deal, right?

Your doctor walks in.

He immediately asks why the nurse crossed off the shots. You mention how you aren’t comfortable getting the shots right now and would like to pass.

Your doctor says let’s discuss why you don’t want them. Okay, no harm no foul, it’s because you’re concerned with the ingredients and don’t feel it is necessary to put additional toxins in your child when you’re working hard to keep them out.

The doctor alarmed at this comment, furiously begins looking through the records.

Doctor: “Well I don’t see you had any previous reactions. I have never had this happen. What has changed?”
You: “Actually I told you before that both of my children became constipated for a week after their two month shots and it has continued.”
Doctor: “Well that’s not really an indication of a reaction.”
You: “Actually I believe that our gut is linked directly to the brain. This is a huge indication that something is going on in my children and I don’t want to take that risk right now.”
Doctor: “I have been administering these vaccines for years and have seen the disease dramatically decline. It’s all about the science. If you don’t believe in that we have a problem here. You should just go now. Why did you even come here? Why are you wasting my time?”
You: “I thought this was a well-baby visit. I thought you were going to look over my children and tell me how they are developing and how they are doing.”
Doctor: “Obviously you don’t value my opinion, so we are done. Go find yourself another doctor.”

Wow. What just happened?

How does this scenario make you feel? Is it any different from the one with the advisor? Would you still have been mortified or devastated? Would you have been okay with your doctor doing as he wanted knowing that it might not be best for your child? The biggest question to ponder is whether you would have even asked any questions.

Unfortunately, it seems to be standard procedure to forgo asking our pediatrician these questions, but expected to ask them of our financial advisors.

Sadly, this pediatrician scenario just happened to me. I was fired by my pediatrician because I refused two shots that actually aren’t even mandated by the State of Nevada.

When I asked about the vaccine inserts, I was told that yes he had them, but he basically refused to give them to me. Apparently, I was dealing with the doctor’s God complex, for how dare me for wanting to see the inserts instead of taking his word.

Sorry, but I’m not sorry; I need more than your word. I need statistics. Let’s face it; he said he has seen a dramatic decline in cases of pneumonia in children. What does that mean? Did he used to see ten cases per year and now he sees only two per year?

If that were the case, that’s not a great enough decline for me given there weren’t many cases to begin with. I’ll take my chances and keep the aluminum and GMO soy out of my kids. Thanks, anyway. I don’t believe in science?

Of course I believe in science.

However, science can be manipulated. It is manipulated on a cellular level every day in food, animals, diseases and even baby creation. Additionally, viruses evolve.

We see that every year when new flu vaccines are required because new strains are created due to the virus being able to overcome the vaccine. Again, for me “science” is not reason enough to believe that I should inject toxins in my children just because the doctor said so.

A Doctor’s Ego

I was devastated that this man, whom I trusted with my children’s lives, was firing me and taking it personally. He didn’t want to hear my questions or my concerns. He just wanted me to give in and do as he said; hence why he continued to bully me.

During the whole conversation, I was bullied. Luckily, my husband was with me and he spoke up and supported me. He told the doctor that he did not agree and I think that is when the doctor literally lost his nerve.

The fact is I wasn’t necessarily opposed to vaccinations. I just wasn’t comfortable administering toxins to my children. I also felt that if my exclusively breastfed babies’ bodies were still having constipation issues from the previously administered two rounds of vaccines, that they needed more time to heal.

I didn’t want their possibly sick bodies to get any sicker. I had concerns and did some of my own research because when I had first mentioned the constipation issue at the four month appointment, the doctor laughed and insisted that it was nothing and that most parents would love to have that issue.

Excuse me, but I don’t see the humor in that. It is unfortunate that he didn’t see the severity of the symptom either.

Instead of helping us or giving us options, like a delayed vaccination schedule, allowing me to inoculate with only those vaccines mandated by the State, or even grabbing the vaccine package insert to sit down and discuss it, my doctor chose to be an unprofessional bully and fire us.

Aren’t our doctors supposed to be our partners in health? Shouldn’t they holistically look at our children and figure out what is going on with them? Why can’t my children have toxic screens performed to determine the metals and toxins already there? Wouldn’t it make sense to do that first and then decide whether additional toxins/vaccines would be alright for their fragile immune systems to handle? Each of us is different.

Unfortunately, the toxic environment in which we live, the toxic food that we eat, the chemically tainted water that we drink and the toxic beauty products that we use changes the healthy balance in our bodies and immune systems.

We Are Not All Genetically the Same

Our needs are all unique, so how is a vaccine a be all, fits all solution? Even though my eight month old twin babies are exclusively breastfed and eat only organic homemade vegetables and fruit purees doesn’t mean that something deadly or toxic isn’t unknowingly lurking in their precious little bodies.

I am positive that my body and immune system doesn’t work as yours does. Do you have chronic fatigue? Do you have a leaky gut? Do you have an autoimmune disease? Perhaps you have food allergies or food intolerance’s? Are you on so many prescription drugs it’s hard to pinpoint the actual ailments you have?

These are specific issues for you alone. Adding additional toxins to your body via a vaccine could be the tipping point. It could exacerbate your problems and turn them autoimmune or deadly.

Or possibly it triggers something in the brain and you no longer function normally. I am not okay with those risks. I am not okay with permanent, irreversible damage. However, I am okay with holding off on vaccinations until I have a better understanding of what they may do and whether my children’s bodies will adversely react.

Clearly, the doctor appointment was not a well-baby visit, but a vaccine appointment. Undoubtedly, I made the best decision for my children that day. The doctor was not looking out for my children.

He was looking out for himself, for the “good of society”, and most likely even for the pharmaceutical companies. I had no idea all of this would transpire when I asked the questions. I thought my doctor and I would work together.


Luckily my error was in that assumption, not in a permanent, irreversible decision of letting my kids get injected with harmful substances. I will find a doctor who partners with me on my children’s health, not against me.

I hope your pediatrician is more professional and adept at discussing recommendations than mine. If not, perhaps it is time to look for a new doctor as well. You are your children’s best advocate.

Follow your heart. Follow your instinct. Don’t be pressured to do something you are unsure about. Ask questions. And by all means, do what is necessary for the health and welfare of your children.

About the author

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.