Government Preventing Family From Seeking Damages for 23 Years for Illegally Injecting Their Child

This is an update on one of the most shocking and unique vaccine damage cases ever to exist in history, one that could pave the way for healthcare providers to give illegal and untested vaccines without consent, unless we help this family get their case into court.

Back in 1993, when Jodie Marchant was just fourteen months old, her parents took her to the Aldermoor Surgery health clinic in Southampton, UK, to get the MMR vaccine. They consented for Dr. Allison Hill, the general practitioner and head of the clinic at the time, to administer to Jodie the MMR vaccine only, while refusing the DTaP vaccine and any others, via a written signature.

A pre-filled syringe awaited Jodie, and then nurse Eve Wheen injected her with it. Jodie screamed out like never before.

Jodie’s parents found out years later the doctor signed off for the nurse to inject Jodie with an MMR II + DPT + Oral Polio + Hib vaccine, all drawn up in one syringe! That is eight dangerous vaccines drawn up and administered through one needle!

The doctor and nurse who teamed up to commit this crime nearly killed Jodie and instantly left her permanently disabled for life! This combination vaccine could never be researched, as the subjects would not survive.

Although numerous, indisputable records prove this unimaginable act happened, more than two decades have passed and this doctor and nurse still haven’t been held accountable, while Jodie suffers unimaginable pain daily and fights to survive!

Jodie’s parents, William and Patricia Marchant, feel they have no choice but to make the hidden details of their unique case public, exposing the nurse who injected Jodie, because they have been denied any justice for what happened.

The current law in the United Kingdom requires consent from parents for their children to receive any vaccine. Jodie’s parents are aware of how serious the consent law is and know that ignoring this law can cause huge problems. If this case is allowed to be covered up, then the consent law will no longer be valid.

If the Marchants’ case is illegally prevented from reaching court through illegal means, reflecting on how this case is currently being handled, this would allow the National Health Service (NHS) to abuse vaccine laws and allow health care providers to get away with administering vaccines, tested or not, without consent, into your child! We cannot let this happen!

It is believed the suppression of this unique case is taking place to stop vaccine damage claims from being paid and to prevent damaging evidence involving routine vaccines from being made public.

Jodie is now 24 years old and has shown no noted improvements in her health. She is nonverbal, double incontinent, has severe brain damage, seizures, digestive and bowel problems and needs constant daily care to survive. She has suffered tremendously and risks losing her life each day.

Proof Eight Dangerous Vaccines Were Given To Jodie In One Syringe

We first shared this heartbreaking story with you last year, when we published an exclusive article titled Jodie’s Story: A Little Girl Lost After Illegally Given an Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine.

In 1998, five years after Jodie was injected, records surfaced containing the doctor’s signature on seven of the vaccines, but the nurse was not identified. The Marchants lodged a complaint with the General Medical Council (GMC) regarding the actions of Dr. Allison Hill but were told without the nurse being identified, they couldn’t blame the doctor if the nurse had acted outside of her professional duties.

The Marchants began receiving death threats and were told to remain silent and drop any actions against the doctor and the GMC. The police were also stopped by the Legal Services Commission from helping the Marchants pursue further action against the doctor. 

Problems like these prevented their case from moving forward until miraculously, Jodie’s parents obtained the record they didn’t know still existed.

In 2012, nineteen years after the injury, the eighth vaccine record surfaced and this record identified the nurse, Eve Wheen, and was signed by Dr. Allison Hill, and contained proof of limited consent. Jodie’s dad, William, dropped some files that were indistinct and he noticed it. It was surprising, because he was given the records, yet no one else had found it first.

When they finally received the hidden record, they now had proof Jodie’s MMR vaccine contained other vaccines, which were administered without parental consent, despite the UK law that requires consent.

Since the record on the eighth vaccine surfaced in 2012, the Marchants have tried to file charges against Dr. Allison Hill, Nurse Eve Wheen and the National Health Service, which is who the medical personnel work for. They are going for an assault charge, as five vaccines were given despite refusal, and a medical negligence charge, for injecting the vaccines in that way.

Although this crime committed is indisputable and all the proof exists to get this case to receive court action, the Legal Services Commission has prevented Jodie from receiving any justice for what was done to her.

We bring you the latest information on this case, to show the public how Jodie’s own legal aid reps, paid to represent her, have not tried to help her get justice since the record on the eighth vaccine surfaced. It is also important to know that never before have the nurse Eve Wheen and the Hib vaccine information been made public, until this article was published.

William Marchant Shares Specific Case Details For The First Time

Jodie’s father William Marchant shares,

“We were totally unaware that what we thought was an MMR was in fact an 8-in-1 cocktail of vaccines, despite recorded refusal of the vaccines added. Consent is needed to vaccinate in the UK and we are on record as giving limited consent. 

From the start of trying to take action, we felt that we were being denied necessary help to progress our case. As soon as I began to ask questions, I received death threats and my daughter’s medical records went missing, which handicapped our legal action. 

We tried for years to receive legal aid funding, which we eventually did. Then funding was removed. The Legal Services Commission (LSC) wanted scientific proof of the probability that the vaccines were responsible for Jodie’s health problems, in order to justify us to continue receiving legal aid funding. Since the cocktail of 8 vaccines Jodie was given has never been researched, we were told we could not prove vaccine damage.

We successfully argued that if it had not been researched, it should never have been given to Jodie, especially as consent was refused for all vaccines, except the MMR. 

We fought to restore funding for the assault done to our daughter, by appealing their decision to remove funding.

On the 31st of July 2013, our appeal to the LSC in Brighton was successful and the entire panel unanimously agreed to restore our funding, stressing this case should be resolved as soon as possible, despite our own solicitor trying to prevent this. I had to take over the case myself at this point, since our legal aid funded lawyer was not representing Jodie fairly.

When we won the appeal, legal aid funding was granted for an expert report on the mixture given to Jodie. This report is to help prove Jodie’s injuries resulted from the cocktail vaccine.

We needed this last report done and a discussion between ourselves and then court action. The NHS also asked us to issue a letter of claim, to give them an opportunity to settle out of court.

Dr. Peter Fletcher, the most qualified doctor, wrote this report for our case, free of charge. He is the former Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health (DHS) and second-in-command of the DHS. He is the former Government Safety Adviser on Medicines and Vaccines.

His expertise was on the vaccines given to Jodie and his opinion is the case should have been resolved years ago, which is what the LSC panel stated in 2013, and that the reaction makes the cause of Jodie’s damage indisputable. Dr. Fletcher’s report on Jodie was withheld and a far less qualified doctor was overpaid to write his own report instead, preventing our case from progressing.”

“We Are Now Being Forced To Drop Our Legal Action”

“We feel the public must be made aware of how we’ve been illegally prevented from seeking justice for our daughter, despite having more than enough proof to confirm my daughter had no known medical problems until the vaccinations and that her reactions following this illegal cocktail were immediate.

Our LSC’s legal aid administrator, John Baker, is the one who is making the decision to fund legal aid for Jodie, or remove it. He approved funding to pay Dr. Martin Bellman, James Braund and Barrister Adam Korn, to help represent Jodie.

John admits the decision he ultimately makes will be based on information provided to him from these men, but they have all acted together and have only tried to stop us from furthering our case. 

John no longer allowed our former top government expert Dr. Peter Fletcher to help us for free and instead, he granted £20,000 British Pounds of legal aid funding to hire Dr. Bellman to write the report, even though Dr. Bellman admitted himself he lacked the expertise to report on the mixture given to Jodie.

John asked me how I was going to prove that the cocktail of vaccinations given to my daughter caused her injuries, considering there is no peer-reviewed research evidence on this cocktail vaccine. And that if I cannot address this, our case will not succeed in receiving any damages, regardless of what else happens. 

The issue is: if this vaccine had not been researched, it should never have been given to Jodie, especially as consent was refused for all vaccines, except the MMR. We added scientific proof was not the criteria; it is the probability that this vaccine cocktail injured her, which we have reports from numerous doctors admitting given the timing of her reactions immediately after the jab rules out any other cause.

The law as it stands requires consent to vaccinate, yet this action that destroyed my daughter remains hidden by John Baker allowing this. I feel John has held us up by hiding the fact that he holds records confirming who was responsible and not issuing the letter of claim. 

John also deprived us by ignoring American medical experts who offered free reports. With medical expert reports on hand, he dismissed them and accepted Dr. Bellman to use, who thinks the problems were from birth and did not show until Jodie was vaccinated.

Not once has John Baker attempted to move our case forward, to allow us to be heard. 

Dr. Martin Bellman was hired to write an expert report on the mixture given to Jodie, even though he admitted he lacked the expertise and agreed an immunologist report was the way forward. In his report, he stated he believed Jodie’s problems were congenital. Despite having no proof of this, he reportedly felt Jodie’s damage was there before birth and did not show until she was vaccinated.

If you recall, at our appeal, it was accepted that Jodie’s problems began with the vaccination, did not result from her birth and were not congenital but our current lawyer, James Braund, refused to let Dr. Bellman see the LSC Appeals Committee findings.

Dr. Bellman attempted to isolate the vaccines and stated that the DPT vaccine would not have caused a reaction in Jodie in less than 48 hours, but in fact, a reaction to the DPT can occur in the first 48 hours.

Dr. Peter Fletcher, who retired with distinction and was on the Who’s Who list of experts, agreed this 8-in-1 vaccine given the way it was given to Jodie could not be split up, which Dr. Bellman felt was all right to isolate the vaccines.

James Braund is the new solicitor/lawyer we were provided in 2014 from Trethowans Law Firm. Once legal aid funding was in place after the LSC voted to reinstate it, our lawyer James should have submitted a letter of claim to the NHS, required for us to have a court action, but he has refused to do so.

James is also aware of a letter we hold from the National Health Service (NHS) showing they would discuss Jodie’s case if a letter of claim was received by our lawyer, which would allow us court action and to quietly settle.

James has hidden the identity of the nurse who vaccinated our daughter, despite limited consent with an illegal cocktail of vaccines, which would allow us direct action and an entry into court.

James said the easy way into court would affect any compensation awarded. Money is not our prime concern, which is obtaining justice. We feel the record identifying Eve Wheen and signed by Dr. Allison Hill should not have been hidden. We also feel the refusal to issue a letter of claim was also a disgrace, as our chance to resolve the issue quietly was denied to us.

Dr. Peter Fletcher’s expert report offered a very simple explanation, which I instructed our lawyer James to use, but he refused. 

James failed to disclose the reports to Dr. Bellman clearly showing Jodie’s birth was normal, to prove her injuries were not congenital. When I asked him why the LSC Committee’s decision on the appeal, to reinstate funding and get this case into court immediately was not provided to Dr. Bellman, I was informed since Dr. Bellman didn’t believe Jodie’s injuries were caused by her birth, he believed Jodie’s injuries were congenital, there was no point in sending him the letter proving the LSC’s own committee supported this case going forward.

To show further corruption, James advised if we sue the nurse, it may not only cost us millions in damages, it would stop him from acting, as it would then be a Criminal Law case and he is not qualified to cover that. This means that James was never qualified to act for Jodie since the beginning, wasting years of our time, as we have had to fight the legal aid system for 18 years.

Barrister Adam Korn is our assigned legal advisor to this case. Adam Korn was to review the report written by Dr. Bellman and analyze it to write his own report to the LSC and provide a copy to our lawyer James Braund.

On his report, Adam claimed as long as one site was used for the MMR, then any other vaccines added would not affect it being an MMR.

Barrister Adam Korn, who is not a medical expert and has no knowledge or qualifications to support Dr. Bellman’s guesswork, was paid three times with legal aid funding granted by John Baker.

In March 2016, using Dr. Bellman’s report and Barrister Korn’s decision off of that, our legal aid administrator John Baker recently informed us that funding for Jodie’s damages will be coming to an end, although no letter of claim has been issued on behalf of Jodie, which legally should have been done at this point, despite having proof of this medical negligence and assault that took place. 

The removal of legal aid funding will force us to drop legal action. If our case fails, then the floodgates could open to allow the National Health Service (NHS) to administer any vaccine in any way they choose.”

Please Help Us Get Justice for Jodie; We Need Your Help Right Now

“We need financial help for this case to progress and to use this as an opportunity to let the public know what is being done to avoid opening the gates to vaccine damage cases.

It is now obvious that we need to act in a way that removes the need to rely on legal funding and try to find a good Barrister to act for us. I need to have a lawyer that will allow us to work outside of legal aid funding as the LSC will select their own men to act, as you have witnessed.

If we can overcome the need to use LSC money and find a good Barrister to act for us, then we will be able to have a letter of claim issued and also have Dr. Allison Hill and the Nurse Eve Wheen charged for mixing a cocktail MMR II + DPT + ORAL POLIO + HIB vaccine in one syringe, then injecting our daughter with it. This would allow us direct action in court, stopping all opposition immediately!

The action committed on our daughter is so unusual, it will never be repeated. The nurse and doctor would need to prove their action was acceptable. They should also state why they chose to break the law and use my daughter as a guinea pig to experiment on. We would not need to prove anything in court.

To refuse us the opportunity to charge the NURSE EVE WHEEN and DR. ALLISON HILL, GP and Head of the Surgery, failing to identify the nurse and accepting what are clearly not acceptable reports could be regarded as a ploy to prevent justice from being done.”

Jodie Suffers Tremendously Each Day

“This case is not about money, this is about getting justice for what was done to our daughter. This is about an action intentionally committed that I never dreamed would happen.

Jodie was a healthy child taken in for her MMR and she was given a cocktail of 8 vaccines in 1 syringe, too dangerous to research. She screamed and was disabled before leaving the surgery.

Millions of people worldwide are following our issue and many have offered to help us. We appreciate all the help we can get, to get justice for Jodie and to bring to light the events that took place and the cover up.

We want to thank VacTruth and Natural News for the fantastic articles on Jodie Marchant that honestly portray how she was illegally disabled.

We also want to thank those who supported us with our book chapter in Silenced Witnesses 2.

For almost 23 years since Jodie was damaged, we have faced much opposition trying to destroy our case, which I am convinced could be that, if we are prevented from reaching court. If we can reach court, then much hidden vaccine damage information could be aired publicly.

We aren’t getting any younger and worry about what will happen to Jodie should something happen to us. We need all the help we can get and would be forever grateful for your support.

This case will save many and should never have happened to Jodie and other children out there. If they get away with this, it will keep happening.

As her father, I am the voice asking for help to get Justice for Jodie.”

The MMR Vaccine Portion Given To Jodie Was Linked To Many Serious Injuries

Jodie’s case was never just about the MMR vaccine, because the vaccine given to her contained five other vaccine doses, but it did contain a highly reactive MMR II vaccine from lot number 1534V.

In viewing the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the only database where vaccine-related injuries are tracked and available to the public, this lot number was investigated to see if other children had also suffered from it. [1]

Twenty-two other one year-old babies given this vaccine suffered from one or more of the following diagnoses: brain damage, seizures, epilepsy, speech loss, speech delays, loss of appetite, developmental delays, inflammatory bowel disease, autism, and many more problems.

Doctors helping Jodie have noted she is brain-damaged beyond repair, so she is too damaged to even be labeled autistic and her condition is worse than has been seen in other children.

Considering the other children didn’t receive the other five vaccines which were given to Jodie through one injection, it makes sense Jodie’s issues would be more severe.

Upon further investigation, twenty of these children only received the MMR vaccine Jodie received, ruling out other vaccines as a culprit to their injuries.

All of these babies were vaccinated near the time Jodie was, on 5-17-1993, and appeared to live in the same region in the UK. These children were administered the vaccine between 11-5-1992 through 1-20-1994.

Officials estimate that only one to ten percent of adverse reactions are reported. If 23 reports came up, which includes Jodie’s report, a more accurate number of children injured from this vaccine would be estimated between 230 and 2300 during that short period of time and possibly in the same region. This is alarming!

Jodie’s report is ID 173222. [2] The Hib TITER vaccine is missing from Jodie’s VAERS report because the record on this eighth vaccine hadn’t surfaced at the time the report was filed. Jodie’s records state she was given an oral polio vaccine, OPV, drawn up in that syringe, not an IPV vaccine as incorrectly reported to VAERS, which would have referenced the standard injectable dose.

If this MMR II vaccine was causing this much damage in children, supporting Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s findings that have been repeated numerous times, while no effort was being made to inform the public, this could be another reason why the Marchants’ case has been suppressed from having a letter of claim issued, preventing them from taking effective court action. This case would open the floodgates to vaccine damage claims. [3]


Jodie was just an innocent baby assaulted by a doctor and a nurse with a needle. Her parents will live the rest of their lives worrying about their daughter.

We must take a stand against health care providers harming innocent babies and not being held accountable. This family has endured many years fighting a battle they no longer can do alone. We need to help them. We owe it to Jodie to help get justice for her. This family desperately needs our help. This could have happened to anyone’s child.

Please do what you can by donating and spreading the word, before it’s too late. It will be a tragedy if doctors will be allowed to give untested and illegally mixed vaccinations, without consent.

We need to make sure that Dr. Allison Hill and nurse Eve Wheen, who conspired to commit this atrocious crime against a helpless baby, are held responsible! This horrendous act that took place on Jodie needs to be known publicly and condemned from ever happening again.

If you want to help Jodie win this battle, click on the link to donate and please share. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Support Jodie Your Support Can Help Prevent Illegal Vaccines From Being Administered Without Parental Consent!

1 Year Old Jodie Marchant

Jodie Marchant, a few weeks before Dr. Allison Hill and Nurse Eve Wheen disabled her with an illegal 8-in-1, untested vaccine, leaving her so badly damaged, she will never be able to thank you for your help.




  2. http://www.rulabinsky.com/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=173222
  3. http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article…
Augustina Ursino

Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.

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    Adam Korn, mentioned here, was part of the original legal team (Barr) looking into the MMR class action….
    I am disappointed that despite spending time with the families he has not supported them now. Legal aid was denied all those years ago, by a judge whose brother had shares in the implicated pharma company.
    Adam Korn knew that these important cases would not see the light of day. What a shame he didn’t seize the opportunity to put things right 20 years later when Jodie’s family tried to bring this to court again

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    So according to the earlier article she had a Chiari malformation.

  • And you are here to do what again on this article, argue that there is no connection between vaccines and Chiari malformation? And you will argue that again based on what; that no studies have ever been done? If studies have not been done, how can you rule it out? Chiari malformation especially in those children with autism, certainly appears to be much more common than has been realized.


    While it is generally believed that Chiari malformation occurs at birth, recent scientific research has shown that this condition, which may be asymptomatic, can become symptomatic due to trauma. Also, there is a body of literature that recognizes that Chiari malformation may become acquired as opposed to congenital.

    Weston had been complaining that his head hurt for sometime now. We took him in for an MRI in Febuary. March 22 he had brain surgery for a chiari malformation. This poor young man has gone through hell. All caused by vaccines!


    So Who has a Chiari 1? ….. a What?

    Well, one night at a volunteer meeting, I told this group of people – strangers to me about Brett’s surgery. The parents of five other autistic children were at that table. Of the five children, Three had chiari 1 malformations. None of their children had been operated on. I don’t think this was a coincidence! I later shared this with Dr. Feldstein and he was stunned. He said that the odds of all of these children having a chiari 1 were like a million in one (actually I think it was a higher number). Basically this indicated that many children with autism have this malformation but it is going undiafnosed and untreated!

    To date there is no scientific data published regarding the incidence of chiari 1 malformation in children with autism. As a result, awareness of chiari 1 malformations is very low and so is the screening. In my conversations with parents over the years, most of them had never heard of it.

    Read more:

    Are autism and chiari related?

    Chiari I Malformation (CMI) is not a cause of Autism. But its coexistence can make the clinical presentation of Autism worse. Precisely, the CMI symptoms make (in plain english) the autistic pts more miserable, worsening their behavior. Incidentally, Autistic children tend to worsen, whenever ANY other kind of ailment is present (i.e. flu, asthma, bronchitis, etc.)

    At TCI, we have so far diagnosed and treated 15 pediatric pts who were affected by both CMI and Autism. Because of the inability to effectively communicate, the clinical impact of the CMI was evaluated through the so-called “headache behavior”: the child holding his head (most of them are boys), rocking in a corner after further isolating himself from the surroundings, hitting the head against the wall, having a unusual irritable and/or aggressive behavior. The results of the surgical treatment at TCI were beyond expectations, with the Autistic symptoms improving dramatically, to the point that all the low-function Autistic kids became high-function Autistic pts.

    Our recommendation is that Autistic children with significant “headache behavior” should be screened for CMI, since their function can significantly improve after CMI surgery.

    Read more:

    Why is the Chiari Malformation Frequently Unrecognized or Ignored?

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    Are you actually defending these criminals pulling up multiple vaccines into a single syringe, including oral polio, meant to be administered by mouth. No one does or can ever know what happens when injecting oral polio or combining other vaccines never tested together in a single syribge because it would be immoral and criminal to conduct such testing! This was criminal behavior and the perpetrators should be in jail and this family compensated! It would not matter what condition a child had prior, this was malpractice pure and simple!
    Why, with such clear cut malfeasance they have drug this out is cruelty if it’s own and inexcusable.

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  • And what did you post, a single link to the Johns Hopkins site, and which that link lead to no information at all. I had to search for the actual article link and show you what was actually in it, by a copy and paste of the additional information that you ignored.

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    As for Mendel’s pea pods I was hoping you could learn the most basic teachings of inheritance so you wouldn’t say such stupid things as, “If it were congenital then why are there mothers with a diagnosis of Chiari, (some treated by surgery, some yet remaining untreated by surgery) and yet none of their children have it?” I was wrong.